NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Full Race – 400 at Chicagoland

>> Lord, for that we give you praise. Lord, we just thank you for the opportunity to be here to start the chase at chicagoland speedway and see what you’re going to do. And, lord, I just ask for safety for the drivers, the crews, and the safety crews. And, lord, just help us have a great day of entertainment and it’s in Jesus’ name repray, amen >> Here to perform our national anthem, please welcome the legendary voice of the Chicago Blackhawks, Jim Nielsen Say can you see by the down’s early light what so proudly we hail at the twilight’s last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous flight ore the ramparts we watch were so gallantly streaming and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ore the land of the free and the home of the brave >> And that is the way you get ready for the first race of the playoffs. Drivers climbing into their cars. The command is next

>>> Welcome to NBC. Sn’s coverage –as we get ready to kickoff the playoffs right here in chicagoland. Let’s go to pit road >> Lit mark you another milestone for Jeff guard don. Despite injury and sickness, not since 1993 has Jeff Gordon been outside the driver’s seat of the 24 car. Today will mark his 788th career consecutive career start That will tie him with Ricky rudd as NASCAR’s iron man. Just another amazing achievement in his career, Dave burns >> His name is Kyle power, originally from New Hampshire. Veteran to the for the but new to team penske. He plans to be consistent and do what he needs to do for Brad today Marty? >> No chaser starts further become today from Denny Hamlin. Start 29th. I asked Dave Rogers this morning, will you use strategy? No way You have to remember we have the best pit crew on pit road. We’re going to play on four tires all day long. Kelli >> This is probably his Bess shot of the championship pfs there a stretch during the season he looked like the car to beat. Now we get back to his bread and butter, mile and a half track. Let’s go trackside >> Now for the most famous words in motorsports, please welcome your program Marshall, 29-time grand slam tennis champion Billie Jean king and 14-time NBA all-star andlend, Jerry west >> Drivers, start your engines! >> A lot of championships there between Billie Jean king and jer are you west >>> Add his name to the list of break yard 400 winners. Joey Logano tries to hang on He will. He will add his name to the legends that have won at Darlington >> Every decision they make on this racetrack could determine if they’re going have an opportunity to win the championship >> He’s going to do it. He’s going to win the sprint cup NASCAR championship >> Who can step up? The pressure is going

to get ratcheted up all throughout this entire chase >> Rick: Welcome back to chicagoland. The first race on the road to the champion. Ten races in front of us. Let’s look at today’s starting grid brought to Y Kevin Harvick, two-time chicagoland winner >> Jeff: Row two, Brad keselowski. St >> Steve: Austin Dillon >> Jeff: Row five, two guys trying to win the championship, Jeff Gordon, curt Kush >> Jam my John on and 2013 chicagoland winner, Matt Kenseth >> Mcmurray, first chase race as the chase competitor >> Starting in 16th is Paul Menard, also making his first chase >> Row nine is Greg Biffle and Kyle Larson >> Back in row ten, starting inside the top 20, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Won here in 2005 >> Row 11 is Brian Scott making his first cup start in chicagoland and Sam Hornish Jr >> Row 12 is Tony Stewart and Casey Mears Tony Stewart, three-time winner here at chicagoland Danica Patrick and Clint bowyer. Two of the last four races here won from outside the top 20 >> Row 14, Ricky stenhouse Jr., David Ragan >> Row 15, Denny Hamlin, lowest starting chase come petter >> Let’s go back up to row two. Let’s try to talk to one of the drivers in the chase Martin Truex, Jr. Jeff? >> Jeff: Martin, this is Jeff up in the booth Got us? >> Got you >> Jeff: Tell us what you can learn in your previous chases that with help you with this one? >> You can’t win it today but you sure can lose it. We’re going the try to execute, get the job done. We’ve got a furniture row Chevy It’s all about doing what we’ve done all year Not make any mistakes. Keeping this I think this up front all day >> You mentioned you had a fast car. Fastest in both practices yesterday. Do you think you can take the fight to them today? >> We got as good a chance as any of them Had a good fast consider yesterday. Needed a little bit on the long run. Made a fewed a zus jmts for today. The sun is out. It’s going to be different. We’ll see what we can get. May it by ear >> Jeff: Good luck, you guys. Have a good day >> Rick: Leading the field is 2016 Toyota Camry sse, official pace car of chicagoland speedway We hope not to see that very often today That would mean that the cautions would come out. We’re going to ride along with a few different drivers. One of those being Aric almirola, 43, he has the in-car ram a, will start 20th. Kyle Larson has the camera with him, the Clorox on-board camera. He starts 18th. Kyle Edwards with Toyota in-car calm, starting 14th today. Matt Kenseth, teammate with the sprint on-board camera starting 12th Just heard from him. Martin Truex Jr. In the 78 had the Chevy onboard camera. Up in row two, up in the front row, Joey Logano with Coca-Cola start 7th. Kevin Harvick will start on the pole with the Jimmy John’s onboard camera. For more of the story lines of today’s race let’s go back to pit road to Mike masarro >> This morning I had a conversation Tony

Gibson. The attitude toward the playoffs are simple. He wants to fly under the radar. They want to keep the focus off them. However, being a playoff team the focus will be on him. His attitude however ask conservative He said, look, not every day is going to be a good day but we need to make the most of those days that don’t go our way. We’re going to have a good day this afternoon. Get off to a good start, that is pif vat ol as we make our move toward winning this chase at homestead and giving Kurt Busch his second title >> Some wondered have they come to the chase ready to go? I think the 48 team has answered that question this weekend. Final practice they had the fastest ten-lap and 15-lap averages Jimmie told me this morning in prerace how a recent Kansas test set them up to do well here at chicagoland, a track at which he’s not yet won. Marty snider? >> It’s hard to believe Kyle Busch has never won a chase race while being a chase participant When he was asked about that this week, he said, yeah, we’ve been better in regular season than the playoffs but that’s something I plan on putting to rest in the 2015 playoffs That may come today. Yesterday, especially in the first practice, Kyle Busch had one of the best long-run cars. Kyle feels confident to put it in victory lay >> Marty Newman has pointed his way to the chase. Last year he made it to the championship race at homestead without a win. When asked about his stratd ji this time around he said, hey, last year we were going tort for the win every time and it didn’t work out and we stm still nearly won the championship This time we’re going in with the made set of going for those wins. Today, Ryan Newman will starts sixth >> Thank you, Kelli. Gorgeous afternoon here in Joliet, Illinois. Beautiful sunshine in this racetrack. Aerial coverage provided by smithfield foods. It want to take a closer look at chicagoland speedway with today’s track facts presented by GE. A mile and a half racetrack. Banking and the turns 18 degrees and the trial, it’s 11 degrees. Backstretch, five degrees of banking. Front stretch and backstretch have a difference of 700 feet The frontstretch is 2400 feet. The backstretch, 1700. Want to look at today’s sunoco fuel strategy. 276 laps, pit road speed at 45 miles per hour. Very important that they don’t make a mistake getting on pit road or getting off pit road. Fuel window, 56 to 60 laps >> That fuel win will come in to play today In the middle of the race these tires are going to slow down. The groove is going to widen out. Crew chiefs complain about that strategy coming to pit road early. Gain some lap time and advantage on your come petter >> The difference with the playoffs in NASCAR and all other sports, it’s not just the playoff teams that are on the field or track. All 43 drivers have an opportunity to win this race here at chicagoland speedway. We’ll focus on the 16 that have a chance and moving into the next round and on to have a shot at the championship at season’s end Ten races make up the chase. The first one about to get under way in NASCAR’s playoffs from chicagoland speedway. Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, green flag in the air, and we’re under way. Multiple grooves all of the way around this mile and a half track. Difference lines you can run. Everyone searching for the fastest line. Kevin Harvick out front Three wide across fighting for that six spot >> Jeff: You can see already how they fanned out. It has a lot of grooves. Some will want to run the bottom. Some will run the top It will change all day long >> Rick: Drivers in the chase will have a yellow bar under their name. Jamie Mcmurray choosing that high line. Early and around goes the 47 and Denny Hamlin also involved A.J. Allmendinger, dhamlin, bringing out the first caution >> Jeff: Denny Hamlin started at the back of the field. When you put yourself behind like that, didn’t look like he had anything to do with the original spin. It’s very hard, Jeff, for everybody to get slowed down. Fortunately for Denny Hamlin, doesn’t look like any damage >> Jeff: He’s going to pit. Actually he’s not going to pit. I don’t think he hit anything I think the big danger is you’ve got to start in the back of the pack anyway. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have already gone ahead and pitted

Putting four tires and maybe tear the fenders up. May be a wiser move to hit pit road >> Rick: I agree, Jeff There’s no damage but this is a big risk right here riding around on flat tires >> Rick: Let’s look at what happened. This is lap two. Denny Hamlin down low on the track >> Steve: He just went and turned and went to the bottom and had no idea he was going to be there. Enthis all of these cars, everybody did a great job. Here’s the 11 car right in the middle of the racetrack. Nobody hits him No act anywhere. The biggest damage for the 11, 11 making the moves. Getting into 3. 47 had no idea he was there >> Rick: We heard martin Truex Jr. I think make it very simple. You can’t win the championship today but you can definitely lose it. Denny Hamlin gressive on lap two trying to make a pass >> Jeff: When something happens how do you respond to it? The 11 car not pitting right now, that’s going to put them in a hole. They could have come on pit road, put four tires on it. Start in the back which you’re going to start in the back anyway. When something happens to you you have to respond to it correctly You can’t panic. You can’t get in the mode, oh, my god, I got to keep from going a lap down. You’ve got to deal with the situation at hand >> Rick: By that, the pit road was closed when he was initially there. You say take the penalty of being on pit road and getting the tires changed and not doing any more damage to his car >> Jeff: He’s going to pit and be in the longest line anyway. Instead he had to drive around really slow to keep from messing the car up and now he is a lap down >> Rick: Dave burns? >> Dave: He said to the crew the car is really not loose or anything I just got stuck in the middle. Crew told him, you got clipped by the 11. Marty? Martinsville >> He said he was coming, quote, and the 47 came down on him. The one concern they had was some right front headlight damage. They just checked that when they came around. Front tire changer checked it. He gave a thumbs up to Dave Rogers for taking the time here The tires were certainly starting to go down They said the left rear quarter panel, bottom tip is bent in. They’re doing to take their time and pull that damage out. It’s not bad at all. Once again, they are going to be fine here and they can go to the back of the pack and make their way to the front. Earlier this week Denny Hamlin talked about it’s going to be tough to execute like we did last year But they have certainly gotten themselves in a hole early in the race, Rick >> Rick: They’re the only car scored one lap down. If another caution comes out they’re in position to get the free pass >>> Restarting have been a very hot topic since Richmond from last week. We’re about ready to have our first restart from here in chicagoland speedway. Out in front, Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano. Harvick choosing the inside line. Logano on the outside. Row 2, martin Truex Jr., Ryan Newman, Brad keselowski making up row three. In the restart zone,

back under way in Chicago. Three wide for the lead. Joey Logano on the high side. Martin Truex Jr. Goes to the low side. Tin martin Truex Jr. Jumping out in front of the field here in chicagoland. Push by the 3 of Austin Dillon trying for second. We wondered who will be the next first time winner of the sprint cup series. Today it looks like Austin Dillon will put his name on the list >> The 3 car consistently fast one lap, five lap, ten-lap averages. Rarely had good speeds the entire weekend >> On the bottom racetrack. Martin Truex Jr Has a little over .7 second lead Three and four wide as they go into turn number one. On the bottom of that the guy on the April is Jimmie Johnson, in the 48 car. That’s another car we continue to hear about in the garage. A team at Hendrick motorsports search for speed. A little off seemed like all summer long. When the chase came ornd the 48 looked more competitive this weekend, Jeff >> Jeff: Without a doubt. Fast in practice and good on the long run. Long run, didn’t necessarily have the fastest run taking off but on long runs he was quick. It’s going to be interesting to see on this racetrack, the tires will wear out. We’ll see who is good on short runs and who is good on long runs. That could hurt you or the other way around >> Rick: Is it surprising either of you in lap ten we’re already fighting for position? >> Jeff: I don’t think at all. When you step up your game and being aggressive this is what you have to do. These guys understand where their cars are, they understand the window of opportunity. Look around. They’re all yellow spoilers. The chase cars that denoted with that yellow splitter and that yellow spoiler. That’s what you see at the front of the pack. You have to go. You have to be aggressive. Other than maybe Austin Dillon and Kasey kahne, chase cars make up the top 12 >> Aggressive runs for Austin Dillon running second. Jimmie Johnson trying to take a position away from Brad keselowski. That’s for eighth He makes the pass. Jeff Gordon in his final season just behind Brad keselowski. Still looking for his first win of 2015 and add to his championship list with this start He ties Ricky rudd as far as the most consecutive starts in NASCAR history >> Jeff: That’s really impressive. I know that sounds odd but we race 30 to 36 times a year over the course of his career. Numbers change. You see he gets right on the left rear corner panel of the 2 of Brad keselowski Basically he started to last race of 1992 and hasn’t missed one yet. I think that puts him in perspective, Mike, exactly how long that streak has gone on >> It’s gone on a long time. I had an interesting conversation with ray evernham about Jeff Gordon when he was young and what he went through to achieve the ire man. How he would get out of car on occasion with a bloody shifter hand but he made it through that race and won. Another race in sonoma where he had the flu. He had no voice. They could only key the radio system in code. One was yes, two was no. That’s how they communicated, yet they won that race, too. That just gives you a little sense of how tough Jeff Gordon has been over the course of his career >> Rick: When you put it in perspective over other drivers have had to miss races because of illness or other reason, not Jeff Gordon 788 consecutive starts >> Jeff: You heard martin Truex start saying he thought he needed help in the long run Austin Dillon is making a move to the bottom for the lead. Behind them, Kevin Harvick, right against the wall. He’s coming in a hurry Quicker than the guys in front of him. .3 to .4 a lap to the guy running in the lead Unbelievable amount of speed >> Steve: He tried to pass martin Truex Jr Kevin Harvick at the top of the racetrack Got the momentum. The 4 enters the racetrack Look how high he’s going to enter, Jeff >> Jeff: The 78 knew what was going on. He said, you know what, I’m pretty good on the outside, too. Martin Truex without a doubt is a high side driver. He loves running right against the wall. He wasn’t going to give

