FLOSS Weekly 380: Linux Camp 2016

hi this is randall schwartz host of floss weekly this week gareth greenaway trains me we’re gonna be talking about camp going to camp to get your linux certification linux camp 2016 you’re not gonna want to miss this so stay tuned necklace you love from people you trust this is true bandwidth for floss weekly is provided by cash fly at CAC ag/f ly calm this is floss weekly with Randall Schwartz and Gareth greenaway episode 380 recorded March 22nd 2016 Linux camp 2016 this episode of Law sweetly is brought to you by digitalocean simple and fast cloud hosting built for developers deploy an SSD cloud server in 55 seconds try it today for free visit digitalocean calm and once you sign up be sure to enter the promo code FL OSS in the building section to get your ten dollar credit it’s time for floss weekly the show about free libre open source software i am your host randall Schwartz Merlin at Stone Age com renew each week the movers the Shakers the big projects little projects project you may be using every day and not aware of it at all projects me what a download right after this show or at least check out today’s might be one of those as well Brett with joining me again as my coast is Gareth greenaway Gareth welcome back thanks Randall glad to be back it’s been a while seems like forever I know well you get a little busy there with that little scale thing and become pretty unreachable at that point so I presume you’re in your usual bunker in Thousand Oaks I am in my underground bunker in sunny Thousand Oaks California I’ll wave in your general direction had about over there okay and I am in for the last time unfortunately I am in the ziprecruiter second floor conference room because they’re rearranging a lot of the people who work here I’m still going to be working up on 11 but I’ll have to be using comfortable upon 11 now because this was going to be really busy down here and so behind me is the wonderful blue sky of Santa Monica thank you again sir pre-order for allowing me a place to video video tape okay I’m dating myself now videotape all right well whatever it is ok so today’s project get my notes over here but today’s project is in fact the Linux camp 2016 it’s gonna be a slightly different kind of show because normally we’re talking about a project or personality or you know something happening a movement or whatever this is something entirely different this is about actually being linux certified a lot of employers are starting to demand that sort of thing Gareth although his certification we going on for pretty like 10-15 quite a while I mean as far as I know ever since one of the first of linux distributions existed they were offering certification I think one of the first ones was was by Red Hat ok and this is a particular linux foundation’s i’ve got the notes here where is it um thanks foundations basically a security guard on security system administrator so certified system minister csa so so what’s happening is linux camp is actually being held up in the mountains up in Colorado that seems really amazing which goes over a four-day period and there’s food provided place to stay provided obviously no no you have to come in and out every day let’s place up in the mountains oh and it sounds like a really really great experience we have the two sort of founders and leaders david wilson and heather wilson they’ll be joining us in a few minutes but it does look a lot of fun i wish i had these dates free but unfortunately i’m already booked at another conference where i’d actually kind of hang out for that almost not much of a Linux guy you know I tend to incite people k so when I say my favorite distribution is BSD so it’s gonna throws people off garrus did you ever have certifications at scale we’ve had a few certifications mostly the LPI and and the bsd certifications and those have been really popular people really like them they tend to you put them on your resume and it tends to get you noticed so they’re 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before facing the exam however the LFC s has a neat feature that not most exams have and that is that they have a free retake so if you botch the first run you can think of it as reconnaissance and take it again so how did this all get started I mean you have you’ve been running Linux kappa guess for a few years now what was it like you’re sitting around a fire up there and the in the woods saying let’s let’s run a camp it’s actually a dream that I had for over 10 years I always wanted to take a bunch of friends or acquaintances up into the mountains and just soak in Linux for four days as a sort of a vacation a geek vacation and this seemed like a good way to do that so I talked with a few people and we picked a certification target and went up into the mountains there were a dozen of us the first time 13 I think and we had a blast we studied like crazy and worked like crazy and some people got certified and we had a lot of fun yeah I really resonate with that because I’ve been with a my client now captain EO that’s taken me on 79 cruises which is over the 15 years of course but but has a similar sort of thing where we’re we’re having a great time in a good location and with people that are like-minded and yet we still were still actually having you know intense classes when we’re at sea so that we get the most value out for our money so I can I can really relate to that Heather I just wanted to ask you i want to start asking you questions so let’s let’s start with what’s what’s your role with it with the camp great my role was initially to just be supportive of david he he’s had this dream of gathering his geek friends up in the mountains and and i thought well i can support