The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 17 A Bird In a Gilded Cage Review

hey guys it’s Kevin in the story for the vampire diaries season 6 episode 17 a bird and a glided cage I mean guilty cage n this was another great episode and I have to say that I really like this I’d like this up so I think a bit more than last week’s of the last week’s was great but this episode was amazing I mean we really got to see a lot more of how Caroline and Stefan are gonna be without humanity and I really am liking the direction we’re heading now and especially the end of this episode oh my god and of course now I have to wait for another hiatus which was really annoying I don’t like how they’re doing like two episodes going off a high on a hiatus it’s really dumb but the Vampire Diaries has done this before and it’s really annoying but whatever let’s just get in this episode because it was amazing so Caroline cleans the bar up after her party and Enzo shows up and she yells at him for walking on her freshly mopped floor and he calls her Cinderella and asked why she cares now but of course you know she cares cuz her team Annie’s gone everything so she you know she tells him that she flipped her switch and she says she wants to stay in college so she needs to cover her tracks and she says she has an audition tomorrow for the school musical the last five years yes that’s the school musical as it’s the last five years and when she said them like really that’s your school musical i mean if if my school did the last five years like we couldn’t do it there’s two people in the entire cache we can’t do that show i’m like a school but basically she reminds him she’s a drama major and that’s why he’s there he says he needs his phone back and asked why she needs sarah’s number and she says she blackmailed stefan into switching off her humanity of threatening her life and says Sarah may or may not have survived Liam’s game of operation so seven comes home and tells Damon the rave was loud and lame and Damon asked if there’s anything you’d like to talk about and seven right away you can tell Damon can tell something there is not right about him he can’t he doesn’t realize that his humanity has gone he just can tell there’s something off about him and Stefan asks where Jeremy’s hunter Gary’s grenades and crossbows and Damon comes in with a syringe of knockout stuff but Stefan spots and snaps Damon’s risk then tells him to stay out of his way today zooms off and Damon curses he has no idea what’s going on with him and then Sarah wakes in the hospital in Joe’s care who tells her she drank too much last night she says she needs to get home and I like that they covered it up by just saying that she drank too much because of course Sarah is very unaware of what’s going on which we no them you know she doesn’t know I mean she knows about vampires things like that but she just they didn’t tell her what’s going on I find that very interesting so basically um she says he says unless she wants another Salvatore vampire at their wedding joe says that maybe they should elope because of course you know they want to talk about their wedding and I like that alarcon Joe did sit down and talk about the rang and she says she’s thinking baby names and a lark is caught off guard he says junior and she tells him to get lost and I really love their bonding i have to say i love them as a couple i can’t wait to see the wedding I really hope their wedding does happen I hope this is not something where we wait for a wedding and then it doesn’t happen i hope that is so wedding that does happen because i really like these together and again they’re making a sudden move but i think it’s a good move i think they’re making the right move definitely even though it’s a very sudden move I think that it is the right move for them to make because these two are very good together i definitely like them together and i really like the scenes we’ve been having with them so i’d love to see more of these together i really do love them together i love a lark and Joe so then we see that Damon is being the sofa when Elena shows up he says he’s trying to let his rage on a healthy way says Stefan without his humanity is one step away from stuff in the repartee knows that Stefan doesn’t have as humanity cuzzo Elena told him and Elena says they lost her chance to spark Caroline’s humanity since he was her link to humanity and Damon them phils Elena and on the fact that his mom Lillian is in which prison in 1903 and of course he wants to know why she’s there because of course Cole you know um kai told him some of the details last week but I still feel like you know I knew Kyle there’s more to it and you wouldn’t gaming can tell there’s nothing more to it and he says that she’s a vampire in a ripper and Elena shock and Damon says Stefan always was a mama’s boy kneeling asked how much Damon says they both loved her and she was their world and Elena wants to retrieve Lillian to try and fix another you know baby basically try and bring stepping back to see if maybe that will get his humanity switch back which actually is a very good playing so I mean if he sees his mother that I’ll get him to turn his humanity switch back on but of course he’s not going to really listen to them because he’s gonna listen to Caroline right now