that to Harvick. The minute Harvick got to him it doesn’t surprise me a bit he took the wall to take it away from Harvick >> Rick: This is a lot of snow, harsh winters It puts character in the racetracks Martin Truex Jr. Running the line Kevin has been running most of the weekend trying to not give him the opportunity to get by for the lead >> Jeff: We talk about aerodynamics and packages and issues. The other thing that maybe with sometimes we don’t talk about enough is competitors Competitors make the aerodynamic issues worse They are looking for any advantage they can be. So you know if you are looking a line like Kevin Harvick was, 41 ING the top of the rice track. That is making it more difficult for Ryan Newman. We talk about passes and how hard they are sometimes to complete. It’s not always this magical aerodynamic push What lane are you better in and the guy behinds you is pushing it? >> He completely stalled him out. He had a huge run coming. Martin said, you know what, I’m going to take that from you. He is running behind him, can’t catch him anymore >> Rick: Austin Dillon has caught back up to the number 4. Running third. Richard Childress racing >> Steve: When you run the bottom you drive in the corner typically. You’re able to gain a little bit of speed on the straight. You can see Austin kept up with the 4 car. Now they’re both trying to run the bottom. Again, Harvick saw the 3 on the bottom. So Harvick said, you know what, I’m going to take your line away from you and slow you down >> Rick: There’s your top three. Martin Truex Jr., Kevin Harvick, Austin Dillon running one, two, three >> Steve: There’s an art driving the race car. It’s not all about making it go fast It’s thingses you do based on the cars around you. The best drivers change what they’re going because of what’s going on around them That’s what you see going on right here with a 4 and the 78 >> Rick: 4 able to pull up almost to the rear corner panel. Martin Truex Jr As soon as they get through the frontstretch there’s three car lengths that separate the two. Both going the high line again. Austin Dillon rupping through the center of the track now >> Jeff: Just when you’re onboard and listen to him going through the throttle and the top of the corner. When you ride with these cars, he’s out on the gas, running the bottom Working the throttle. As we go inside down to one and two again, we will listen to how much sooner they can pick up the gas when they run against the wall. It’s amazing how early you can pick up the throttle when you pick up the top. He’s already back wide open, Jeff. He’s not even to the middle of the corner and Kevin Harvick is back wide open >> Rick: Pms getting upwards of 8900 rpms And now Harvick pulls even with the 78. Martin Truex Jr., can the momentum keep Truex Jr In front? He leads that lap again. 16 laps LED for martin Truex Jr. Of the 22 we’ve run Here comes Austin Dillon to the bottom of the track. Fighting for second now. And now this is bad for Denny Hamlin because as the race leader, martin Truex Jr., goes by some of the slower cars, it puts them a lap down That puts Denny Hamlin not in the premier spot to get the free pass. So Denny Hamlin’s issues early could dig him into a deeper hole Martin Truex Jr. Out in front. His third chase >>> Out in front martin Truex Jr., Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch just moved into third ahead of

Austin Dillon. For more updates we go to pit road and Kelli stavast >> Truex Jr. Hasn’t had the best results three of his last five races has been 20th or worse But if still continues optimistic. He said it’s been a weird summer with all the different rule packages and variety of track. Now they feel like they’re back to the noweekend, back to the mile and half track >> Rick: Close battle still for the lead Martin Truex Jr. Has Kevin Harvick all ever of his back bumper. Harvick continued to try to find a line to get by martin Truex Jr But Truex Jr. Almost ping a chess game with him >> Jeff: Kyle Busch has run these two down He’s done it using the top of the racetrack, the mid of the racetrack, even the bottom at times to go through lap traffic. He looks like he can go through the car to move around the racetrack. That’s what we’ve seen as the 78 has taken away the top line from the 4 Kind of stalling. The 18 seems like he has had a few more options >> Steve: In the prerace they felt good about their long run cars. Very confident right now as he trays to get underneath Kevin Harvick, Kyle came on the radio and said three and four is a little bit tight and he does get that spot from Kevin Harvick. But he’s trying to run the bottom where he is right now the car got way too tight and felt like he lost ground. You saw him move up a lane or 3/4 of a lane. It’s fun to watch these guys run side by side >> Rick: Absolutely. Fighting for position Now the fight for second as Kyle Busch goes back to the middle of the track. Kevin Harvick to the middle of the top. Momentum will help out Kevin Harvick as he comes off of turn two and down the backstretch they go >> Steve: Nobody told these guys first race of the chase and don’t make a mistake They believe if they win, win this first race you advance. That’s what these three have in mind, without a doubt >> Jeff: That’s a big move. He went to the bottom of the race trash and carried the power to clear the four. We haven’t an able to see that much today. Seems like the top has been the preferred line. Kyle Busch is moving around the racetrack and making timing do it >> Rick: Tire wear. Tires wearing out. This could end up being a long green flag run where they’ll have to go 56-66 laps before they come to pit road. How much of this aggressive driving could hurt him later? >> Jeff: I think aggressive driving gets matched by aggressive pit calls. He could come to pit road 50 or 53, 54 laps into this run, early. Put new tires on your car, you will force everybody to pit. No one else can give you an advantage and every lap you have tires before everybody else is a huge advantage >> Rick: Kyle Busch running the middle of

the track. Trying to get back. Martin Truex Jr. 267 lap race. Martin Truex Jr. Running right up against the wall. Kyle Busch trying that lower lie >> Steve: Let’s see if he drives into turn three as hard as he did last time. Here he goes on the bottom. Drives in the corner Way deep >> Rick: It’s almost even with martin Truex Jr. And momentum carries him out in front >> Jeff: If he can get through one and two that same distance back, he can drive into three hard and clearing before he gets in the middle of three and four. The strategy now is to stay close to I’m H and get into turn three >> Rick: Yesterday the wind came in to play As far as going down the backstretch or frontstretch >> Steve: He’s got a chance at him right here Can’t quite make it happen >> Jeff: Yeah, Rick, midwest, Chicago and Kansas win is a big ish issue. But today is a calm day. 150e78s like it’s calmed down That’s one more thing. You talk about the track changing frctice to the race, wind can affect how your cars handle >> Rick: Kyle Busch continuing to one the middle or bottom lines. In both turns, one and two. And again, the momentum in the hands of Kyle Busch as he enters the turns but it’s that high line that prevails with martin Truex Jr. Up top. LE >> Steve: A little while ago we saw the 18 underfeith the 4. Here we are lap 36. The 4 just lays on the side of the 18, pulls the air off the 18. Made the 18 lose. The 4 did that in an attempt to try to get the 18 from passing him. We haven’t even made our first pit stop. This intensity is only going to go up >> Rick: 56 to 60 laps, but as you mentioned, Steve, a possibility of a guy pitting a little bit early to have fresher tires >> Jeff: We’ve run 40 but only 35 under green Early caution for Denny Hamlin and A.J. Allmendinger I think wow you run 50 hard green flag laps Probably see the leaders come 50 to 55 I imagine >> Rick: The gap, three car lengths down the straightaway. In the turn, it’s Kyle Busch that closes the gap >>> Welcome back to the The gap has disappeared once again between martin

Truex Jr. And Kyle Busch. He goes to the bottom of the track to try to take the lead here at chicagoland >> Steve: This is the job Jeff burwas talking about earlier. Get youmomentum, now Kyle Busch controls the line. What line is better for his car? But martin Truex isn’t done. He’s going to try to get back in front of the 18 >> Rick: He has not run that bottom line much at all. At the start of this race Kyle Busch has been able to run it very effectively >> Jeff: Kyle kept trying to get close to 3. He just had trouble. Every time he would lead turn 2 trying to stay close to the 78 of Truex >> Rick: Kyle Busch won the XFINITY race yesterday Fourth time he’s won the XFINITY race at chicagoland Now after leading a lap here at chicagoland, he has LED a lap at the last ten races. That is a career long streak for Kyle Busch. Marty? >> Guys, the teammate Carl Edwards back there a little bit further back in the field, they are a little concerned, not overly concerned but he said for about two minutes H we had a bad vibration inside the race car. Almost a flutter. Something was wrong with the harmonics, the fuel pressure. The bolts look good but they think it might be a broken tail pipe He said, hey, you know what, it’s come back to life now. A little bit of concern for a moment of a 19 car but they think everybody should be fine. When you have a vibration like that Jeff, and you’re in the chase like Carl Edwards is, it’s always disconcerting for the driver >> Jeff: You definitely don’t want to blengine up or have a mechanic issue or performance issue >> Rick: We’re coming up on green flag pit stops. If we stay green, that has always been a trouble issue here at chicagoland >> Jeff: The entry to pit road here is extremely difficult. When you try to do it it’s just so hard to get off the banking ING locking up the left front tire. The 15 of Clint bowyer He’s just in front of the 18 to Kyle Busch on the racetrack. Running in the 24th position Looking to try to fan a lead lap >> Steve: He may pit early and try to get tires on sooner and build a ga >> Rick: I would wait until I was lapped Don’t lose a lap but as soon as I was lapped I would hit pit road. Kelli? >> Clint bowyer has his hands full. Tight across the center and just way too loose in and off the turns. Going to make some adjustments for him when he comes to. Pit lane, approaches it as a three race chase. It’s not one race at a time. He wasn’t concerning himself with too much just here in Chicago. Looking at a bigger picture for the next three races >> Rick: Green flag pit stops have started 4 of Kevin Harvick, first to jump on to pit road. He’s make that long 45-mile-an-hour run down pit road. To you, Kelli >> All of the way to the last pit stall before pit exits. Kevin Harvick has been working track bar to help his handling on this 4 car It’s going to be an air pressure adjustment, four tires and fuel and one round in the left rear for Kevin Harvick >> Dave: He was tight rolling the center He’ll get four good year tire, sunoco fuel and adjustments >> Rick: Kurt Busch coming down pit road as well. He went to the tight side. Going to make a four-tire change And a good one, too, for the 41 >> Martin Truex Jr. Was quite on the radio until he got passed by the 18 and said his tires have just gone away. It’s a four-tire stop for martin Truex Jr., sunoco fuel and now he’s on his way to Joey Logano >> You saw Joey Logano leave there. May they’d an adjustment with him. Leader Kyle Busch said the car is not bad. It’s, quote, a little ri weary. Tighten it up just a bit for Kyle

Busch >> Jimmie Johnson was getting tighter longer It will be a four-tire good year change, sunoco fuel, and a wedge adjustment for Jimmie >> Rick: First green flag stops taking place Kelli? >> It’s tmenard a little bit loose there Going to make a four-tire change for Paul Menard, first chase appearance. Fueling up with sunoco fuel >> Rick: The 1906 — 16 of Carl Edwards, penalty for too fast for pit road >> You can’t make mistake, Marty >> That penalty for Carl Edwards was section 3. You saw that adjustment on both sides to loosen up that race car for Denny Hamlin who, remember, went a lap down after that spin after the first couple of lapse of the race >> Rick: Cycling through the green flag pit stops. Kyle Busch. Cycle back out front, Kevin Harvick second, Logano, martin Truex Jr., Kurt Busch, the top stooif five >> The faucet was pouring on. When Kevin Harvick hit pit road, the whole field followed. They couldn’t afford to wait. That’s what’s great about a track that tires fall off P you look at before we left before the pit stop, martin Truex Jr. Was only a few seconds behind the leader. Now but he’s almost four seconds behind the leader. A lot of time to be gained and lost being efficient on and off pit road >> Logano is up to third now. Big loser in all that was Clint bowyer. Clint bowyer was last and now three or four car lengths behind the leader. Another chase guys trouble early in the race >> Jeff: The 19 of Carl Edwards serving his penalty. Now we look at chase guys in trouble Denny Hamlin, a lap down if Clint bowyer, a lap down. 19 of Carl Edwards, a lap down It’s easy to say you’re doing to get a free pass but now a whole bunch of you racing for it >> Rick: A lot of cars a lap down. Only 22 on the lead lap. Sch out in front >>> Welcome back to the Get ready for the chase with the free trial of

race view mobile, NASCAR’s ultimate live race companion. Download it now. Race view mobile in iTunes Google play for visit for information. Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, Kurt Busch, martin Truex Jr., top ones of the first race in the playoffs. We’re going to get some chase updates. Marty? >> Kyle Busch all afternoon long. When I talked to Adam Stevens this morning he said it was so good in that first practice. Every time they tuned it in practice yesterday they kept going the wrong way. The answer this morning go back to what they had in the first practice yesterday. Clearly it worked. Clearly it was good Kyle Busch out front with ease at this point and they had to work to get that lead, Kelli Defending champion running second. Feel better about their position this year entering the chase. I feel like more prepared this year than last year. We’re in better shape with our cars and personnel. Just a matter of this group being together now for an entire year Everyone knows each other better. The atmosphere is better. They feel like they can get through the first two rounds without a win just going about their business, Marty >> He was a final four participant last year Would love to put himself there in 2015. On that first run the car was too tight — loose, rather, for Logano. He went down three bars inside the race car. Adjustment the drivers can make. He did it of than first run, Kelli >> Martin Truex Jr. Now running fourth. His crew chief’s first time in the cage as crew chief. Really been optimistic heading into this. Credit is not just take ourselves out of it. We just need to be consistent and not beat ourselves. Sure the atmosphere is ramped up. We’re just making sure we dot every I and cross every T >> That seems to be the attitude of Kurt Busch as well. Their main goal today was not to beat themselves. On serve tive and advance to round two. Right now the car is not perfect Very snug in the center. They need to adjust that car and loosen it up a little bit. Dave? >> Dave: Jimmie Johnson acknowledged he is glad to be back in the chase. A comfort zone where they’ve had so much success and a racetrack they’ve been good. He pointed to Richmond last week, not typically a strong suit for them and they ran well. More optimism, Mike >> They had been just chasing speed week after week. He told me, though, this weekend has ghon very smooth They found some speed that they didn’t have mid summer. They’re not quite where they need to be yet but he feels like they’ve got a top five car. The only thing balancewise that Jeff Gordon is concerned with right now is the car is too loose. Kelli? >> Ryan Newman now running 19th. Harelaxed attitude entering the chase. The main thing is to go out there and enjoy it. He said, look, there are 30 plus guys out there who want to be in our position. We have a great opportunity. And now we need to take advantage of it. Ryan Newman early in this race too tight in the turn 3 across the bumps. He’s listen working his track bar, Dave? >> Dave: The leader of junior nation has been marching all afternoon long. Started 19th Tenth when they began pitting. Power just a little bit tight in the center of thecorner on the bottom. Since then he said it’s going worse. Greg will continue to tune on that race car >> Another chaser >> Paul Menard trying to stay on the lead lap. Kyle Busch is not going to have it. That will put another chaser a lap down. I think the focus might have to go back to Denny Hamlin though because he’s about to go two laps down >> That’s a big difference, Rick. When you get run lap down. You can race for the free pass. You can battle back from one lap down but when you get the two laps down, you get into the quicksand. The harder you fight, the further you sink. You have to be maybe overly aggressive. As you see Kevin Harvick also passing Paul Menard here. Already have four playoff contenders down a lap >> Rick: Continue on our chase updates. Go back to Mike >> We’ll start with Matt Kenseth running 12th He’s got a handful of a race car. Just before the last pit stop he said he felt like he had a ton of nose weight. In front grip. They made adjustments. Kenseth radioed in saying it doesn’t turn off the wall. Loose on exit Not any better. He used the word plowing

