Inside GLORY – August 2018

perhaps the greatest female kickboxer in the history of the world he throws everything with power this is why kickboxing is the best club net sport on the planet now I need the glory this is what I’m focusing left to the body wow right head kick that may be it for the first time in China a one-night eight-man tournament coming here building schools and taking part and just just giving it’s very important welcome to inside glory I’m Todd Grisham having just completed our first stop of the summer of glory tour in New York we now head into the heat of the season with not one but two huge events first up the Mile High City of Denver Colorado for glory 56 two title fights plus one middleweight grudge match will highlight our 10 bout card that will be followed by the Shenzhen showdown at glory 57 when lightweight champion Sitthichai takes on number one ranked Marat Grigorian and what is already being talked about as one of kickboxing is greatest title fights ever in China for more on what went down in New York and what’s to come here’s a closer look at the summer of glory this year’s glory goes global with the summer of glory five events in ten weeks on three continents and you’ve got the best seat in the house for the hottest ticket in town starting with glory 55 New York through glory 59 Amsterdam we’ll bring you the world’s best stand-up combat with contender tournaments, grudge matches and title fights featuring our champions from six countries at glory 55 New York we turned up the heat at the Hulu Theatre in historic Madison Square Garden with two huge title fights with featherweight champion Robin van Roosmalen out of the frame due to injury top contender Kevin Van Nostrand stepped in to face Thai superstar at Petchpanomrung for the interim title a tough five rounds ensued taking the fight to a split decision but it was the heavy kicks of Petchpanomrung that prevailed taking his win streak to four and earning him a title rematch later this year and in the middleweight division Brazilian champion Alex Pereira put it all on the line in a rubber match against number one ranked Yousri Belgaroui Pereira was quick to close the distance on the Dutch Tunisian and two minutes into the first round it was all over that may be it a one punch walk-off knockout the Brazilian delivered a devastating overhand right to Belgaroui’s temple putting an emphatic end to the pair’s trilogy next up in the summer of glory it’s the Mile High City for glory 56 Denver on Friday August 10th featuring a middleweight grudge match between arch rival Simon Marcus and Jason Wilnis in the main event of the super fight series and we rock the Rockies with two huge title fights the first in the super bantamweight division as Anissa Meksen defends for the second time in a rematch with Jady Menezes and headlining the night and explosive light heavyweight title fight between champion Artem Vakhitov and knockout machine Danyo Ilunga Vakhitov has never been put down in the glory ring but a Ilunga has 45n KOs in 73 fights and looks to make the Russian master number 46 but he’s never faced anyone like Vakhitov you can expect fireworks the summer of glory gets red hot with the Shenzhen showdown as we head to China for glory 57 Thai superstars Sitthichai the killer kid Sitsongpeenong is on fire with a seven fight win streak that has made him the undisputed champion at the top of the lightweight division on August 25th he defends his title for the fifth time in a title rematch with the man who puts the mean in Armenian number one hot prospects Marat Grigorian then on September 14th the heat is on as we throw down in chi town at glory 58 Chicago with heavyweight behemoth Benjamin Adegbuyi and welterweight local hero Richard Abraham scheduled to appear in key battles in the Windy City and to round off the summer of glory on September 29th we’re blazing a trail to the home of modern kickboxing and we’re bringing the biggest beast on the block with us it’s the return of the king at glory 59 Amsterdam as Rico Verhoeven takes on another Challenger looking to steal the crown from the heavyweight champion of the world it’s the end of a long hot summer but will it be the end of their Verhoeven’s incredible five years 16 fight winning streak or is the king of kickboxing simply too hot to handle we’ll find out at Amsterdam’s