because what does he want to do he wants to be with Caroline so what’s he gonna do he’s gonna listen to Caroline so Damon says you do use you don’t use one Ripper to try and fix another and Damon says maybe Bonnie would help he goes to her and she rants in him and he says sorry for being a dick and she says they need her and Kai both to get Lily now of course she still wants nothing to do with Kai she’s really upset with the whole Damon Kai’s situation and basically they need to get Lillian to switch stuff and then to switch caroline and she offers her blood but Damon says she could come along and Bonnie than talks to chi and asked about the 1903 ascendant he says it’s a lot of studying of text under magic cloaking spells but then he pulls it out of his pocket and he says when Damon told him about mama

Salvatore he started looking for it and he says he doesn’t even need a celestial then says he’ll go if Bonnie goes Lonnie says the guided age is exciting she says she would rather die of Cholera than spend an afternoon with him and Kai tells her that she’s much more likely a diet Caroline’s hand than from cholera and that stops her cold so Caroline’s at her audition and when I realized that she was singing the last five years I was so happy to see that I think that candice nicole I’ve says before she’s an amazing singer she really is she needs to make a CD whenever the vampire diaries is over candice accola nice kid into music I mean she’s an amazing singer and she sound amazing I’m still hurting really she sounds amazing she’s no Anna Kendrick but she sounded amazing and she tells the guy she crushed it but then Stefan is there and kills the theater director and I like what he says sir I do like where this is heading and I like what he’s kind of telling her cuz he Moxon says that this good student routine is trying is not gonna work and he reminds her that she ruined his life and she says with his switch off he shouldn’t care and Stefan says unlike her he doesn’t have an elaborate system to keep him and catch which is true I mean she doesn’t have a humanity so why does she care I think it’s because she is just so focused and you know Caroline just so level-headed that she needs to have some sort of something to keep her going and I do understand why she’s doing what she’s doing and basically he tells her he’s gonna make sure his life falls apart and sold hers and he shows her his bloody hands and says he’s a control freak with nightmares and he says he will undo her one day at a time until she breaks so he swipes a bloody finger across her mouth she’s tempted by the blood and stuff in both he takes off and she looks concerned and I thought that was a very interesting I mean the fact that Stefan is basically telling her what to do when it seemed like she was tell and what to do I just find it really interesting overall so Bonnie cuts her hand open titles are the Crocodile Dundee called and wants his knife back and she says that joke is over Elena wants to go but damon says no and she gets her way and it’s Bonnie and Kai and Damon and Elena head to the 1903 prison to check on mama Salvatore and Bonnie says it can go ahead and find his mom while she and I find the mirror of the ascendant so Elena doesn’t want to leave her with Kaiba Bonnie says he’s goodish now with the new leaf and she kind of starts to trust him i like the bonnie is starting to trust him because I mean kai really has turned around he is changing he doesn’t know why he’s changing all he knows that he is changing is turning around and it’s it’s weird he even admits that yeah it’s kind of weird that he just randomly turning around but you know he is turning around and Bonnie does need to listen him and I like the Bonnie decides that you know what I’m gonna listen to him and I like that you know she decided that she was gonna listen him because she needed to evangelist him he does make some good points here and caius if Bonnie really buys his new leaf and she says he’ll know but they need to find her mom and for a second I’m like his time pretending to be good or is this the artist he simply just good now and Stefan goes to get on his motorcycle finds a she’s taking apart so we get the news earlier but basically seven then gets on his motorcycle finds that she’s taking it apart she tells Stefan to go away or else he tells her she’s great control and terrible at revenge he says he tour directors head off with his teeth while she took one both his bolt bolt off his bike and he tells her she’s embarrassment to humanity free vampires and so she she kicks a hole in the gas tank and she’s not very threatening I have to say I mean he wants to be a lot more threatening at this nokia anything but she was so creepy last week that I kind of like they just played around with it and stuff so it was really fun to see because mostly because of what people were no Kymani usually do and just for Caroline to be like this care character I really loved seeing that so Joe calls a lark and says he based a based on his own name he can’t pick the baby name and Enzo shows up and he ends the call because you know a large such a weird name and she doesn’t really want her kid to be named Dolores so and so as a lark if he has enough vervain to get Blondie and her sidekick into the Salvatore cellar and a lark reminds with a he’s