Dave? >> Dave: Quoting the 2012 champion, I’m pretty miserable here, Paul, nothing is working For Brad keselowski, the front end has not been working. Numb in the middle of the corners Since the stop he is very, very loose. Disconnected corner, he said. Tough afternoon for Brad, Mike >> Jamie Mcmurray, one of the cinderellas in this chase if spoke with his crew chief this morning and he could sense a relief of pressure for Jamie, finally make the chance He feels like he’s racing with house money He’s got nothing to lose. Everything to gain Right now though his car is not perfect. Still pretty loose. Kelli? >> Paul Menard in that 27 now a lap down They have no top ten on mile and a half track this year. Maybe not a big surprise. Crew chief told me these next three races, this is probably our weakest of the first track We’ll get better as the round moves on and they’re looking forward to Dover which they feel like is their best of the first three That is an elimination round. Clint bowyer also now off the lead lap. He said we just need to do what we’ve been doing. We’ve had five top tens in the last seven races of the season. They felt like they came in the chase with good momentum. Hope to continue to improve Right now Clint has been struggling and saying it is burning the real tires off so fast he doesn’t understand it. Clint bowyers struggling in 15, Marty >> Back in 27th position. For much of the run they’ve been trying to diagnose where the speeding penalty came from on pit road He was told moments ago you were .1 mile an hour over the speed limit. NASCAR does give you five-mile-an-hour as a grace. That was in section 3 for Carl Edwards. He said I’m going to have to back down my sfeed speed on the next stop. I should be on so they’re struggling a lap down. Denny Hamlin when he took off on the beginning of the run thought he had a loose wheel They said, no, we got all the wheels tight You stay out there struggling with a tight race car as well. Especially through those bumps and three and four. Hamlin’s big concern now is that he is only one car from going down two laps. And as you guys mentioned that would be huge if he lost another lap >> Rick: Is big concern. This has been a 70-lap agree flag run. Kyle Busch in front of the field at chicagoland

>>> As we look at the chase grid 16 drivers all with the chance at the championship, all 16 drivers coming out of 11 different states. You only driver that’s out of North Carolina where most of these teams are based is actually Dale Earnhardt Jr. Each driver in the chase started with 2,000 points. They reset the points at the beginning of this first race And drivers that had won coming in to this race, one of the 26 races, three bonus points for each win. This is the only round where those bonus points will advance before they reset the points as we go into the second and third rounds >> See what Kyle Busch has done before the race. Only 16 cars on the lead lap at this point. He has put a lot of good cashes a lap down. Four cars, four chasers are a lap down Unbelievable speed >> Jeff: Kyle is passing his teammate. Jamie Mcmurray is running 14. Not bad. Top 15 run Less than a straightaway from going a lap down. Ksetting such a rapid pace. Larson is loose up by the wall there >> Rick: Had to get way out of the gas. Kyle Busch has 1.6 second lead over second place Kevin Harvick. Martin Truex Jr. Is seven seconds behind Kyle Busch and running third. 20th Matt Kenseth, another driver that probably doesn’t have the handling in his car that he would like. We listened in to his radio moments ago >> Both front tires, right rear >> I can’t do anything. Turn three. Turn one At least tight in the center. Drive, push, and it was off >> Jeff: What he’s describing thering a one to ten scale. The entry, middle, and exit are completely different. But with Matt Kenseth, on pit road, Mike? >> 41 is on pit road He’s been extremely tight. Even brushed the wall in turn number two. They’re going to make a wedge adjustment and four tire change trying to free him up a little bit. Right now he’s not happy with his driving >> Jeff: Perhaps if Kurt didn’t think he had an issue, he wants to come and get tires Not sure. Without a doubt these new tires he will be very fast when he gets on the racetrack >> Rick: 36 laps from the last time he was on pit road until now. We see Kyle Busch and heavy traffic >> Steve: Very heavy traffic. That’s the last thing you want to see. Catching the guys squik Middle three and four. 62 is there. You just had nowhere to go. That was tight. Not the trouble — not the kind of thing you want to have the sitting there leading the race Thinking everything is full. All of a sudden you get in a wreck. Again, all of these teams do not want mistakes. They don’t want to build themselves in a hole they got to big out of for the next two races >> Steve was right. Unscheduled pit stop Right rear tire going down. Had to go down pit road much earlier than expected. Obviously it was an adjustment time that Kurt was welcome because he was at — he had a handful of race points >> Jeff: You never know how aggressive these crew chiefs are going to be. If the caution doesn’t come out and the leaders have to pit them to green, he’s going to gain a tremendous amount of time on the leaders even though it’s a negative to come to pit road early the new tires are going to help him out >> Rick: Once again, Kyle Busch coming up on one of his fellow choice competitors about to put Jamie Mcmurray a lap down

>>> 94 laps in to this race and we look at most laps LED presented by sprint. Kyle Busch,

50 of the 94 laps >> Marty, a long green flag run coming up on 90 laps and Kyle Busch has been very impressive through all 90 of them >> Making it look easy, isn’t he Rick? Looking through some lap traffic. He said, listen, dude, I know you’re frustrate with all that lap traffic but you’re doing a fantastic job

with all the cars making his way through those The car is once again, quote, a little right weary, meaning it’s loose. Want to talk to you about what Kyle said earlier this week Last year, honestly, we didn’t have good enough cars to make it through on wins. We had the point our way through. Clearly jgr this year has the cars to win races. How do you approach the chase differently when you have cars like you had last year, consistent, but this year you have cars that can win races and you have to take advantage of that? >> Jeff: Ryan Newman did do it pointing his way all of the way of homestead. We feel like that’s not the preferred way. Like the 31, they were trying to win races and that’s what Kyle Busch is trying to do While last year it was about consistency, what makes the first round easier, winning race one. Next two weeks you can go out and enjoy yourself round two >> Jeff: I think the 18 not having that speed and having to point to race their way, trying to get into the championship bat with points, I think that I’med Kyle Busch learn there are more ray ways in winning races. You can’t throw it all on the line every single lap That may be part of the learning process of how to win a championship that that team needs to go through >> Rick: With the exception of Kyle Busch Joe Gibbs racing hasn’t had the greatest start to the first race of the chase even though Kyle leading this race, Denny Hamlin early on, lap two gets sideways with a. Allmendinger >> Steve: He came in and got one so now he’s a lap down after serving his penalty >> Jeff: Matt Kenseth hasn’t had one specific issue that’s hurt him other than lack of speed 12th position. That doesn’t seem very poor, that’s 28 — almost 29 seconds behind the leader Kyle Busch. Joe Gibbs racing, we saw when they were fast. They were all fast. One through four at times in Richmond. Here we are in Chicago, spread through the field >> Steve: Kyle Busch is not that far behind mat Kenseth >> Rick: Only one caution to start this race as we just passed racing 100 laps of the 267 scheduled. The fewest cautions ever here at chicagoland is four. It was twice back in 2010 and 2012. Again, a long green flag run We’re at 94 laps of this green flag run. Probably starting to look at our second green flag pit stop >> Jeff: Unlike the Joe Gibbs racing car, spread out. Henrik is the opposite. Just behind Jimmie Johnson is Dale Earnhardt Jr It sooms like their car may lack a little at the front of the runs. After they get 25 on the tires, decepeed. The big concern is the fourth car that missed the chase. After that, I think Gordon and Johnson and Earnhardt have to be their focus >> Rick: Austin Dillon continuing to impressive run as he runs eighth. The nonchaser. Trying to follow in the tire track of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Kyle Busch has LED 57 laps. We’re coming up on our second round of green flag pit stops >>> For much of that run, his car just wouldn’t turn as we begin green flag pit stop. It was too tight. Air pressure adjustment to help out Joey Logano. Kevin Harvick was the first of those guys to pit. Now everybody is going to come down pit road quickly >> Dave: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Was on pit road His corner was in eight. He will get four good year tires and full of sunoco fuel. Marty? >> Kyle Busch for the dominant car. Very few words spoken on that run. Adam said what he got, Kyle came back and said, good. Adam said, do you want any changes? Nope. Very happy with his 18 car. No changes, Dave >> Dave: Marty, horrible run for keselowski Three to four tight in the center of the corner at the end of that run. Kelli? >> 27 car, the car is really loose in and off. They’re getting four good year tires Air pressure adjustment. Sunoco fuel >> Kelli, Denny Hamlin a lap down. Very fast on this run. Not bad. Only down a half on the track bar inside the car. That’s way up from where it was earlier. Too tight for Denny Hamlin. Dave Rogers, you’re hauling right now. Very good for the 11 car. Glad to get that lap back >> Denny Hamlin was able to stay just one lap down. He hasn’t fallen two laps down as we cycle through the green flag pit stops

>> He had had good speed. A lot of time crew chiefs don’t exactly tell the whole story In that case he was. 11 has had good speed Kept his distance from the 18. For a while, second lap down. Able to keep position >> Rick: We talk about fast cars and what opportunity they print to you. Kyle Busch, there was no stress, no reason to come early Kyle Busch chose to run in the second half of that pit cycle. Dave Rogers called him as the last car to pit. He had a 3 1/2 second lead over Kevin Harvick. Stay to think racetrack cost him time. 2 1/2 second lead but it’s still the lead. Nice and conservative. Don’t take a chance on losing a lap >> Rick: Kelli, Kevin Harvick also came down pit road. What did they do? >> Kevin Harvick, I spoke to crew chief, couldn’t turn through the center. He said the four was incredibly tight and just getting tighter so they went back on adjustments they made on his first time down pit road to help him He said it was just worse everywhere. And also martin Truex Jr., saw him finishing up his pit stop as we came back from fra break He said he just had his car around. It doesn’t matter where I run right now I can’t find anyrip. They made an air pressure adjustment to help out martin Truex >> Steve: Kurt Busch came to pit road earlier Mike reported they had a flat right rear tire Guys going past him because he’s on old tires Paul Menard working past him. Jeff don working past him. He wants to run 15 to 20 more laps, then get a caution. Reset the field. Allowing him to give him the same tires as a leaders >> Rick: Same tire cycle where Kurt Busch came 36 laps into his run because of thinking that he had a tire going down. The 19 of Carl Edwards, he also came to pit road at lap 52 He’s staying out on the racetrack hoping for a caution to come out so he can stay on the lead lap. Right now 14 cars on the lead lap The last one on the lead lap is Matt Kenseth >> Steve: Help Matt Kenseth. Pitted earlier than the 18 did which allowed him to put new tires on sooner. More gap between him and the 18. More push before he gets lapped >> Rick: Slow on the track is that 19 of Carl Edwards. They might have to come the pit road now. Marty, what’s going on with the 19? >> Well, Carl Edward stayed out unextra lap there because Sorenson was here. All he said was it slow. I don’t know if he ran out of fuel or what but he’s going to come to pit road. They stretched the window as far as they could. In terms of how the car was handling he was too tight in the middle, too loose off the corner. Reweb talked about that problem earlier in the race. Thought they might have had a broken tail pipe. Started to backfire in turn one. He coasts in here to his pit stop. Yes, it is not running for Kyle Edwards Not good for this this team midway through this race >> Jeff: Marty, the problem with that was he was just 4r789 one lap down. When he leaves pit road there’s a really good chance he’s going to end up two laps down to the leaders He’s going to have to really hope he can get back in front of the leaders before the caution comes out >> Steve: He had to be extra careful coming on pit road, too, because he got caught for speeding the first time in. He had to back his speed up a little bit. Probably had to over compensate a little bit, probably gave up a little time on pit road because he can’t afford another penalty >> Rick: Marty mentioned it wasn’t running when he came to the stall. You can’t gauge it so you have to judge your speed after he shut it off >> Jeff: The pit crew did a great job. Now he has to fight hard because he’s a lap down That position right there will make him two laps down. Big difference, Jeff. One lap down you have a lot of options The wave around. Free pass. Two laps down though can be very concerning. That’s where we have Hamlin. For Clint bowyer, his day hasn’t gotten any better >> Rick: Mcmurray, Menard, a lap down. The next to go a lap down would be Matt Kenseth, 13th now. On 13 cars on the lead lap and closing in on the most green flag laps run this season >>> Let’s look at our Toyota driver update Kyle Busch out front. Matt Kenseth his teammate running 13th. David Ragan, mig cell Waltrip racing, 15 >> Pat:. Clint bowyer all out side the top 20. And that’s because the blistering face

