Celebrate Opening Day at home with Game 163 in 2009 to clinch the AL Central!

Ronnie I’d say they’re ready Here at the Metrodome Nasty weather outside Thank goodness there’s a dome It’s 44 degrees and raining outside 68 very comfortable inside As the Minnesota Twins hope to continue their 2009 season with a date with the Yankees with a victory in Game 163 today third member of our broadcast team this afternoon Craig Sager Hello Greg Well thank you That’s right first baseman Miguel Cabrera has issued a statement admitting he was involved in a domestic incident last Saturday morning He says it is a personal matter I am sorry this has become a distraction I apologize for the target my teammates and all the fans I appreciate it if you respect my family’s privacy as I prepare for our next game Now according to Birmingham Michigan police chief Richard Patterson he was taken into custody Saturday morning after his wife called 9 1 1 And although his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit according to Patterson no files no charges were filed because of several reasons One they could not determine who was the aggressor There was no weapon in the house And the third thing was that they said that after he went that no prior history they would let him go if he’s released today Don Brodsky the general manager of the Tigers manager Jim

Leyland says I hope this is not a distraction I will not comment on anybody’s private business Craig thank you very much certainly not the way the Tigers wanted to enter this game 163 run with everything on the line for the Tigers and the Minnesota Twins Here’s how Jemele Lin’s club lines up Curtis Granderson starts and center Plus know Polanco bats and plays second a resurgent Lee or Don yes Is it right Miguel Cabrera the cleanup man over at first base Carlos key and the designated hitter Ryan Rayburn getting the start in left today with Brandon edge Jared Loughner is the catcher and Ramone Santiago hitting seven eight and nine for Detroit Scott Baker on the mound for the twins of 15 and 9 record this year beat the Tigers in his last stop Look at Baker stats this year 15 wins after a really slow start he was asked how he would do tonight He said I’m healthy I’m ready I’m on my normal rest I feel as good as I’ve felt all season why wouldn’t I pitch well well here’s the scouting report and Scott bakery beat Detroit five days ago but only went five innings through 105 pitches as he struggled a bit giving up an earned run tough at home last 13 starts here they’ve won 10 The Minnesota Twins and the slow start this year two and five in the beginning since July 12th Walton for Baker ahead of Curtis Granderson the tiger leadoff man who’s hitting but to forty eight this year still with 30 home runs seventy one runs batted in Ronny a lot of strikeouts and for Granderson are very low on base percentage really different than he was a few seasons ago especially those seven fly ball center field playable for Denard Span that’s how big the pitches in this ballpark He’s one of those guys he’s very sneaky has a little hitch in the way he pitches throws a lot of high fastballs and he’s very sneaky fast 254 fly outs this year for Scott Baker That’s number four Number three sorry in the American League so he gets Granderson to stay at the game now Placido Polanco the Tigers second baseman Blanco just seven for 33 lifetime against Baker but does have 10 homers in 72 RBI Jim Baker’s guy that started in spring training he was going to be their number one this year came out of spring training on the deal because the shoulder and really had a tough goal in the beginning but now has been very sharp a lead for Ron Gordon hires club want to run for Garten hires team winning 16 of their last 20 and doing it without Justin Morneau to extend their season with a win today If the Tigers win they go to New York If Minnesota wins they go to New York Loser goes home Very simple They played awfully well in his stead 16 in force since he’s missed 20 games But I’m sure they’d love to have more snow out there Another late swing by Polanco fouled on the right side Huge crowd here at the Metrodome They had over 50 one here for the final regular season game on Sunday and they’ve raised the curtain in the upper deck to accommodate all the Minnesota baseball fans who want to come see this game 163 today How about this double dip report card last night for the Vikings and the twins going for the Central Division tonight First Strike Out of the game for Baker and Polanco a very tough man to punch out well Defense is always important for the Minnesota Twins young span and cool in the outfield and then the youngster Tolbert with Cabrera to go gloves and shortstop photo good dyer at first base and of course Joe Mauer won Gold Glove only other Minnesota catcher never win a gold glove so badly in 1961 and 62 And that brings up a resurgent Maggie or don’t you Is it really has been a tale of two seasons for the Tigers right fielder really struggling in the first half of the season but since the All-Star break hitting almost three 80 for this tiger team and asked 22 hits in his last forty two at bats when the games have meant the most to Detroit Jim Leland was talking about our donors he said early in the season he had a note that he was feeling for the ball And now he’s gotten so much more aggressive which is the way he hits donors stays alive

There are a lot of theories as to why Magliozzi struggled in the first half the WBC was an issue his contract option was an issue his wife was very ill and all of those things have been resolved very favorably for Maggie Oregonians now and he’s really taken off in the middle of this tiger lineup And he stays behind in the count no balls two strikes but I’ve seen it already from Baker this twins staff Blackburn Baker whoever they throw out there slowly in the beginning who now has been injured and had to have an operation they throw strikes most amount of walks numerically 460 fly ball right field playable for curveball he’s got three up three down for the Tigers and the top of the first there was the mighty Mississippi here in downtown Minneapolis Tigers failed to score in the top of the first and now we’ll see if the baby faced right hander Rick poor solo can pitch Jim for the Tigers today Well he has been outstanding all season long You see that kept us innings down and it’s gotten to port establish both fastballs to foresee when the two seamer gets a lot of ground balls big game Rick this catcher Gerald Laird has said that he’s 20 pitching like he’s a 30 year old and he’s getting stronger five to his last twelve starts bouncing ball handled by Miguel Cabrera at first that takes care of Denard Span and that’ll certainly I would think calm down for slow one pitch and one out here in the bottom of the first inning for the twins their lineup span first Orlando Cabrera big hit pickup for them at shortstop Joe Mauer on the cusp of a batting title is hitting third Jason copeland right Michael Kidd dire at first Coleman Young had a very big go home stand for the twins Jose Ramos the D.H. Tolbert and Punto the last two for Minnesota If your heart and on your team you’ve got someone in your rotation that pitches awfully slow don’t be alarmed This young man Rick Purcell pitches incredibly quick keeps all his field is in the game This is a lot of ground ball And look at the Adelaide swing from Cabrera on a 94 mile an hour fastball Ron Garton higher couldn’t say enough good things about Orlando Cabrera and what his acquisition has meant for this Minnesota club You have to remember garden guard is an old shortstop and he knows how to scout these players and all of us know that Cabrera has been a winning player in the postseason four of his last five seasons Knows that too And it allowed him to move Nick Punto to second base which made their middle infield defense a whole lot better As you mentioned Caparas played in postseason before but he’s also become kind of a Latin liaison for this ballclub a terrific guy that Garten higher can go to and have Cabrera counsel some of these young Minnesota Twins the bouncing ball hit on a towards short Santiago there’s that second ground ball out from Rick Pau solo to down the defense with Detroit Ravens playing left field because of that large left field Gary Anderson and or doughnuts in San Diego falafel and compare the four time All-Star behind the plate coming over from Texas was Gerald Leon’s got a nice job for this tiger team crowd chanting MVP for Joe Mauer who hits with the bases empty here in the first inning to put in perspective Mauer can go all for seventeen and still win the batting title over each year are you expecting extra innings tonight No I don’t like his chances an awful lot about that our catcher winning another batting title Well neither you or I or from this area but he’s got to be the closest thing to the natural Here in Minnesota blind in his center field to face him GRANDERSON will try to come Is going for two Here’s the problem It’s like the Metrodome and Joe Mauer synonymous with line drives and a great chance by Mauer right there on the slide Drivers could see on the pinstripes cuts with a little bit too much on the plate Also up in the strike zone yourself who likes to pitch down and the smart player that Mauer is he takes that chance with two outs to try to get the scoring position just under the floor

get Granderson That brings up Jason Curveball who has had an unbelievable run to three homers in his last six hits eight RBI is over his last 13 at bats and with Michael Kidd and moving to first base it’s cool that’s played right field and is really hugely protected Joe Mauer also catches the inside corner well to put in perspective what kind of second half Ron Gardner hires right fielder Cumulus had that fifty seven RBI is in the second half only country Morales of the angels and mark the share of the Yankees have had more vested towards shore Santiago makes the running catch and that retires the side goal line softly to short and we’re scoreless after 1 scoreless game as we move along to our second inning of play Let’s check out the umpiring crew is assigned by Major League Baseball for today’s game Randy Marsh calling balls and strikes Dale Scott Jerry Lee and Gary cedars drama on the infield They do have outfield umpires to field and cobras down the left field line BRUCE Rickman in right This is still considered a regular season game a playoff game Yet baseball has a playoff umpiring rotation in place here at the Metrodome There was a precedent set years ago to have the six umpires so they just continued with that Miguel Cabrera leads off the Tigers second and lunches one out of play or a strike With all due respect to the fans in Minnesota a lot of fans in Detroit think this man’s the MVP of the American League Thirty three homers one hundred one knocked in I think did both come from the same stock He and Mt. Hood both on teams that have had struggles throughout the entire season but they have been consistent and let’s face it Cooper has been there from day one Mauer of course missed some time early in the season It’s hard to believe there is only 26 years old He’s one of those guys you think has been in baseball for 10 years I do think the more difficult position with catcher those more impressive with what Mauer has done three wins this batting title which he will three batting titles one has only been three The entire history of Major League fisted foul backed by Cabrera who stays alive Ernie Lombardi won a couple fly ball hammered left center field and that’s trouble That’s going to get down and bounce off the fence And Miguel Cabrera glides into second with a lead off double good start for the Tigers here in the second That ball was crushed Chip he’s about as good or right handed hitters you’re going to see in the American League You watch his pitch tracks He tries to get the ball inside does not The ball is down enough but it’s out over the middle of the play career is so strong The most one handed he can hit that into the gap that snaps and 0 for 14 slide for Miguel Cabrera bookend hits both of them against Scott Baker So this is an important sequence for the Tigers an early run for the visitors Rodney is huge in this place It’s huge and with Carlos giving up one of those veterans you’d like to see him try to get the ball and move the runner along with the base hit sometimes even making an out early in the game can get Cabrera to third base It’s been an injury plagued here for Carlos given shoulder problems have limited his hitting mostly to the left side of the plate I talked with Lloyd McClendon about that the tiger hitting coach who said he can’t hit right handed if need be But much better from the left side right now a little nerves here early for Mr. Baker he knows this is a big sequence Early in the game he’s trying to pitch in to stop him from pulling the baseball at least trying to pop him up these managers go through the entire year 162 games still that play one more but that’s what makes it fun As we say on TNT with the NBA winner go home that’s the task for the Tigers and twins today And I headed to count two balls no strikes fly ball center field Denard Span has it Cabrera thinks that tagging can’t move up not a productive at bat for gay and that was a

nice counter their spin was a very good arm covers a lot of ground in center field See compare goes back to the base but nice formed by span getting behind that baseball getting some movement momentum towards third base No chance for Cabrera to advance So Ryan Rayburn stands and he’s the tiger left fielder today Jim Leland offered his explanation as to why Rayburn starting well one of the reasons sorry Chip as he hit two home runs on Sunday But he has a much better defensive player in left field and the left field here probably is the largest field to cover in the Metrodome but it takes a guy like Marcus Downs puts him on the bench for home runs and 26 at bats against Scott Baker So that tells you what Leland thinks about defense here in the Metrodome Well no strikes Cabrera let off with a double to left center and he stands at second with one out fisted into a shallow right to the ball can’t get there plays it on a big hop and the Tigers have him at the corners with one out so Rayburn keeps up his hard hitting a Blue Pit to right has Detroit in business for Brandon Inge here in the second well sometimes the pitcher makes the pitches Baker does it on the hands of Rayburn but just strong enough to get that over the head a punter played nicely by Coble there and one hop to keep Cabrera from scoring career of course had to go half way Well here’s a spot for Baker a fly ball pitcher where he would dearly love to get the ball on the ground with Brandon Inge up there he’s hitting the 12 double plays this year and he’s been playing all season long with a chronically hurt and he takes high type for ball one hitting two thirty with twenty seven home runs most of that damage though Ronnie Dunn well before the All-Star break he’s hitting only a buck eighty seven in the second half of this year Well people always talk about hitters and when they do not have their legs it’s bad for their defense and running is bad for the hitting Also they don’t have that foundation or base Randy Marsh’s reputation behind the plate is here Hitters umpire or a pitcher’s umpire is absolutely a hit or some pyre You’ll see on the pitch tracks as balls right down the middle catches a big part of that strikes on the first pitch in the sequence was also a strike So Randy has a very small strikes on always has so I think in the long run might work a little bit against Baker who needs some of those called strikes yourself On the other hand a ground ball pitcher he can just throw the pitch catch more of the plate and put the ball in play shot and that’s a problem that’s plagued the tigers all year long Runners in scoring position situations big hits have been tough to come by Well think about it this way Chip the offense sometimes give it and sometimes take it the way Raeburn with the little shot in the right field but here a line drive off the bat Right at Cabrera makes a nice play in the whole there has been has had a bulky hammy he not been able to cover as much ground but he’s one of those short subs that makes all the routine plays so the two time gold glove award winner comes up with the biggest out of the game so far for Minnesota Now it’s up to Gerald Laird hitting two hundred this year with runners in scoring position and two outs popped him up and a shadow left young coming on Cabrera’s honor and no trouble with the roof Baker allows a leadoff double and pitchers out of second inning trouble Well the great thing about Orlando Cabrera and why he’s a winning player is that when you have even the simplest of plays

