Website Training 2017

technology I’m Janet General in South Carolina and we have been around for quite a while and I just been really active in this comedian used to work at the assistive technology Pro the retirement of still working with this committee Edward getting some money from the government and state government has been in the spot and be using for several years is kind of hard to explain what ask it is but we’re going to be growing a lot under able and doing a lot more of this kind of paint me a murder some of this you may not have actually had before kids that went through Richland 2 schools and I was on the health advisory Council for about eight thousand years until the last time graduate and I can’t believe I don’t know anybody in this room which tells me something we also have Clay Jeffcoat who works for the school for the deaf and the Blind and some of you probably know him because he works directly with students he is part of the average grows when he works with curriculum education accessibility and then that I’m going to let you introduce yourself and I’m passionate about possibility of joint ounces in 100 years ago how did the local person and Clay is the demonstrator because clay uses the screen your jaws to do everything so he’s part of the Mansion Savannah who’s everybody that’s not the same thing and then if you think about it I don’t know any students who don’t use a mouse at all but use Mania on-screen keyboard or their people use IVs technology to calibrate the keyboard your eyes move the mail so there’s a whole lot of kinds of Technologies out there and then course learn the life of term for people in wheelchairs how many other people need that curve cut somebody who can’t see in front of very well oh mama the stroller someone that I’m With Somebody karaoke ordering something they could easily spell so all a lalala things that help a website or an electronic formation be accessible are the same things that help everybody and so it’s kind of a universal design issue and then the other thing that is it everybody’s always concerned about section 5 of the law that applies to paste information there’s two bedroom maintaining the laws and so what people forgive is it being usable is more important than being accessible by the law so that you can have a tag on a graphic but if it’s not a good tag remind me tomorrow this attack but if it’s not a good descriptive tag and it’s not usable navigation is another one of those things consistent navigation makes it more usable to everyone say you remember how the site works when you go back to the pens on that because he doesn’t see the side so he doesn’t go back to another page and that’s why they think you’re heard of wave this is a great for us the way it was a toolbar it’s also on a sign when you can pop a URL in there and it shows you all kinds of them different things about the webpage are the electronic information on a web page that somehow to you all I don’t know whether I have it in the Dropbox but you know don’t

feel like it’s Travis is something you’ll get this so don’t you can take screenshots and then you won’t but also it will be made available once we’ve made it available to a whole lot of people so those are some of the tools and then we have our anybody here heard of Aria kind of anything and Matt knows a lot more about it than I do but it is at the alternative to some of them old ways of making things accessible what’s handle of this all of this is that we started out with issues and then technology guess what change was surprised so it wouldn’t look well the way things are written and worded years ago really don’t apply when we see how many games played the old to homepage see what it does it shows us what you do see there’s 97 alerts and then say what you want to know about this and then there’s structural and when you see how she can do is you can you can look at the code behind everything and it highlights where the highlights what is talking about so far this is invaluable you can go right and almost a lot of things you need to be thinking about here’s a stay up in your summary of what’s on what’s on your webpage and a tells you that there’s a lot of redundant all the reasons your pages and I’m going to let play explain to you why this is a little aggravating to someone with the screen reader clay I’m going to give you the money okay so on with your screen reader which we will demonstrate a little bit it’s pretty smart and the fact that it pretty it pretty well read The Jungle Book movie content knows when you travel over a button or a link that that is exactly what that is in his going to tell you that’s a lame because then you can click on it well if you were text of the button or the warm field has the actual let’s say you love but in your alternative text on that says submit button your screen is going to say submit button button cuz it’s light so you know anytime you have a control on website what you want to make sure is that the the text associated with that describes what it’s supposed to do but is not necessary with the the type of control Indiana Texas turn the CW can go there and if you really nice term called when you put the best Technical and it tells you where in the line bet so you can go to the web page from section 508 see what you really need is an educational process at South at Roadrunner what that means we’re going to go through the next to this PowerPoint to maybe use it for their own presentations all that information is there but we’re not going to go into all that and aren’t you glad to hear that the two big federal laws are section 504 of the week and then section 508 which is basically saying don’t owe money don’t buy any products that aren’t accessible as a pretty big order in it and then Section 504 I can probably a lot of you know quite a bit about but that’s a non-discrimination laws so what happens is they use the one that they think works the best at that time so that we can the phrases in Section 504 are things like this substantially equivalent ease ease of use so it’s a Kindle and it doesn’t have a screen reader it’s not ease of use to tell somebody with a visual

impairment and needs as many that you can listen to it’s not the same experience and that was the big thing everybody ran off and got candles and none of them had swing beers and all kinds of things happen because of that I think I have a slide on that so then what happened which is architectural just like buildings are architectural web sites are architectural to and so they asked the access board to come up with enforceable standards in other words are Technologies newer than our wall and they spent about ten thousand years finally coming up this past January with their final rule we kept hearing about section 508 refresh and they finally did and it’s all this is really a lot of hoopla cuz it’s the same principles and quit calling information technology and Communications technology in the hemlines beautiful definition of that but it did was include more devices and less of the software in the and you know the internal stuff so the hears us play of the major rules and what it what one thing we had two things going on we had Wicked and then text there’s a lot of ants in all this and then we had section 508 so what they did was put more of wicked witch is an international standard into R Us standard which is 508 and this tells you one thing is it’s a work group under the World Wide Web Consortium which isn’t really w3c so there’s a whole lot of players going on and I just put this here in that ever need to know it makes it pretty clear because he’s not important that you understand this right now has to Sara Lee Whitney things more Global find a way to do this do that do this have a skip have where is Windex I’m going to put it in the broader categories and look at it more organically and so that that’s the basic summary of that bunch of lost what people don’t realize all suits and everything else is in the ABA because if the information architecture on a website is the same as a building so we have to see a bunch of lawsuits in a minute and you’ll see how many more 88th and others in the eye totally kids into this because we’re using the internet and electronic information technology in the classroom or more more more when we started all this I remember going to set up meeting with a state government Committee in there was a school district that had one computer in the whole school district and now you see 20 years later what we’re looking at so if it just you can’t escape it and Travis will tell you when you are the first thing people want to do is say so what the Department of Education did is come out with those dear colleague letter and there were some very specific when that whole Kendall thing blue and so those of us would then we have a few laws in South Carolina we have some standards that this committee I’ve mentioned that we came up with the middle of the same section 508 refresh interesting in our great state of South Carolina is that we just stopped within the people it is not it’s not a it’s a strategy that it’s being used the first thing that happens we had complained we had audits by the US for the US Department of Education Office of civil rights and they have a strategy of making lot of impact so they went to the technical college system and they audit turn off there’s no website is perfect for training and evaluating and but they reach 16 with that one so that’s their strategy plans Olympic Charter School store online and so they went to Charter Schools and said okay you have some issues with your online learning and that again was not a complaint