that Kyle Busch has been setting in this race We have had now 113 green sflag flag consecutive laps. That’s the most this season. We’re closing in at the most ever on this track. 118 green flag laps consecutively run here in Chicago >> Steve: With if we had just put that stat up two weeks ago, this first race Kyle Busch will be dominating. Next Toyota, 13. We wouldn’t have believed that. Also seen speed out of Clint bowyer’s car. Today they don’t have it. They don’t seem to have the speed and they’ve also had issues. So combination of not as fast as you need to be with the exception of the 18 car and also not having good luck, making some mess takes. Finding themselves in a hole >> Let’s go through the field brought to you by hardees, start with Marty >> Rick, everybody wanted to say since Kyle Busch was out for 11 weeks this season he might feel pressure coming into the chase He was asked about that, no, you’ve got to remember for those 11 weeks those guys were driving race cars, I wasn’t sitting on the couch. I was rehabbing every day. I was working every day. I feel Luke I am ready to go for the chase. I worked just as hard as everybody else this year. By the way, you think you might slack off a little bit? He’s running every companion race for the rest of the year He said that helps me on Sundays. Kelli? >> Kevin Harvick won Bach to bark races early in the season in Las Vegas and Phoenix. Now we’ve got a caution out >> Rick: Caution is out for debris on the backstretch. We went 116 laps of green flag racing. The highest non-lead lap scored car is Kyle Larson. Matt Kenseth was able to stay in front of his teammate Kyle Busch stay on the lead lap. And since the last green flag pit stops came around lap 106, 103 to 106, they’ve gone close to 20 lap on these tires. Are we going to see everybody come in and change four? >> Well, with only 13 cars on the lead lap I expect everybody. If we were early in the race, 40 or 25 — excuse me, 40 or 35 cars on the lead lap, some might consider staying out and get in track position but you can only gain 13. At this point all the leaders have got to pit. The big question mark to me, one lapped down, Paul Menard, Jamie Mcmurray, are they willing to take the wave around to try to get back on the lead lap? >> Jeff: I think Carl Edwards can. He pitted not that long ago. Everybody else pitted quite a bit ago. It’s an opportunity for Carl. The other guys, I think it would be risky >> Rick: Kurt Busch under green, he needed this caution to get back on the same cycle as leaders. Really everybody needed a break except for Kyle Busch because he was holding the pressure on everyone. The hold field needed

a break. Cold drink of water, reset what you have >> Rick: Hearing through the radio that some of these chase drivers that are lap down are already saying we’re going of stay out, take the wave around. We see Kyle Busch race >> You’re upper left-hand corner, he’s been inside the top three. They’re going to make a four tire change and pull a spring rubber from the left rear. And fuel. Marty? >> This car is pretty good. I’ll say it is Quarter round and the car picks off a little bit too loose. He said he actually is going to be better on this run, Kelli Four tires and fuel for the 78 and also the 4 of Kevin Harvick, so ti. Left rear for Kevin Harvick >> Rick: Look at the race off pit road brought to Yo Geico. Almalmirola I get the gist, yeah. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance >>> Giving us a great perspective of this mile and a lf half. You get news results and highlights delivered straight to your inbox Subscribe to the newsletter at We are getting ready for just our second restart, which is surprising as we’ve only had two cautions. So our second restart, we’re going to point out to you these are unofficial lines but that is the restart zone. The drivers, as both of you talked about earlier in the show in our count down to green, you both mentioned the starting point, the first line, and the second line. Explain that >> Jeff: Let’s review the rules. The second line, closest to turn 4, that line, when the leader gets to that line, he can go. The leader starts the race. Not the flagman. So as soon as the leader gets to that line, he can go Now, once he crosses that line and he hasn’t gone, you have until the second line before you have to go. So where the problem starts is if the leader goes early, to me, easy call NASCAR has to make it, penalize them. Once you get in that zone in between the two lines, that’s when it gets muddy Let’s sayleader slows down. Now it looks like the second place car gets moving. That’s where it gets difficult for NASCAR. If the leader hasn’t gone by the time he gets to the second line then the flagman drops the flag and that’s when the start of the race goes >> Jeff: Those are NBC lines. Those lines are being projected for you at home so you have an idea what it looks like it’s only about three car lengths long. The leader doesn’t have a lot of options. It’s short for a reason The most important thing is you have to get to the first red line >> Rick: It’s not official. It’s like the first and ten that you see on football games but we wanted to get it in there so fans can see where that start zone is for these race cars >> Steve: The reason it’s a big deal, it’s so competitive. Restarts mean so much. If the 4 car can get in front of the 18 it will take the 18 forever to get by him. All the drivers has always, all the drivers have always tried to get an advantage on the restart and it starts right at the restart zone >> Jeff: What does this do for people looking to turn their day around? Carl Edwards and dear Rehn grub decided to stay on the racetrack When the leaders pitted, they have the option to wave around. Getting your lap back before the restart. They’re doing the lead lap. A little behind and fuel and tires but not too bad, Jeff. But what’s interesting to me, Paul Menard, cmurray, they kept a lap down. I disagree The way it works out, this was an opportunity to get their lap back, Mike. I’m a little confused an addition agree with the call they made >> Conversation on the radio. Matt with all the green flag runs, very concerned they would get eaten up with the extra wear on the tires so they decided to pit instead >> Jeff: I know what they’re thinking but I believe the worst thing you’re going to do if you get caught is to be a lap down still >> Rick: Kevin Harvick on the inside. Green flag back in the air. They fan out. Kyle Busch works high trying to stay in front of the 48. Kevin Harvick staying right on that white line. A lot of momentum for the 4 of vin Harvick Kyle Busch trying to slow him down. Ioesn’t work. Harvick out in front. Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, top four. Ryan Newman, Austin Dillon. And slow is the 3 of Austin Dillon. Caution comes out again >> Steve: Started to say the right front blew >> There’s two more coming. Three more coming Come to the pit road right here >> Rick: Hits the wall. And Dow a very — now a very smart decision >> Jeff: You see right here the smoke with the car comes down the racetrack, the right front tire loses air. The smoke is the car traveling a little bit more, splitter and maybe left front rubs. Onboard with Kyle Larson Looks like it loses air. This team after a pit stop >> Jeff: He must have just hit something on the rate track >> Rick: Running tenth, on the lead lap >> Steve: You wonder if perhaps the valve stem. You can hit that sometimes with a lug nut or air wrench and you cannot break it clean off but crack it enough that air will start to come out and you won’t know. The driver has no idea he has that leak >> Jeff: What a disappointing day. He have seen continued improvement from the 3 car and Austin Dillon. Again, the championship guys. Everybody else is trying to win the race, too. Everybody else is trying to improve their season. Carl Edwards took the wave and Man, boom, back on the lead lap. The 1 and the 27, they chose to pit. They chose to not take the gamble. This would have been the caution that helped them. We’re going to talk about this throughout the playoffs. We talked about it. Every decision, the pressure builds This is a decision at the end of the day they can look back on that skted their performance Mike? >> Matt Kenseth on pit road. Air pressure adjustment trying to give him a better feel Jason Ratcliff was looking for a long run today but the long runs haven’t paid off the way they would have liked. They have to keep working on this car, Dave? >> Dave: Not only was eight bonus for the wave around cars. Brad keselowski thought he had a loose wheel. He said let’s pit, let’s get this taken care of now. Marty? >> Back in the game. Four tires for Carl Edwards here. Air pressure adjustment for his teammate Denny Hamlin. He said it was, quote, slimy on that run. They’re going to make a wedge adjustment, and air pressure adjustment. Let’s take our time and get everything fixed like it needs to get fixed on pit road. Kelli? >> Martin Truex Jr. In that 78 car. They only got three lug tons left rear tire. Brought him in, changed all four good years for martin Truex Jr >> Rick: I don’t think three lug nuts, not as handy as you would like the you’re going another 60-lap run.ay isnhills to the street that changed music forever. And

the perfect route for a getaway. It’s all one road waiting for you to take it. Discover more in a Camry. Toyota. Let’s Go Places >>> Fastest lap today presented by sprint, turned by martin Truex Jr. Average speed, over 182 miles an hour. You can follow mipsz sprint cup on Twitter now for a chance to win an autographed hat from tonight’s victory lane. A lot of speed out of martin Truex Jr In both of the practices yesterday. For one lap he has been the fastest today as well Martin Truex Jr. Scored in the 11th spot Jeff Gordon may be a little worried about restart. Listened to his radio just moments ago >> I don’t know how to start any better than that. Hell, we’re pushing the 4 to get the 1. Can’t give up any spots >> Yeah, they did an awesome job >> Damn right, you did. That was really good right there. Just keep doing that all day long >> Steve: You can hear those guys encouing Jeff Gordon to keep having good restarts Restarts are so important because track position is so important >> Rick: Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Kyle Busch chooses the outside line. NBC start zone, red lines. They’re in it. Green flag back in the air. Way out of shape was the 48. A little bumping aanging as they go into turn one. Jimmie Johnson into the side of 4. Harvick smoke now on the left rear of Harvick. After that contact >> Jeff: Jimmie Johnson, got a run on the 4. He let him get back up on the racetrack Now it looks Luke they made contact. Left rear quarter panel is definitely rubbing on the 4 >> Rick: Can you do that with wiggling the car? >> Steve: He was making sure it wasn’t flat Just trying to feel the car out >> Rick: Side by side for second. A little smoke still coming out. Now the decision, what do you do? If you’re Childress, race one of the chase do, you put, pull the quarter panel or think it’s not going to rub a whole through Smoke, a little bit of haze around Kevin Harvick He knows he hs tire rub >> Jeff: You should see more haze. The driver can smell it, also >> It’s getting better >> Steve: The driver goes off of what he sees and smells. You can smell that tire rubbing on the quarter panel. You heard the spotter say it’s getting better, keep going. Moves the quarter panel out. Clearances itself, or the worse >> Rick: Either moves the quarter panel or the rubber off the tire. It’s either a good sign or bad. We’re going to find out here

in the next ten laps >> Steve: For the 4 car this is nerve-racking Felt like they had a good restart. The 48 was being rushed by Logano. Joe went underneath him. Got together. Now they’re in. Now here we go again. First race of the chase. You have a problem you have to deal with. Still smoking >> Rick: We talked about restarts. Jimmie Johnson, big wiggle off 22 and the 41 of Kurt Busch comes by. There it is. Around goes the 4. A lot of damage to the back of that car >> Jeff: This is what we talked about. This is what we said at the top of the show. Pressure of these decisions >> Rick: Major damage to the back of the 4 for Kevin Harvick >> Hurt pretty bad here, guys >> Rick: Harvick stopped on the racetrack so he can make it on to pit road >> Jeff: Let’s go back to what happened. The 4 crashed because he had a front left rear tire. It all started on the restart. We talked about restarts. The restart zone, how important it is to accelerate out of the restart zone Right here as they leave the restart zone the 4 doesn’t get the greatest of runs. Jimmie Johnson goes underneath him >> Jeff: The 48 got a better start. 22 is pushing him. You got a guy, here you go 22 is pushing him. Pushes his way up on the racetrack. 4 doesn’t want to give the lead He can move up to the middle but Kevin Harvick tries to force him down. We wondered if it was getting better and this is the result The left rear tire is down. There’s nothing at that point Kevin Harvick can do. Unfortunately now this is the major, major hurdle for this 4 car in race one of the playoffs >> Rick: Lead lap cars coming on to pit road, the 48 on pit road as well. Dave? >> Of course, I can’t see the damage from my vantage point but he will get a wedge adjustment for fresh tires and sunoco fuel ie Johnson He asked on the radio, what in the world is 22 doing? Dale Earnhardt Jr. Took him down pit road and four tires of adjustments >> Rick: Big loser on this one has to be the 4 team. Kevin Harvick, already taken the car back into the garage to work on it more extensively >> Steve: The big winner is the 1 car. 1 car is free pass. That puts one of our chasers back in the lead lap >> Rick: 15 on the lead lap before the caution came out. That will make it 15 with Jamie Mcmurray. Left rear is blowing up. Around goes the 4 and one of our chase contenders in the garage >>> Kevin Harvick already out of the car They’re in the garage. One of our title contenders

And the defending series champion. Let’s look at what happened >> Steve: The restart, Logano, actually starts pushing the 4. I don’t think the 48 wanted to be there. I think they kind of hooked and put the 48. Now the 48 is unsds nooet him Harvick tried to block him to keep from getting that side up. We talked about so much about how important track position is. Look at the 22 pushing him. I don’t think the 48 was turning left. I think the 22 pushed the 48 >> Rick: That bottled everyone up. And was eight block by Kevin Harvick? >> Steve: From that view, he gave him a lane The 48 had a lane. It’s racing. That’s what that is. You could go back and watch it in slow motion and say this guy could have done that, that guy could have done that. Ultimately, that’s everybody racing hard >> Rick: Let’s listen to the 48 radio after the incident >> A little aggressive, man >> Here’s the problem. Jimmie Johnson knows that that has made a huge impact on the 4’s opportunity and the chase. He didn’t want to end up three wide. I think you’re right, Jeff. I think he got shoved there and then everybody wanted the same space. That is just racing >> Rick: Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Kurt Busch, joery Logano and Ryan Newman will restart top five.fiveofesy Logano and Ryan Newman will restart top five >>> We’re back to nbc-sn’s coverage of the restart. You see the NBC restart zone with

