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Guys, you’ve been waiting for a long time Everyone around the world has been waiting for this It’s finally that time TikTok Stage with BLACKPINK Here they are BLACKPINK is here to have a special time with fans today Welcome! 1, 2, 3 Hi. We’re BLACKPINK Nice to meet you I am comedian, Kim Shin-Young. I am the host of the TikTok Stage with BLACKPINK today Nice to meet you Nice to meet you It’s been a while So good to see you Me too You guys have gotten more prettier You too! Yeah, I wanted to hear that That’s why I said it Would you like to introduce yourself to the people who are watching this show? Rosé, will you go first? Yes Hi, BLINKS I am Jennie It’s been a while. I hope we will have a lot of fun together today Okay And Jisoo? Yes. Hi, BLINKS I’m Jisoo Let’s make great memories together today Great Rosé? Hi, guys. I am Rosé I’ve missed you guys so much I am very excited today Let’s have fun Nice Lisa? Hi. I am Lisa Long time no see Let’s have fun together at this TikTok Stage until the end Let’s enjoy, guys And for the global fans Rosé, would you please speak to them in English? No problem Sounds great Why don’t we have a seat and talk a little bit first Actually, there are lots of things to congratulate you on, right? For instance, on the 2nd, BLACKPINK finally released their first regular album Please give them a big hand – Thank you – We’d been waiting for so long It was a huge issue even before they released the regular album The reason was, the number of the pre-order was 1,000,000 It was more than 1,000,000 And as soon as you guys released the album, you have taken first place in both South Korea and overseas country You guys have stayed on top I mean, it is obvious This is BLACKPINK And BLACKPINK has become a brand itself Thank you If you see the comments section, you can see lots of people celebrating you guys

BLINKS, thank you! I think it must feel extraordinary since this is your first regular album Jennie, how do you feel about it? It was the moment that I’d waited for a long time After it actually happened, I kind of felt…less burdensome Yet I was a bit concerned We talked a lot, like, did we do well? Then again, it was a very meaningful moment even when I think about it again Even when you think about it again Jisoo, are you talking with your gesture? I mean, there are lots of global fans watching us If you can’t understand what it is, you can figure it out by watching my gesture I see. You’re in charge of the body language Rosé will speak in English now Please translate what Jennie said Is kissing BLACKPINK’s signature? The title of the song is ‘Lovesick Girls,’ right? Jisoo, will you briefly explain to us what kind of song it is? You know, during a relationship, you get hurt continuously However, in the end, you find another relationship and continue It’s a song that has a story that everybody can share and agree It took 4 years for us to make the regular album Which means, this is such a precious song for us I see I mean, you guys. I guess you all memorized how to explain the song Everyone has memorized how to explain the song It’s been 4 years since you guys debuted Lisa, do you remember what date you debuted? – When was it? – No cheating – Are you going to cheat? – No way August 8th What year? – 2016 – There you go! August 8th, 2016 BLACKPINK made their debut There were ‘BOOMBAYAH’ and ‘Whistle’ And it’s been 4 years Lisa, do you remember the debut stage? Of course. Since everything’s so new to us, we were struggling to find where the camera was We were kind of very busy on stage We’re kind of puzzled But it was fun. Because the pictures with our face on it were behind us. They were huge I can’t forget that moment I thought that you wouldn’t get nervous even on the first day But I saw your documentary. And I’ve realized how much you guys were nervous at that time And you know what? BLACKPINK made a new history in K-pop 4 years since you debuted You guys are not only K-pop but also BLACKPINK itself And every time you release songs, you take the top of the chart of South Korean and overseas country What really amazes me is the number of subscribers BLACKPINK YouTube channel has Mine is less than 10,000…by the way It’s more than 50,000,000 And the cumulative number of views is 12.7 billion Billion And you guys have been working with world-famous musicians lately Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, and Cardi B You guys have become global artists I was so amazed that you worked with Cardi B and Selena Gomez Due to Covid 19, I saw that you guys had separated stages though You know everything Oh, you know. I already experienced hosting your fan event a long time ago I haven’t even opened BLACKPINK’s merch yet I am afraid it will get dusty I got BLACKPINK on today too Yeah, I am wearing new shoes Lisa, you’ve achieved so many things from the last 4 years It’s been 4 years since you’ve debuted How do you feel about this? – Should I speak in Korean? – Up to you – How do I feel? – Yes, how do you feel? Well, it’s not a long time yet it’s not a short time either I’ve made a lot of precious memories during that time

I’m sometimes surprised by the fact that it’s already been 4 years I am so happy that I can be with my members and that we can do what we want. I feel very lucky You feel lucky – Lucky charm – Lucky charm Rosé, who do you think is the lucky charm of the group? Of course all 4 of us We’ve become lucky charms by eating the love from BLINKS What is ‘bog deong-eo-ri’ in English? ‘Deong-eori’ (Chunk) Well, that was fun creating a new vocabulary By the way, there are also some special people that helped you guys succeed Jisoo, who are they? They are BLINKS Those eyes Because of the BLINKS who love us We are able to exist I really want to say thank you to them – Be careful – I am very grateful. I love you so much You wanted to say I love you to them Jennie was trying to say I got my hand stuck in my clothes Why don’t you say something too? Just a little bit – Her love was too much, wasn’t it? – It’s overflowing It didn’t hurt though You guys look nice. Very lovey-dovey I was impressed by your big love towards BLINKS Actually, due to Covid 19 It’s not easy to meet BLINKS. How was it? You guys must be very sad about it Even though it was a very special moment when we released our regular album We haven’t met a lot of BLINKS yet. We were very sad about it – However, we are here today! – There you go – We’re here at TikTok live – Yes So, I don’t want you guys to be really sad We’re doing our best to communicate with you guys through lots of contents Don’t worry I know what ‘Don’t worry’ means in Korean I got that We’ve prepared time so that BLINKS and BLACKPINK can spend time together in the TikTok Stage Hope you guys will enjoy it I can feel the passion BLINKS, are you guys excited? BLACKPINK, are you guys excited? YES I’ve heard there are special guests Let’s see who they are. Please come out! Hi Is this live? Yes, this is live As you can see, we’re here with fans on TikTok Stage So nice to meet you! Hi! They know how to say ‘Hi’ in Korean – Can we make them cheer? – Sure, go-ahead We’re with BLINKS all over the world Right now, there are 120,000 people watching this 120,000 people I think Lisa is amazed by that too. Lots of people are with us today First of all, thank you so much I should say that in English. Thank you so much, BLINKS Please stay tuned First, let me tell you how this show will go BLACKPINK and BLINKS will go through 4 adventures Each adventure has a fun mission If you succeed in the mission You will get an event – Jennie, would you like to explain that in English? – Okay In case of an event, it could be an event for members Or it could be an event for BLINKS So, please look forward to it Is there any event for me by any chance? Oh, I see Watching this whole thing is an event for me