just this little pop up and the inning you know what he does He takes charge because in this Metrodome people sometimes tend to look to the other guy to try to catch a ball Anything in the air here you know your kids in the buddy system everyone come together make sure you have a friend and try to both of you look for that ball in that white Metrodome sky so fine play by Orlando Cabrera Baker pitches out of a big second inning massive lead off double left stranded by the Tigers and Michael could dire digs in for the first time Well you talk about a leader this Minnesota ballclub from Ron garden higher on up or on down whichever way you want to look at it they have pointed to what this man has done with Moreno going to the shelf being hugely important for this twins run Well I think the key is the power that he has so home runs in the second half this year Pigeon Morales again the leader with 19 with the Dyer had 18 tied with the sheriff and I think that is the key When you lose more know you lose a lot of power Not only did Godiva jump in there and get hits There’s Justin right there But he also hit for power and I think that was the key And there’s 16 for Ron and as important as the offensive production has been You’ve made the point a couple of times today the kinds of players the twins want to have pitching defense today has not made an error since moving to first base and a chopper hit toward injured third convenient and cadaver is out number one in the second Marcello indeed getting the ground ball outs early that’s three so far in today’s game Gellman young bats for the first time he and Jason Koogle had themselves quite a week for Minnesota Major League Baseball announcing yesterday that Dillman young and Jason Kubo were co players of the week in the American League young hit safely in all seven games had five multi hit games hit 448 scored six times that has an eight game hitting streak entering today’s tiebreaker against Detroit early in this game Both pitchers are throwing extremely hard aren’t they Hitters a bit behind in the count behind on those fastballs young chased a high hitter from poor solo his first strike out of the game that was nasty too Well yes the forcing fastball that he can ride throw 93 94 miles an hour but lives with his two seater but when he gets ahead occasionally he can get that strikeout like he did with junk The X Factor for sell so far delivering early 14 wins for Rick poor solo and a strike two designated hitter whose aim around us 316 is his average with seven runs batted in this year was a good change for personnel The great thing about Rick shear has done with all the coddling of base pitchers throughout baseball his last four starts he’s gotten better two in one year eight under three as his innings have come up he’s gotten better can’t pitch much better than he did in the second two straight strikeouts in three up three down scoreless game after two at the Dome Well it’s two straight years Ronnie for the twins playing an extra game to determine their playoff fate I’m sure they’ll be in it next year and if the weather’s like this target field’s not gonna be an awful lot of fun place to be It’s not but it’s not a fun place so far in these tiebreakers for Minnesota they haven’t scored yet 11 straight innings now without scoring a run they were shut out last year by the White Sox and John Danks Scott Baker out for his third inning of work facing Ramone Santiago the shortstop he’s hit him well has Santiago six for 15 to me the pressure is on the Tigers early and I think what happens I’m sorry on the twins early because the longer they go into this game being tied or close to tigers they’ve got to feel really good about their chances of getting a bloop and a blast with all the power that they have I mean the key is they

stay close they’ll take this crowd kind of subdued a little bit that’s why an early run for the Tigers very very important especially the way Pau seller is pitching you mentioned he’s really stepped up span charging gets the ball out takes care of the Tigers shortstop Ramone Santiago Well they have to center fielders for this Minnesota Twins team that can cover a lot of ground You just saw Spaniard Carlos Gomez who sits on the bench Both amazing defensive center fielder span the better hitter Curtis Granderson flight out to open the ball game He loves hitting in this ballpark a career 300 hitter at the Metrodome with seven home runs and 40 lifetime games left handed hitters feast in this place with the baggy and right three hundred twenty seven feet down that right field line popped up Left side Can anybody get their young on the run and has no place in the twins bullpen Well that was very interesting All three the shortstop third baseman and the left fielder lost that ball for a matter of seconds By the time they picked it up I was able to fall in So even the home players unguarded I was saying that other teams come in here they play very nervous He said my team plays nerves too just a little less nervous letter high at ninety three just missed two balls at a strike There’s Maggie or don’t Yes he will hit next for Detroit begonias in the hole I beg your pardon Polanco will hit next we base simply and one out scoreless game third inning You know when you watch Joe Ma catch at home folks he’s 6 5 230 power what do you want your catchers as a low target to be very quiet back there I’m getting quite an my watch him give the signs and the ball He waits for the ball to come to him He doesn’t stab at the baseball rip fell big Hank by Curtis Granderson Granderson has been a tough out on the road this year series 30 home runs for leadoff hitter which is extraordinary but 20 of them have come on the road First walk of the game from Scott Baker now a chance for Granderson to create a little havoc on the base paths with Polanco up and one man out see the pitch count so far pretty good Strike the ball ratio Good for Scott Baker Polanco a tough man to strike out did strike out looking his first at bat of the day He’s only struck out forty five times in six hundred thirteen at bats this year Cuts under that pitch ball one note they do love to do with him even though brandish in speed he can steal the bag by himself They love to hit and run with Polanco he’s got that kind of stroke that he almost looks likes to serve the ball to right field naturally Yanks at Ball Well foul and out of play Well Iko grew up on the cardinal system a 19th round pick back in June of 1984 made his first appearance in the big leagues in 1998 with St. Lewis then went to the Phillies who traded him to the Tigers Ramone Martinez and guess Urbina in June of 2005 All the different signs you’re getting from Maui just not my grandson to look in and steal a sign undergoes round ball hit toward second flipped a second not in time to get the running at first Does Minnesota wow was that

slick from Punto to Cabrera Detroit stays out of the double play by sending the runner and nearly still Minnesota almost able to turn two You know it’s probably a choice that Pluto would like to have back He is very slick but with the fast running Granderson really want to get him off the bases Pluto thinks he can turn to but see that toss is too high Cabrera had to come off the base He only got out of first base which is a good thing But now you have the fastest runner of the Tigers in scoring position So that’s a 4 6 3 put out of Polanco Granderson at second with two outs from Bagley or donors who flat out his first time up again an early run for the Tigers would be very very big You know this is big for the Tigers You know everyone knows the numbers that have happened they were leading their division by seven games after the games on September 6 They’ve seen this kind of freefall They’ve lost a three game lead with four games to play And here you are still have a chance one game to race all of that misery Line drive into center field that’s in for a hit Here comes Granderson He’s going to score And the Tigers have an early lead He’s been a different players since the All-Star break Jim Leyland said he saw you hit the ball aggressively not a bad pitch as far as down in the strike zone but not too much in the middle of the plate And Granderson who was not a race that second base now scores this one good hitting by Don Yes who and RBI situations loves to go to right and right center forty ninth RBI of the year for or don’t Yes now Miguel Cabrera that’s he doubled to lead off the second inning Tigers this year Fifty five and 30 when they score first they’ve done so here in Minnesota it’s a great equalizer the crowd was early leave a deafening silence this season ago was very economical in giving up home runs right handed hitters only 11 2008 this year and three intermediate bats twenty one home runs was given up to the right handed hitter towering fly ball center field will hit span going back at the wall it’s long gone The Tigers have scored three and there is dead silence here in the Metrodome and after a controversial weekend for Mr Cabrera he’s come out swinging Little breaking ball in the middle of the plate And with that standing at the plate he knew it was gone as soon as he hit it three runs on the board early for the Tigers so Cabrera with a double and Minnesota in a deep three nothing hole here at the Metrodome and the home field advantage that is this Homer hanky waving crowd is gone at least for now That’s up and away from Baker to

ski in two balls in a strike Twenty year old Rick Corso has been handed a three run lead in the biggest game of his professional career And that’s lying out of play Let’s check in again with Craig Sager Greg a chip you’re talking about rip or solo after he gave up that double to Joe Mauer in the first inning he came in and meet with the manager Jim Williams That was my thought That was my fault I threw a bad pitch My fault my fault went over and sat down to the dugout just went about his business Also you can hear some of Tiger’s not too impressed with the fact that Minnesota he’s 16 and for the last 20 They said three of those four losses to the Tigers and the lions den they do all the damage in this third inning a one out walk Minnesota can’t turn two and the Tigers scored three Miguel Cabrera a mammoth shot in the third inning gives him a three nothing advantage My name is Miguel Cabrera at least so far today Two for two and a towering two run home Now Rick poor solo has a very nice three nothing lead with the lower portion of his twins order up Well the most important thing for any starting pitcher is after your team is scored some runs it’s called the shut down any you come out and put up a zero before these Detroit starters the best of the lot This this 20 year old four solo three point five eight Verlander and Jackson about a run higher the one thing he cannot afford to do is start walking people with this lead He’s behind in the count two balls and a strike to Matt Tolbert now three in one Tolbert a prototypical Minnesota Twins player It takes a lot of pitches Very talented players defensively he’s gonna become a very good hitter on Gordon Hira said and I think the key for happens for especially young pitchers Having the veteran pitchers to when he gets some runs you start to think a result Boy if I get five minutes now we’re looking pretty good instead of contrail hitter to hitter That’s a fair ball and great play throw the first infield hit Well his knees might be sore but I’ll play all season long Brandon Inge shows a toughness that this tiger team has gets down and dirty with a good throw to first base from his knees And just Tolbert of course a little too fast That’s all the way in foul territory Luckily Tolbert had that speed great diving stop by Brandon injured third saves an extra base hit until the second baseman will try to move along Matt Tolbert from first to Utah is one of those guys who doesn’t hit too much He doesn’t do too much as far as the score card or the box score is concerned The run Gardner Gordon Harris said I just got a bunch of ballplayers bunch of baseball players and when you hear managers talk about their power their speed their relief pitching you very rarely hear a manager say I have a bunch of ballplayers a lot of ballplayers lots of guys that take the extra base guys and know when to steal a base like Joe Mauer guys a throw to the cutoff man backup bases all those little things that you love to see Pluto does all of those spades that’s off

the plate One ball two strikes and there is a Minnesota way to play and if you can’t play Minnesota baseball whether it Tom Kelly managing this club or Ron garden how do they do kind of moving along You can go to another place And Punto down on strikes can’t move up Matt Tolbert one on one out big three run lead for Rick Pau Jim Leland says that’s awfully important Well I mean you got to leave there’s no question about that But you know this place still got a lot of baseball to play We just got to keep it You know we’ve got to have some runs for more on Jimmy Cabrera that’s how he set the ball all season long hasn’t he Yeah well he’s you know put particular in a ballpark like this I mean that was a long one but you know you can hit it over the bag in a heartbeat So you know you’ve got power all fields He’s really a good hitter for this part What’s the difference between Mangini or don’t years before the break and after a real tentative early on the season lately more much more aggressive those two big poppers in the middle of the tiger lineup have accounted for all the RBI is today Jim Leland very happy about that But he’s right A lot of baseball left in this ballpark with this Minnesota team Well on one out Denard Span bats hit the first pitch to first and was retired Denard Span certainly would be his speed a tough runner to double up but none better than yourself 24 has induced 24 double play grounders this season he’s hit the other way by denied span tying run to the plate for the twins with one out in the third And here come the piranhas and here come the rankings I said you got to hit a soccer ball This is the only way you can hit them You have to go the other way Any time you try to pull it becomes ground ball up to ground ball to the second baseman Nice sitting by spin around the point that Jim Leland made just a second ago about the twins here eight times this year The twins have come back from a three run deficit or greater to win five times as happened here at the Metrodome and Orlando Cabrera with that 15 game hitting streak Dixon His old ripped straight back We welcome you to the Metrodome in Minneapolis with Ron Darling and Craig Sager Chip carry with you Game 1 63 of American League Central Division play a Detroit Tigers lead by three nothing score to be a hit for Maggie or John yes and the third And Miguel Cabrera two run homer all right center has accounted for all the scoring so far Rip Torn right A.J. snugly or down yes back to the edge of the track and tagging from second is Tolbert He’s on his way to third and will make it without Cabrera flies deep to write runners at the corners For Joe Mauer just the little things here you can see how this ballpark place got hit for well by the Camaro got almost to the warning track It went back attacked up now a third base case the pass ball while pitch Lefty had to sneak a run Joe Mauer missed the first month of this season After missing the first month was a home run Now he’s really changed is that his first five years in the big leagues the average home on every bout 50 at bats for less than 50 at bats this year every eighteen point six at bat bats so he has increased his power Good move by Purcell at the first it’s not the whole package this young man pretty good at holding runners on That’s a real idea about how to