the red lines. First line is where they can go. The second line is when they must go The green flag will come out. And Kyle Busch, it looked like he got on the gas very quickly there. He was race leader. And Jeff Gordon on the inside is going to take the lead away before they get to one. And NASCAR has said over the radios that restart is under review so they will be looking at that. They put a dead indicated camera right on the restart zone. They also have a senior official that is in that area that is watching for it. They will make a decision >> Jeff: I think it should be under review Look at that. See what happens there the was Kyle Busch is the leader. He has the opportunity to start anywhere between those two red lines Appeared to me Jeff Gordon got just past the first line and he decided to go >> Rick: They’re going to have to review it And they are reviewing it. We’ll find out what NASCAR deems from that restart as we see the 18 working the high line trying to take the lead back away from Jeff Gordon >> Steve: All of these decisions are risk versus reward and they happen in a split second Things start to get wild. These things happen quickly. 41 with an aggressive move. Game plan trying to get the lead, trying to protect your position. Things happen so quickly. Drivers have to make decisions right now >> Rick: Kurt Busch gets by little brother Kyle Busch. Takes second away. Let’s take another look at this restart. This is what NASCAR is reviewing >> Jeff: Kyle Busch is the leader. When he gets to the first red line he can choose to go or not. Looks to me Jeff Gordon is continuing This might be a better view right here And there’s problem. The question is, did Jeff Gordon accelerate or did the 18 not go? That is the mill dollar question. That the problem with these restarts. There are games played. It looked like the 24 accelerated from the sky shot. Onboard it looks like the 18 just slowed down a little >> Rick: After Richmond the drivers all had opinions as to what would happen with the restarts. Almost to a man they said we can’t police ourselves. NASCAR, you’re going to have to police us >> Steve: On that call, I don’t know how to call it. When you look at it from that view, I don’t know how you make that call. If you don’t know exactly, then you don’t make any call. From one view it looked one way, from another view, different >> Jeff: From the top view, the 24 was going way too early. Marty? >> It’s funny because Kyle Busch was asked about this earlier this week and he said I’m not comfortable doing anything other than going by the book. I don’t want to put NASCAR in a position to make a call on me P so I go by the book. Other guys don’t care. He said, but I’m going to go by the book because I don’t want to put NASCAR in a position to get on me for jumping the restart >> Rick: Still waiting on the results of NASCAR reviewing that restart >> Jeff: This is race one. Talking about restarts more before we get to homestead >> Rick: That’s a pretty sach bet. Out front though, Jeff Gordon after a great restart He is in front of Kurt Busch, now running second. Kyle Busch, third. Joey Logano fourth Ryan Newman, top five. Rue Nan Newman, top five. Seems as though when the chase gets under way something clicks with that team We talked to Luke lambert earlier. They are looking to win races. They also just want to maximize their finish positions as we see Kurt Busch trying to challenge Jeff Gordon for the lead >> Steve: Here’s the 24 car leading this race We haven’t seen him lead many races this year Over the last two or three months now leading this race. Giving him a little bit of confidence Give that team a little bit of confidence They haven’t had speed but they’re showing some of it now. Did we just lose focus as we look at these teams? With the rules? The reason I say that is because this is the 2015 rules package on the mile and a half track Coca-Cola 600 was the last time. Carl Edwards and Joe Gibbs race, the car did win it. Kevin Harvick ran well. Perhaps it just got a little confusing. Over the summer when the variety of the racetracks and variety of rule packages Maybe the 24 Henrik motorsports had it or maybe they found something. They have shown more speed this weekend. You still see the 18 of Kyle Busch. Even the 78 lost form during the summer. He’s come back though now that

we’re at Chicago >> Rick: Ryan Newman behind Truex. Larson up there as well as Aric almirola, running eighth. Kelli stavast, that 4 car has been in the garage a long time >> They’ve been working on all four corners of it. We’ve been talking about restarts And with good reason, because it was a restart a caused trouble for Kevin Harvick. Here’s how his crew chief saw it play out >> 48 was off of him. Turned back into him On purpose >> So the defending champion has a hole to dig himself out of. This crew, not quitting Working hard on it to get it out and salvage some points. Understandably no mood to be talking to me >> Rick: Kevin Harvick is not going to be happy. We have seen Kevin Harvick in this situation before. It happened last year. He had to win at Phoenix. If he wanted to advance and have a shot at the championship, now Kevin Harvick may find himself in a position that he has to win at another there New Hampshire or Dover, the next two races in this ris Look at what happened to Kevin Harvick >> Steve: See the 22 pushing the 48. Pushing the 48. Almost spins him out. 48 is next to the 4. The 4 is trying to defend his position 48 runs in the side of him. Again, that’s the part of it I talk about being racing That’s the part where the 4 has to make a decision, do I move out of the way and let the 48 come? Do I defend that position? Again, those happen in a split second. That’s a decision the driver — it’s difficult. It’s easy to look back on it and say, maybe the 4 should have turned right and given him room. But then you are running eight instead of second or third >> Rick: NASCAR reviewed the most recent restart and there is no decision. There is — no penalty will be put to any driver. So they felt that that restart was in a situation that everyone abided by the all radios that are in the book Dave, how about the 48 team? >> Dave: Rick, on the resumption of the race the 2 was back here. The 48 wasn’t. He’s been going the wrong way. Listen >> Hey, it’s okay >> No, it’s not okay. I don’t like going backwards It is stressful >> Don’t get too crazy >> Rick: Jimmie trying to work his way up five positions since the restart, Rick, and trying everything he can to make them up >> Rick: Heard Chad ganassi. Don’t build it up. Forget about what they were saying. How are >> Reporter: They saying it? Jimmie johnagitated Chad, very calm. Very to the point. You don’t pick up every word. But tempo and tone can go as far as what you’re saying. Chad understands we’re in the chase. He knows how to win a championship. We’re going to stay calm here Capping him down a little bit >> Steve: This racetrack is changing. Kyle Busch who dominated this race. He’s running third. Martin Truex LED a lot of it, he’s running fifth. They’re going to have to make these adjustments. Marty? >> The ruling by NASCAR did not go well for the 18. They’re going to make a rule they need to enforce the rule. It’s simple. We didn’t spin the tires, we didn’t hit the gas, he did, meaning Jeff Gordon. They’re not happy in the 18 pit with the ruling on that restart >> Rick: Because of the restart, Jeff Gordon in front of the field in chicagoland. Jeff Gordon in his 788 consecutive starts. The iron man leading at chicagoland

Jeff Gordon N front. Kyle Busch 1.8 seconds back. The big question is, did Jeff Gordon jump the restart? Kyle Busch was the control car coming in to the most recent restart NASCAR has ruled that no penalty will be assessed to any drivers. They were talking specifically more towards Jeff Gordon because that was the one under question So we’re going the use more technology here >> Steve: The lead car is not supposed to change his speed. Supposed to keep his speed He’s not supposed to go before the first line and has to go before the second line >> Rick: You approach the restart zone, white line on the apron is the mark with 24 can’t accelerate before it gets to. The leader has to go at that point. The leader has the option to go between those white lines. You have to look at the speeds and determine did the 18 slow down or did the 24 accelerate? >> Rick: And that’s a question that was answered by NASCAR, that they did not feel like there was any penalty that should be given to either driver, so they have said that that start was good >> Steve: We just did something I’ve never seen done before. Showing speeds on a restart I’m not sure NASCAR has all that information available to them. I don’t know if they do or not. By that Kyle Busch said, hey, I didn’t go. And Jeff Gordon went. It’s hard to disagree with him on that >> Rick: Kyle Busch closed the gap once again behind his brother Kurt Busch >> Steve: It’s amazing in this sport when something happens it happens again and again The talking point gets going, restarts,ing back to the yellow. As soon as you start talking about it, I guarantee you it’s going to happen >> Rick: Jeff Gordon, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, and martin Truex Jr. They’re in the top five. Ryan Newman, Kyle Larson, or rake almir. Jimmie Johnson has fallen back to 13th. Brad keselowski, 14th. Jamie Mcmurray, another chaser on the lead lap of 16 There’s only 16 cars now on the lead lap as Jeff Gordon continues to lead. Tony Stewart, the first car a lap down. Running in 17th Clint bowyer just passed by Ricky stenhouse Jr. For the 18th position. Paul Menard, another chaser in 20th. K.C. Mears, Danica Patrick, both a lap down. Jeff Gordon looking to make it 93 career wins. He still has another pit

stop to go from chicagoland >>> Welcome back to nbc-sn’s coverage of the NASCAR sprint cup series 400 chicagoland speedway Jeff Gordon still out front. Gordon now has LED over 34 laps here at chicagoland. Want to go down to our Toyota Camry on track car Jeff, you you’ve driven it around the track a few times. Look at the right side of this cartail type, Steve >> Steve: The 4 had a flat tire and the 48 did not on the right side of the car. Right here, that’s the exhaust coming out of the right side of the car. When they hit door to door, normally the left side of the other car is in trouble because the left rear of the 4 car was near the tail pipes of the 48 That’s usually how you end up with a flat tire. You never want to bang door to door But in my career I prefer to be the car in the bottom because it seems like you okay The guy up top, left rear never works out well >> Jeff: You never want to be the guy run in to. Especially on a restart. I’ve been in that situation before. Again, you see the 48 get pushed down below. Harvick tries to defend. 48 has to come back on the racetrack They get together. You know, the 48 didn’t need to dut tire on the 4 car. They were battling for position. They ended up getting together >> Rick: Fight for real estate at a racetrack >> Jeff: I can’t emphasize enough. I know we sit at home and I do it, too, put everything in slow motion and this guy did that and that guy did that. Let me tell you something, when you’re sitting in that seat and you see a guy underneath you it is your job to defend that position, to block that position. When you get underneath a guy, it’s your job to take that spot. That’s why we see cars have contact. They’re racing. Sometimes it guess too far. If you’re a fan of Kevin Harvick, Jimmy Johnson ran into my guy. A man of Jimmie Johnson, he should have given him that spot The bottom line is they’re both trying to win this race and move on to the next round and win a championship >> Rick: 24 looks like he might be on cruise control >> This is a proud race team. It’s a very hungry race team. They know they’ve got an opportunity to win a race. Moment just during I would say three or four laps ago. Alan came off the pit box and went around to each over the wall member. Gave them a high five. A little pep talk trying to get them ready The last thing he wants to see here is to lose this race on pit road. Pit stops coming up, you want this team ready for this >> Rick: Last on pit road on lap 124. Completed 182 laps. So as Mike mentioned, within ten

laps of green flag pit stops, Jeff Gordon out in front. The last time we were coming up on green flag pit stops it was Kevin Harvick who made the aggressive move. Came earlier than the rest. Got the four fresh good year tires quicker than competition. Similar games manship here with Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch >> Jeff: The biggest chance to gain for opportunity to gain, Steve, is Jamie Mcmurray, last car on the lead lap. Those guys try to pit a little bit early. Try to give yourself a little bit of lap. Jeff Gordon is not going to give him a chance to do that. He’s going to be the first one on pit road >> Rick: Pit road. Mike masarro >> It appears he used all the fuel in that fuel cell. Made it to pit road in time to make a four tire start. Air pressure adjustment Gordon is happy with the balance of the race car. Saying it’s been a tick tight. Air pressure adjustment is designed to help >> Rick: We hope the high fives help as well 12.6 second stop. Impressive stop for the 24 team. And now the parade starts on to pit road. Mike? >> Yeah, the next one down is another very fast car from Stewart Haas. That would be Kurt Busch’s machine. He’s been aing he’s been loose on exit. You saw the chassis adjustment there. Wedge adjustment to the 41 car. Sunoco race fuel and four wheels for Busch >> It really helped on that one. The run before this, it did not help as much. A little bit tight for Logano but better running in the top five, four fresh good year tires. Kelli? >> Communication on the 78 team, tried to call martin truce exjr. In for a lap, called off, and then a four tire change. He was get tight on that run. Ryan Newman in the 31 team said he was good through 1 and 2 but getting tight in turn 3. They made an air pressure adjustment, four tires for Newman >> He said the car just did not have enough lateral drip and he felt like he couldn’t lead on it. You saw that wedge adjustment tighten up just a little bit, Dave >> Dave: Another wedge adjustment for Jimmie Johnson. Sunoco fuel Tight in the center. Running 13th when this round of pit stops began >> Rick: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Larson scored the race leader now. Aric almirola second Those two pitted on lap 139 with Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, Brad keselowski all in the top five >> He said, that’s all right. We’ll fix you up. Little right rear edge for the 88 driver to get a car better. You >> Jamie Mcmurray has been saying his car is tight. They’re going to try to free him up with an air pressure adjustment. Four good year on that machine. He’s been pretty happy He’s a pretty good stop. 42 car Kyle Larson, the best nonchaser all day long. During this run, 10th to 6th. A little bit tight in the middle of the corner. A pit stop to adjust just a bit. Mostly air pressured a justments out afternoon long >> Rick: They had 15 less laps on their tires but decided to come in under the same cycle all the rest of the cars on the lead lap >> Steve: Tinge opportunity was if they couldn’t get to a certain window where they couldn’t come back for fuel they couldn’t afford to come back on the racetrack. That tells me the fuel mileage of Jamie Mcmurray, Kyle Larson wasn’t good enough. They need to get to lap 205. Not good enough for there and pitted now and pitted now. He also pitted lap 139 This is a car that we’ve seen stretch fuel before. They stretch it in the Coca-Cola 600 to goat victory lane. He can come later in this pit cycle. Past the lap 200 mark, 202, 203, 204. He legitimately has a stop to make it the last stop of the day >> Rick: Just over 50 laps now. Carl Edwards has run since he was on pit road. . And only seven are on the lead lap >> Yellow, yellow, yellow >> Rick: We’re hearing caution comes out for debris in turn 4 So quite a few drivers are going to take the wave around here. Those on pit road recently >> Jeff: There’s going to be a whole jumbled up mess. Nothing is worse than a caution in the middle of green flag pit stops. Jeff Gordon is on the lead lap. Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch,

Kurt Busch, end up the leader. We haven’t waved especially layoff contender, martin Truex, Earnhardt Jr. A big piece of metal on the track. No choice but to caution. This is going to effect the next restart >> Two of the Joe Gibbs cars had down early in the race, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, guess what, they’re first and second >> Jeff: Rego back 100 laps ago. 19 took the wave around. We talked about the simple decision Mcmurray chose not to. Recovered and one lap down, 19th. Carl Edwards, the leader >> Rick: Race leader, caution kols out. He and the other six cars will be able to make their way on to pit road. They’re on the lead lap. Lead lap cars have the first opportunity on pit road. After they get on and off of pit road, then the lap down cars will have the opportunity to come to pit road. We will probably see quite a few of the lap down roads take the wave around because they were just on pit road >> Steve: In this chain of events, the 78 car will get the free pass. He won’t have the wave around. He will get the free pass >> Rick: Once again, we felt like restarts were going to be a topic of conversation And they haven’t disappointed >> Jeff: Right here, Kyle Busch is the leader, Jeff Gordon is second. The question is did Jeff Gordon go before Kyle Busch? NASCAR looked at the video and felt he didn’t go, that it was time for the front-runner to accelerate They said there was no call on this restart >> Steve: With all this data it looked like Jeff Gordon did go early. By this Jeff did leave a little early >> Jeff: Guess what, after we all pit we’re going have another restart. I think that one’s going to be just as exciting >> Rick: You think so? >> Steve: Why wouldn’t it be? >> Rick: Just go by the first line. Don’t go by the second line. All that will tell — oof you guys will win >> Steve: Now there’s only 75 laps to go versus 100 laps P the intensity ratchets up >> Rick: We mentioned the lap window, likely everybody is going to have to come back to pit road wauns again, at least one more time Some taking advantage of being at the back of their situation either lead lap or one lap down coming on to pit road to fill it up with fuel and four fresh tires. Mike? >> Jeff Gordon was on pit road not long ago, 184. Four times. Right sides of fuel >> Dave: Four tires for Brad keselowski. Marty? >> That worked out well. You saw the four good year tires going on, sunoco fuel if he said the car was, quote, snappy loose off For a teammate Denny Hamlin, he said it was tight. He added to a just it and they made a wedge adjustment here on pit road >> Rick: Jeff Gordon losing four spots on pit road. Big winner of course, Carl Edwards out front

