Hoover vs Central (Phenix City)

cramped and him tonight Mike Peacock will be along momentarily Christina chambers is done on the sideline What can you say about a matchup to teams that made the semifinals last year and got they’re starting the season tonight and what should be a great one It’s going to be the quarterback Neither one of them with a lot of experience, but both of them good at what they do We start with central Phenix city and the young man that started last year and ended up getting hurt in the first game Zion Webb, he’s first and, he could be the key to how far central goes and 2016 Meanwhile the Buccaneers led by@ by@newcomer quarterback a young man who hasn’t started Garrett Park one He is a significant a little bit of playing time a little bit ago ago They really like the way he takes control of the offense Speaking of Niblett and Jamie Deveaux as the central, these two guys have met before, Christina will tell us more about this That’s right, although these teams have never played each other before, there’s a lot of history between the two had coaches When Jamey DuBose faced in the championship game Those three games being decided by five points or less, you can expect this game here tonight to be a tight one as both teams are treating it like a state playoff game Both of these teams lost in the state semifinals last year, this is a matchup we could see later on in the playoffs this year Thank you very much The captains are at midfield I believe Cooper won the toss They deferred their choice To let the official to you all about that CentralCentral get the ball first It could be one of the best matchups of the entire year Brian rarely are two teams expected to do as well as listings are playing on the first part of the season Brent neither program has ever met You heard Christina talking about the first the coaches have met a few times A lot of that having to do with Rarely do you get a chance to see the favorite in some cases here in the first weekend of the season That’s what the champions challenge is all about A very convincing win last night Burton Hill is going to win this one tonight and what will call up all night of high school football A lot of Dean’s getting what could be considered an early start to the football season Hoover well kick and Central will get the ball first Hoover in the orange, and I do mean orange with grey numerals and those are black helmet, but you can almost say they’ve got fluorescent paint Where just about ready to get underway That was right at the end zone They will bring it out A good return up to the 43, 44, it may be close to the party as Cameron Mason with a nice return return We will see the red Devil offense to start this one You heard us talk about Zion Webb in the open, a the young man that Jamey DuBose says has matured a lot since the injury and the first game He wasn’t the only one I got injured Right before that semifinal game McGill, they also lost Justyn Ross is some considered the top receiver in the state even though he’s just a junior Press play from scrimmage and they keeper by web Nothing doing Hoover all over it It will be a loss of a couple there It will be second and 12 Central out that the eastern part of the state, Phenix city right on the state line of Georgia Considered the sister station of We will get our first fight of the night I believe that will go against the red Devils Both of these teams had to be skyhigh knowing and anticipating we had central last year

and that semifinal loss It was again they were very disappointed about Jamey DuBose said this team has tried to resurrect itself from that loss A win tonight would certainly help Another keeper and another short cornerback and Webb had nowhere to go It will be third and long for the red Devils Hoover’s defense led by Campbell Campbell, Kami Carmann berm a lot of seniors on that starting defense for the Buccaneers KJ bought the linebacker They throw a deep and that’s complete At first down on a great completion The play good for 17 yards and a big-time conversion for the central offense That should help their confidence here early And nice pitch by Zion Webb and he makes the strike This time straight ahead, that’s Jackson Carson The rushing Carson The rushing Moser with over 1,000 yards, he had to go over just 1,000 almost actually 1100 yards Second and seven at the Hoover 47 That pass out of the reach Devin Pittman Zion Webb would like to have that one back It will be third down They need the party after the near side, empty back Empty set Fake handoff Again, Webb keeps it and does nothing Tristan Taylor there to make the stop and a fourth down now for the red Devils You planted here, then them deep deep, or do you go for it? They need 8 yards Just underway here at Cramton bowl It looks like they are going to go for it Or are they just going to take a quick timeout before the clock runs out may be trying to draw the defense Timeout central city Central uses its first timeout of the half Hoover last year losing in the semifinals like central to Spain Spain They lost them twice in 2015 And when it went on to the final Hoover led much of the game before a judge an early fourth quarter The Jaguars held on and moved on into the championship where they Miguel to Lynn, very very good game again central down in Phenix city last year Of course, we had that game That pretty much set up their championship Jamey DuBose send out the punting unit Bad snap They get the kick away it takes a central role The pond will be downed around the 17-yard line Zach Johnson with a punch and Hoover will have their first possession when we come back to Montgomery To nights presentation of AHSAA Kempin challenge is brought to

you Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama We cover what matters First and ten First play of the night for the Buccaneers and that is going to be an incomplete pass as we get our first look at Garrett Farquhar and you get to hear back from Talladega >> I was telling you the one of the guys at the gate to me I qualified outside of the third row for Sunday’s race He I heard your tire squealing Number 16, he’s got to one back set with CJ sterner than one of the top rushers a year ago for the Buccaneers Second and then he will throw it over the middle That is complete and big yardage It will be a first down for Hoover after a 20-yard gain That was just a nice little basically not quite as planned, but just a bend into the scene right there and hit him perfectly right in the middle of the defense and a big gain for Hoover First and ten at the 45 Timeout taken by Josh Niblett 1015 The Bucs , that is their first time out here in the first half You know, you can anticipate all you want a game of this magnitude when you have two teams that you think your are going to be a big part of who wins the 70 championship even if one of these two teams don’t You know good and well, they are They are going to be of their contingent and you’re going to hear their name all the way for several weeks , especially deep into the playoffs You usually come, both of these teams they both went to the semifinals and lost Beer before I believe central last in lost in the quarterfinals Central is just trying to get over that hump They only have one state championship, but they’re definitely a powerhouse program Could you ladies and gentlemen, the brain has arrived I did not bring that with me I did pass through a little shower He am going out to check on that before you got your I pester one little shower and that was outside between an Montgomery Pursed and ten Running hard across midfield Last the football and I think Central got it They do If I’m not mistaken I believe that you jump on it Could you look like the ball came out predict early People started scrambling well before he went down with the bile It took the blood to ball a little And white jersey fell on it Do we give the assistive mother nature First play in the rain and we

get a turnover See who gets a handle on it There it is I believe that’s Markail Benton The Alabama commit The red Devils get it back Their second possession They moved it one first down on their initial position Good field position to start here on the 45 Webb, keeper This time he’s got a call and he’s got a first down Across the 48, down close to the Rot down by KJ vault He hasn’t been able to get loose Last year when we had central, we didn’t get to see Webb play, we didn’t get to see this kind of play for the red Devils and I tell you, moving into that Chattahoochee the Chattahoochee Valley, living across the from Phenix city I been hearing about this kid since he’s in middle school He set a name for a long time over there He decided there to take it himself We do have a flag down They moved it up about 8 yards It like a Cayman behind the play play This is one of the things that we know this, not only in the semifinal game, we also had them down and enterprise, the mistakes, simple mistakes that really hurt them Both games we had, the mistakes and penalties like this, momentum going penalty absolutely killed them when they were in both of those games Both of those ended up being losses On the way back to the 48 so to it will be first in 204 central No score, first quarter 8:19 remaining on what’s going to be an exciting start to this 2,016th season Again, they keeper That was Christian Taylor who came out to lay the leather They gained about 3 yards Welcome back to high school football, Zion Webb It will be second and about 17 at the 46 Still a light rain falling here at Cramton bowl Quarterback keeper again He is caught from behind I think that was vault again who got him I think so I wouldn’t be surprised if Hoover is kind of shadowing him a little bit They figured he would do this Check out a lot I think that was actually Christon Taylor in that time In there on a stunt package and basically was untouched They put Zion Webb down to it brings up third and long They will try to screen, it goes to the tailback and out of bounds inside the 26 That may be enough I think he got a first down What a nice call indexing Carson down That’s twice now they’ve done that in this game Take somebody got into his feet and almost tripped him up As he gets the ball, he’s going to get a block right there He breaks outside He finally got enough of him to get them down A great first him play for Central This time it’s Justyn Ross The first time we’ve called his name tonight He’s got the first down in the 15 into the 13 I have to say that that won’t be Could you are probably right Jamey DuBose, he could not see or use enough good at adjectives to describe Justyn Ross There goes Webb again and he takes another pop after about a four or 5-yard gain Hoover is hitting him hard It doesn’t matter who he’s up against But not before he picks up good yardage on first down At the athleticism on both sides , quite honestly I don’t know that you will see that in every other game in this division this year That is Carson That one, the guy can jump, but he can’t quite quite jump that high Seventy

He did not play and that semifinal game When their bus to McGill, they were at and he got hurt the week before, you know, Jamey DuBose made tort of a humorous statement, but he was probably right on the money He said they got that happiest in the world right now is Zion Webb because he has Justyn Ross to throw to AAnd nice move Touchdown central Jackson Carson From 7 yards out Oh, wow I daresay O.J. Simpson, but that’s what he looked like This was unbelievable athleticism radio Central get into the end zone Carson is going to take it on that little counteraction play and look at this does put on the It’s kind of like Barry Sanders Just let it go by and throw it into the end zone Could you get to a lot of them in there Walter Payton You get the idea Central on the board first The extra point try is up It’s low, but I think he got it through It is 7-Max zero with six minutes in the first period What a run by Carson As he takes it in and gives the red Devils the early lead Back with more in Montgomery The 11th Champion champion challenge Central Phenix city getting the touchdown leading super 7-Max a row I’m joined now by Josh Phillipp, Transportation You have a lot of safety tips for all that fancy took the time to come out to today’s game About 80 percent of the traffic on the roadways is about 10 10 percent of the road We have our drive safe Alabama campaign which is a puffin to help get them and others on the roadways safe Before we go, what are your parting thoughts about Highway safety In no these fans are going to leave to make game and had to him Buckle up, every trip, every time 60 percent of the people gelding crashes in Alabama are wearing seatbelts Muscle is gradualist are survivable Buckle up and drive safe tonight tonight, Alabama Is that one thing you see in most of your Rex here in the