then all low and behold last summer we get a little call from the Department of Education or State Department of there’s been a complaint and then Rachel Travis alive who are you somebody up at the Department of Education Office of civil rights in contact Jen and Jen and he said I don’t even know who you are and who we are and this week work with Charter School effect if we were because we were instead of telling people what they had to do cuz that’s how we do it in South Carolina you join somebody’s church if you want change their mind you don’t file suit I mean that’s my opinion I’ve been around a long time and then Greenville County also. But I want to tell you that then I told him to do her it’s a compliment that they singled you out yeah yeah yeah but it is and let me show you what planes came from cuz you look it up all over the place I mean disabilities and she lives in Michigan and she filed 400 complaints all over the United States and I have no doubt this is where the complaint Vision to God that’s the source she filed 400 so the office of civil rights can’t do five 400 cases so they open 275 and a vac I say we cuz I feel like I’m part of his until we were one of them well that’s a compliment because they went after school districts and Department of Education that they thought would respond well and make a difference and they didn’t go after that that little Kelly little in one computer they they chose carefully and they chose I think it’s an honor that we were chosen man said this morning maybe they found out that you spell this beautiful awesome stuff and then allow the federal lawsuits has to do with because when someone can’t go out an application that really jeopardizes is mostly a little 504 and a little 5:08 and then I found a beautiful little thing that Travis crazy already plane hitting the road if there’s an educational they said don’t get all upset about and don’t throw a lot of money it consultants and expecting to fix everything we want you to every single page of our website and tells how to fix it when the million dollars that would be reproach been exactly what I want dinosaur next Golem do anything to fix it and they wish they did fix things from the beginning it was amazing and that I think would be the Netflix because they’re not catching you have to be so they’re captioning and now I’m going to go in a minute I want to go through some of this is not just a web pages I know very anybody here design web pages yeah well we still need to know this because it’s all your Word documents it’s if you work in Publisher whatever you’re working in these principles apply go to my contacts it’s content everywhere and so I got a link here that’s why I hope you’ll get this power point because of his leg is really moving his new and it shows how different Technologies are used to access computer laptop there’s any other device of the webpage he wants to see at the Wayside Inn when that is not in start at the first

word on the top left and go every word all the way down to the bottom right we would want to do that what do we do I look at the head I look at the main sections and if it’ll asses then he doesn’t know what the main sections are and he’s going to show you that in a minute so this is web coding but it needed you need us so just saying I want to make this hitting of my section blue ball with a certain fun I like that book you can do that but you need to label it as heading 1 heading to because that’s how plays going to hear it and he’ll show you what he means later understand what I’m saying okay well anything you design you design it like an and you know when you do it and worry that’s going to show you love that when you pull up the tape generates an automatic table of contents which is lovely because if that’s how he’ll Clayton claypool’s up and says we’re all the heavy ones what are all the heading to do you got something that’s a heavy one labeled as it had in three or Vivid it’s not any you chosen something that is automatically Mabel bed and it’s a little confusing and it’s not this is not hard to do yes pretty good well process work where can I file a new stuff will talk about yes or no but that’s good I’m just saying they thought about accessibility to start with their one of them so how many people here label your graphics so you won’t say what it is I know the DMV had 183 unlabeled graphics on their webpage years ago so you heard breath for an hour and then I went back to you later than one fixed yet because nobody filed a complaint I guess so there traffic doesn’t mean anything it’s just there to be pretty so you can give it a no did you listen the word we do it another you know you can if you format the picture gives you an opportunity to give that Grandpa tag and so did you put just too quotes without anything in between then swingers Escape dad reason I haven’t done that for all the graphics yet cuz I changed it so I know thank you go back and I will not example cuz I should have done it every time I slap that graphic in there while I was there you format picture you go to the altar you don’t give it a title in a PowerPoint you doing I’ll turn the description car so what what mean what does mean so that’s a subjective thing if you’re working with a bunch of Engineers they don’t care about the red rose to make the site look pretty so that information on interested if you’re in an Elementary classroom with kids in third grade in might be important to know what that is so it makes a difference in what they all today so there’s some pretty good resources the amount the next thing we’re going to talk about us skip navigation if you ever notice on a website you’ll see skip to main content and it’s up with the top sometimes you don’t see if there’s a big controversy about whether you should see it or not and I think it should be visible because people with screen enlargers maybe at the top of the screen and not saying that they want to be able to skip to the content and they they can’t that’s why you see that girl on her water she can’t get to the top you can’t get to the main content cuz there’s so much else in the way and so I believe it should be visible there’s lots of different ways to do that now but what that means is instead of listening to all the menu items from the top of the page on to all this drop-down menus all the navigation all the blah blah blah play can skip to content and he goes

to the paragraph in case you your information huge huge and then we find a lot of times if you want to say more about this okay so we’ll see if it’s there there’s ways around it sometimes the template that is just other ways to do it but he needs to be today and then link text this is where I get a little angry he pulls up a bunch of links will take this show me all the lakes on this home page cuz I hate that I look at what the links are where can I go from here that’s how I look at it with sometimes that’s my focus and so is it says click here or more more more download download download you don’t know what you’re downloading it doesn’t tell you where you’re going it’s not meaningful a text and it just think for a minute about that now he’s pretty good at say what’s the contents I know he’ll leave before that and you’ll see that it’s probably talking about a document and he’s a part of our deal anything to read more on another page but it’s just not a good idea and so they are giving you some send Alternatives instead of saying please click here to download music which is messy writing and awake you can download your certificate so you see examples will see more and more of this plague would they know what’s going on and you can do it without writing paragraphs that are blanks I promise you you can and a little bit more online text you should form anime stand out a little bit try to make him sing and then I said describe another thing that you don’t need to say picture of same thing with all text you don’t want to say picture of because they already know and that’s that then he has to listen to put that in your text because he’s going to have to hear those things twice so it’s probably better to put the cash in in the in the text of the name article or document and then you don’t have to can you put on us but it now okay for the actual picture itself this is the home page link Texas what place at me in the he’s going to do this in a minute but you see your link text is very good it’s a little long but that’s okay because if you did you know that you’re going to do all the news and then I love learn how to apply sign up to participate here so I don’t know what y’all have any school district in the state so some questions about how that’s generated a lot of these links automatically menus for what I say and I think I that’s usually derived from how your tiling the texting again with some you create and Clay’s going to show you a perfect example of my homepage complete what is on a Rissa too and then it goes… so you’re thinking about tiling your leaves in your menus think about parents can use the tilde remember and he’s got his case as his interesting them jumping he’ll show you jump right to me then here’s your renting facilities claimtek and what happened he said he didn’t realize it tell me a PDF and that would have been helpful for him to know that that’s where he was going over there he’s going to show you Tommy Bates is that your switched okay so what I have is your website and I’m going to refresh page just so you guys can come and hear what these figures going to say there is off so it’s not saying things I haven’t loaded fresh beginning of

the site they would tell me when it comes on how many regions how many headings how many links are on the page and we can actually close this out and pull it back up on me tell us let’s see what will give them a shot how can I update 935 lower is playing on competition for finding information on a web page you would be me the kitchen. So your homepage gave me a little bit of information instructions on the face and we are going to start at the very beginning Reese’s home is written or the way a structured at a very good point that a site is really kind of a architectural structure is just like if you guys have nose and a two bathrooms with the same kind like going to different bathroom for me every time with different website if you going to find where everything is so on your homepage one thing that’s very interesting is that you guys have a lot of your main content right at the top I don’t have to plow through 150 links on navigation on how to get to your different schools and apartments in this at the other whenever I start at the top of your page I get the first thing that comes up is an inspiring success looking Community character can you cancel Arm about the alarm player live event says land in level 2 of The Newsroom start right there with an egg level 2 from The Newsroom and what we mean by headings set volume color for later with how heavy structure works anybody not complete without a dancing so for me a heading structure is like an outline for a research paper or table if I am looking for a particular major section in your website I made navigate by a level ones which are the main big sections if I am looking at all of the little Nitty Gritty subsections of your website then may have a game night through level 2 level 3 just depending on house broken up so it’s kind of like your social studies book chapters and you got sections and some seconds and I know that a lot of people using structure because violating level 3 may not really fit the structure or The Hunting site so that we’ll talk about the fact that there’s other ways to the same look be able keep the heading structure of the same survival of the headings on this page was thinking link link I love affair is currently I don’t know from the new the form filled out animal from the new volume level 3 if this is a level 2 for Candice’s a level 3 what would you guys assume that you couldn’t visually look at the page yes it should be part of number 2 now I’m very

