25 Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks

hello and welcome to my basics series of bite-sized hints and tips for your Samsung Galaxy s4 and Android phones in general we start the series with swiping down from the top of your phone to display settings and notifications at the top of this display there are a range of settings you can change and if you swipe this bar from left to right you can cycle through many different options but if you’re likely to use some options at more often you can reorder them so they are at the beginning of a navigation bar you can do this by pressing the small option in the top right of the screen this will display all your settings and from here you can press on the pencil icon to take you to the notification panel screen to reorder an option long press on it until you pick it up and then drag it to your desired location if you drop it fully on another option that’s already there they will swap positions so now if I swipe down from the top of a list I can see the flight mode option while sound has been sent to the end of the list you can also pick up a setting and place it in between two others that squeezes the option into the list while shoving everything else after it further on in the list so in this example I have brought air gesture up the list and everything else has moved on one spot obviously you can move everything round as much as you like but there is no reset to default option so try to remember where you’ve put everything here’s one of those Android tricks you just stumble upon when you’re tinkering about with your device if you swipe down from the top of the screen you will find settings options at the top you can tap on each of these to turn the setting on or off so here I’m tapping on the Bluetooth button to turn it on and scan for other Bluetooth devices it’s the same with Wi-Fi sound GPS driving mode and so on tap it to turn it on or off but this is where the trick comes in not only can you tap on each setting you can also long press on each setting and doing this will take you to a settings page for that option so if I long press on sound I’m taken to the sounds setting screen where I can choose ringtones individual volume levels and so on and is the same for each setting a long press will either take you to the main settings page for that option I’ll describe the option in more details such as sbeam obviously there are many ways to get to the options setting screens but this is a quickest way to do it because you can access it from any screen or application simply by swiping down from the top of a phone if you’re willing to forego security on your phone lock screens can now be used to launch applications directly in this example pressing the power button displays a lock screen with five applications along the bottom that I can launch now because the phone is still technically locks you have to do a little more than simply press in the app what you must do is press the app and swipe at the same time so that simultaneously unlocks the phone and launches the application when you exit the application you’ll be returned it to your phone’s home screen so let’s see how to do it first you will need to go to the settings of your phone once you are here there is a tab at the top called my device press on that and the very top of this screen is an option called lock screen in the lock screen settings the option you want is shortcuts and this has a toggle you can turn it on or off if you press on the actual shot cuts bar this will take you to another screen where you can then choose the applications you want to use at the bottom of your lock screen to remove an application it’s already on the list simply long press on it to pick it up and then drag it towards the bottom of the screen to remove it a plus icon will appear and if you press on that you can choose from the list of all your applications on the phone to replace it in this example I’ve used iPlayer so now when i unlock the phone you will see that the iPlayer icon has replaced the Facebook icon you can have a maximum of five applications and just a repeat this only works if your phone doesn’t have any security on its lock screen the lockscreen acts more and more like a home screen these days not only can you have applications along the bottom of a lock screen but you can if you swipe from right to left it display a whole page of your favorite applications launching any of these applications is the same as unlocking the phone so once you exit the application you are taken to the phones at home screen but if you don’t want an applications page you can change it if you want to and here’s how you do that first you will need to go to the settings on your phone in settings there is a tab at the top of the screen called my device press on that and then choose lock screen now on this page the option you want is lock screen widgets press on that option to take you to the