human now and me I like the key reminding that and Enzo calls him a coward and a large says he is his place and Elena and Damon are at his child at home and she admires a baby photo but he says it’s Stefan then she shows her one of him and he says they’re only there to nab his mom then heads back to Stefan switch and Elena says Stefan was a ripper and is fine now and Damon says his mom died when they buried her empty coffin as far as she’s concerned then Lillian is there and we see Lillian he says hello to her and Lillian is completely son she tells them that she lon since gave up her marking time on the calendar and Elena says it’s been more than a century and Damon says he would have stopped by but thought she was dead and buried and she says she died in a TB ward after a vampire nurse gave her blood and she says she was attacked by a coven of witches in 1903 and woke up here and Damon says she must have pissed off a lot of people so basically exactly what Kai told him and I was surprised that guy actually told the truth once because I really think I was the most trustworthy person but you know what I told the truth you and I thought that was really good so she says that night seems like a forever ago she says she is down to the last for blood and has two drops a week to stay alive

and Elena says it sounds miserable Lily says she heard they turned during the war and he says Stefan rip their dads throw down she says she hated that man and Damon says so much that she abandoned her kids with him and went out and joined the Ripper coalition and I find it kind of interesting that they hated their dad because it kind of many of the originals with Michael it’s just kind of made me think about that but Caroline then hears a noise goes to investigate and it’s Stefan and he says he brought her a peace offering he throws a grenade at her then comes toward with a stake he tells her this is about how a vampire where no humanity is supposed to ask that’s true that’s how vampire with him he’s supposed to be but she’s not like then she tells him to stop and he tells her let it go and says well feel good she tells him she won’t let him ruin her life and he says he’ll ended he goes to seek her and she bites him flips in and stabs him and it’s just really crazy over I mean they both have no humanity so they both really don’t give a what they’re doing knew each other but still so Keitel’s Bonnie that his Gill keeps him up at night begs her to give him another chance he grabs her hands tells her listen and he drew blood when he hit her head he says he didn’t mean to do it and bonnie says even if he’s telling the truth the old him is still in there and I like that she is not buying it because it just seems kind of sudden it really was and I do have to agree Bonnie when she’s saying you know what I don’t exactly believe your new leaf so I definitely really enjoyed that Selena and Damon tell Lily that they need to fix stuff in and she says she’ll hurt the others she says she assumed he knew about her traveling companions and she brings them to meet some other vampires would sit around a table looking like dried up vampires and kind of disgusting i have to say when we saw that the dried of vampire house that was disgusting and all our can enter our weapon DUP head to hunt been no humanity vampires and i think this is interesting that they’re gonna hunt down no humanity vampires and i think that should be their thing now hunt down no humidity vampires and ilorin cast why he’s there since he hates Enzo and he says he has a whole revenge thing playing against stefan and can’t have that was his humanity off and no bartels at em though he thinks his life is sad and lonely and enzo hazel AREX life sounds lovely girl kid death and caroline is dragging stuff and down the hall when a girl asks if Stefan is okay and he springs up the rose at stake into the girl’s stomach he tells are no saving strangers she snacks and back tells a girl to run she likes her Stefan but he hears a noise and such as her they hide and then a large sees a bottle bomb and Enzo says bollocks and whisk them away both before blowing up and Elena asked about the other vampires and she says they were with her on the boat that night and Damon asked if they’re rippers to and Lily says they saved her from the part from that part of herself and she says she had to confront the animal she had become and says her friend sacrificed their rations for her and she says she learned to control her bloodlust so she would have enough chilled to wake them and she says they made her feel human and she goes to get the blood to revive them and Damon says his mother is not just a ripper but an insane Ripper and when he says insane Ripper he means it because Elena spots the ascendant asks why Bonnie isn’t there Damon says Bonnie isn’t looking for the ascendant and Bonnie tells Kai that may be part of her deep down believes there’s a silver gold in her and he turns his back and she stabs in the back he asked what she’s doing she says she’s stabbed me in the back after he trusted her and she says she’s gonna leave him there all alone until he wants to kill himself because she wanted to kill herself there was a period of time when she was in 1994 and she wanted to kill herself and it’s understandable why she’s doing all this to him I mean