well maybe or a very well may not be we can continue down and look your field from calendar to calendar all positions recruitment Fairfield that sound taste test level 3 alarm there’s a contact us and that’s hitting level for click here to learn about the regular alright so you got your pain level ones down there a level one alarm Without Rain Man can you level one more headed into level to the next from the new movie Hall upcoming events their website structure having a headache structure is very did you guys have one environmental learning community and big navigation bar at least there may be one on the screen but my screen reader is not grabbing at first you also have regions on your page which is very nice and so usually on a site that has implemented regions I’m not going to say correctly because that’s a matter of opinion I guess Tastefully they have like a navigation region and main region so if I want to go to the different regions on the page I can hit it harder to our documents from seeing web coding before going to be headed that last name with a p in the middle of it main or section order those are the regions that he’s talking about so this case me of a Norwegian obviously I’m assuming that contains the banner and information information Amana range play the new The Long play County Marineland town….. play as a large imagination volume what is it saying play no more attendant what if y’all didn’t put superintendent Link in your live news with dead and these are all in the list obviously there’s some sort of the light on I was eating you have a region that gets me to the navigational areas but I’m not crissin with the navigational at the very top that’s kind of different roach and then I kind of like it in the fact that I get the content of the page before I get all the gibberish that I have to plow through but yet it’s still easy to find so I do not see a skipping out on here and there may be a good reason for that navigation on the top isn’t that interesting what are the ways that you can test really good first impression or whether you know that a screen reader is going to read your page logically the structure headings were there is to do up to do I right click on web page to view source and that way you’ll see the source code Made It by 11 but you should be able to identify a headache

section and main section of the content give me a footer those kinds of things and it should be presented in the same order that would be read what we’re saying here is that the coding for the navigation you know it’s coated in set to appear at the top of the page visually it’s somewhere else in the hierarchy of everything everything on the Kodi is a page with the way the pages coded it makes it switch off the top you notice he was navigating the change on the screen of here nothing but doesn’t actually go to them because all of it is existing so I’m going to bring up a list on you guys see how you look pretty nice as far as being able to as you guys have the following following mentary school middle school is right on point here and normally if I’m on the site that I know like the back of my hand and I know where I want to go one I will either search for or I’ll pull up a list of links because I can always present first letter of the lengths an alarm that is for me to plow from the site on know exactly right one is it by any questions before we move on to the next sections if I want me to look at anything else on you have a contact on Redbox the scores movies or whether it’s supposed to be a search box set an alarm for 11 a.m. I will say the contrast on that gun thing from way Greyhound Library are we ready to sleep okay now David in your play and you are trying to read a TV schedule and everything across just lights text so you’re hearing 9:30 1030 1130 and less on the table he needs to call and the Rogue information with one that piece of information isn’t herself and Matt’s going to show us how to do the word with tables that’s called a datatable a lot is tables for layout people are doing that much anymore but when you when you put information in a chart or table it needs to be labeled correctly and this is to show you when you there’s a you can use a tool bar with way and you didn’t examine table Road and it’s labeled or not like I said go into a whole lot more of this is a Google Calendar right and is very very well-constructed as a table and I think plays going to read that later remember that cuz I sent you that link I’ll show you how he’s going to a screen bigger so that’s awesome agenda view in calendar now I’m actually we have this is playing we’re going to have him show I think you are up next and he’s going to show you the calendar and he’s also going to show you a form he needs to know what to put in that box before it so he doesn’t have to hear there’s a box and not know what to put in it he needs to know if it’s required or not and then when he starts to submit form he needs to know that it actually was submitted I paid a credit

card bill something like 15 times because I didn’t know it had submitted so then is Bank obituaries banging him and they had all that hassle it’s because he didn’t he didn’t know that it went through I know y’all are not so responsible for that kind of the form development but this whole things in the weirdest thing what it’s like to not be able to see in the excess electronic information formation we’ll talk about some crush on some of the basics today are you guys ready to calendar your calendar and your calendar is so you guys have a calendar that appears to be a set of tables each table is a different week your table consists obviously of 7 columns and two rows per week the rose being the money to cross the top with events across the bottom these tables are not labeled per say in that if I’m on Route 2 and I’m moving across Row 2 which is the place where the events would be it does not read me the column title at the top which should be about your date and then reading the South however since this is only a two-row table I don’t find it being that big of a deal normally if you have your row and column titles to find in your tables if I’m on that second row and I’m moving across it will read me the Cell at the top and then read me the contents of the cell phone in so it would keep me knowing what column I’m in or if you had a picture a very large eggs in you guys deal with really order how many of you guys have never looked at online TV listing Orange shows what channel and what time slot will think about this if I am a table like that and I am moving I have gone down the left hand side of the table and I found the day of the week that I want and then I start moving across that robe and my rowing column titles are not defined I’m going to get the names of the shows that are coming on but it’s not going to rain any this time slide in the tub 9:30 to 10 10-30 to 11 know what call them in and then let’s say that the column titles are fine so I know 11 to 9:30 to 10 live and I say oh okay what what other shows are coming on that other days of the week during the same time slots are moving down and Myro titles are not to find I don’t know what day of the week but let’s look at your your table secure table with 7 columns and 11 rows, okay will assist able to sell them seven columns and one room yeah my day table with seven columns into rows this is your first one columns 28 days but not loud and let’s see we get Lantern call Lamprey beginning of row slideroom sorry that this is actually reading the site but it’s not actually moving your cursor so that you guys can see it not in the table next to court now so all I have to do is go up once l28 and roll out that’s on February 20th 7 PM Lampe Mo Physicians recruitment Fair hours on there is a alright so you guys coming to get how this works it’s only two roses not that bad now if it was 500 calls why and then it might become one problem but it’s okay 10 columns with one two three four five

six seven eight nine 10 Saturday so it’s just like if you were to try to have the TV. It was the same thing picture picture it like this you guys were looking through this or looking through TV Guide you, set a time with like looking through a carport to if somebody wasn’t staying the side you tap me on the shoulder reminding you what cellular in would be kind of difficult linen to figure it out what’s the weather look like for you now to go down two days from that to 16th and see what that event is I have two weeks to figure out this table is one table per week it won’t let me navigate to Wyndham start of this manor house go to all the games go which day were you talking about 4:54 p.m. so what I can navigate this isn’t terrible navigate to Bojangles so I used to shortcut key to skip through the tables now check this out and bring my calendar Nolan’s McAllen cleanable Barack Obama is going to show me and tells me that I can click their to show Community conversation for me this is very convenient Neymar seven people stop alarm can we make two forms the Department of Education South Carolina needs to know if you made an error and needs to take him back to where that error was and not sure something highlighted in red knew that I was looking for a website and we were so cute. We are at the top of the top I’m assuming so if you print this it would golson’s work letterhead very well that looks like I’ve been instructions that was an all kind ! Either I’m so disappointed I want to shout at me okay sis is an exam Network 0 3 0 9 + 15 – 4 + 3 complete the room dinner Thursday traveling on the road in the field of October 4th make it down to reason let’s see if there’s any structure in this document on the resume Rivera’s name on email am I skipping yeah that is what’s the weather in level Town Rivera’s name on the email it says there’s a text box Christmas Italian well Mike about this is the fact that it tells me what I’m supposed to type in the Box versus just saying it not knowing take Lily formation Bravo Marine collagen division / office the latest Row 3 of 3 in column 1 2 3 count to three currency delete an end of roll any level to travel further than the division level 30 and the road travel destination the dress Profile 30 said so these are all places that you should be able to type in things, so you should be able to hike rosacea 13 and you guys did in this instance