state? Unfortunately, it’s hard to get people to wear their seat belt every time If we could do that, we would see the survivability of these crashes go up significantly A know a lot of people if they get on social media work and they go to check out the situation? We have a Nava drive safe, Alabama that is drive safe, Alabama.org You are emphasizing drive safe, buckle up and I know a lot of college students are back in school now, so that seems to be a big topic there We see any kind of distracted driving or anything that can hurt you on the roadway You see texting and driving, drinking and driving, and even seat belt in those situations can help you survive those precious Brett Mang, back to you better take Christina, first at ten after their return central on a seven play, 55-yard drive and a huge third-down conversion That was a big play on the drive drive That was that there denting a blade It was break up the drive alive It could be a big test Nobody said your percentile A nice play, out of bounds at about the 48 Cedric Jackson has the big play The pickup of 16 Everybody does kind of got drawn to the other side of the field for central and a good block downfield was able to spring this play for a big game, 16 16 yards and a first on pet You would agree with me the speed of both of these teams, you will see a lot of that, a lot of play action Make people stop for just a half Sometimes that’s all you need Farquhar with a deep drop and run around complete Jackson this time at the 42 and right at the stake it looked like he might be a yard short look like a quarterback he hasn’t had very many snaps is a starter, the Nazi? Pinpoint throw, right on the sideline right where it needed to be Josh Niblett said that, I love what he does, I think, he said, was in the fourth grade He said this kid had been in his grade The role and throws deep He has a man, but it’s out of reach Turner, the intended receiver Third in the yard One thing the coach told us about Farquhar is that he studies the game of football He knows what to do He lives that, brings that, he’s got great confidence He’s got a little swagger in the do with the football And knows where to look for those receivers If the yard here, he will get the handouts and the first down and hold it on to make the tackle that was Benton We didn’t talk much about him in considered by many to be the best linebacker in the state one He is on a lot of lists and it was a big event over in Phenix city when he decided to announce his signing or an ounce is commitment back in the spring and a lot of media was there Lots of hype over it People didn’t know if he was going to go to Auburn or Alabama Alabama Or follow in the footsteps of Woodrow wall Put the Crimson on He threw that one into double coverage That was run the length they came up, almost got the interception there Cup both hands on the football Then knocked it away Geben Alexander also over there I love watching Delance play last night last year I wouldn’t be surprised though if you lead them in tackles and that loss He was allover the field I do remember that Farquhar, Texas Nowhere to go and that’s the speed am talking about as Jarious Upshaw comes up with a big play I don’t think technically that’s a fact because there was no bus on the play, but it makes it third and 11 Upshall wasn’t even in the frame when you look at this and is seen as part Barr, there he field very quickly for no gain I daresay that is what Jamey DuBose want Farquhar to do Check it and go because he’s got the speed to catch them and she just saw it there They need just inside the 34 the first down the trail 7-502 Hoover Deep, and too deep That was intended

for cam for Brett Because of the blitz, he had to get rid of the ball quick and he receiver didn’t know it was in the air He was looking for the football, looking back for the football and it was floating over his head deep That was one of the things we noticed last year I know we keep referring to last if the improvements have been made with this red double team It seems like last year that would’ve been a roughing the passer call or a pass interference, but nothing like that Actually it’s now third and 11 They had the box wrong There was a flag Okay I spoke too soon I never saw the flag fall We saw that about last year too Jamie Jamey DuBose is man and I did not see that penalty Unfortunately for central It was called a pass interference I don’t know what receiver it was on Oh my goodness There is Upshaw again I think they might have egged a little gunpowder before he came out here And I allowed to say bat out of hell? That was incredible You talk about shooting the gap He shot they gap right there I think he might have shot too A loss of four Back to the 30 Three receivers adhered to the left for Hoover One back in the backfield We see a wide receiver screen Farquhar looking this way Over the middle that is an incomplete pass It was almost a nice catch It is incomplete A tad behind him right there Difficult to hang onto especially through contact It will be third down and third and long again for Hoover Central has proven pretty good If they can avoid a penalty A stickler a little bit here I typed or receiver in receiver this time and that past might have been knocked down Not sure if he got a hand on that I think Farquhar dragged a tried to hand onto the ball because he saw his receiver falling down It was going to be a quick off the block when I think he may have tried to hold onto the football and just couldn’t do it it We will see a long field goal attempt rate of 47 yarder This kick by Pickering There is no wind It’s long enough, but it’s left Brett And never got any left In notice it had a funny spin on it It never got any end over end motion It never got up off the ground very well It’s sort of sales like a curveball, to the left Can you watch it again Good placement He just sort of around it He didn’t hit it solid and had that funny spin AndI like them on ironing golf you try to hit it to heart and it’s a little bit of the book Make good thing is all that the ball just goes back to the 20 in high school Here we go with central back on offense leading it 7-Mexico Webb, who has been the majority of the often so far No backside, throws that one Lowe and its incomplete intended He would love to have that back, it hit his receiver in the needs needs That again, I’m sure he’s been working on that all summer It’s a little during different when you have orange jerseys chasing you Definitely Especially with orange jerseys with the same type of speed you face in practice Definitely Two on the left Blogging I think that might have been Ross out there with the block A pickup of close to 8 yards forge @think your right, I think that

was Jackson Carson they got blocks on the outside And sprang him for about 7 yards 7 yards, seven and half yards? Yes, they got it to about the 27 27 So third and three They’ve got to get to the 30 Twenty-five, the clock is stopped as the play went out of bounds Carson and the backfield He will get the handoff He’s got the first down across the 30 2 the 31 He was tripped up I believe that Kholbe could Coleman with the six that senior but not before another first down for central looking left There he goes again, sliding at the 40 That will be a pickup of 8 yards 8 yards You get the idea here that Hoover pretty good knowledge of what they Schenn man does, even though he displays at half last year I’m sure they’ve seen him and seven out of ten attempts Can you ensure they pulled some phone from film from his sophomore year Definitely They will move the chains again I do believe Central has had their share of But they seem to have them all ironed out now moving the football the handoff goes to him Is that a face mask? Facemask That will be effective the The fan reaction over there immediately As we like to say sometimes the facemask in half That is going to give central another first down it is Hoover right now making the mistakes Central is taking advantage of them During the play, personal foul home mass facemask 15 yards resulting in a first down So the red Devils continue this drive and continue to move it That was a pretty serious facemask That pass knocked down incomplete I believe that was Chase Brown with the play there Anytime you throwback to the website of the field the ball stayed in the air a little bit longer than you wanted to That time, the defender and the ball got there at the same time and the defender one First Josh Niblett had a lot of nice things to say about Chase Brown the junior cornerback Had lots of nice things to say about lots of his players Straight up the gut And minimal gain Carson again and a player loses his helmet so he will have to leave for a play Trent Kelley who lost his headgear He is just a mere 6-foot four, 305 pounds he is something tells me he will Central needs a of 35 That is going to be down because Menlo went to pick it up he had his knee on the ground The snap was well to his left-side Jamey DuBose wasn’t real pleased with that They were moving the football and basically that Series just fell apart So the punting unit is on back to return the kick from Kimber That is a line drive kick It takes a big bounce What a great role for central at the floor It can get a little slippery and

I think the ball that time took off Yes I think probably a good idea not We saw one last night and that Demopolis Tuscaloosa game where a return man came up and tried to catch a ball that was bouncing and literally kicked it it The ball took a weird bounce You never know where the ball me It’s better to just let it go First and ten at the four Sturdivant Let me back it up He said they got the football They will say no gain officially officially It will be second and ten That may although they will have to run one more play We’ve got about 20 seconds left in the first quarter Fark war for the shotgun and his end zone needs to get rid of it It does and a nice catch around the 13-yard line That should be enough or at least close enough to the first down as they catch me by Cortez Hall They will Marken 1 yard short and they will have a third and one will Hoover when we come back The first quarter is over Central Phenix city with a big touchdown run from Jackson Carson to get the red Devils a 7 7-bank zero lead in this champions champion talent at Cramton bowl That is from a fountain downtown The beautiful state capital here in Montgomery That is where we are tonight for A great game so far central and Hoover It looks like they will pick up a third and one Or did they? It looks like they got enough They started to pick it up and that will give Hoover what will be there fifth first down of the night Could you very similar numbers in the first quarter for the two Central 13 at 21 plays on the Hoover side Hoover seven of 14 0 yards or less

Central, that big plus seven in the point of all turnovers They made the most of that turnover And Markail Benton with a big play He takes it down No gain Must like he ate him That’s a linebacker That’s a linebacker making that play You think a safety or a corner might make a play like this, but that’s a linebacker He just came up and got his face A textbook tackle right there for Markail Benton Heath had several pretty good linebackers come over central Phenix in the over the years They’ve had a few They’ve had pretty good players TheIndeed We’ve got a the time out I believe he sees in the formation I was same before that in the first quarter, the two quarterbacks have very similar numbers Zion Webb four of eight, 54 54 yards You know, stats are fairly even, it you would expect them to run at the workplace of they have a few more yards 103 total yards-714 Hoover Let’s check out the Hoover quarterback In the first period, again, this is his first start and he looks pretty good early And nice pass across the middle That was his first throw of the year He completed a couple more Well executed plays This was probably my favorite pro he made in that first quarter, it was right spot on on It gets him out of trouble they are This is the part of the current fact that they’re on Far far planes Me last year He started the game three of five from 53, since then he’s gone one of four for just four more yards Santos defense has adjusted a little bit They are trying to keep them bottled up as much as possible on the strife Second and ten Sturdivant goes outside He runs over a Manning picks up a couple of yards Upshall took the brunt of that hits Again of about four and it will be at third down for Hoover This tribe starting very deep in their own territory after a beautiful Pond by Zach Johnson for Central This is a big play for both teams It would be a huge play if Central could get a stop you’re on the defensive side, but it would also be very big for the Hoover offense if they could get a first down All three right out to the left Somebody move Or is it delay of game? It is delay of game You hate that if your Hoover Delay of game on the offense 5 5 yards, stuffers down Key that will probably drive right there How many veins are out of his neck? I count two When an Eastside Third and 12th Straight back drop looking down Oh, what a play What a play Knocked away by DJ Bryce The intended receiver, I believe that is and that is Jackson That is a well thrown football The receiver actually had a He just missed it He just got a finger on it Maybe he didn’t touch it He just distracted the receiver enough to cause him to miss it I think the receiver thought he was going to hit the football and didn’t I don’t want to take away any credit from that it should have been caught He did make the play, but he didn’t get a handle on it The return, and out of bounds A good field position 32-yard line where Central will start this drive Graham, I’m going to reiterate something you said earlier about you look for when you see and team a couple of times you look for improvement A prime example right there on that punt return One of the up backs for Central had a Hoover player in his sights, but had he may contact it would’ve been a block in the back Last year and not so sure we wouldn’t have seen a the back there because that something they’ve improve themselves on Jamey DuBose said they made a

