Regular meeting of the CCSD Board of School Trustees

>> good evening. I’m like to welcome everyone today, I’m president Lola Brooks now called this regular board meeting on November 2020 to or the time is 5 ’02. I would like to remind everyone to please silence your electronic devices Please keep your money I’m not unless you are speaking and if you would like to comment on item please use turn and the upper right hand corner. With that we’re going to move on to a time when quite a lot of adoption on the agenda. Trustee Garvey >> Thank you. Madam members the board I would like to make a motion to adopt the agenda with the following changes reference material has been provided for item 5 point ’02 plan to transition to an hybrid instructional >> Thank you trustee Garvey testing right I think that the motion. Thank you trustee I have a motion by trustee Garvey and second by trusty rights. All those in favor please cast your vote by saying aye. A post

>> Mayor >> Let’s try to see cars. Yes >> I am voting and voting may be on the agenda as presented tonight >> Thank you you’re trusting So we have 6. I and noting that trustee Cavazos is a neighbor that motion passes. We on to a time that I 2 point o one public comment on the agenda items >> Public comments. What from invite you now by 02:00PM on Thursday November 1220 try and is almost eyes friend times that we receive on agenda items. This car >> Good evening, madam president members of the board superintendent Chara. The board office received hundreds of comments today we are over the past couple days regarding item 5.0 2. The majority of comments received from staff and parents asking not to return to school. Many of the comments have the same concerns such as not feeling safe until the district has taken appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of students and staff They stated covid numbers are too high. Some are not returning until there’s a vaccine or until the ventilation in the building is considered safe Several said they or a family member and high-risk categories and cannot return to school There was a concern that as soon as schools open there will be a need to close them again. Many concerns about lemm elementary school students having to wear masks or 6 hours a day. Teacher said the classrooms are not large enough to social distance properly A writer said exposure would be great if everyone returns and some teachers are concerned that students will return to school sick. Many comments from teachers, students and parents So online learning continue for the remainder of the year or until covid cases are less than 5%. Some said they have better technology in their home rather than in the schools Teacher said they have developed a routine that they don’t person it would upset the consistency they have with their still and students. And many said students are learning fine with the online environment Questions were sent asking of teachers The parents could be given the choice to return to school or continue online. Other questions asked were cleaning procedures and products would be available in the classrooms. Well the district paper testing world where will teachers eat their lunch, what happens at school can that schools cannot secure so our teachers to remain in classroom when students eat their meals with no masks who will claim the restrooms after they’re used. Well students receive health checks upon arrival on campus and what happens if someone tests positive for covid several writers included links as to what other school districts are doing. Many comments expressed concern or the mental health of students and staff, a student something health stressed that that connection and computers that do not work at home and are worried they may have to repeat a grade Regards to the hybrid model teachers are concerned with the extra work that will come with this model. Others said they do not will not have enough time to transition to that new learning model a student would like to go to the hybrid plan because they will be with other kids and said it would take a load off their parents. Another would like the plan to go all day instead of just help days. Others asked that the hybrid model begin in January or be pushed out to February. Teachers to help a hybrid plan will not be successful causing confusion for both students and teachers. Others said it will not be consistent. So I’d like to know how we’re going to teach of the different cohorts and then there were concerns about the connectivity in schools. A few felt that the survey was unclear stating they could not answer the questions because they did not know what the plan looks like Several school nurses. So they were concerned that they have not been made aware of how the district will handle public health and school campuses when everyone returns. They asked isolation room will work. They are concerned with staff members of chronic health issues concerned that school a student with a running nose with the in the same room with a student who could possibly have covid and they also expressed concerns with staffing levels. Parents asked how children can be in community centers and day cares but not in school. How MR. Received that there was not so fortunate enough time to review the plan and that school leaders were not included in the development review face

contact tracing require ppe social distancing and wellness checks. So what comments were received stating that if the board is not holding public meetings that teacher should that be asked to return to school. School psychologists felt that they’re able to systems better from their home And so they are able to work more hours helping them helping them.le to work more hos Someone like the schools to open saying that they’re pretty take him to get our pre K child needs to go to school so they can be relearning stating that they cod not reach sufferingsaid their children are socially and emotionally. The parents said their children do not want to turn return to school it to go 5 days to turn return to school it to go 5 days not completeter said that the ps not completeter said that the ps stating that their concerns with bus Bidding and any student scheduling or teacher also said ce learning is worke also said ce learnine coordinates referrals to community mental health partners. And that’s all I have or or >> I will make a motion has been backed it up to the consent agenda Transit buses her. Testing for Consumer Reports. Yes Ratified warrants as listed in the bills payable transmittal and board memorandum number 0, 8, 2021 and the total amount of 40 Million >> $724,597 and cents >> Thank you for the park. I know there are no items that’s another the Board of school trustees today. We are going to move on to agenda item 5 point a lot of employment agreements general counsel discussion and possible action on Confidential and already a fine is general counsel Superintendent or >> Yes, thank you, madam chair members of the board this as you all know we’ve our general counsel but done a phenomenal job and really in the last 2 years with not retiring she is I just say that you had convinced her to one year when I hired her and she stuck around for too so I’m very excited That she was able to do that and she’s going on we’re going to try to bring her back and continue helping bond oversight in her previous role with us as a volunteer. Excited that Mister Bush looked push was our chief negotiator and. When this vacancy him up and have the opportunity to bring him back for consistency and done some great work with a stout for our legal and general counsel so Recommendation is out there. Look what you guys are generous >> Thank you very much superintendent has the right >> Like to make a motion to approve the agenda item 5 points or one employment agreement for general counsel >> Thank you trustee right >> I will second chair and I would also like to thank miss for them for her service and her invaluable assistance. Thank you miss about >> Thank you Sir. time of year Multiple times. I have a motion by trustee write a second fight on those in favor please cast your votes, aye aye Of hers. That motion carries 7 says you are >> The president looks I just want to make a regarding this a bell in just a to the best thing thank her eye. She’s been on or bond oversight for I don’t know how many years seems like about 7 or 8. And really has been with the district variety of capacities and

have been and then valuable part of the team and has I was going to lead with kindness and grace at least that’s what I see from so I just wanted just to make that comment of Al and thank you for your service hope to see you again the newly okay you thank you around appreciative enjoyed it very very much >> Okay. all right, thank you thank you for that has and we will still see year about so it’s not good guy. No not yet quite so we’re going to move on to item 5 point or 2 plan to transition to the high road instructional model actress says that staff going to do a great presentation and then on the turnovers superintendent dark horse in this comments I turned to superintendent on her into it and then never to set >> thank you, madam chair members of the board I turn it over first of this thank the team for doing a phenomenal job just working I’m putting this together. But I we’ll be of this one individual that has been spending many nights and is miss Kelly hour. Has been instrumental in putting this entire plan together for us so before to know I just want to recognize her for her before I turn it over to our very capable deputy superintendent talked to our >> thank >> thank you. Madam president members of the board superintendent juror for the record Brenda Larson Mitchell next slide please So this is essentially the outline of the We have a very comprehensive introduction that includes history me how we’ve gathered input Why transitioning to the hybrid is important or guiding principles that have let us every step of the way and then of course the guidance requirements that we’ve had to follow within our recommendation we have a very comprehensive. Practices processes structures in place. We have a transition timeline expectations Transportation food service, school operate within our cohorts what the unit has done to get our schools, ready. Human resources, ready You know to to look at individuals that may or call 5, 4, 88 accommodations and then of course Communications next slide please. So when we look at the history. Governor sisolak ordered schools on March 16th and we remained closed for the rest of the 2019 20 school year. In June of 2020 the governor mandated that schools districts create reopening plans. And then the Nevada Department of Education provided guidance that we had to follow all health and safety guidelines and processes and we had to develop a plan that included all 3 scenarios including distance education, full time face to face and a hybrid scenario We started the work with our reopening our schools working group which included all stakeholders within the community. 2 are represented. I’m really looking at first hand experience within our schools. We conducted a family and community survey late May early June. And then the approval of the reopening our schools plan we had board meetings June 25th July 6 and then the plan was provisionally approved by the Board of school trustees on July 9th. The beginning of the school year we started in full-time distance education Led by a By the Board of school trustees on July 21st Next slide please. Currently we’re in the midst of a health crisis Mental health crisis and an academic crisis So the health crisis has kept our students out of school But we must balance this with a mental health crisis in the academic crisis and proactively develop a plan to get our students back with their peers and their adult educators Next slide please. So just this week. The governor announced stay at home, Matt and 2 point oh. The superintendent demonstrated our support to the governor stay at home 2 point oh with all staff telecommuting was some certain employees who need to continue to report to work to provide critical. Services and supports for students and staff. We are