really in a lot of ways he does deserve this I mean he left her there he tortured her just everything he did to her he really does deserve what she’s doing to him so at the same time while you feel bad for him it’s like you know what he deserves it i think I realizes that but at the same time he really wants just to you know to get her to trust him so can I told her he’s changed and she tells him she has to she goes to stab him again and he magic himself away from her and really bonnie has changed she’s just become a much stronger woman and I mean seasons ago Bonnie would not have survived without you know um el nino Elena and Damon all them she want to survive without them and just seeing how strong bonnie has become I love it and she looks around frustrated Caroline checks on alarcon end zone says they’re still breathing Stefan says Damon must be busy if he sent the B team and he wants to kill them but she grabs a gun because he thought that Damon Elena of course would come to rescue them but it’s not it’s a large and Enzo and he thinks that they’re working with Damon and Caroline I’m really they’re going after Stefan and Caroline is really why they’re there so Stefan says fine and walks off she follows him as he comes into the girls room he says he taught her how to control her blood list of blood lost any compels the girls to stand still and not screaming he bites her neck feeds her and Caroline says tempting her isn’t working he says deep down they’re the same and then he bites the girl again he’s needs he feeds messily and Caroline struggles her hunger flares and she fights it than digs in Stefan Savic lets her feed shoves a girl’s I’d pins into the wall with a kiss flips it on her and consumed her with a burning kiss and lifts her against him so they have sex and I thought that was good i mean they both have no humanity and i won their first time today it sucks to be you know

sweet and everything but of course they have no humanity so they really don’t care and i really just that was one of the hottest scenes in vampire diaries ever i have to say i mean seriously in terms of hot sex scenes that was one of them and Damon then tells Lily that they’re down a witch and can’t take them all and Bonnie says he need to go and then his mom takes off and she doesn’t want to leave her friends she goes to wake her companions but Damon slaps about a lot of her hand and she says they’re her family and that pisses him off he says those freaks maybe her family and says Stefan is his and he will leave her there to ride she doesn’t come on alone and Bonnie socialist fellows rected and then Damon shows up with lily and injured kai staggers close and calls to Bonnie but then they’re gone he stuck there in the 1903 prison and Enzo comes to see Sarah in the hospital and complements her hospital gown calling it a nagl Nagel gee I think it’s called and she said she saw a texan doubts if they met last night he says it was a mistake to bring her into his life and says it was loneliness he then says that she was a pawn in a game and he lost interest in playing and says she deserves better he calls her Sarah Salvatore and she asks why he called her that and joe checks or Alaric and smacks and then says she’s marrying an idiot she says she needs him alive for 18 years then he can run around with guns and knives and be an idiot and she says fine I thought that was really funny so Lily sits in shock in front of a computer she asked him to teacher and he says that’s more Stefan thing and she says Dan angel did visit Stefan a night of her funeral and she says she had just turned and wanted to see her boys and she says she leaned down to whisper and Stefan’s year she heard her blood she heard his blood and wanted to attack so she fled for their sake and that’s understandable why she left them she left because she didn’t want to kill them she had this weird craving for them and she didn’t want to kill him says no matter how deeply he felt her absence she felt there’s twice as much because she wanted to be with him she just had this craving for their blood and she didn’t know where was coming from and that’s why she left so Damon says good to know he tells her to get some sleep she says she’s looking forward to getting to know them but once the ones she left behind she asks when they can go back and he says soon he tells her that her prison world isn’t going anywhere which it really isn’t and Kylian staggers into the vampires nest and his terrified he curses looks more closely at them as who what the hell are you the one that got a small drop of blood before Lily left reaches out grabs chi by the neck Damon cash Jelena with a baby photo of him she stole it she says she likes seeing that side of him but Damon says lily is just the means to get Stefan back and she says it’s never a waste of time to look for the good in someone and he says she ran off and left her kids to be a demo to vampire she said it’s a good thing they have forever and kisses him and it was just a really sweet team for all I just love those two together I said before those two are just adorable Stefan and Caroline are naked in bed she says he’s terrible and they’d love that she’s like you’re terrible you know she never wants to have sex with him again he says control is over eight he asked where her shirt is he says