relevant screen the top option is favorite apps or camera you can toggle this on are off but if you actually press on the bar it will take you into another screen where you can actually choose whether you want the applications page or a camera launcher with the camera option chosen if I swipe from right to left on the lock screen this will automatically launch a camera so it is now ready to take pictures without ever having to unlock the actual phone if you prefer the applications list however you can edit that list so you can choose all your favorite applications on the page there is an icon which looks like a pencil in the bottom right hand corner if you press that small marks will appear against each icon and if you press on that market will delete the application then a plus sign appears press on that and you can choose a brand new application which will then appear in the list so I can if I want to put a camera launcher in this applications list to finish editing press a pencil again and there you are more useful options from your locked phone just one word of caution this feature only works if you don’t have any security settings applied it to your lock screen if you have something interesting on the screen of your phone you might want to take a screenshot and all devices can do this these days but the functionality is a little different on each device so here’s how to do it on a samsung galaxy s4 all you need to do is press the physical home button and the physical power button on the side of a phone at the same time until the screenshot is taken so in this example I will demonstrate by holding down both buttons when you do this a sound will indicate that the picture has been taken a notification will also appear at the top of the screen to tell you a screenshot has been taken to look at this screenshot simply swipe down from the top of the phone and there you’ll see a snapshot of your picture if you press on it it will take you to the gallery application where you can see the picture in full as demonstrated here once you’ve finished looking at the picture that notification will be removed from your phone so if I swipe down from the top of the screen again you can see that there is no snapshot of the screenshots if you do need to see the picture again what you will need to do is go to your applications draw and then go to the gallery application in the gallery there will be a folder called screenshots and this is where all the pictures are saved whenever you take a screenshot on your mobile phone and so if I press on this folder I can see that I’ve taken it to screenshots of my phone screenshots can be taken in any application and if you notice a white border appears when you take the screenshots as well as an eyes as you can see the notification appeared at the top of the screen swipe down and I can look at apps out of the screenshot I’ve just taken and that is your quick guide to taking screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy s4 first of all let me explain what the ietter notification dock is if you plug earphones into the Samsung Galaxy s4 or any Android smartphone device it will detect this by displaying a message in the notification tray if you then swipe down from the top of the screen to display notifications there will be a dock of applications at the top of a screen called recommended shortcuts for earphones now I don’t know about you but I can’t see why a web-browser my text messages on the BBC news application would be of any relevance when I have headphones plugged in the dock seems to simply display popular applications that you use and unfortunately there’s no way to edit the dock you can however turn this dock off but it does require a bit of digging around in the settings so go to your settings and then in a top right hand corner press on the more’ tab on this screen various option called application manager press on that once you’re on the application manager page swipe to the right twice to display all the applications on your device now on this list you’ll have to scroll a very long way down until you reach an option call that page buddy no TSV C if you press on that you’re going to the application settings page and you need to disable the application now this is a built in system application and it will affect other areas of your phone and I’ll show you which ones in just a second once you disable the application if you scroll down from the top of the screen with headphones plugged in you can now see that there is no earphone dock to get the dock to appear again you would have to re-enable at the application and then restart the phone now for a slightly advanced tip if you have Nova Launcher you can control this option a little more accurately so long press on the home screen and then create a shortcut you want to create an activity to shortcut which is the first option now again this is going to be a huge list of applications so you want to scroll all

the way down the list to settings which will create another long list and then you want to scroll all the way down this list until you find an option called at page buddy once you’ve found it press it and this will create a shortcut on your home screen called at page buddy settings now if you press on this option this is where you can control not only the earphone but also some other settings which had to do with the page body read the page buddy help for more information so in this example if I um take the earphones page now if I look at the notification doc it’s disappeared if I quickly check it again we can see that when I swipe down from the top of the screen the earphones dock has reappeared if you do use this option you don’t have to restart the phone either you will soon find that your home screen fills up with applications as you download them from the Google Play app store thankfully you can sort these into folders so you can better manage them and here’s how to do with a Samsung default software if you long press on one of the applications you can pick it up and move it about the screen if you drag it over another application it will simply push it to the side so at the moment these are all individual icons if you long press on an empty part of the screen you will get a few options and one of these is to create a folder so if you press on that and then name the folder you will create a blank folder with no applications in it like this so now I have a folder in the top left hand corner of a home screen called