Please give a lot of love too ‘Gimme, Gimme’ Let’s get this started now The first…this is in English Alright. The first adventure is ‘The Quiz Adventure’ What will happen during ‘The Quiz Adventure?’ Let’s check it out a little bit later Welcome to ‘The Quiz Adventure!’ Since this is a quiz adventure You have to solve the quiz But who will solve the quiz? The thing is, it won’t be BLACKPINK The fans that we can see on the screen have to solve the quiz Of course, BLACKPINK will solve it with BLINKS together The important thing is, you have to write it You have to write something here Ah, Krunk? Is it right? Krunk? – Alright – So cute There’s something else important. Let me introduce the rule There are questions about each member If you get the right answer, you will survive If you don’t get the right answer, you will be eliminated So the thing is, this is a survival game And there is a special gift for the BLINK that survive until the end It’s BLACKPINK’s selfie I’ve never seen BLACKPINK’s selfie in person It’s the gift for the one who will win the game So, please look forward to it Lisa, would you like to explain this in English one more time? Okay The fans on the screen, please get the paper and pen to write down the answer Guys, are you curious about the questions? Yes, I am very curious I can’t wait – Actually, you need telepathy – Really? Everyone will like this quiz game The first question is about Rosé Lisa, could you please translate what I said? Here’s the question Here’s the question Should I answer too? Yes? Oh, yeah, you should give them the answer – They are going to say answer first – Yeah Let’s see what the question is Rosé loves dying her hair. What is her favorite hair color? – I think I know the answer – This is a multiple-choice test – First, Lisa, could you please translate what I said? – Okay Number 1, the red hair of ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’

Number 2, the blonde hair of ‘Don’t Know What To Do’ Number 3, the silver hair of ‘How You Like That’ And number 4, the pink hair of ‘Ice Cream’ – I had pink hair when it was ‘Lovesick Girls’, didn’t I? – Yeah, isn’t it ‘Lovesick Girls’? – It’s ‘Lovesick Girls’ – It’s ‘Lovesick Girls’ – Do we also give the answer? – No, only Rosé does Because this question is about Rosé Yeah, the fan will try to get the right answer – I see. Then, can we just keep doodling? – Yes! – Ah, thank you – You can doodle on the paper However, Rosé has to think about what color is her favorite – One of them is my favorite color – Really? Fans have to give the right answer Which means, what Rosé think must be what fans think Actually, you’re the pro of dying hair You pull out every color amazingly Is there any new color that you want to try? I’ve tried so many colors What else? It’s important to try a new color that I haven’t tried – I haven’t tried green – How about a rainbow color? I’ve had a slight rainbow hair during ‘Ice Cream’ How about a navy color? – Isn’t navy new? – That’s new! – How about a navy color? – I think that would be good – Yeah, I haven’t seen you have navy hair – Me either Yeah, Rosé’s navy color hair. Navy shade hair Hope you guys will like it too There are lots of opinions in the comments section First, let’s reveal the answer that fans gave us Will you write your answer there, Rosé? – Here? – Yes Fans! Please raise the answer paper Rosé, don’t raise yours yet Fans! Show your answers! Show your answer Wow, what various answers ‘Number 4’ ‘Pink’ ‘Silver’ ‘Pink’ I can see lots of them said pink ‘Silver’ Silver or Pink No one said red hair or blonde There’s no red or blonde – What’s important here is Rosé’s choice – Yeah -Rosé, did you write your answer? – Yes Good What is Rosé’s choice? Rosé, please show your answer! Silver of ‘How You Like That’ – I guess two of them got the right answer – It’s number 3 Who’s the winner? Look at their faces! So cute – Right now – They are surprised How many? One Two – Two? – One and two – Three! – There are four! We got four winners – Only four people survived – The rest of them look so disappointed. I feel so sorry Guys, I can see how really disappointed you guys are I’ve loved all kinds of hair color No need to worry. This is not the end yet Why did you choose number 3? I’ve usually had warm-toned hair color And this silver hair was the first cool-toned color that I’ve tried I worried a lot before I tried it. Luckily, it turned out great, I loved it a lot And lots of people loved that silver hair That’s why it is my favorite hair color Rosé picked Silver It’s silver Right now, between 20 people Wait a minute, Jennie and Jisoo – What is this? – That’s so cute I drew them for BLINKS – Shu Mo Ni. Oh, did it get hands? – Yeah How many fingers did you draw? – A lot – Aren’t they hairs? – They are fingers – I see There are veins on the forehead on Jisoo’s You know, Golden Bell. Can they revive after getting eliminated? – This is so cruel – If they can…I know. This is cruel Since there are too many Did you just see their face? – So sad – Then! – I will give them one more chance – Really? Let’s give BLINKS one more chance Their faces are getting better We will give you one more chance One more time It’s important. Please get the right answer The next quiz is about Jisoo Jennie, could you translate what I said? I should give them a lot of hints