implementing stay at home 2 to mitigation to mitigate and to reduce the COVID-19 numbers to hopefully have an opportunity to bring our students back to school in January 2021 Next slide please. So this is staff’s recommendation. To implement the hybrid instructional model at all schools except for those that are cuts right now Implementing full time face to face instruction or for small urban schools, that may be able to implement full time face to face instruction Within that recommendation we have the following parameters parents and guardians have choice. They can select if their students come to school for some face to face instruction or fewer students will remain in full time distance education Within the recommendation cohorts A and B we’ll distributed equally to ensure that we meet office illit E and transportation capacity requirements. We will implement the hybrid instructional model with the staggered group of students over 2 week period to allow our schools. Our students are administrators licensed professional support professionals to adjust to the protocols to make sure that we are in full compliance Evening programs such as Morris kallon and Burke will continue in full time distance education So in addition to implement full time face to face at certain schools that can accommodate all of the health and safety protocols such as rural schools and some small urban schools, working very closely with their region leadership and then of course at the discretion of the superintendent. And then along with our recommendation is just to discontinue telecommuting for staff. There are some sites that are unable to accommodate social distancing, so they may have to operate on a rotational telecommuting Next slide please. So this is our recommended transition timeline on November, 3rd we started our parent cohort selection questionnaire we have extended our questionnaire through November 20th twenty-twenty at 05:00PM parents do have the opportunity to if they’ve already made a selection to change their selection they will get one opportunity to change their selection. Through November 20th twenty-twenty at 05:00PM of course here we are this lovely evening presenting our plan to the Board of school trustees November beginning communication with all other stakeholders. December one staff telecommuting ends and we do also like an opportunity to bring small groups of students to school campuses. To participate in potentially orientation says sessions assessments evaluations and maybe some small group counseling sessions that we know our students desperately need. So our transition timeline includes January force 2021. The hybrid instructional model would begin again with that staggered approach first with students in grades, 11 and 12 at the high school level greed 6 in middle school pre K through In elementary and then bringing back students served in our self-contained programs in all grade levels And again as we returned January 4th at full time face to face instruction would begin for our rural schools who are doing that and then make any small schools that may be able to implement the full time face to face. And then again in alignment with our staggered approach January levance we would bring in our 9th and 10th graders. Our 7th and 8th graders and then our students in grades 3 through 5. At this next slide please. At this time I will turn it over to miss new director of student health services Thank you Madam president. Members of the park superintendent John for the record that winter and health services director chief nurse >> Our requirements are related to health safety and wellness in order to lower the Students visitors about the health promotion and wellness prevention practices we have in place we’re going to provide a clean safe and healthy educational environment for students staff and visitors We’re going to exhibit and for social distancing measures. We’re going to informant And we’re going to have a properly wear masks and and then a Geisha that education will be provided to staff and students about this healthy behaviors. We’re going to usher essential visitors. Interscope campus Safely and again we’re going to lock that information on who is accessing our buildings. We’re going to manage minor injuries in the classroom. For example, a cut

ministrations specialized procedures for medically fragile children Medication or procedure should be read it at home whenever possible however what a student does need his medication or procedure at school we’ll work with the school nurse us to obtain. Out of be utilized for those procedures. Next slide please. In terms of educating our staff and students about healthy behaviors. I mention social distancing. Hand washing and cloth face coverings all district students and and employees must wear and improve approved face all times on district property That includes building grounds. School buses are willing geisha district activities Exceptions would falling ice particles will be if somebody the teachers alone in a classroom or outside Well, they’re eating or if the students engage done. They are us collectivity weather outside. Next I’ll turn it over to doctor Cortes for the employee tested program. Thank you >> Good evening, madam president members of the board superintendents the record. Monica Cortez. Our team is committed to working for a safe reopening for our staff and students in creating protocols to meet their needs >> Our focus is to be calm and supportive and in doing that in reviewing our development and implementation of the testing program Our review here so it is referred to as ties It is teachers health trust they brought together a coalition of education medical social. Leaders to rapidly advance a comprehensive and coordinated get back to school strategy. For the 360 public schools in over 41,000 employees, the state of Nevada is committed to spend up to 13.2 million dollars from the federal cares act for purposes of testing in health monitoring for COVID-19 of employees. Tice is powered by mobile app a safe secure hit the complaint app. Or website that employees will use daily to complete their virtual check ins with short and simple questions about how the employees feeling. Testing sites will be available across the Valley. At this time there are 9 that are available Employees will participate on a voluntary basis We have collaborated between ccsd tht him okay CCA and the health district to develop possible implementation Protocols on how this may work if we were to go forward The district will provide a list of names of all employees their email address in work location which is public information Participation in ties will be at no cost to between teacher health trust and a mocha health results of positive COVID-19 tests will be provided to the limited district representatives. Next slide please. The process. If it was approved by ccsd Board of trustees. We begin with a proof of concept with approximately 35 volunteers. Once that process is in feet. Each employee will receive an email with a unique link to enroll in that ice program >> Employees will complete a virtual check in online or in the app answering for simple short questions about how they are feeling In place will receive a green or yellow digital batch based on their responses to those questions to make a competent decision about returning to the classroom or office each day >> Staff will also create a my chart account through UNC that’s how they will schedule there test. Results will be available in 24 to 48 hours to the staff member in the dashboard. And now like to turn it back over to miss you for the rest of the health office explanation >> Madam president members of the board superintendent charge for the record that much man all services director chief first In terms of her House office for health detail, guidance and protocols will provided the schools will work with the school nurse to develop health office procedures for managing student illness for example,

establishing a while this area establishing a sick row. And ensuring a safer environment with adequate personal protective equipment or ppe. And we will prepare to assist with contact tracing. Next slide please In response to COVID-19 exposure confirmed COVID-19 cases contact tracing will be completed. That’s working with school nurse Southern Nevada health district staff site administrator is and families to help them a call I help a covid 19% That’s positive recall they may have come in contact with in terms of close contact. And that somebody that is within 6 feet, 14 or 15 minutes or longer over a 24 hour period. At this time recommended a shuns from the health district as if there’s one positive students with COVID-19. That whole class would be quarantined. As well as any staff that were in contact with that student would be quarantine. There’s an about a covid trace app. From the governor’s office and then Nevada Department of Health and Human Services that citizens are encouraged to download in this house with contact tracing if there’s a covid positive case. Next slide please. In terms of guidelines for employees for COVID-19 exposure. In determining whether an employee needs to remain at home. We have how check system for our ccsd employees that would be separate from that ice program this this questionnaire system has been in place the last few months it must employ logs onto their computer. They answer a series of questions and it helps determine if they need to stay home for isolation or if they have been exposed to somebody recently with COVID-19. There’s also an illness trucker Iris management helped us develop the system and basically we document once we verify a COVID-19 positive case and then any exposures. Through that system there’s an automatic notification when when a site administrator or building Manager interests and events. It triggers notification immediately to reach an ad man and the communications department. We have temple letters available. 4. Staff to be notified or for school communities to be notified In terms of telecommuting or leave. HR has provided guidance for admin employees so they can make the decision of the employee would be telecommuting we’re taking leave Sir in isolation or quarantine. Terms of COVID-19 exposure notifications for students and employees will work through the system and work closely with Southern Nevada health district to follow the guidelines. In terms of cleaning and disinfecting in the upcoming slides Mister right now we’ll discuss that process. We do need assistance from school nurses inside administrators How services administrators to determine close contacts and report this information to the health district. At this time, I’ll turn the presentation over to chief facilities, check right there >> Good evening, madam president members of the board superintendent jorah Jeff Wagner chief of facilities for the record. During distance education or cereals that has worked tirelessly to maintain cleanliness of our building to prepare for a transition to face to face instruction. We’ll continue to work diligently as we transition to a hybrid model. It was clean of all facilities will take place Monday through Friday of each week. Monday Tuesday and Thursday of each week to students before routine daily cleaning including in contrast and disinfecting touched surfaces that mean cleaning and disinfecting restrooms. Fortune side of the church will be the primary cleaning products used during these days requires a 5 minute we’ll time to be effective in killing our kids On Wednesday between cohort custodial staff to focus on performing an enhanced cleaning Utilizing the Pirates TV disinfected clear all high tech services testing fixtures by Rick suppliers of 2 men will tend to kill viruses It will also perform regular utility work, including spot carpet extraction minor mean it’s as tight a lot. On Friday’s following the cohort be another enhanced cleaning be performed in preparation for the return of cover it We needed any consultation, some mental health district central facility services will deploy to perform a rapid disinfection

