Bánh Mì Chảo Cô Lệ 45 năm | Có gì trong Bánh Mì Chảo Buê Đuê 35k trên vỉa hè Sài Gòn

The name of Bue Due Eggs was given by the customers of the eatery This extra meat is priced at 35,000 VND. Would you like to eat scallions? This meringue is crispy, delicious like a snack, and quite enjoyable Hi guys! It’s about 7am at Saigon. I’m presenting at Opposite 004 Lot D Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment, District 3, Saigon or 004 Today I will share with you about bread pan on Saigon sidewalk chảo vỉa hè Sài Gòn I searched the internet and found out that this restaurant has existed for a long time. And especially here is a kind of bread quite a special called Bue Due pan bread I will share with you about this dish so that you can refer to before deciding to come to this eatery we can sit over there and over here, very spacious and comfortable this one fries for 30 minutes. This sausage is always fried, right? this one fries for 30 minutes 4 fry pot to 400 sausages – Small pot then fry for 2 hours and fry 6 pots, each fryer gets 100 sausages – these are the last two fryers These sausages are only sold when fried or not? I found that it took a lot of oil to fry just two pots Is this sausage you cut yourself or are you pre-cut? – I cut them myself you cut at home, right? I cut myself, hire people but I can’t hire anyone – Peeling the sausage is also very extreme – the smell of sausage is very fragrant – I’ve been working for a long time, so I know you and you haven’t done it yet, so it hurts your hand Your hand will be very painful so you can only do it for 1 day Before that I bought a machine costing 7,000,000 VND, but after using it for a while, it broke down hardly any machine can do this job This is fried for 2 hours I’ve been frying for 30 minutes This frying will be like bacon, if you don’t fry it, it won’t taste good I just let others do it so they know and get a job I am already old so I can’t do it well anymore – anyone who is passionate about the job can do it And if you don’t have passion then you will not be able to do this job because it is very tiring back pain, hand fatigue, if you cut too little sausage, it is not enough to sell – Every day, about a few hundred people come to eat so we have to do a lot If I hire more helpers, the price of each meal must increase to 60,000 VND I started selling since I was 15 years old I have sold from 1975 to present You only sell pan bread, right? in the past I only sold bread without fill Here I use bottled oil, not literal oil – You always use Cai Lan oil, right? Yes, I use the oil in the bottle, others use the oil sold by liters – That oil is very foul and poisonous – Turn on the light, fry one egg and the other into a glass, add salt and chili sauce Where did it come from, but it is called Bue Due pan bread?

The name of Bue Due Eggs was given by the customers of the eatery This dish is called Bue Due Phu Quy Are we going to have a fried egg and an egg in a glass? – Full of eggs, fish, sausage and cheese Soft sausage, crispy sausage, egg, canned fish, cheese, it is called Bue Due Phu Quy Other than Bue Due, are there any other dishes? O Moi eggs only have egg whites for gyms the price of the two types like? How much does a Bue Due item cost? a portion like this with a loaf of bread costs 15,000 VND Bue Due Phu Quy is priced at 35,000 VND – O Moi dishes are priced from 20,000 VND to 25,000 VND This Bue Due dish with only eggs, sausage and cheese costs 20,000 VND adding a piece of canned fish is priced at 25,000 VND – If you add one more sausage, it costs 30,000 VND – If you eat more crispy sausages, it costs 35,000 VND This fried egg costs 10,000 VND What time do you start selling? 4am I fry the sausage, 6am starts selling until 2pm I see only you do right? – Only I sell, when cleaning, my husband will help I don’t hire more people because of heavy work, they can’t do it – Now I will stir the eggs – I’ll put the eggs in, add a little salt and soy sauce then stir the eggs like this This is a scrambled egg, a loaf of bread with a portion like this costs 10,000 VND Around what time do guests come to eat here? – This time is also crowded, I have to do so continuously Every day I sell between 400-500 loaves of bread and around 2pm it will be sold out – O Moi eggs only have egg whites Let’s see how she makes this dish O Moi egg dish has only egg whites and salt How much does this item cost? only 10.000 vnd How much does it cost if I order more bread? Bread, I already charged the meal you order, if you order more, it will cost 3,000 VND / loaf This food is O Moi, right? – That’s right, only the egg whites – they just like to eat when they are wet less than it is priced at 30,000 vnd. In order, the amount will be increased by VND 15,000, VND 20,000 and VND 25,000 If you want to eat more, each dish will cost 5,000 VND. If you do not eat fish, I will add sausage to this meal If you don’t eat fish, I’ll put something else in to become a 35,000 VND meal I have to cut like this to make it easier to eat, I’ll show you how to eat Split into pieces like this, then add the cheese add the cheese like this – then add more fish, sorry my hand is a bit weak because my hand is a bit weak