They didn’t get the right answer earlier because I didn’t give them a hint No, you can’t give them any hint How about me giving them a look. I will talk to them by using my eyes That’s fine. You can do that Jisoo, give us the question The question will be here soon What is Jisoo’s favorite music video scene? I will try to get the right answer too! – I will do the quiz also – Jennie, will you say that in English? Number 1, Jisoo behind Jisoo Number 2, Jisoo’s eyes in ‘Kill This Love’ Number 3, the fire queen of ‘How You Like That’ Number 4, the raining swimming pool scene of ‘Lovesick Girls’ Can I ask a question to Jisoo? – That could help the fans – Yes, you can I think I know your favorite. But I want to know if it has changed recently I want to know if it has always been your favorite scene ever since shooting Yeah, it has always been my favorite seen ever since ‘It has always been my favorite scene’ Let me say this in English for the fans Good – Jisoo, please write down your answer – Okay Fans, BLINKS, are you writing the answer? They are not showing it yet Is Jisoo’s answer – Jennie’s not seeing the answer yet. You’re going to try to get the right answer – Yes, I am – I wish you good luck – I am going get the right answer too Let’s check what BLINKS think is the right answer first Fans, BLINKS, please raise your answer Raise your answer Please check mine also What is Jisoo’s favorite scene? Is it going to be Jisoo behind Jisoo of ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’? – Right now – I picked ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ – I picked ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ too! – Rosé and Jennie picked the same answer Lots of BLINKS picked that answer too – How about Lisa? – Me? I…what was the 2nd one? – The eyes – I will pick the eye scene Oh, the eye scene of ‘Kill This Love’ So far, most of the people picked number 1, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ And the 2nd answer ‘Kill This Love’ gets the most picked for the second What will Jisoo’s answer be? Jisoo, please raise the right answer Number 1! DDU-DU DDU-DU! – Did we get the right answer? – Yes, you did – Lisa got the wrong answer though – Does that mean that I can’t get her selfie? Winners, please raise your answers Yeah, the right answer is number 1 – Then the winners from the first question and the second question can survive, right? – That’s right Since there were too many people eliminated after Rosé’s question We gave them another chance How many people survived? Please raise your hand if you got the right answer ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ Winners raise the answer paper one more time, please 1, 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7 8 8 people have survived ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ please show us the answer 11 people got the right answer The next question is about Jennie Rosé, would you please read the question? – Can I ask her why the number 1 is the right answer? – Oh, yes The reason I picked number 1 is I think it is the scene that reflects my opinions the most In the case of other scenes, sometimes we change our plans because of reasons such as the environment On the other hand, that is the scene that turned out just as good as I expected That’s why that’s my favorite – That was your favorite scene – I see Jennie – You okay, right? – Of course! It was funny the way you said ‘I see’ Now, only the 11 survivors can join to solve to next question The next question is about Jennie Please show us the question! – Should I read the question? – Yes, please Yeah

What is your favorite from the things you’ve made popular? Number 1, the hairpin of ‘Solo’ Number 2, the antenna hair of ‘How You Like That’ Number 3, cropped top Number 4, the face heart The fans we are seeing on the screen and Jennie will write the answer on the paper at the same time – Yeah – This is difficult Guys, guess what the right answer is together BLACKPINK, you guys What is her favorite between the items that she made popular? By the way, it seems like whatever you do, it becomes popular No, it’s not I feel like, ‘how dare can I pick one between them?’ right now I didn’t expect them to be popular You didn’t expect it at all? No, I think they wouldn’t have been popular if I really expected – If you were greedy – Yeah, luckily, I’ve never expected But it turned out lots of people liked them. I am very glad about it Good. Let’s check fans’ answer first Fans, BLINKS, please show your answer Please raise your answer I can see that most of them picked number 1 ‘Solo’ The hairpin of ‘Solo’ – Yeah – It seems like everyone picked number 1 – Right now – We don’t know yet Lisa picked number 1 – Rosé? – I picked the last one. Number 4 Number 4, the face heart Antenna ‘Jendeuki’ The members each picked different answers There’s the right answer between them – Is there your answer between them? – Yes – Sis, look what I drew – That’s so cute The right answer is? – Number 1? – Jennie’s answer is! 1, 2, 3 Number 1 ‘Solo’! Lisa got the right answer The answer is number 1 The fans that got the right answer can remain Why did you pick number 1? That was the first time that I was able to feel that lots of people tried the hairpins and liked them a lot I was very excited about it People around me talked to me too ‘Jennie, your hairpins have become really popular’ ‘I’ve tried them too!’ – Or other girl groups tried your hairpin style – I was amazed Alright, then, how many have survived so far? The answer was ‘Solo’ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 It’s 11 if you include Lisa I can see that lots of them have survived The next question is the last one The last question is about Lisa Jisoo, would you say that in English? Please give us the question Sis, could you read the question? Yeah, please read the question What is Lisa’s favorite ending pose? Good Number 1, ‘Pretty Savage’ ending Number 2, ‘How You Like That’ ending Number 3, ‘Kill This Love’ ending Number 4, ‘Lovesick Girls’ ending – This is difficult – Fans on the screen, please write down your answer Lisa, please write down your answer as well I am so curious about the answer Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé, why don’t you guys try to guess the right answer? Try to guess! Yeah, write what you think is the answer Since there are so many people who survived How about changing the rule a little bit? Sounds good The people who already got eliminated will solve the problem again And we’re going to give BLACKPINK’s selfie to people who at least get 4 of the questions correct I see First, what is Lisa’s favorite ending pose? I am so curious too. Because we’ve never asked this question to Lisa before – Ah, about the ending pose? – No, that’s why I can’t wait to hear her answer By the way, is there a choreography that you memorized for the shortest time between these songs?