that that seems cool and then I thought well how do i get my talent involved which is baking cooking and serving and so my role became head chef I guess so to speak I end up feeding all of the geeks we’ve got breakfast and coffee and snacks and lunch and dinner and occasionally in the evening well we’ll drink some Scott with those delicious treats mmm scotch okay wait I’ll get distracted here so so what are your biggest challenges in feeding actually I know how many people were talking about it’s just like 30 or 40 or no not yet we we do hope to get to that point we range anywhere from 10 to about 16 people at any given time occasionally I’ll have some friends that will come and support and help do some prep work the biggest challenge would be dietary restrictions and we try to accommodate those as best we can but you know I’m not certified gluten-free or anything like that but I usually will offer up some vegetarian dishes along with some wonderful meat dishes and then if we have folks that are are gluten free then you know they’ll have for breakfast instead of having the the pancake casserole or whatever they can have some eggs and bacon mm-hmm and what’s what are the cooking facilities like at the facility so that’s redundant what do ya want what I think what’s it like to cook there there it’s a simple first all right there we go well so the challenge is I like to cook with the things that I own in my home so thankfully we have have a nice hippie van that we can cart a bunch of my stuff up there but the cabin itself has dual stoves it has dual ovens and dual microwaves so we’ve got all kinds of of different things that I can use to to get those meals cranked out oh and double refrigerators and we’ve got a nice grill out front so I think that you know as far as as the food goes all the shopping goes down here costco is lovely and we can file those things in bulk um I do a lot of the prep work down in Denver a lot of pre made cookies and muffins and scones so that if there’s less time that’s necessary up there to get dings cranked out and and and you ever deputize any of the attendees or maybe a friends and family to help you with this stuff yeah we we have a friend by the name of Troy Ridgely who was our first year he was a facilitator that supported David and then a couple of the times after he’s been my kitchen helper this year we’ll probably do just myself and and that’s okay because that’s something that I enjoy but all of the students they don’t have to actually you know do dishes or anything like that but they do have to put their dishes in the dishwasher when they’re done that’s about the only clean up that’s required

of them cool so what a divot just back to you for a few minutes some questions I had traditionally a lot of conferences a lot of like linux and open source conferences are in like hotels and convention centers and whatnot where for the most part people stay indoors the whole time you guys have kind of gone a completely different direction and gone to what looks like a really awesome place outdoors which traditionally has not been where where the geeks kind of frequently hang out how do you find the kind of interest in the camp how has the interest in the camp in over the years it’s been fantastic everybody loves the site and we get out during the breaks two or three times a day and play a little frisbee and like Heather mentioned there’s a little Scotch in the evening sometimes for those that like that sort of thing and we do board games and so our breaks are as intense as our work and so why did I pick it well because I wanted it to be like a vacation and the best place that I had ever taken a technical training was in a harbor where I could go and take my break and look at the ocean and I thought that that was absolutely awesome well Colorado doesn’t have a lot of ocean but what we do have this beautiful mountains nice um so going back to the the kind of like the technical side of things um how exactly are the the sessions run is it just you teaching the classes or do you have other people that you bring in or they all volunteers or how does that word it depends whether or not I have helped depends on the number of students if I have for every half a dozen students that I have I need to have an assistant I need to have somebody that’s out there helping them to get through the bits that they’re unfamiliar with someone else that’s relatively senior otherwise in that i can teach the whole class myself and i follow a form which makes it a lot easier and which facilitates the students supporting one another I don’t know if anybody here is familiar with the nursing school method see one do one teach one I’ve modified that and I make it a show and tell where I talk about some feature that I want them to know about that I think is useful in the field then I demonstrate it solving some common problem and then I have them solve exactly that same common problem in pairs or triplets so when you get to that stage I would imagine that they need some sort of some materials some something set up in order to be able to walk through those exercise is what what are they what are your students responsible for bringing to the sessions and what do you provide to allow them to to be able to work through this exercises so far every student has taken advantage of our byob discount where you bring your own laptop and we do all of the work with in virtualbox this year because we’re introducing kvm virtualization I’m going to be putting up half a dozen servers and they’ll be using those in combination with their VirtualBox installation okay well uh did that make sense thanks for the question yeah that makes sense um just kind of curiosity what made you decide on early on what made you decide on on VirtualBox as a as a method for teaching the the hands-on sessions it’s the only free software that runs on every operating system that a student is likely to show up with and so for me it becomes a universalizing layer I know that I can hand out a virtualbox image or archive and the student will be able to host it in their virtualization layer okay make sense um kind of a kind of a different different realm of questions but I would imagine that putting this on every year is quite a and takes takes quite a bit of resources and quite a bit of money is all of it from the fees that the students paid for the classes or do you have like additional sponsors that they’ll that help out we don’t have any sponsors Heather and I put in the seed

