Bánh Mì Vietnamese Baguette No Knead Instant Pot Bulk Fermentation

Today I’m making French Baguette with Vietnamese style My channel already has recipe for Vietnamese Baguette that proof overnight in fridge, using only 0.4% yeast and the bread gets irregular and big holes This recipe with shorter time proofing, more yeast used The bread has the same crispy crust but the inner crumb are thick Let start by measuring the dry ingredients 500g All Purpose Flour Gold Medal 2 tsp Instant yeast = 8g 1 tsp of sea salt = 7g 1 tsp sugar = 4g Mixing the dry ingredients in the mixer bowl Using 375 ml of water at room temperature Let the stand mixer doing the mixing job 🙂 OK to mix by hand at your choice Mixing at low speed Increase the speed higher, mix until the dough comes together Using the same bowl for proofing

Let the dough rising 3 times, 30 minutes each time Brush a thin layer of cooking oil over the top of the dough Cover the bowl with plastic wrapper Let the dough rising in Instant Pot (or anywhere warm) IP setting, Yogurt program, LESS mode, cover the lid, no need to turn the steam release valve on The mixing bowl fit in the 8qt Instant pot Done the first rising after 30 minutes Using spatula to turn the dough from bottom to top. Do it about 1 -2 minutes I’m using my hands 🙂 The second rising is done. Do the same technique. This time I remember to use the spatula 🙂 Cover the dough with a thin layer of cooking oil

The third rising is done, 30 minutes apart from the second one Flour the work surface Transfer the dough onto the surface Gently press the dough to broken the gas strap inside the dough Divide dough into 4 equal parts Gently press and shape each portion into a loaf Cover the loaves with clean kitchen towel for at least 30 minute

After 30 minutes, reshape the loaves and transfer them to baguette pan So far we have let the dough rising total of 2 hours. Three times in the IP, and on the counter 1 time. 30 minutes each Let the loaves rising the last time about 30 minutes at most Place two trays of water at the bottom of the oven Rack is placed at middle of oven Preheat the oven to 475 °F When the oven reach to 400 °F, slash the loaves with homemade bread score knife Spray water over the loaves Right after place the pan into oven, spray inside the over about 5 sprays After 7 minutes baking at 475°F, spray one more time with 5 sprays Continue baking for 12-15 minutes until the baguettes golden