‘Pretty Savage, ‘How You Like That’ I think all took a similar amount of time – Really? – Yeah Is there any choreography that is really difficult to memorize? – I think Lisa doesn’t – There’s no choreography that is difficult to memorize for Lisa The god and king of dance Wow, thank you guys You know, I am a member of a girl group too How about you? Is it easy or difficult to memorize the choreography? It’s horrible We memorize the choreography as if we’re studying for a big exam You guys are known as a strict dance group Well, we’ve stopped after that That’s why I am working alone right now This quiz will decide who will get the gift Let’s check fans’ answer first Fans, please raise your answer Right now, ‘Pretty Savage’ and ‘Kill This Love’ I can see ‘Lovesick Girls’ The most answers are ‘Kill This Love’, no, ‘Pretty Savage’ has the most – Me too – So does Rosé – Me too – What is it? Most BLINKS and BLACKPINK members think ‘Pretty Savage’ is the right answer I picked ‘Pretty Savage’ too Well, we don’t know yet What is Lisa’s answer? Please show your answer! The right answer is number 1 ‘Pretty Savage!’ The people who picked ‘Kill This Love’ look so sad right now First, I want to know why you picked number 1 Personally, I love the song ‘Pretty Savage’ It’s very hip-hop, full of swag. I love it I especially love the last choreography a lot Yeah That choreography? – Yeah, that’s why it’s my favorite – Number 1 ‘Pretty Savage’ As we mentioned earlier, we’re going to send BLACKPINK’s selfie to those people who got at least 4 questions right, not only the ones who survived until the end What’s important is The production crew will contact you guys in person after the TikTok Stage has ended The winners will get the gift That’s it for ‘The Quiz Adventure.’ It’s difficult to pronounce Yeah, quiz adventure is done Guys, did you think your telepathy worked? How was it? More people got the right answer than I thought But actually, it’s not easy to decide it by only one question It was difficult for us to get the right answer too – It was difficult to decide, right? – Because we didn’t know each other Because I like all our songs and everything we’ve done So, please don’t be sad because you got the wrong answer. That’s not the wrong answer, actually. We like everything – Yeah, don’t be sad too much – We are one 110,000 BLINKS are watching the TikTok Stage right now 110,000 people Please stay tuned Guys, it was just an appetizer There are still lots of fun adventures waiting for BLINKS So, please wait a little bit You’re really good Thank you for the great clips

By the way, guys, do you smell something sweet, by any chance? That’s right. This is a heaven of sweets, a ‘Dessert Adventure!’ Really? Are we going to get food? I’ve been so hungry! I’ve got every popular dessert here – What is your favorite dessert? – Can we eat? – Me? – Chocolate! – I like cookies – Cookies She likes ice cream First of all, do you want dessert? Very, a lot! I want them. I am serious – You’re serious – I am – Look how delicious they look. However, I can’t give them to you for free – Why not? You guys will try the missions and the one who succeeds in the mission will get the dessert You are strict Not too soon. What’s really strict is There’s no dessert for those who fail the mission – Really? Not a single bite? – Nope My starving spirit is appearing – Not a single bite, not at all – Not at all? You can’t share it with other members. If you win, you have to eat it alone This is about dessert She’s hungry Who will do the first mission? – I am very hungry. Can I go first? – Okay Alright then, let’s check what mission Jisoo, the BLACKPINK’s oldest will get? Please show the mission Please show us Jisoo’s mission It’s a 6-Second challenge Let me tell you the rules

First, open your eyes and count to 6 in your mind After you count to 6 in your mind You start blinking your eyes Lisa, would you please say that in English? That’s right Jisoo, is this too easy? Guys, do you agree with Jisoo? That was cool – I know Jisoo can do it – You think she can do it Guys, please wish her luck Let’s get Jisoo’s 6-Second challenge started! – Ready, start! – I think this is difficult Wait, wait. Reset this, please Again, one more time – One more time – We should start this after we say ‘Start’ – I think it should be on the screen first – I got an idea I say ‘Start’ and you close your eyes You close your eyes as soon as I say ‘Start’ And open your eyes after 6 seconds Okay? The 6-Second challenge. Start! It’s moving Jisoo opened her eyes at 7:06 – No dessert for you! – No! Is that clock right? It’s right Why does it have 100 seconds? I thought there are 60 seconds I didn’t know it has 100 seconds Do you want another chance? Yes. I bet BLINKS want me to get another chance too. Am I right? BLINKS, if you agree with her, please give us comments now! Since BLINKS highly agree with her, I will give her one more chance Once more time – Let me know as soon as that clock starts moving – I will Jisoo’s 6-Second challenge, start! It has started moving No way What is this? I guess there’s a clock in her head This is crazy – This clip…needs to be inherited from generation to generation – What is this? – This clip needs to be inherited from generation to generation – What is this? I’ve got goosebumps You are amazing What an amazing person I guess you’re very lucky Success. Succeeded the mission Great I’m so jealous Are you going to do the same when other members do the missions? We will see Still, what’s important is, there’s no dessert if you fail Okay This is amazing If I win, can I eat whatever I want? Yes, but, please wait until the other members finish Okay This time, Jennie will do the mission What mission is she going to get? Please show us Jennie, a ‘Consonant Quiz’ (Guess with first letters)! Let me tell you the rules first Watch the first letter that we show you Say three words in 10 seconds Oh, no Rosé, could you please say that in English as well? Good luck Are you ready? I like the Consonant Quiz But I don’t like to be rushed – Yeah, you have to come up with 3 words in 10 seconds – That sounds difficult Then, why don’t you try a sample test? Here you are, ? and ? ?? (Wink) Great job. Say 3 words like this 3 words 3 words in 10 seconds Rosé, please say something to encourage Jennie Sis, you got this And, in case that I fail, please get one for me secretly Alright, win and get lots of delicious desserts