social and all I need to do to put applications into that folder is long press on an application icon to pick it up drag it into that folder and then drop it on top in this example I have dragged it to of my Facebook Applications and a Twitter application into the social folder another way to start creating a folder is to long press on an application and drag it up to the top left hand corner of home screen where there will be a create folder option so now I have created an email folder and just like applications you can long press on the folder to move it around the screen you can access a folder by simply tapping on it and then if you want to remove applications again long press on the icon you want to pick up and then drag it outside of a folder so now I have removed the Twitter application from the folder I will continue to remove applications which will leave me with a blank social folder once again so that’s how to create and manage folders using the default Samsung software but many of you will download at different launches and the more common way it to create folders is to simply long press on an application and drop it on top of another application which will automatically create a folder like this demonstration in a nova launcher when I dropped one application on top of another I automatically created a folder then if I pick up the application and drag it outside the folder it automatically disbands as demonstrated and finally if you try and drag a folder on top of another folder you’ll simply move them out of a way beyond the touchscreen the Galaxy s4 has a physical home button and two touch buttons that illuminate when the device is being used on the left is a context menu button and on the right is the back button you can change your settings so they stay illuminated for longer or shorter periods and here’s how to do it first of all go to a settings screen then choose the my device tab at the top of the screen and next select display in this screen you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find a more Settings area and the option you want is touch key light duration there are four options to choose from so for example if I choose one and a half seconds the buttons will disappear very quickly like that the three alternative options are 6 seconds light duration always off which means that the buttons are never illuminated or always on which means that the buttons are always illuminated when the touchscreen is on so in this example I’ve now chosen 6 seconds which is my preferred choice but you can choose whatever option you like to accommodate your preferences I’ll apologize in advance for the next two minutes of double entendres vibrating phones have been around for decades but now you can configure and customize those vibrations to suit your needs go to the settings screen and choose V my device tab and then select V sound option the first thing you can do once you’re on this screen is to adjust the vibration intensity for incoming calls notifications and haptic feedback when you tap on the screen here’s a quick demonstration of the most intense vibrations that the Samsung Galaxy s4 can do notifications are to shop beats of vibration and haptic feedback our short single stabs of vibration when you do things like typing on the keyboard and pressing the back button you can however select a custom vibration style for incoming calls now if none of them take your fancy you

can even create your own vibration style by selecting the create button and then tapping and pressing the screen like this once you’ve finished vibrating so to speak press the Save button name your vibration and then select it to test it if you want to remove a vibration you have created you will need to select a different vibration back out of the screen and then return to the screen long press on the vibration you created and then delete it and if you’ve managed to keep a straight face throughout this video thumbs up developer options is a hidden screen that opens up some funky options to play with at your own risk I might add here’s how to access it go to the settings page and then choose the more tab in the top right hand corner of the screen on this page you want to select the option at the bottom labeled about device at the bottom of the list is the build number of your device tap here several times and you’ll start to see a message that says you are X steps away from being a developer continue to tap here and the following message appears developer mode is enabled when you back out of this screen you will now see a new option has appeared above about device which is the developer mode there are lots of things you can do on a developer screen such as turning on visual feedback on touches changing the transition speeds displaying CPU data on screen and much more but just to warn you again playing about with developer options has its risks and can adversely affect the performance of your phone so do some more research if you don’t know what these options can do here’s how to find two Easter eggs in the Android operating system for your Galaxy s4 first of all go to settings on this screen we option at the top right hand corner the other tab press on that then scroll to the bottom of this list and press about device now in this screen there is a line that tells you what your Android version is and if you just tap that about four or five times very quickly a jelly bean will appear that’s the first Easter Egg the second Easter Egg is the long press on that jelly bean and it will turn into a hundred little jelly beans which you can then fling across the screen at your heart’s content flash is used to watch media play games and do fancy things on websites