field this position Great future Forty one pitches so far Not feeling very deep it and hit it every way Well that’s the choice you have Jim Are you going to pitch them out even though you have three run lead or are you going to pass it two outs Looks like right now being very careful is Marcello that Joe Mauer because in these big games your big players you should come up big JASON ON DECK ball gets thrown away runner from third get a score Homer comes home in a bad break for Minnesota that ball hit Jerry White the first base coach so there is a gift it’s a 3 1 game and a lot of attention to not a big lead there off first base UCLA carried off the runner hit Jerry White very good move here by the pitching coach for the Detroit Tigers come down and really settled down his young pitcher a lot of times with runners on base and the big hitter up It’s almost like you don’t want to face the hitter you want to try to pick someone off just by him hits Jerry White with that Karen Well luckily Tolbert paying attention at third base saw the can and with the hustle play it was not a victim there at home plate Rick Knabb for twelve years was the minor league pitching coach co-ordinator with these twins so he knows this Minnesota club exceptionally well Such a calmness Tomorrow when he’s at the plate curveball hit a soft line drive He’s short that Santiago caught with Mauer at second base Two outs in the first inning and he has really hit poor central hard He has eight Marcello who’s working very quickly in the first couple of innings now has really slowed down his tempo juicing a lot more breaking pitches early in the count which is making him get behind in the count Louisville a 12th round pick by the twins who in 2000 at a South Dakota 27 home runs are hungry to knock down this year Knowing the importance of this game generally Linda has not hesitated to get his ball cap and how about poor solo he strikes out Cuba and leaves two runners stranded only His error has a lot of Minnesota run to score We go to the fourth inning nothing like a little emotion from a young 20 year old who just got a huge out Well after making that an error Nice to see Pau Salo shown that emotion He wants to be in this ballgame with a sleep and he took care of Jason global with two on two out

to end the Minnesota third his lead trimmed down to 3 to 1 If Ryan and starting things off for the Tigers popped up out of play over our heads to even account Rayburn a fifth round pick by the Tigers back in 2001 Jim Leland telling us before the game the big left field and the fact that he’s been very hot at the plate is why he’s getting today’s start you know in this offensive minded world It’s nice to see that been getting the lineup sometimes because you play both sides of baseball Hit it and catch it Two balls two strikes lie over short and ray burns two for two today Good start for Detroit in the fourth inning protecting a 3 1 lead and Ron Gordon hire the Minnesota Skipper I’m not real happy that Miguel Cabrera is red hot today I think we’re seen that a couple of them get hung a slider there and he hit it off those seats out there The first one looked like not that bad of a bitch and he yanked it out in the gap One of the things we don’t want him to beat us with a man on first he’s trying to be careful but he’s a good hitter and you hang one he’s going at it Carney is awfully proud of this team the entire season especially the way he went to the whip the last three weeks Yeah we’ve battled he battled really hard and to get to this point and these guys there’s no giving up and we got done quick but we came right back scored a run We’ll see what happens there We’ve got a good good bunch of guys here that really get after it What do you think it takes so far he’s missing misfiring a little bit but you know what he’s he’s competing He just has to keep the ball down and make his benches and execute him a little better So leadoff hit has Rayburn a board and now the middle of the Minnesota infield along with Joe Mauer We’ll talk on the mound and that allows Bobby Keppel a chance to start to loosen in Minnesota’s bullpen Well it’s part of being a leader Two reasons one Cabrera and Mauer come out there to me one to talk to Baker try to settle them down It’s not getting a lot of calls from Randy Marsh but also that little time spent on the mound his blobby couple a few more pitches to get loose just in case Baker can’t make the adjustment Three runs on five Detroit hits so far in this game Anybody out one on fourth inning Well if he’s missing he is not missing by much It’s to be very frustrating you’ll see in the pinstripes here I thought that pitch was a little away Well seeing the pitch stretch you just missed the call by Randy Marsh to see Rick Anderson the pitching coach coming out to speak to Scott Baker But you’re not going to get those calls from Randy Marsh on the corners He’s one of those umpires that has a real strict kind of strike zone So what you have to do is the adjustment you make is true Throw more strikes early and let the people put the ball in play I think that’s the key And he’s known for throwing the highest percentage of strikes back was second behind Roy Halladay almost 70 percent of his pitches are strikes not that way this evening even I should say this afternoon this is a very strange time so the meeting a brief one two balls no strikes Granted Inge Packer a fly ball pitcher would love a ground ball out a chance to turn to in this game Metrodome is going away and with it going the relief pitchers warming up on the field and foul territory That’s something you don’t see anymore with the new ballparks that call right there is to find out Mr. Keppel is ready Whatever happened to just tipping your cap long time ago time to balls and strike and

check to swing Good enough Dave even the count two and to see that pitch count now creeping up for Scott popped up as we told you at first base defensively and it pops out so he’s 0 for 2 and Gerald Laird the catcher digs in for Laird’s done a wonderful job for this Detroit ballclub behind the plate One of the best throwing catchers in the American League too He’s probably not going to win the gold glove because the guy that squatting next to him for our four Minnesota Laird is thrown out more base stealers percentage wise than any other Catcher in the American League Forty one percent nearly 40 to what I think though Jim Leland and Rick Knapp love about child Laird’s way calls a ball game the way he really works with these pitchers like from Landor Edwin Jackson Rick settle they’ve all had fine years That doesn’t come in a vacuum You need a catcher to help you along all those strikes the Tigers fifth best DRC in the American League four point to nine coming in A lot of that having to do with Justin Verlander and his huge strikeout year Edwin Jackson a great pick up in that deal with the Tampa Bay Rays or solo quite obviously 14 wins their bullpen has been awfully good and that’s fisted toward third should be too Here’s why Rayburn at second old fashioned baseball right there folks final regular season game in the history of the Metrodome Will there be more baseball here this October Well the twins have to come back for that to happen 3 1 Detroit leads them Rick Purcell just keeps on pouring strike after strike Tiger now Michael could dire behind 0 and 2 but for solo really was responsible for his own undoing First unearned run is allowed since July 5th and that was against the same Minnesota Twins ballclub from poor sellout a throwing error when he tried to keep Denard Span close at first baseman Mauer in the batter’s box threw the ball away Tolbert came home on the air and that’s the only Minnesota one so far on the afternoon Tigers got three runs in their third inning The big blow a McGill Cabrera Homer not sure if the young man from Seton Hall Prep New Jersey for solo really the Tigers had to improve their starting rotation And this year they went from 11th in 2008 to third and they reduced three R.A. almost a run because of poor who did really thought was going to start and double a dire swing at the wall and was thrown out by Gerald Laird strikeout number five in the game for poor salon Good start in the fourth inning But it’s really interesting Jim Leland has been very protective of Rick Portillo He started the year very slowly for this tiger team and gave him 16 days off around the All-Star break where they pretty much shut him down didn’t let him pitch and the reason for that poor still hadn’t worked More than one hundred twenty five professional innings this kid was pitching in a ball last year in Lakeland they kept him coming into the start at about one hundred and sixty five innings and that guy Leonard and

Randy Marsh behind the plate Oh and to I think that’s been the goal of a lot of teams as you see both Leonard and Randy Marsh trying to shake it off this fall ball by young as the top of the glove of Leonard and the mask and then with the rebound off the mask Randy Marsh He came back and hit layer It really is the state of the game right now Chip is that if you have young pitchers as a check on Larry there try to limit their enemies in their first couple of seasons and it’s really a dramatic difference between the way say the Tigers have handled Rick Purcell and the Yankees have handled Joba Chamberlain Well I think they were trying to do some of the similar things here we go with the foul ball again No it hits the side of that mask it really jars that mask all the round your face for Randy Marsh both shaking up young down two strikes he struck out his first time and it’s a 95 mile an hour fastball This is the most famous of it of course is the job of rules that are New York because it’s in New York but every team around baseball is trying to limit the innings of their young pitchers especially a guy they thought would start and double it popped up right side Polanco has no trouble And quickly two outs well 111 pitches for a poor slow in his last start No ill effect so far from him today forgetting that he had never been he’s pitched I think the command and control he’s gotten ahead he’s walked only one guy throwing errors the only reason Minnesota’s on the ball to those 111 pitches that you said Chip were the most he’s thrown all season long so a manager with a young pitcher to go that long tells you the kind of confidence he has in him Here’s Jose Morales and he swings late balls out of strength the winner of this game gets the Yankees in Game 1 of the division series we understand that Joe Girardi earlier today announced that they would play Game 1 tomorrow to determine which series they which wish to play and poor solo another strikeout six of them in the game he’s pitching beyond his 20 years today folks three one Tigers lead I about you I’m glad we’re inside a nasty day in the Twin Cities the last couple of days here in October and the Detroit Tigers as we said earlier in the lion’s den today up three to one middle innings now fifth inning Santiago Granderson Polanco coming up blows a huge inning here for Baker because if he was able to go one two three through this lineup won’t have to face all Tonya’s Sorry won’t have to face maybe Miguel Cabrera with some people on on the basis outside the count to Santiago 1 and 2 Jim Leyland had a choice today whether to play Santiago at shortstop or Adam ever it but you never know about the chess match between the two managers as this ball popped up toward third Tolbert drifting out in foul ground and takes over Adam whoever it used to play for Minnesota now plays with the Tigers Let’s send it down to Atlanta and Ernie Johnson Ernie thank you very much Journey Top of the order Curtis Granderson is up and how does the injury to de la Rosa affect the Rockies in their first round matchup Well it’s definitely going to affect him He was outstanding just from that left handed compliment to Ubaldo Jimenez but now moved up on the change Maybe Aaron Cooke who missed a lot of time in September He might have to make a start Course Jason Markie is another one that’s suffered a little bit in September but he’s a great veteran his pitch in the postseason avoided the Rockies

give the Los Angeles Dodgers everything they could have possibly wanted in that chase in the National League West the Rockies at one point were 15 and a half games behind Los Angeles took it to the final Saturday before things were decided for L.A. of course all the playoff phone starts tomorrow here on TV yes with a triple header three balls and a strike at the Rockies and the Phillies for Citizens Bank Park right and I will be in New York for the winner of this game and the Yankees and the Cardinals and the Dodgers from Dodger Stadium popped up again right side could die two pop outs from Baker in this Detroit fifth inning MLB on deck with Calloway 30 Boomer Wells and Dennis Eckersley begins at 2 o’clock Eastern in Game 1 Phillies and Rockies Yankees will play tomorrow night and then the Dodgers and Cardinals a triple hitter as we said Captain Morgan presents our inside MLB beginning here on CBS line drive softly hit center field span can’t get at a bloop hit for Polanco Now the Tigers have a man on board exactly Randy what they want with the big boppers coming up Well the big boppers in or don’t and Cabrera have driven all the runs for the Tigers in this game so far joining us with a single of course a two run home run for Cabrera but the RBI from or don’t you So Jim Leland told us has been very aggressive in the second half and it’s really showed that his RBI output and also his batting average he’s won 4 2 with an RBI Polanco back at first it’s tough enough to win a major league game but you gotta think about what this game would mean for the city of Detroit their fans We all know the economic miseries that are taking place in Motor City with the auto industry How big a lift emotionally with the Tigers advancing in this game mean to Motown Listen sometimes what happens when you have these kind of teams a community can really rally around the team and certainly they’ve done that with the Tigers this year you can only think of 1968 when they had all that racial strife from Detroit and they rallied around that team that year Those 68 Tigers hard hit ground ball to short Cabrera has got it force at second retires the side and we are halfway through regulation play at the Metrodome with Detroit leading by two only one man in baseball history has been younger than Rick poor sallow and start a tiebreaker ball game That was Ralph Branca and it happened in nineteen forty six he was twenty he was twenty eight days younger than Paul solo when he started and lost the opener of then best of three series against the Cardinals that year and a three game playoff that decided the National League Championship and a poor seller with a lead in the bottom of the fifth inning and the bottom the order up and Matt Tolbert and he just continues to blaze the baseball he has struck out seven he has struck out four of the last five he spaced Well you watch him today Rick yourself is really a ground ball pitcher he had 81 strikeouts one hundred sixty five innings pitch coming in but this extra adrenaline pitching this Metrodome has been going to that fourth seamer more and that’s the reason he’s got those seven punch outs Gerald Laird his catcher said that when I catch poor solo sometimes I forget that he’s twenty years old he pitches like the guy was five or six years experience I with Jim Leyland said to he may get beat Jim said but he’s not going to be scared he’s not going to beat himself and I think that’s one of the keys for young pitchers only one walk the twins a little taste of their own pitching medicine so far in this game as Rick poor solo one strikeout

away from his season high of eight ball as short hops and quickly two are out here in the fifth inning and the other big story the Metrodome It is a non factor right now Think about it You said the grown up quickly Here’s a guy that should have starred in double play there the Russian because they had rotation problems He won 14 games Don’t forget he had a game in Boston where he hit UCLA’s had to get suspended because it was charged the mound So he’s gone through a lot of different things for a youngster now 10 and I’m sorry in Lebanon’s pitch against the Twins the last two starts Big start’s only giving up one earned run as bases after two outs in the top of the order Denard Span who bounced to first and a single today Minnesota offense which has been so red hot the last three and a half weeks just three hits so far in this game one unearned run has scored for him it’s nice to see young players kind of grow up in front of your eyes No that’s all we’re seeing from yourself tonight 16 and 4 in Minnesota run they’re averaging over six runs a game Hoping they have a date in New York tomorrow night Popped up shadow right center out goals Polanco he makes the catch calls off Santiago Tigers have played the roof very well and Rick Purcell in command He’s retired seven straight Ron Darling Craig Sager chip Carey five complete Scott Baker has had trouble with one man in this game and it’s the man in the batter’s box Ron how does he approach him this third time through the order Well he hasn’t done enough inside that’s the team with Cabrera is that he can cover any part of that outside plate Jim Moon told us that he can knock it over that bag at any time How do you counter that You have to throw the ball inside not one pitch yet from Scott Baker inside Cabrera here we go and it jammed in round ball to third Tolbert Got it worked out nicely for the twins first time he retired Very good Paul Romney won out it’s a very strange game baseball the more dangerous the hitter the more you have to pitch them in You can if the crowd them so they can advance on the ball in the outside part of the play are low in 0 4 2 as fly to center and has struck out saw the Tigers earlier this year and they were struggling so mightily on offense and a lot of folks were hoping that Detroit would make up a make a trade at the trade deadline to acquire a bad and pulls one out of play foul Jim Leyland said well getting key and back and healthy from those shoulder problems will be like us making a trade and he’s come back but it doesn’t seem like he’s been healthy all season long remember this Tigers team released and let Gary Sheffield go in spring training because they needed room on that D.H. for players like in broken bad pop up the right side of the infield Kurt Dyer is under that productive look in the middle of his tiger lineup and you saw him on this and why with the Nets all year long Gary Sheffield had a resurgent year in the National League he really did and he played a fantastic baseball early then the injury bug kind of hit him which happens to a lot of 40 year old sluggers and didn’t play a lot down the stretch but here’s Ryan Rayburn he’s had a fine day today rewarding Jim Leland is faith in him with a 2 4 to day and this one popped up left side foul ground Tolbert under staggers grip makes the catch Well Rob garden higher said Baker just needs to execute his pitches He’s doing that And the big boppers are up next