poignant effort in making better decisions That was a good decision there Perse, but down, quarterback keeper again Losing three Hoover had him surrounded Know what he knows it used to be coming after him He looked up and he couldn’t see Second and 13 at the 35 That is a big play for Hoover here on first down deep in its own territory On the defensive side the lone setback And that keeper again A good job by the defensive end there @good thing they checked the numbers I believe it was about 55 I’m having trouble too It is hard to see those numbers They are great liking football jerseys They are great-looking football jerseys, but from this distance those great numbers are hard to see and we’re quite a ways away from the field Not quite as Bay as in the Tennessee jerseys and the bat throwing on third down He’s got a man out of his reach That was Devontae miles I believe That was Devontae miles Hexagram am going to say that Paul should have been caught That has him right where it needed to a thing Let’s watch the replay here Yes, that’s ball should’ve been caught >> Got a hand on that What’s the old saying, if you get a hand on the ship kept it I think it was thrown where it needed to be Probably he will make the catch four or five out of six times 50 50, yeah, I would say that one definitely had some zip on them There’s only six seconds on the play clock They will get off the snap Over the middle and that one is out of reach I don’t think that Brooks was at Hoover within a stance as they gave up the ball deep in their own territory They still trails 7-50 n-gram tumble Welcome back to Cramton bowl First and ten for the Hoover box In fact, they made them go backwards on that series The series for the red Devil Devils starting on the 30 There it goes again My goodness You talk about corners coming up to make a stop You saw it there is number 12

came up That is Upshaw He is quick He is quick as a hiccup I believe I’ve heard that term growing up in a country all my life and now I think I know what it means They actually list him as a linebacker He closes on the football I believe he’s an outside linebacker and closes on the football as well as anybody He’s in the middle there I kind of think they might be moving him around slapping him and Benton Over the middle maybe a little bit out of reach, but just in case, and was there to knock it away It will be third down That passed not quite on the money for a Varvara Briski and think Jamey DuBose have come up with some creative ways to confuse Garrett Farquhar He’s not making the Reid said he He is rest a couple of throws he’s thrown a couple of balls behind receivers that he didn’t do in the first order I think some different looks out of the red Devils are at play here For Jamey DuBose has seen a couple of times, but usually in Farquhar, a deep throw, he got that, almost a diving catch, but The pass intended for Hall It will be fourth-down Oh my goodness that would have been a beautiful play The ball kind of let it back over things in Tate shoulder He had to make and of a twist to catch He couldn’t quite do it As you see there, it just flooded back to the outside of his body he was turned inside it was a difficult earned for him to make Hoover will punt again This one kicked away from the return man which is as you would probably the fastest guy on the field and Ross, this time the first down there for Central Do you think it helps that the fact that Jamey DuBose has faced under the most extreme conditions and beaten them? Absolutely He brings a demeanor in this game having been there done that players Unlike a guy who hasn’t been in that situation, and good defense by Hoover if they’re in the backfield It was Christon Taylor to make the stop of Mr. Jackson Carson That will be a loss of three Right now Central has kind of stalled here a little bit on their offense Weir started to seeing this up the essentials defense We’re also seeing it out a few first defense Hoover is doing things to confuse the defense of center right now I think this is a scam going on among the defensive tornadoes That is why you come up and make a play That is textbook He fought his way across the face of a blocker Heat fight off the blocker He got a hold of the sleeve or something and with my go He actually tackled two guys at once 5-yard loss on that play burden intercepted AThe force pass by web After he avoided as Zach I don’t know that he could have gotten the first down marker We type a timeout before the plant We are going to have fun with that for the rest of the season

Fourth down and out bunting Central One man deep for the Bucs they go after it, but a good fund It will be first down Hoover When you say the name Hoover in this state The first thing you think about is domination but those numbers don’t exactly break that out It tells the tale that we were talking about a few minutes ago about what a job the defenses are doing in the second quarter Minus 5 yards for Central only to you on the positive side Barb wire mom at the I’m not sure if Ford looked at where his feet were beard looked like he might’ve taken his eye off the ball for just a split second he lost some eye contact with the ball and went through his hands I’m not sure he could’ve have the ball was close to a catchable ball bearing They must feel like they is something they can exploit to start event up and have at turned round to run with it, he lost it it Let me tell you this How many big-time hits of these guys taken already in the first half? You’re looking out of the corner very to see if any white jerseys are out He had a walls that in front of him If you catch is that the ball, Hoover’s probably got a nice because the screen was there I hate to go back to this, because we’re talking about last He said we couldn’t make plays when we needed them the most last year They will get five free ones I believe that’s number 13 The previous Floyd He went up with this and bumped his mouth preselect onto the Hoover side of the ball He went to retrieve it and it’s an offside penalty Here’s a way to look like that He would’ve been penalized either way because shift of your mouthpiece in your mouth on the snap Now just third and five Hoover at midfield

Farquhar, he looks left this time, but is probably going to be interference and there’s the flag It looked like he had that off and around the waist That would David Dykes It was going up to the ball and he looked like he had Karen Delance wearing him Easy the offense on the outside wrapped around his hip Let me back up that’s actually MJ woods with the interference Our first down for Hoover after the penalty Take an eligible downfield How about that Evidently at tight end or somebody who was covered up over downfield to throw the ball to in an eligible receiver to make it a penalty If the ball does across the line knocked on the mend or in a back goes out for a pass, it is a penalty Third and five again Farquhar it takes a shot He completes the pass Down to the bat is Randall with the big play That was a huge play because Clark took a big 32 yards on that play Somebody lost coverage over here here I don’t know whether the safety was supposed to roll and pick up Somebody lost the receiver there and he was wide open That was Cortez That looking a lot like and nine tonight A grapefruit by Garrett Farquhar Farquhar Deepest penetration by Hoover all night That pass incomplete bet that There’s another flag This is going to be a hold It could be That was I’m not real sure, that may have been a little rubber out over there where one receiver goes outside and sort of ties to rub the defense of guy It was a holding call against the defense Sometimes when the defender sees Not a lot of difference between Holt and pass interference it’s kind of the same thing This one half the distance Now, it will not be enough for the first down but in a way that They only need a yard and they get an extra down It’s first and one How may times have you heard that Just inside the ten Trying to tie the score with 5: 5:09 left in the first half That is Randall in the backfield I can assure you of that Incomplete Good defense Good defense He did exactly what he needed to do To state in front of the receiver, MP did his vision Didn’t interfere A good job of defending on that play Alexander of the intended receiver How many times have we seen him throw that fake, through the post they are throwing it deep basically They are definitely challenging those corners for central Phenix city Is still a couple of downs to play First down, that will be at the 7-yard line for Randall Randall picks up the first down Fenton over there for the stop but in some some beef on the line of scrimmage Trying to block up the middle there and talk about defense of friends both sides of the bind it looks like a meat locker It does For:40 to play Farquhar with the Lindback Friends of Paul on the left-side left-side Grinding Grinding I think he’s a bit short He did pretty much all of that on his own Sometimes you will get some help they get a push

He is getting a little bit of help of his that he is in the center of that He moves that pile himself just inside the one-yard line The left guard with the help they are buried second and goal at the one Hit in the backfield What a play They will use a lard That is like, came from the outside Graham got the leg , but you know what, who hit him first because he got hit in the backfield That was the Lincecum he was there as well I thought maybe Benton hunted them It was Delince to break it up Third and goal and we will get a timeout with 336 to play It looks like Central will take this timeout The Buccaneers of fever trying to push in the first quarter of 2016 Can you believe this? We have 11,000 people here tonight and these folks ain’t from Montgomery There’s lot of people watching these game on their phones and their tablets while they’re watching another game in person If you didn’t know you could do that, pass to the playoffs.com Could you if you want to watch it again it will be archived a little later on tonight It’s one will have to watch and see which one by the fourth quarter especially in a close game , see which one is in the best shape I think it’s going to come down to that Of course, a lot of big games tonight around the state That is the state Tim bent and seven A and six A battling one another I think here in the River region region, That’s idea that when as long as back to about 1905 or so Not really about 1945 1950 Third and goal at the two Sort of lone setback They bunch of the lineman A handoff Far far well throw it into the end zone wide open touchdown Extremely well-designed play there It looked like Farquhar was going to try to keep the ball and beat the defense said that pile and because everybody on that side was covered but here comes the eighth, but affect the middle of the end zone wide open It just pops up and throws There is this guy wide open So that extra point attempt is up It is perfect We have a Tide football game Would you expect anything less? 7-backs7-7 with 3:49 to play in the first half A very impressive drive by Hoover A guy that hadn’t touched the ball all night scores the first touchdown for the Buccaneers Brett As listing of the tight end at that time he was set up as an HVAC He’s a healthy young man Can you very much so They have him listed as if I look at my lineup, 6 feet, and 235 That is a load Differently Had they they had a little help There is the big play The pivotal play of the drive right there Garrett Farquhar stood in there and got that pass off as he was getting nailed and then down at the one-yard line It was just a perfectly executed play and it was Timbo with a touchdown Get a little dance move with that so the kickoff is coming for Hoover to the goal line and that is through the end zone That will be a touchback First and ten at the 20 You know, I was thinking back to some of the great games that have been played here This place has been around since the 30s This was the home of the linear pole at which won state championships over the years And then you get into the high school just Davis teams