Guys, please wish Jennie good luck Alright, please give the initial sounds to Jennie! The Consonant Quiz Here we are ? and ?, three words, go! ??(Smile), ??(Fill-up), ??(Description) – It was difficult but you made it – Success What is ??(Description)? I was thinking ??(Art) or something I am impressed She made it in 6 seconds Congratulations – 6 seconds! – I did it on purpose You did? That’s amazing You guys are a gag duet You are a gag team Well, the dessert is yours I am so happy now. I will wait for you guys, very comfortably Gotcha Let’s move on to the next. What will Rosé’s mission be? Let’s do it. Please show Rosé’s mission! Caricature. It’s caricature! I am not good at drawing caricature. Can I do it well? I’ve heard that your hobby is drawing I saw what you drew on the sketch book. It was really cute – Really? I am a bit relieved now – Yeah The point of this game is, you can’t win it by yourself It’s not a mission that you can work on alone. You have to work with BLINKS – Really? – I will tell you the rules You watch the vocabulary we show you And you draw a caricature in 10 seconds And show the picture you drew to BLINKS And BLINKS will guess the vocabulary that we showed you – If they guess right, I can get dessert – Yes – You better draw well – She should However, remember, the time limit is 10 seconds Rosé’s dessert destiny is up to BLINKS I would be so nervous if I was her Would you like to say something to BLINKS? Alright then Be careful! – Well, then – Yeah – I am so nervous – Rosé Rosé, are you ready? – The vocabulary – You kind of look like an artist today Yeah, really Let’s get this started. I will count Show the vocabulary 10 seconds Give the word Rosé, you draw Start! Show the word Not yet! Fans, please focus – Right now – First…oh, I am sorry – Rosé – I want to apologize first Why? It was 10 seconds What if it took only 3 seconds? I was in a hurry when I drew this I could have drawn this better – Why? – Nothing. It’s okay – It’s okay! – Oh, that’s shocking It’s shocking, isn’t it? BLINKS don’t know it yet Wait, wait Please show the picture Please wait, I have a right to make you wait – Jisoo – Yes? Why did you act like you didn’t know anything? Jennie Lisa Lisa’s very honest Lisa was like ‘Oh?’ – I mean, anyway, Rosé – This is shocking

This is a broadcasting accident This is how you act? For our BLINKS Please pretend that you don’t know anything The BLINKS will get shocked after they watch this again with subtitles They will be so shocked – Alright – Because it’s a special day today Because today is a special day and it’s very difficult to meet BLINKS right now – Wait, why are you sweating, Jisoo? – Are you sweating? Well, then You’ve started sweating all of a sudden – Rosé! – Can I just show it? Yeah, we’re just showing that. Show the question! BLINKS, please raise your answer It seems like some of them have no idea, surprisingly This is more shocking This is like a big twist of a movie I didn’t know what I was holding earlier By the way, what’s really shocking right now is We’ve noticed who it is – But no one has noticed – Our fuss was no use Guys, please hurry and write the answer down Raise your answer! Rosé, will you let them know the answer? Yeah, it’s Lisa The right answer is Lisa We’re here with the BLINKS on the comment section and the BLINKS on screen Since most of them said Lisa, Rosé will get dessert! Thank you It’s not because I gave the hint, right? – No – You did that because you want to eat the dessert, didn’t you? Lisa, how are you doing? I think I want to apologize to her – Will you show what you drew one more time? – I was really in a hurry I don’t want to hurt Lisa’s feeling – But it looks similar, doesn’t it? – I had to draw it in 10 seconds I think you drew it well. Look at her big eyes I think you did a great job to catch Lisa’s big eyes and plump lips – Thank you for your compliments – However, one of the BLINKS thought that this is Cardi B Cute Lisa So far, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé have passed the mission And now, this is the last. Lisa’s turn! What mission is waiting for her? Show us her mission! Please show the mission The mission is Have they already shown the mission? Lisa’s mission is BLACKPINK dance! Like Rosé needed to work with BLINKS, Lisa will need to work with BLINKS also Let me tell you the rules first Lisa will show us a point (key) dance move with no music And BLINKS look at her dance and guess what song it is. They have to guess the title of the song You can write your answer in the comment section or raise your sketchbook Rosé, will you translate what I just said? Does she need to dance it in 10 seconds? – This is not? – No, it’s not 10 seconds – Let’s give it 5 seconds – Okay It’s not a full dance. You should show them just that exact part of the dance – One scene. Single glance – One scene! One part. One! There will be no music. Lisa, do you believe that BLINKS can get the right answer? – She said ‘Do you believe?’ – I do – Will they – Can I make sure of one thing? – They do understand the rules – Great – Lisa, show them the point (key) move of the dance for 2 seconds – Okay, I will – Please stand up and do it – Can we do it in 1 second? 1 second? Okay!

Please show it to them for 1 second BLINKS, please focus They are focusing hard. Looking so adorable Lisa, get ready This is the point (key) move. Start! Alright – Was it too short? – It was too short, wasn’t it? Will you please do it one more second? How about 2 seconds? Please show us one more move – The very next following movement – The next move Start! Alright Alright It’s more than Will BLINKS, the fans get the right answer? It was difficult for even us – Was it a bit difficult? – It was I saw BLINKS’ face Okay, one more time. 3 seconds 3 seconds Lisa Go! That’s enough – BLINKS, right now – It seems like someone gave them a clue We…BLINKS were – We gave her 3 seconds – How did it happen? BLINKS, please write down your answer 3 seconds Right now I can see lots of people saying the right answer in the comment section BLINKS Please raise your answer Lots of variety. I can see ‘Ice Cream’ I can see ‘How You Like That’ Lisa – Yes? – What is the right answer? Are you going to play the song? Yes, I will She’s going to let them know the right answer with the music With the music The right answer is ‘Pretty Savage’! Lisa will get dessert as well! Thanks to BLINKS, you guys can get dessert! Lisa, would you like to say something to BLINKS? They are the best. I see – I mean, how did they figure it out with these short movements? – They are amazing I told you If it’s BLINKS, – I see – If it’s BLINKS I think I can get the right answer too Since we don’t have much time today, let’s do it again next time Wow, in the end, all members of BLACKPINK succeeded their mission You are all going to get desserts Pick whatever you want – Can I pick one right now? – Yes Yeah, pick whatever you want Let me hand it over to you guys I want to see them Yeah There are cakes and macaroons You can eat it right now – This looks yummy? – Can I eat this? Yes, you can You got the pecan pie You got the Madeleine How is it? Rosé is trying to eat more Are they good? Great

