Bánh Mì Ông Màu | Tập 7 Full: Tiểu tam Hồ Bích Trâm lập mưu gài bẫy "lên giường" cùng Cao Minh Đạt

Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” MR. MAU’S BANH MI You wanna meet me? What’s wrong? Don’t you know I’m very busy? Ken He is my son And He is also your son Are you okay now? I could get a part of the story Gosh! Why it happened to me? I understand that you’re rattled, ’cause your son is in the critical situation Even if you’re looking for anyone who can cover for his medical bills, you shouldn’t have lied to me that he’s my son! We’re nothing to each other I know you wouldn’t believe it Of course! On a beautiful day, a woman stormed in front of you and confessed that she had a son with you And our son is severely sick If you were me, what would you do? How would you react? Tell me! I shouldn’t have told you about it But I’ve got no choice This is the only way Alright. Please calm down Take this I don’t want to see women cry I haven’t been rattled this much I’m fully aware of my behavior So, I’m sure it didn’t happen Anyway, I don’t think you’re a fraud Relax then tell me the whole story When did we first meet? I’m listening, as calmest as I can Do you remember when you came back from abroad? Back then, you were the Head of the Marketing Department Continue Those days, I was an intern at your company One day, I accidentally crashed into you at the lobby So what? It’s impossible to have a baby It was the first day we met 1 month after, the company threw a party On that evening, I was too drunk so that I went into your room by mistake Alright I need 1 day 1 day to recall everything Then we’ll find a way for it, okay? That’s fine But you must be quick. It’s urgent If we don’t Okay Just go home Go home first How is it possible? No way! That’s not true I always know what I do How could it be? Ken is my son

And he’s also your son Oh my goodness! It smells soooo good So tempting, right? Minh, why does it take too long? They’re almost done, boss Don’t rush It needs to be more golden and juicier Uncle, this is the most sudden business trip I’ve experienced Last night we were in HCMC Now we’re here to sell banh mi That’s amazing! I feel so guilty for asking you to go with me at midnight Anyway, thank you very much, guys Uncle, don’t be a stranger It’s our honor to accompany you Boss, those sweet words have flown my tiredness away I’m willing to go farther Minh, faster. We’re starving Let’s heat up 3 loaves, stuff the fillings in, then scoop the sauce into them Let me 3 loaves Minh, here they are Keep your eyes on them Boss, I can’t understand why you moved to this secluded place to sell banh mi I wish to find the exact flavor of the sauce made by my mom So I go back to my hometown to find those who used to eat it and ask for their opinions That’s why I opened a store here – Uncle – Yes? It means that we have to ask all the customers who used to eat the banh mi your mom made? Correct I want to hear their opinions Oh my They all passed away, just like your mom Hey Minh, my mom died, doesn’t mean the villagers all die How silly you are! Yeah, you’re right. I still see people in the town A lot Don’t you see them everywhere in the town? Wait Minh! They’re burned Minh, stop feeding us with “chocolate” banh mi Kids, do you know where your dad is? He isn’t in the bedroom I don’t know Don’t mind it, mom Quyen, answer my question I don’t know, either Maybe he has traveled to somewhere to relax Mom, don’t mind it Let’s have breakfast I’m giving up on him Thank you, lad Mau! When did you arrive? Oh my goodness! Auntie Tu! – Long time no see. How are you? – I’m good Thanks to the medicines you sent to me, my legs don’t ache anymore Really? It’s good to hear that Auntie, how do you know I’m here? I heard that there’s a new banh mi stall in the village, so I came to see I’m overwhelmed with happiness to meet you here – But, Mau – Yes? What’s wrong with your business? Why do you have to sell banh mi? It’s still good, auntie I sell banh mi because it’s my mom’s wish She must be extremely happy to know this But, no matter how hard I try, the sauce I make doesn’t taste the same as the one made by my mom When she made the sauce, I was too young to remember the recipe I just remember she told me to dry cinnamon in the dew I did use cinnamon to make the sauce, yet it doesn’t taste similar Ah Auntie, can you remember anything about the recipe? Nah, I don’t know a thing about it However, I think I’d better tell you one thing Back then, your mom passed away, then you left for the city to build up your career I came to your house to take care of things When I was processing the soil to grow veggies, I dug up a jar, which was full of cinnamon A thought came across my mind. I was wondering if that buried cinnamon had been used to make the sauce? Right Yeah! That’s the “Dry and Bury” method Auntie, cinnamon must be dried and buried before being used to make the sauce