Carver recently an amount which was impressive last night A lot of great teams Lots of great players have called this home First down pass incomplete Ross was there It was way out of the reach We have a flag laying on the 20 Is there going to be a holding penalty? Ineligible field Hoover has a choice to take the penalty or take the down I want to say Central has a little stagnant offense, but they really have not done a whole lot Since a score that is done They have not You know, who first defense has had a lot to do with it Exactly The penalty is declined Quite frankly, centrals defense had had a lot to do with you for couple of penalties there on that drive, they might not have gotten into the end zone that time Second and ten Well, stepping up, nowhere to go go Down he goes Thirty-five and 55 Coleman gets help from Hill for the sack Make that Brown for the Zach Marquise Brown 6-foot, 200 50 20050 pounds offensive and senior Look at the corporate comparison 123 yards The second quarter a place, negative seven Both of the coaching staff have been able to make the adjustments Here we go again A along pass downfield and incomplete I believe coming back so the football, I believe it was miles miles It will be third down and long The pass is a little bit under throne Let me back up It will be fourth-down Cortez Hall will playback The courting step over there wanted a flag on that play, but the contact was incidental not initiated by the defensive back A pretty decent night No rush, and that one, it was He’s got the room He will need one more block, he doesn’t get it, but it will be great field position for the Buccaneers inside of the 20 That was great It was kind of a wall within a wall It was 35 yards on the return Brett And excellent feel the patient by him You’re going to watch He gets one hole there Now he’s going to look of field and he sees his blockers and picks them up He just does a great job of getting them great field position inside the 20-yard line line Nice return Plenty of time here for Hoover to do something else on offense It was Carson that made the tackle First and ten at the 17 Hoover right back down and in red Devil territory Red zone red Devil territory Rivers On the outside That will help for about a 5- 5-yard gain Good help by the defense His Jackson comes up with about 4 yards Seaport adhere with the blocking A good block right there I believe that is Kam Ford camp for that made the block But you have to give credit also to upshot again Chasing down the runner Second and about seven Straight ahead for about two Randall with a carry He will get to the ten Actually, he will make about 4 4 yards on the play So third and three coming up for Hoover The block not quite effective A big third-down play for the central defense They need to stop they can force of field goal attempt here It could be big for them The backfield, instead based on the screen pass

I thought he might have stepped up at the ten but apparently not not He’s at the three and he’s got a What great balance by practicing practicing Somehow, Graham, he was able to stay inbounds there I thought like you yet stepped out It looked like he tiptoed It doesn’t go down He’s going to see it on 1 foot and sees it inbounds Unbelievable That was just determined running by that Junior 6 feet , 208 I set this time for Hoover with a man in motion I don’t think we’ve seen this all night Five are rolling into end zone That’s Upshall again He is all over the place We call his name is much is anybody Watching get out here and bat this thing away He tries to back it back to one of his buddies there They just didn’t close on a quick enough That would have been too much If he doesn’t make that play It’s a touchdown, no doubt The tight end was open again Second and goal The clock is stopped with 58 seconds left Farquhar in the backfield Three men on the left Farquhar takes it himself Touchdown Hoover A 3-yard run and the Bucs have their first lead of the night Graham, that was an excellent fake on that play that set the play out I think a lot of the white shirt right there Including the defensive end, big on that Feken that open that side up, that edge up for Farquhar He hadn’t kept it all night ToSo of course, they have the handoff The extra point is perfect and with 53 seconds to go in the first half, the Bucs of Hoover are on top by seven Let’s not forget the Hoover defense is a big part of why they’ve taken the lead here late in the first half The defense has done a great job job They have given the options field position You know, we also had to account Excellent punt return that got them down into the red zone Cortez Hall with a nice return Of course, that time it was just offensive sets What will Central do with the final 53 seconds? 15 plays in the last two drives 52 yards doesn’t sound like much much, but that’s because they’ve had good field position I tell you, Graham, one thing you can’t forget here either Central has the ability to take it to the house on a kickoff That’s an understatement They have some guys back there who can tote them mailed the mail very quickly They are not going to get a chance to return it That was in the end zone for a touchback Eric Pickering One thing that really Central hasn’t done a whole lot of tonight and bat is in the ball off to somebody to run the football It’s mostly been the quarterback Webb who has taken the snap and taken off This time he does have a back with him, it is Carson Carson has had a pretty good night They will throw the screen pass outside Hoover with a nice evening And that is minimal gain I think that’s number 19, it couldn’t be Jimmy Turner Or is that fault? That’s number 18 I’m calling an new role Apparently there was a flag on that play They shoulder pads, in other chest protection and that shoulder pads, sometimes a the Jersey gets bunched up inside I officially called that a illegal as of right this moment Can you get down to the field and let them know right now? That’s roughing the passer Brett

Brett That will help central feelings At this point they will take it, however, they can Josh Niblett working on a few more blood vessels in the neck That will put it at 37 Forty-seven seconds remaining in the half Now you’ve got a pretty good territory to work with here This final seconds of the first half What have we got? Did we call a timeout? Are we questioning the spot fax They are asking to reset we were waiting for a clock to be reset They wanted 46 seconds I don’t think our crew over here is about to get that done bird For has been on the eye that he knows how to handle that He’s going to hate me for mentioning his name on the air, but so what He hates you anyway That is true Mister Magoo over there Of course, nobody knows who Mr Mr. Magoo is pretty everybody in Right into the hands of the defender and he couldn’t hold on on Will Singleton had it As we like to say he had him in a bad spot You and I know the name of the actor who played mister Magoo Because he was in another one Surfaced in the Howell the third Jim Backus was his name He was the voice of Magoo CNN even know his first name was Carson It’s loose in the secondary First down at the 45 of Hoover That will stop the clock with 23 seconds left to play Central has one timeout remaining they will set the teens Still getting the plate They still haven’t started the clock though Now we are going to take a timeout Now will have a timeout I think that was a case where the red Devils couldn’t get the play in Now out of timeouts Sometimes you don’t have the right personnel on the field to run the play that you want to run so it forces you to call a timeout That they were going to try to get them pays going there over the ball when it was said and they just didn’t have the right people out there to run the play play We don’t know how far he can kick a field goal In fact,, he may not know how far he can kick when especially under game conditions Based on what the coach told us earlier in the week, this is his first year to play football Right off the soccer field He said when he got him out there his first time to kick a football Snapper is a baseball player The punter is a baseball player The punter is a baseball player These guys, I tell you The master at that finding other people they can help his team And getting them to come out there Webb on first and ten From the 45 Looking He’s got room to run He needs to get out of bounds And he will at the 26 Hoover didn’t lay a leg on him and he was able to get out of bounds There is a flag down There is a flag there and other flag year I’m not sure what all of these are for and if they’re going to offset Is this play going to count? My guess is holding at least on one of them usually when you see a defenders helmet lane on the ground, it’s not good news for the offense That is against Hoover Illegal participation How about that? While That is incredible They will spot the ball at the 16-yard line

Let me back up They will put it at the 11 Now, they will put it at the 16 Look at this This changes things Fourteen seconds because that penalty was packed onto the end of the play there There comes the helmet just came off You know what, that’s right It’s not illegal number of players is the fact that a defendant kept playing with the helmet off When again The clock is moving very bit will stop the clock to move again The ball will be on the 3-yard line They stopped the clock, they’re going to put time back on here They waved the clock to be stopped just at the change They’re going to put some time back on probably about six seconds I believe, Graham They’re trying to get their guys Basically time for one play in less they can spike the ball Four seconds will be put back on the clock That hasn’t happened yet That is what Webb has lined up to do He’s going to try to spike it and give them one more shot here here So, let’s just assume that they are able to get this play off and spike the ball Are you going to kick it or do you go for the touchdown? I guess we’re going to find out Now what do we halfbacks Five seconds No, they are still staying for Four seconds left Web getting ready to spike it And he does with just one second going off the clock Josh Niblett out of the field He is unhappy He wants a timeout That will actually help Central here to kind of make a decision on what they want to do I have a feeling they may be going for it because you got a raw young kicker, take a force, he would rather have attached on on Well, of course But you do have an unproven kicker and you put them in a situation like this with only three seconds on the clock, it even though basically this cake would be nothing more than an extra you don’t want to put Makiah in that situation It is at an angle ended a tight angle from that distance Is More than likely Jamey DuBose is What a first half He gave the tale of two halves in the past A big play here on the last play play What more could you ask for? Let’s see what these two teams have up their sleeve Carson is the lone setback Crosses on this nearside Man on man coverage Webb has a double tight end A double slot on the right-side That will end the first half We will see how big that play is here comes a flag right I mean way late It is not going to affect the play The play is over After the time it’s expired That might be huge because there is a coach Where he’s not supposed to be I’m a little bit surprised they’re allowing the coaches out I’ll realize the half is over This will be tuned the kickoff It on Hoover That means they kickoff will be 15 yards further than when it normally is several quickly let’s go to the sideline and visit with Josh Niblett and Christina Christina, go ahead Coach, a dramatic finish to the

second quarter It took us a little while to get We get a good stop that they may turn the ball over We can do that The field position our defense did a good job of getting some stuff we needed to bird that was a neat stop for us, but not smart enough on the penalties we One of that was the helmet comes up, they’ve got a stop on the play He kept pursuing the ball because he’s trying to get great It’s a great half We’ve got to get get in and make Talk about your momentum You go down there to take the lead Third-down play, third and short short We had an opportunity to get him That was a big opportunity to score A good job of finding the crossing rot A good opportunity to find field position Then we got the ball back on the plus side our guys did a good job of trying to make advantage of that opportunity We have to be ready to play the second half Coach, good luck Thank you very much The Hoover Buccaneers trailed pretty much first of it all of the first half, but they came out with a scoring drives to take the lead to 14-7 A big play by the defense right at the end They needed by a touchdown as we had to have time A lot coming up including both ends, we will also have some visit Come back with us That director of the Alabama high school Association Coach, what an amazing game we’ve had to parse tonight A great game I’m glad to be with you Thank you so much for having us Thank you to every, and for what athletic Association I truly appreciate your commencement to Alabama athletics You guys are great Thank you so much for what you do Obviously the 11th year for the champions challenge What made you guys want to put on this event because it sets in the special event for the student athletes to come out and I can’t take any credit for it I credit the former executive director who wanted to start out the season with a kickoff classic kind of game we had one game matching previous state champ and so we have gone on to expand the game, get more schools the opportunity to be here and now we have three games games We have a model in our office to