of schools, using the chorus through 60 system. This is an electrostatic we sprayed disinfectant a player rate of 18,000 square feet. Her our permission. Next like this Some concern has been expressed regarding workload Park Service staff Before you as an example of staff in the 1998 for Tatum intraschool. This forecast 59 of these schools employees representing the most common elementary school. The school 62,500 square feet and staff of 3 students had to sit in one eight-hour so young and once our 7 hours are representing 23 sorial hours per day or one so our for every 2700 square feet across community for classrooms where is the Council of great city schools and we need to sort of a workload. Is approximately 26,380 square feet per full time equivalent across the nation. In the example of the slide each FT your full time equivalent is responsible for approximately 21,200 square feet. Across the CST the workload per full time equivalent is approximately 23,350 square feet roughly 11.5% below the median workload of our peer institutions. During a hybrid educational Morrow. Less than 50% of enrolled students will be in the building each day reducing the amount of trash generated and the overall where the building as well out of the students greater time to focus on high-tech services. Well it for emergencies. Next slide please. Ccsd is taking the following proactive measures to improve their quality within our schools since April of 2020 air filters have been changing all schools where feasible those filters have been a great from where they’d rather to work 13 to 6. It is important to note that this work is constant And he says he continues to change filters on a regular basis in conformance with best practices and manufacturer’s recommendations Soldiers are pleased early in this process have served their useful life are currently being replaced again this this will important to you in the fall of 2019 ccsd and worked our preventive maintenance plan seen the coils of all ages, the systems >> Well this was not a direct response to COVID-19 is a best practice that allows our each piece of equipment operated on some level and it has a positive impact. An air quality or schools. Again in May of 2020 ccsd prioritize the needs and inspection of outdoor intake systems. This result in the identification and resolution of outdoor gun take issues at 58 schools. Today ccsd means is that in very hard to function of outdoor air dampers at every school ccsd will continue to monitor the function of outdoor air intakes. And right foot prioritize their maintenance and repair if they happened up The Department of sustainability energy and environmental services has adjusted the htc scheduled at the school insurance, the occupancy needs of that school They will continue tomorrow. In addition to the majors mentioned above ccsd has identified approximately 850 rooms across the district, including nurses offices. Roads identified a separate rooms and the roads us are medically fragile students wrapped in air purification HBC units are in these spaces are being retrofitted with bipolar ionization systems to add additional layer of defense against the transmission of viruses It’s Lucian these units is under way will be completed prior students returning to campus. Next slide please. At this time I will turn the presentation back over a doctor and a nurse manager thank you >> Madam president members of the board superintendent Jerome for the record Brenda Larson Mitchell. So we know the hybrid model consists of cohort a cohort be and students participating in full time distance education, looking at teacher assignments in the hybrid instruction instructional model We really need to look at our class size ratios and the number of students participating in each cohort we also have to meet the needs of all students so teacher Simons may vary. Right now we have 153,031 responses to our hybrid cohort questionnaire survey at this time 59.1% of the respondents have selected the hybrid instructional model with 40.9% selecting full-time distance education. At the elementary level and only at the elementary level we do have a little bit more flexibility regarding teacher assignments. Teachers may be assigned to courts a B and C or cohorts in be. Depending again on those classes ratios in the number of students participating. So teachers are signed the cohorts A and B They would provide that face to face instruction for half of their students at school in and then face to face instruction to the other half of their students cohort be on Thursdays and

Fridays and then of course that distance education on those other 3 days 4 cohorts A and B. Teachers are also responsible then for that synchronous and asynchronous session when they are at home. If teachers are to students full-time distance education and again this would be at the elementary level only because of the flexibility to teacher licensure there at the elementary level That full cohort see full-time distance education teacher would essentially provide synchronous and asynchronous instruction virtual office hours and of course wellness checks and then they can also assist our teachers who are teaching cohorts A and B by providing some additional synchronous session potentially at the beginning at the end at the end of the day for students who are at home engaged in distance education. If teachers are assigned to students in court saying be ample time distance education they’re responsible for the instruction of all students. So we think about half of the students face to face in on Monday and Tuesday. It is a smaller class size we have an opportunity to provide interventions small group instruction really focusing on those critical thinking evaluation high comment to demand tasked with our students And then of course face to face instruction for the other half court be on Thursdays and Fridays and also providing instructions synchronous and asynchronous to our full-time distance education students. With live streaming and Google meet. We will be able to provide that synchronous instruction for all students in court covert a B and full-time distance education. Next slide please Wednesday’s in the hybrid instructional model We know planning for the hybrid instructional needs to be very strategic for teachers. So there is time out Kate and on Wednesdays to provide teachers with that time that they need so teachers on we still have to take attendance Interact with their kids because we know that they need that interaction so there is some you know instruction that does need to be provided of course also providing those virtual office hours for students and parents and wellness checks for students who are demonstrating in need. Teachers will also have an opportunity to participate professional learning comey communities to analyze student achievement data and listen plan professional learning specifically aligned. With teaching in the hybrid instructional model and then of course there 15 preparation period. All students will participate in distance ad on my on so engaging in synchronous and asynchronous instructed instruction and then also we’ll have the opportunity to participate in virtual office hours. And again wellness checks for students who are demonstrating, I need for those check ins. Next slide please And at this time I will turn it over to doctor Mike 30. Madam president members of the board’s retained Jara >> With the transitional hybrid instructional model melty which is something that we’re quite familiar with because this was instituted at the very beginning of distance education. This would be used to really determine where are students are academically and from a social emotional Lance. Obviously the cycle you see in front of you is what we’ve been using what will continue to use with melty teams. We think about predicting observing explaining and then taking action it’s all around what the data is telling a school team from a macro level or from the school perspective with an entire data set but also drilling down to individual students. So this weekly team right now we’ll continue to do their work in a hybrid environment, especially with kids transitioning from an academic standpoint, but also social emotionally Next slide please. We also know that is critical to have eyes on students that at this time particularly in even going into a hybrid model that partners in this we’re not alone I think that we have very complex things we’re tackling it’s a district now, and even in the future and so the partnership mother specifically who will be available at the end of this presentation, there are questions Wife lines, a pilot right now totally voluntary I just wanted that very clear bollen volunteers at 11 schools that are running Maltese in person. To identify students in person to see who may be struggling who may be at that tier 3 and need additional support in real time So we came up with as a result of the presentation you heard a couple of weeks ago about of some of the mental health data but again this partnership we’re not in this alone. We’ll