Maybe you’re right Thank you, auntie – That’s the secret? – Yeah, that’s it Hey guys! Yes? Come here Yes? Who are they? – They’re my assistants – Ah She is my aunt Hello granny I’ve found out the secret Really? “Dry and Bury” Boss, I can dry you by myself But it needs 6 – 7 people to bury you You mean I’m dead? It’ll be your turn. Real soon Boss, don’t say bad thing Dry and bury cinnamon Everyone, this trip is worth our effort, right? Let’s show our willingness Say Yeah! Come on, everyone The prices you offered are amazing It’s so lucky to have a chance to cooperate with you We aim for a long-lasting cooperation So profit is not the most important factor It’s our pleasure to work with Minh Quang company If everything goes well, we’ll surely become good partners You had to come all the way here – I’m really sorry – No worries The point is that we can work well together afterward It’s quite late. I gotta go now Bye! – Goodbye! – See you Ouch! Are you okay? You good? My head aches so bad Let’s go home It’s late. You need to rest Hey! How about you leave first? I think I’ll stay at a hotel for a night Since I don’t feel so good now If so We’ll stay here for a night So annoying! Why hasn’t your dad come home yet? Can’t believe that he keeps going away whenever he gets angry Cool it, mom! He may be busy doing something Let’s hit his phone again Right. Call him gain, mom I’m listening! Honey! Where are you? Where have you gone? We are so worried about you I just go away for a few days to chill out. Don’t worry! Honey! After that day you decided to close your banh mi store forever? I am not in a sulk I’ll hang up Hey, honey! Where have you gone to? It’s my business I’ll come home soon. Don’t worry Bye! Honey! Oh my goodness I haven’t asked anything yet Mom! Sister! Where has he gone? Something fishy here Hi, sweetie Hi, dad! Where are you now? In our hometown Keep it secret from your mom Sure thing. You already know that whose side I am on Okay. That’s good Help me look after your mom Don’t let her fall sick because of getting mad at me Don’t worry, dad. We still have Quynh here She’ll take very good care of my mom Take care, dad! Okay. Bye! If there’s any term in the contract that needs revising, just tell me It is flawless

Hope we’ll have a long-term partnership with them You did give me much help – Thanks so much! – Don’t mention it – I’ll get you some water – Let me Ah! There is a ghost out there I’m so scared I saw a specter passing by. It must be the ghost Linh! Listen up! It’s probably because you’re too tired There is no ghost. Don’t scare yourself Nah, I did see it Trust me! It is a ghost That is extremely scary Calm down! It’s nothing Listen to me! I’m here with you. Don’t worry! Let’s go to sleep Try to take some sleep I’m still frightened Hey! How about returning to Saigon right now? It’s pretty dangerous, you know Try to get some sleep. Okay? – Nah – Try to get some sleep. I’m going back to my room Call me if you need any help. Okay? – Nah, please don’t leave me here alone. I’m begging you – Alright Calm down and do as I say Lie down and close your eyes I’ll be here with you until you fall fast asleep. Okay? Promise me! You have my words – Just calm down – I’ll go get some beer Er! I’m terribly sorry I didn’t mean to It’s okay. I’m fine I I I like you You like me? Hey! I promise I won’t tell anyone about this So Please don’t avoid me! But I’m an married man I know But As I told you, I don’t mind that Please! Don’t elude me! Thanks so much for helping me last night – You did a very good job – Thanks Hello! Hello! I own you a big thank you Hope that our cooperation will be fruitful

Don’t mention it We both get benefits Call me when you get here I’ll treat you to a nice meal Okay I will surely See you Do you remember the first period of time when you were just back to Vietnam? Back then you were the manager of the Marketing Dept Who gets into my room so early? Could it be that night? Come on in! Boss! I have found the records of all employees in the Marketing Dept I accidentally came across a photo of you when you were still the marketing manager It was taken as we were celebrating your very first achievement It’s impossible How could I forget her if she was my staff? Unless she was an intern What’s wrong? – Nothing. You can go – Yes Let’s dance! Boss! You said one must be committed to their action, no matter what it is That’s true But why are you doing here? Bottoms up! True, true! Well but you’re too drunk that you’ve passed out No, I am not drunk yet Hello It’s me, dad Dad, mom starts to suspect your business trip Mom keeps asking me where you are She is looking for you What should I do now? Quyen! Who are you talking to? I am talking to a real estate agent This one keeps asking me if I wanna buy real estate As you can see, we don’t need a bigger house Hey I told you that real estate is none of my concern You are talking to dad, right? Give me your phone! No! I told you that it’s not him! That was just an operator! Hey! You are always on his side You never think about me If you keep covering for him, how can he realize that he’s wrong? I’m not covering for him! I love you both equally! Will you tell me or not? – Tell what? – Give me your phone It’s nothing, mom! Give it to me! Now! No, mom! Ouch! – Stop! Give it to me! – Don’t chase me! Quyen! Stop now! What’s all that noise? Well It was nothing There was a real estate agent calling me I picked up the phone then she accused me of doing something fishy Oh please! Dad just wanna have a vacation I have told you that he wanted it because he needs some fresh air There is nothing fishy here! How about I will pay dad a visit? He would be really glad to see me I will tell you what dad is doing there Oh stop! You are always on his side He only thinks of himself He doesn’t care about my feelings His banh mi store is all he concerns about You know what? You should get married and have kids When he’s the grandpa of your kids, he might not have time for those useless stuff Bro, she is talking about you Tell him to do it, mom I am having a lot of plans for my future I gotta focus on my career – Please! – Get a husband? Nah! When I’ve made my dream come true, I’ll think of getting married – Alright? – We will see! Give me the phone! – Again? No! – Give it to me! – Mom, please! – Hand it to me! – You need to exercise or something? – Stop right there! Oh lords! Suddenly, I’ve got a son What should I do now? Here is your banh mi