use it what’s the layout row 11 of 13 Going on 30 this is the direction of flight 903 I’ll look there here’s a good example to me it says check box and tells me it’s not checked the ideas what is a visually look like is it very intuitive mother he noticed because he navigated to them the first one said prepares named email click here to enter text and gave the size of the text box as you’re navigating if this is all the same table on the calendar but he’s navigate to down please go on sale down have to go left and right but these columns and the roads aren’t so it’s not reading to him that the first click your text which is next to form look bad it’s got the information that he and other people that are using this technology to navigate with a non-uniform table and obviously okay we can let the Department of Education deal with that since the responsibility in someone demonstrate this going to show you how to do things about the issues hopefully this still straight smells I’m talking about when you said we have the form that needs to be filled out online this is a very good example of what I was talking about see the form and my name is what your dinner text but they didn’t go to the column describe what that field was for to begin with I’m looking at it so I know you guys are close my eyes what am I going to see you how does that impact that’s a good question question text that will be read out loud to the inside the text box fill to put the computer to go it’ll freeze damages at Xbox they are able to retain information diligent Xbox with their navigate me to it’s more important to have to text in that text box the tool tip for whatever it’s called say what needs to be put into that doubt if they make before Wooper doesn’t like the form itself but I saw this kind of grade out a little bit so it doesn’t make it look at ugly there’s a tool tip function in line at NP what are the Lions suck leaving to be honest inside about that box I’m more of a visual trick than you think so don’t

feel like you need to put that in there serving set meeting and yes I’m doing okay we need to switch screens we’re going to run to color contrast synonym getting towards the end of this part is more of a problem hooking on anybody’s Real Simple Magazine little bit of calm and peaceful and that’s not necessarily need to be Stockman’s a ways to measure it but you got to top that I mentioned earlier so just be aware of color contrast back on track people who have contracts in ponds background Lisa cancel screen enlargers because they hard to read and yeah they can read it but they didn’t slower at the end of the day their eyes are killing them cuz it’s part of the law in some that you’re going to use color to convey information that is critical such as in this this charmer the red bus line or train line you have to know that’s red to be able to understand so there’s a lot more then you would think so just starting to think if I printed this out this page out and I printed it out and grayscale or even try is it going to be is all the information incorrect this is an important sing me cause the new science of so you can go in there and I know a lot of folks at like to color text underline and that’s worth a lot of time really not good red wine is mad thing for contrast purposes text White on White River for that molds I think about darker colors against the white background music it’s okay now this is why we’re all standing up you so it will take a break before a man starts to go into the houses and things I’m going to let play and read you a PDF it’s your District policy because let your hair a lot more about this but he may not have a chance he may not

be here when a man’s doing that part so PDS still PDS probably going to be much better than if you just you know what people do is they scan a document and then scan it to a PDF and all you’ve got Socratic play gets to that is there’s no content can be found and install a lot of content so basically you’ll hear more later if you structure it right with that heading structure and all best song in blank tags and all that do that then you save it you’re going to be in better shape rather than going back to a PD I’m trying to fix its people that get paid a lot of money families that get paid a lot of money to do that so learning how to do the right start with his really helpful so this is your District policy how many do you actually have read this well let me make you feel better than USC School of Medicine the dress code is a graphic I didn’t like their dresses high performance truck shows are real news on the goal with Billy so your video here is the news on the school bus King paragraph on my phone is not permitted in any part of the buildings what’s new with the one you got a bunch of you got some paragraphs hear you got some what you don’t have is a PDF that I pulled up that says alert empty document where’s he hasn’t stuck on a scanner and made a nice beautiful high resolution picture of your warm policy manual that I end up having to either not read or have to perform character recognition on order to get the the text of the list and yes or no question pictures of a table contents in it and download it as a PDF those links day then that is workable but if you have a document and you print it and you scan a picture is it healthy I work with a lot of contracts that come into our department and they get scanned and so I end up having to do recognition on them because we send the contract because the sky and signature things on it and obviously you can’t you got to have a picture there so I need to perform recognition

on to get the gist of which contract is this or whatever but yeah it’s a lot of things come in and initially not readable by around that make the signature page a separate page in the document so that you would only know that there’s a yes sir and it was the direction for her parents to them printed off to then be turned in by hand is that play or are you being a parent of a student in Richland and Lexington one if I were to pull up a PDF that was sent to me I don’t necessarily think I’m well I mean it would be ultimately in the end all perfect world it would be wonderful for me to be able to type in and be able to print it or email it or do whatever, so that would be like the ultimate accessibility solution being able to read it is the most important thing if I have to type my answers or whatever in another document or print it out and have somebody fill it out or something you know that would be less accessible ended of course obviously the third option is you know empty document I have no idea what’s just been sent to me whether I need to fill it out or not it would be nice to be able to do that be honest with you is fine I think Clay is getting to is that if he sent an email out of school download but he can still pull the PDF so that he doesn’t have to get some so that’s even though you’re going to send it home to have it printed and filled out understand if somebody and so does that answer the question no yeah I mean it’s just going to I think when you start an Starwood Google docs to do this don’t want to speak too much that right now about this matter in case the person who has wants to know will another interesting harness repairing some red to use that there’s a lot of adults with learning disabilities and their there’s some high-power attacking people the United States everything with a screen reader is because they need to hear it they don’t read well with with Prince so and then thank God we’ve got that Google Docs now I mean there’s Magic Man back there I was hoping covered man is going to cover some we’re going long as it’s alright we will get through this but don’t the order of things matters because recipe you do things in a certain order cuz Play here’s your list so he knows if it’s an honest he knows that especially if there’s things so you just think carefully I think the most of you are not making this mistake I’m not going to show this but if you ever want to just see things the order of reading is good try to access the page with just using to keep the tab of the keyboard that’s how

he kind of does that’s what his Jaws kind of ducks and so if it doesn’t look like it’s logical then we’ve got a problem I’m going to talk about this is sort of myself box that anything else but and I hope I don’t think probably many of you were guilty because you may not find people with Advanced degrees want to fall back on what they use to get there. I’m in Indian all the things that you have a lot of Joy I don’t mean to find a lot of therapists speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist they’re so used to write things in a certain language and that’s not good riding for electronic information so this isn’t I’m going to go a little bit more into this when we do the emails but you can actually do a readability test it’s easy to find and it tells you what grade level European document is going to be doing you have a great level of about 9 which is good that’s very good too much too much laying which too much plugger is not good for anyone and then we talked about navigation it needs to be kind into it and I think what I’m doing is playing when they redesign Ridgeland to it was designed to be more intuitive for people with navigation it’s really I’ve looked at a lot of web pages in an uncluttered you have a nice drop down any that’s basic stuff is really very good I don’t know this is just some resources that’s why I want you to try to access this is a whole thing thing on them from Microsoft and wonderful tutorial that how to use how to be accessible in my all the different word PowerPoint everything so you can learn as you go and then there these are some resources in that statement start where you are use what you have do what you can as couldn’t be true or when it comes to being overwhelming if you just tag your graphics you’re 80% there and that’s not hard to do so that like that too overwhelmed hopefully and again here’s our contact information what is Rihanna send text message when does the Superbowl start Tides baseball Hotel Transylvania turn on flashlight play music Katy Perry songs Urban Cowboy San Diego set up alarm for 5 a.m. translator call the meeting with set alarm for 7 a.m. set alarm maintenance tools play who founded show really really let’s

get started play kitchen let’s get started my hero alright so what we’re going to do here since we found out that a program tonight you think about the time tonality on the layout