it’s slowly being phased out and you don’t need it nearly as much as you used to but if you want to fix issues like this where websites request flash here’s what you need to do because the Samsung Galaxy s4 doesn’t come with flash pre-installed first do a Google search for archived Flash Player the first result in the list should be via Doby website where you can download the latest official version safely I will provide links in the description too just in case you can’t find it on this page scroll down to the list of files labeled a Flash Player for Android 4.0 press on the top link to download the latest version when the download has finished you should be able to swipe down from the top of the screen and press the downloaded file to start installing it now at this point you may encounter a warning that says you can’t install applications obtained from unknown sources that’s not a problem however because if you press settings at this point you’ll be taken to a screen where you can turn off this block simply tick the unknown sources option and this will allow you to install applications you haven’t downloaded from the Google Play market store now if you press the back button and then go to the Downloads icon in your app drawer you will find the flash application if you press on it this time you will be allowed to install it so that’s your guide to installing flash but it’s not quite as simple as that because if you go back to the website it’s still going to tell you that you can’t let the media content because you haven’t got the correct version of Flash well the answer to that is you do have the correct version of Flash but the Chrome web browser doesn’t support flash at all so you’re going to need a new web browser there are plenty of free web browsers that do support flash on the samsung galaxy s4 but in this example I’m going to download boat browser which is available for free at the Google Play market stall other browsers that support flash currently include Firefox Mac’s phone Skyfire and puffin but I will include a link to a comprehensive list in the video description so now we have flash and a flash supported browser but

as you can see we’re not quite there yet we have one thing left to do obviously this will be slightly different in different browsers but generally what you need to do is go to the settings of a browser and then choose page settings on this screen very slightly to be an option called enable flash plugins it’s usually defaulted to off so turn it on and then return it to your web page once you’ve returned to your webpage refresh it and now you should notice that the Flash content looks a lot more like it should do try using it and see what happens very strong traditional name I think it’s probably in recognition to the Queen’s father and so I think could be very popular amongst the royal family I think it’s a great name it is traditional it’s there you have it folks flash is working on your Samsung Galaxy s4 just bear in mind but it’s not always going to work perfectly on your phone that’s one of the reasons why it’s dying a slow death but it’s not dead just yet I take pictures you take pictures everyone takes pictures but I don’t take pictures of you that would be a bit weird whatever the case the gallery of the Samsung Galaxy s4 is likely to fill it with pictures very quickly and these pictures will be sorted into different locations depending on what they are pictures taken with the camera pictures from your SD card and pictures from social media but then there will be the strange section of photos that make you think what on earth are they doing here well these are all pictures on the internet from Picasa albums basically stuff on services Google provides and the telltale sign is this little Picasso symbol next to the picture if you want to remove these press the menu button whilst you’re in the gallery and then select content to display on the next screen untick content in Picasa and when you return to the gallery all the pictures will have a magically disappeared now this won’t delete the photos they will still be out there on the internet from whenever you put them there in the first place but at least they’re no longer clogging up your gallery if you have been watching my samsung galaxy s4 basic videos from the start you will already know that if you swipe down from the top of the screen you can see a bar of options that give you quick access to settings you can even scroll this bar to see more options and you can reorder this bar if you want to put more popular settings a further of the list but if you want immediate access to all your settings simply swipe down from the top of a screen with two fingers to bring up this screen so put simply a one finger swipe down for general notifications a two finger swipe down for complete settings it’s another one of those cheeky hidden screens that’s easy to use when you know how to find it have you noticed that when you press a home button on samsung galaxy s4 there is a slight delay before you are returned to the home screen it’s maybe about a second or so well I’m sure if you haven’t noticed before you will now I’ve told you the reason there is a slight delay is because the phone is waiting a little bit to see if you press the home button again this is because if you double tap on the home button it launches the S voice application so if you would prefer to have a quicker home button response time rather than immediate s voice access go to the settings in s voice and untick V open via home key option this disables the double press function of the home button so now whenever you press a home button it should respond more quickly it’s only a small performance increase