If there’s been a magical inning for the twins this year it has been the sixth and Cabrera Mauer and curveball are coming up against Rick Posada who has sat down seven consecutive men well their fans must know because they’ve scored the most runs in the sixth inning had the twins one hundred and twenty three and they only need two to tie this one today but also helps in the six when you’re starting Cabrera and Mauer comes up I mean that always gives you a little better chance although Pau slow so far doesn’t really seem to have any dent in his armor one ball two strikes to Cabrera a 15 game hitting streak Yes this is a regular season games so that streak still alive The one thing if you poor so you don’t want to get away from Chip said he has been at Ground ball pitcher’s entire season this year You start to fall in love with strikeouts and start trying to go for those punch outs that one puts you sometimes in harm’s way elevating the ball fly ball center field Granderson should have no trouble the big first out in the sixth inning eight up a down for poor solo Cabrera 0 for three Here’s Mauer he’s doubled and he was rocked in the third inning Now we’re almost certainly has clinched the batting title at three sixty five with that first inning hit How you talk about a lot of ballplayers whether the Colorado Rockies or they play in certain ballparks that augment their numbers We’ll talk about consistency which every pro tries to seek And road 326 with thirty six home runs on at home Sorry for Joe Mauer three twenty seven thirty six months on the road pretty means for a pretty amazing player and Joe Mauer is in select company when it comes to those catchers winning a batting title bubbles Hardgrave was the first he did it with the Reds in 1926 Ernie Lombardi won two batting titles in nineteen thirty eight in nineteen forty two with the Boston Braves Mauer couldn’t win and will win his third title going along with browns in 2006 2008 dominant player at his position burden check his swing and he’s down on strikes and that ties a career high for a poor sell Oh that’s his eighth and he sat down nine consecutive twins again we talk about that for seamer that he’s been throwing all night long and a little extra adrenaline for Mr. Portillo has racked up the strikeouts even against the best hitter in the American League and swung so fast that he didn’t get a chance to ask you how his bubbles Hardgrave to work with that’s Eugene Franklin to you Chip nineteen twenty I’m old but not that old here’s Curveball as hard as he’s been it’s been a tough day for him he’s stranded Mauer in the first and left two on in the third and he drives one deep to right field to ball bounce out of here people had chances with a couple of runners on base in its first couple of bats Here with the bases empty catches a changeup up in the strike zone and a long home run That’s the one thing about having this place filled with fifty two thousand plus it gets really warm in here and the ball jumps and this is the point that Jim Leland made with us in our station with him in the third inning The importance of continuing to add runs in this ballpark with this pesky Minnesota team as dominant as poor Cielo has been retiring nine in a row With that home run Minnesota’s

down only one and he once does Jim leader Zach is could either He’s off for two well in their World Series in nineteen eighty seven in nineteen ninety one Well how about this weekend the home run hit by Michael could die or in a game against the Royals and Zach drinking Minnesota had a big lead gave it away until this blast Well this is what has happened for both the dire and football really hit a home run tonight They have hit big home runs and on a day on Saturday when they were record against the al Cy Young Award winner they’re able to get a win in Iowa a board with two outs Joe Terry told us this past weekend Ronnie out in Los Angeles the most difficult inning for a major league manager is the sixth How long do you stay with your starter five innings and two thirds of brilliant work with a season and career high eight strikeouts for the Detroit Tigers He will leave with the lead Zach Minor is on okay Thank you very much The X Factor for the Tigers was Rick Vassallo We talked about that in the open Ronnie He was marvelous Now minor on Zach Minor protecting a one run lead but he’s really been their swing man You can see the numbers here on first pitch strikes He has 50 games this year five starts last year started 13 games two seasons ago 16 games He’s a guy that can give you some length out of the bullpen but Mr poor cell represented himself very well Two starts against Minnesota coming down the end of the season 12 and innings only two home runs Here’s Delmonico fly ball softly hit center field Granderson playing deep can’t get there Twins have him at the corners with two well a pretty good pitcher from minor and the outside part of the play Maybe just a little luck Don’t get it off the end of the bat drops in front of Granderson once turn here by Michael Godiva to go take that extra base Twins do that as well as anyone in baseball Brendan Harris is going to get a pinch hitting opportunity You got to quit this chip to

nerves coming in the balls must be inside and not even close as it hit HARRIS The guy that stands well off the plate Rick after pitching coach of the Tigers is going to have to go out and talk to Zach Minor who just a little nervous here coming in with this big crowd We all said how would poor self handle this crowd Well he quieted them but Zander might have had to come right into the middle of the lion’s den as she called it And everybody in this crowd standing largest crowd in Metrodome history fifty four thousand eighty eight And no place to put switch hitting man told her until couples home run in the sixth inning Tolbert was the only Fly ball slicing down and lying near their seats Reverend with that good speed almost was able to make a great play but you have to contend with these ball pens on the field there at the Metrodome pitch a little change up that he throws left handed batter but now has gotten him in trouble not able to locate that pitch You would think that Tolbert here same place hitter is going to get a fastball but the two on one count filled with only one two three Zach Minor high fly ball center field Granderson drifting back has room He’s got it And this side is retired twin to love the bases They score again in the sixth inning Jason curveballs Homer brings him to within one run heading to the seventh just a wonderful ball game as you’d expect here through six innings of play Rick poor Salo and Scott Baker dueling Minnesota’s close to within a run three to your score and Baker back out there for the seventh inning and the lower portion of the tiger order Coming up in NJ we’ll start things off He’s all to and this is a spot Ron where Ron Gordon hire told us earlier this year in New York there was a time where he was practically begging his starters to take the ball into the seventh inning this year and all kinds of injuries Kevin slowly a 10 game as he thought NJ went around Well let’s see here in just a small crowd him Boy that looks like a swing to me Winds don’t get that call haven’t even count an inch pops it up they’ve been popping the ball up a lot here in the middle innings and no play at first or Michael Dion or Baker and made 32 starts coming into this game chip and he’s gone seven innings more and 10 of his starts so he’s the guy who has the ability to do that take the ball take the game deep still a nice job hasn’t after coming back after the Cabrera home run He literally was skating on thin ice of being out of this ballgame to hits over his last three innings after the rough third frame for the Tigers and he’s been able to pitch a little more effectively as you said inside of these tigers Well you’re gonna have to tie up these right handed hitters because they just have too much power and you reiterated before twenty seven home runs for Brandon Inge didn’t get the

corner full count three balls two strikes that’s hammered out a play by Brandon ends story for the twins when they get a quality start there thirty seven games over five and a quality start means the starter hasn’t Yaari of 450 or less six or more three earned runs or less than they used to be something that used to be laughed at But in today’s game it seems to produce winning results for ballclub coaches a lead off lock in the seventh inning and now decision time for Ron Garton higher and the twins and the decision is made Baker will leave after six plus that’s his second walk in this game Big crowd at the Metrodome will rise and applaud Scott Baker’s effort He leaves trailing the Tigers 3 to 2 yes indeed it’s back to back years for the Twins game one sixty three and it seems Ronnie like they’re all one run affairs just a couple of years ago in the Mile High City of Denver Colorado the Rockies and the San Diego Padres Well Jimmy Carroll with the sacrifice fly into to this day no one knows if that holiday touch play It doesn’t matter who’s called safe and then last season’s first in the game that the Minnesota Twins took part in John thanks was outstanding for the Chicago White Sox Ken Griffey junior throughout today or at the plate and A.J Brzezinski showed him the ball and it was a Jim told me Homer that scored the game’s only run It was a blackout game see all the White Sox fans with black shirts 1 one nothing was the score and a diving catch sealed the deal for Chicago And another one run game here tonight in Minneapolis 3 2 Your score is big right hander John Roush on the catcher Gerald Laird up and you know Laird not afraid to lay down a bunch ten sacrifice buttons so far this season John Roush all six 11 over required on Aug. 28 from the Arizona Diamondbacks Good move by Roush Right there what you want to do if there’s a threat of a bunch Let’s make sure you throw one ball over maybe the bat and Leonard will tip his hand very shortly there is the bunt attempt and the ball is well off the plate while ball strikes Laird as popped out hit into a double play talk about Bunning sacrificing Jim Leland a longtime National League manager this tiger club fifty three sacrifices that’s the second highest total in the American League Well it can go either way He can play the American League Baseball looking for a three run home run but also can play that naturally grant which he’s going to do now Third baseman Tolbert it’s got to come in a little more Try to take that bunt away in just not running great right now might be hard to get an easy out a bat popped up It’s a beautiful turnabout fair play action Remember Minnesota Try to squeeze but against the Tigers popped into a double play before winning the game late John Ross throws very hard and that’s coming from an angle at six foot eleven and Laird could not square that bunt get it down on the ground easy pop up easy play for good dyer the good hustle by Roush has been a big acquisition no pun intended for this Minnesota bullpen made a big pitch against Kansas City this past weekend that got him out of a mess and here he is now with the double play in order to keep the Tigers ahead by only one run nationally he’s been in Arizona Diamondback and boy has he been good in the American League in that National League all those years sometimes just change leads leagues chip can the element of surprise have gotten back fly ball left center field that’s slicing away from Spann but look at him covered ground he ran a 50 yard fly pattern and track down that

drive off Santiago’s back to the way he ran it in about 4 9 2 just the outstanding jump by Denard Span ran to the right spot and really made a tough play looked very easy on guard and higher with the applause as he reaches the mound he’ll look up take the ball from John Roush he retires the two man he’s a side Curtis Granderson is in the batter’s box for the Tigers two outs top of the seven in Minnesota OK Ernie thank you very much Hopefully tomorrow’s games will be as exciting as this one as Hosam Harris is on for John Roush 71 games now for the Minnesota left hander and certainly at the center of things at Comerica Park last week Well yes he was and Ron Gardner of course has said that he was starting to get run down a little bit but he would use him in tonight’s ballgame if he had to 71 games now fifty five strikeouts and sixty one innings you see Maharishi thought that was a strike look at that look at the umpire Randy Marsh put the lift of the facemask if you see it on pinstripes look like a pretty good pitch but off the plate and Randy Marsh got it right you said earlier he has a very strict tight zone He’s been very consistent I think tonight yes at first for Granderson that pitch twins fell behind by three they’ve scratched back to within one need a good defensive stand here in the seven to see Joe Morris smart play here by Joe Morris twice now they looked in it and Randy Morris not a good thing to do because you’re not going to open up the strike zone really just have to concentrate on trying to make your pitches again another pitch just one even worse than the first pitch that Randy was shaking his head you can have a few words for Joe Mauer and Joe will try to be like Dag Hammarskjold at the U.N. just trying to make sure to appease both parties dangerous pitch The lefty lefty matchup erased with a 3 1 count Granderson hitting a buck 80 against lefties this year Better at first goes as the pitch pop foul And here is the incident we were talking about last week My Harris pitching against the Tigers in Detroit threw a ball behind out of every Jim Leland came out argue with Angel Hernandez he was thrown out of the ballgame and dumb and young drilled on the late what was interesting about this young guy Madam Harris not the Tigers rookie possibly a hurt leg but their hot shot in a right fielder base here Granderson singles there at the corners with two man out boy Nice and bad from Curtis Granderson to drive and Paul passed a dating Nick Punto good hitting on this ball on the outside part gets a little too much of the plate up great on the corner but up in the strike song gets hit by Granderson and Ron Gordon hire the manager for the twins managing the seventh inning like it was tonight So Baker began to frame Roush Harris and now Matt career with runners at the corners for the Tigers looking for some seventh inning insurance the games on the base paths for the Tigers here in the seventh inning they lead at 3 2 Let’s recap the scoring for you beginning for Detroit in the third inning lead off walk then a base hit to Mangini or O’Donnell has brought home

