[ENG] Mayla Vlog 11 | Daily Life | Quarantine recipe | Vietnamese sandwich | Bánh mì | Sữa đậu nành

Even though I stay at home now, I still wake up early I’m going to clean up for a bit then I will practice yoga My vitamins are: fish oil, turmeric, and a glass full of water I just finished my morning exercise. Now I will make Vietnamese sandwich (banh mi) for breakfast I will make banh mi with eggs and meat floss I’m going to add meat floss and tuna then roll the omelette Adding some cucumber chili pepper some pickled carrot slides that I made some cilantro I have all the ingredients This Balmuda toaster makes the toasted bread taste very delicious I also made chili sauce for my banh mi I will also add some mayonaise I will add all the ingredients into the sandwich This banh mi has a lot of stuff in it

I also steam some purple yam And reboil my soy milk so it is hot I really like purple yam since it’s only a little sweet For today’s lunch, I will make salmon fried rice I add some sweet corn I will also make red pumpkin soup

I put the pumpkin in the microwave for 3 minutes so it is easier to peel the skin It is colorful and looks delicious! I’m going to boil water and add some dried shrimp

Added some cilantro Since I’m staying at home, I’m trying to eat healthily Now I will make soy milk. I soaked 100g of soy bean and 20g of peanuts for 8 hours Added 800 ml of water I will filter the mixture through a filter I add some pandan leaves to add the pandan smell I boiled the mixture, removed the foam. The pandan leaves smell is really good I only take the egg yolk Even though I stay at home, I still take classes online

Egg soy milk is really good. You guys should try to make it