Bánh Mì Ông Màu | Tập 14 Full: Mẹ đơn thân đứt ruột khi nhìn con trai khóc nức nở vì nhớ ba

Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” MR. MAU’S BANH MI Boss! Today, at 12:30 pm we have an important meeting with TTN’s Director about our new project Okay 30 minutes to go Give me the document I gotta take a quick look at it first I did put it on your desk It’s the second one from the right If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving Hold on! My gosh! I wonder if I did something wrong I’m done for Yes What’s wrong, boss? Look me in the eye Tell me What type of man am I? Well You have a new haircut Look more handsome today than yesterday Stop talking nonsense Tell me What type of man am I? I said I didn’t wanna meet you again You really don’t get what I meant, huh? We have someone to lean on You don’t need to worry about us Tell me Am I financially stable and reliable enough for others to lean on? Well – I find you – Don’t butter me up Answer me honestly Tell me exactly what you’re thinking I’m done As usual, I always give him words of praise Is it okay if I tell him that he is a cold and fastidious person who likes imposing on others and has poor EQ? Boss! I’ve come across a saying that being a successful man, one should answer 3 questions First, who he is? What does he want? What does he do to get this? When he has the answer for himself, he must be in a high social position for sure uhm He is admired by many people and also, he can shelter and protect his beloveds Yes I think you are that man You’re absolutely right Thank my lucky stars! So tell me Am I an ideal man for women? Quickly! No Of course no You’re a workaholic, not caring about others and having no sense of romance Boss! As I said before, you’re surely admired by many people, including men and women Everyone, I mean both men and women, can’t help admiring you Exactly It is impossible that I fail to take good care of others If she thinks so, she must be insane Who are you talking about, boss? What? No one I mean that I’m done reading it through Let’s call the chauffeur I’ll go there alone Yes When I come back, I’ll discuss with Creative Team to finalize the idea of preparation for the annual competition – Happy Family

If there is nothing else, I’m leaving now, boss Okay. You can go Thank you so much! Oh my! Answering these tough questions really scares me out at times That’s exactly true It is impossible that I fail to take good care of others I am the best I am unique – Ken! Here is your milk – Morning, mom! Good boy! Stop playing these toys awhile and drink it up I don’t wanna drink it. I’m feeling so sad What’s with this face? What’s up? Why are you sad? Tell me Because no one plays with me at home Will you take me to school tomorrow? Poor my little boy! But listen to me You’ve just had the surgery and your eyes are still very weak What if you’re engrossed in playing with friends or toys without protecting your eyes? Don’t worry, mom! I promise to protect my eyes carefully Since I wanna be a superhero like my dad Good boy! Alright So I’ll call your teacher and ask her to watch over you Then you can go to school tomorrow, huh? Hey! I can hear you sign Ain’t you happy? Anything else on your mind? Let’s confide in me I wish I have someone to play with me The one I feel ecstatic to around with, like uncle Quang What if we call uncle Quang and invite him to our house? Sorry? What if we call uncle Quang and invite him to our house? Uhm No way I told you He can only meet us at the hospital And from now on, we won’t see him again And also, I don’t want you to talk about him Got me? I did nothing wrong Why do you get angry with me? Why the long face? Stop that noise, right now You’re yelling at me You don’t love me anymore, right? Gee! Don’t cry, sweetie He’s just undergone the surgery He shouldn’t cry since it’s not good for his eyes What should I do now? So now can you call uncle Quang come to our house? I – Call him here? – Yes Alright, but first you have to stop crying Okay? I stop crying Can you call uncle Quang here with me? Alright. I’ll call him now Well He must be busy working, so he doesn’t pick up the phone I’ll call him back later Yes – Go wash your face, then I’ll call him for you, okay? – Yes I told you not to cry Don’t you listen to me? Boss! You have a missed call while having the meeting From who? Whose name’s “Bear Lady” What’s up, boss? Is there something wrong with your girlfriend? Stop blabbing! Get back to your work Bet I said something wrong What you’re looking at? Do your work! How complex he is! I did tell him I didn’t wanna see him anymore He is the guy with a huge ego No wonder why he ignores my call What should I tell him? He insists on waiting for his call Poor him! Ken! Come on Uncle Quang is very busy right now He has much work to do Don’t wait for the call, okay? Are you serious? He is too busy at work to answer your call? Correct Uncle Quang is very busy He has to earn money to support Well Right He has to support his dad, his mom, his siblings, raise his dog and cat That’s why he has to work very hard – I feel sorry for him – Uh huh Just raising me only makes you exhausted That explains why everyday I gotta