try to experience a lifetime And that is what we hope to do by this event is to bring students to Montgomery to show great customer service and thank and to bring this calls it does give them the experience of a lifetime We think it’s a special event A great way to kick up the season We have a great one here tonight tonight, what are some of the interesting topics the news going around the AHSAA Always interesting topics We had a lot of bylaw changes this year Always mind everybody we don’t make the rules were just governed by the rolls rules Our students the most let’s ever been change for the first time we have nontraditional students participating and we always says children I always like to give the credit doing the job That’s our principles, superintendent, our coaches across the state to have an opportunity to save the life of the a student athlete Every time they have contact with them Every single day There are some things that may go wrong during the year, but 99 99% are And I think our educators in the Talk about obviously we added Class 7 ages to few years ago and how everybody has responded to that added classification Moore opportunity More championships More opportunity What a better way to spend your time than to provide more opportunities You know, it’s not just football We made a commitment to have seven classes for if they qualify, for every class I watched our volleyball, we’re about to start volleyball season season People don’t realize bubbly ball is the third-largest port we have for championships and our girls are unbelievable in this state As I watched them compete in the some of those two didn’t it just couldn’t those very large schools a gave them an opportunity Track athletes to compete it, he better and better by classification It just shows what that quested for the sport and I’m very proud could you we have a good when here tonight and glass seven name Let’s take a listen to the central Phenix city high school marching band We’ll come back to halftime Hoover on top of central Phenix

city 14-7 Well, in everyone And Christina chambers done from representative from East high school First off, thank you for your service Obviously you’re in the National Guard and just kind of tell us how do you balance both I have a great support system in my administration the superintendent, I’ve been in for deployment and the Board of Education has also is been supportive buffet A great wife because I’m away a lot I leave next month for a couple weeks It’s a challenge, but there’s students appreciate the patriotism That add something to the environment around us globe They put up yellow ribbons and banners supportive of the military and so it adds a new dimension to the high school We thank you for your service first and foremost Let’s talk about your leading up you’ve been involved lots of things in store for your football team Talk about the indoor facility guys are building right now We’re about done with a 32,000 square-foot indoor facility that will be used for all apart extracurriculars to include band band, ROTC, give our breasts and program a place to go during the winter months It’s going to have an indoor service that would be immigration that 30 yards long It’s got a couple of classrooms and it will be able to use a we’re really excited about it it months Q what are some of the student athletes, what do they think about it, especially the football team Gretzky there fired up We’re in the same retweet room we were in 92 only had a football team with about 60 players and now we have 147 opportunity for them to get in a more safe environment as far as being able to spread out to all the sports are fired up about it it There will be a drop-down cages for girls softball team utilized utilized Everybody’s pretty fired up about it Now we’re going to go to sue for Thank you for joining us today by Duke started all the other day, but you’ve been hard at work Talk about the fundraising event you have on campus right now I’m from South, Louisiana, originally I was at that stand there and we actually adopted two elementary schools in Southwest Louisiana and have been doing a variety of hopefully on Tuesday be able to send those to schools and nice check to kind of rebuild and help all those of those kids that he we were kind of things, these viewers that are watching brick and they donate and what kind of We have a variety of organizations at school doing things during the week We’ve had parents die by and drop monies off to S Just anonymous donations It’s been a great great event Probably one of the team to face the entire year They are a class act and they do a great job each year The scent of payments a great competition tonight What are some of the future plans you have for your athletic programs as a whole as we kick off this click your? We’ve got a great schedule and so far we’re going to it’s been planned for about three years It’s coming to rest the rest last regular-season game We’re just trying to be champions and all the programs We’ve helped build the facility is the last two years over trying to make everything between our boys, girls, equal and just give them the best opportunity to win We’ve got a second half waiting for us fall of football action Let’s take a listen to the Hoover high school marching band band And that’s brought to you by Jax Jax

Where are all South Halftime here add them nimble We expected to be a close game and it has left up to all the hype It could’ve been 1414 life stop by hubris defense to keep it a seven-point game A big gains, that was big for Hoover They’re going to have to deal with the penalty coming out of halftime It’s going to set up a short field We’ll see what they decide to do do I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some shenanigans We talked about the quarterbacks quarterbacks, which one can come and, I guess you could say both of them Both guys have stepped up Both have had good things happen happen By far, Omer had a bit of a Lowell and your scene Zion Webb, the leading push pressure in the football game Is because a place like this where is able to pull the ball down, play the field to get out and get some big yardage Farquhar, he is throwing the football early then went through a hole where he just really couldn’t get anything going and then picks it back up in the second quarter

He led his team down the field for a couple of scores That was the first touchdown and then he ran for the second one to give his team the lead and that’s where we are 14-7 is the numbers are relatively relatively close although Hoover could work a little bit on the rushing Definitely Central probably would like to see at the more yards through the air, one thing Zion Webb has not had is enough time to throw the football He’s been chased out of the pocket at it a very short time a half They might have more time to time savers We’ve really only called Justyn Ross is name one time You’re right, he is an explosive He had some big plays a couple on the punt return I don’t want to say that Hoover has necessarily taken him out of quite that factor I’m sure the bread doubles would like Jamey DuBose mentioned as he didn’t know of a strategy that Josh Niblett and his staff had with Debbie did take Justyn Ross He said if they do with that I have some of the people step up You know, we will see what happens, this is a great football game Exactly what we expected Two powerhouse teams going at each other I am anxious to see what happens in this half Of course, we’re going to do it again tomorrow night By three of the three game temp and challenge We will be right back here More orange will be in the stadium and more Reds Let’s go down to Christina Coach, obviously you’ve got up on the board pretty quickly, but We made a good run right there in the two-minute offense but would probably should’ve put the ball in the air We had one on one coverage, but We have some pressure off the backside They have been bad to him home We were behind the sticks on four different occasions with second and third Just all mental mistakes Not playing solid football Just come out and play Defensively, third and five We gave some offside penalties It cost us the first down Here we make some great plays place With the replay them all the way death for them down They bought a couple of finance We just got to place on put them Thank you, and was about to say , I go back to what he just pointed to They had a chance early in the early quarter and had the ball in the 30-yard line They couldn’t get anything out of it In fact, it ended up going backwards By a yard, a yard or two backwards For a lot of that second quarter quarter, Central had negative in couple of minutes there when they made a drive down the field field Is, well, we’ve just got a get a taste of what we’re going to have later on in the fall as the school football will actually pick up again after we finish here in Montgomery and October We will be opening up in the RB Birmingham area, alabaster impacts And Thompson will kick off our October coverage We will have three games following that one including Cordova and Hamilton Robert E Lee and enterprise then with Clement and Austin that will be played in Decatur Then we get into the playoffs We had some terrific playoff games last year We really did We couldn’t have asked for a better playoff schedule It was a lot of fun and all the way through to the super seven We had a blast doing those games last year and am looking forward to it again my share As we left to say on TV That means this kickoff with his

at the 25 Okay There we go So it will actually, the kick will take place from the 45 of Hoover I don’t think, you might see something kind of sneaky here Is going out of the booth at the end of the first half he said field the kick to it He said don’t be surprised if they try something on this opening kick This is something I saw several years ago a similar situation where a team had the ball literally kicking and the team on the other side of the 50 and they pushed it and kicked it into the corner where the guy had to catch it because it was hit to high They ended up starting and they do and they’re going to cover it at the 26 That worked out well for Hoover It is one of the best approach kicks I’ve ever seen They ended up stopping the runner at about the 8-yard line I think they ended up making a big difference as the rain has returned Take one of the gentlemen out in the lobby here in the press box was talking and he was hoping that the rain skirted around us because it looked like a pretty hefty front may be coming this way We will see Hopefully it won’t last too long long Applied before the first play The umpire in the linesman as well I’m going to guess that’s going to be an illegal substitution >> Is illegal substitution 12 people on the field Hoover has now had two penalties and hasn’t snapped the ball In the rain is coming down pretty good with some win We are getting some people moving here and Cramton bowl A lot of umbrellas coming out a lot offering ponchos coming out That rain is coming from the West First and ten Farquhar will throw deep Got a man, it’s caught First down Hoover Jackson with a catch And no, they tried that play to our three times in the first half, they are seeing something that they feel like they can get defensive backs for Central Lo and behold, it happened right Take it they beat a pretty good defensive back right there in Karon Delince From the 30 A big start by the books Deep and central territory They’re going to throw it again that time he was on the scene He knocks it away What is the old saying, for me once, shame on you, for me twice That’s right I always get that wrong Me too, I mess it up every time I have to think about it Second and ten It is pouring down here Thankfully, it’s in the other direction Lesure on the stands For us it’s not getting our stuff like Not getting our equipment wet, I’m sure Richard Michaels is happy about that Second and ten from the 30 Favre are looking to set up the screen pass and he just threw that one away That were never got on track Nobody really got into position that time to make that play happen Farquhar just basically had to throw it at the shoe tops They will try another play There were plenty of white shirts around him where it would’ve been a loss Third and ten and the dailies it is really raining now That is something you didn’t want to see I saw some lightning I’m a little surprised that leaving them on the field if you want to know the truth Fans are scattering They will run it Farquhar keeps it and he’s close to a first down I believe he got it Another by the quarterback Another good think sacred that the central defenders bid on and then Favre are kept it , found a little scene and got the first down Smart play It was A smart play Pouring down rain No need to risk a handoff, no need to risk up as they got the first down anyway from the 20 This time outside and

to see if this rain starts to affect the grip on the football It is boring I’m wondering if it’s going to affect our microphones You can hear it in the crowd I don’t know if I fans can hear it We can hear it in our headset Second and five We have a flag on the near sideline I believe that one will go against Huber An illegal shift That will be at 5-yard penalty That was set it back to around the 20 10:23 left in the third quarter Hoover set themselves up with a great field position with the long pass on the first play after a bit big penalty That’s also after which onside kick by Central We are I think we’re still discussing the penalty? And we saw some lightning again Is illegal shift on the offense 5-yard penalty free play second down I believe we might get them to clear the field Let’s see if they keep playing They are telling everybody to leave the field That one had some thunder with it so we will have a delay It comes with 10:23 delay and the third We have a weather delay I think that is as smart call Teams to the weather loom As the rain falls, the fans will look on the west side of Montgomery heading this way Well the gametime temperature right around 92 or 93 degrees at 7:00 7:00 p.m Now were starting to see a lot of lightning This one is put on hold and we will find out just how long we will have to wait in a matter of moments Hopefully our guys in the truck can give us an idea of what they’re hearing Officials are in the booth next to us I’m just glad I’m inside Me too I’m glad I didn’t have to drive in any of this this afternoon So our first, we had one champions challenge challenging game actually canceled because of some really bad storms That was one of the first ones I they were scheduled to play somebody That game was completely wiped out That game was an exhibition game and didn’t count I don’t remember there being a game that had this type of delay That wind is really starting to whip up They’re as the latter over there set up and it does play that thing down Go ahead It’s raining And it’s coming down hard What is the old saying clicks you know what the weather is like, stick your head out and see? If you don’t like the weather in Montgomery, Alabama, just stick around That’s true One thing is true When we get this game started again, it’s going to be nice and It’s kind of the humid, even at 9:00 p.m By the way it’s already ten after 9:00 p.m Why don’t we take a timeout and we are going to take a look at a presentation of the Southern weekend show and we will keep you abreast of what’s happening here

