Completionist Cape From Scratch – Let's Play Runescape: My First Laptop Video

hey guys dramatics here um i’m not quite sure if this is working or not because this is my first video from my actual laptop um i actually actually this my second video i made a video earlier but um but well yeah i try to upload it and i’ll take it worked as you see i just finished my slayer task which is amazing you have no clue how long i have been on this freaking task i’ve gotten some pretty nice drops and stuff i got an earring seed renar seed uh two rune spears um now let’s go to my stats um from my last video um i don’t know if i talked about this i know i talked about it uh but i’m not sure if it was in the video that was corrupted but my hair blur level is 35 and um and well i got that from i went to chaos druids and i did four inventories and i got like 112 harlanders and uh with that i you i went to the dream trinome village and i kept buying the uh the uh chocolate bars and dust there they’re 10 at a time but uh i i bought 20 like 10 bars 10 dust came back like 15 minutes later bought them again and kept doing that i was afk basically the whole time it took about two hours to get all 112 of them but it got me level i think 36 um which is really nice at 35. oh my for some reason i’m lagging terribly oh one second okay so i think i’m safe am i safe come on no no no no no no no no okay so i’m back um uh just a second guys freaking lagging here freaking crazy i don’t know why i’m lagging so terribly terribly in uh edgeville i’m completely fine everywhere else in runescape but for some reason in edgeville i’m dead um anywho let’s see if i’m lagging in brock what the hell is happening oh there we go that was weird um anyways this is the chicken uh i got the 35 herblore um i’ve been training on rock crabs for a long time i got 51 attack um i got 49 strength off of the noku’s and it is not the best place to train guys um um then i realized i was like 1.3 k away from getting a defense level so i started getting training defense um mainly just to get the level because oopsies no no okay um yeah i i thought these would heal me a lot so when i had like like one health i ate it and look it heals 50 i got raped when i saved i’m when i risk like that usually when i’m doing pvm i risk my health of course if i’m gonna be doing like corp or something i’m not gonna be risking because that would be of me um but but what you like when i go fight flesh crawlers i eat at 20 health unless i’m lagging then of course well it’s kind of obvious well anyways uh what have i done i did the all fired up quest um it was really easy all you need is 45 oak logs you run to the to the bonfire place not bonfire the like the fire thingamajig um by the entrance to canifis then you go um by the rag and bone man thing and uh then you go back to the warning cannafist then you go to the rock thing to get your reward and that’s it for the whole quest um uh i tried to do the spirits of the elite um i was doing fine with killing the monsters level 75s which is what i was worried about then i realized i need 37 thieving so i’m going to get that up before the next video um you guys might have seen this in my bank before but when i get the level i’m going to show you something which i find is just completely amazing um come on ooh and bolts you know what that’s not a bad drop i’m keeping that i’m also going to do dig side question just because um if you’re wondering why i’m using oh there we go 44 64 combat if you’re wondering why i’m using barak armor one when i was in uh the stronghold um it gives a higher chance of dropping the scepter thing and i’ve got i got a couple scepter pieces um here we go