Microsoft off how to create a good backbone all now and to try to use that ass when you’re creating a PDF to do something that’s a little bowl that is going to have that back bone in there to be able to have that back when I get transferred over to PDF somebody to

ask that like when you report it to a few ever wear those days that stuff gets real rpso you got to correct to say that you guys don’t do you guys don’t do anything stronger stuff in Google Docs you don’t do anything really to Microsoft Word all or anything the principles are going to be discussing are going to be brought to work things will talk about you should be able to do so what do you think the newer versions of Microsoft Office and two things that guys don’t do have what to build pro software create content electronic Hindi song OK Google the great thing about that is dead because everybody found these programs were all time develop on the same kind of love you because this program this one has the same features by this one work programs Styles and Henderson hyperlinks images girlfriend and pull-ups and Mystics and take a lot of stuff because it uses the same thing Excel it’s a little more complicated how many geysers in Ohio

for does anybody here I should deal with life hard core data tables on the Excel and Google has to deal with those kinds of things to so there’s ways of the charts and column headings in the road heading to transfer from Excel to Google the principal should be there so you should be able to find them and I have my email address on there and you guys can contact me hyperlinks Within Myself how’s the weather here just same thing PowerPoints Lifeline Cloud old features like word are things today what year we tomorrow here he’s saying that everything is going to load and feature in foxholes going to be the same with open documents like word excel PowerPoint first choice of lights when you hop load a document you may actually have a really change accessibility to learn how to kind of go and check add correctly running to Thirsty check looking through tables and table headaches and then some specific error like my uterus is going to be glossed over with there’s one thing I want to do is I want exactly soft word using Styles in headers hyperlinks and there are is written across the top of Microsoft Word I think there’s something style and especially when you bring up and we actually did this as part of the presentation reaction using these the Styles and formatting toolbar across the top and actually highlight text and then have it set to a specific. And that’s the littlest kind of graphical user interface on use the term delete is and then you can change my flight we mentioned before wedding decoration will actually just to track from the documents has to be labeled in the correct order but they look fantastic. Did you can actually modify the look of everything and then when you put it in my file actually change that headache structure in the document itself and then real had to go physically add a header tag to the behind the scenes of the backbone what you’re doing there and if this River will pick up on hyperlinks with parking close to Microsoft products that I think I’d like to if you don’t want to call it so when you have a link that you wanted to make sure that you actually do this and tax hey did you should look like test I heard before the end of the presentation before then when you try to put on a piece of paper and put it out of work underlined it a different color sometimes

if I produce well Grace skillet so keep that in mind when you’re creating links you want to have you want to go ahead and use the doing one of those things for you sent something home to print out use that long list so keep that in mind and also I don’t know if you guys used and paste links cuz I got to have all those numbers and all that stuff and let me your legs I don’t know how you’re at the mini 3D of these forums things like that a reference from your website but what time is the storm I date is the reference to the Google that you can I have something to ask you that question a document or what am I so I want to ask clay what he what that slide for him and he leaves the document that has a link to this long and see what his opinion is a lot of these whenever you get to him if I’m reading the document in the middle of this got to link I’ll skip over it some really want to know what it is but they’re never is Madison there a way that you can have the link text show up but then again have its a link to in the alternative text the link you can have it say what league is but actually have the displayed URL on screen yeah how to do that in Google Docs but it had a an image and you have the title it’s when you hover over an alarm Okay pops up that always do it every browser if you put a title title time turn off Google I know the web page will be for link I will go ahead and put a title on just in case just to make sure that there’s something that’s red and shorts to say that tells you where to go some of those lights can’t get really long and a lot of time talking or more like psycho recycling or whatever but that’s that’s that’s nice to have a shorter than the ram just has a place for ladies would it be better to use a shortened URL rather than original general order that has access to a late to do that

you can update the screen reader Blink Fitness, whatever you can listen to One Step into the better for usability from the system how to get it done in the vailable to answer questions and things like that better creative the could use building a circle bottom line is they might as well invite as I am or around me and then it’ll have some options I’m not sure what the list of options is for a who got some but I know there’s one way you can have all spent extra had texted that they were raised format picture there’s a description tag normally when it comes up I need a scripture thing the title actually won’t get out loud the Tigers won actually proving here or drinking without image because they know its name it doesn’t look like when I say have a logo with corner of your and flitter brochure that you’re designing and that logo doesn’t really matter the content of the of the document does not need that Muslims convert out loud put a note in child’s afternoon in there and it won’t even read and maybe put the background wrapping inside I wanted in the perfect world for us to be able to create an image and give it an all tag that would stay with that image for the rest of the Trinity because that seemed like such a great thing and everybody I’ve asked about that said no it wouldn’t really be because you might not have the same descriptive text you might not want that and it’s only way to get that day is not come but I bet it will cuz I saw some people do it once and not have to do it over and over and it comes up try to print a document that has art and lose its ability to balance point and you get that from feedback and I did get some teachers elementary school and she said wants to know everything that the Bible describe daily graphic okay Bolton Liz’s use the functionalities

to be there to get there don’t use the little thing I don’t have to make a bulleted list use natural structure to stay or to create a folded list on board replacement unordered list that way in the correct tagging is applied to the to the to be able to be loud as it is a list and not just a bunch of tagged if you tap it and create a put the book of an order placed without actually putting the bullets back the screen. Let’s play possession tax by spacing it won’t cause a problem because it anything different turn it down you hit in space space space space space then it would is everybody get money sign so if you never seen somebody use a word of it’s probably not very often they don’t understand what the indent tools turn on my text Alana so they physically take the keyboard you come back bass bass bass bass bass music play music one thing I have in the offices we have someone who loves to have three or four lines on a page and then they press the return key until I get to the new page for the next several you have all these plans to put in page break so it’s kind of kind of like that about any good my client Bridge whatever I know it’s going to happen so I ending when you spaces in his Royal Pains using tabs or using the style to indent the paragraph over in the new website we’re going to have and it could be a huge part in our current Pro from SharePoint paragraphs to another okay so web design Tad

