NEXT Level Banh Mi!!! The Most DELICIOUS Snack In Vietnam For $0.25 | Fried Prawn Banh Mi

it’s going to be a wet one today the rain rain is not going to go away i tell what though while it may discourage some people for me kind of fires me up because that just means people are going to order food to come to them instead of coming so that means less lines for me it’s a win-win really and all you do is get a little bit wet but you know not everybody wants to get out in this rain and look for some delicious eat but luckily i got my buddy tim and he’s always always always up for a food adventure so we’re going to be in d4 today in his territory finding some delicious eats and make sure what he wants and what i want we’re going to bring it all together and we’re going to bring you along with us today actually right here at the first spot i kind of cheated i i got close because i was afraid to get wet ironic isn’t it come on in this is like your second home i eat here quite a lot man look at this it’s actually going for a singaporean inspired restaurant start off going for the rice chicken would you look at this i’m guessing this is the roaster for the roast chicken you can see just the sauce layered on the outside oh my getting saucy with it these are some of my favorite places to order because pictures on pictures on pictures even if you know zero fits the language you can always point but it’s hot in here so we’re gonna go to the coffee shop because i’m already sweating in there bruh it’s so hot you don’t want to eat where the oven is that’s the kitchen is too hot for me oh yeah this is where it’s at it’s so much better in here and it’s less one of music the set comes with like a lot of stuff uh the kizer it’s uh tofu egg and everything so you’re a show you chicken guy though right all three of them here man i’m a chicken guy so pretty much i got various types of combos you can get and you pick what type of chicken when you want with it doing three main types of roast to hainanese and they’ll show you it’s a fried chicken i got an oscillator it’s always hard for me to pass up nasi lemak especially early morning day she done gone ahead and mix it up for me the whole menu and these are some pumped chicken man it’s not the skinny skinny running exercise uh anorexic chicken man no surprise the owner is from singapore because if i didn’t hear the vietnamese in the background if i didn’t have my cafe to do that i would think i’m in singapore with this meal right here absolutely gorgeous the chickens are nice plump and juicy you see the sauce just pulled at the bottom good good good starting spot for the sauce oh i do that every time drips but i pour like a waterfall that is juicy wow that skin is beautiful there’s so much flavor packed in that skin oh i think this is not typically just roast chicken it’s they put in some tainan’s action in there because you can taste it in the chicken almost doesn’t eat sauce no so i said almost i don’t even know how to attack this i got chopsticks i got a spoon i got a fork i got too many utensils going on here and then you got two sauces on top of the regular sauce that’s so good i’m about to move all the utensils to the side and just go in with my bare hands some braised tofu it ain’t the chicken tim i actually really feel bad for everything right here because the chicken’s so good it put the standards like up here and it’s fine but it ain’t the chicken definitely a chicken superstar that’s a juicy piece of chicken that’s a

big piece of chicken and juicy can’t go wrong with this oh it’s so silky keeps on falling out bro that looks like butter it never felt there’s a gelatin layer in there so it’s a pine piece of chicken this is like the 80th time i ate this and i’m still happy like a first bite dude you hit it right on it it’s like a little bit gelatinous but it coats your mouth it almost has like this melting property in it wow that is some that ain’t chicken that i don’t know what it is but it ain’t chicken we getting charged extra for that sauce brother we’re gonna see at the bottom of the bill two bottles of sauce yeah that bottle’s gonna go they’re going down fast i think they don’t tell you what the high nannies chicken is it’s actually cold so it gives me a different sensation you know when you eat something warm it’s a little bit different because it’s got that cooling property i think it does kind of enhance that kind of melt-in-your-mouth gelatinous feel right and if they cook it properly there’s a nice gelatin there that’s right if you keep it cool the jello necklace just stays like a gelatin and it makes it that much more delicious i’ve neglected everything so badly chicken feet neglected the neglected egg feel left out that uh troy sons want to get a divorce right we get it i’m a terrible person i am ready for the new hot thing and then i just forget about everything else no thank you the superstar is that great it’s so soft so juicy like oh man i’m just getting man don’t bother me you’re right i’m out of here get out of here get out of here you do your thing y’all wait two style chicken two style sauce more sauce i don’t think i’ve taken the same bite every bite’s been a little different that’s how i feel that’s a good point variety it’s the spice of life y’all i’m always happy looking like a natural disaster just came to this table the only thing is i don’t know how we get in that next spot um and we’re at the next place you can tell it’s popular for grab and go i’ve about got hit so many times right here but what we got is the funny team dome and then we got another one which i’ve never seen before she told me what it is but way over my head so this is exactly what it sounds like it’s the bun me kim dong so what it is it’s going to be that bunny the bread she’s going to put the home on top of it which is going to be those prawns and tea which means she’s going to fry it so you see she got the bun me putting it in that batter putting the prawns on top and then deep frying it all so you can tell it’s popular for grab and go she’s already gone through this tray she’s just constantly having to crank these through and she just opened up i got three yeah oh boom and she hooked this up she cut everything up for us she’s super friendly taking care of us like we’re one of her own what she made a table for us exactly this is like her walkway i swear they work as teammates here like you got the look me a lady right here got the lady frying up goodies right here you got the lady that’s got all the pickled goodness right over here so smart come on it’s upsell for you talk about getting us they put it all together we got all three it’s called upsell that’s a prerequisite man you going with the spring roll here all right here we go dunk it