this is the thing i got a starved ancient effigy on like my 80 like my 78th kill or something like that which is amazing i also got some weapon poisons 50 adam and arrows a crapload of bloods and deaths where the deaths yeah um got some bowls i don’t really know what that’s going to be really used for but anywho i got one black knife three left school half switches um i also got like i got like i said two um roon spears which is really cool um i was just gonna sell them but i realized that for the spirits of the elite quest when i have to go back and kill them the monsters i can just use it because um i need um crush slash and stab and where’s the room spear i have stab slash and crush which is what i need stab slash crush not smash what am i talking about anywho um i’m gonna be using that for the quest i’m also gonna poison them because i have three poison things um yeah i don’t really know what else to talk about nothing that interesting i’ve just been training a bunch and i can’t i just cannot believe i got a starved ancient effigy starting an effigy tab right there boom it’s beautiful i know i know you guys are jealous anyways i finally got this enoku task out of the way it only gave me i think well from i just started i got one level but i think i was like level 35 when i started so i got two levels but i did get an effigy out of it so i will say it is like a good reward um i really want to get my construction up um i’ve got here one second it’s going to change the view or you can see um i lagged out earlier and i lost my amulet of accuracy so i had to buy one from the wizard tower for 5k um i for the squeal of fortune i’ve been getting a whole crapload of stuff but today i got a small mining lamp which didn’t give me any levels but it gave me like a 800 experience i got 10 blue scale blue dragon scales and i got 5k um so my cash stack is 233k which is really not that bad um i really do want to get that up so i can do some uh which might call it uh yeah exactly you guys got it um anyways um my charms are looking kind of low that’s kind of why i started uh some slayer i really want to get back into slayer in combat i haven’t been doing too much combat lately and i haven’t been questing that much either which i am very regretting um i really do wish i did more but what can you do um so now let’s go to our dome yeah let’s go to our down um just to get some crafting i mean thieving experience um actually no um i don’t know um i want to do a lot of quests um the reason why i haven’t been recording that much is not because of um because i’ve gotten lazy or quitting the series or anything i’m not quitting the series till i max out because i put it on my um bucket list which kind of sounds but yep i’m gonna steal this guy’s one okay well then this guy’s on his period or something burp i did not say that any who let’s kick let’s do a boxing strategy oops fail i i know i’m terrible wait what the hell oh i go faster odd way to screw it up for me you know what you know what my strategy is freaking steal some cake there we go um that’s my strategy now i also got some three grapes that’s pretty nice oh that reminds me i can go to alk no not alcohol let’s just get the level really fast before i continue um 69 dude seriously get off dickwad you think you’re good stupid guard oh come on give me it you know what

i remember on my ob mauler a long time ago i just come here and uh steal like uh i think the silk stall whenever someone attacked me i just one hit them with my like i hit like 300 or something crazy i always have loved ob moles here my favorite weapon because they’re so unexpected like a level 40 hitting like 500 or something it’s just really crazy there we go 30. um oh i can get double from ham that will be very helpful when i get my uh clue scroll running stuff again of course i have a hard clue scroll so i can’t really um end it right now but yeah uh right now i’m just chillaxing doing my thing really just chilling watch oh oh no okay i entertained myself a lot um i jus i’ve realized that within the last two hours it is taking me about like five hours to do this an oak um and the whole time i’ve been watching like pepsi’s slowly dying videos like his new uh pier thingy um it’s not that new anymore but it was when i started watching um there we go um anyways uh as you saw i finished the my strange rock collection let’s take this um fill uh here we go let’s look in this yeah i know it’s pretty empty i haven’t done too much scaling i got my mining rocks uh because i collected some oars here i’ll show you once i go here 95 coal 59 iron i’m not working worrying too much on iron right now because i can just get that really fast with the three spots in uh the alcoholic mine i mean why did the falador mine um anyways i really do need to get back into training everything like farming i haven’t done in a long time which i really regret but anyways um what i think i should show you guys is actually no i might lag out so i probably won’t but what i do want to say is i’m not sure if i brought this up but i did do the uh the song from the depths steps quest and um and then i got the pearl bolts and pearl i mean no not purples coral boats and coral crossbow which is kind of cool um also remora’s necklace um i might i actually really want to get my magic up um i have it’s as level 49 for uh quest requirements i’m not quite sure which one that is but of course i’m going to be needing 55 for um well uh gosh i’m for the freakin high alchemy dang it that was the almost obvious thing i could have owned well obviously i’m sad right now uh i mean whatever um fight arena that might be helpful to do because i mean i don’t know i’m just saying stuff right now um i guess i might as well just get 29 summoning right now because i’m just like that uh let’s get this let’s get two five oopsies um i think i just took a screenshot by accident but whatever um here we go let’s put that in take that out and take that take this then i’ll just do this really fast and i’ll get the level i’m almost positive i’ve been watching so much youtube i’m i’m guys i know i say i know i said this in the last video that i apologize for not putting up any videos lately but then again i made the video about apologizing like four days ago and i still haven’t even uploaded it same with this one um the only reason why i’m making this video is because i don’t want to like to be like like 80 plus in all stats and then come back with like all this stuff and you guys will be like