continue into the hybrid instructional model Next slide please. And also another key indicator or or structure that will have in place for the mental well-being and checking up on our students that we put in place in distance education, where the wellness checks. We’ve done. Now we I think the collective we have teachers counselors everyone throughout the district there are thousands of wellness check Checks that have occurred whether in person virtual Lee These will continue when we convert to a hybrid program because we know they’re going to be those individual conversations that need to occur. Those individual check ins Maybe their attendance patterns They are concerning where those wellness check teams that will be normally when they arrive on campus. They will get to work of identifying those students. With your permission now to President back to doctor Larson Mitchell Madam president members of the board superintendent jorah for the record Brenda Larson Mitchell >> So please know that with the hybrid instructional model we have limited student and staff movement within the buildings as much as possible. For to the greatest extent possible elementary school students will stay with their teacher and. The students within their At the second secondary level both middle school and high school when students do come to face to face instruction and they will only be attending 2 courses. So that we only have one passing to limit interaction between students staff at the school. Arrival and procedures school teams will develop and an entry and exit plan so students and staff will be assigned to Gates and doors for arrival and dismissal >> So we don’t have any big congregations of people. Looking at passing periods at the elementary level teachers will scored during their transitions well walking the line maintaining appropriate social distancing While we walk forward through the hallways at the secondary level will have one way routes for passing with organized released Hines and of course those those schools that have outside will use outside passing as much as possible. Breakfast, so at the elementary Teachers will supervise their own students in the classroom for breakfast Breakfast will be delivered to the classroom either by students picking up their breakfast coolers or staff will be delivering breakfast to the classrooms and students will eat their breakfast at their desks in the classroom at the secondary Food carts will be located at the various entrance locations So students can grab their breakfast and go to their classroom and eat in their classroom. Lunch During lunch at the elementary The plan is that teachers will be matched to supervise students so one teacher will supervise a group of students students will remain in their classroom. So teachers will be paired based on next door classroom partners So that the one teacher can supervise the students in the classroom eating lunch, while the other teacher goes and has their 30 It do the duty free lunch and then of course they would. Swap and rotate Again students will remain in their eating lunch at their desks. Restroom protocols. So in our normal operating procedures we do full class restroom breaks that will no longer be permitted. Students who use the restroom independently. We will designate an assigned restrooms to certain classes at the secondary breaks will be Teachers will issue one restroom pass at a time and please know that the logisticsared by by all. Sot their work and they will have their own instructional supplies. Computer labs will going to bringssigned device the have seatingdary level. We will have seating condary level. Wel is another reason for only having 2 courses Face to face at the school During that face to face time students in course one can come into the chemistry classroom said in all the said in all the into the chemism desks that are labeled SK. And then the second group of kids come in and they said they said

group of kids cd that all the deaths that are labeled S B. So it does not require any cleaning in between. But just to make it very clear for both middle and high school as they will only provided through distance education once they arrive back at home. During the school day Next slide please. And speaking of lunch, Mister Mike Casey. Madam president members of the board superintendent jorah my Casey for the record >> With the opening of school we were able to expand our food service access or not resulted in a significant increase in meal served the well over what we were doing with the spring and summer months. In fact we’ve today 5.4 million bill served since the opening of school which is a great benefit to the community. In an effort to continue providing that access. We will continue to have those distributions. Food distribution sites that made a school sites Monday through Friday for those students who are not attending face to face. As the graphic those within I would be receiving their on premises. Well those and B and C would have access to their schools at the distribution site or a school that’s the closer proximity to the residents. On Wednesday Again the distribution sites will be active as they currently are. And on Thursday and Friday court he would receive their meals on premises. Well the and see again without access to the distribution sites. Of note we will have to re service time for the distribution sites as not to conflict with the drop-off and pick-up times or on site meal service. Once a determination is made as to what the appropriate serving time says for those distributions that would be communicated accordingly. Also of note recently we have started providing additional meals on Friday to assist families for the with the weekends. Unfortunately as we transition hybrid, we will have to put that on pause to evaluate our wine lover of levels to determine that still feasible. If so we can or restart that program but again we have to evaluate what we can come up with that Next slide please. To ensure a safe service experience for both are students and The Transportation Department did work with the Southern Nevada health district and that in developing a transportation plan. For bus They will be required to wear masks and how they face shields for loading and unloading The buses and transit it is required that they do remove the face shield to prevent of structure within the sidelines Also in and here and so social distancing and again a corporation with the Southern District Let’s get past. It will be limited to 50% which equates to approximately 28 students per bus or 46 on a special Ed bus depending on the configuration special at us. it’s been airflow is a good recommend has been recommended to the transmission of COVID-19 as transportation will ensure utilize I’m sure the increase of airflow by utilizing your head to the extent that it is practical. Our temps things like In budget is really between routes and the bus drivers are most states district disinfecting wipes to wipe down the high touch areas. Well The buses will be receiving a deep disinfecting for the full that service has been contracted out to a professional cleaning service and next like this. So as bus capacity will be limited to 50% or approximately 28 students purpose. They will be set up one student per seat the marked offseason alternating per row in a diagonal pattern indicating what to expect and for social distancing as well Senate sanitation To personal hiding. We’ll posted throughout the bus as well as his marked off according Lee. We probably have extended drop off pick up and drop-off and pick-up times depending on a number of preschool that are expected to

be it’s the face. This will help facilitate given our ask the constraints as well as ensure we have the appropriate staggering during the drop-off. Additional training for drivers will be provided which will be a line with CDC guidelines. Regarding ppe and in the proper social distancing. As mentioned face masks and face shields will be required to provide for drivers. Students will be required as a condition to ride the bus to wear face masks. For loading unloading them during the duration of the trip moments hand sanitizer will be provided. The front of the bus. For loading and unloading procedures Students will be loading from back to front an exit us to its a team from front to back And again as an expectation. Her condition to ride the Students will have to. Assess the health assessment prior to showing up at the bus stop. Next slide please. And with that I’ll turn it over turned term chief technology officer to learn to Good evening Madam president members of the board superintendent jorah. For the record own interim chief technology officer. We wanted to point out some school preparation of the technology resources that may be used >> As doctor Larson Mitchell explained the framework in schools establishing their structural plans. There needs to be verification that the technology at their site can support the plan. We’re recommending the recommendation is repairs and it’s the started school with technology in the building. That relates to ensuring infrastructure readiness we’re getting a lot of questions related to if the network can support all the streaming. The wife and I our analysis is determined that all school networks can support streaming of in-class instruction to remote learners with the recommendation hard wire Lane connection versus using WI fi. This assumes the teacher and the students are not attempting a stream at the same time. We do need to point out there’s approximately 45 schools that are still in the pipeline to get an upgrade to be able to have full one to one People coverage. So we’ll be working with those schools to ensure that we understand what their plans are. And how best to. Make that happen. As what technology there’s lots of links in the chain that could potentially cause an issue so there needs to be alternate plans prepared shooting or interruption occur. And those plans and expectations obviously will be communicated to students parents guardians and their community members. Next slide please. In order to make all that occur there’s critical staff coverage that’s required for that technology support. Do you support services Department will continue to provide support schools with say based technician vacancies To ensure that the school priorities are handled and that the building is ready for students Already standard of school procedures to prioritize the activities. For school start of to ensure that the technology is ready for students and teachers. We do need to point out I must be allocated to install any software updates for computers that have been powered off during the pandemic Certainly their teacher workstations and laugh computers that been idle for all of this time and so the technicians will be updating us off course looks ready to use Mister Wagner pointed out related to social distancing Equipment locations may need to be adjusted And there are cleaning that are in place for any of those devices or equipment that are going to be shared. Between teachers and staff and students. At this time we’ll turn the presentation over to doctor Barton >> Madam president members of the board to touch or a Mike Byrne for the record. A brief update regarding athletics Again we follow and and they’ve been great during closure period and even transitioning back to to a hybrid instructional model. We follow the guys from a A and so with that non-contact and minimally minimal contact sports only worker. So to give you for instance the winter sports that would be the first to be played if we if this occurs the boys and girls bowling and girls flag football Sports center in the winter cycle under include of basketball and wrestling. Those sports would not be able to scrimmage they could do conditioning and those sorts of things but they would have to fall again guidance which we’re doing with our plan