because web browser understands tabs different word processor Tab and we’re processor Tennessee browser stop using toolbar just fire that was a good day too so you guys you don’t want to use of the SharePoint stuff or some people in here and use that to three what you guys to use how do you sear pork before if I are a type engines used to be built on SharePoint so little bit from the era of but yeah it’s your boy designs a hybrid or process of a white page 2 that example is bruegel the next video album so this. MSU Falls at a border of which I think we talked a little bit of four tables and labeling sales this is going to be reinforced or is it this is actually a pretty complicated process once you get down I was going to that account specific questions on that go over the basics of what we got here and use the functionality of whatever the gooey is to answer table we talked about it go don’t space over and tab over to Freedom look of the table won’t take one of the things that was using tables rencon impossible because it will need try to read rows and columns navigate through that section of contrast on substitute while you can label those they will cells by tool that you actually sweating does a header row and I’ve actually had over the last such First Column and so forth is a whole bunch of pictures last column add to calendar lunch start reading the Disney cruise Orton Orton and sections like that keep the tables simple and when you have a disc in the next to make sure that that again in the table look straddles two pages headed sharks are still at the top of the previous page it doesn’t connect to when you go to Reid’s to call him out loud to you

on the second page unless you click this little Buck versus repeat as header on top of each page so don’t have another reference before the top row of data turned off you can also puts her captions with tables to help people navigate out of the header to hang on the table to help people navigate titles of tables if there’s a lot on the document a lot of times that the way the Deptford Mall in might not actually get to the location where there’s some tricks to be able to do that would you guys can Run 2 Excel the name the email that’s fine that’s a blessed day to take creatine powder load or two of the greatest district from the Indian on the interstate and then you want to have like a byline and then a graphic and if I do want to be arranged so you like call Kayla Resale by 5 cell table don’t do that use the graphics interface to be able to position us behind the text behind text backgrounds so it’ll skip to the good stuff in the house stop a little bit different and in your name where did could I turn down something out and put it in our notes and what I did was I got an image of a Google icon that image so then you click on the image and when you do that you go to format and then you drop it all the way down to the bottom and you do all text and you type it in so I can type them all text there as Google and you don’t see it we don’t see it but people can read it and then and then housewife that’s awesome that success for FaceTime Zeitgeist work with that has dated background to it so what is it and what is this for some reason there’s only one is not like three little bars and it was a really complicated Target and part of that is having the background where they can click on the chart navigate to go you know the salon with

yellow triangles on it as this trend you can navigate through that stuff that a charging document like that and you make sure you have a background there and use the tools that are in whatever picture of an envelope watch clear a reference point for so you’ve created data sheet within the word and then I’m crazy chart visually show it is in the world will have that Excel background to images of grey wedding um I don’t know if you guys want to go ahead and when I’m done with this this presentation when I get back to the office on Michigan open up stuff and I’ll know cuz we obviously need with all the schools that are kind of getting into Harvard are getting referenced by these problems that we’re going to get some Google. Stuff up on our website to Downstream system yeah I did get over the stairs are smelliest yeah that’s right but we’ll use that to pay all of our meetings and all of the questions that because the data program that you were a little bit creating labeling label is grown call Hankins the light hydraulics images but if you have to do it once before that you actually label those row headers and and column headers so then it’s kind of read out loud a lot of this stuff is going to be used in in the graphical user interface for Excel but there should be ways to functionally label headers and columns and rows and columns in in the spreadsheet to the data you want to make sure you can find those names and it’s the same way and don’t put like things to be understood that won’t happen if you’ll able to yard in correctly the movie about any of those things find way to include that hetero again on the next page can I please have the same way and fortunately the link inside there and you can also highlight the text comes up and slow typer blank on that to create a link room link and a long time to the icon little infinity symbol think I was there as well and created within one sale in the may actually stand up for themselves so play the cat and transport links into Excel spreadsheet supposed to be

down a bunch of information to Flix to go out if you’ve got an image of the same thing to click on it and go to the size and property then she said I’m sure it’s probably the same way with him anywhere you have an image to add text and want to make sure this the same way you can have in the scriptures Talk to Me decoration people do that sharks charts what to do they have a title label to them and will be reference from specific point data sheets game if you have a picture of something and then that’s a great time and you don’t text so all this comes down to you, building Dummy 2 it depends on how it’s in the picture is set up in the text but the problem would you have to format a paragraph in a big block and you have an image it’s locked inside the paragraph and then you have text it took me so long to read out of work to it might be the first because in the structure of webpage getting and you want the paragraph and one theater should be embedded in the paragraph not ever stray or float up above it or whatever. Later than less than symbol p in the other one close it out then image tag it’s none of my programs to do that to make sure your stay is Rich to read him your text and then the reason the picture did you have text me the picture I would do it as two separate things it’s either way Stuyvesant to wrap a picture inside of a paragraph and also have text Buddy paragraph I’m not sure how does that I’d only do that babe if you have texted me that makes you that’s the same thing as the alternate text do you guys know how to do that to wrap a picture around paragraph right so I can put it in there is there a functionality within Google dogs in the lounge eaten and had captured or anything image what do you want do you want and we want to catch him to be viewable by someone who inside Frank make a painted into flies and then you can

do the alternate text once you once you click on the image that you go to format an alternate text type it in and that is not doable oh no right corner and I’ll put this in our document but in the right corner there’s a drop-down that says several things of one is a signed script and one is all tests and all text is not so beautiful Google icon then it’s going to be raped twice listing Well one of the things you do to let’s say you have a image inside the paragraph you can allude to the image of the image at right this place is a pronoun or text an image and then hit describe the image they have to redo the content so On the website put a title yes OpenTable did it okay to lead up to the title shows up in actual on weapons displays to visual users to wear your scriptures sent to displaying title information I love the picture. The line or whatever it is correct from what I understand and I’m actually asked by this earlier he’s not done enough Research into various it wasted to know but I block people that want things to pop up on your picture is Howard over at least the desktop computers and the title is the only way to do that or did you have the title tag to an image of the only way to do that for every browser but it sounds like from the fuck down at you got to answer the title you would need to put offering text in there but it would bring it I believe it actually reads alternate X person is not awesome Sex Therapy to read the title and then after that I’m just read whatever is around then you’re going to have to say this or the image below shows this thing so the engine light with ever because then they know if they navigate to it they know that it’s in that air wrap some other

so they can navigate around on the little arrow keys and find those image somewhere in there as far as cited users have the reference the image NYU were the image of all of them never messages stuff that does that supposed to happen the way it has a title of the image above I’m thinking just cuz I don’t see them that I haven’t seen Mike from start to finish up and even after the training to I’ll be glad to help you guys follow up with some of that kind of stuff to to get to the actions cuz one person anybody have any other questions before he comes with his popcorn stuff I’m sure you thinking about we want to encourage these Designs light Lighthouse use the outlines of notes panels and talk about the word art and fonts Styles every version of talking like this got the style bar come across the top these temples were ensure your flowers are actually correction correct the structure and then this is the stuff in place of the Tigers update news live in Iceland drop down while he’s kind of layout and interesting to note about this the title slide Island contact Section head or whatever that is automatically at 1 the time is that is already packed as a head warm for a title of Littles automatic Japanese so Isabel PowerPoint is that automatically does that for you and when you transfer PowerPoint to say a PDF will matter I scored some like those are there when you open it PowerPoint we got these great things everybody’s giving PowerPoint presentations or slide presentations who was excited to help organize the material but it also helps you guys before I go through the fox actually does it by slides and then when you do the slide phone at this is your one this is your nested-lists an automatic attacks these things in there so when you open up your outline format a 1 and then listed on a Hummer replace the tag that way to begin with a laser pointer Giants a dick or something so that I’m content into those lights going to generate part of the album on the nose panels is underneath and there are you can this is where you would kind of put