We will take a timeout We will return hopefully to Cramton bowl and the very short time you have Olympic athletes, injuring him and then you have people like me Of Olympic athlete straining next to the family out here for the first time Is one of the first places people want to bring you If you need to down they say you have to check this place out Whether you’re a world-class athlete training for competition or a weekend warrior looking for a place to unwind, the U.S national Whitewater Center offers amazing opportunities to engage with the outdoors right here in Charlotte backyard It’s a must for your next visit to the Queen city Molly, hi Welcome to the NASCAR Hall of Fame I’ve never been here before I’m really excited I hear your the best tour guide around Would you like to take a look around? Absolutely Here is an interesting experience we have We call it our track walking experience This is 33 degrees and it represents the degree of thinking at the Talladega superspeedway in Alabama I probably wore the wrong shoes That’s incredible Isn’t that incredible Part of the anchors It’s got to be hard on the cars It is our Hall of honor This is where our five inductees are enjoined each year We designed it in a circle so nobody gets put in a corner I am ready to race bred I guarantee you will be very

entertaining I may not be the driver, but maybe I could be in the This is tough work They have come full circle The Southern weekend rolls into Birmingham for barbecue Q what is it about the South and barbecue? A whole lot of potatoes My favorite sweet potatoes Is the worlds largest cast iron statue It’s all about tours the outdoors and the Southern lifestyle We love weekends in the South while come back to the Southern weekends we’re always looking for great food and great places to explore as we travel across the South that’s what we found in Birmingham, Alabama Tasting delicious white barbecue sauce during a potato chip factory and getting up close and What can I get for you? Lets do a small chicken Green beans, and some deviled eggs, please I would always love some dessert dessert I might have banana pudding then then That will be it What is it about the South and barbecue? Honestly it is I never heard of White sauce on chicken before So this is kind of a northern Alabama? It is You have the red typical barbecue sauce, but people don’t like it as much there A lot of people don’t any sauce on They just keep it and they taste good That is good barbecue and I to I like to spend my summer weekends weekends when traveling through Birmingham, one thing that cannot be missed is this huge stature He was commissioned in the early 19 hundreds-19 04 world fair and it was They wanted something to represent Birmingham so at the time Birmingham was known for iron and steel industry His name was spoken broken because falcon is the home and got to forge He came up with this piece of art really and he is now the Vulcan Park foundation was created informed

the park in a museum that we have here And many come into the museum you’ll see artwork created from iron and steel Different faces of about the iron and steel industry and about how our residents lived in the early 19 hundreds and how the city came about It’s such entertaining experience for anyone that wants learn about Birmingham and our history How tall is Vulcan? Vulcan is 189 feet tall He is the largest cast iron statue in the world In the world Yes He is second largest statute object in the united states and designer hairnet because we’re going into perfecting facilities Take us through the process of becoming active Upon arrival I would be weighed in at a truck and I would roll on the back of that truck then I would come to the potato peeler We go into that nice fun than I would come out on the other side Then I would continue my journey up to the conveyor system Everything that was made by him The process, it’s probably about

They know they want something They don’t realize it until we bring them along They e-mail you and say what you to did >> Our motto is preservation through production What that means is got to use all this on the ball behind me We get to preserve this by using it and producing posters and everybody gets a physical object object >> It is pretty awesome It eventually came over >> When he took over the shop, that is when they put himself on the map He helped really establishes visual identity He’s recognizable across the South >> It here in Nashville, this is a must stop If you’re in the mood for a long to experience, there’s no of the better plays than Nashville, Tennessee to combat a bit you wouldn’t expect to find a guy from so running the plays How did you get to Nashville, Tennessee >> He got the today to listen to some American music Listening to those records , the music has been part of my dream have I came to visit Rob >> There was such a shock of

culture Robert more at one point or another, the site has the honky-tonk scene I’ve pitched him and I asked him and he said to me, do you play country music, play.affect the 90s cup of the stage and I saying that you Marty Robbins tunes Their full it was hillbilly >> It was late in the day >> I had been helping Robert He said I want you to happen >> He will respond of the huge crowd We had the last strong being — Stronghold of tradition Wants picture it doesn’t continue on It continues what brought more started >> Mardi Gras — Queue He gets be in a job everyone knows what you do >> Music >> You’re probably going to end up in the right side >> And some amazing food >> This is typical of Louisiana style >> That is next us the southern weekend heads to New Orleans you can hear reggae and believes believes >> A lot of American music was going in New Orleans and it got its way up against the United States >> Thank you, ladies and gentlemen >> What is said about music and not a New Orleans >> >> Kids here grow up playing cowbells and bottles and joining >> I am Rachel Nice to meet you

>> Fantastic >> The word means oh Chris Crystal most people put it in Not everybody does That is the thing He can’t be fussy about it because it is the food that people eat with whatever they have available This is the typical Louisiana style You make something good out of it >> I understand this is a tour The got to carry-on The poor boy sandwich means it’s time More bread It can be oyster, hamburger The Pope or he is the bread this is it >> I always like the start >> I have the perfect thing for you We have the oldest candy shop in >> I can’t wait for that Oh, Michael it — Oh, my gosh This is great >> Look at all fairness >> Oh, my goodness >> Oh, yeah I’m going to be this and a dozen dozen >> Thank you so much This is fantastic I am so glad >> Colorful, loud, and a little There is something to see That is why we have come to Mardi Gras world >> This is incredible What it’s all going on in here >> This is the home of the Studios, which is so a company founded by my grandfather in 1932 He figured that the world was 75 percent water and 25 percent land He worked the other 25 percent The guy with a group of his friends and he took a garbage wagon and confirmed that That was the beginning of my family being involved in Mardi Gras There is a whole industry of people The actually had 550 different floats that we actually built for Mardi Gras this year >> In New Orleans for this really no such thing as spectators at parade This are pretty pleasant people live in New Orleans that are members of these organizations People pay for these flows was for the friends come out You’ve got the music Visit contest being had That people are part of the parade That’s why you see millions of people come here every year ended experience but we do for Mardi Gras >> It’s actually Longhorns I’m really glad that the whole world comes to visit us and comes of it >> Coming up, how do you come up with the idea for the floats >> Each organization This represents the splendor of an ordinary day What’s wonderful about our business is to get to see all the people in the streets Everyone universally loves what you do >> >> That wraps up this week’s and

venturer Thanks for joining us We will see you next time on southern weekend Welcome back to Cramton Bowl It continues to rain although not quite as hard We are still in a delay here We are in the third quarter with Hoover still on top, trying to add to their lead of 14-7 Mother nature had other plans >> Absolutely Nice firework show that we had We’ve been told to minutes ago that it will be about 20 minutes before the teams come back out I’m sure they will be given a little warm up before we start back to play Probably 20-25 minutes away from getting back to football up Cramton Bowl I think will finish this game tonight It looks like it is starting to get out of the way and hopefully Is going to be a late night We have great high school football and we will try to finish this game between Hoover and central Phenix city It is the Buccaneers leading and the third quarter We’re going to send it back to our studio where we will have another edition of southern cooking and hopefully — I saw the combo Anyway, we will be back your hopefully with the start of this ballgame again here State for more here on Raycom That’sLet’s send it back to the studio studio >> Welcome to the southern weekend , this is we explore the southern weekend >> >> I Molly Welcome to southern weekend We are all about experience and great things to do Our first this week is right here in Charlotte, North Carolina, where family fun is going to stop >> If you’re looking for adventure in Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s no better plays to find them the Whitewater Center Situated on more than 700 acres, water activities the Whitewater Center truly had something for everyone >> We’ve got training on the water For me being outdoors , that’s right connect Every visitor must first attend the safety meeting He’ll be given a location by’s and all the information you need You guys actually have Olympic athletes Then you’ve also Taylor to beginners like me >> We have the Olympic athlete training all the time this is one of the first plays is a people want to bring you You have to check this plays out out >> For that you are world class athlete training for competition plays to unwind, the Whitewater Center offers amazing

opportunities to engage the outdoors rate here in Charlotte >> Yard It’s for your next visit >> >> One phrase comes to mind Let’s go racing Wherever things you want to know know Here in for a big treat >> They know I worked sheet >> This is 33 degrees and it represents the degree of bring — Banking and Alabama Probe they were in the wrong shoes >> This is where our index these — ‘S that nobody gets put in a corner >> We’ve come first circle We hope you’ll come back back again >> We will The southern weekend goes in the Birmingham for barbecue it’s the largest come In the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is made up iron Before we get started, I’m going to give you the designer is going into production facility I tell you what, you look fabulous You do >> Thanks Ready to gonext let’s go I would roll off of the back of the truck I will continue on and then I will go and get good old batted the — Would come on top of me and I was like basil did I would continue my journey through the conveyor system and drop into a bag and that I would show up We’ve got the sour cream and onion and barbecue and good old dating crispy We need all of this from the South My favorite is the barbecue That sounds great >> There are very few that were doing right now We half the last standing tradition And going to the birthplace birthplace of bluegrass Visit us at seven we can back

history This was a church It has a very long and storied history That was the — Like He was like a Saturday night Entire families are coming to the Ryman theater You want to see it here It was broadcast on thank you all over the country Was raised on 9 credit the scale where bluegrass music started number country music really came country TalkedTalk to people Ryman is today We’ve heard dollar parking on the radio and Johnny Cash him a rental van They have variety The next night it might be Kris Kristofferson You’re never know you’re going to see This doesn’t exist anywhere else else I don’t think it could exist anywhere but Nashville This is the most interesting thing because the sound is so amazing This a lot of acts that the half half >> We welcome you back to Cramton Bowl pinpoint Twenty Qu├ębec to football here It is still raining but we are going to play through it No rules against playing in the Only lightning Put it back to action The business — When we last left you, they had a 14-7 lead Some of the folks stuck around for this one High school students Off the hands of the intended receiver The proposal not going to stay dry long Third and 11 from the 20 That will be down to the 15-yard line It will be fourth down Interesting The kicking team does come out Interesting position here Are you going to bring out your kicker? The answer is yes Josh does bring out the kicking team Be of 32 yarder The high snap The kick is up It is right down main Street Who is to say that those three points could be — In this game 9:30 To go in the third quarter A lot of time left The play and the defense has played, the first touchdown, first and only touched on the exception of the last drive and the end of the first half, they have been doing it Well This is the opportunity to see the coaching staff from central Phenix city has done to adjust You know they have You know they made adjustments to what is going on For the most part and the second