So I can’t break this fish, its flesh is solid like this – Add fish, crispy sausage and chewy sausage to bread then add a piece of fried egg – In the end you can eat it. Ya, Thank you so much! I observed that, although sold on the sidewalk, the dining space is very comfortable you can sit on one side or the other done you eat onions, right? you eat onions, right? Iced tea is free and soft drinks cost 10,000 VND / bottle Same price 10,000 VND, Pepsi, Cocacola Sting, 7up are also priced at 10,000 VND sell me 2 parts. What would you like to eat? 2 full toppings but without onion and chili sauce 2 full toppings but without onion and chili sauce After you make iced tea, go over here to get some food do it for me because my health is weaker I am afraid that my health is not good Please hold the lower part, if you hold the upper part will easily burn Here, my son Here, son, please take this very good, one more part help me it’s done. my son OK Please help me Here are 2 servings of your bread Please hold the lower part, do not hold the upper part will burn your hand Thank you so much! Get a chair to place a pan watch the clock If you look at the clock, you will know Fatigue hand too If I hold it too long it will be like this Can you eat onions? two parts without fish, right? You sympathize with me because I forget quickly. Can you come here to help me? Remind me or I will forget Can you order something, can you come here to help me? You can order the item I ordered 2 full toppings. – Ok i will do it two full servings, please help me. One portion without onions and chili Iced tea is free so you can drink it comfortably it’s free so you can use it freely You just need to put ice in a glass and add the tea again Do not open the lid because this tea I just cooked is very hot, easily burns legs You just put ice in a glass then add water and drink two full parts, right? Please take it for me! a portion of bread without onions and chili one serving of bread without onions and chili and one full serving Come here and get help, because my hand is hurting If I hire more people, a meal will increase the price to 60,000 VND because I will have to pay them 250,000 VND They will serve the water and wash the pan for you so the money will be 25,000 vnd a meal will cost 60,000 vnd I couldn’t find someone to do it because the job was so extreme that no one could do it I finished a piece of bread with no onions and chili Remember to hold the lower part, not the upper part will burn my childrent!

Remember to hold the lower part not the upper part will burn This is the onion and chili portion Hold this part, ok that’s right You eat two full servings, right? not the upper part will burn You just finished eating, do not know what you feel after eating? In general, from before until now, Since I don’t eat this dish often, it can’t be compared but the first impression when eating this dish is quite delicious This dish when eaten in the morning is quite suitable, it is hot There are many ingredients in this dish such as eggs being hot and hot dogs like when I eat a snack, it’s fun – What food did you order? – I have called the full part With the price of 35,000 VND, do you feel adequate? – I found it quite adequate as there are many ingredients in this portion as well it has 1 large cheese, fish, eggs quite complete, so it was pretty ok How often do you eat here? – I ate here for the first time because I saw the information on the internet -What’s your name? – My name is An -OK Tkank you so much! these are two parts the bread pan that I ordered. You can observe the appearance of the dish She has 2 pans, one hot and one not hot The outside pan is used to reduce the heat 2 pans like this Thank you so much! This is what could be O Moi, 2 eggs that cost 15,000 VND This part only has egg whites, bread is charged together Her bread pre-cut like this and this is a bread called Bue Due The name is very strange. The process of making this cake you can review the part I filmed the video before. The sausage here is fried so you can feel its crispness the fish is very big I don’t know if it tastes good or not, but the appearance is eye-catching and the shop owner has a very cute personality She is enthusiastic and has a very cute personality Iced tea here is free we sit on the sidewalk to eat Now I’m going to eat it, she showed me how to eat it earlier First I’ll put the cheese on top she cut the bread I just need to add cheese Add more fish this is bread pan this is fried sausage Crispy sausage She sells until noon so you can drop by at any time during that time add a little onion Da Lat, very delicious I’ll enjoy it The bread is quite crunchy, especially the aroma of fish, the fatty taste of cheese I will eat the sausage since it is a bit small so I haven’t felt the taste yet the sausage is very crunchy have eggs, very fat Eating like this is very fat. Do you find it attractive? I can feel the salty taste of the salt and the spicy taste of onions If you find out this video is good and helpful Please Subscribe my channel And now, goodbye and see you next video, Goodbye! That’s right! That’s right! Remember to hold the lower part, not the upper part will burn