biggest stadium the Johan Cruyff Arena also scheduled to appear our welterweight superstar and former champion the predator Murthel Groenhart and one of Glory’s next generation of young warriors Mohammed Jaraya it’s the summer of glory as we go global ten weeks five nights across three continents we’re just getting started on inside glory still to come a closer look at the Shenzhen showdown taking place at glory 57 along with an eight-man China lightweight tournament but up next we’ll preview glory 56 Denver it’s two title fights and take a closer look at two of Glory’s best stand-up fighters Simon Marcus and Danyo Ilunga welcome back to inside glory I’m Todd Grisham the main event of the glory super fight series in Denver features a middleweight grudge match not to be missed and a battle of recent middleweight title holders number three ranked Jason Winis goes up against his rival second ranked Simon Marcus now both men have beaten one another to claim the title Wilnis did it at glory 33 New Jersey and then it was Marcus at glory 40 Copenhagen and while these Warriors make their living battling inside the ring it’s outside the ring where their influence and giving back to their communities can really make a difference here’s how Simon Marcus is helping those in need and his native Jamaica and our fighter spotlight this is Simon Marcus and I’m here building schools in Jamaica when I found out about helping hands organization I felt compelled to be a part of it I want to be here giving back to the community and helping build schools for kids who don’t have the opportunity to do so for people who don’t really know about Jamaica this is very important for the community because there’s many communities that don’t have the money to facilitate proper school buildings and proper education facilities so for me personally to be here it matters a lot because it’s important to give back and to give to people who are less fortunate or don’t have what you have to give you know and it’s the spirit of helping you know we have some we can help we’re gonna help in and this is my home country so it’s it’s a it’s a blessing to be able to come back and give to the community and give to Jamaica things that they don’t have so I kind of made the decision to come and do this and then I found out about a fight shortly after but I thought I still felt it was important to be here and now that I’m here I’m training while I’m here while I’m doing this we’re training you know the champ has to make it happen I got to be here I got to support the kids I got to support a community and we got lots of work to do outside of the ring as well as in the ring so it’s important coming here taking part and just just giving nothing else just giving nothing nothing and no expectations back just giving it’s very important one of the best parts of glory kickboxing is how these premier stand up combat fighters give back time and time again good luck to Simon Marcus later this month now the first of our three title fights in the month of August takes place in Denver at glory 56 when current champion Anissa Meksen in search of her 97th career victory and her 100th professional fight takes on 4th ranked Jady Menezes perhaps the greatest female kick boxer in the history of the world she is Anissa Meksen Joe everyone is impressed by what Meksen has done in this sport it says on the other hand says yes she’s good but I’m better fighting out of Curitiba Brazil ladies and gentlemen introducing Jady Menezes they come out swinging Menezes wearing black gloves Meksen in white the wounds but she’s gonna plant she doesn’t mind exchanging fighting back you gotta understand this is the biggest moment is these two girls kick boxing career While Meksen is the heavy favorite she can’t overlook Menezes knowing that Tiffany van Soest waits in the wings looking for a title rematch against the French

superstar now the main event of the night in Denver features the return of light heavyweight champion Artem Vakhitov looking to defend his title for the fourth time but in doing so will have to get by the knockout artists fourth ranked Danyo Ilunga here comes Artem Vakhitov he throws everything with power oh what a left high kick for Artem Vakhitov Danyo Ilunga I love the feeling that the people give to me that the time that they enjoy when I go into the ring how you knock him down it’s like whoa crazy and then you feel you feel it and you just want to keep doing this my name is Artem Vakhitov I’m a light heavyweight champion I also in and this time will be no different we still don’t know who’s going to win its the classic- the power shot this is why kickboxing is the best club net sport on the planet in only previous meeting Vakhitov off took a unanimous decision at glory 25 Milan almost three years later Danyo Ilunga gets his rematch we caught up with Ilunga in his native Germany as he prepares for his first title fight ever at glory 56 Denver Noah Noah Yeah this is my son my my best friend is like yeah my motivation I defend this title like six time or five time I defend a short time belt like it is what it is so now I need a new belt, I need the glory belt this is what I’m focusing now can’t show you my baby girl she just born on the 9th of March it’s like yeah like I said I spent a lot of time with my family and with my wife beautiful wife yes yes I definitely love the elements it’s like it’s similar for sports I love all kind of animals so I have dogs, have cats, I have a monkey have a different kind of monkey the only animal though I thought that that I don’t touch that much is a snake I don’t like the snake no no because I am not afraid of snakes I just don’t like them my outfit is a symbol of of the warrior everything warriors they use were like this here comes Danyo ilunga this is nothing to lose for me I will just bring the fight I will just bring the war into the ring but don’t give in the space if I don’t give him the time think you’re gonna be trouble for him this one promises to be a ballet of brutality as we are underway and an immediate I will just break all these all these techniques all these game plan and I want to break his game they’re gonna build my my game plan into this to the ring he definitely had the advantages with the punches Ilunga Vakhitov brought me there losing streak I was the one who was still keep on winning he stopped it and he brought me back two years so now I will stop him and bring him also a losing streak no I’m I’m burning inside me I just want to let it out you know I’m stayin I’m training if you see me in the training I’m killing myself every day to go to this fight you got to watch it I gonna be its gonna be you it is gonna be hard because this gonna be tough fight will be the fight of the year 2018 I want to bring the first German to bring that big belt in Germany first cut the first Congolese that means everything not only for me but for all of us for Germany from Congo means everything up next we turn our attention to glory second visit to China for the Shenzhen showdown at glory 57 you’re watching inside glory welcome back to inside glory I’m Todd Grisham headlining glory 57 is the Shenzhen showdown between current and Sitthichai and number one-ranked Murat Grigorian but also on