but over the course of a couple of years just imagine how many times you are going to press that button let’s say each press saves half a second and you press a button 5,000 times that’s two and a half thousand seconds which equals forty or minutes the built-in media player on a samsung galaxy s4 has two nice little gesture controls that you’ll probably never even notice unless I show them to you of course now if you tap it in the middle of the screen you’ll get the usual play pause and skip controls but in addition to that the sides of the screen are gesture hotspots what I mean by that is if you swipe up and down you can control of a screen brightness and the volume for example if I swipe down on the far left of the screen I can reduce the brightness and then swipe back up to increase the brightness and the same principle applies for sound on the right side of the screen swipe up and down to control the volume they’re very simple gesture controls but

they make a world of difference this is a short video on how to save power on your Samsung Galaxy s4 using the AVG Antivirus application by default the trigger point for saving power is when the battery drops below 30% at this point a warning will appear in your notification in tray so if you swipe down you can see a message the neat thing is if you tap on this message it will take you directly to some power saving options the first thing you can do on the screen is set the threshold when the phone should warn you that you are low on power the four options being 10 30 and 50% or completely off you can save battery life by simply untaken any of these power draining options such as Wi-Fi GPS and automatic brightness these settings will then come into effect whenever the power drops below your threshold from this screen you can also see an estimate of how much charge your phone has left by pressing in the top left corner of the screen and then selecting the battery consumption option this will break down your remaining battery time in different units such as talktime audio playback video playback and internet browsing now for more permanent battery saving options that are always on go to the Settings icon and then choose my device scroll down until you see the power saving option this is a feature that you can toggle on or off whenever you want and it includes three features that restrict the CPU performance lower the power level of the screen and turn off haptic feedback which of those at small vibrations when you press the back or menu button of course there are plenty of battery saving applications out there to experiment with so if a VG doesn’t take your fancy visit the Google Play Store for alternatives want to check your Samsung Galaxy s4 without even touching it here’s how one of the big things about the Samsung Galaxy s4 is that it has loads of motion sensors to watch what you are doing to view these options go to settings then select the my device tab at the top of the screen and then choose motions and gestures the option we want today is air gesture so first of all toggle the option on and then press on the option itself to see more the option you want here is quick glance so make sure that switched on and then lock your phone from now on when you wave your hand over with sensor which is slightly to the left of a top speaker grill this screen will display it’s important to note that while you can view the screen using this method you can’t press on the screen or unlock the phone as it automatically turns off again after a few seconds as the option suggests it is for a quick glance so that you can see the time and any notifications you might have this a gesture control only really works when the phone is on a flat surface too so just bear that in mind when you’re trying to carefully set up a camera shot like this one perfect timing board of a Samsung Galaxy S 4 default lockscreen message well here’s a guide on how to change it to edit a message all you need to do is display the lock screen and then press on the message itself and swipe down you should see a border surround the message and when you let go at the bottom portion of the screen a pencil icon will appear on the right side of the screen press on it and the keyboard will pop up and you can start editing your message as you type your message the text will automatically resize to fit on the screen although the upper character length is what you see now around about 25 characters additional options include changing both the font color and background as you can see being demonstrated here you can also change the font type and remove the date and time if you wish using the checkboxes to the right side of the screen once you’ve completed your changes simply press the Save button in the top right hand corner of the screen and you are done so when you next go to unlock your screen your new message will be displayed this is a video floating on top of a website while I browse and this is a guide on how to do it for your Samsung Galaxy s4 the floating video feature comes with a built-in media player on the Samsung Galaxy s4 so when you play a video make sure that you are using the video player