it’s near the girl they left bleeding on the hallway she giggles and tells him he’s right she said his way is much more fun she rolls on top of them kisses him deeply Damon’s kissing the lay of their bow have sex but then Bonnie walks in not really a good time and she says awkward timing and Elena says she has to go check on Rick and Larkin takes off and Damon says it’s better be good Bonnie thanks for helping her find closure today and I love the way this episode ended the cliffhanger here this is going to be very interesting I’m barrington seeing where this goes and where exactly we’re headed with this because Damon switches on the water and so there’s a crazy woman upstairs who wants to go back there and they agree they’re not going back he switches off the water and Bonnie says she has a gift from him from 1994 and so she would have given its him earlier he was being an ass and it’s the cure the cure is back yeah the cure is back and she says she knows he wanted for Elena and Damon asked what if he doesn’t want it for her now and because of course you know he wanted for her probably back then because of how you know Elaine and more nothing to do with him things like that but now he really hasn’t wanted so Bonnie says it’s none of her business and said it’s up to him she squeezed his hand and goes and Damon looks very thoughtful so now Damon is a real big decision to make does he want to use this cure who’s he gonna use it on and I loved the cures back to cure storylines were my favorite story lines the Vampire Diaries has ever done cuz it was just such an interesting story that of course you know the Catherine end up getting the Cure the last time of course Catherine is dead now so I don’t know who’s gonna get the Cure this time and I’m very interesting seeing who’s getting up the cure because i just find it to be very interesting overall the whole cure storyline and now we have to wait till April twelfth so that’s great April April twelfth whatever um yeah i equal twelve say I’m April nineteenth I thing was something like that but April nineteenth we have to wait till then and it’s pretty crazy that they keep going these weird highest is but there’s a lot to talk about definitely i really want to read Stefan and Caroline do you guys feel they have something right now or they just like so out of there you know regular personas that they’re just they just like each other I mean we know that they do like each other but them having sex is that actually gonna happen in real life or did Caroline mean what she said to him I don’t know we’ll see what

happens there lily is little now that lily is back is she gonna be able to convince Stefan to turn back on seemed a nice which I don’t know what’s gonna happen there but I like that we found out that she really does care about them she just had to leave because she didn’t want to hurt them and I think that’s really go over all I definitely really enjoyed that um Damon Elena I just love those two guys I think they’re great but what is he gonna do with this cure who’s he gonna give it to you I think really the only possible option right now is Caroline and Stefan gave it to one of them yeah our humanity is back so but here’s the thing if they do that then if they die they die so that’s not gonna be good and it looks like in the next episode Caroline’s gonna try to get blood from like Matt and Tyler she’s gonna use them which is gonna be very interesting um Enzo and Alaric I actually really like these two working together I said before I felt I thought the story was born but now they have a lark involved I definitely really enjoy it Alaric and Jo I love them talking about their wedding plans i thought was some of the funniest parts the episode was seeing them together they’re just so good together and I love seeing those two together they work so well and I think the actors just they’re just work so well together really they do and as far as Kai goes I like seeing hi um tell Bonnie that he is serious than he is he has changed but i think in me he’s good it’s gonna take a lot for buying to actually fully trust him and that makes sense why I mean he tortured her and everything and he kind of does this as I said before he deserves what’s happening to him so with Bonnie torturing him he definitely deserves it and that really is his karma so I like that’s happening to him and I guess the only thing I’ll talk about the only other thing I’ll talk about was was gonna have my Caroline staff and what is the real mission gonna be are they going to try to kill all these people as you know there now rippers now so what’s gonna happen to them we’ll see what happens there I’m very interesting you know what exactly they’re gonna do now what their real mission is because we see that you know Stefan clearly wants caroline de it Stefan clearly has a much more violent agenda than Caroline does and I find that very interesting but now they’re starting to listen to each other so I just find overall all really interesting I think it’s all really well done I think they’re handling it all really really well but overall guys another great episode absolutely loved it can’t wait till April nineteenth let me know if you guys saw this episode I’ll see you guys in my next video would you before another movie review so I’ll see you guys for that ok bye