mitigation strategies will be critical So that would include testing of coaches Managers referees officials and team staff providing that testing before the season starts and again going back to the point of. Compressed sports schedules where if if approved with school in January the season that would start. Will be the typical winter sports. And then after the winter sports, the next season would come which would be the typical fall sports. And then proceeding that would be are coming after that would be the spring sports that are in a typical. You’re a long athletic schedule. So that’s our that’s the athletic update at this point but again taking all of our guidance from and I a Now transition this mating Jones >> Good evening. Good evening, madam president members of the board superintendent jorah making Jones for the record >> So you’ll recognize this information as it was provided could be a sling within the Health Department presentation However I think it bears repeating that it is a work rule or requirement is probably a better and more appropriate word all employees at here to all health and safety precautions, including these critical items listed here such as wearing face social distancing Reporting it to your supervisor and therefore not reporting to work if you have been exposed to are infected with covid as well as utilizing appropriate hand hygiene. A common question is what if employees are not abiding by this you know what what happens then and how should that be handled by our staff And so what we would ask is that they reported to an administrator who was responsible for holding employees accountable. To these requirements and we believe that in most cases that that would resolve most situations However if the administrator is not that to these requirements or holding their tongues accountable. There are other options as well. I like to first remind everybody that everybody has a supervisor. So for example if it and administrative I mean yes he’s a simple example, there was an assistant principal that was not hearing to certainly the staff member could go to the principal on site. However not everyone is comfortable doing that so another option through the safety department is to file a safety concern. We have Clark County 3 ’05 which is very easy to find just by going on our ccsd dot net in the search bar putting in CCF through get the exact title of the farm employee safety health or environmental concern for one page very simple to fill out Can be filled out and that would be routed to our safety team to follow up If they get repeated violations about the same place and things are being done then again assistant at hearing that to the administrators supervisor. And a 3rd final option would be to utilize our ethics point system as well if they feel that they set out to solve any of those rates. So there are multiple for our employees who feel that protocols are being followed to you. Follow up on those concerns Next slide please. a challenge that we are aware of is that some employees with school aged children may not have other childcare options available to them especially during a full-time distance learning And so in consideration of that district employees may bring their children with them between December first through December 18th under certain conditions. So the primary conditions include the children would just as employees are expected to follow all health and safety protocols as well as any other district expectations while on campus or in the central office buildings. The employee must request and receive permission prior to their child to work from their administrator A lot of that is just to ensure that you know exactly how many people are requesting it and ensure that the environment is one where children are permitted. And where it can work that we think in most cases the can but very important that the be able to Assess that and control it through this Process. And also the employee has to be the afc’s the parent or guardian of the child, not your and I must maintain supervision of the child and ensuring no destruction of the daily tasks and the district You know to be ongoing Again I just want to be clear that this opportunity is available to all employees, not just license that caters school based

staff. Next slide please we’re also clear one of the key will be for those employees who conditions where they cannot return to work or feel that they cannot return to work. So wanted to definitely How request to telecommute or continuing to would be considered. So first and requests to telecommute may be made by employees based on their own medical condition. The Office of diversity and from the formative action excuse me and Casas consultation with the supervising administrator. The term ends at the request will be approved or denied or if an alternative accommodation might be offered and presented to the employee I’d like to 88 request for accommodations are very much individual considerations. Very much case by case depending on that particular individual and their circumstances and the job in the role that they’re in. But we still thought it might be helpful to outline the items that must be true in order for 88 accommodations to be considered or approved And those are listed there, but I’ll repeat them first and foremost again it has to be based on the employee’s own medical condition. Pregnancy is definitely one of them as well medical conditions that we’re an employee may be more susceptible to COVID-19 Publications so again it is not an exhaustive list by any means. But some of sort of common conditions might be as my chronic kidney Kidney disease diabetes serious heart condition that cetera Also thing is that staffing levels have to. Permit. Believe as well as essential job functions can be performed off site. And finally medical is provided to the office of diversity and affirmative action that supports the request for the accommodation so those are some of the things you have to be true for it to be considered or approved Next slide please. not everyone will fall into that category in some There might be other reasons for requesting. An accommodation or leave is probably the better word there. And so if I American 88 accommodations is not applicable or is denied that is some of the other options that employees can explore are listed here on this page. So the emergency paid sick leave is up by 4 up to 10 days of pay currently this option is set to expire on December 31st and that’s up a couple in situations where The person has either contracted covid or Is showing symptoms and is seeking. Diagnosis or has been. Asked to be quarantine a government or medical agency. In addition Leaves that are standard and have been a part of our procedures are still things that employees can pursue and see if they’re eligible for such as family medical leave Any leaves as negotiated with marketing partners. Sick leave As well as some of our on the go Sheena agreements that we’ve done during covid to allow employees to donate their leave to each other for our reasons related to covid or leave of are all options that can be Explored should somebody have been me and this next slide please. With that I will turn it back over to superintendent jar >> Thank you. Madam president members of the have prepared remarks and I just wanted to make before the board this evening in the community. So as we all know they say that change is inevitable. But the amount of change that we have seen in educational past several months as cause destructive ripple effect the Clark County school district And as mentioned and has been mentioned before we are in the midst of a mental health crisis. The health crisis and an economic crisis yet will have lasting implications for decades to come. COVID-19 has the stabilizer educational structured and highlighted the inequities. Big sister dinner, but you cation for many years. Make no mistake we are suffering here in Clark County and as we enter into the winter months Our challenges

will increase exponentially. But the future of our children is on the line considering the reason use our statewide response to COVID-19. And then make it makes sense for us to examine our return. To learn our hybrid model. I am mindful that may be confusing When the governor makes the appropriate leadership decision one day. And later in the same league Clark County school district Under my recommendation sends mixed signals that we are poised to do the opposite but we are not let me be very clear we are not I agree with the governor’s decision and will continue to work with him and his administration to bring our children back to school. As we. And as safe as we possibly can in an orderly way. Tonight and we will continue as mentioned yesterday to follow the stay at home. Order following the governor’s order. Sisi is the is the second largest employer in the state. And we will do our part to help to lower numbers As we continue I will be directing our cheese to continue planning to reopen our schools The timeline we’ll determine on the numbers and the health data provided by the something that helps We will continue to assess the data as we have been doing since our first case in March 4th. We will continue to work with our partners. Our community. We’re very close To finally negotiating some agreements with CCA. That will help our teachers return to school safely. I close with 2 final points First to our community. Along with the board I hear you and understand you as we and you want to see your sons and daughters back to school in the traditional school building We want the exact same thing More than you know we are going to make it happen in a way that it’s safe for all. The last point is the right that the staff. The incredible incredible work our staff and our partners have done to this point is inspiring and will not be in vain. All a bit of good work completed under this complex Circumstances will be used when we open schools. In the interim we will continue working to be ready. When we have an eventual return to our campus. Your dedication flexibility in patients. Give me hope. And I’m grateful For every single one and I am proud to be the superintendent in Clark County >> Thank you superintendent hour. Her many concerns about reopening schools act this time. Given our current health data recent guidance from governor Cooper and time it turned and I never recommend the board not take action on the plan at this time. We chose to this agenda item because the board already to rate this conversation once we didn’t want to make it here is the 3rd district is not actively time and we offer in person instruction for students and families who desperately need some hope for we are about this time the divide the border and additional opportunity to buy feedback and concerns. The students and families they serve. So the district can continue to treat this plan and bring it back for a future date. I want to thank staff for her dying husband Georgia conference of plan and for continuing to tweak the plan is needed We appreciate their effort and recognize your hard work and we’re in this to continue your medication. Now turn it over to the trustees for they have an opportunity That’s in the back and pass on concerns they have received from the students and families we serve Has the right >> I don’t think I was first I think it were the cause of I think that was from now we’re me >> I lost my connection from like you or not, but I believe you are seeing here >> You know what I’m I’m going to hold off from going to let their just because those was never in my latest Rusty Ford after that so I will put you down at the >> thank you madam president, thank you trustee right. I also want to thank the

superintendent and his staff, I know a lot of hard work went into this presentation And I do appreciate it, I know they put in a lot of long hours. My feedback tonight is that. Although it is a very detailed presentation. I don’t think at this point that it’s sufficient. I greatly appreciate superintendent Jenner trustee Brooks as far as you know the prepared This is something that I was hoping they can get to so I do want to appreciate the. To both of I just think that even trying to take action on this tonight without getting more feedback Not that we didn’t get 300 e-mails are ready But I was I able to finish reading them. So I just want to ask With getting the feedback. We have a total today of 1593 deaths, 91,859. Confirmed cases and 7,703 Hospitalizations that’s from the health district. We have 3 new deaths, the most recent report today we have 68.4 people dying for every 100,000 people in Clark County not just in the whole state, but Clark County Those numbers cannot be argued with they are published. More than a 3rd of the cases, 38.3% reported in Clark County. Among Hispanics. Making it most definitively The most impacted ethnic group locally and nearly half 47.4% of the positive cases, reporting in the county. This is. We have a lot of details presented tonight a lot of hard work went into those details a lot of hard work went into those logistics. But the elephant in the room here several elephants It’s simply that. I don’t think this model is doable as it is right now, and it’s just a bit said and and sip a challenger Maybe having to go back and tweak it. We are talking about a mental health crisis. Suicide rates. Any mental health in the nation, including some of our own school psychologists many many of them wrote in This is not a magic panacea going back to school in a restrictive environment with those snow laughing. No talking no congregating know eating lunch together that is not going that’s going to be more. I want to say prison-like environment but it’s not going to be. What they had before. So I think we need to be realistic about this we need to have effective communication Parents want to have a choice. Educators want to have a choice. We need to have a plan where people are volunteering to go in without worrying about losing their lives. So I think my time is almost up. So I’m just going to read something here that was sent to me by middle school students. I want to know these are not my words. A shootout. Students staff This causes have families, students and staff [laughter] have hopes fears love and dreams. Students want to learn educators want to teach of support. But none of these none of these people this couple as it was want to get sick could possibly die. They are not statistics nor do they want [laughter] to be they are people. So I’ve been and with that but now you know put myself back in the queue. Thank you >> It has the fact that you would like to get staff so that when they bring the brand back they are able to address the war >> do I’m sorry about that. My question is with a 7 day moving average of 26.7 5% 14.3% But the statement that which is what the health district coast for us What if our numbers go up. How does that fit in because this is sounding like the hybrid model is already approved which it’s not and again I thank you for taking the action part out of that. But my feedback is. We have all these logistical details. How will they deal with that. Yes our numbers stay at that level or go up even higher I think superintendent or harshly. Address that because no bus schedule know passing period, no teachers. Trying to watch to classes that time teachers trial to watch the kids eat lunch without masks, none of that is going to matter if we’re constantly during the quarantine so what’s in