massage your arms and legs I feel sorry for uncle Quang He has to take care of his whole family Yeah No wonder they share the same blood He has already missed his father after just a few days It’s your dad Oops I mean uncle Quang You can pick up the phone Hello, uncle Quang Hello, Ken. Did you call me? Yes, but you didn’t answer Were you busy doing something? Yeah. I was in a meeting yet right after I finished it, I called you But hey why did you call me? Well, come and play with me I’m all alone. I feel so lonely Alright Can I talk to your mom? Sure Mommy, uncle Quang wanna talk to you Alright, let me talk to him It’s me Well? You’ve made up your mind? After all, I am still the best option for you, right? You would choose me over the sweet guy, eh? What? What did you say? Hey! If you don’t want to come It is totally fine to admit that I would think nothing of it I will be there in 30 minutes If you wanna make a good impression on me, wear on your feminine clothes Alright Hey! Hello? Hello? What is wrong with this guy? Mommy! Will he come to play with me? Yeah, he will Now we gotta change our clothes Alright? Let’s go Ha! I’m here Ken! Why are you here? Somebody asked to come here Ken did it not me Ken did it? Yes You did dress up for me, eh? You intended to impress me with this feminine outfit? I don’t have to impress you Well, it is because I have just come back from my office I see It’s fine if you don’t want to see me Let me meet Ken Ken’s playing with his neighbors His neighbors? At the moment? Has uncle Quang come yet? Oh! Uncle Quang! Oh! – Hello, uncle Quang – Good boy! You’ve dressed up! Yes, mom said we gotta dress up because we will hang out with you – I see – I didn’t say that I said you gotta change your clothes so that I could take you out for some ice-cream You don’t have to pretend Don’t drag him in it! Since you’ve said so we all will have some ice-cream – Is that OK, Ken? – Yay! Let’s go – Shall we go? – Yes Well? Want me to carry you? Wait I can go by myself Come here Try not to contact me for a while, OK? Alright? I will text you. Don’t worry It’s really difficult for me to work that problem out Quynh doesn’t trust me anymore That is why we gotta be more careful You always care about her feelings! – No, I don’t – How about mine? If you feel sad, just hang out with your friends or go shopping Alright? Just listen to me, OK? During this time, you have to keep low I can handle this Any goal requires sacrifices – I don’t need this – I know – What I need is you – I know This sucks! So you will keep yourself aloof from me? Only thinking of that makes me feel terrible Stop over-thinking, alright? There, there Honey

So from now on, whenever we see each other in the office, you will avoid me and keep your distance? It’s not like that. Don’t over-think, baby! Well then pamper me We should eat out today to warm up our relationship! Well can we pick another day? I gotta have my meal at home Home, home, home all the time! Ain’t I your home? Of course you are! Then go with me You just need to make a call and say that you gotta eat out with your client That sounds fine! Please! Please! Take me out or else I miss you so much I couldn’t hold myself, I would find you at your house Are you mad? Eat out with me today or else I would do that Fine! I know a great bistro that suits your taste Let’s go! Wait there Let me change my clothes Oh Minh! Haven’t left yet? I don’t want to waste my house’s electricity I don’t even have money to send my parents this month Oh really?! You should use oil lamp to save your money You think oil lamp costs nothing? Watch your mouth You should save money, too! What if our store is closed permanently? Then you would be penniless Our boss won’t be able to cover us Oh, please! You know me I’ve got many friends! If I’ve ever got into trouble, my friends will surely help me We will see who would come to help you! Or there will be just me! Why are you here? I’m still bothered with what happened in the morning I’m thinking if I could do anything about that He told us to wait! Just listen to him! But This is upset! I can’t believe he can have such a pretty daughter Change the subject? Well, she does look pretty and lovely! But these photos were all photoshopped! She’s truly got such hot body! Really attractive! Hey! We can ask for her help! She used to study abroad She even has her own company She might know how to solve our problem! Am I right? Ask her – Me? – Yeah This is her Facebook. Add her Go on! I do this for uncle Mau! I have given my clients such tempting offer but no one has replied me yet Oh, Quyen! ♪ I’m just a little girl lost in a moment ♪ ♪ I haven’t…♪ Tan Phat? Guess he sees me as a talented, gorgeous and wealthy lady Now he wanna get to know me? Is he trying to impress me? Or he wants to make the first move? Let me see My type should be a muscular man like a super hero! Imagine his aura of glory! That can’t be you Just accept it Hey! She accepted! – Text her now! – Alright What is that? You dad’s store is facing a problem Can you help us? [Alright, I am on my way!] She seems aggressive and mean but deep down she is not Dad’s store got registered by Department of Food Safety & Hygiene I texted you since I think you could help him Back from the office? Yes, dad I have heard about your store If it’s too hard, just give up! Dad, once a customer complained that your store used bad ingredients,