quarter, this has been timing Central had negative yardage and they have got some help And they’re trying to figure stone stuff out here Hoover, that came after they had an onside kick because of the tape And the kickoff to the 5 He moves through and gets across to the 37 Good field position for central to start this drive It was a decent first half for central Let’s not forget this is the first time they have the ball in In the second half See what kind of adjustment they do to their offense I was going to say that Webb is going to take the snap He has to backs with him Maybe giving him a little bit more protection People handed off I was going to see a shoestring tackle Loading down and out Carson is keeping his feet They are He can’t quite get back to the line of scrimmage Second and 12 at the 35 He worked in that the delay need to catch up on some scores and rain might try to bring you a couple of them here A little bit of a slip No problem The cautiousness post up 45-yard line A lot of contact They are He just kept bouncing off tacklers They’ve got a nice gain 9 yards Nearly slipped down there and he defenders That was after prom The tackle, 3 On this near #, 22 yards for Carson He got up again Did they get it back It is who Hoover’s football And as you would accept — Expect from it was with three And the Buccaneers, if I’m not mistaken, that is the first turnover of the night It is That is the end of the play when ball This context rid of the handoff was made on the play and the finally Hoover was able to grab it and get possession Christian Taylor with the recovery First and 10 That got to the intended receiver That will be second and 10 Still a lot of steady rain fall in here A lot of the fans have come back back Both sides And that is CJ Sturdivant, I believe Since he can have numbers, number nine up and leave Believe that you are right, the Randall With the funds for Hoover They get 7 so it will be third and three Of big one this time in a big first down run and said that the will be first and ten 17 yards We will check that when it can put the CJ Sturdivant going to get more yards The overlying really sealed the They are in the zone again That a couple of times They happened Burks out on the edge

I believe he will get a so a timeout taken by the Red Devils He has a new battery So 7:05 to play 17-7, Hoover on top of Central It is second and 5 Here comes a flying That is going to wipe out a touchdown I believe Hoover is guilty of a hold Not a single Hoover fan cheers That will come off the board That is one thing that both of these teams have done That is a touchdown run I guess you have got to be concerned You call a timeout even though there was a penalty It is a little horse collar there That’s going to get called just about every time Seven penalties now Good timing I thought for a minute it was excellent timing He had a big stopping coming off the edge over there, I thought that, Graham, the same thing is you Third and 18 All of a sudden the risk going the wrong way They’ve had a lot of success throwing the ball over the middle they’ve had a little bit of a difference with the rain

falling Farquhar There it is Intercepted He’s got the blockers Very cute orange jerseys over there He will put down at the 40 There is the turnover “Frankly that is the worst pass that Farquhar has thrown tonight tonight >> That was the 34-yard return as for the interception You will see that Farquhar looks looks It weighs kind of — He got to the sideline You know that you were not going to do that I think that that was a slip So Central is back in business There behind by 10 when they come back Second and 8 alongside Hoover territory The Red Devils lead and’s Hoover he has scored 17 unanswered points And telecast drive, three consecutive drives He fights through a couple of tackles and gets up to the 40 3- 403-yard short of the first down down DidThat some people lose their helmet Just outside the 40-yard line It is not running That tell them to get it going Carson I think is going to be short Just about a half of a the yard short I guess they are going to go for it

That is four consecutive carries for Carson This time the quarterback keeper and it is a first down So web picks up the first down He is the leading carrier in the first half 59 yards We have got up like all of a sudden Is that going to be illegal substitution He is a 206 ball quarterback He shoots the gap Keeps the came to a minimum 2 2 yards I believe that was Taylor over there at first to bring down Carson He had some help from Brown Second and eight Web keeps it This is from Taylor That play worked out for them bucks Everything is been on the port ground of the going to keep it on the ground Web is got a first down Is got a good block out there I believe that that was 75 That kind of cleared the way for Kelly They’ve been the beneficiary of some penalties in the last few minutes This is as effective as their offense has been since the first quarter come I think That last drive is at the end of the half That is a tough at the 27 Brown gets the stop That will give them a couple This is not on the run He had a delay Fifty-two minutes Lightning stop play A quarter to go over the middle Nice play Incomplete That was the linebacker That was a 4 Singleton on the play Third and 12 Just a simple case of the ball came out of his hand I don’t think it was hit That is all the perfect at the 35 Wow A 10-yard loss Now put do you do I think that you have got to punt Quite frankly this rain has taken away the deep ball Now we get the stoppage of play

2:04 to play I don’t think what it go for it here 22 yards I can’t see him risking giving him for the ball in this much of He could He could little faith that has offense rate here and Seiko get us the first down, guys but I’m wondering if this might not have been a personnel timeout Maybe they didn’t have the right , something of that nature I’m going to bet you that Hoover is not going to field this punt They did not want to risk the territory Are they bringing the offense back? They are Pile They started running the kicking team are the team back out there there That they shifted gears and rent the offense back out there A gambler over there on the right side For them to a mild fourth then put the two The got to keep 13 for a first down Continues to rain steady here at Here is the problem and Webb will throw downfield >> He made the catch How about that Oh, my goodness What an effort Brooks wants a facemask or something Watch it again >> That was a good call That was an excellent call Again I want to see the officials that have been right on it That’s been a little bit of a controversial play Down the sideline of a run Besought on the play Great job by the official First and 10 I don’t think it is You start working on this clock because of the weather You would like see who for They are going to try to avoid turnovers >> Especially considering what is happening on the last pass attempt Second of 7 Again the handoff is running 2 yards short of the first down So is that Randall with the carry picks He is favoring his left foot I believe that he rolled his ankle He has a cramp He has a cramp I can understand why With the rain still falling , the backup quarterback will have to command Got to work on the left calf That might be about the worst feeling in the world There is nothing >> There is nothing that feels like bat It is excruciating And there is nothing like it Are you going to go there Kidney stones are being a little bit higher Every time a her kidney stones, the first thing about my mind is That is Mike Peacock, ladies and

gentlemen He will be fine They’re going to get them some power eight or privileges or whatever they are drinking on the sidelines So let’s see what they do It looks like Bracken might take the snap or is it That is Jalen Parker in the ballgame Bracket is hit from behind He’s been one of the defensive heroes And now were got to make the center exchange with the punter Still a steady downpour It is still wet That will be the end of the third quarter as they were punt the other way There is no wind Hoover leads it by 10 as we had to the fourth quarter Pickering is back A pretty important part Trying to draw Central offside A good snap A good catch Who has got it and they are still fighting for red Hoover thinks they half it It’s important for Central to catch the punter to let it go Code back to where we talked about on the last kick

They went the other way Sometimes it’s better to let ago ago They don’t realize how slippery the ball is until they try to catch it That was a low line drive kick That was a wet the ball and it looked like he took his eye off the ball and just as the ball arrived And they mention his job is to make a good handoff here That will be second and 10 I’m a little bit surprised that they would throw that pass Jalen Parker, a 6-10, 210-pound Junior Their attending to the tending — To the calf of the Farquhar They will run the football and not much for Randall His helmet came off in that I don’t know if their kicker can kick it that far It will be close to 40 yards He will definitely try a field goal They need the 11 The same play outside Missing the tackle That will be close to the first down Let’s see where they market It will all depend on the spot He is short by a half up at yard yard That’s make it the full yard All tell you what, good job breaking out up the tackle right And he is need did not go down before he got the marker They are leaving it out there I am not surprised to be honest Locking go wrong it gets to the the 10 Who made that block I’m checking it again That was 64 He made a nice kick out block to make room for the running clock to get the first down One of the new faces on the offensive line , getting an opportunity to start It is first and goal, ball resting at the ten Picking up a couple He made sure that play didn’t go very far 1 yard gain Slowly but surely becoming the enemy Nine minutes to go here in the ballgame I imagine Hoover is going to milk the clock is much as they can In fact, they don’t take the line of scrimmage until there is ten seconds on the play clock Parker hands off The ball came squirting out of there I believe it was down Did I hear a whistle? I think I finally did That ball trickled into the end zone Is the play over About a yard gain, so third and goal at the 8 The first meeting ever between these two schools The frankly the rain the plays and electric piece here

>> No pun intended Now we’ve got a timeout I think that Josh wants this one one >> With 8:01 to go We’ve got a timeout on the field field Hoover has also put this one away They’ve got a ten-point lead WeHe will be back Third and goal for Hoover Let’s see with the young quarterback can do The ball is fumble He’s got to go down on it That is about the smartest play so far Well, I say it takes them out of field goal range Not Here comes the field-goal unit That was just a poor snap >> He made one attempt to be at the cleanly on the first attempt attempt He might have tried to do something When he didn’t get a clean, he thought better of it That will send out Pickering, a 37-yard attempt and that is long enough and it is good What a kick in the conditions That makes it 20-77:20 to go in So very Play Seconds off the turnover by Central And Hoover makes them play Quite frankly, under 7:30 to go in the game May they need to score something quickly They can afford to grind out a long drive been run all the time off the clock They need to strike as fast as they can Tonight’s presentation of the AHSAA champions challenge is brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama We cover what matters With Mike Peacock can Christina chambers, I’m Graham Dunn at the The second of three games here in 2016 as we kick off a new season He had a 52 minute lightning delay That is why we are still playing 10:40 in the capital city It’s still raining Hoover fans are having some fun A 13-point lead 7:20 left That is still two scores As it was before the field-goal