Get some sweets for now But we have to move to the next adventure BLACKPINK members Get some sweets for now Sin-young, have some too! No, I am good. I am happy as long as you guys are happy about the dessert What will happen in the next adventure? I am so excited BLINKS, we will be right back The time passed by so quickly when we were talking and laughing together. It’s already the last segment This is the last adventure I can feel the sadness through the comment section There’s an amazing adventure that is for BLINKS and by BLINKS waiting for us here BLACKPINK members, are you willing to do anything, whatever it is, if it’s for BLINKS, aren’t you? Of course! Will you? Of course Are you sure? Yes! Great. By the way, it seems like Jisoo is kind of slow She’s slow – I can do it – You can do it There are 2 girl groups that is known for great teamwork in South Korea Celeb 5 Yeah, there are 2 teams BLACKPINK is also known as great teamwork Last fan event, You guys did an airport mission, didn’t you? Yes, we did It was a little while ago, right? – There was a team named ‘Golden Hand’ – Me – Yeah, the ‘Golden Hand’ team – It was us Rosé and Jennie was in the same team

Jisoo and Lisa were on the same team Lisa and Jisoo’s team lost at that time. I saw you guys did the mission I remember that lots of BLINKS sent me the pictures. They were like “Look at them!” Anyway, first, we need to find out how good BLACKPINK members are on teamwork The next segment we’ve prepared is ‘Teamwork Adventure’ It’s a ‘Teamwork Adventure’ First, BLACKPINK members have to team up and clear the mission To get the chance to have a special event for fans You guys will do it no matter what, right? Of course Could you please give us an easy mission? There’s nothing easier than the 6-second challenge Alright, are you guys ready? Yes! Could you please say this in English as well? To find out how good BLACKPINK members are at teamwork, what mission are they going to get? Please show the mission! ‘Action Alphabet’ Do you know the ‘Action Alphabet’ game, by any chance? It already looks so difficult Yeah, it’s the alphabet action game Jisoo said it already looks difficult Since you guys are BLACKPINK who are the global group We made a new game so that you guys can enjoy it with overseas fans Let me tell you the rules first There will be two alphabets on the LED Each member will show the right gesture that is related to the words that’s included in the alphabets that we will show – Action? – Take the action first and then say it Since you guys are 4, there will be 4 words And of course, if the word is overlapped, we won’t count it If the gesture is not right, we won’t count that either That’s the rules. Do you understand? Or can we get an example? – Oh, for example? How about having a practice game (Tutorial)? – Sounds good Alright, this is a tutorial. Please show us the alphabet on the LED. For example This is practice ‘CA’ – This is practice. Example – How can we do this? – Jennie, will you go first? – What am I supposed to do? – Show the gesture first – There are words that includes ‘CA’ The words that start with ‘CA’ Like, Ant? – ‘CARD?’ – Yes! – CA – Alright, then, how about Like ‘CAPYBARA?’ With two letters of the alphabet If you put R on the end, it will be a ‘CAR’ So, if it’s a ‘CAR’ you can describe a car by motion What does the next person do then? The next person will – ‘CAT’ – That’s right! This is how you do it – And you don’t say anything? – No This is difficult That’s why this is a new game I mean, this is practice. You don’t need to do this one You know a lot of vocabularies Please allow me to explain the rules to the fans one more time I think I’ve explained it well Good. Now, why don’t you decide who will go first? The thing is you have to finish the 2 sets in 60 seconds You have to succeed using a total of 8 words To have the event for BLINKS Please decide who will go first Who’s going first? – And the gesture must be clear and exactly right – I see – Then – Should we go this way? – Is Lisa going to go – If you’re not confident, please raise your hand – Oh, Jisoo – If so, I think Jisoo has to be the 2nd

Yeah, I think she should start earlier We’re going to go the order of how we are sitting – From Jennie to Lisa – Yeah Good – The thing is there will be two – Okay This is a team mission. I wish you good luck You have to go fast 8 words in 60 seconds BLINKS, please wish them good luck – Will they make it? – Hold on a second, please Do we say the word first and then show the gesture? – Or do we show the gesture first? – You show the gesture first – And then say the word – Okay – Do we have to say the word? – Yes – Then, could you give us a cue? – I will It was ‘CA’ earlier – Then, you can say ‘CAT’ – I see And then you say ‘CASH’ Rosé, do you understand? Show the gesture and then say the word clearly Show the first action alphabet word! The first one is ‘SU’ Jennie! – Should I start? – Yes – Say the word – ‘SURFING’ Surfing. Okay! Next, Jisoo! – ‘SUPERMAN’ – Okay! Next, Rosé! – ‘SURPRISE’ – Surprise! Lisa! ‘SUIT’ Okay! Alright. Show the next word! The next one is ‘BA’ Jennie! Come on! What is this? – ‘BAND’ – Band! Okay! Next, Jisoo WHAAA, ‘BABY’ Baby, okay! It was a bit confusing though Next, Rosé! Is this not the right music? – ‘BATMAN’ – Batman! The last, Lisa! Was it ‘BAT GIRL’ or ‘BAD GIRL?’ – This is amazing! – Will you show the ‘BAD GIRL’ to us one more time? Go! 1, 2 She’s trying to imitate That’s not a baby! You guys have made it in 58 seconds The teamwork mission is a success! You guys made it in 58 seconds. It was 2 seconds less than 60 seconds It ended with ‘BAD GIRL’ – I think there will be a ‘BAD GIRL’ meme – ‘BAD GIRL’ meme I’m sure there will be You guys have cleared the mission perfectly BLACKPINK got through all the adventures perfectly As we promised earlier, you got the fan event chance What kind of fan event is waiting for? Please show us! Actually, BLINKS wrote down their wishes themselves We will see what they want – Alright – I am so excited to see There are BLINKS’ wishes in here The roulette is spinning right now There are BLINKS’ wishes that they want BLACKPINK to do in this roulette Please raise it up a little bit Jisoo will say – Yeah – Jisoo wants to say something in English Jisoo will explain the rule one more time Great! Success! Rosé will do the first event for BLINKS Rosé will do it Spin the roulette first There are BLINKS’ wishes on it. Please spin the roulette The first is ‘Morning Call’ Is it a ‘Morning Call?’ Yes, it’s to record a morning call That’s a wish from one of the BLINKS. It was “I want to use BLACKPINK’s voice as my morning call. Please make one.” Yeah, so please show them

– Can I start now? – Rosé, yes I think they are really going to use it! – They will, won’t they? – Yes, it was so sweet It was very sweet Guys, you know what it is, right? I don’t know. What? Nothing. I’ve just tried something that’s very trendy right now – Since it’s a morning call – Black hole? Morning call Ah, trendy morning call Is there anyone who would like to try it also? – I think Lisa will do a great job – I think so too You recommend Lisa – You remember her ‘Bad Girl?’ – Oh, how about a morning call ‘Bad Girl’ version – ‘Bad Girl’ version morning call! – If so, I will use that morning call too This is a bit difficult though You did a great job! Yeah, you did well You really sounded like a bad girl Jisoo, why don’t you try it also? With also the bad girl version. Same as her Are you going to do a bad girl version? Or Rosé’s version? Please look at the BLINKS in front of us while you’re saying it She laughed! They like it a lot! This is hilarious And the last, Jennie, it’s your turn This is scary Are you going to scream until they wake up? It continues until they wake up Until they wake up? This will make them wake up for sure Good Alright, how about we just look at their wish without spinning the roulette? What will the next wish be? The next wish is an ‘Emoji Camera’ ‘Emoji Camera’ – I’ve done this before – Lisa will capture the facial expression of the emoji Lisa can do various face expressions while acting First, Lisa will imitate the emoji’s face Lisa, can you do this? Sounds great! Then, show us the emoji! Please show the emoji Please show the emoji – Where? – They are spinning it right now The emojis are spinning right now Oh, this is it. 3, 2, 1 Please zoom in Please zoom in on Lisa as well The 2nd emoji’s coming One more time! Okay! Now, it’s the last emoji 1, 2, 3 Could you please show us the first one again? Please show the first one again Yeah, this one Show us the first one again Yeah – The first one – 1, 2, 3 – Wow, that’s nice! – The 2nd one! The 2nd one! The 3rd one! – The first one! – The second one! The third one! Wait, wait. Guys BLACKPINK I am satisfied now – Are you satisfied now? – Yeah, it was great Alright, let’s move on Wait a minute, is there other members that would like to try? How about you, Jisoo? I think she will do a great job also Please show Jisoo’s emoji Okay, look at the camera Alright, spin the roulette! Good Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé will do it together at the same time 1, 2, 3 They are doing it well Jennie, why are you being so embarrassed? You’re supposed to do it together. Don’t be shy! Jisoo is known for not being able to wink It was really hilarious to see her smiling while she’s doing it – It’s tough – It is, isn’t it? It was tough. I saw that But it was adorable What wish will you get next? Jennie, it’s your turn to grant their wish What wish do you think you will get? BLINKS’ wish…like sending pictures? What do you think about it? – BLINKS – Sending pictures to BLINKS

– Sending pictures to BLINKS? – Yeah – Is that – I mean, that’s the wish that I kind of want them to have So, you mean that we will make the machines And send pictures of this right now. That’s Jennie’s thought We make the machines And send pictures of us right now to BLINKS That’s what you want, isn’t it? That’s Jennie’s wish That would be a lot of money Make machines And send pictures of us right now and send them to 110,000 fans who are watching us right now Well, this wish is not about what Jennie wants – That’s too bad – It’s a wish that BLINKS made The wish is making a three-line acrostic poem with your name Three-line acrostic poem with your name First – You’re going to make a three-line acrostic poem with Kim Jennie – That’s difficult Why am I not always lucky? You are good at word-play! My heart’s pounding so much! How come? It’s overwhelming – And Jisoo is good at judging this kind of game – You’re right – Yeah – We can do it If this case, you have to throw the words to her right away – Throw them right away? – You don’t need to think too much I want to ask Jisoo something – Can I ask? – Oh, yeah She’s whispering Other members will shout the character – Like, ‘Kim-Je-Nnie’ – Okay – ‘Kim-Je-Nnie’ – Yes Alright, Jisoo, you go first ‘Kim’ Kim Jennie is, in the world ‘Je’ The most ‘Nnie’ I like you You did a great job – You nailed it – People love it – They like it – They like it a lot I’ve been invited as Jennie’s dancer – So – Great – It’s pretty including the ending – Thank you Well, then, how about this? It’s not the three-line acrostic poem It’s a four-line acrostic poem. BLACKPINK Each one of you will make each line Who will start with ‘BL’ (?)? Or…who will start with ‘BL’ (?)? Lisa and Jennie do rock, scissors, paper – And the winner will go first – Okay – Alright, scissors – I was surprised Alright, alright It was so cute when you say rock though Rock, scissors, paper Lisa, would you like to go first (?) or would you like to go last (?)? – Yes? – She seems she doesn’t understand – ‘BL’ (?)…? – Okay! It’s a four-line acrostic poem with BLACKPINK I will shout at each character ‘BL’ (?) BLACKPINK is ‘LACK’ (?) Even when they get crashed ‘PING’ (?) Even though they are spinning a lot ‘KEU’ (?) They love it so much We have a song named ‘Crazy Over You’ So, I’ve applied it Jennie’s so smart Can we do one more? Sure Let’s do it with BLINK Jennie, you are going to make a three-line acrostic poem with BLINK Your microphone What was that? Transparent microphone? I was so surprised when you grabbed a transparent microphone Am I going to do this by myself? – No way – BLINK Then, how about ‘BLINK ZZANG’ – I want to do ZZANG – You have to make a sentence with ‘ZZANG’ You can’t finish it with ‘ZZANG’. You have to start or continue it with ‘ZZANG’ – I will go with ‘BL’ (?) – ‘BL’ (?) BLINK is, in the world ‘LING’ (?) – Ling – Out! ‘LING’ is so difficult What can I make with ‘LING’? – ‘Ling Ding Dong’ – Oh ‘Ling Ga ling Ga’ Even though you changed your ring tone Ring tone – What is that? – You know, a call connecting sound Will you try it again? ‘BL’ (?) BLINK is ‘LING’ (?) Even when they change their ring tone ‘KEU’ (?) When they go to a club And? I mean, even when they listen to the song in the club ‘ZZANG’ – ‘ZZANG’ – More than ‘Zzang-gu’ – You have to finish the sentence – Hold on a second – More than ‘Crayon Shin-Chan – Wait, what was that? BLINK is, even when they change their ring tone and when they listen to the song in the club,