capital ourselves and so far every year the campus turned a small profit and every month we do a little not necessarily Lin eccentric but always free software centric on the first saturday of the month and we take donations at that time and between those two things between student the students tuition for linux camp and the donations at the monthly events we’ve been able to grow a little bit every year cool that’s awesome are you guys a like a for-profit corporation or are you a like a nonprofit organization at present were garage sale ah got it fair enough fair enough uh so Heather I wanted to ask you a couple questions um one of the one of the things that I mean as Randall said kind of when we started I’ve been one of the organizers for for scale each year the Southern California lingus Expo and one of the challenges that that we always face each year is is regarding food especially depending on where we are what are some of the challenges that you’ve had over the years I mean you mentioned the some people with with dietary restrictions but what are some of the challenges you’ve you’ve faced and run into over the years providing food for for gatherings like this i would say some of the challenges that that I’ve experienced our timing and you know how because we’ve got class starts promptly at nine o’clock breakfast will start usually around seven to nine how do you make sure everything is is prepared in time and kept warm because I don’t come from a restaurant or hospitality background it was all by the seat of my pants so the fact that I can cook for you know 12 to 16 people or more has been an interesting and exciting challenge in and of itself with some of our classes outside of Lennox Camp David mentioned are our first Saturday classes that’s a little more difficult I’m not in a kitchen at a location when we often time use hacker spaces or other offices of some of our friends I’ve got to make sure that everything stays hot or cold for that matter and transport it so Linux camp compared to the classes is pretty easy so I’m in a kitchen all day long have you been able to take your experiences from this and use them in other and non Linux camper dawn events um capacity yeah good question so one of the things that I’ve been doing recently outside of software freedom school is being a commercial Baker and again since my my background doesn’t come from hospitality that was kind of an adventure in and of itself the passion and the love that I have when when I’m making food for people is is pretty intense so it’s been really great to be able to take the experience from Linux camp and and put that into you know quick breads and scones and muffins and things of that nature in the commercial bakery so another question for David one of the questions we had from the the IRC channel was just any any success stories you’ve heard the people have come back to you after after the Linux camps of because of the class they’ve been able to move on to like bigger and more important jobs if you could talk about that for a bed without mentioning names we have had several students come back and say that it’s improved their ability to do their job one person landed the job that they were looking for and another person got us or certification that she had been wanting for a very long time and and normally people don’t come back and say well I got my certification that’s great but she was really excited about it and so that was a big deal to her that’s awesome um so one of the things you mentioned regarding the certification you mostly focus on on the Linux Foundation vacations that that’s right correct that’s this year I’m doing a pretty big rewrite because I wanted to switch to a practical exam I think that the I wanted to get away from multiple choice and get to practical exams where you’re proving that you know how to do a particular thing the only thing that I don’t like

about today’s crop of practical exams is that you’re not allowed to use your thumb you’re not allowed to use google which i understand that it may be necessary but it dramatically changes the exam environment from the real world environment I don’t know too many businesses that ask you to do your job without your thumb that’s true which which distribution do you you mostly focus on during the during the the certification classes the Linux Foundation sort of fights this admin exam will let you take your exam on any of three ubuntu 1404 i’m presently ubuntu 1404 opensuse 13 dot one and sent OS 7 so those will be the distributions will be using a linux camp okay do you see in the future ever kind of expanding and addressing I guess not addressing offering other certifications like the Red Hat certification or the LPI certification or any of the others not at linux camp I wanted to keep linux camp very plain brown wrapper very generic agnostic but we have done study groups and I do do on-site training sometimes by request and that will target rh CSA and we have done study groups