a reminder when I go and get somebody running to the Next Mutation response on the three minutes are in the lane or something like that is your notes that nobody else in the room so I got here but did you touch that stay with your presentation when the exported and there’s ways to access that those fields when you redo this thing up and that’s it for people that are using these programs may need to have the right out loud at some as you jokes word are they Phonto suspicions a lot of texting you don’t want to read this but this is a great reference on that created this presentation and I only need that information but I’ll be something in the older versions of I stay away from its really fancy me super great but a lot of times in the content is what’s important and so much how it looks when you’re presenting it great I’ve often made presentations to look great but when I send them out to someone to use as a reference point I’ll strip all my stuff out because it’s not mean it the cool beans and all that kind of stuff doesn’t get absorbed by the audience when the reading of the desktop because they were too sick to know that person anymore or whatever because mine cuz my show was sold out so you can’t remember that when things will be presented to a slide for my like this that they’re not going to be the same way as when you were here talk you’re going to miss out on all this cool picture that’s where I put things in the Nets background images for PowerPoints delivered the images are used to convey content and it is pretty that’s great but the backbone images of pure sine Power Point Elementary tag is background pictures and woman brings out my screen bigger so you have practically need to be used as some kind of content representative sure you bring that as background and put in one of those slide layout format graphically the infographic that have information what if within a slide I wanted to convey that

information today turn it down the grade levels to have turn the numbers and make me some words to describe how the devices get damaged get dropped something off that infographic if I were going to bed that within a slide what would be as a reference for what there is a similar to the way they were does their crate charm there’s a functionality within a point to create a chart with things like that in that way you can important whatever day do easy to feel that charge creation of the visual to make it and then you have the gooey to make it appear like whatever you want to wait for the next hour so that way when you emailed her station to some money and they want to know how that data got put together an iclicker should have backed off a data chart attached to it if you just do a picture of the chart and you have maybe some bullet points to be some creating the extending all text for that image by using bullet points or you put in the nose like that would be more effective unless they have all the descriptive text read all the details of those individual points so that I can get all the information from your face to face that’s great news for the news panel on the exam. We need to update your slides if you know your slides are going to be used in a way that is going to be presented and retained in reference for information later on at a few more slot documentary something in this caveat say hey yes I’m champion of the back what’s the name of it again image of dumb on the images to be blank to so you could create an infographic in slides and the end of as you put this put that alternate text but I mean it it changes where it is but if you just bring it as an image of Wonder though that you can put it in ya and so they would a lot of these Iraqis habits of these this kind of thinking about here are going to get along more and you have you will it I’m not saying you’re

going to get assaulted in the internet access police is going to storm your door but the more people with disabilities are involved in having more questions are going to come up and maybe he should have fixed once you questions but if you got a lot of them in it may be better to come back up and getting OK Google can we change the standings policy of how we kind of cream to use these guidelines to help us to look into doing this stuff they become second nature to worry about those are some explore these an MSR Chicago Road right now coming notes on one two three four on the steps get that stuff set up so then you have a reference point to go back to everybody’s using the same reference point software it’s nothing it’s going to be different for everybody so use those things that get it right for as many people as you can and be flexible these are some great questions to cuz he’s our lives things that are specific to Mike I’m going to let you talk so we finished up kind of with Powerpoint stuff like that the great thing I’m going to a lot of that heading in love that backbone stuff for you so because I’m powerful go for it and I have yet to see whether the slideshows the Google Slides dozen similar kind of things but on the check up on that, and make sure that you had rules stuff to this because we do to win The Rock School District SNL for PDF documents we need to be physically because I know you guys don’t use Adobe Pro I don’t have access to it all the time go through this display and talk about what it means to create a tagged document and then how to run once common accessibility check there are other leaders that we PDF documents and kidneys things of headers in the population of Liz and things like that start to pick up all of them cut yourself this is a table in the middle of times when you guys have to put something out right away put away some Canada what time did Ryan get last questions that way tomorrow but be prepared to answer questions and fix it so, when I mean by attack document that means all the

stuff is tagged paragraphs are perilous times and so on so far when you don’t do it again with in word or PowerPoint Excel on Google Docs or whatever that stuff’s not going to be there PF is not a reference of that okay just like the end of the reference it when you had it and scan some pictures know where the times go so accessible PDFs are referred usually when attacked when you scan an image of a picture like that and use that unfortunately in this song doesn’t create the tag to be designs to us so this poser when you export please should have that option when you export to PDF no matter what you creepy f with at least the Adobe program sweet to have a checkbox to say and they will disability form at will talk on Saginaw she looks like but when you create his dick those documents from an export to a PDF file product it should have some options within the next be able to create event resources that I had in my PowerPoint Microsoft has on their website but I’m guessing my list of research good Forums on Google Docs that’s within forms and all that stuff too so I’m gonna creep Minecraft up some leaves down towards using the Magic 8 Ball so we have these tags are going to have that hidden structual textural representation of all the content and they’ll have no visible effect off and on the actual PDF document self but they agreed that. Going to get to read using technology so the file must be testable before in scrape tag document when you create those through office or any other program you will actually be not currently asthma tagged if you feel crazy that way to scan and print it, it’s not going to have any kind of tax on a decision so for instance this is the one forward when you export on your and save as file type it’s got word document duck eggs if you go up to PDF and select PDF options for something in reference to transfer tags bookmarks and no marks and everything all that stuff over 23 okay it’ll actually make sure that when you export that file for PDF that has lights on it there’s a tool that within the pro that you can use to actually check the building because you guys don’t program outline two what version do you know when version is the newest version mobile one of the things that I seen done play chill out little bit don’t tell him I told you that if it’s not included in the program sleep in my actually work I mean I’m going to show me to email stop this actually enables use two checks and The Great Wave not only tells you through some problems or no problems that’s a good yes and that’s there no problems with us it’s a really tough to say no problems so it’ll generate this little the disability report my new off to the side and actually able to show you what volume and I’ll tell you what those errors are half of them so these are some of the common issues with directions to have not greatly this is a long way of describing certain things that are wrong with your document make sure you have to head into tables Hotel you when will have them for the office is not contain the document structure tree will talk about that a second Tabler may be consistent with a structure order that means images that means you must like something with the table and should be late on the table or you got images that are positioned a little bit higher than top that paragraph things like that I want to text places on Alton and all the Texans page length of alignment specifications that’s actually really easy things to so you can actually there’s a little touch-up we’re butting that’s on the side of the interface there after you run your check and will bring up that’s what you’ll see your ex’s kind of stuff or have highlights with twos and threes and fours order for your things and if you