what the hell so anyways um just doing some simple stuff right now i think i might need some more spirit shards uh let’s check something i think i need 200 so let’s go buy enough for 200 i’ll trade you um two three okay so that’s like less than one k so here we go boom oh i didn’t even need that it’s 29 summoning that’s really cool um i can get a giant champa i’m not quite sure if i need that but whatever um i still have this crap uh i can sell it for money i guess i just get like 3k or something i don’t really need to sell it um i better get more money if i’ll get probably not anyways back to what i was saying i want to get my magic up to 55 and then i’ll do dragon slayer and then i’ll go kill grot worms and make money get 750k do dwarf dwarf cannon quests then get um then gets then gets like my cannon for 750k and then um i think i already said that but then i’ll go like fight stuff with it and that will be easier for slayer which i’m just going to go see what my next layer task is um level 70 i can get uh tasks from sheldar i’m not quite sure how to pronounce it but yeah um i hope so much that i’m gonna get a dragon uh task because it will give me the um to go do dragon slayer which i know you guys have been waiting for me to do for a while i’m probably not going to do it on video um when i first did it it was the most intense quest ever because i had no clue how to do it you tarted arrow he’s right here but um yes 53 green dragons now i’m gonna go do uh dragon slayer i’m not going to do it on video because it’s really not that hard of a quest i’m sorry guys i know some of you might have been looking forward to having a guide maybe maybe not i really do apologize guys the reason why i have not been making so many videos and playing is because of school i have not been able to get on the computer i’m only allowed to go on during the weekends the only reason why i’m on now is because my mom has been gone for like three hours for no apparent reason i’m home alone with my laptop what am i going to do i finished all my homework everything i can possibly study for which is really not much since it’s only the fourth day of school but who gives a crap guys um i’m gonna get 50 fishing i know i said i’d 53 and i said i’d do that a while ago but i really do need to get some more salmon during my noku’s task i used basically all of it i have like 50 left 50 60 um i’m gonna get 45 defense no apparent reason it just looks better than 44. same with the range i’m really close to leveling range also 50 strength i’m just going to get because 50 is better than 49 and then i’m just going to trade my attack i want to do some gnome quests because that gives quite a bit of experience or is it g i think g is after l yeah i don’t know i just said two random letters i mean one lit okay rewards uh ooh that’s quite a bit of wow that’s a lot of uh experience and it’s just one attack level but still it’s free um it would get me a magic level as well and of course there’s two spins on the squeal of fortune guys what i do want to say is i’m updating a rule i said no pking and you know what this series is um from scratch which everybody’s from scratch when you make your account but the thing that’s special about me is i don’t use i don’t trade people and i don’t use grain exchange which means i do not get things that i can i do not work for pking i have to work for it i have to get my gear my food my potions and i have to be good enough to kill someone so the rules is the rules are i can pk i cannot um loot as in i cannot go into the wilderness and collect food arrows uh potions and bolts because easily i can get like 100 rocktails and sets of potions and brews and stuff but i can if i kill anybody i can take all of their

items uh so yeah i’m gonna be doing that and yeah so yeah um boop uh anyways i just got really into that um so i think i’m gonna go do dragon slayer sooner or later um obviously i was thinking of doing it right now but my mom really has been gone for a while and i don’t want her to be back and i’m like midway through quest because i hate having to stop a quest midway like oh my oh stupid edgeville lag why the hell oh i got this teleport out here come on here we go right click right click teleport come on there we go i think i think i did look at that crafting cape to the guy the guy right next to me the magic suckers well anyway you guys um i think that’s it yeah that’s it for this video uh um yeah this guy is still here i guess he’s training um i don’t really know what to do oh that’s the phone’s probably my mama anyway guys that’s it for this video um um if you liked it give it a thumbs up it really helps my channel um add me do whatever you want contact me i’ll see you later guys peace out