to the Red House certification exams and I look forward to doing study groups if I can get enough students put together targeting opensuse 12 has dropped their certification program hmm if anyone’s interested in like if anyone’s interested in or overage someone was planning attending a future linda’s camp and they wanted to kind of study ahead of time is the course where for the certifications that the linux foundation course where is it available for them to kind of review ahead of time yes the linux foundation’s website is pretty good and they have their domains enumerated there I’ve gone ahead and downloaded those and added them to the git repository where I keep my materials so if you go into our get lab group and into our Linux camp repository you’ll see it my downloaded copy that i’ll be using to do the rewrite that’s interesting that you store them and get so your your materials are open as well for for people to to go and read and use if they want to yes and not just Linux camp but basically everything I write or create is free as in freedom that’s said that’s very admirable um one of the things that I was just curious about um again like my experience is running running the scale conference one of the things that we always get asked every year is is whether or not which we make a valid and an admirable attempt to to get as many as possible but whether or not our sessions are taped and recorded for later viewing is that something that you you offer with little Nick’s camp sessions or is it just kind of a an in-person experience only if someone wanted to do that I would welcome it I personally don’t have the bandwidth I need to focus on teaching and my forte is in the in person sweat space experience and so I really want to focus on that but if somebody wanted to broadcast it I would welcome that wow cool hey so as a fellow instructor of course I’ve been doing this way more professional ever thought it was going to go in my life one of the things that I found in really making a successful course is to vary you know all teaching ultimately is moving somebody from one state of mind to another and the most successful courses are the ones where most of the people if not all the people are in the same initial spot and then they want to travel a path that gets them to this roughly the same destination how do you identify those end points for the courses you’re teaching so the appropriate beginning point for linux camp in particular is any person who is enthusiastic about linux and has about a thousand hours of system administration under their belt and then the the end point is that they’re a well-rounded system administrator i hope and that they’re ready to face the linux

foundation certified sysadmin exam okay so you’re sort of teaching to the test but it’s a good test exactly the the test is chosen as a servant to the class the the point of the class is to teach a person to be a well-rounded system administrator the exam is chosen as a way of proving that that’s happened and you know slightly shift gears and thank you for your answers they’re slightly shift gears you keep talking about these other events that you have what can we talk about a few of those and what you’ve covered in these saturday events give me a moment to unlock my phone and they’ll be happy to list a few okay maybe I should’ve uh I should have warned you I was gonna ask this okay oh it’s the drawing a blank problem and I have it in spades okay I thought we’ve covered everything from ansible to zimbra going quickly ansible backup pc bosch beaglebone black bigbluebutton bitcoin docker get kvm Linux targeting the L pick one rh CSA rhce and now the LFC us nagios open media vault own cloud poster as puppet Python rails Raspberry Pi Ruby security penetrations and remediations which was a hell of a lot of fun SF s method which is that nursing school method mod that I talked about earlier Tahoe laughs VirtualBox and zimbra Wow except for a few of those it sounds like the floss weekly back catalogue we’ve interviewed almost all of people you’ve talked about it did do things with do you ever occasionally invite people to watch one of my back episodes is preparation for your talk of course you might consider that in the future since we really have done almost all those at some point or other uh yes sorry sorry for catching you off guard there um is this who’s who’s competing with you is there anybody else doing this time i get i’m not in the linux world so i don’t know the options i know there’s probably stuff at conferences but is there anybody else doing this sort of remote sort of linux camp i guess literally using the name of your project I think there are other people that have the product name Linux camp there are also people that call their product a linux boot camp so yeah and as far as the software freedom school basically every lug is wired like the software freedom school with the exception that most lugs don’t pass a hat and we proudly do and set your the founder of the sufferer freedom school as well yes okay and one what this is what had you decide to do that other than wanted to share your love of knowledge of linux or is that the only reason well that that that really is the only reason i just wanted something fun to do and hanging out with friends hacking on free software is just preposterous Lee fun and Heather makes delicious food which makes it even more fun and okay so let’s say I’m an attendee uh you’re an attendee no no okay let’s favorite Eddie and what what kind of facilities do I get a room of my own you don’t get a room of your own you get a bunk the rooms will have between one and eight bunks so its first come first served if you show up at six pm on the night before linux camp you’re