>>>Welcome back to chicagoland. First lap of the playoffs. Ten races to determine a champion. Last year’s champion in the garage working on the back of their car and out of the garage he will be making his way on track You see him on pit road Kevin Harvick, 57 laps down. That’s how long they were in the garage. 18 cars took a wave around. Nine of them will be back on the lead lap. Those nine, Kyle Larson, Ryan Newman, Aric almirola, Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Paul Menard, Ragan, Jamie Mcmurray all back on the lead lap after taking a wave around. Take a look at the chase grid 15 drivers. Look who is at the bottom. Kevin Harvick. That hole that you didn’t want to dig yourself out of after one race, that is what Kevin Harvick is facing now. Only 12 advance after the first three races. NBC restart zone, two red lines. Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, front row, Kyle Busch on the outside. Green flag back in the air. Kyle Busch clears his older brother. He is back in front of the field. Carl Edwards in the 19. Battle for fifth between Jeff Gordon and Brad keselowski Gordon has it. Teammates running side by side for sixth Joey Logano moving to the out side of the Brad keselowski >> Jeff: You talked earlier show how three were racing. It took a little while. 100 laps Now you have 18 of Kyle Busch the leader, a great job of continuing to battle. Denny Hamlin was a lap down earlier. 19 had a speeding penalty. They recovered well. Fought back up in the top five >> Rick: All 43 cars still running as Austin Dylan and Kevin Harvick back out on the track That will play into points as far as with only 69 laps to go and Kevin Harvick, 57 laps down and Austin Dillon, 66 laps down. Not going to help themselves much pointswise Marty? >> Steve mentioned it’s been an amazing recovery to get past Jeff Gordon and Carl Edwards It was a speeding penalty. They ran out of fuel coming down pit road. The car stumbled on the racetrack. We thought he was out of fuel. But things have fallen their way. Jeff,

you know this. Sometimes in the chase you’ve got to have luck go your way at some point and things have gone definitely the way for 19 and 11 today on every step >> Jeff: No question. Like we talked about early in the race, when you dealt adversity, how do you deal with it. There’s not a team out here that’s going to go through this chase and not have problems. Once you have it, how do you deal with it. Do you make final way to make it positive or just make it a necessary tive? It’s going to happen to everybody >> Rick: Just mentioned that the reining champion Kevin Harvick has made his way back out on the track as new pretty much rear of the car He was 57 laps down Race leader Kyle Busch, incident on the restart He and Jimmie Johnson. In the garage for lengthy repairs. That’s all they can do. On the way back to pit road you see Kevin Harvick rolling down pit road here. He’s kind of gesture, kind of give a little point over to the 48 Kevin Harvick is an intense driver. I think he wanted the 48 thinking about it. He want to let him know he wasn’t happy about it because, listen, it’s a playoffs. There’s no more give and take. We heard it out of Kevin Harvick all week long, we’re going to pound Joe Gibbs raising into the dirt. I’m going to be fast They show up. They are fast. The bring the car they need, Jeff, and they bang together on a restart. You can see Kevin Harvick a little bit out there, a little bit of displeasure Nothing crazy but a little point >> Jeff: He’s come to a racetrack, completely torn up. He’s not out there riding around He’s just bassing Greg Biffle. He’s not going to quit >> Rick: When he passes enough cars to get to the 48, does something happen there? That will be the question as we see the Busch brothers getting closer together now. Kurt Busch trying to run a higher line. Kyle Busch out in front >> Jeff: We saw this when Jeff Gordon was the leader. Currently we’re only seven laps into that run. He’s already worked his way up to the brother’s rear bumper. Seems like that 41, Jeff, is deep as the tires age >> Jeff: This racetrack continues to change It’s darker than we’ve seen it the entire weekend. A lot of runners come to the racetrack, who is going to be good when the race ends We saw who was good when the race started Can you keep up with the racetrack. Guys running sixth and eighth, they were doing good and it rubbers up. 41 is much better at this point in the race than earlier in the race >> Rick: The two have separated themselves from third. Carl Edwards by about 2 1/2 seconds we stay here at chicagoland NASCAR nonstop >> I’m going to go out on a limb. Kyle Busch is the leader, I think the track hasn’t changed

but he got ahead of the adjustments >> Steve: Jeff Gordon, they’ve only LED six laps. He has run well all day. I’m feeling goout Jeff Gordon >> Rick: Both top five. Busch out front. Gordon irt fourth. Hamlin in the top five. As well as his team made Carl Edwards. Want to take a closer look at our top five. We’ll start with Marty snider >> Rick, Kyle Busch is in clean air up front Still LED the most laps today. You know he’s the only driver here in chicagoland a little wiggle on four there to sweeten the XFINITY series and cup series in one weekend. He won that race last night. And now give him his first ever win in a chase as a chase participant, Mike >> Older breyebrother is in his track. They sat down and worked on this things they can’t fix. Don’t worry about this things out of their control. They had a right rear tire early in the race. Right now they’re contending for the win. Marty? >> They had a meeting this week, he and Darian and it was tough to talk Carl into thinking you just got to be consistent. That’s all you need, top ten. Carl Edwards wants to win They’ve recovered Noud and they’re in a position to do just that >> Jeff Gordon said there are many times this year we have not raced to our full potential If we do that we will be okay. Certainly looks like he’s doing that today. He’s in contention to win this race as well. Marty? >> Before the Richmond race last weekend he had to get treatment on the knee. This week, no treatment at all. They thought along they had the speed to run in the top five All they needed was to get there. Now they’re here. They want to see if they can win this race. Rick? >> Rick: Only 53 laps to go. Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Edwards, Gordon, Hamlin the top five as we go NASCAR nonstop >>> Looking back to chicagoland. Side by side for the lead. Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch. One

and two. .23 separation between the two. Kurt Busch running the lower line. Can he make that work if him? Coming up on congestion on the racetrack, Kyle Busch is going to get caught up behind Trevor Bayne in that high line. Let’s see if Kurt Busch can take advantage of it. Kurt Busch in front of Kyle Busch and leading. Now at chicagoland. Kyle Busch LED 121 laps. Kurt running right at the bottom of the racetrack and pulling away from the 18. Gordon still holding on to third. Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin, all chase drivers in the top seven. Martin Truex Jr. Running eighth Kyle Larson, highest nonchase driver ninth Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, 10th and 11th. Aric almirola outside the chase, he’s 12th. Matt Kenseth, Ryan Newman, Jamie Mcmurray, only chasers on the lead lap. With Kurt Busch getting by Kyle Busch, we take a look at lead changes presented by sprint. 12 of them already this afternoon. 12 lead changes. Some impressive laps run by martin Truex Jr. As far as speed Most laps LED up to this point. Kyle Busch at 121. Differing agendas The 16 drivers that came in that are in the chase, the playoffs for NASCAR, all looking for a solid finish. One driver is going to win. Potentially a chase driver. He could move into the second round with that win The other 11 — excuse me, the other 15 are looking for maximum points so that they are not outside the top 12 and don’t advance into round two. Teammates fighting for position Carl Edwards in the 19. Denny Hamlin in the 11 >> Steve: 23 laps to go. You see the 11 trying to make a move on the 19. Is somebody going to be brave enough to get on pit road early and force leaders to pit early? It will allow you to drive faster sooner but R and force the leader to pit. Also, what is Kurt Busch going to do as a leader? Is he going to try to be the first one on pit road like Jeff Gordon earlier? A lot of decisions >> Jeff: Clin bowyer, Paul Menard, Jamie Mcmurray All migrated to the front, other than Kevin Harvick who had an accident, running in 42nd. We had 15 of the 16 running in the top 19. Think about that. The top 19 cars is only 4 of them that aren’t in the playoffs >> Rick: Denny Hamlin able to make the pass on Carl Edwards. Both Hamlin and Edwards at one point in time in this race down at least a lap. Able to utilize the wave around. The cautions fell. Such a manner that put them back on the lead lap and in contention to win this race >> Steve: Edwards had trouble earlier in the race Also worried his engine may have trouble At that point, are we even going to finish this raise. Now he’s being for of top five and maybe possibly a win. Big around for those guys >> Rick: One of the fastest car on a restart, Kevin Harvick and 48 of Jimmie Johnson got together. The damage was done to the 4. And that put the 4 in the garage for 57 laps They’re back out on the track with obviously the worst off as far as chase drivers. As we go NASCAR nonstop

>>> Coming up next it’s NASCAR America, post race show followed by victory lap. Right here on nbc-sn. Kurt Busch continuing to lead Kyle Busch, runs second. Jeff Gordon, Hamlin, Logano, the top five as the laps continue to wind down. Only 34 to go. And now the strategy come into play as you short pit and try to come in a I’ll will bit earlier than everyone else and have fresher tires for these remaining 33 laps? >> Jeff: Without a doubt a chess game started between the crew chiefs. Some guys can run 10 or 12 more laps on the racetrack. They have to decident to come to pit road. Maybe a second and a half or a second. You do the math. If you came to pit road four to five laps earlier, you could make five seconds up Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Hamlin have fresher tires, they have to figure out when the best time to come pit road is. The rest is going a lap down. Jeff put it best, I was thinking ten early. He’s thinking hold serve. They come here and want to have a good run. Maybe just looking for points >> Jeff: That’s the problem. All of these guys, if you can finish top five, top five, hold serve and move on and go to the next race. Don’t grab for a win and get back 15, 18, 19th place finish. Difficult decision for the crew chiefs. You want to be on win-win-win attitude. That’s what you want to do. But ultimately the goal is to advance. Three races, advance into the next round. That is the goal in this first round >> Jeff: One thing I am telling my driver though, Rick, tough pit road. The last race here we saw this guy, Kurt Busch, spin out getting to pit road. Matt Kenseth, spin out getting to pit road. Veteran drivers. Done this a tremendous amount of their career but yet made major mistakes P this is one of the harder pit roads to get on It’s funny, the transition to the apron. You don’t realize you’re in trouble until you’re too far around. I think we’ve seen our first fast car peel off, Carl Edwards. Running in the fifth or sixth position. We’re going to see how long it takes for everybody decides to follow it >> Rick: Carl Edwards with 30 laps to go has made his way on to pit road. Marty? >> That’s why you crew chiefs make so much money. Gamble call. I think the guys for the back half of the top five, good call. Earlier than everybody oels here. He said he’s just a little tight rolling in. That’s it. Air pressure adjustment. Once they got it clean, we’ll see how much it pays off for the 19

>> Jeff: You said it best. Who is coming now? Who is the next guy? One comes, forces everybody else to comes. 78 of martin Truex Jr. He decided it was time for him to come >> Rick: Martin Truex Jr., also on the lead lap. Kelli? >> Martin Truex Jr. Said it’s been hard to do anything on 3 and 4. He’s loose. It’s going or four tires. Sunoco fuel for the 78. Party? >> Kelli, Kyle Busch said it’s hard for me to make a decision on this because I need the car to turn better but I need the rear end to work better, too. I think what we need to do we’ve got to free it up. Do with that wedge adjustment? You see it there. Also an air pressure adjustment from Kyle Busch trying to free it up. That’s why his brother was able to get by him. Too tight off. Mike? >> He said the car has been getting more tight Make an air pressure adjustment, four tire change and fuel. Jamie Mcmurray is on pit road. He’s car has been tight center and off Air pressure adjustment as well. Jeff Gordon in the mix for the win here. Four-tire change there. Air pressure adjustment. He’s been pretty happy with the race car >> Rick: 48 car on pit road, Jimmie Johnson said I’m not bad, I just have to be patient with the front end. Four tire change and adjustments His teammate is also on P it road. First half of the corner was helped on the last adjustment More adjustments here to help the other half for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Kelli? >> Ryan Newman in the 31 car had a bad restart that cost him, a leg of the trip. He’s been moving his way back. Says he turns it around a little bit, a little bit tight. Four tires for the 31, Marty? >> Whole run, he ran a little warmer than he would like and try and pull a piece of tape off the front grille. The biggest problem was loose off the corner. Air adjustment and pulling the tape. Dave? >> Dave: Last year’s winner, two-car, keselowski Running eight. He was free off at the center of the corner is the problem. Has been all day for Brad. That front end is not working well for him >> Jeff: Kyle Larson, great run today. Ninth before they started pitting. Trying to get back to the throttle with his complaint >> Rick: Difficult on pit road. All the chasers look to have gotten on and off pit road without a problem. The 47, A.J. Allmendinger was speeding on pit road. So they will have to serve that penalty. Most recent pit stop. Left tire rub for the one of Jamie Mcmurray. Doesn’t look as drastic as what we saw with Kevin Harvick earlier. The 11, Marty? >> We saw his teammate Edwards be the first to pit. Denny Hamlin the last of the lead cars if car was a little bit loose. He went down a half inside the car on the track. Make an air pressure adjustment to tighten it up Very happy with the Len machine. Kelli? >> It’s been a struggle for Clint bowyer in the 15 car. Tynely said, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve got no grip, no speed, no turn. Four tires, fuel, and air pressure adjustment They felt good about what they had in practice but it’s definitely gone away in this race >> Rick: Edwards just in front of Logano Two drivers racing for the chase and the opportunity to advance into the second round after the first three races. Joey Logano trying the high line to get by. Points matter. They’re fighting for every point available. Each position worth one point. Joey Logano taking one away from Carl Edwards. Mike? >> Matt Kenseth’s crew chief told me this morning his main concern was keeping up with the racetrack. Right now the car has been tight. I’m going to try to bring him up on air pressure adjustments, four tires, and car they can use to get to the front >> Rick: The 4 of Kevin Harvick on pit road 57 laps down. They are coming to the attention of their crew. Kelli? >> Kevin Harvick, after all that work that the crew did for him in the garage. Repair on this car. Just getting them out there to run some lap, salvage what they can and make the most of this race. You can see a clean four-tire stop there for the 4 car >> The back end destroyed on Kevin Harvick He works his back out after apron. Kevin Harvick 57 laps down. Spent that almost of time in the garage. Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon They’ve all pitted. They have enough fuel