Hi! Tu Quyen is coming! Oh wow! Who is that beauty? You’re my sunshine! My only sunshine! Hello, Minh Hello, Queen of throwing shade! Gosh! Minh is right We gotta go this far but you still follow us here? Hello, King of mad lads! Say what? I’ve foreseen that I would meet a mad lad like you! I told myself that mad lads like you should not be on my mind because ain’t nobody got time for that! Got no time? But you’re here fighting with me Hey, you think I don’t know that you’re here to stop uncle Mau from selling banh mi? I know that you hid the store’s keys, that made us lose a big order Don’t think that I know nothing Say what? What? What did you say? When you have time, remember to feed yourself some salt Your brain seems to lack iodine Who told you that I hid my dad’s keys? If I hid them, why would I have to turn the house inside out for those Who told you that? – Who? – Minh did What? You mad? Why, dude? Why? I’m angry now! Hey, why did you say that? I didn’t do it Hey! Are you a snitch? You work for my mom, eh? You told my mom that my dad had a big order, didn’t you? I swear to God and this banh mi stall, I didn’t tell her. I planned to but I didn’t The new chauffeur told her Curse you, the new chauffeur! Alright, I will teach him a lesson I will make him vanish without a trace He can help me sell banh mi You have no right to speak! Oh! – Coming for me? – Dad! I miss you. Do you miss me? I miss you like the Sun misses the flower You’ve been gone for so long Do you know that at home I gotta live under pressure? Under mom’s suspicion, sister’s wariness, brother-in-law’s curiosity, and my brother’s dead silence Oh dear! It’s like living in hell I’ve been covering for you all the time Did you tell her my place? Of course not! How can I do that?! I told you that you need a trip to relax and free your mind When will you be back? She keeps asking that My job here is almost done When I’m back, I will talk to your mom later Come back soon, OK? I miss you so much Uncle! She is on your side? I’m on his side or not is none of your business Don’t stick your nose in my family’s business Told ya! Why are you being like this? My daughter Quyen has always been on my side Don’t get her wrong, OK? – Alright – No one would get me wrong Only mad lad or blabbermouth would get me wrong You’re right. You can leave now What’s that? She’s just come here Why does she have to leave? I mean you can come inside You can stay here Get her suitcase You seem to become nonsense like him! – Let’s come inside – You’ve made me mad! Stop blabbering! Why is she here? She’s such a trouble – What a brilliant view! – What do you think? I gotta admit that this place has such peaceful atmosphere You can feel the river’s serenity The view is amazing. You will have a hundred pictures to post on Facebook Oh really? You gotta think of as many concepts as possible – I would make a lot of pose! – Alright – Get ready! – OK – Do I look good? – Nice! Oh, look – Is it OK? – Awesome! You’re such a good photographer! Wait. How can you see these? Well, I always know! I always know I’m gorgeous, plus this alluring scene If the picture looks bad, it is your fault, Minh Nah! I’ll show you that place It looks even more wonderful! Sounds great! Oh dear! Minh! Come back here and give me a hand Hey! Why you gotta be so rude?! We are having a great time, taking pictures, and enjoying the scene You’re such a buzzkill

What did you just say? You wanna take pictures or enjoy the scene? Do it yourself! Minh gotta help me selling banh mi Minh, come back here! – I am – Minh! Stay there! Don’t listen to him! Minh, come back here Stop! Come here! – Stay right there! – Minh! Don’t you care about me? Come here! Stay there! What do you really want? – Stay there! – Come here! What do I do now? Stay there! Hey, Minh! Your job here is to help uncle Mau find his tradition recipe, not taking someone for sightseeing He’s right, Quyen. Mr. Mau is my boss Minh, I told you to stay there If my dad gives you a pay cut, I will make it up Nah, you can’t Come on! Or else I will tell uncle Mau! Alright Hurry up! Come here, Quyen No! That’s fine. Let’s go – We can’t leave her here – But she refused to leave Quyen, let’s go Wait! Hey, come here Minh, help me get out of this Here’s my help! “Mr. Mau’s banh mi” is aired at 19:55 from Monday to Thursday on HTV7, starting from 5th October, 2020 Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi”