How To: KYB Fork Seal Replacement CR KX WR YZ YZF WR

hey it’s Matt from how to motorcycle repair calm in today’s video I’m going to be doing fork seals on KYB Fork this one’s often a no one kx250 the rebuild kit I bought is an original KYB kit comes with the bushings the oil seal and the dust seal and it looks like this will fit sure the years but some yz125 and 250 yz250 f4 are 426 450 rm250 kx125 kx250 kicks pipe honored some CR and XR so it looks like you know obviously KYB supply this to many bikes so you know this should hold true for a lot of models but what you’re going to need is you know parts I just mentioned some fork oil I have a homemade PVC fork driver these are 46 millimeter Forks and a one and a half inch schedule 40 PVC fitting will work perfectly and I like to use the T so I have some protection here and also an area to hit it with the hammer so this this works perfect it’ll save you 40 bucks something I didn’t do is loosen this before I move to remove it from the triple clamps so just go ahead and loosen that with an impact it’s 19 mil drop that down take a 19 mil wrench and you’re gonna have to move the spring a little bit to get to this nut here I have some clean tiles tiles laid out so that way you lose any parts just lay them out just as they came out your wrench out old spray this part right here just back this note out take it out along with this spring guide you can take out the rebar Rob and there’s one more part down in here it’s a washer and that hopefully will come out and dump the oil out so go ahead and just dump it like so pump this thing it out all right there’s the washer right here an account the clicker positions because I’m sick of pumping this really hard here so so I back that out all the way

counterclockwise Voyles out all right so I had it on the workbench here one thing is that these red rags really leave a lot of lint behind so I’m using an old undershirt cotton lint free just does a better job when you’re wiping all these parts it doesn’t leave the little red fuzzies behind all right so let’s disassemble all this take a flathead and pry the dust seal out so just slide it all the way down take a small screwdriver and there’s a clip in here and I should have my safety glasses on never no you don’t want these clips flying out most likely I won’t because it can’t get around the tube but uh you know stranger things have happened all right so here’s this clip so you can’t really fall out but whatever alright so just take these two parts or not slide them away from each other and then to take these bushings off there’s just a slip just turn the screwdriver 90 degrees by the washer old seal clip all right so at this point you’re going to want to thoroughly clean all the parts you know if you have a parts washer then you know go do that and that’s exactly what I’m going to do and I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes all right I have all my new parts laid out in this row these are all the old ones again I’m using new bushings all these bushings look fine I really didn’t know going into the into it I just figured I’d pick up a rebuild kit given the age of the spike it wasn’t really that much more money so anyway we got to protect these edges here so you know when we put the new seals on so what I like to do is just take a strip of electrical tape just go around once on both edges just put a little wd-40 on there and we can begin with the dust seal again I lubricated the seals give it a little twist don’t force it on there slide that all the way down put your ring on all right followed by your oil seal make sure you got a little lubrication I just

very careful when you put it on twist as you put on all right we can take the tape off now they make a tool for I think it’s called a bullet or something motion Perl makes one tape works just fine all right washers next the flat side towards the tube followed by this pushing and this guy here which you’re gonna have to spread a little bit to put on all right we can start putting it back together all right let’s see if I can do this in this position so put your key on and you just want to get the bushings in there at this point before you start pounding on the seal yeah let me let me get it you get the camera set up in a different position all right so it works better in this position here spin around 180 just keep working in it you’ll have to note your progress and see if there’s enough room for the seal to fit just like we’re getting there I’d rather not pound on the seal a little more I think we’re good all right slide your oil seal down this one you can almost do without a hammer so it’s a pressure right so ring the clip is exposed careful this tool is not perfect and sometimes it will catch on the lip of the seal so that’s why I don’t like to use the hammer just kind of push it down in there push your clip back in make sure it’s fully seated all right it looks good slide your dust seal down you just give it a tap like that alright now we can fill it with fluid let’s go ahead and fill it with fluid

and it’s easier to do without this washer so don’t install this washer yet just go ahead and dump the fluid in there now there’s a special tool to to grab on to this I don’t think you need it just reach it down with your fingers and start purging the out here you’re going to want to go up and down with this – a little bit – to get the fluid in the inner and outer tubes just keep topping it off as the fluid goes away and there’s two holes that bought right about here you’re going to keep those submerged it’s pretty much just keep it topped off all right so I’ve been purging the air out of this for a good 10 minutes or so I completely undo these forks so it took me a while basically you just want to take your time and make sure this is completely fluid motion there’s no air pockets which will cause it to quickly rise so everything feels good now we’re ready to check the oil level you want to make sure the tube is fully bottomed you want to insert your rebound rod because then it will displace some oil and from the top here the top of the fluid should be I believe 70 millimeters or I have my thing set here to 275 so I definitely have about an inch too much right now so I’m just going to pour some fluid out again they make special tools for this but you know let me do with what I have okay so I empty too much my phone’s ringing I’m definitely not going to answer it right now add a little more add it too much

really close perfect so I’m just touching that alright so the oil levels cool all right you know want to drop your washer down spring install the spring guide followed by this nut just run it all the way down hopefully you can see this with the camera you good for my for camp back on sure 19 mil wrench on tighten the cap up this up thread on your fork at swipe up any oil and you can repeat this with other fork put your clickers at all the adjustments at your head doesn’t look like we have any leaks cork feels good all right that’s it for this video check out my site how to motorcycle repair calm thanks for watching