Martin Jr. All those drivers could punch their ticket into the second round. Go NASCAR nonstop 3 >>> Only 15 laps to go on 400 chicagoland speedway Let’s go down to Kelli stavast >> You see the 27 pulling out of the pit Just a two-tire stop for Paul Menard. Light on fuel. He’s losing his nose a bit but not worried about it for this short run >> Rick: Thanks, Kelli. He was the last chaser to make his way on to pit road. Paul Menard, 17th. A lap down. Take a look at our chase grid as they run. 16 drivers. And where they fall after this first race of the playoffs Again, three races to determine the top 12 that will advance into round two. Kurt Busch who is out front now was eliminated after round one in 2014 has the possibility to win his way in to round two. If you win, you advance If you’re a chase driver and win, one of the three races, you automatically advance into round two. Kurt Busch has about a 3 1/2-second lead right now over Jeff Gordon with just 13 laps to go. Have you seen drivers go into a preserved mode just like I don’t want to lose positions now as opposed to get aggressive and go for this win? >> Jeff: Seems like the drivers and crew chiefs I really thought the crew chiefs would pit earlier than they did and gain advantage on the field. They didn’t. Everything looked Normal. No real aggressive call on pit road The drivers seem to be in the same mode >> Steve: We want to race every lap as hards we can. You have to use your head. You have to use strategy. Majority of the guys are happy with their day. I know Menard wanted better. Bowyer, lap times going into the race, they weren’t good enough to win the race Don’t make it terrible You’ve done a good job of battling back. Newman, 14th. Kenseth, one of the biggest disappointments in 13th. Thought he would run better than that. Again, talked about it all day long

The guy that’s got the biggest hole to dig out of is Kevin Harvick. They’ve got to really come back. And come back and do something to overcome after only one race >> Rick: Kevin Harvick running 42nd after being in the garage for 57 laps to repair the back end of the car and a caution has come out with ten to go >> Debris >> Rick: Debris in turns one and two. Toyota pace car will make its way back out in front of the field. You see the damage to the right side of the 83. He rode the wall for a long period of time so making sure that nothing came out of that car. On the racetrack as we have another race start in front of us >> Jeff: First we have a pit car. 14 car on the lead lap. Everyone has reasonably close to 16, 18 laps and the tires, depending on green flag pit stops, who does what? Who going to gamble and stay out? Who is going to take only two tires? Who is going to take four? I’m going to make my decision. It’s two tires I would be coming down pit road and taking right side tires. I don’t think you stay on the racetrack and defend. Four tires is going to hurt you a much. Fall back too much. I would be coming to pit road for right side tires >> Steve: Newman and Kenseth, far in the back of the pact. They have the luxury of watching They can watch and see what the leaders do If the leader S do two, you may as well do four. If the leaders do four, perhaps you do two. Ultimately those guys — this isn’t good running in the back but it does give a little bit of an advantage >> Steve: There are so many lap cars. Put four tires on it. You just mentioned it. Too far behind. You didn’t give yourself a chance Stick to the basics. Gets point. Move to New Hampshire >> Rick: What about stay out? Possibility to stay out to improve your position? >> Steve: Jeff Gordon stayed out. They’re in big trouble. Everyone behind them pitted >> Rick: Kurt Busch stays out. Kyle Busch stays on to pit road. Logano, Truex Jr., Carl Edwards. Marty? >> For Kyle Busch they had no choice, Rick Exit is what it is. I haven’t been able to make it better all day long. You saw the adjustment and four tires. Logano, car was a little bit too tight on that run. Also, air pressure adjustment for that 22. Kelli? >> You see martin Truex Jr. There in the 78 Already completed his pit stop. It was four tires for the 78 >> Rick: And so strategy, will it work out for Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon, guys that stayed on the racetrack? We’ll find out at the restart >>> Welcome back. 400 from chicagoland speedway. Under seven laps to go to determine a winner of this first race of the playoffs. Drivers staying out, Kurt

Busch, Jeff Gordon, Denny Hamlin. Martin Truex Jr. Came on the pit road. Was first off of pit road. Got two right side tires. And that’s why he was first off of pit road. So those right side tires, we’ll see if that will, I guess, pay off for the 78 team coming off of pit road first. Will they work enough to be able to get him by the guys who didn’t come? >> Jeff: I love the call and they lucky. This will — they will get off. Get up to the wall and try to make it while they make the run He still has to be worried about the four tires behind him. I think tires are coming I think staying out. It’s a tough decision to make but I think tires is what you need in here >> Steve: Martin Truex is one of the best drivers running. Extremely aggressive driving on the high side getting into turn run >> Rick: The 11, we talked about the decision to come in or not come in It’s so hard. Trying to decide whether you should or shouldn’t come. You see Denny Hamlin here, a little indecision. He thinks he should come. Maybe not. Maybe. He decides to bail out. Stay on the racetrack, Marty. I’m thinking the 11 wanted to come get tires >> The spotter was kaying come to pit road, crew chief was saying clean air. Clean air After it went down, Denny said, did you say pit or not? Now they’re stuck with it. Denny is going to have to drive like his hair is on fire right now >> Rick: The 41 of Kurt Busch might be questioning the call of not coming to pit road. Here’s what they had to say >> I can’t believe we stayed out >> 11 stayed out there >> Car likes to run, start off on, you know, a little bit older tires >> Jeff: Trying to talk himself into it >> Steve: He asked about it but didn’t complain anymore. I got what I got. I have to make it happen. Now we have a restart and restart with front row on old tires. It will make it more difficult >> Rick: Will this be the last restart in chicagoland? Five laps to go. Kurt Busch on the outside line. Jeff Gordon on the inside Older tires. Green flag back in the air. Five laps to go. Three wide as they go into turn 1. Denny Hamlin takes the lead away. Joey Logano is who you need to look for coming off with four fresh tires. He’s going to have a ton of momentum. Denny Hamlin out front Here comes Carl Edwards looking to the inside of Kurt Busch >> Jeff: You heard the crew ch H said, clean air. Clean air. That’s what you’ve got right now, Hamlin. Take advantage of it >> Rick: Four laps to go. Denny Hamlin tore his acl in his right knee two races ago And now in a position to win at chicagoland >> Steve: And Carl Edwards, he has to clear 41. Did you see how hardcorner. The 41 of Kurt Busch is fighting back >> Rick: Denny Hamlin uses strategy. Three laps to go. Staying out under most recent caution. Trying to get a clean air on the nose and track position. It’s working out, with three to go. Remember, Hamlin got the wave around after spinning on lap two which put him a lap down. And now in position to win as we see the 19 of Carl Edwards getting by that 41 of Kurt Busch >> Steve: Denny Hamlin doesn’t want to see that. Coming with two to go, tires in the mirror. He has a little bit of cushion but two laps is still a lot of time >> Rick: Two to go with Denny Hamlin. Denny Hamlin with a comfortable position. And cushion over Carl Edwards, almost .7 of a second for Denny Hamlin as he comes back through three and four. This times by, he will see the white flag. Three wide behind him. White flag in the air. One more lap from chicagoland. What an incredible call. For the 11 team to stay out. Denny Hamlin looking to punch his ticket into round two of the chase for the sprint cup. Spotter letting him know, just hit your marks. You’ve got a comfortable lead. Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, Kurt Busch. But this time it’s Hamlin that will win at chicagoland!

Drivers gambling >> What an amazing day >> Rick: An amazing day. Spiping on lap two, getting a lap down. They were able to work back from that happen lap down. You see team make Carl Edwards coming over to congratulate, as is Matt Kenseth. We mentioned the strejoe Gibbs racing. Hamlin finished first, Carl Edwards second. Kenseth was fifth. Kyle Busch ends up ninth. What an amazing call for the 11 team, Marty >> Let’s get Dave Rogers over here. You were screaming clean air on the radio. I don’t think that was a little bit more confusion than you would have liked but that was rewarded pretty well, wasn’t it, Dave? >> Yeah, last year clean air won so I was banking on that. I felt more guys in the back would stay out. What a great day. Terrible Friday, I messed some things up on Friday Bounce back. Den my did a heck of a job. Raised fast. Team held in there and fought all day and got our first have beenry in the chase >> Highest chase finisher. 29th the first for Denny Hamlin >> Rick: Denny Hamlin started 29th because in practice on Friday they weren’t quick 29th fastest of the cars that were on the track in practice. Then qualifying got rained out. That’s where they had to start, 29th They worked on it. Came back on Saturday Found speed. And now speed and strength in the first race for the playoffs. The first time Denny Hamlin has been able to go to victory lane at chicagoland speedway. And his celebration is going to continue. A lot of people question with a torn acl in the right knee, can Denny Hamlin be mentally strong enough and physically strong enough to succeed and be able to advance through the rounds and potentially run for a championship I think this right here has said, yes, he can >> Jeff: And the manner in which he did it Restarting on tires. Restarting third. Front row and took it to the checkered flag. I thought they had to have tires to win the race. They proved me wrong. Making the rest of round one a lot less stressful >> Steve: That acl is not going to be a problem for Denny Hamlin. 12 days after the injury, wins a race. Ten days after the previous acl he won a race. This guy can get it done >> Rick: The only thing to worry about now is he’s burned the tires almost completely off the 11 doing the doughnuts but he will make his way to victory lane >>> Pride of Chesterfield, Virginia, making his vickry lane. The first race of the chase, chicagoland speedway Denny Hamlin, the chase driver punched his ticket into win number one. Strategy call with under ten laps to go in the race, not bringing him on to pit road. And getting him out in a good clean track position was what ended up winning this race. Mike? >> Kurt Busch has just gotten out of his race car. Kurt had a tremendous run. Battled through adversary. Right rear tire went down and right in the mix to win but seemed like that caution with ten to go changed it >> It did. It was a difference maker today

Overall real proud of this team. Everybody at Stewart Haas racing, the Chevy was fast, fast enough to win. The caution came out at the end and I thought we had the right strategy but we didn’t. But this is a points day. This is a long journey through the next ten weeks And we weren’t given a hall pass now through Loudon and Dover. We just got to work hard as a team and saddle up. This isn’t just a win, pick up weeks off. We had a winning car today. It’s kind of a shame. We had a good run at Montana earlier this year and kind of ended up the same way >> Kurt didn’t get the win but solid finish here. That will go a long way here towards the cut off >> The guy in victory lane, Denny Hamlin, about to come out. Marty? >>Hamlin, what an improbable win, started 29th today. He is going to get out of the car with that acl, a winner in chicagoland >> The car still steaming from the celebration out on the racetrack. It’s going to help him get down here, make sure to take care of that right knee. How about that? What honestly — what chance did you give yourself on that last restart know that you had all of those fresh tires behind you, Denny? >> 50/50. I was going to drive in there and hope that everything worked out. But I can’t thank the aesthetics ground team enough Unbelievable. Thislm was so fast today. I told everyone we changed this car to FedEx round just for this race because we needed consistent and reliability and that’s what FedEx ground is and that’s what we were today Coming back from a lap down, we had a fast car. We were just running under green over and over and over. I thought we would never get back on the lead lap. Thanks to all of our partners, gjr, Denny’s, the greenbrier, just everyone who helped support this. Can’t thank sprint and the fans enough as well Just a great way to start the chase >> Walk me through the demeanor of the team after the earlier spin. There was a calmness You almost went down two laps. Seemed like everybody thought, you know, what if we can stay calm and get back up there we can win this thing >> We were passing the eighth place car and we started on the back in the first green flag run, before I crashed. So I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of cars on the lead lap One caution came out that allowed us to get that wave around and back on the lead lap We had a fast car. That was the most important thing. Stretched it out on the end, even with no tires. I’m proud of this pit crew, they did a phenomenal job again. Now we’re looking forward to the next round >> Walk me through how this changes things for the next of round one now that you’re already in round two >> Go have some fun the next two weeks. That’s for sure. Take the pressure off us. So we’re ready to have fun >> You might be the only guy having fun for the rest of round run. Denny Hamlin advances himself to round two here with the win at chicagoland, Rick? >> Handing the cellphone to Denny. Joe Gibbs racing celebrating their first win of the 2015 chase. Let’s look at today’s Coca-Cola winning momentenny Hamlin takes on the checkered flag. Lap two, he had to deal with this situation that put him a lap down >> After he spun he went around the racetrack rather than pitting right then And got himself a lap down. And we thought, you know what, big trouble. But just did a great job of coming back, fighting, taking what they did. Stayed out on this restart And then made it work >> It’s all about the restarts. We talk about them time and time and time again. The 11 gets a run on the 24. The 24 moves up the racetrack. Gives room to Denny Hamlin to get by. Once the 11 got clean air, he ran away from the 19 car on new tires. Won the race Punched his ticket into round two >> We go from one end of the spectrum as far as emotions, Denny Hamlin celebrating, to the very D of that. Kelli stavast caught up with Kevin harvest >> Certainly not the way that Kevin Harvick wanted to end this race. What happened? >> I had a faigood restart. Shifted to third gear by saw the guys coming on the apron They must have got together and had a good run up. But I held my ground and he slammed into the side of the door like I wasn’t even there. Spotter was telling me four wide. I guess he just figured he would come up the racetrack. Just proud of everybody. Jimmy John’s Budweiser team for not giving up and doing what they had to do to get the car back on the track >> How do you recover from the next two? >> Win >> For Jimmie Johnson it was a run to 11th place today, Jimmie. Assess the afternoon At times you had speed in the last restart Not sure where that left you >> The last restart some guys got loose and everything went to the top. Unfortunately that was the lane I was in and got choked