specific answers about how they will handle that >> And Miranda. I know your time is up this time tonight back in the queue, it sounds like you are asking for more detailed instructions about having to put it High >> Yes, thank you and also make it clear to the how specific it’s going to be that if their child has a covid like symptoms They’re looking at least 10 days quarantine and also I just want to say that that not only do the parents have been waiting a long time to be able to make their wishes known and to get their kids back to school if they wish so we have our educators not just the license personnel but the service support professionals to I don’t want anybody to get sick and die, so I do want a very detailed rendering of how we are going to do that thank you >> Thank you can Art >> Thank Earlier e-mail to grant an inch or a request to delay the vote and I didn’t receive a I was a little nervous, but I’m very happy to know that I wasn’t the only person with that idea. And I very much appreciate superintendents books a decision without having to because of that because the board to have to vote on it so I appreciate that. I do want to talk about the contents of that e-mail that I said earlier though I think it’s it’s very important and I wanted to be considered when we are presented with and next time or presented, but the plan and asked to vote on a large part of the job of the trustee is to learn what our constituents who are parents want and to relay that information to the full board That’s what I’m trying to do right now. The board was told that the decision to reopen in the ABC cohort hybrid model was based on the amount of parents that shows a or B cohort in the survey’s instead of just answering that went out to the parents. Both of those surveys opened with a choice of inperson cohorts or distance learning. None of those surveys included the fact that many students including those that choose to remain in distance learning. Might have to change teachers. The survey also didn’t include any logistics or an explanation of what a school day would look like under covid I since the detail reopening plan has released 3 days ago. Parents have been too you know choices and mass most citing that they do not want the classroom dynamic or their teacher to change. After finally getting some stability for their kids in schools closed 8 months ago. So I began wondering how parents choices might change if the survey had opened with the fact that students might need to change teachers. So I posted an informal poll on my trusty facebook page. I did some matches in the crown and got the OK to share that so sunny if you’re there can you please put that on the screen. I understand that this is a small sample size >> I wasn’t under the impression that we’re trying to share things that happened we know this can actually get in time for us right here >> to Mary Ann Miller little bit ago so maybe she can weigh in whether or not we can share that >> We all putting things on the screen without having gone through the proper process of submitting information was not appropriate for you or for the superintendent >> Sure this is not any data This is a this is me. Telling the board my constituents are saying whether or not we want to take that as fact or whatever I believe that is within the role that Rusty and I. Many times the board has indicated that they need the jewels to understand what I’m saying so It is not me spending data sharing other people’s information. This is one slide of my own I information Go ahead and you can share it from me and I really need to talk to doctor alsbury about this specific pumps >> Thank so once again I began wondering how parents choices might change if the survey had opened with the fact the students by need to change teachers. I posted this survey I understand this is a small sample size and it might reflect more parents in my district, but I believe that these numbers provide a good reason to hold back on improving the ABC cohort model as is I’m requesting to discuss the the other boat. The idea I’m attaching the results from the parent call I even included the results from the poll shared in the parent group that superintendent jorah frequents and communicates with which includes parents of students in all districts and the results from the poll Sheridan

another parent group parent group that represents Las Vegas and Henderson. Jury agree this is enough reason to hold up and voting on the current plan I actually believe this is enough reason to. Rethink the plan. And present the board with a plan that does not disrupt the learning environment and does not cause students to change teachers I don’t know what that looks like them We’ve after seeing the work from our staff I think they would be able to do that that’s my request and if not I would at least a C I would at least like to see what the second option would be. That plan B that does not disrupt the learning environment at this point in the year and that allows all students to keep the teachers and they want whether they return in person or continue with disinfecting. And you can see all let’s talk about this really quick You can see from G reaction based Paul That’s about 89% of parents on my page. Said they do not want do not wantof parents on my pagy to change teachers. Whether they are in person or distance learning and on the page 86% of those sites in our board, 86% of those sites in our board, teachers are those parents. Do not want to ch is a big deal to me I want to have more conversation about this and I want to see a plan that reflects what my constituents are constituents are that reflects y clearly requesting. I would also maybe urge the superintendent and staff to send out a send out a e superintendeno survey just like this. So we can get some more clear numbers and know for sure that it’s not just the parents and my page responding with this. And I’m good thank you I appreciate you allowing me to share that on the screen. It has a great serve have to The the. Parent commu have to The the. Parent communiu plan as membersd like to see a n plan as membersd like to see a n and and >> Well I’ve given my ideas, bunch of times I don’t know if that’s necessarily my job and I’ve seen frome only plan that I’ve seen from believe tt other districts that would ensure that students don’t. So don’t lose teachers and on this trip across much of Ironman would be to utilize our school campuses as on site distance learning hubs that would be I have some ideas for that. If it was safe having little pods of students that could assistant to assist them in their current distance learning and allowing our teachers to continue teaching from the school >> Or there. Whatever >> But it would not be the teachers in person with the students they would just be an opportunity for students who struggle with connection who are struggling at home who need to be face to face with somebody maybe who struggled to get it may be the new transportation. I don’t know that would be up to the principles but. That’s the only model that I can see working for the district, I’m open to other options, however I want to make sure it does not make teachers change for students parents and the community that’s you are representing where they want to suggest to the superintendent >> I believe so. I think it has a heart as you are welcome >> Thank you very interest of time I will some of that. Comes hours the stated earlier so just go straight to like to see in a future plan >> I think as we’re moving I definitely like to see how the vaccinations and testing piece is going to work out. So something laid about those I know there’s some things moving You know in the works but. Just from the record I would like to see a detail kind of But obviously that sanctions there’s hopefully we’ll have a vaccination some time next Taking you to be looking forward to and how test is going to work. I do worry the hybrid I think in terms the complexities I think it definitely my parents my district are a little confused and it’s a little overwhelming. And if we how about a. But even split in terms of those who want to go the distance in those want to come in person

maybe we could look into what it would look some sort Pokemon face and pulled him but that’s nations and and in the contract East tracing piece. What I would like to really important to the plan once we get our covid hopefully they stable as a bit because right now where I very much >> Thank you very >> thank you madam >> I’m a little disappointed that we’re not going to be making any kind of decision tonight as board. Within this document it even states that this is a living document That there are there would be need to modify change be flexible. As we get more information. And. I fear that we have basically committed all of our children to be in isolation for the rest of the school year No matter what. Comes through. I do have some questions if they have the information tonight I want to thank staff for the incredible amount of work that you have done I am so impressed. I. Can you imagine there were times when reading this I was overwhelmed with the death of thought that has gone into this and still knowing that there’s more work to be done and that’s the part that. Frustrates me and makes me sad because there is more work to be done And if this board’s inability to make a decision has now hampered that we are hurting our children even more. When we talk about roughly 60 to Split on people wanted to come back to hybrid versus distance ad were we able to drill down to see where numbers were coming from as far as the scattered map because I think that will give some insight as to resources within families And our community and who is going to suffer the most because of this inability to act. So do we have and superintendent or or or doctor watching Mister Mitchell start madam president members of the board superintendent charge trustee Garvey >> Guess I like chillier work on our system superintendent for assessment accountability research in school improvement chime in as they’ve done some. Analysis of the data today so Mister work >> good evening, madam president members of the board superintendent Chara for the record my name is Kelly or I’m the assistant superintendent assessment accountability research and school improvement We did do some drilling down of data We found that over all it was about a 6040 Some. Trustee areas where a little higher in a percent for hybrid. Reagan so if I just looked at it by region for example region, one. 60% Preferred the hybrid. And at 13 it was as 61% preferred hybrid and 39% preferred online Region 2 ways, 57%. Preferred hybrid and 43% preferred online. And Regent 3 was 60% higher grade and 40% online. So as you can see it was pretty pretty much the same there was a huge difference if we look at by trusty level. Same thing I trustee right had probably the highest percentage of preferring hybrid that is 68%. Preferring hybrid and 31%. Perth preferring online Our least preferring hybrid. trustee young. At 54% preferring hybrid 45% line and when we look at zip code. It was just right around that 60 to 50%. So there were little fluctuate you want says yes I pretty much still kind of around that 6040