ZZANG, ZZANG – More than ‘Shin-Chan’ – More than ‘Shin-Chan’ What’s more than ‘Shin-Chan’ – More than ‘Shin-Chan’ – What’s more? Cuter than ‘Shin-Chan’ Cuter than ‘Shin-Chan.’ Okay! – So difficult – It is My hands were sweating Really? If your hands are sweaty, that means you’re really nervous Aw, your hands were really sweaty Alright, let’s keep moving. The next one is the last wish BLINKS’ last wish The last wish is this BLINKS’ last wish is ‘Please show BLACKPINK’s 3 Combo Hearts’ If you’re ready Jisoo, you will show ‘3 Combo Hearts’ to BLINKS Are we all going to do it? – This is your wish, Jisoo – It’s yours Don’t let your hands get sweaty Get ready Go! One So cute Two That’s creative! – I am satisfied – Perfectly satisfied – I am very happy about it – She’s very happy about it – You nailed it – How about Rosé? Can you do it too? I’ll try – The thing is, you can’t do the same thing that Jisoo already did – Yeah – No overlaps – Don’t do the same thing Rosé’s turn Go! Wait. 1, 2, 3 Next – 1, 2, 3 – Next Next 1, 2, 3 It came out from the eyes – From the eyes! – Lisa will do it too Wait a minute Actually, BLINKS love this a lot – So why don’t you guys all do it? – Yeah, we all have to do it The number of hearts is being reduced The number of hearts that you can do is being reduced I think two people were enough – No, it’s Lisa’s turn now – Wait a minute I saw Jennie thinking really hard – So – Then, why don’t you go first? Jennie will go first Jen-Du-kie. The creator of the face heart 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 It flew I almost got a heart attack This is amazing This is hilarious The fans on the screens are so happy right now Lisa should do it too – Lisa – You can’t do the same thing that other members have already done She’s a bad girl. It’s a piece of cake to her Please do a ‘Bad Girl’ version She’s a bad girl! – Bad girl, or chic girl – You can stand up Please do it freely Actually, you guys have already shown every kind of heart – I know. I am so excited to see what heart she will show us – Face heart, arrow heart – She’s the dancing queen in our team – I know You better look forward to seeing what she will show us Oh, I better look forward? – So does BLINKS – You guys just made us expect a lot This is too burdensome The ‘3 Combo Hearts.’ 3, 2, 1 She nailed it – She seems she’s sweating again – Everyone’s eyes have gotten bigger! BLINKS’ eyes have gotten bigger! This is so cool. Sis, are you sweating again? It’s hot in here It’s very hot in here It was really hot How did she do this? – She’s the queen of dance – You can’t do this if you don’t do Pilates I was very surprised Well, should I do the ‘3 Combo Hearts’ also? Yes, please! – Me, really? – Yes! You’re going to do it! – BLINKS are watching you – Let me laugh a little bit You can do it Shin-young, please. BLINKS want it also! Okay, heart. 1, 2, 3 -1, 2, 3 – That was good! Take my love! 1, 2, 3 What was that? It’s too hot in here – It is too hot in here – That was amazing BLINKS love it. Look at their smile! Guys, it was great I got sweaty hands too See? It happens From the ‘Teamwork Adventure’ to making BLINK’s wish come true. You guys have been doing great

And the fans look so happy Really I hope this will be a memorable memory for BLINKS We’re going to say goodbye a little bit later at the end Please wait for us a little bit – Please wait for a bit – Just a second – Wait! That’s it for the TikTok Stage with BLACKPINK It’s time to say goodbye to fans now The song that you listened to just before this is the last song of the track on the regular album Yeah The song sounds sadder at this moment Because it’s time to say goodbye Jisoo, you look sad I think I will feel empty when I get back home today because I had a great time with BLINKS here – I am a bit sad – Do you feel like crying? Yeah, kind of. I want to spend more time with BLINKS – Yeah – So sad We will meet again next time I really hope the COVID 19 situation will be better and BLINK and BLACKPINK can meet again By the way, I don’t know how time has passed You guys solved the quiz and did an action game You guys did a mission that needed telepathy BLINKS, how was it? – Yes – Thank you How was it, BLACKPINK? Lisa, how was it today? It was amazing And us and BLINKS were clicking more than I imagined Thanks to them, we were able to succeed in the missions I had a lot of fun How about you, Rosé? It was so new to me that we can do ‘live’ while we’re communicating with BLINKS And I was so happy that I was able to see their faces Did I changed all of a sudden? What’s funny is When someone is talking, the other one doesn’t stop gesturing We don’t stop That’s who we are Thank you Mwah, this is today’s BLACKPINK We’ve been together today. Do you guys have any memorable moments? The moment when members cooperated with BLINKS on the screen and finally got desserts That was the most memorable moment of today – You felt fulfilled – Yeah She said when BLACKPINK and BLINKS were together is the most memorable moment BLACKPINK and fans, thank you so much for being with us here at ‘TikTok Stage with BLACKPINK’ today Thank you so much Thank you Thank you, BLINKS and BLACKPINK Even though we’re apart physically, however, we’re always together in our hearts. Please don’t forget this We will get through this together Let’s say goodbye to everyone on the TikTok Stage with BLACKPINK Thank you, fans Thank you Thank you