BÁNH MÌ ƠI #3: Sếp ăn bánh mì chả cá 13k, Thơ ký ăn bánh mì phô mai 20k ???

We’ve been waiting for him since early morning I’m starving The casting is scheduled to end at around 12:00 I haven’t had breakfast yet Me, neither But we have to wait Guys, we’re waiting for Color Man to join us for lunch Why don’t you call him? You want to be scolded? He’s still working What did you say? Go find something to eat – Are you hungry? – Yes Actually, I’m not You think I don’t know what you’re murmuring? Boss, you know, I’m still full Don’t you know I have amazing hearing? Hello my beloved viewers What should we have for lunch? Banh Mi? Dealt! Is it too dry? But I still want it Do you still remember I’m running the project called “Oh, Banh Mi!”? This morning, I was too busy casting so I couldn’t find time to film Plenty of vloggers came here to cast for my project Thank you so much, vloggers Those ones who missed the casting this morning please don’t hesitate to inbox us on Fanpage Color Man and let us know which position you’re interested in: travel vlogger, beauty vlogger or food vlogger Okay? Now we’re gonna have Banh Mi for lunch before starting the afternoon casting It’s 12:00. Finding a Banh Mi stall must be hard at this time Banh Mi is normally sold in the morning or in the evening But we gotta find it I’m planning to upload videos daily Each clip is about a Banh Mi stall I must keep my promise Come on. Let’s go My dear viewers, It’s 12:30 now We’re looking for Banh Mi I’m kinda decisive That’s why people who don’t know me well may think I’m insane They’re right, maybe Now we’re on Chu Van An Street I have no idea where it leads us to Is it okay to have Com Tam in stead in case we can’t find Banh Mi? No way! I won’t upset my plan I found a stall. But it sells hamburger, not Banh Mi Are there any Banh Mi stalls this way? How challenging it is! What if we fail to find Banh Mi after hours riding around? Is this Chu Van An Street?

We’re still on Chu Van An Street This eatery sells Com Tam and Bun Thit Nuong Are you hungry? You haven’t had breakfast yet? That eatery is so crowded Its dishes must be delicious I’m willing to roam the streets in the morning but finding a Banh Mi stall in the afternoon is really challenging Anyway, I won’t quit Should we go the way to the bus station? Here is Bui Dinh Tuy Street Ah, not Bui Dinh Tuy This is Dinh Bo Linh Street It’s near Mien Dong Bus Station, right? So, I think we should head straight to the bus station I’m sure we can find Banh Mi around the hood I was on my way to Mien Dong Bus Station to find Banh Mi But now They have Banh Mi with Fish Cake I’ll give it a try Here I am at Loc Phuc stall which is located on Dinh Bo Linh Street 1 Banh Mi with Fish Cake for me, please What does this sauce pair with? With Banh Mi, bro Is it meatball sauce? It is. But we’re out of meatballs Bro, what’s the purpose of filming? My project is to introduce Banh Mi stalls throughout Vietnam Really? – Hi Color Man – Hi lady I’d like 5 loaves Which stuffing would you like? 5 Banh Mi with Fish Cake Please PR for my stall This is Loc Phuc 2 stall – In the morning, I park my cart across the street – Okay I was about to take that turn to Mien Dong Bus Station but then I happened to see this cart Mrs., what’s the address of your stall? It’s 48 Dinh Bo Linh Street – Lots of chili for my loaf – Okay – How many loaves do you want, bro? – Five – How much does a loaf cost? – It’s 13,000 VND Only 13,000 VND? So cheap ‘Cause this is just a street stall So make me 5 loaves, 15,000 VND each OMG! Only 13,000 VND per loaf – Where do you live? – I’m Saigonese He’s very popular on Youtube Today I came here to work Are you two a couple? We’re siblings – So you’re her little brother? – Exactly You know, I’m running the project called “Oh, Banh Mi!” in the hope of putting Banh Mi on the map I want to count the number of Banh Mi stalls throughout Vietnam,