High end over end That one is return the now going the wrong way He’s going to end up almost back to him He in that tackle The Red Devils with work to do, Lane? We played on grass It was kind of fun You get your facemask full of mud I remember those days I will never forget my eighth grade year, it was pouring rain As Webb is out of bounds That is what the Doctor ordered there It didn’t bother him He’s done a nice job At the less state a metallic city, the field. is about 1.5 1.5 inches deep water and we had The pass across, the short off the intended receiver so it will be second and 10 They’ve not been able to get the slowly can do something with it tonight That was a good chance He could have done something and It’s not a very good move It was just right there Taylor with the loss on the play the last two or three He’s had a good game >> He has They’ve had a lot of the front seven for Hoover He makes another big-play right here on third and long It’s like he will be seeing a lot for Central From the 40, Web gets rid of it and throws it over the head of the intended receiver In this case was Brooks And that will be third, let’s make it fourth and 12 >> That was up like on the play >> There was up like on the play play It is holding against Central Think that the smart thing to do with would be to decline the penalty and make it fourth down As we play here in the sauna known as the Cramton Bowl >> Holding on the offense Declined >> I was asking at the break, it is definitely hotter Certainly more humid It is still raining I know I’ve lost a couple, — I’ve lost a couple of pounds, which is good >> The Think situation for Central as usual do you think that there is away? I don’t know who touched bat I think that both teams did Touched at first and he covered it Central touched it first I think band of that getting the football Explain how that his first pitching Of Central had touched the football, then Hoover fumbles that and then they could’ve taken the initial touch position position Let’s check this out This player did touch it And Central had an opportunity to get the football right there That has kind of been the story of the game I hate to do this Going to talk about last year again It has got the same field that basically the same score in this final game They’re still going with the young quarterback Nothing doing there That will be a loss of a couple I think that we are going to

take our heat timeout Soap will take it as well 5:57 left Hoover on top of the season opener Those guys, give them a big thumbs-up They deserve a metal There standing out in that rain I was just about to say I actually bought a towel tonight Second and well I’m sure that somebody like to buy it were rented The ball came loose He was the defender Another loss on the play Central is selling out They note that the young quarterback, Brooks came in Farquhar when one perhaps >> He still on the bench with the trainer He is moving around I think he is probably okay This plenty may not want to risk Third and 14 Parker from the shotgun There is no legal move by somebody on the left side I think that they’re going to be He’s just in the backfield again again We should also pay homage to these jumped win and the Mark Russell as the line judge Green as the field judge The only guys that are happy are the clock operators Third and 19 Those guys out up the North Alabama official Association They are a long way from her home in getting out of bounds That is not what Hoover wants Turner is chasing him out of bounds That will stop the clock Certainly that is the factor at this moment if you are a Central fan definitely Another loss on the play of a couple

Pickering will print And Ross is deep can standing around midfield He shanked that went off the side if his foot Look at that Actually he slipped Not bad there for Pickering They set up at the 42 We are back here tomorrow night , game three of the champions challenge People have Andalusia and Brooks Brooks It should be a good game Saturday night high school football Got to love it A quick pass That is out up the hands of the intended receiver Brooks got a little bit to happen this rainy condition The rain has really slowed down Every time we say that it back up again It is a lot less that I was a few minutes ago We were just moving along Purchased moving along right here we have the second-best 10 Rolling right That is a good block That whistle so out of the hand up the intended receiver Can’t get awful lot of help right now He is not exactly lost the ball in there He is throwing the bullet If anybody wondered about Webb his arm, he answered that question He’s just trying to catch that one with his chest Third and 10 One back set Then there is Carson, he set the the first half Ross is set up on the near side The interception is made And now breaking tackles How do you like this Oh, my goodness I believe that is Stephen call A 54-yard return Let me check that number again They’re just having some fun That is number 90 He should play at center field Stay on his feet If he had the sound effects, I will let you beat the bringing up the foul He’s probably going to go over to coach and say I can run the football He is number 30 There we go again I thought that that that is Abercrombie I’m not going to get the ball on the ground again No surprise I love Hoover I love the Buccaneers A lot of the fans I don’t like their uniforms It has nothing to do with the colors It’s just hard to see the numbers It’s a struggle tonight We are oh way away from the field It is difficult to see those numbers from the distance that the are It doesn’t help, as I mentioned earlier, the Jersey kind of gets tucked under The paid Jersey now, they ride up in the numbers fold up And I don’t know what that spot is, look at Parker You see his back and when he turns around, it looks like a number one and a backwards C So forgive me Back when you and I played, we didn’t have that problem Needless to say if Central has any chance of all, they really

can give us anything Have to play This game, as I mentioned, really took a turn Hoover was doing a good job They had moved the ball on the first series of the second half Then the brains just came in obviously stop anything Hoover was able to take advantage of that A couple of nifty moves by bracket The Hoover cheerleaders were Snipe They got to use them That’s where we are going to start to see the baseball cap I know that they were hapless to begin the game Here they are again Third and about 4 Bracket tries to cut it outside Nothing doing This is a very big field-goal for Central We are just about at two minutes minutes Still happened started the play clock yet He’s going to say, hang on Let’s some of that time to go off It will be officially a 29-yard attempt They are going to wait until the very last minute to try to kick That one is good So another three points for Pickering He might have to consider him for player of the game I know we’ve had some nice plays plays This type of weather is pretty good Basically he is out of reach He didn’t hit the ball very well He missed a field goal He has moved everything He has gotten away for some good points Including that last one that he spoke done and kind of shanked done Is the Captain the field of play and got He hit three field goals Thirty-two, 37 that one is a 29- 29-yard field goal 2 of 4 47 yards I daresay if he ball well, he would’ve had a chance Certainly tried a little bit too hard Just 1:30 left And the must something crazy happens, Hoover is going to get out of here with a victory, oh West one but a victory He will take the victory wet, dry, powdered form, however you get it And Jamey DuBose is telling us coming into this game for going to treat this game like what it is We’re playing against great team team It’s a measuring stick to where we feel like we’ve got to go when Sewell we’ve got to do Two met up To match up a team like this We are not making predictions or anything I guarantee you that they will be in the picture These two teams are definitely going to be in the picture coming into the season Both coaches, I think, have something to be happy about I think that they’re going to find some things that they are not happy about that is second and 10 Hoover has got that tough reach bear arch nemesis now And just a minute I want to make mention of there was an event that and mother game

I want to give some kudos during the rain delay Or during the lightning delay I want to try to miss, Bob Jones played up in North Alabama and running back for Bob Jones Brad Anderson, had 299-yard runs from scrimmage in that ballgame and I a win over a very good team They have a very good program in South Carolina so a big win for Bob Jones and a big night for Brad Anderson Third and 10, that one is intercepted At the 30, that is will Singleton, the same year And just about do it 1:04 to be exact we are going to see this throw from Zion Webb Gets to the wrong side of Justyn Ross The defender was the only one that had a chance to catch it and he did By the way, two of them are out there They really cap Justyn Ross in check I believe going into this fourth quarter, he had one catch He’s been targeted a couple of times here in the fourth quarter quarter That did not get him the ball The past just did not get there And the effort popular — Don’t think it’s a victory formation or at least not that The got to use their final timeout Timeout Central Phenix city, third and final timeout We mentioned Hoover and what they have ahead of them The Red Devils are actually going to be playing back here I think at least one time They will be in the same region They’ve got to go to press fill which, by the way, they were behind The last them assault the score was 42-32 in that game We don’t know what we are going to see out of Prattville Let’s check out what Hoover has got They get to go to Texas next week They start region play >> How did alley, Texas do I didn’t get that That didn’t come on Twitter Keep an eye on those rebels Didn’t they have a win as well I think they got beat Chelsea came back and beat them They were ahead I know that much One more snap and Thing on what the officials want schedule first to get that open week and a big one on September September 2 And that’s at Opelika, not a region game It’s always interesting to see the East Alabama team He comes over there to play an active the second then the next week come back to play Lee So that is going to take care of this one Hoover fell behind by 7 for much They scored 23 unanswered The only thing that stops them is the rain with a lot of lightning That was it The Buccaneers begin the season 1-0 Central Phenix city begins 0-1 Let’s check out who is our player of the game The player of the game is — We have no idea Appear late it is going to be Mr. Farquhar, who didn’t play much of the fourth quarter because it didn’t have to His work got them the lead including a nice run here Then he scored one on his own One passing, one rushing He had a great first start He made some good decisions,

really good decisions He had a little lower in the first order with Central defense that got him a little confused The coaching staff got them back that he was good at doing So Hoover will enjoy the ride back to the Birmingham area While we are at a, let’s take a look at the jacks player of the game And it comes by virtue of a big turnover And a return He looks down there, didn’t he Abercrombie getting that interception and not going down Plenty of yardage I thought he was going to go down there He got away from the tackle are He got a way from the big return instead of the last field goal His teammates really put the So 23-7 is the final score The going to be the final trophy Belief that they are going to show you that So hang around four minutes That got the respective side A lot of players to go through This a lot of players out there getting some metals two Most of these teams are having a lot of positives to the game They also have a lot of things to correct Both teams have a lot of things to correct You might think that Central might have the biggest thing that they need to correct Sometimes that is misleading They’ve done a lot of good things tonight They’ve got good performances out of the unit at times and Hoover , Josh Niblett is not happy with penalties They had a couple, three more in the second half I’m sure he has got a nice list of things to work for as well as Hoover with nine penalties for 86 yards Central with seven penalties for 62 yards on the night So neither team can be real happy penalty numbers Some of course are more costly than others A lot of good things to build on white Jamey DuBose told us is this would be a measuring stick for his team and where they needed to go The remitted to have that trophy presentation Will take up the public address announcer here at the Cramton Bowl I guess they’re going to wait until they have all the medals handed out There’s so many players down there There’s a bunch Well be due back, white why don’t give you a couple of stats stats Not the greatest of nights for either team Offensive lay Hoover 224 probably yards 208 Central They both ran about the same number of plays The turnovers are big Central with three fumbles Now the trophy presentation will be Sent didn’t by the executive director, Tony stalwart , executive director, Alvin brings brings, director of the Association First the runner-up trophy goes to Central Phenix city Red Devils coached by Jamey DuBose and now the championship trophy goes to the Hoover Buccaneers super Buccaneers coached by Josh Niblett Thank you for supporting the 11 11th annual champions challenge We wish both teams at all the fans safe travels home

Once again who police are winner tonight, 23-7, and again that had a lot of buildup and quite frankly it was living up to that and tell the rain came and slow this down a bit Hoover doesn’t care They are going home with the win win They start the season 1-0 well Central starts the season 0-1 We’ve got one more for night Andalusia and Brooks will be here at 7:00 People be here on Raycom and we start off 2016 Good night, everybody