Curtis Granderson with one out then Miguel Cabrera stepped in he launches one deep into the night eight to run mammoth home run hits for Cabrera in his first two at bats and his three nothing just like that a throwing error by a Rick poor solo in the third inning brought home Matt Tolbert with the first line of the game for Minnesota and then in the sixth inning Jason Cuba launches one into the second deck in right field his twenty eighth Homer and it’s a three 2 game with Matt career on He too has been busy and he too Ronny has been very good he has been very good at product Kent State University see the games he’s appeared and he’s been his good luck charm to that 5 11 record good he R.A. in all of these pitchers for the twins that come in very good at not walking hitters said Polanco 1 4 3 hit last time up span playing very shallowly right center field now over a step or two toward left his career delivers outside to see the defense going to make sure you have this defense right because with Granderson on first he might try to steal a base here Be interesting to see if Mauer throws through enough rep foul pass Jean Lamont the Detroit third base coach carrier acquired from the pirates off waivers at the end of the 2003 season Has really found a home in this Minnesota bullpen fisted toward short Cabrera’s got it and the ending is over two strands a pair pairs seventh inning stretch tie 3 2 Tigers lead Minnesota down a run they’ve got nine outs left the fans believe as Nick puts out a nine play nice play center comes up for the Minnesota Twins out to be worried for the Tigers puts on one of those guys not afraid to lay one down to start out in any item and a reach and they need a long ball to take the lead here for Minnesota they’ve got Cabrera Mauer and Cuba working in this seventh inning minor gave up a hit and a hit batsmen before getting Matt Tolbert to fly out to end that Minnesota threat everybody up everybody standing in the lower portion of the Metrodome in St Lewis back in nineteen eighty two is twenty seven came up in the Braves system the Tigers sent Kyle Farnsworth to Atlanta in 2005 for Zach Minor and Roman cologne you mentioned the fact that a minor can pitch lots of innings he grew up a starting pitcher and that Braves system they drafted in the fourth round in 2000 you know Jim Leland is hoping he can get through this seventh inning without incident then it’s lion and Rodney for the eighth and ninth ten here southpaw in case there is difficulty with Pluto this at bat trying to willed himself to

first base the play found good pal here at number seven between Nick Punto and Zach Minor loser goes home winner goes to New York for game 1 of the American League Division Series at 6 o’clock Eastern Time here on TV yes will be the middle game of our triple header game one has the Rockies and Phillies game three cardinals and Dodgers Ernie Johnson will have the pregame show at 2:00 o’clock Eastern and out of pitching decisions and Nick Punto line drive off one at bat by Punto Gardner said manager of the twins we just got a bunch of ballplayers and Pluto fits that description Tough at bat inside out on that fastball down and in from Zack minor just gets it out of the reach of Santiago so now Jim Leland to the center of the diamond 410 he was warming up you’ve got Denard Span up in what would appear to be Ronnie’s sacrifice situation So does he bring on needs based span Or does he leave minor on to get the out Well I think he’s going to definitely minor and what he was really talking about was really defensive positioning trying to let everyone know what’s going to happen in this situation which spans from minor knows to expect that the bunt real great thing about Minnesota now put on first base that he is outstanding in late innings the seventh inning line is 10 for 10 in stolen bases with the right hander minor instead of food Tony The left hander might be to keep him closer might be a chance for football but spans gotta get this ball down to your risk running against your Laird who’s the best defensive catcher as far as stealing is concerned in the American League That’s the question for Ron Gardner Span 1 4 3 third base coach Scott auger with the signs and allowing the suspended if was allowing him a strike and then maybe we’ll put the bunt on one layer Like you said almost 42 percent of the runners he has thrown out trying to steal big league surprise they don’t but I’m surprised they’re not fun and this will be one of those decisions that managers make But you know you can’t run on Laird that we talked about with his total has a great 10 4 10 was pretty quick to the plate but not great This a good one for Punto to look for ball in the dirt might be other advance ball two strikes told you the twins and tigers both play national league style of baseball Minnesota 50 sacrifices coming in to this final regular season game Gordon hire is shown a lot of confidence in his lead off in a span who had 11 sacrifices this year And he’s down on strikes so runner at first with one out and Orlando Cabrera is the batter all for 3 in the game trying to extend a hit streak to 16 games we’ll see both Santiago and minor talking over what they’re going to do with Potrero maybe what sign they might use I think the key though for every team that Orlando Cabrera plays on is a winning player and always seems to get that big hit when you need it They need it now He’s flat out twice He ground it out in the first inning against Rick Purcell who was dazzling to Leland giving Laird the science so many options throw over a pitch out high fly ball hammer deep left field track well this is not the

match up that miner wanted or Leland for four 17 now with three home runs there’s Mr Cabrera and another big hit Metrodome mania for a three Minnesota lead and Mauer takes his shot down the left field line and is down a quick strike three Detroit Tigers took this crowd out of the game for the first three innings for the Minnesota Twins have brought him back in the seven and Mauer thinking about two takes a tumble and has to dive back to first he was thinking double on that face it rookie as electric use for pitchers to get through an inning Jimmy Leyland has tried to stick with one and it has not worked this chipping going around that base is Joe Mauer but love to see that kind of hustle Jim Zack miner two thirds of it inning for hits hit batsmen A strikeout But Orlando Cabrera has to run home run the biggest hit of the year for Minnesota The twins waited four to three you asked for a big hit from Orlando Cabrera Minnesota and boy did he come through in the seventh inning to run shot into the first row of seats Turns this game around Well just a hanging slider from Zach Minor Orlando thought he got just enough as he watches that ball go over the wall in left field look at his reaction Beautiful swing on that slider full extension And even though the Minnesota Twins haven’t won a World Series since 1991 18 years ago the homer hankies they still work And so does the bad of Orlando Cabrera who has plenty of postseason experience was a midseason pick up for this twins ballclub The biggest hit of the year for Minnesota puts him in front for 10 on now against Jason Curveball who hammered at his last bat Still only one out please see his numbers this season very fine job done by Tony Scott to keep them close even though Mao is not a guy who will steal a lot of bases from the seventh inning on ball no strikes in Cuba left hand hitters back to back But that doesn’t bother Ron Garten here He told us these guys hate lefties very well so he’s content to somebody six mile an hour breaking ball in for a strike On the Taiwan left hander he is known against a left handed for using that big breaking ball not

a hard thrower at a spot where the tigers really wish they had Bobby C available to say he’s been banged up early is short from the left side of that tiger vortex so need a first S5 and summon towering fly ball to center field it’s playable for Curtis Granderson he makes the catch and there is your second out for Michael Dyer he will not be allowed to face scrutiny and here’s how the Homer looked down the left field line How deep did it go First row doesn’t matter they all count chef so Cuba flies out tigers in their bullpen yet again 4 3 is the score and Brandon Lyon is on the face Michael could die here next Thank you very much Brandon Lyon is on to pitch a late signing for the Tigers Zach Minor has had an awful day four hits Homer hit batsmen in two thirds of an inning and a home run he allowed Orlando Cabrera right now the difference in this game around the line and forty six out he’s five and two for the one point six one he arrived with Michael Cardoza to default five off line with the homerun big break the ball as good dyer and quick one strike call boy a real big improvement for Lyon after the month of May Well you see he is one of the few relief pitchers Sometimes it takes a while to get going His will for pitch pitcher who comes in he’s got a good cut fastball straight fastball overhand hook and changeup a little square over the mound and he nearly mistimed his job He takes care of Michael Dyer in the seventh inning The twins have gotten homers in each of the last two at bats Orlando Clipper puts him in front for three as we eighth inning for the Tigers and the heart of their water comes up in a one run game Defensive changes for the twins Carlos Gomez takes over in center field Denard Span moves from center field to the right hand man career on with Maggie or Don yes Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Ghosn coming up and it is the first two of these tiger hitters five if not all the offensive damage in this game This of course is going to be the biggest setting for career and the twins trying to get to the meat of this order we are starting with Dhoni is out with a curveball in the first pitch high fly ball that’s belted deep toward left track wall and we are tied back Yes Watch as one to the left and the Tigers are still in that take to want to know try to come in with a fastball yes was ready Leland talked about how aggressive he’s been in the second half aggressive there on that second pitch Reaction from that Tiger’s bench of course they’re back in it and watch the first pitch too Cabrera he’s at nine home runs this year on the first pitch and a good idea there from the twins reliever he’s had a huge day at the plate He’s doubled he’s Homer he’s knocked in two three tries Bagley or don’t is his back with a vengeance well the times average up on Scott Baker early this was the biggest damage to run home run from Cabrera That puts him up 3 0 but the twins have fought back And now here come the Tigers back on him again You know Detroit wants to keep

Joe Nathan out of this game under any circumstances He’s the twins closer and has an unbelievable record against Detroit round ball sharply hit toward third Tolbert Scott Joe Nathan is 30 for 30 and saves against the Tigers listen choked up and tired after 162 Why wouldn’t they be tired now Good point Here we are in the eighth inning for four ball game as Nathan watches and waits for his turn today Here’s Key and all four three with a strikeout Again it’s the long ball that once more has taken the life out of this Minnesota crowd This ballpark when they have 54000 in it and the record crowd as you mentioned chip ball just travels in here and we could see from the left field that or don’t this home run long and get out of here in a hurry like the great city of Detroit Don’t count out these tigers eleven wins this year when trailing in the eighth inning or later You can knock them down You can kick dirt in their face but they scramble up and find a way to get it done I don’t know about you This may be Jim Leland Best job as a major league manager considering all this tiger team has been through all the injuries of course and course the up and down on the pitching staff sometimes you come to ballpark didn’t know who was going to be out of play And it is poured foul It’s been an interesting couple of years for the Tigers There were some who thought Detroit should have won the division last season and many of those same prognosticators thought that the Tigers would finish last in the Al central this year Jimmy said everyone kind of looks out for this season but they come around again What would this mean for the city if the Tigers could win this game Well something we get dressed in spring training when he said quote People are going to be spending their last dollars This is not the year to not run out of ground ball His tigers have responded again and again and again one hour block places geared at first base He represents the go ahead tally for the Tigers Rick Anderson will visit both right handers middlemen for both of these teams minor for the Tigris and career here for the twins both struggling under the weight of this game Each runner at first Wilkin Ramirez takes over for GM Joe Nathan is up He may have to save the game in the eighth and the ninth Well I think one of the things he probably had an option at some point or a thought Ron Gordon higher of having him go two innings The thought he could get through this lineup with Greer did not work with Odom yes and now the walked again to produce another base run Ryan Raber and bats with Amanda on and worn out Rayburn got the state because he’s been hard at the plate because he can cover a lot of ground and left these two for three today Took a shot at right field and is down a straight one ball two strikes is a hugely important

hitting for the Tiger offense They are an amazing 72 and 0 this year when they leave the game after eight innings of play Talked about Joe Nathan and how good he has been Fernando Rodney is the tiger Carlos career in the eighth inning Wow He should Ramirez can really fly Looming There’s Miguel Cabrera But I think one of the things that you that’s one of the most difficult things to do is to come in late for a defensive replacement or come in late as a pinch runner good and bad continues for Rayburn here in Detroit’s eighth inning Cabrera has home or Don years his homer They have accounted for all four RBI eyes in this game The two offensive stars thought Julie for on Team clawbacks looked for big hits this year The Tigers have had a bunch of them today can think about running If the Tigers so desire on the pitch stretch and see that ball just floating up and in the right hand and hit a in the we’re just missing with his pitches it was a good swing by Raven and there on that hanging slider from career whereas that doesn’t have any stolen bases this season But in the minor leagues he’s had as high as 28 stolen bases so he’s got some speed the crowd roars and look at Jeanne Lim on the third base coach Jean Le Monde was all the way on to the sliding path to third base telling Ramirez to stay on the bag it was and the young player

didn’t wander away And stays safely at second base but we you see the pitch on the pitch tracks I thought that ball a little up it was Randy Marsh got it right But the reason that you want to yell to your runner as Lamont did is that the crowd is telling you that it was a strikeout throw you up but it was not plants Tigers have two men on the Metrodome And what a way to wrap up the American League regular season schedule The A.L. Central Division championship is on the line Game on the basis for the Tigers two on one man out with Brandon Ainge in the batter’s box against all star Joe Nathan Well as Gordon higher had a little advantage in how he used his bullpen before now because of the home run by John yes Now the advantage to Jimmy Lewin in the Tigers is they’ve got Joe Nathan They’re closer in here to try to save the eighth inning You can save the game in the seventh the eighth as easily as you can The ninth had a huge spot for the Minnesota club and its high one ball no strikes talk with avoid McAlinden the Tigers hitting coach and he said Brandon Inge would be one guy who personifies what the city of Detroit has gone through this year How big would it be if he could pick up a hit and put him ahead in the playing through He leads a team this season with one hundred and fifty seven games played but has almost willed himself into the lineup every single day For Detroit he’s been their greatest from the seventh inning on 10 home runs leads their team popped up this time however Whiteside and Nathan retires the first batter Brandon Inge pops out He’s 0 4 3 Well to an advantage to a hitter Unless you’ve got a Joe Nathan throw 95 on the black that beats Inge was pitch right where MJ likes it he’s a high ball hitter but just to beat him to the spot Hurdles for Nathan and Gerald Laird is also Mauer just got a glove on that pitch one 1.0 strikes Roush Harris career Mauer knocked it down and no advance it’s the top ofthe seven o’clock hour in Minneapolis with Ron Darling and Craig Sager at our entire TBS crew What a ball game My name is Chip Carey for for your score the A.L. Central Division title is on the line the winner of this game heads to New York to play the Yankees tomorrow at 6:00 Eastern here on CBS The loser thinks about Spring Training 2010 If he’s gonna try to stay true to form a home run but runners on this season and on the right hand and hitter no chance for Joe tries to get committed to