going to be able to pick a room of your own if you show up the morning that linux camp begins you’re going to take whatever is left so i need to find a way to get myself all the way up to the facility of the mountain thing whatever it’s called yes no mountain ranch okay you need to you need to get to snow mountain ranch or I guess you could meet me in Denver and ride with Heather and I and how far is this from Denver to 90 minutes Heather okay depends on if you’re in a fast car or if you’re in our hippie van Oh edit these on my ear sticker we need the bumper sticker that says stop honking it’s floored ah nice and is this is something that is no free that I guess would have to be that time you’re right yeah yeah it’s we’ve always been snow free the weather will sometimes get down to 50 or 60 degrees especially at night which is perfect for a campfire in a blanket and during the day it’s pretty pleasant 65 to 70 okay so just a warm coat or something we’ll probably covering at night then and gloves and a

hat or something it depends on where you’re from I guess right he’s poor southern californians they probably have to bring the parka that’s gets a hold and I was just thinking so we’re your way out in in in the woods what about connectivity do we do we get Wi-Fi do we get fast Wi-Fi uh we have a really fast soon I’m gonna curse myself um so far we have never lost the internet and we’ve had a reasonable reasonably fast connection we put up a gateway which makes for a strong local network and then the Gateway depends on the wireless network that snow mountain ranch provides ok and again going back to the technical content a little bit because you’re teaching system administration one of the things that that also includes are things like setting up dhcp and and networks and stuff like that are you using multiple virtual boxes to kind of test that out yes and I keep the I haven’t taught the students IP infrastructure DHCP and DNS although I will have to add a little bit of it this year because it’s in the domain I we start at the level where the network is already built and you’re putting up file servers and stuff like that so this is your just again shifting gears kind of jumping all over the tape place my face is your yeah this is your this is your only that you run multiple events but this is your only camp style event do you see yourself running additional events additional camp style events in the future potentially in other places besides like Colorado or it’s just kind of like you want to focus on this one for now if i can get a more time well if somebody wants to help me set it up then i would love to run linux camp twice a year and have the other one be someplace else and then if i can get the time i’d like to write a pie camp for kiddos or four whole families even better and then i’d also like to do a DevOps camp well I said DevOps so just questioned that the randall posted me on the back channel gee do you ever consider hosting at some place warm Florida would be great and I have an ally in Florida nice this is money this is my side way sent to my Ally to get it put together nice uh as as far as the Linux camp goes of what what do you see kind of the future of it being like how how what additional changes do you want to bring it how big do you see it getting just just any any any future direction that you see it going in um if you want to share that I I’d like to get it the two big goals for me our number one I want to have enough people that we can move to a larger cabin and have more camp counselors that’s that’s a big deal I don’t want it to be end up being the David Wilson show although that’s very gratifying I want it to be more of a camp camp experience and then the other goal and this one’s a big one and I’m kind of disappointed that I haven’t hit it yet is that I want to open up a what you choose option for Lennox camp I want some students to be coming from corporations and funded or and self-funded from their own means but then I also want to be able to welcome students that don’t have means and don’t have funding yeah that’s yeah but that those are I would say admirable goals and definitely I would say attainable if anyone was interested in kind of helping you reach those goals or helping out start in their own linux camp or helping you run run the existing one what’s the best way for them to get involved i would say shoot me an email if you just want to take my stuff and you think that I’m funny looking then go ahead and do that and I encourage you to do so for any purpose in every purpose including commercial but if you don’t think I’m funny looking and you think I’m funny on smart instead I get together with Heather and I will buy the coffee and we will teach you how to run your own linux camp or we’ll get you involved in ours

awesome so one final question just from the from the IRC channel um we may have touched on this already but just to to make sure that we did just in case we didn’t um if someone’s interested in attending linux camp what what does their experience level need to be they want to have about a thousand hours of linux system administration logged it can work with less depending on the skill of the learner and the breadth of the stuff breadth and depth of the stuff that they’ve covered but basically we’re looking for the person who got pulled into linux system administration at least part-time about six months ago or about a thousand console hours ago that sounds that sounds like a fair goal and it sounds like that’s a good way to start in terms of making sure that you’re not teaching people what top is that word that would be really bad because then we already would stuck hey we’re just about out of time but I wanted to make sure we covered