app when a video is playing if you tap on the screen you’ll get the usual video player options and it’s this icon in the bottom right we’re interested in as soon as you tap that icon the video will pop into its own floating window the phone goes back into a normal routine so you can go to the home screen send text messages and use applications all while the video is happily playing to itself if you tap on the video window you will pause the media currently playing tap the window again to restart it the video functions in an always-on top mode so if you open up a web browser it’s going to obscure content at this point you might want to move it around the screen and to do this you simply press hold and drag if you turn the phone to landscape just like the application the floating video will change orientation and you can even resize a floating video using the standard pinch controls and finally if you want to make the video fullscreen again simply double tap the floating window thanks for watching and if you want more Samsung Galaxy s4 tips subscribe to the vgj Feliks youtube channel want to make sure you never go over your mobile Internet data allowance while here’s how to do it no doubt when you purchase your Samsung Galaxy s4 and a mobile tariff you will have been given a monthly Internet data allowance so the best thing to do is to create a safety net and cap your data usage to do this go to settings and then on a connections tab choose V data usage option when your phone is not connected to Wi-Fi and using that data your phone will be connecting to your data carrier to use 3G 4G or LTE data the carrier data allowance can be 250 mega 500 megabytes one gigabyte and so on it’s important not to exceed this limit because if you do you might have to pay additional costs for more data usage so on the data usage screen first of all set the data usage cycle date on which your allowance will reset every month then you can use this table to adjust your data usage limits the orange line sets a warning message to illustrate this if I set my data usage to five megabytes for the month then once I exceed that a warning message will display in my notification tray the red line limit takes more drastic action if you exceed the data usage on this red line limit an on-screen prompt will tell you that data usage has been disabled and you will need to re-enable it obviously at your own cost and risk to adjust the limits you can use the line as a slider as I’ve previously demonstrated or tap on the number itself to change the figure to final points there are more comprehensive data usage applications available from Google Play and do check your own tariff terms and conditions before using this feature worried about your phone’s internet data usage going over its limit well here’s a quick data saving tip whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or out and about your Samsung Galaxy S 4 is always connected to the Internet and every day you’ll be getting messages in your notification tray about applications being updated this happens a lot and obviously uses up quite a bit of Internet data if you’ve got a fairly strict data limit on your phone contract this might cause a problem so with this in mind go to the Google Play Store and press on the menu button on your phone and then select settings the specific option we’re looking at in the settings is auto update apps when you select this you will have three options the default is usually auto-update apps at any time and this is the option that will be burning up your data usage so if you are concerned about this I recommend using auto update apps over Wi-Fi option which will ensure that your phone will only update applications when it’s connected to a Wi-Fi source it’s both cheaper and quicker mmm pie charts but how can this save you data usage applications use internet data we all know this but some use far more than they should do for no good reason you can check what each application uses and you can stop it go to settings and then choose data usage if you scroll it beyond the data usage graph you can see a breakdown of exactly what each application uses in terms of Internet data if you press on an application it will breakdown that usage into two parts as illustrated by the pie chart foreground data and background data foreground data is what you do when you use the application but background data is all that sniffing around that happens when your device is locked and you’re not using it so if you want to stop it from doing this simply take the restrict

background data option this means that that particular application only uses background data when it’s connected to a Wi-Fi sauce so it doesn’t use up your data usage the trade-off is that application may not work properly all the time it’s a trial and error process so give it a go and see what works for you swipe the screen to unlock yep I get that so let’s get rid of a message by default this message appears on your lock screen but you only need to see a couple of times before you understand what to do after which it’s a pointless message and it just clogs up your lock screen so here’s how to remove it go to settings and then press the my device tab then choose lock screen in this screen you want to find the option that says help text uncheck that option and then lock your device the next time you go to unlock your Samsung Galaxy s4 you’ll find that the help message has gone another tiny tweak of course but it took me a few months to discover this so I hope I can help you solve it in no time at all yep vgj felix is awesome but how does my Samsung Galaxy s4 know this okay a dead easy one today folks when you connect and share data between devices it’s best to change the default name of your device so you know it’s yours to do this go to settings then press the more tab and then select the option at the bottom called about device the option you want is device name so press on it the on-screen keyboard will pop-up and you can rename your Galaxy S 4 to whatever you want once you’ve typed out your new name press ok and that’s it job done so the next time you connect to a device through bluetooth for example your new device name will be displayed loud and proud yes vgj felix is well and truly awesome you