hold the bat back But you can see it went through the strike zone for four is the score Doleman young to lead off the eighth inning and the final regular season game at the Metrodome Fifty four thousand eighty eight Here’s the crowd Now young the Cole Player of the week in the American League starts things off with a 1 for three days so far and Gordon high I was talking about Damon Young today says his talent to the players he’s ever seen So he just goes to streaks of inability to repeat his mechanics just to play but can hit him out of sight Big time power for Delma and Young who had to hear it from a lot of people Major League Baseball What was his success last year at the Tampa Bay Garza Jason Bartlett who required for Delon young and they played such a big part in that run for Tampa Bay Fisted slowly toward second longer waits for the takes care of young fallen out number one he framed a lot about this Minnesota defense Give the Tigers some credit to up the middle But as good as gold the last month or so and political science play their little favors for the Tigers Here’s Brandon Harris came on as a pinch hitter former rallies and the sixth was hit with the first pitch Randy Marsh got popped again that’s twice he’s taken the brunt of a wicked foul ball behind the plate that’s equivalent for you football players out there getting your bell rung fastball went in the middle of the mask Randy Marsh one of the things that there’s a brotherhood between catchers and the umpires because they both take the brunt of those foul balls and try to give each other a little time in between pitches terrific throw for the second out zone Lions come on three ground ball outs the three hitters he’s faced and the bases are cleared out for Matt Tolbert who scored the first Minnesota run reaching out on field hit coming home on a whip poor soul throwing it again Game was started by Scott Baker and Rick Fossella both pitched pretty good baseball for solo especially so a career high tying eight strikeouts and five and two thirds innings and Baker one bad in his home garden I said all he needs to start executing his pitches a little better and he’ll settle in and settle in He did just two hits over the final three frames of tonight’s game broken bat and bounced beyond the twins dugout you know C.C. Sabathia is going to pitch for new york tomorrow night we have no idea how he’s going to face it both of these teams have

no concern with tomorrow night both trying to take care of business here just Miss Lyon thought he got it there one ball two strikes wicked pitch and Brandon Lyon has been very nasty tonight for hitters faced for hitters retired and we head to the ninth inning for these two clubs for four ninth day Jonathan one on Santiago with Strike one Tolbert in third Thinking about a He gets it Ground ball the first timing try and safe at first Could I or could not get the tag and the top but hit for Santiago to start the ninth inning And here’s the match up that the Tigers have been looking for What a bunt by Santiago Look at how he gets his frame out of the way of Kadhimiya let’s call their first base here The weight on that ball tried to dive at San Diego with first base wasn’t able to get him on that hip so Adam ever at the former twin will pinch run and a question I guess you have if you’re a Tiger fan Do you take the bat out of Granderson hands A man that has really worn out Joe Nathan of late play for a run or do you let him swing away in a tie game with nobody out His last three at bats versus Nathan home run double and a triple for Curtis Granderson Let’s see Granderson has walked in single and scored tonight and the Tigers 53 sacrificed bunch this year second most in the American League Nathan to be throwing the first year to keep the runner close See that sign that Joe Mauer gives it gives that split 2 and then it puts down one that means throw over the first fisted in the right field that’s trouble that’s going to drop for a hit around second and on his way to third and Curtis Granderson continues to do one man damage against Joe Nathan first and third and nobody out in the night he just has good numbers As we mentioned before an unnatural cycle there for Curtis Granderson his last four at bats now a home run a double triple and now a single against Joe

Nathan now Jean live off the third base coach talking things over with Polanco here’s a spot where you know Nathan would love a strikeout but Polanco a very difficult man to punch out despite the one tonight and then or don’t donors and Cabrera lurking Brian garden higher chose not to bunt Denard Span it cost him with a strikeout Jim Leland chose not to but with Granderson it didn’t cost him the cost of twins when the base hit there by Granderson so runners at first and third no body out for four most things Joe Nathan has thrown this season has been to seen this happen many times the closures they come in in the eighth inning they spend all that adrenaline sometimes sitting for those 15 20 minutes going back out they lose some of that snap on that curve for velocity on the fastball and Polanco with all the attention on Guerrero and Tony is Curtis Granderson has been as good as anybody in the American League this year round in round scoring situations late and ballgames has been great He said eight go ahead RBI something were later tied with A-Rod and took Martinez puts the ball in play he’s got a 1 1 Flacco likes the ball on the way to shoot it the other way How do you counter that How about something diving down again Not a good thing there from Colombo down the right field line long run span in the corner You have no way to get to the point there don’t you with all this fall ground here If it’s deep enough what do you do as a right fielder a left fielder do you catch it and allow the run to score let it drop it’s a hard call for those guys and you take the out but give up the potential go ahead run in the ninth inning and soda let this game for three Magalie or Dhoni has let off the eighth with a vapor trail to left a long solo home run for him and it almost never strikes out Polanco has been punched out twice in this game What a pitch sequence by Joe Nathan and Joe Mauer to work one of the most difficult guys to strike first pitch missed inside second got a swinging strike came back inside unusual swing there by Politico good fighting off of that high fastball missed upstairs and through this back door slider threw it right up Flacco and broke it back over the inside corner What a pitch by Nathan So now the entire twins here with the exception of Michael Dyer will meet on the mound and talk things over with Nathan and here’s the spot as Ron Gardner higher will join the discussion where a ground ball gets you out of this inning and facing Maclin or don’t Yaz who has had a very big game The biggest hit so far in the Tigers season 4 3 lead for the twins high fastball from Greer August 11 for last time and

Flacco struck out twice in a game that sets up a double play possibility with all up Nathan really crowding these hitters Polanco now crowding or don’t yes he’s been red hot twenty four for his last forty six at the plate but he’s hit in two nineteen double play and drive off the bat Right Cabrera got a big homerun in this game and now the double play first and third with nobody out and the Tigers cannot push across the go ahead run can’t wipe that grin off Joe Nathan’s face like a Cheshire cat Adam Everett stays in the game to play shortstop He’s a former twin but attempts by Punto evens the count and Lyon has faced for man he’s gotten them all out Photos span and the cup Aaron Will this be the final ninth inning and regular season play at the Metrodome that is yes Will it be the final game played at the Metrodome We do not know yet The rights to this Metrodome to the Vikings quite yet Looks to me too well just like Pluto and some something in front of the cookware a homerun Another tough at bat by the twins ninth place hitter like this from Pluto All night Tonight both teams have come back and forth against each other Listen to two teams on game number one sixty three Tiger bullpen is busy should the twins

Fernando Rodney is up as good as John for his dad Rodney has been equally electrifying No one wanted it back Why aren’t those ending in the third lions only mistake for the cost of a trip to the showers lead off what’s great about by Nick Punto so far Jim Leland No decision because you’ve got the top of the order maybe a buck situation and here’s how the last inning in it for the Tigers Once this line drive and Curtis Granderson the runner on first base has got to know that the run on third is the most important one is going to freeze on the line drives He did not cross the double play in the twins getting out of that thing So he’s ready to charge for third He is funny eleven sacrifices for span this year I think one of the reasons the line is in this game is he’s a little better fielder than Ryan and this is a chance that they know that just bad Probably bonding in the situation they did in the seventh but here in the night Spann has his way great as he want this ball to be blunt Well I think any time you want to make this punch you want to try to put this ball down the runner at second one out boy no nap enough but Denard Span was turned to support him There wasn’t a grand line with his good snap throw perfect mechanics by span Get that ball out in front deaden it never got to line on time But he was able to make the good play So one of the hitting heroes for the twins is Orlando Cabrera on two run homer in the seventh inning gave the twins a 4 3 lead But Jim Leland will not risk Lyon versus Cabrera Instead it will be Fernando Rodney heat coming on to get the tigers out of this ninth inning jam for four is your score Here comes Detroit’s closer as Fernando Rodney is on for the Tigers Rodney has been really struggling coming down the stretch to see his VRA and safe situations and the balloons and nuts Same situation up here and as here it’s almost 10 in his last few outings so he has struggled coming down the stretch neglected second for Punto Brown ball left side saves a run throws the first time one up play by engine that gets through who knows what happens Want to play the corner well he’s done this all season long for this Tigers team on who’s taking these he is just one of those players that goes all out gets a uniform dirty it makes a beautiful play with the drive to his left and yes that would have been a base at Punto almost cut off second base but gets the out at first no way they can let Joe Mauer swing the bad here with the runner at third and two outs of course and because of a defensive replacement Jason pupils out of the game the talented left handed hitter and Carlos Gomez will be the hitter we’ll be walked intentionally for the 14th time this year Seventy six walks in total including two tonight They will take the bat out of his hands and Gomez with runners 1st and 2nd two out in hitting

number nine Rodney got them a little close for comfort Danny that was almost a strike So here we go Gomez versus Rodney He’s 0 for 2 in his career Santana trained for the Minnesota Twins lot of payback Maybe you can hear with Gomez went for the Mets to the twins in that trade Gomez at 258 last year with the twins hit seven homers knocked in 59 goalkeeping Punto close second hot shot toward short Everett’s set up and we go to the Tenth Inning What a ball game Tenth Inning Let’s check in again with Craig Sager tonight Well Joe Nathan is gone back in the clubhouse but very relieved he got out of that jam in the top of the ninth and that double play off the bat of Magalie or Dawn He was watching as the ball was hit hard on the line drive came over and put his arms up in the air and thought oh no it’s gone But then he scores a double play Did Mike Swilley move keep him in the dugout and everybody said What was that He goes Well it’s sort like the cattle rolled by saw red fire do last night when I was at the Vikings game against the Packers He said things to me about it There was a double play I get too excited he’s got a lot to be excited about Nathan an inning and two thirds two hits two strikeouts and he will give way now to Jessie Crain in the tenth inning with the middle of the Order up for the Tigers only fitting as you said run these teams dead even after 162 dead even after nine innings in Game 163 Well Jessie Crain has really been a workhorse for this Twins team but he has a lot on his shoulders here having to face Cabrera Miguel Cabrera one four five off grand for the home run They’ve pitched him a lot more effectively in his last two at bats and the twins He jumps at the first but a nice play by cadaver to come off the bag and save a big problem here in the tenth Well a lot of his errors chip have really been of the throwing variety to this one run up the line a little bit Nice play but good diet first just getting Cabrera before he got on the back Aubrey Huff will pinch hit Now in the Tampa they got him on the hip Golf is one of those patch the tiger’s acquired to try to bolster his offense Hitting just 241 this season that’s grounded file past and events like Tiger’s got him August 17th from the Orioles for a right handed pitcher Fred Jacobson Bats with the Tigers hitting one eighty nine three four 13 as a pitch three for eleven I beg your pardon is a pinch hitter with a homerun and nearly hit Did it get him Apparently did across the chute tops and half pointed at Randy Marsh to make sure the twins are going to check the baseball Ron Garten higher is going to come out as well look for a little shoe polish has half hit by a pitch in the tenth really caught him on the pants leg I think went above the shoe tops unfortunate pitch there by Jesse Crane who had the advantage What’s his pitch dive down and in it seems like it just touched maybe the front right leg of that uniform see that the ripple effect of those pants kind of came out you see the ball as it comes into Huff just scrapes the flared bottom of the uniform of Aubrey Huff stitch in time may save the tiger nine here in the