actually go we’ll talk about that much then how to reorder those things filled out my tables and labeled as a table there’s ways you can actually we label stuff let Satan have text is there an attack is text for some reason so what is that big ball to text Ansley every other two times I like that button going into PDF to do this other than doing it right in the workplace went worse set up by tables you want to do this again this and doing this and PDF in Adobe bro it’s just a pain I have to do this do it right in the background document from stable Rose in Henderson is TD for a table row and th of it’s a table header can actually select those things to the properties and going to be able to reclassify classified the header tag for to be classified one of these columns or rows into something else so it’ll come up as he ages table header and then deleted across correctly so this table when actually across all the reference Pages for you the dinner table editor you can make the different colors to make it easier for you to see things like that and then show the cell types you kind of pick out your tables especially given lot of elements not contain human structure tree it’s a lot of issues can generate these and this message along with the PM’s red of you can fix them by adding some tags and you also in the play me some inaccessible page links and headers on all the time as a link to that surrounds fun want to go through and I’ll check to make sure so I’m heading tags the document there in that same leaders about the system now it wants to Alpha way you want to take it somewhere else or you had listed ordered list if you pass level does the background for small list to my train out of there when are you going to change that. So if you have an order list there or list if you can go ahead and click all those things and the promise that tax document figure that out cuz there’s no their home from the things that you have to go back in go to the order but he’ll call you right back advantages of these documents I’ll do this is like to create tag document creating a big image giant Graphics around text need to make sure the Texas tag as in his and his images of otherwise it has no content on links about time she like after the hearing somebody use to return caters and likes your creative space that’ll be a blank space but it also takes up time of the person’s trying to scroll through that’s done and you can go through the Callback background and then touch a bring order and get rid of all that so you can click on it oh highlight in the background and then we’ll actually we will never ever order this is some things that you need to come go through this past time, Shih Tzu creations these are more walkthrough step by step so I will go through the longest living with the tab order there’s actually have another person have that image that is comes before the paragraph at this make sure you save and save on the difference a 2-0 can you do that make sure you’re ready when you let go you like what you mess up on a few times and you hold on is really need to start over again you have command released your mouth bottle structure ordering again Renee shoes at Red Top of audubon’s why do you want to go to move those things for the can be rated profit order when there’s a figure or at or image and it up it says it has no from text you can click on an image have figured and then something after I have no Orajel also might have dreaded file / great horned owl picture to jpg 06 six thing when they’re in a lot of the interpret the following is open text messaging what’s the number to that long time she’ll see figure that’s the cool thing about figure and I’ll have to get there so you won’t ever see that Elgin Texas same way that you headed Ultra Texas and New York offices. Lima specifications that’s actually happen the document properties of this is really important actually and users will actually really well and really bad examples that’s actually really easy to do in your document properties and you should be very mild and I properties are controlled and open up the Soul Eater face here this is also where you can put on your description description Tag Tax for people using search engines Kentucky probably language and then okay and really smells bad so properties this is where you enter that information title alter subject keywords nowadays the keywords things you really think that what’s the weather for the Cubs search for Stuff what put it into your butt all search engines to register them Google searches for instance I’m there touch base so if you have on your website if you got a PowerPoint you got four points and it has the same text and the PowerPoint has that text 18 X and Y page has it twice saved reference later on. Because they’re going to properly display things more so talking properties is a nice way to be able to let people know the one is in the document as you’re going through and it’s kind of like creating a roof and wall alternate so I think I’m go with your specific questions now okay there’s going to be a couple of slides than Gainesville include an inch maybe if she’s feeling up to it she wrong or not okay so what were your questions what kind of specifics to have after all that we have a lot of great questions during the presentation what else do you guys how to unlock you think that would be car lots on this side of jail and back there anything over here has a really quiet whispering to each other sorry I didn’t move the camera anybody know what I’m going to do this weekend stuff that set up there to answer these questions questions questions appreciate there’s actually a version of this and I believe it’s on asking weapon Janet is here with me light Sonic versions all this give me a link to the Dropbox and I weigh wake me up this is common sense but then again some of us still is common sense but I wish more people thought about how to do emails and what we’re doing and I’m not going to go into clients in the basics but you know I know we all know better than to have everybody who’s ever seen that email it before you get to the content of an email spend some time cleaning emails out cuz nobody wants to hear all that people don’t think about in subject line by Dave bright subject line whatever and so answer probably figured all this out but so when we do our asking emails we start every every single subject line starts with asking because that’s going to be in a heartbeat that’s easily sword and then it’s going to say what it is so what that means it’s probably a good idea to start it’s not a good idea to start emails with reminder cuz when I sort when I got 8000 reminds me exactly what this is going to contain they don’t they don’t know what they’re supposed to Bob so you think about logic keywords and then I know y’all don’t be this message in the subject line is really tacky what time is it turn the volume female still text to words out and this is for everybody we just need less clutter in our lives and we don’t need to be reading this many more. And all these principles work well for older people in patient teens people who just slow cooking because maybe they don’t have good hand control so this gets in at Universal Design there’s I started looking at phones all over the Internet and they just people disagree but I’ll tell you what the majority of them people with visual impairments and those ornaments say this answer we know curlicue into each other those are hard to read for people who have low vision and if you use a screen enlarger to makes it even harder to read so Ariel and sans-serif fonts really are the best Ariel gets real Highmark steps immediately is Ariel fall back and I also don’t use too many different fonts I was going to give you a Microsoft it wasn’t done by Microsoft is a document on Microsoft Word in there it was an ugly thing is always different fonts and that’s just not not a good idea I’m sure you all know this but I’m telling you anyway Center text not a good idea fully justify the Ragged edges very very much easier than when you have a lot of space between words so full justification is really kind of an Illinois any more attacks are hard for people with low vision know they use in but think carefully before you do and then we talked about the color contrast but really and truly the best background color is why I mean you can try to stop Nails really his wife and then again meaningful in text AllCast we can’t talked about this but multiples and any character or a lot of dollar signs in classified the spam and I noticed that that document for the Department of that had all caps and the bunch of them! It’s just not necessary and Marceline one of our reservations for the muses a screen reader with Voice output and she says all caches were really be leads to horrible ice cream for her and also it reads sometimes in than it is not that it’s just when you pictures before you use AllCast we can avoid all acronyms we know that we heard play talk about how does one is knows about all caps but still feels tacky and then think about your attachment she had the most Clean Sweep simple email in the world and then you have an attachment that I saw a lot of this on the ridge gold and I see a lot of. They sent you a flyer as an attachment and it’s a graphic or inaccessible PDF so the principle behind this thing before you send them to make sure it’s another one of our Winchester’s and what he says if you don’t tell me what that attachment is I’m afraid to open it because I can’t see it all and I’m afraid of getting the virus so explain what the attachment is in your message instead of just having a beer Anna Grace talks about the grass at the pretty little graphic flyer than she can’t really good babe and so they talk about the mass marketing emails campaigns they’re both pretty accessible what I know for a fact that MailChimp started out from the very beginning they were in the same building with the assistive technology program in Atlanta in Georgia Georgia Tech and they and I’ve been using MailChimp since it started they’re getting better and better and better about helping everything be accessible and a dream beautifully so at the tools we have now are so much better than the back in the day when we had to do everything by hand so there’s just a lot of hold and we know we’ve already found out help a head of the game that’s all unless people have questions y’all can good me only had one break and thanks for being such a good I’m still here too a one of the things I wanted to talk to you about the emails she mentioned that Alex and Pat like that bold is probably about the best consistent way you can add emphasis to something without going overboard with the annotated individual away bowl is still very visual if you keep the rest of your email not gold knockoffs then it will stand out so just like a link will too so I think simple one that comes up and you’ll end up having information one more thing to. Is anybody here I’ll just hasn’t just a general survey I think I’m here color blind or know someone is called line okay how big just training statistics air15 men on average is color blind in one of them other women is coming to on the mark on his abilities we don’t think with this building also let me see some perfect glasses in the room think about that kind of stuff can I get all heads up so take a glasses I’ll try to reach you I think there’s even tools online

you can substance can do any light color blindness online and call, and like that too I don’t think that your students have about, but there’s ways and tools out there and look for the musical final table I took her mind she can’t talk any other questions that come up at all I really appreciate you guys kind of open Us opening to us and some of the issues you’re having with cool dogs too cuz I don’t know everybody out okay well that’s it I don’t want thank you