up pretty bad. Moisturing. And top five contention But middle part of the race, maybe two-thirds of the race we lost, we lost what we had going on with some tire pressure stuff from what I gather on the radio. At the end we were fast. Stopped for one second there and it hurt us pretty bad sdl do you feel like that was the point in which you said we have to manage our points We don’t need to win round one todants >> Manling points were part of it. Restarts were wild and crazy. Trying to be start, but at the same time, we had such a good start, start and then off and then back on. I wanted to be up there raising. I think we could have been top two or three >> Moving on to Loudon for next week >> Those two interviews were on tape and just moments ago Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, obviously Kevin not happy at all with the way it went down. And so they’re going to discuss it. And maybe a little more than discussion >> This sport is full of emotion. Kevin Harvick felt like he was done wrong. He wants to express his disme sure with Jimmie. When you see Kevin is not happy with Jimmie >> That’s what the playoffs do. Kevin Harvick wants to win a championship. He came here with a car he thought he would win a championship He said in his interview he stayed his ground Jimmie Johnson felt like he needed to come up. Disagreed with what happened on the racetrack Looked like they planned to talk it out. Kevin was not in the mood to talk. You have to ask, Stewart Haas raising, what will this do to that alliance? Will this make tension for the two companies? >> That stemmed from this prep start where we see the 48 getting a shove from Joey Logano Puts him down on the bottom of the track >> Jeff: That’s where the 48 came up on him 4 up the racetrack. 48 turned right a little bit sooner than he had to do. We talked about it over and over and over. It’s racing. Once you get in that position and things happen quickly. 48 probably feels like the 4 didn’t give him room and the 4 feels like the 48 ran into him >> Rick: As we look at the unofficial results, Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, Joe Gibbs racing so strong. Joe Gibbs racing has won its eighth race in the last ten races Look at the yellow. The playoffs started The playoff contending cars rising to the front. Kyle Larson and Aric almirola, they haven’t thrown in the towel. Two solid runs for guys disappointed for not being in the playoffs >> Steff Gordon with a disappointing 1th Leading the race with a few laps left. >> Rick: Ricky stenhouse Jr., 18th. Two laps down. Greg Biffle, teammate, two laps down, 21st. Got to go back a couple pages though before you find Kevin Harvick. He was outside the top 40 today after the incident between he and Jimmie Johnson on the restart >> Jeff: That makes it so difficult. All 43 cars running on the track at the finish. Even though his crew did a great job with heavy repairs and only 58 laps, without a lot of other dnfs, a huge hit in the points >> Rick: Now we look at the chase grid after one race. Only 12 will advance. Three can advance off of wins. Denny Hamlin has already done that >> Jeff: Kevin Harvick in 16, he in no way is out of this thing. Fast enough to win raises But at 22 points, over two races, look, he can do that in points. As fast as they are he doesn’t necessarily have to win. Finish second, third, still point race his way into this chase. Denny Hamlin was only the one to guarantee a spot in the second round, Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, I’ll even go to Kurt Busch and Joey Logano, at least 20 points over, no guarantee that 20 positions on the racetrack that’s going to make the restarts, the practice, the chaos of New Hampshire a little bit easier to manage >> Rick: One-mile ris track. Jeff Burton, you’ve LED every lap there. I’m sure 16 of those chase drivers would like to do that when they go to next wek’s race. What a crazy first race of the chase Next week the playoffs continue on nbc-sn, NASCAR sprint cup series racing from new Hampshire Coverage starting Sunday at 1:00 P.M. Racing Saturday, XFINITY series raising in Kentucky at 7:30 P.M. Eastern. Coming up next, continued post race coverage from chicagoland with Krista voda, Kyle petty, and Dale Jr >> A torn acl, worst starting position of all the drivers in the chase. A spin on lap two. Three hours later it’s that man, Denny Hamlin standing in have been victory lane We’re going hear from the chase drivers, plus discuss what happened with Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson. Istthe celebration continues for Denny Hamlin. I think the theme today is never give up. Especially if you look, Dale, at those top three drivers >> Dale: The top three all had problems. As you pointed out, Denny Hamlin spun on lap two. Carl Edwards has a speeding on pit load penalty that got him a lap down. And Kurt Busch had a flat tire. They worked hard. They know these are 400 mile races and you just keep digging and doing what you can

>> Kyle: We said if you win this championship you can’t make mistakes. We saw so many mistakes made today. The theme for the race and maybe the theme for the chase this year is going to be spin to win. You spin on the first or second lap and you come back and win, yeah, you just keep fighting just like Dale Jarrett said, you keep hammering it out >> Krista: I thought it was win to keep yourself in. Your are saying spin to win. Obviously Joe Gibbs racing deserves a discussion point because we’ve been talking about them for the last, gosh, several months it seems. They put all of their drivers in the position in points to be the top four seed now going into new Hampshire >> Kyle: The guy that you thought was going to win the race was the worst finisher of the four. He looked like Kyle Busch was dominating the race. LED the most laps. Doing everything right. He ends up with the worst finish of the four. That shows you what an outstanding team and organization this is. Each one of those drivers and teams just kept going, getting the most. Matt Kenseth didn’t run in the top ten the entire day. Not one time did he really solidly run inside the top ten and finishes fifth >> Krista: Finishing fifth. Mike was them >> Crew chief had to adjust on the 20 car throughout the course of the day but he could drive to the front. Finish inside the top five. What was it like trying to keep up with the track today? >> Got lucky. We didn’t really deserve to finish fifth the way the car reason but dollar general did a great job. They had a lot of fight and didn’t give up. At the end we got a good restart, right lane. Leaders bottled up and I was able to get by a bunch of them Good ending to a rough day >> With this format the way it is, how big is it to start like this? >> I would like to be in Denny’s spot. Congratulations Good to see him get a win. You noerks it was good we got the finish today. I don’t think we performed as well as we wanted to. It’s good we all got a pretty good finish. The next three races you want to go out every week with an idea to win and it obviously takes care of itself. Another strong outing with Matt Kenseth, he brings it home fifth >> Krista: Kyle, we know Matt Kenseth has consistency momentum. Two races coming up, Dover is his faith track >> Kyle: He said it there. You know, I think even though we’re looking at the Gibbs cars at the top of this list, the 18 is the only car that really performed. Denny spun and got in trouble. He performed late in the race Carl would run 30 laps and his car fell off Matt chased his car all day long. Great restart Matt restarted that thing in thirpth and ends up 5th That’s great. He and Ryan Newman both came from the back to finish in the of five >> Dale: That championship caliber finishing and making it work. You will remember that more if he goes on to win a championship, more that this day could have been a disaster for him running back where he was but they made something of it. This driver and team not giving up >> Krista: Kyle, who was the other driver that had a good restart, Kenseth and — 31, right? Newman >> Krista: Moments ago he was with our Kelli stavast >> Ryan Newman ran top 10, top 15 most of the night. You restarted that last time, 14th Come away with a 14th finish. How did you do it? >> Elbows up. Four tires and do what I had to do. We had one battery start there and got a caught lap down. Struggled at that point But that last caution was a blessing to us They did an awesome job. Big improvement from lastier. Just keep digging >> Krista: A little bit of comfort coming away in north place. What’s the plan for the next few races? >> Do the best job we possibly can. I said the whole time it’s easier to beat yourself than the whole kochtician beat you >> Thanks, Ryan. With Newman’s fourth place finish, 12-point advantage over that 12th position. 12 drivers will move on following next traces. The name at the top is an automatic lock into the second round. Denny Hamlin There he gets the do the honor, moving his name into round number two. We will hear from more choice drivers coming up.e drivers coming up.e drivers coming up.e drivers coming up.ase drivers coming up. Drivers coming up >> Krista: Mopsteel is all new as they work to rebuild Detroit one classic car at a time Mobsteel tonight at 8:00 after NASCAR victory lap on nbc-sn. Chicagoland speedway, ny Hamlin was the fastest man in this town today. The celebration is continuing in victory lane which sits just over our shoulder. In fact, all of the Joe Gibbs racing cars, they had good results today. In fact, Marty snider caught up with Denny Hamlin’s teammate who finished second >> Let’s see where we start with Kyle Edwards today. You had the pit road and ran out of fuel coming down. You saw at one point, how unprobable was it to come back and finish second? >> I forgot we ran out of fuel. Good day for us. Everybody has worked hard for a group and made a lot of gains here in the first mile and a half to run this well, to finish first, second, basically all of us in the top nine. We had a lot of folks from Stanley here, contest winners. Big weekend for them And I had something wrong with my engine, too. I don’t know if it was exhaust or something But Toyota did a good job. It ran fine >> You talked about that and thought it might have been a cracked exhaust or something like that. How much of a bother was that inside the car? >> Made me nervous. Made me sweat a little bit. I heard a noise and backfired the rest of the day but it hung on. Something probably broke and for it to live that long is I think really spectacular. That could be the difference for us. Good day overall >> Race number one of round number one, what does a do for you for the next two race, Carl? >> Takes a little pressure off. It’s so easy to have a bad race. I think in New Hampshire we can sit on the pole and win that race That would be great for all of our sponsors and really the mission is, this whole thing this year, all of our group effort and together is winning a championship >> Impressive second place for Carl Edwards today >> Final restart was a game changer to a lot of drivers including Jeff Gordon. From your perspective what happened on that last restart? >> You know, I knew that we were going to have a tough time not spinning the tires When you have old tires like that. It’s pretty easy to spin 2 tire, especially when you’re on the front row. So I was just trying to old pace with Kurt. I knew I had Denny behind me on older tires as well. I was somewhat encouraged by that. He got a good run on me, I blocked him. We were on the apron. I felt like — I felt like I did a good job but came up off the apron a little bit too early and he was able to just motor right on by me on the inside. Once I got three wide we were done. It was over at that point. Just try to save this awesome race car. That thing was fantastic. I’m very encouraged by ho good our Chevrolet was today if whole team. That’s what we will be inbrging every single week Hopefully not worry about the late cautions ruining our day like that >> You did lead a lot of laps today. Seemed like a bit of a turn around than the last few months. You showed quite a bit of speed How much does that encourage you? >> I’m very encouraged by that. I love this racetrack. But I thought the team brought an excellent race car. They’ve been working extremely hard. Everybody in the engine shop Everybody at Hendrick motorsports have been collectively working together and I’m proud of that and it showed today >> And with this you are officially coiron man on NASCAR. Your thoughts? >> I would have been so much sweeter if I had been in victory lane right now. But that’s awesome. I’m very proud of all that I’ve achieved in this sport. There’s a lot of stats that are some awesome numbers. This is one of them We’ve got nine more to go >> Next week when you start in New Hampshire he will become the lone iron man with 789 consecutive starts >> That’s right. He will, making Ricky rudd’s record. The guy who was, I guess, the iron map of chicagoland speedway was Denny Hamlin >>> Welcome back to chicagoland speedway Denny Hamlin climbing out in victory lane He is your winner today. That advances him into round number two in NASCAR’s playoffs And Denny Hamlin joins us now. Number 11 becomes the 11th different winner here at chicagoland Let’s start, I guess, at the beginning. Lap two you go for a spin. At that moment what are you thinking inside the race car? >> Don’t get hit. I was making a lot of aggressive moves and going three wide on the bottom the first couple laps or so. You know, until I — I don’t know whether I came up into the 47 or he came down. Either way, it probably was a little aggressive on my part early in the race. I was trying to make some moves We were passing a ton of cars. Man, my car is fast. I thought I was on the bottom. But it was — at this point I thought I was going to actually hit the 47 because I couldn’t see where he was at. I knew he was coming up the track. So I went up the racetrack I just locked it down right here. I couldn’t see anything. When I locked it down, it actually spun my car out and on top of that I’m looking and everybody is coming. I’m like, I’m bound to get hit eventually. So my car actually wasn’t as good ever since that point. Something happened to the brakes. And we had very minimal brakes for the rest of the race. And just had — I’m sure I bent the splitter or something like that when I went on the apron. Either way it was a really fast car. We worked our way persistently, stayed one lap down. We had to run two runs during the course before that first caution flag faster than the leaders because they were coming up to put me two laps down. So we passed a lot of cars. Got ourselves back on the lead lap and chipped away from there >> I want to go back to this is — before the race even starts. Let’s go back. You’re qualified there because you were so far off on Friday but so Flippin’ fast on Saturday What happened? >> Two totally different set-ups. What you need out of the car on Friday is a lot different than what you need on it to run in the long run on Saturday. And I think we found something in our car actually that was giving us some bugs. Once we had some time to digest it So when we got reset, thought on it, slept on it, Dave Rogers and the team came up with a great set-up for Saturday and we were good ever since >> Kyle: Two things here. The decision not to come to pit road, whose was that? Whare you thinking once you’re in position and you see the green flag? >> I either needed to be on the front row or more cars to stay out behind me. I thought we were in trouble. I really thought we were in big trouble. Dave was so far down pit road, he didn’t have time to make the call, to tell me to pit or not. My spotter said come. I see that one pits, one doesn’t. I’m like, I guess I’m going to stay and try to be on the front row. I didn’t see the one car — the extra car up there. I restarted third. When I got that clean air, I don’t know what lap times I was running but it was fast because that was the fastest my Koran all day long Track position was just so critical with this package >> Dale: Explain to us and the fans. Like you said, I need to go, I don’t go, and now you’re sitting there third. What’s this like? Because you’re so confident in your car. What does that do to the driver and to your psyche? How do you get yourself back up? >> I knew the only chance that I had to. Even hold my third place position was to try to get five leaders into turn one and try to get clean air. I knew we only had five laps of green flag to do and I hadn’t been out front yet during the day. I knew I needed to get the best restart that I could to get myself a chance because those fresh tires right behind me were going to be coming. Once we got out front we stretched it out. We knew we had a real fast car >> Dale: Were you surprised those guys with cars didn’t come any more than they did? >> I did. I was nearly wide open, okay, they’re not going to catch this one. Good luck >> Kyle: One other thing. Dale Jarrett and I were talking yesterday and we got a lot of questions on why Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth were racing. I said a joke, I guess it’s okay for Gibbs to race XFINITY race, just not play basketball. The question is, and fans want to know, how does your knee feel right now post race?