everything you wanted us to cover is there anything we’ve left out can I do shoutouts sure all right Aaron Brown Chris fette dan kolinsky dave am so me Doug Corwin done confetti Gary Romero Jeff skills a jeffrey s Hamer what Kevin fries Kevin kempter Lauren rickard mar williams matt james matt shaw mike shop sorry rich glazier rich Ross Brunson Sylvia Briscoe Troy Ridgely and and all the people that I just forgot who will email me about it thank you so much for your help and your encouragement so are these people that helped produce previous events Troy Ridgely was the we called him the kitchen I did believe me if I guess in a recorded virgin it’s a try helped with everything he helped to get the first one off the ground and gary was the catalyst he was the one that what was the first person to commit to lenox camp before linux camp was even a thing and Ross has been there every single year as our exam Proctor and a major encourage ER and week after week sons me wonderful encouraging messages to keep working on this uh I’ll so had that’s just a random question what’s the furthest away someone has come from to attend um Michael ear came from Pennsylvania I think ah so I’ll just in the US then basically nothing overseas yet come on Britt’s all right all right well maybe I need to uh you know use left hand drive Linux or something hot anyway um oh right hand drive against it is right whatever it is this backwards from ours uh well I and also one last sizing question so if by some chance now appearing on this show which has quite a sizable audience you got 20 more requested to come to this year’s camp could you accommodate that i would call snow mountain ranch and ask if i can reserve the big cabin cool so so you you’re actually ready for you’re up for anything that can come out of this was like I said we get a pretty big audience so I hope that all works out for you actually know but this sort of spirals into more and more as you keep developing this every year I have two final questions that I have to ask everybody who appears on the show and we’ll start I’m not sure Heather will be able to answer these but we’ll give it a try anyway so we have a we’ll start we’ll start with David of course of what’s your favorite scripting language bash okay and what’s your favorite text editor it’s growing to be Adam but I also loved you at it okay I get it I don’t think I use that once I don’t know anyway I’m sure everybody that knows Linux yes creaming I’m he’s saying that’s what are the common editors and Lynn expected me to know about it well anyway whatever and Heather does it make sense to ask you either those two questions it it doesn’t but okay i would i would say my favorite scripting language in a world other than technology would be in the recip AL area which is a lovely software system although be it proprietary that you can put your recipes and scale up and scale down and favorite word editor um yeah I don’t I don’t have one ok that’s fine fine it’s a it’s all good we were all good at what we’re good at and that’s a tautology and I’m sticking with it so David heatherwood thanks for coming on the show and talking about your camp but I wish you much success thanks for having us Randall very cool very cool

that was David and Heather Wilson talking to us about uh um thanks camp 2060 twitch what you think earth it sounds really interesting it sounds like a lot of fun actually um I mean one of the things that one of the aspects of going to conferences and going to events that I always liked it’s just kind of that the after-hours gatherings and just like sitting around talking with people the the possibility of going to something like this out in the out in a bit I mean it looks beautiful from what I’m looking at the photos on the site but basically out in the middle of nowhere sitting around the campfire and then just chatting with people just sounds like a really good time um so I made as you said equally equally disappointed that I am unavailable that at that time because it sounds like it could be a lot of fun yes yes I enjoy the Denver area been there at least a half dozen times so and I flown over it many times falling everywhere many times so yeah this is this is great I’m glad people are doing this I’m glad you know this is this is you know his vision to really deliver this and open it up for people to not be quite so afraid of you know when your boss says oh we need to set up the virtual private network for these boxes and in Cleveland and actually have maybe some hands-on experience with that and look at stuff like that so I’m I’m really happy about that that’s really cool so let’s look at what’s coming up on philosophy clean we’ve got a bit of a crisis that we had but we have handled the crisis i am going to be on yet another of those cruises coming up in mid April and I couldn’t let the schedule not be weekly I mean that would be silly so the way we’re going to work that out is over the next four or next two weeks we are doing not one not one but two shows each week boy was that fun to organize so that will build up a supply of you know filling in the two weeks that were out make sure that all of our sponsors are happily taken care of by getting the names mentioned over and over again in the air and we also added to fill that in a new guest who’s appearing twice a lot of you have all said a Randall you’re the pearl guy how come is not more pearl stuff on this show well guess what we’ve got coming on on the next show will be William braswell who is going to talk to us about the future of pearl performance so pro 5 has been getting faster and faster over the years but also getting slower in something so there’s been a lot of people looking at how to really make continue to