it’s likely impossible to regain our prestige I’ll find a solution for it at any cost When you’re running a business, there will be risks you have to face No pain no gain, you know Dad, you used to tell me that, Minh Quang Company could grow this big ’cause we’re capable to foresee negativities and turn them into chances But, you couldn’t predict what would happen to your banh mi store That’s why bad things kept happening At different times, we see things differently What I did to the store was just the very first step I won’t give up on it ’till my dream is fulfilled Will you keep chasing your dream even if it can damage Minh Quang Company? Dad you trade your lifelong career for a small banh mi store Is it worthy, dad? Welcome to Mr. Mau’s banh mi Welcome to Mr. Mau’s banh mi Everyone, take your time to visit our store and try delicious food Here we have the tastiest fillings in the world You can find Pork with Peppercorn Sauce, Meatball with Salted Egg Yolk, etc. at our store They’re incredibly delicious Welcome to Mr. Mau’s banh mi Welcome to Mr. Mau’s banh mi Hey Minh, what are you doing? Just doing a warm-up. I’m ready to fight Stop being so nonsense! Minh, I’m trying to attract customers while we’re still off Is that okay? Why not? You just attract customer, I’ll tell them we’re off Then I’ll be cursed, not you Yeah, you’re right I’ll continue Hey, we have a customer – Guys – Yes, Mrs? I’d like one Pork with Peppercorn Sauce Mrs., today we’re off Please sympathize. Next time I’ll discount for you Oh Lords! So you’d better stop attracting customers Bro, why did she scold me? ‘Cause you attracted her to come here Uncle Anything new? Nothing, uncle Uncle, I yelled to attract customers A lot of customers came Then we had to apologize to all of them Guys, keep noticing I’m sure he’ll come back here to see if he did it successfully, if we closed the store or not They’ll come back to check So, just keep your eyes around Uncle, as in the action movies I’ve watched, the one who shows up in the public isn’t the ringleader They’re normally the lackeys You must arrest the lackey first Once you have the lackey, the ringleader will be arrested afterwards Right? Uncle Mau, that man has pissed me off You know, I haven’t had to wait for anyone, even my girlfriend. But he let me wait for too long Sometimes you have to be patient What if he will never come? Just keep waiting If he’s still somewhere out there, the store will be screwed up again Will we receive full salary to wait for him? What a joke! Minh! Hey What’s up, uncle? – He’s here – Where? We must not act recklessly Across the street The man who has long hair He’s hiding behind the tree, right? He’s not hiding behind the tree anymore Behind the minibus Right behind the head of the vehicle Uncle Mau Lower your voice It’s him The man with a beard That’s right Just go slowly, then sneak in and catch him Go Slowly Stop!

I’ll beat you up, man! Stop! Stop there! Now! Tell him to stop! Stop! Stop! Minh! Hurry up! Faster Don’t let me catch you or I’ll beat you up! Stop! Stop right there! Bastard, stop! Don’t run! I did nothing wrong! Can you just stop then we’ll talk? I’m exhausted You stop first, then I’ll stop You’re in front of us. You stop first You stop then I’ll stop Dealt! Why do you stop? We stop then he’ll stop Look! Dang him! What are we gonna do? You go that way. I’ll go this way Okay You must pay for this. Bastard! Thank God What the…! Why are you here? Hey hey! Don’t move Big bro! Tell me We told you to stop. Why did you keep running? You chased me, so I had to run You run, so we had to chase you Hey man. I didn’t tell you that I was chasing you, right? I just asked you to stop Why didn’t you stop? Nah, let me get straight to the point Why did you follow our store? What’s the reason? I didn’t follow your store I saw Mr. Mau’s banh mi was too crowded with customers, so I just wanted to give it a try but I couldn’t buy one ’cause your store was closed for the past few days Big bro, that reason is acceptable. What now? It’s unconvincing You got him? He said your reason was unconvincing If you don’t tell the truth, we’ll take you to the police station Choose! Yes? I don’t want to take him to the police station. Just fight Man, my big bro doesn’t want to take you to the police station anymore He’ll hit you real hard – Tell us or not? – I will Easy, man I work at this bakery We can sell well But, since Mr. Mau’s banh mi store can draw a lot of customers I want to learn the recipe to make it for my store Your store was always crowded, so I didn’t dare to come close Big bro, this reason is acceptable, too What to do now? Still unconvincing! – What do you want? – Hold on I’m telling the truth. I came to learn the recipe My boss is a good man I’ll be scolded if he knows I did that He’s never done anything wrong and he’s truly kind He does have his own recipes to make the fillings, but they can’t satisfy all the customers I’m curious to know why you have a lot of customers, so I came to find out the reason Big bro, he seems very honest What are we gonna do? Ask him if he saw anyone following our store? Hey, was there anyone else following our store? No one I tried to avoid being detected by you and captured by the security camera Which security camera? Big bro asked which camera you mentioned? There’s no camera at our store There’s one at the house opposite your store There’s one at the house opposite our store When was it installed? Why didn’t’ anyone inform me about it? When was it installed? Why didn’t’ anyone inform him about it? Who knows? So lame! Big bro, he’s right We’re asking silly questions Tell him I’ll forgive him this time If he repeats it, Alright We trust you this time If you want to try banh mi at Mr. Mau’s store, just come straight into the store to buy Don’t act as if you’re doing something fishy Okay If you do it again, I’ll Don’t ever mess with my big bro Okay Got you You can leave Hey, this is my store Tell him to take good care of his store

We’ll leave My big bro told you to stay here and take good care of the store We’ll leave Minh, what’s wrong? – What’s up? – I got a cramp I’ve been flexing my muscles for too long Yeah, you made me scared But you had to act your eyes, too The way he looked at me made me scared Let’s go home “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” is aired at 19:55 from Monday to Thursday on HTV7, starting from 5th October, 2020 Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi” Color Man Food Mart proudly accompanies the film “Mr. Mau’s Banh Mi”