>> Also if we can have more detail on logistical ability to do all these things because it is becoming quite apparent that we are not. Performing in a vacuum here. We have outside pressures of the disease itself We have outside pressures of regulations by there governor of the Southern Nevada health district. And Also from collective bargaining units. So there are many aspects of this that are are influencing how we can move forward And our ability to do So logistically some of the things that I I am concerned about is Our nursing staff FAA says I think asking fossa sometimes to triage that level of intensity should numbers or flare happen It is not fair and beyond where they’re training and that so looking at ability to triage and that also I appreciate the fact that there was a high level Participation you know asking for participation from principles but it was an optional meeting And it was still high level. Now that we have something for them to look at and think about if we can have a more detailed drill down of what individual buildings and programs and things like that because. Some of the outside influences and parameters that are being pushed down to us as having to for Phil make it very difficult for I P kids and pre K children. When it comes to social distancing >> And ppe >> And other items you have to Figure out Okay, if you break the rules can use still play in the sandbox here at school >> So those kind of things my districts. Has a lot of very opinions [laughter] >> I >> Also would like some feedback on. I I’m hoping that we are still able to continue with our rural designations the way they are And then also what if they are able to meet those face to face or hybrid Areas that are outlined in this transition plan. By people saying why brothers the distance that and I’d rather be hybrid. If those small schools can accommodate to that will they be able to do that is that an operational decision that the superintendent can make. Again I’m very disappointed that this board is not willing to to start the work by putting their name on it, I say we know it’s not perfect. We know it may not happen or and that things can change. But we’re not going to stand in the middle of the road looking both ways waiting for a car to hit us because we’re too afraid to make a decision. So thank you >> Thank you president can I so I’m going to try to do their own communities have the authority >> I’m madam chair members of the board trustee to your point I am I going change anything we’re ruled they’ve been doing well as a matter of fact. When we situations in cases with the hybrid. And we have cases in some of our schools. What we realize that it worked because we have to separate a cohort not the entire school to shut down. So the hybrid model that you see tonight has worked and what in the schools that we’ve had cases I mean I just want to make a as we as you know I I sit on calls and every Thursday and the chancellor in New York City public schools have said in 1600 schools there in every every day there’s a school that shuts down and another one that opens it’s been part of the process in managing This crisis, but the benefit of children being in schools at least 4 one to 2 days. In 3 days in the has has been beneficial for children >> He’s a great manager to see her. Like a roller coaster >> First of >> I’m very clue. Least that you all that was going to be one of my recommendations is that we table this that we give this some time that we look at the numbers

>> You know we call ourselves the D d 3 days, David driven different decisions. And there’s some data >> That we were not considering in my opinion before we make a decision so I appreciate the fact that we just took a time a little bit of time to pause, the pause and I have some prepared remarks to them and try to be brief because you know that’s hard for me, but I can do it. I got my my my game plan ready to go but first of all I want to thank the staff. And one thing all the people out there who stand in a time of the e-mails text messages and calls this is extremely important to you and it’s extremely important to us. We didn’t bring this on ourselves You didn’t bring it all, but it did come and there is an opportunity for us to move forward. So I wanted to say to all of you where I got all these hundreds of calls and and Tech simple that I did tried to receive all your comments I tried to read as many as I could. And I’m not going to speak for anybody else on this board. But I would like to say please accept my apologies, but the trauma and for the things that kept you Late at night and for the hearty and for the stress you been under accept my apologies for that I do understand how you feel so I just want you to know my my thoughts are with you on that. But we do remember this and this too will pass away and again it’s not your fault, and it’s not our fault. Let me get to the point of my comments and I’m not going to go all this. This that the 14% almost and all the things in terms of the positivity rate and the things that we were told 5% or less 14 day I’m not going to go that you already been there you know that. But I want to say that as far as the detail we opening plan staffed or did a great job. But I have to say this. When it comes down to me You know everything is about timing. A plan is only as good. As that kind of connecting links that make it work. And so in going over this site just be a straight with you guys I prayed over this and they want to say or what’s the best way because it’s so >> Complicated that time and then we tell you what I got that my prayers. And it came back to me this. It says. Do unto others. As you would have others do unto you So that’s what it came back to me kind of the Golden rule And then we tell you where I was with this in very quickly because I know my time ago will pass. I have not been any of your schools their graduation sure programs at any event Since around March, I have hunker down I have not been to a face to face school board meeting training retreat or any of the event I take this COVID-19 very seriously I know of 6 people and 12 people in one family that have died because is a very insidious sneaky disease. At this time I won’t go into all the things that that happened with my school that 60 school principals you know I meet with you on Google me. But there is an equity issue, an equity issue in the community of the opposite that African Americans and that Latinos get Latinos get it more. But African Americans die mull. That’s a big deal. And it’s a big deal for you is a big deal for me. And some of the expressed concerns about elderly people living with you and the chances that you or your child could transmit to Grandma and Grandpa are real. My mom they’ve been with me for 9 years. And it would that just traumatic having to go out and bring something back but she did have high blood pressure and some other things But I want to just kind of close up because my time is up But to wear a mask. The be in a classroom for 7 to 8 hours a day become teachers come early and then a small contained classroom. That is tough. That’s very top. And finally for all my parents and grandparents for bus drivers custodians support staff professionals, teachers, you are all parents to empower parents out there who are not in the school district. We hear you. But you have to remember this one thing before I get off that up my comments. Students will eventually Learn the skills or catch up on the skills that schools can teach them Right now you can take them. But they have never get you back if something happens to you. You’ll never have that time to teach them how to handle difficult. Unexpected What to do when you’re frustrated disappointed or or when you or your friends are not around and things that may her Pew at that time Parents this

is an opportunity you can model for them how to become positive and productive in an emergency situation without them resorting to doing harm to themselves or to others There’s your in a privilege and unique position to charity special moments with your child because in 10 years. Your 10 year-old will be 20 their 6 year-old will be 16 your 12 year-old will be 22 and all the chaos chaos that you’re living with right now Will be from now 4 per right now. Well not be there. Things will be vastly different than 10 years. And you will have your space back But you’re going to miss and maybe wish you had some of those hectic time with those wind but says children of yours. The bottom line I have other things that I would like to say and comment on I agree with hunkering down right now let’s get to Thanksgiving, let’s get to Christmas. Let’s get through New Year’s and then less. Give everybody a chance to regroup and then that’s come back and come back with the plan that we can start at the beginning of September whether or not to temper. But the semester break That’s my recommendation. Let’s let’s move it from that point. And take these. 4 to 6 weeks as you know the Biden administration is looking at a 4 to six-week possible shutdown and I think that would fit within our plan as well >> Thank you testing and I appreciate I know it takes after a long time to roll out this plan which is why it was introduced with such a long period of time that 4 students come back in January. So are there specific things that you would like to be tweet or maybe you would like to be incorrect when staff present this plan again probably in December we we have to ensure that 40,000 employees of 316,000 students are following the protocol the protocol.16,000 students arg specifics to get down to sere specifics to get down to sere table. How do weall groups aroue and and alsot to have things inn when you have the kind of circular tables what about the long tables and where do we set up those did distant markets for students because students when they come in they they’d always pay attention to those things It’s hard for teachers and staff to do in to do int’s hard for teachers af it’s what you face to face now you’ve got the other online working with how do we make that we make thatr online working wio all already stressed. People are working 1012 hours a day. I mean and principles principles are giving the heart and soul trying to get this and they help help to make. Hope that this will work out Then I if you talk about your safety T I my understanding is that you only have to end of 20 employees to cover the whole district How are you doing that with your safety team And let me just a couple more things. Why are some students allocated 50 square feet of space in the classroom get adult allocated 0 Where were the teachers go. And the purpose of the classroom layout also every classroom ers going to go. There’s no mention of a location where teachers can safely eat lunch only 2 stalls y share about ths only 2 stalls y share about ts there is some concerns about that. If if teachers have to stand between 2 classrooms and monitor to classroom of students meeting twice a day is that unrealistic there’s a culture shock when students and teachers alike. Well be returning to school and it’s going to be unlike anything they’ve ever known before. And that all neighborhoods are equal. You know that dip cold their minds at some of the goals that I a you know I’ve been talking about the equity issue With neighborhoods. And all’s Clark County school buildings are safe I have some older buildings. And they require. Better ventilation and I know you’re working on that. But that’s going to be a concern and of course the mental health crisis There are students are suffering, but think about the mental health crisis of our educators They’re under so much stress And and support