on that thick sauce never had this version before that’s awesome yours are just smoking i don’t know i didn’t realize that there’s prawn in there there’s pork meat there’s like cassava there’s actual mushrooms oh you’re getting that ooey goopy slightly sweet sauce the sauce reminds me of a low bob from malaysia it was really heavy in your five-spice powder is uh and i got what i think just a little pea eggplant that they pick off oh wow hers got a big kick of sour usually i’ve had those they’re really sweet that is sour slightly spicy then a touch of sweetness that is the perfect companion with fried food right here yeah any kind of delicious spicy this is exactly what you need it’s a little early in the day we got to nuke me up but we really be wanting the tiger get it get it get it look at this big nice piece become a shrimp on this thing normally there’s only one one piece for a long baguette but this is loaded you can’t even fit it here oh my god so if you haven’t tried one of these before this is it right here man this is must-have in style crunchy outside is doughy inside luckily she cut them in half but they’re still hard to dunk because they’re just so dick with it go away oh these are phenomenal the way she’s cooked the prawn in it perfectly is actually amazing cooking it with the shell so it’s got the extra layer of crunchiness the way the baguette is actually a little bit stale but i kind of like it a little bit more dense and hitting in that batter all the flavor you get a little bit of sauce on the inside which hasn’t been cooked so you get that difference in contrast not to mention got the best seat in the house the chef’s table as tim says right here you can just hear it frying constantly it’s going to constantly keep that hunger going you got to know somebody who knows somebody at this table i think you come here you got to get them both though they both do something different for me yeah i wish they got ranch dressing i would try this this is so indulgent i’ll come back later or not with some beers but look in here you see the mung bean you see the cassava you see the carrot and then she’s got those little shrimp with the shells still on so it’s extra crunch locations and then the pork meat and all the spices it’s amazing how much ingredients is in here attention to details people always rolling up here getting a ton of orders to go she cannot keep that tray even halfway full oh my lord y’all i love here one of the best things i’ve ever had and get this 6 000 each that blows my mind that is so we cheap this place not once not twice but three times i thought we were better than that tim thought we were better than that uh my fault we got here just to open them up and look at them set up this is gorgeous the way they have just a variety of stuff ready for grab and go there’s more varieties of chat here than i ever knew existed got him i love the way things are always crammed and hidden in tight little corners in vietnam you got the little accessory beauty shop right above actual chair place all right and we are going to be ma i hope i said that right but pretty much what it means is first customer of the day it’s very very important in vietnamese culture and business because the first customer sets the tone for the whole day it’s a real big thing so we’re gonna do is be really happy order lots of things and get the business rolling for the day so hopefully the rest of the day will have awesome sales this is an extensive menu first page you got to check i don’t know how to pronounce that don’t

know what it is it doesn’t look like it appeals to me it’s more like lychee and sweet like that out not what i’m feeling you got that you got chia dao what’s going to be beans sinto so kind of goes on and on here what i do appreciate about this place is the massive amount of pictures on this menu beautiful really appreciate the pictures i don’t know what i want when in doubt just get one from almost every page see what happens oh i missed everything coming out here wow it’s a lot of sweets all right what are you feeling uh all of it all of you above lots of blueberry look at that jiggle yeah very smooth dance for me baby did you see that jiggle oh why’d yours come out easy so we got the blueberry pennicosta here that is a great balance a little bit on the sweeter side but not too far savory nice and soft wow that penicolta is beautiful i swear to y’all that thing was right here i took a bite i blinked and it was back over there so i’m going for a thing i always got to get which is a style ring or you know durian just got what i do believe is the coconut and then the sour ring which they’ve frozen because it’s absolutely still solid in there we’re going to wait on it the durian’s still frozen so that means we got the chia dao dab cam which is going to be dal which is going to be bean it’s a type of cheddar bean duck all in combination so you get the gist pretty descriptive name get our fiber in for today as a sweet coconutty bean drink i find myself really missing some texture like i want some jellies or maybe even some celerying in here but i need something else it’s just beans ice and then the coconut liquid i feel like i’m missing some texture i just need a little something something extra i think that’s a no-go from tim what do y’all think wow it’s solid whoa the layers and layers and layers coffee caramel coconut food all right about to get my vietnamese a test here we got the rao cow which i don’t know what it is but we got it with the us we got the coconut in the cafe so it’s gonna be a coffee coconut dessert which they’ve layered tastes like your typical bonfire little sauce i give you because it is it’s like coffee and sugar but i love it because the actual softness of the coconut layer gives those difference in textures you get a little bit of savoriness with it pulls back on the sweetness it’s unique for sure and we’ve got plenty to take home see what’s funny for me is like the cafe layers are a little too like jelly like but i really enjoy the coconut layers which are just a little bit creamier kind of help balance it out for me there’s a tree right there all right yeah i just got to go for it the durian is not melting i just like durian ice cream y’all reminds me of like a meccan durian the way it’s creamier it’s not very pungent no bitterness to it all just pure sugar i love that it’s kind of been freeze though because you get those ice crystals which give you a different texture to the durian there you go combo sometimes you gotta play by your own rules make your own real that cam not bad i dig it it’s got me weaving back and forth a little bit see sometimes you got to break the rules in line apparently this place is packed at night and for good reason that’s some dang delicious jet but we’re done with ours i’ll meet you outside sure was good hit the spot but y’all appreciate your brother as always food hunting partner like i said no rain sleet

shine we will go food hunting that’s what we do gotta find friends like tim y’all hope y’all enjoyed it just a day chilling through the rain eating some good food found a lot of good stuff today but it’s time to mask up and head home so i will catch y’all at the next video peace