make profi the workhorse that it has been for 25 years and so he’s got a number of initiatives that he’s coordinating if you go to the site pearl 11 org that’s taking pearl all the way to 11 yes yes it is that it is the joke from from the movie from spinal tap but yeah so pearl Elevens were a lot of the projects are described and he’s going to talk about sort of the overall coordination of the projects and why we’re doing this and and who’s working on it that sort of thing we then following that we have the oz con preview which we’re going to get to two of the senior people from osku and talk about what’s coming up in a month or so or to know two months I guess three months chillins not that far away I’m already booking my traveler so and by the way they want you to know that if you use the code floss FL OSS you’ll get a 20-percent discount that’s a pretty expensive conference so it’s actually pretty sizable chunk of money to get back so then Wilson Wilson will William brass well they let anybody to the show it’s gonna come back and talk about one of the specific projects are pearl and it needs its own show because it’s really fascinating they take a slight subset of pearl and they compile it down to C code and then compile the C code with inline see if you’re familiar with that so portions of your code or essentially running full speed as a binary and it’s all interpreted dynamically on what parts are eligible to do that with and then the rest of us just running in straight / also really really cool projects is pretty mature it’s what I don’t I think for about three years so we could talk about that and then following that will be a the two-week gap but I don’t think it’s going to pout as a two week I think they’re going to shuffle the show’s to make sure that those are filled and then right after my crews will do boy which is a private community based Crisis Response system so and also because we’re doing two shows a week they won’t be just on Tuesday you can’t double stack Tuesday in fact next week’s shows are on Wednesday and Thursday there won’t be any live show Tuesday there might be a rerun or something but there won’t when you live show on tuesday and then the following week it will be tuesday and thursday i know how complicated it sounds watch my tweets watch the Google+ will make sure you’re going to get there on time we’re going to update the schedule on the twit calendar and stuff like that so that’s how it’s going to go a little confusing and speak of that if you go to twitch on TV / floss which was the home page where they show you’ll see the updated dates on those and so we’re trying to figure out when you want to tune in again

that’s all there on the big spreadsheet of course if you have guests that you want on the show email them and have them email me more linen soon as I come and we will take care of you I just got about four or five more open slots for q2 i have sent out 16 emails over the weekend and that means i’ll probably get one or two more bookings and now that’s the work I’m doing behind the scenes to make trizzy shows are all filled we have a live stream at nine-thirty a.m pacific time on tuesdays like this show us but of course when the shows on wednesday guess when it’s gonna be wednesday only shows on thursday guess when it’s gonna be thursday so there you gonna have to follow along to figure out what its gonna be and you can follow us at floss weekly on google+ or a + weekly tweeted over to on twitter you’ll follow me at at merlin on twitter we’re rolling with why and Google+ rabito else warts I have just finally been confirmed to be at the four big shows I like to be out every year ask as press yapchi North America as press although have a five minute lightning Cox fizzle a which is the conference in porto alegre brazil coming up actually a couple weeks after the olympics so it’s probably going to be a mess flying gather and flying back but I’m going anyway and I’m speaker there for sure and then dragoncon have been accepted again for this year so I will be the first weekend labor day weekend I will be in hotlanta speaking on the eff track and on probably on the podcast attract I’m hoping so should really accept me this year that’s enough plugging for me what do you got to plug their server I will plug an upcoming talk of mine actually I will be speaking on a panel at the upcoming salt conference salts that developer conference in salt lake city taking place april nineteen through the 21st 2016 so i will be i’ll be on a panel talking about different user interfaces user interface options for for saltstack so let’s column and my current client here zap recruiter they are actually moving from a custom written perl script to deploy everything to a completely standardized salts stack so they’re having fun you know rehearsing and testing it while keeping the system actually up and running with the with the legacy code the legacy organic code that they’ve had so been put been a lot of fun so yeah I take definitely yeah so you’re speaking on user interface is cool cool well what was that again Salt Lake City it’s in a salt lake city april nineteen through the 21st i’ll be on a cruise ship oh well oh well someone over me and I know I realize I know I know well Gareth it’s good to have you back because i think it’s been about two or three months since you were on last and here you can occasionally drop by a little more often these days so that would be great and especially when you’re covering something about linux as i know nothing about linux you look it looks a little bit like unix that’s all I know all right oh now I’m gonna find a whole bunch more people are before I get dig myself to it further in the hole we’ll see you all again next on philosophy