tenth a hit batsman and Dan Kelly will pinch run Kelly has played a prominent role in the season series with the twins and Tigers he dropped a pop fly here at the Metrodome earlier this season that cost the Tigers game Justin Verlander pitched a pitch run here with one man out Really the bigger picture that in September and now October with the clubs able to play different kind of baseball when the games mattered the most all that changes tomorrow rosters down to twenty five This is still a regular season game Ryan Rayburn looks at ball 1 reference had a nice night today to the three tigers 6 and 4 this year in extra innings the twins 6 wins 7 losses so the Yankees are playing at home tomorrow trying to put together your scouting report for Game 1 of your division series and here we are in the 10th inning of Game 163 for the A.L. Central champ Each successive pitcher that comes in you can tell by the heavy breathing can’t get any saliva as they get here later and later in this game Jesse Crane who has been a workhorse only in 0 7 that he missed time when he had surgery for a rotator cuff and torn labrum 56 games this year a high of seventy five a few seasons ago draft pick of the twins seven years ago they took him in the second round Toronto Ontario lives in Lakeville Minnesota Right on by he throws awfully hard for Seaver away just beats labor to the spot We’ve seen all night long with the hitters from both sides little late on those fastballs up in the strike zone there’s nothing like power at the end of the ball game and at the end of the year there isn’t so ends the final Tiger hope in the tenth inning He’s five for 19 against Crane lifetime but one of those five hits well that’s a good pitch there a slider right down the middle that gets a bottom of the play Yes it did ripped into the left field corner for a hit Kelly around second on his way to third G Lamont’s going to winner here’s Cabrera’s relay in front of the plate hey it’s not in time and the Tigers take this to Detroit Brandon Inge has given the Tigers a one run lead after the missed slider a fastball gets on the inner part what’s his ball never comes off the wall kind of sits there big jungle get it and by the time he gets it into Cabrera too late to get the speedy Kelly see Mauer with the try to block home plate but Kelly slides right through that block by Mauer so the Tigers have the lead in the 10 on the 10th extra base hit from NJ in the last fifty five games for the Tigers and a swinging

roller out towards second hires this side the Tigers get a hit batsman cash it in on a brain and MJ double play three outs for a deal with the Yankees 5 to 4 the Tigers take the lead on a clutch hit from Brandon engine John Kelly was flying most clubs for them all season but if you see Kelly at first base as this ball goes into the corner Jeanne Lamont knows there’s only one thing to do Get that left arm move in and Kelly’s moving himself and instead of the fast we’ll slide the slide and reach back with his hand He goes through Mauer with that left front foot which allows him to score to the big body but the six foot five Joe Mauer and Jim Leland likes that safe call by Randy Marsh a lot better than he did in 1992 when Sid green scored against his Pittsburgh Pirates cut Dyer in the tenth twins down on dial with a magical home run on Saturday against the Kansas City Royals a cleat Thomas takes over wide field Does he have one more in a dire three hits lifetime one of those hits home run against Rodney nowhere near concentration by all these players on the bench and on the field almost palpable Chip for one run loss in Game 163 I don’t know about you but I don’t know how he filed that pitch off I think it was like below the cap high A little flap on his shadow Granderson can’t get it heads up against the wall Chuck Dyer on his way to third throw late Cramer tried for their shoestring catch and paid the price but didn’t pick up the ball well and then tried to make up for it They see missed it probably lost it in that way For maybe the wrong choice at this time in the game to want to really play that first single chip keep that ball in front of you keep the Dyer on first base Instead he tries for the miraculous catch he doesn’t come up with it GRANDERSON doesn’t get there in time and good dire triple three base him in the 10th inning and the tying run for the twins 90 feet away and dumb young Jim Leyland can’t believe it Infield in Chopper doesn’t get through every scene Gordon higher against the Tigers See this first pitch by Rodney Young not able to handle it infield din does handle it but we’ve seen Gordon hire try to suicide squeeze against Detroit will he try it here Rodney very difficult to punt nasty stuff And he’s just as likely to throw

it away as he is to push you inside Romney’s throwing five wild pitches this year Nice play by Gerald layer there fastball down in the strike zone that is the one that eludes more catchers because they always believe that a fastball is going to be for a strike not throwing the dirt like it was there by Rodney good slider One ball one strike Everybody up in the seats Everybody down Minnesota bench tigers two outs away from advancing and winning the A.L. Central tip of the infield and can’t really go on contact but you can still read it from third base while gets over the head of the pitcher ever it’s gotta go up the middle might be a to take a shot and events like events like calling all the outfielders in 97 miles per hour but not even close The Tigers don’t think Harris can pull a randy fastball Granderson has swung way around into right center field huge gap between Rayburn and Granderson a left center and now pinch runner will take the place of Harris at first base that’s Alexi Kasey a veteran manager Jimmy Leyland he’s done it a couple of times so far go out to talk to his pitcher not only to give him a respite but also to dictate to his infield how they’re going to play this defense in this situation and you have your middle infielders back and double play Deb Tolbert with some really good speed are you going to keep the infield in one run lead might make you push your middle infielders back and try to play for the double play with that in mind how does Minnesota play it because Cassio to another guy who can really really fly in a double play ends this game for Minnesota and Rodney does not hold runners on well but Gerald Laird is the X-factor because he’s thrown out more runners than a better percentage this season so you want to manage in a playoff scenario no I don’t What do you do if you’re the twins Here’s Tolbert swing and a miss and the breaking ball from Rodney very effective countering that 97 mile an hour heat He can bring to you see the middle infield that they are playing back the double play that but they’re at a place where if they get a ball that’s hit softly instead of turn two that could take a shot at the diner at the plate another strike Rodney even with that big fastball will generate some weak contact Twelve double play ground balls have been induced by the tiger closer as you see at home He hasn’t throwing a ball over the knees yet Has he ground ball up the metal bars around sucking on his not bad by the young Tolbert just the bouncer up the middle Looks like Polanco here thought he was going to be on a turntable with that topspin gets by him Bhutto handles the bat beautifully here Last time they squeezed against Detroit it was Nick Bhutto who was in the batter’s box

The Guardian to hurry gets his wish with a tying run Division winning run is 90 feet away for Nick Punto who had a 10 pitch hit back in the ninth sitting started when Ryan Rayburn tried for a shoestring catch it turned into a triple no surprises here Country hardball time 0 and 2 Quinto trying to shorten up that stroke still hard to catch up with a ninety six mile an hour hit from run just stay alive and Rodney 96 97 in here’s the Devil’s Triangle for a pitcher he’s throwing the ball down the catch up to it that wants you to throw that changeup but then it plays into puntos game infield and outfield in Oh to your count Ron Gordon I said today’s team was a team full of ball players no one’s more reflection than that than Nick Punto Toronto Terry comes out of the play ball Target bad time Rayburn and evens the ledger Some kind of game in Minnesota 5 5 your score 11th inning Again we check in with Craig Sager talk to Curtis Granderson Before the game he said he likes Ryan Rayburn out there in the outfield not only because of his speed He said he has an unbelievable arm I said How good is it Well I talked to Brett Rayburn before the game too He said he was a closer in high school and in college went to Florida with a ninety five mile an hour fastball to be closer But he said he didn’t have any movement on the ball and gave up that became a regular player but he has a ninety five mile an hour fastball which we just saw to save that run Chip Craig thank you very much and Jim Leland again told us before the game the defense of Rayburn was critically important in this ballpark It led him down at the start of the inning but it keeps the game and the season alive for the Tigers as he throws a strike to take care of Casey And the twins in the 10 I’ll have infinite in a 5 5 game that Adam Everett the tiger hitter sometimes when I look at this place that looks like a big balloon and some of the air’s just been let out of it again I mean these teams just punch and then counterpunch tigers left this thing by three twins chip and claw and scratch their way back Detroit took the lead in the 10th after a hit batsman Brandon Inge doubled to left Minnesota ties it up after Raeburn messes up a fly ball in left field and the base hit by Matt Tolbert the double play at the plate moves it along sound back I had an ever had a ball to strikeout a game like this

little things mean a lot more batsmen laid off walks I’m about to see a third base that he tagged properly know what you have to do as soon as the ball’s hit in the line you have to go stand on third wait for the ball to be caught and go he had the tag up late they cost them a half a second and then these Supreme moments mistakes are magnified and you could see clearly Scott ogre screaming back back back off the bat and looked like a hit remember though that I’ll feel was playing in so it made that ball come the Rayburn for that fine arm he made a great play nice job by Jessie Crane he departs with the base is clear on the top of the eleven some kind of ball game five five bases clear one out in the eleventh inning and another one of those very important acquisitions for the Minnesota Twins is on to pitch and that’s left hander Ron May had a very busy year for May Hey who is just scooped up by Minnesota and placed in their pen and he’s been very very tough Well those are his numbers for the entire season is designated for assignment by the Kansas City Royals picked up in late August by the Minnesota Twins and he has been outstanding since joining them eight and two thirds in his pitch Zero has been around two and he will face Curtis Granderson with nobody on and won out Granderson has been on base three times he’s walked and scored his single twice When Curtis Granderson is on the base paths That’s really when this Tiger offense can start to click We mentioned earlier he’s had very good numbers this year 30 homers 20 steals twenty three doubles knocked in 71 men out of the leadoff spot but his on base percentage has been very low Not tonight he’s been on three times in five plate appearances as we showed you earlier tonight It does work against left handed pitching for the Tigers Well it’s been an unbelievable game but they’ve been best mistakes with so show one but Cassius also Granderson is in the ninth Nathan really cost the Tigers one garden hire said in this building and games like this Both teams play nervous He might be very very right told you earlier GRANDERSON loves hitting in this park And he appears to be one and that indeed is the case may His good work continues He strikes out Curtis Granderson it’s a battle the ball patterns in Game 1 Sixty three well you want emotion You have seen a bunch of it tonight at the Metrodome the largest regular season crowd in the history of this building on hand as the Tigers and twins keep trading leads Cabrera Go ahead homer Fans hoping for some lead in the Magic have gotten the Tigers take the lead in Minnesota hoping for some help and get it with a base hit Ron Gardner higher off the top step and yeah we’ve felt this place grumble all night long as game one sixty three is still on to determine who will face the Yankees tomorrow night Tommy Keppel next man out of Minnesota Penn and he will face plus it Polanco that some time with the Kansas City Royals and Colorado Rockies started in the Mets organization This is like a Jack Johnson prizefight who’s not going to meet the bell for the hundredth round The twins can get through this eleven They will have the top of the order coming up in their half on two outs Polanco who’s got a hit tonight that came in the fifth as you said it has not been a perfect game by any stretch and in both clubs would tell you they made a couple of really big mistakes

that cost the runs tonight Yet here we are still tied up did not get to Dhoni as well CABRERA Well we showed you pitch tracks all night long and Randy Marsh has about a 95 percent success rate so far tonight My drive to second Three up three down to the Tigers top in the twin daughters coming up Joe Bauer is do third 5 5 Game bottom of the ladder thing Ron Darling chip Carey Craig Sager with you from the dome Here’s some of the drama we were talking about earlier Joe Nathan gives up this line drive that turned into a double play when Granderson was caught off first base and then the 10th inning Cassius at third base on the sac fly attacks up late and with the arm of Rayburn does not score the winning one for the twins he’s worked two innings three times this year in the regular season They lack of help from his defense now faces Denard Span It started off the twins have won 16 of their last 20 line drives center field Granderson Lane Bryant dives and comes up with a beauty he played shallowly and that saved him one out key Whenever you watch Granderson play centerfield he always gets great jumps And here he could see his eyes fixated on that baseball just catches it above his shoe tops for a big burst out here in the 11th inning off the end of the back then looked like a short hit like Rayburn in the 10th Granderson was able to track that he get the first out he backs up now with Cabrera run for Orlando in this game tonight With Randy Marsh as he’s down a straight tempers are going to run hot late in a game like this fisted back our way and we thought this is going to be the biggest hit in the game little hanging slider compare with a huge hit to run home in left field twins thought they might have had a pull back well done yes that’s something to say about that and that came off Zach Minor injury stood a chance for was brilliant Scott Baker started for Minnesota gave up three tonight I pitched a six very effective innings on just six hits and Cabrera stays alive Scott Baker hung tough to name yes Ryan Gardner higher said during our chat again if he just executes his pitches he’ll be fine He was he had one bad at it That was the third again and events like right on top of that with the outfielders moving them seemingly every pitch strike three outside corner and Cabrera is going to grumble again and he best be careful Randy Marsh with the mask off

and Ron Gardner higher is going to keep him in this game and get him to the dugout Well Randy Moss also has to make sure that he shows some patience here Tempers are going to run hot things like that are going to happen and the pitch sequence for Atlanta But he thought that ball was down the copper plate on pitch straps tried to fight off a few pitches and I think this final pitch to me is outside bounced on and slide off it so Joe Mauer the last hope for the twins in the 11th rounds the ball towards second go to his right We are heading to the 12th sitting in Minneapolis one week for sports fans in this beautiful Midwestern city It is the 12th inning in game sixty three are American League Central Division tiebreaker Minnesota and the Tigers tied 5 5 and this is just an appetizer for the main course it starts tomorrow all the playoff action on TV begins at two o’clock with MLB on deck Ernie Johnson Cal Ripken Junior David Wells and Dennis Eckersley in our Atlanta studios and Brian Anderson and Joe Simpson will be in Philadelphia for Game 1 of that National League series Ron and I are headed to Yankee Stadium for Game 1 in New York Tomorrow at 6:00 Eastern and the Cardinals and the Dodgers Dick Stockton and Bob friendly at 930 Eastern Time their first game starts way out west That inside MLB presented by Captain Morgan at 1:00 a.m Eastern time on CBS or whatever that game decides Dan and first pitch is laced down the left field line and foul off the bat of Clete Thomas Thomas you recall came on as a defensive substitution for Manly or donors in the 10th inning tonight Well we about 18 hours away from the game at Yankee Stadium ship sleep is overrated of course sleep on your season’s over Exactly right Down low to Thomas case you wondered what the longest tiebreaker game in regular season history is and again this is a regular season game Think back two years ago Padres hit Rockies 13 innings and a line drive in a center field charging high Well there’ve been some balls absolutely centered up in this game that none fought for hands that won a bullet for number one Here’s Cabrera you made the point Ronnie earlier in this game that Cabrera was able to get his arms out over the plate his first two events have the twins pitched him much different since then they really have They’ve been pounding him with sinkers in and down has produced three ground balls to the left side again another secret down in the strike zone missing out over the plate spinning He just has such a great eye He has great power to right field they’ve already seen him better to run home run to right center ball one strike from Bobby Keppel he’s the eighth Minnesota pitcher in this game there is that pitch down in for Capote missed badly however to even the count two balls and two strikes so now Keppel has a full count capital just overthrown just a tiny bit and those good