starting from now till I’m 80 years old All kinds of stalls You should do this in the morning You’re right In the morning and in the evening, right? That’s why I couldn’t find any stall after more than 10 minutes riding around It’s easy to find many stalls in the morning I also have lots of customers at that time – Wait, I forgot the address – 48 Everyone, I’m at Loc Phuc stall It’s at 48 48 Dinh Bo Linh Street, Binh Thanh District – Which Ward? – Ward 26 48 Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District Guys, I’ve just introduced another Banh Mi stall to you In case you crave Banh Mi in the afternoon, let’s come here to buy My store closes at 24:00 – Really? – Yes Gee It opens at 6:00 and closes at 24:00 You ordered Banh Mi with cheese and sausage? So, 4 Banh Mi with Fish Cake, 1 Banh Mi with cheese and sausage Now I know Banh Mi can be stuffed with cheese and sausage Banh Mi can pair with lots of things What matters is you haven’t tried them You can stuff your Banh Mi with anything you want That’s very great of it – Lots of chili for my loaf, please – Yes, sir We’ll have some drinks right at this store He can make Banh Mi and answer the phone at the same time Very aromatic! You want veggies for your loaf? Who says Banh Mi is less preferred in the afternoon? Look, I’m not the only one queuing here – Are you here to buy Banh Mi? – Yes See? This guy also has Banh Mi for lunch It’s just quite dry to eat That’s why we’ll have some sugarcane juice – Is it still available? – Yes – So, 4 cups of sugarcane juice, please – Okay I’m making a web series called “Oh, Banh Mi!” “Oh, Banh Mi!” Does the melody sound like the song “Oh, Bicycles!”? – Who ordered Banh Mi with cheese? – Me That girl over there Only 13,000 VND for a loaf. Super cheap – Guy, are you a regular customer of this stall? – I am You certainly know this stall before Unlike you, I just happened to see this stall I caught it by chance when I was heading to Mien Dong Bus Station to find Banh Mi I’m sure you can find many Banh Mi stalls in the morning The owner is very friendly – Nah, I’m fierce – Really? He always heats up Banh Mi with canned sardines before serving Banh Mi with canned sardines? Other stalls don’t do like him The owner is making Banh Mi with canned sardines This young man loves Banh Mi with canned sardines ’cause this stall always serve it hot Cool! He put the can on the stove and heated it up It must be very hot How will you take it down? Bro, please make me 4 cups of sugarcane juice – Do you want kumquat? – Yes, please What will I do to watch this clip?

It will be uploaded on Color Man Channel Your sister knows my channel What size would you like? Just medium – A large must be too much for him – That’s right Hey, there comes many more customers – What would you like, bro? – 2 Banh Mi with Fish Cake 2 Banh Mi with Fish Cake for him 2 Banh Mi with Fish Cake Please park you motorbikes properly Hey, it burned It’s Three Lady Cooks canned sardines I reviewed it once when I had a meal with my family It’s super tasty Zoom in to this bowl The layer of foam tells this is fine sugarcane juice Here is our lunch She has Banh Mi with sausage,cheese, and pork floss – Sausage,cheese, and pork floss – I’m so new to this This is my first time eating it Banh Mi with sausage is so common Banh Mi with cheese can make you gain lots of weight I have Banh Mi with Fish Cake Very appealing, right? Mrs., I want more chili Thank you – How much is this sugarcane juice? – It’s 5,000 VND Banh Mi is 13,000 VND, sugarcane juice costs 5,000 VND Your potion costs 20,000 VND? Okay. Pay it yourself My Banh Mi is only 15,000 VND while hers costs 20,000 VND What a secretary! Eating Banh Mi in the afternoon doesn’t make it less delicious Oh my I have to use my bare hand? Let me get you a spoon Wait, I can handle it Just a piece of cake Done Watching vehicles passing by in the afternoon, eating Banh Mi, drinking sugarcane juice, I couldn’t ask more for a happy life

A big stall like this sells Banh Mi at a very reasonable price That’s the truth Boss, it tastes awesome It’s amazing, right? So don’t hesitate to eat, okay? Where do you buy Fish Cake? It tastes good Pardon? – Where do you buy fish cake? – At the market Is it good? It’s amazing I thought it’s not as tasty as in the morning but I’m wrong It’s still crunchy Gaining 10 kilos in a month seems possible to me, right? Eating Banh Mi every day, getting fat is a sure thing Poor me Right. She has to eat what I eat ‘Cause she’s afraid that I’ll feel displeased Don’t you know cheese is a weight-gaining food? May I have the check, please? Let’s drink some sugarcane juice Only 5,000 VND for this cup Foreign residents will probably miss the homeland very much when you see that sugarcane juice machine It’s hard to find sugarcane juice overseas A sugarcane juice machine like this one is a childhood memory That part looks like a rudder. You see it? How much in total? It’s 105,000 VND – 105,000 VND? – Right – Please wait. I’ll get you the change – Keep it No way! I just need your support Keep it. It’s a part of my project I’ll buy Banh Mi for 20 USD Thank you so much Take it as a luck Thank you For the Banh Mi I buy, I’ll pay the seller 20 USD Thank you Everyone, please keep supporting “Oh, Banh Mi!” and please show me some weight loss methods I’m afraid I’ll gain lots of weights if I eat Banh Mi every day – You know I own a Banh Mi stall, right? – Yes But don’t mind “Oh, Banh Mi!” aims to count Banh Mi stalls till the day I can’t eat Banh Mi anymore I hope it will reach 1000 clips It means I have to pay 20 USD x 1000 = 20,000 USD. That’s a fortune, right? I’ll try to make as many episodes as I can – Goodbye – Thank you This is Loc Phuc 2 stall The owners are very friendly and hilarious