Let's Win Darkest Dungeon S2 Episode 46: To Kill A God

hi and welcome back I’m flop and this is my dark Renaissance series in among my let’s win darkest dungeon playthroughs this one focuses on Russian articles in brutal bloodletting they must learn to survive indeed survivalist is ready almost 100k the swine God disma who you r awesome dead abid I believe these are my chosen ones think let me think their stats Slayer beast it’s going to be great on guard faded you haven’t even been bothering to put people or in scrounger okay warren’s adventure so shall it be slugger % damage in melee let us have melee then sake both curses reduced damage on the swine King would be really awesome there’s my cull teapot five-person Chris chance yeah I think so chance to bleed chance to stun mixed with what tough rain there anything here nope already looks tip-in gets a ring we acceptable these guys are they ready yeah yeah let’s do this to double check keep those accusation let’s switch it out for bulwark of faith everyone is properly accoutered all things are right in the world of skills let’s make it so I of course I’m going to take even more through this time because I felt a little under prepared last time just a bit torches

all right guys let’s be about it the great thing I had managed to bring through was brutish and stupid moreover it required prodigious amounts of meat to sustain itself but this was only a trifling concern after all I had a village full of it whoo ancestor is not a nice guy so presumably the most distant zone is this far corner here let’s go could be a better start I suppose thank you very little okay we don’t wanna kill anyone just yet as you want to be Billy use that ability to get him back in position a devastating blow grapefruit blast rush disadvantage to the end of one am no quarter and bring the other down into hexic arranged sadly as the fiend Falls abate hope blossoms if you want him back here wealth beyond measure awarded to the brave and the foolhardy alike I’m lucky I can kill it for a quick Leo tide turns confidence surges has the enemy crumbles like I feel better everyone feels better sad oh it’s my crusader completely out of positions what have I done probably should just mark someone set him up for one shot go from the Bounty Hunter helping kill him powerful blow okay we’ll learn our mistakes here remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer in radiance may we find victory victory in radiance sty filthy beans

okay that’s my dad I should bring it down to one hit range for collecting a bounty destroyed yes let’s heal the one who hasn’t gone yet 19 2 30 damage 26 exactly it was an awesome the sharpened blade excellent the trifling victory but a victory nonetheless scouting would make me feel better littering gold trinkets and baubles hate pouring blood let’s try prevent this guy from stealing a turn from us litter ate it oh that guy salima kes we’ll do a little cheerleading camp cool so good put the weak sauce on this bad boy and a debuff just did not take he cannot be depressed he’s way too awesome to be depressed this expedition at least proper Ruby’s already huh there’s the Scout all right we’ll camp at this room up here I suppose I could have gone down maybe that would be an altar but mostly elders I don’t care to click on you this tough one a week to shot him should be easy I’m gonna be stressed to cure again with the crate that’s what’s gonna kill the swine key right guys no mr. pig I expect these nightmares can be felt they can’t be beat me I don’t

need cash memo to self circle in the dark the battle may yet be one we’re going to use the stress resist buffs before something that might cause you stress three points left spread the accuracy and death-dealing around and then you can just a rail at your fate that’s hilarious I’ll go ahead and let that bleed yes push to the end the way is lit the path is clear we require only the strength to follow it they’re loaded with strength to follow it now this is the boss at the end of a completely uneventful corridor surely not that’s never perceived a boss fight in the life in the history of everything as the light gains purchase spirits are lifted and purpose is made clear oh but it is Oh unfortunate swine god 200 okay we’re gonna mark in gonna attack yes yes are you down a hundred hit points just like Wilbur know where I’m coming for you this guy is dead and it looks like it’s going to be soon let’s go ahead and get Wilbur love tap ouch the bluff resists debuff now okay now we can get our bounty hunter into position like so yes yes dice Winegard aunt Ella T clarified in the single striker not clarify my mortality jackass it’s a little tight little tight i’ll admit i’m a class will it take to gnaw through a ton of putrid flesh it will take a ton of hits what not marked anymore you little jerk do not kill yourself i yes and you Wilbur you it’s a pleasure to see you god I hate you you

are so bacon one health left I just put a bounty on your head and I’m much more stun resistant than I just like Oh Oh Wilbur you are the last as victories mount so too will resistance indeed indeed guys that that my friends is the end oh yes of course boss chest finding the stop is only the first test now it must be carried home like this count our spoils kind of raced through that one slayer of eldritch soft unbelievable none of these gets soft he’s the hardest of the core the poor caretaker hyperius long-standing duties there you go my friend quest goal is completed roster goals hmm not interested in just grinding it out take a look at this glorious lack of quest bosses let’s take a look at this glorious lack of dead heroes so there you have it my early access dark renaissance series comes to a close with the slaying of the swine god on those last two bosses were a decent decent struggle I’ve had better but rarely do my characters hit death’s door and one did in each of those fights fortunately we were able to maintain our perfect game there you have it darkest dungeon can be beat Kim in fact be crushed with the right tactics the right strategies and a little bit know how take a look at our completely stressless roster here are some of those two points which is abnormally high that’s probably the equivalent of a guilty conscience you know almost I mean we are not 100% upgraded everywhere that’s just because the stress buildings weren’t all that necessary due to our excellent play we crushed the ruins and the necromancerr lineage the wheeled and the awful hags that lay within and the Warrens with the piggy deities and as soon as darkest dungeon comes out for complete let’s say completely which would be what I think august or november they said six months from the original early access which was februari i’ll start another series and i will take it to the darkest dungeon just as i have here hopefully there’ll be tons more goodies and other fun things to have but until then i’ll be playing XCOM long war with probably regular forays into heroes of the storm as that’s just a fun thing i like to do with my friends and yeah providing the the commentary to make all of us better gamers so thank you for sticking with the series for so long i hope you appreciated it if you want to leave comments what I like want to subscribe probably already have at this point but please do so I love to hear from everyone and I try to respond when I can but if you’re excited about more tactical gaming tidbits as well as some fanfiction goodness then stay tuned to

my channel I’m going to get my personal mod to excom long war up to snuff installed I’m gonna release it to the public once it is and then I’ll begin my story fight playthrough of XCOM long war version 3.1 5 which is just going to be fantastic so I encourage you all to come back later sometime and hang out with me but if darkest dungeon was your thing then I will see you in a couple months thank you so much for watching see you next time