hitters like Cabrera will make you over throw a little bit see that ball when it gets elevated a bit Cabrera has much better swing tigers has left and Cabrera a board with one out Nice it back from Miguel Cabrera and he is a board in front of Don Kelly came on us that pinch runner in the 10th inning of play after Aubrey Huff was hit that baggy uniform pants cost the twins a base cost him a run now Kelly his first hit in this game that’s a little low and Joe Mauer might have crossed up wants to talk it over with Keppel when Bono strikes you’ve been a partisan marathon games in your career the most infamous perhaps that fourth of July game with the Mets down at the Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta that’s the infamous fireworks game and you won’t fit into that game right I was amid the last pitch at four o’clock in the morning so you’re experienced at games like that Well I think the hard part now is for the managers of both teams to start to decide which starters they’re going to start to take away from getting a start If they go on the postseason and which ones can come in and throw a few innings that’s ground ball toward first yeah The twins have called on Nick Blackburn and dancing of it but Blackburn threw aside today So I think he’s unavailable proviso Being the veteran the years he have I would think he’d be unavailable Dunson would be the guy who would probably have to go and Dunson was the guy that they were going to pick if they went to the postseason The pitch game one against the Yankees So that’s still very much in the air depending on whether they get there or not That’s the first task ahead for Minnesota And on one out on one count Don Kelly we’re in the 12th holding Cabrera awfully close he has no lead at first base Morrow with a good strong arm I can’t see a bearer being able to steal maybe a hit and run but no steal slashed in the left field that’s going to drop for a hit Can they cut it off Yes Young does and the throw into third base Not in time they throw it to the wrong base and John Kelly takes advantages in at second and look at Ron Garton higher the double play now not in order Second and third with one out Well if you’re a manager that will make you take your hat off and scratch your head that ball it’s cut off in the gap you will have no chance at throwing the runner out at third base a pitch on the corner Good pitch from Keppel this throw has to go into second base Keep the double play in order Young makes a small mistake here or a big mistake a long runs go to second and third and Gordon higher perplexed to say the least So Delvin young throws to the wrong base trying to get Cabrera Kelly takes advantage second and third want out Ryan Rayburn the batter and chatted with Geno Lamont as he takes his space in that right hand batter’s box Rayburn the biggest play in this game throwing out the winning run at the plate and now they will walk him intentionally to set up a double play with Brandon Inge This is a hard play to figure out for a manager who did go after a guy that’s already proven to you that he can hit in the clutch well Rayburn knows already has two hits and a walk in today’s game Not an easy choice The problem with walking Rayburn is that you don’t allow Keppel any room for maneuver and what the twins have to be banking on here is that with that bad knee inch hits the ball on the ground he’s almost a certain double play here But the risk versus reward is if he hits the ball down the line three runs might score and that

might be it Well I think he got play a middle infielders probably double play definitely be a couple of steps in from double play That way did not something as it hit hard Cabrera is not a fast one you can go for the force at home Gardner wants to make sure that he talks to all of his players and his infielders to figure this out And this is exactly what the Tigers want to see is Brandon Inge up with the bases loaded This man has been absolutely devastating for Jim Lee Lin’s ballclub in these situations this year with the bases loaded Brandon Inge has nine hits and 17 at bats and twenty four of his RB eyes have covered these situations And this is the biggest hit for Brandon in the game the double down the line that scored Don Kelly put the Tigers ahead so after the meeting Keppel and Inge and nearly hit him did it Oh he’s going to say it grazed his jersey and Randy Marsh says no Jim Leland is going to have a chat The reason he’s trying to ask if he’ll get someone to overrule it of course Brandon Barr says no it’s my call The only reason you would ever think that maybe interest hit in this instance it’s too hard to react so quickly See the below shirt And it did was hit by that ball The reaction by and just so quick that it’s hard to fake that the ball grazed the shirt But he doesn’t get the base one ball no strikes ball running in on ends See the below the shirt If it did just brushed it was good enough for Aubrey Huff and that gave the Tigers a run that was in the 10th And here in the 12th and even count fisted down the right field line but out of play Two master tacticians working overtime tonight Jim Lilley Ron Gardner soft hands quiet back there catches it in the glove Outstanding stop by Mauer after that pitch will probably Mauer knows his pitchers over throwing a little bit gives him a little rest Come on here you want to make this pitch here Do not want to go 3 2 with the bases loaded Has a couple of grand slams this year He was swinging for the fences With that delivery two balls two strikes he’s playing hurt bad knee that requires constant attention Big time power at times slapped with an injured ground ball second base They got to come home and they get the Angels flying down the first base line and no chance for a two and a hands up play forces Miguel Cabrera anything hits software you can’t turn to You’ve got to take a shot at the plate Punto the great play on the run perfect throw easily gets the better at home What a fine play because not only do you have to make the play physically you’ve got to be heads up with your mind know what to do with the ball when you get it Pluto did look at guarding as soon as that play concluded Ron garden higher said watch out for the fun Even with two outs Laird handles the bat exceptionally well Tolbert Even with the bag at Third and

Paul Whiteside if the twins get out of this you would think this is on their side They got out of this one The Metrodome all wrapped that one gets by Mauer but not far enough now a very dangerous sequence to it Oh one good job by Lear taking that pitch too Lucky maybe a little to keep that ball from going too far back to the backstop But right here at 2 a.m. there is going to get a fastball down the middle or should from Bobby couple three balls There is no defense Throw on Laird is all for three with runners in scoring position today He does not have a hit with men on base and he pops it up at a full count So now the merry go round will start for the Tigers Everybody will be running Kelly from third to Minnesota have been outstanding both clubs as Randy mentioned punching and counterpunching And here we go to the bottom of the 12th inning We know the Yankees will be lying in wait in the Bronx tonight but they’ve got to stay up late and formulate their game plan waiting for this one to be decided or the one game plan they’ll have is that these two teams they know will bring a lot of fight to the Bronx Carlos Gomez the batter he hits for the second time in this game it was the last out of the twins ninth How bout Fernando Rodney in this game This will be his third full inning and relief Nobody has moved a muscle man Detroit bullpen after he came on in ending number nine tonight that ball just flipped right past Brandon Inge in a big turn by Gomez around 1st stay away from those hankies again a little change up here from Rodney Clemens having to pull that through the whole inch had to be drawn in because of the speed at Gomez able to hit that five here’s could dire Gomez has a huge lead at first base One hole foot half a length onto that carpet Rodney getting later in this game going through the third inning cover More change ups than he did earlier in the game with that 98 mile an hour knee last time Rodney has pitched three innings August 5th of 2008 so he’s been here before You talk about high stress innings as has Rodney’s

attention Twins do run They’ve stolen eighty five bags this year But as we told you Laird shuts down the running game That’s a broken bat bouncer at a third fair ball First that’s as good as the sacrifice so the winning run at second with one out now And you know Tillman Young is thinking about picking up his glove Oh nice play by its almost hits the bag keeps it fair with the juggled still as time throws the dire out of first base so young The Cole American League Player of the week won four five in this game Garcia’s on deck lots of speed to be the third walk for Rodney in the game The second intentional pass is issue and now for Minnesota the games on the base paths fourth in Minnesota tonight three six nine men left on base as well They got out of a bases loaded top of the 12th inning jam and they pitch around Gentlemen young but Cassio has had good luck against Rodney Three hits in five career at bats You see what Jim Leland They get even with one out Jim live and the deck against the front with a bun here Be a bad play but two shots at driving and Gomez any base hit will score and maybe not the Rayburn after we’ve seen the arm he has in left field Look at the gap in right center Granderson shaded toward left and right he pitches inside and gets the straight off speed stuff as he pitches in his fourth inning in this game What could change supposed be away but darts on the inside corner for Rodney big lead Gomez at second you see out of average shading behind him patting the glove doing everything he can to try to shorten that lead even by a step We’ve already seen today at Don’t forget also Klay Thompson right fielder came in defensively he’s got an outstanding arm also and a pitch bounce right typeface in live to see a first round match up with the New York Yankees Ron Gardner hires twins now with five division titles since 2002 they win it in the twelfth inning on a base hit to right field This has been a game of avenging past faults Garcia and the 10th did not tag up properly cost the twins the win there makes up for with this base hit the right field Gomez with all that speed and the Twins won this game with the help of fifty four thousand and eighty eight you have to tip your cap to Jim Leland and the Detroit Tigers they could not

hold a seven game lead in the division at the start of play September 7 this Minnesota ballclub wins seventeen of their last twenty one to celebrate tonight but in what may have been the most impressive managerial job for Jim Leland his only disappointment for Dave Dombrowski an unbelievable finish in twelve innings for Minnesota Twins beat the Tigers 6 5 Let’s join Craig Sacre amongst the bedlam down on the field Chip the Orlando Cabrera involved with so many big plays in the game the home run the seventh the defensive play is getting hung here by Robyn Gardner higher you even get all the stuff when he argued called strike can you put into words the emotions of this roller coaster game this is absolutely the most unbelievable game I haven’t played and seen so I’m really proud of my teammates we came from them you know we came from back in September and we mono went down we you know we all got together and we said we’ve got to pull these out and here we are we going in the postseason you fell behind three nothing the game keep going back and forth yet you guys didn’t give up How much of a factor was this crowd cheering you on Well we know you know fifty five fifty five thousand people is going to help us win they always surpass the whole year and I mean we did it for them You said this the greatest game you’ve ever played and you’ve been in a lot a lot of games a lot of postseason games Tell me your thoughts I’m going to fix the Yankees a few hours Well I got to her when he said well we got to give the tiebreaker I said well you’ve got to help the kid with you this time I know we want to win and we didn’t let it go bad The good luck charm The greatest game he says he’s ever been involved with Back to you Jim and so did an historic night at the Metrodome On other playoff round is Orlando Cabrera and the twins become the first team down three games in the standings with four to play They take a victory lap as Joe Mauer leads the charge down the right field line fifty four thousand eighty eight Twins fans going crazy as they will see their beloved Twins play game three in this ballpark against good new york in the party continues down on the Metrodome turf again Craig Sager Well Sarge if I had run a homeowner doing a victory lap around the stadium and started chanting MVP at the beginning the game you’re in right now let’s play this game Again they don’t need to you know get their head down for anything Well World Baseball game will play baseball again I haven’t even heard of it so many great plays particularly at the plate club in your back their country Did you get nervous today to win that game More tired than anything built together but feels good right now Right continue Victor celebration yet Fifty five thousand waiting for you that day You Continue this unbelievable run 17 of 21 there is something to be said about momentum But the Metrodome magic won’t rise up again until Game 3 If they go to New York where the Yankees under one Gardner hired regular season play have been dominant and Joe Girardi has

told us that the three comeback wins they had against the twins in their head to head matchup at new Yankee Stadium was one of many turning points in what’s been a fantastic New York Yankees season Those were three walk off wins well jubilation and a huge win in game 163 What is your reward The Bronx Bombers Yeah and they are three and twenty three against them in the regular season under Ron Gordon higher positive No 2 or 2 in the postseason But they’re going to play a heck of a team in the Bronx so the celebration will begin at the Minnesota clubhouse and as jubilant as the twins are They know that 0 and 7 against the Yankees is not something that they’re real excited about And it’ll be C.C. Sabathia getting the ball for New York in Game 1 of that series tomorrow at 8 6 0 7 or thereabouts First pitch Eastern Time here on CBS and we believe it will be Brian Dunn saying he will start for the Minnesota Twins and go seven at least Bryant Yeah that’s what Ron Gardner has said at times he was praying for someone practically begging he said for someone to take the ball seven innings for this Minnesota club and a very classy move I think by Joe Mauer to congratulate Jim Leland and his Detroit Tigers You can’t sugarcoat the fact that they let the biggest lead in division history slip by the boards to this Minnesota ballclub but that does nothing to diminish what that ballclub accomplished and what has been an unbelievably inspirational year for the city of Detroit The fans of this tiger ballclub Leland as we told you said this would not be a good year to not run out of ground ball They ran out everything in this game tonight and fell just one run short that showed some incredible fight They got up three did nothing but I think Jim Lee Allen’s words were very prescient He said he had the add on runs early They were not able to then became the sparring match and extra innings and the man had the twins for Metrodome proud that this win What a great night twelve inning final The Minnesota Twins again champions to the American League Central They beat the Tigers 6 5 and after a break Ernie Johnson in our Atlanta studios