Phát Thèm Tô HỦ TIẾU MÌ XÍ QUÁCH NGƯỜI HOA Của Đầu Bếp Từ MACAO Về Nước Bán Ở Vỉa Hè Q7

SUPER TASTY THE CHINESE STYLE NOODLE SOUP WITH MARROW PORK BONES IN DIST. 7 PEOPLE WHO LOVE FOOD ARE ALWAYS THE BEST PEOPLE this is our route starts from Binh Thanh Dist-> Dist. 1 -> Dist.5 -> Dist. 7 good morning fam & welcome back to PM food travel Channel to keep up with our food exploration in dist 7- today we’re gonna try put the Chinese style noodle soup which we already asked for filming permission from the last time we came- I especially like the pork bone marrow soup & the dumplings here the add is 40/42 street no. 9 A- Dist. 7 ( you should double check by Google map for direction anyway) ok- are you ready to join us again this morning? Thank you in advance for your time watching ( full clip, plz) Lam Duc Mi Gia Chinese noodle soup – 40- 42 street no. 9 A- Dist. 7 – HCMC so here is the list of noodle soups they serve here including the stewed beef dish alongside Chinese noodle soups we come just right on time Mr. Ky- the owner is making the dumplings & wontons The inside of these wontons contains savory meat & fish mixture filling especially with the river – knife back fish paste the dumplings have a bit different fillings including ground pork mixture & shrimps as well as the dumpling’s wrappers – they are tender with bigger and thicker than the ones for making the wontons the ground pork mixture cosisting wood ear mushroom, mashed shrimp, fish paste being shape on the wrapper with 1 more whole shirmp

this would be a very simple way to shape the dumplings- he just folds the dumpling wrapper in half diagonally then presses it together at the meeting edges & seal to make sure it’s airtight 1 bowl of the dumpling soup is $2 consisting 5 pcs of them or you can even try the $2 bowl with noodles + 3 pcs of them Ok- we just skipped to this stage of asking Mr. Ky some needed infos. He just serves the food from 6.00- 13.00 almost everyday so we should take a look at those ingredients from the cart. I always see this secret seasoning sauce/ mixture from the Chinese noodle soup cart of course- they wouldn’t tell what excatly in there. the next container is the fried garlic mixed with pork lard some raw ingredients such as pork loin, pork liver, kidney & shrimps for keeping the best taste & freshness- he would cooked those in batches there I see the Chinese style roasted pork also be made by Mr. Ky. For the noodles- he just gets straight from the good suppliers here’re the wontons & dumplings he made from earlier. It’s so satisfying looking at those evenly shapes being lined up thanks to his experience working in the Chinese noodle soup restaurant in Macau other interesting ingredient for the noodle soup is the marrow pork bones & these yummy boiled pork ribs which Mr. Ky prepares in small amount daily This water clear soup is prepared by using pork bone & definitely with other ingredients ( secret) so you can order a bowl of noodle soup with these yummy & tasty pork bones of $2 with around 2-3 pieces of them besides the noodle soups- you can also try the dried noodle mixed with his homemade oyster sauce

either trying the noodle soup with these flat noodles which looks similar to the Pho’s noodle so I’ll try 3 bowls – (excuse me what ?) I mean 1 bowl of the special noodle soup, 1 bowl of the dumpling soup & 1 bowl of the marrow pork bone soup all right, here comes the bones – being reheat in the stock & those wontons + dumplings are being boiled in water ( for more than 10 mins) the flat noodles & yellow noodles are being blanched seperately another layer of the fried garlic & pork lard liquid & a scoop of the seasoning sauce pork bones are ready- look at the size of them. So great, right ? another bowl of cooked wontons & dumplings with some lettuce on top being bathed with the hot stock in order to show you guys how the toppings are being prepared, we asked him to use the the raw ones this is how the yellow noodle is being prepared for the nicest texture: blanch in boiling water & soak it right away into cold water

feel free to ask for some extra pork lard cubes ( my favorite ingredients always) the toppings are topped together with lettuce & once again- hot stock is being poured all over. This is for $2 bowl another bowl of the pork bones & stock of $1.7 ( with extra noodle in is $2) ( music playing) ok-let’s double check the menu- basically with price of $2/ bowl for all kinds of noodle soups- especially the dried version with homemade oyster sauce, anyone tried this here, please share your thought in the comment section the opening time is mostly for breakfast & brunch from 6.00- 13.00. Ok, eating time as uasual- I would make the dipping/serving sauce with Chinese vinegar, soya sauce to 1:3 ratio ( my own taste) some satay & a bit of chili paste ( you can either add some lime juice as you wish) here are my huge breakfast combo starts with $1.7 bowl of pork bone soup- with lots of pork flesh on the outside & also the marrow on the inside. following your suggestion, I’ll use straw to suck it out then secondly- the $2 bowl of wontons & dumplings soup. I’ll move them into the bowl of noodle soup for eating all at once don’t forget this bowl of noodle soup, also of $2 consisting pork loin, shrimp, pork meat ball, pork liver & kidney. Looks awesome

one typical sign of a nice Chinese noodle soup is a clear stock ( it really is- just my fault of making the stock turn brownish) what I can taste from the stock is a natural sweetness & very comforting ( slurping..again) the noodle soup taste quite nice enough- just me to want to make it more savory by adding some extra soya sauce & chili paste I also like the serving area with cool air, very comfy table set & clean It would be perfect with some more blanched bok- choy. but it’s fine, I’ll try this pork meat ball It’s slightly fattier than ground chicken and less fattier than ground beef with both crunchiness & nice chewiness bursting with flavor it’s so satisfying slurping this fragrant broth together with those springy al dente egg noodles at the same time normally the pork kidney is just flat & quite mild in flavor- so together with the sauce, it taste smooth & nicer in texture being soaked a while in the hot stock but these fried pork lard cubes are still very crunchy & it’s so fun to chew them not like other kind of Chinese food, this noodle soup is rather comforting & healthy without much greasy taste I don’t often eat the liver- but this one is ok- soft and has a good intense flavour with a strong gaminess that isn’t overpowering the wonton is fragrant and juicy with thin, tender, and delicious wrapping

basically- wontons are still kind of the dumplings- this one dumpling is bigger with a bit different fillings- mostly with shrimps The filling is well balanced with ground pork and the shrimp, not too greasy, nice in flavor & interesting crunchiness from the mushroom & the shrimp i should be quick finish this boiled shrimp from this bowl before jumping to the marrow bone bowl you would think $2 for 2 pieces of the pork bones sounds expensive- but look at how big the size is, not mentioning the amount of flesh on it the meat is very tender- likely it melts right in my mouth, you can see it’s very easy to seperate it into parts all right now- let me get the straw for those incredible buttery bone marrow ( sucking …..) It has a rich, faintly sweet taste with a smooth texture while taking another sip of the flavorful stock, really out of this world after that, someone else would serve the office lunch & then, karaoke service will open by night time asking him for the breakfast options put there- it’s not ready by now so we’ll update soon if possible

being frankly sharing my opinion about the food. They’re ok but kinds of bland- to me, probably due to his style from Macau but it would be nicer since we can add some extra condiments into it. More over, I really like the fresh ingredients he uses the food preparation, the cart & the eating area are clean & cool. if you can, just come to try & share your thought Thanks for watching our videos! We work hard to make sure you keep coming back for the content we produce So, please make sure you click a LIKE & become our beloved SUBSCRIBER