the card that night is one of Glory’s most exciting tournaments when eight men enter the glory ring having to defeat not one not two but three opponents in just one night to capture the trophy glory 57 features the best light weight prospects in China and a one-night eight-man tournament win glory hosts an eight-man tournament you can always expect something special for the first time in China glory will hold a one-night eight-man tournament featuring the top lightweight prospects at glory 57 Shenzhen eight of China’s most dangerous men will battle their way through a brutal Last Man Standing tournament to see who will crack the glory global lightweight rankings and take their place among the divisions elite Grigorian Beztati Jauncey Baya Gashi and at the top of it all Sitthichai the Thai superstar headlines glory 57 in a defense against number one contender Marat Grigorian and is riding a seven fight winning streak with a career record of 120 victories in 32 Kos he’s one of the greatest lightweights the world has ever seen in a division stacked with top talent the Chinese already have a host of superstar featherweight fighters filling glory ranks and now they’ll turn their fire on the heavier hitting lightweight division the tournament opens with the quarterfinals and a special trailin card of four huge matchups in draw A Liu Xu faces Junchen Zhao In draw B Tiehan Xu against Chao Wang In draw C picks Li Deng against Alimu and rounding off the quarterfinals draw D picks Lei Feng against Wensheng Zhang the action continues in the glory super fight series with two top semi-finals and if that wasn’t enough the semi final winners return to the ring once more in the lightweight tournament final it’s the toughest route to the top and fight sports eight men one explosive night the glory China eight man lightweight tournament at glory 57 Shenzhen promises to be an unmissable event we could be looking at the next great glory contender only time will tell well that takes us to the main event taking place at glory 57 as one of the greatest lightweight champions of all time Sittichai winner of 120 professional fights faces number one ranked Marat Grigorian whose only loss in his last six glory fights came at the hands of Sitthichai five rounds for the glory lightweight championship of the world between a Lumpinee Stadium champion and a Belgium Beast it’s time for glory Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong left hook to the body knee to the midsection here comes Marat Grigorian wow momma mia great head kick knockout the glory the lightweight title is on the line this is what Grigorian really needs to do stay in the pocket to avoid that left kick and if Sitthichai is going to throw that left kick counter right its Sitthichai who lands a left hand and another one and still glory’s lightweight champion in their last meeting Grigorian lost by split decision but he knew that he had the makings of a champion as he prepares for the title rematch he wants to not only win the belt but by knockout as we take a closer look at the number one ranked contender in the world and our fighter profile if he comes to fight I’m sure its gonna be one of the best fights that day I’m looking forward for that fight it’s gonna be very interesting a pretty good skill set I believe a power I will make that fight happen I want to knock him out that’s it it’s a dream you know almost to make it happen

Sitthichai I’m coming for you I was sufficient to show to everybody that I’m better this time everything gonna be good ladies and gentlemen it is time for your headline bout of the evening five rounds for the glory lightweight championship of the world between a Lumpinee Stadium champion and a Belgian beast I want to knock him out you know that seems more important for him to me you know it’s about the name it’s about about history you know you’re not on my level I have in my fight corner two-time glory contender because he came all this way you know I don’t see that is better than me you know that’s why I get the crazy any questions from the Challenger any questions from the champion touch gloves okay a big fighter but in my opinion he don’t deserve it point point anyone you know its not interesting to me Sitthichai got a solid shot through there a split decision all for you winner is still glory you can give it over to me also to him you know he’s not really a winner Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong I don’t care about the belt so this time I will do it when we return we’ll close things out this is inside glory it’s hating up join us the world’s premier stand-up league as glory goes global for the summer of glory 2018 are you ready for glory the summer of Glory that’ll do it for this edition of inside glory as we roll on into the August heat and our next two stops on the summer of glory tour first up its Denver for glory 56 highlighted by two title fights and a middleweight grudge match then we close August with the Shenzhen showdown at glory 57 until then be sure to keep up with all things glory on our website and follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram as well let’s catch up on glory features and fights on our awesome youtube channel I’m Todd Grisham and I’ll see you on the next stop on the summer of glory tour are you ready for glory