staff. And your principles don’t forget your principal and don’t ever forget your custodians and their effort area and office workers and your bus drivers Yeah also important to this process >> Thank you very much Jessie I appreciate you clarifying that that feedback star Us teen right >> Thank I think up first really want superintendent Darren and his team. I know that it’s not just one person that puts us together and know that Doctor Carson Mitchell nominal staff behind her as well as You know doctor Burton. many might KC com and other public all the other people you know they can out there team behind them that’s helping them >> That is doing research that is you putting this together and >> I I. How did just been I think this plan with the cabby on that there was going to be tweaks that we were going to just and again it’s a living document. But the minute I think that we put some hard date on it for me that got I got I had a struggle with that And continue our numbers continue to go out and then with the you know basically saying that we had 14 days to get this under control of these and start setting step down I’m very much concerned about the mental health issue We have. Less referrals I don’t know if it’s just because. Their little pictures on the screen and you can’t see them as well or what exactly is happening. But. In talking to some of my principles. One of the things that they would like to see really some enhanced For their staff. On recognizing Some of the issues also just enhancing our digital learning. you I think that we have spent so much time. I plan to get everybody back in some way you know we haven’t put enough time in 2. Doing. Better what we’re doing. Because we know that we could end up here again and that’s my huge concern is that we. Move forward with this. In everybody puts all this work into. Planning and all this stuff and become the first of January. Our numbers are still so bad that we’ve got to say no everybody stay where you are And it’s that uncertainty of that. I think is almost Giving kids the hope that they’re going to go back and all this stuff and then yanking it from him. I think is is just not fair for us to do I think that we need to be fairly certain. When we go back we’re going to go back for a significant amount of time And. We just see our numbers, especially in kids rising rising rising and and it’s not us it’s a community issue people are not wearing masks. People are not Staying home [laughter] people are there are out and doing things and I think it may come to the governor to start You know putting us. Anyway my time’s up for this one I do have some specific things that I’d like to to address, I’m happy to write on an e-mail if you would like. Can tear >> If you want to you can either Alexandra time and you want to do it now burger and prefer to be in an open meeting >> We’re going to get back in the queue and get around that time Whatever either you know how to do it because I don’t want to I don’t want to. Our protocol we were supposed to set to the time so I got my time and I get back in the queue >> Thank you trustee rights >> I think all that has gone except per knee rights >> So I take that turn. I want to recognize that many issues families are experiencing are not just the responsibility of schools For students and families of convert or die and services schools provide for them. I know it’s not there. But it’s an

unfortunate reality that we are hundreds of them. And many families are struggling I’ve been flooded with e-mails from school staff saying that everything is working well for them. And this is actually what troubles me the most because many parents disagree I wondering disconnect. My family is going to know that I recognize their struggles but also recognizes decision is too important to rush and how data is not the rubble at this point in time. Planning could make a critical difference when it comes to the health and well-being of the community. I think it’s important for us to gain a little more time and results as many issues as possible Before we bring this up and not finalized So do you have some specific feedback that I think I would like to see. And this is from around the parents who is actually in distance education retire, right this moment. The time I think I agree, but I don’t think the U.S. and that you know what time I get in a healthy eater But I think it would be a beneficial or in the manner that Rusty right and just and I if we remember that dates and instead perhaps we frame this plan as a series of steps. What specific spacing was between the sexes that stats listed in stack so that’s why we don’t see that people’s hopes up that this is going to happen on this date in time and healthy that doesn’t support that decision So I think it’s important we know are the sequence in which those steps are going to her but I don’t think we should tighten necessarily to date unless we have a very clear reason to get some. I know I have. Soak it in the past about improving distance education. I didn’t see a improvement in this plan are bets. I think we really encourage families to actually stay the course. This isn’t a one-time thing so I think it’s important that before we offer any in person instruction we resolve distance education issues. So we can encourage families to remain in distance education as long as possible Right now it’s very frustrating and people might choose to hydrate. Seared desperation because their kids are struggling so much. So from consistent issues that parents continue to express is that students who are successful in school previously announced or occurring in this Moto all students are now failing multiple classes. I time ends for 40 issues are being experienced by many families The failure of beecher’s is causing serious stress and families sense. It’s basically impossible to figure out which is item is actually missing and now they only spend all their time with their children on whether or not their work is complete. The fire off classes haven’t been loaded into canvas is causing unnecessary confusion and households The solution of embedding girl classrooms and take and this is not working for students or families. This issue is not just about figuring out how the law in Parents are struggling how to figure this out trying to figure out how to monitor the academic progress of their children. Are basically a partner in this model with teachers and almost impossible to figure out what work is missing and what work needs to be I want us We want to extend this as long as possible, but it’s a very challenging. In the situation. And my last thing is And students need some level of flexibility and I recognize the staff has prioritized live instruction but this isn’t working for a lot of students, especially students who might have connectivity issues during the day and especially students who have child care issues and you might not be available for live instruction. So alternatives are not consistently offered to students across the district and if we want 6 pack These are the most common things that parents It can be and they’re causing a lot of unnecessary stress and that’s stress is causing a lot of pressure for. Hybrid section So. Those are the things that I would like to see As far as improving his son’s education to make sure that. This is a workable model for even kids to stay in distance education after we have a hybrid model. With that I know there’s some other trustee are in the queue again trust C

I think you are next >> Yes, I was thank madam president. And thank you all the details that you brought up about the issues distance learning I think that that is a very pragmatic way of looking at it and I I’m still receiving the same types of complaints air disco goes take away right from there. One of my questions and it’s coming from a lot of parents and a lot of employees. It is. Why we can’t we have a more. Clear. Survey so that we know how many parents and I know that some surveys have been sent out that we’ve had. I think we’d all agree there’s been numerous issues with them. I’m not sure if all these percentages are being presented to us. I’m hearing from the schools and from parents that’s somewhat back and change their answers. A lot of parents are really upset that they hybrid model was not posted. Until the first deadline and I know the deadline was extended and thank you for that, I’m just pointing that out so asking for both the parents of the employees. When is there going to be a matchup so we know how many parents want their children to go back to school. How many employees do we have available to go back to school because parents would like to have that choice employees would like to have that choice so can we put that is a phone that >> So all of that you would write a matchup for >> The matchup for staff but also parents have been asking you have choices and So so if we have parents and again her as several people pointed out. We have all these outside influences that are coming in and we do have to pay attention to the numbers and is one parent and lots of teachers said if we need to pay attention to data you paid a pandemic that we also need to pay attention to the data having to do with the mental health and having to do with the infections. So I think to see some kind of the survey that’s going to be definitive for both the parents and the employees get some kind of an answer because they’ve been waiting a long time >> So can you I’m we have a survey first to her parents and they can change their answers so I guess I’m >> It would be the employee part let’s just leave it at that. I think they’re right Time here I can always follow up an e-mail I wanted confirm that because we’re not going to kind of piggy back on something that because the Guardian said so because we’re not having a vote on this in Covent though does that mean that the timeline that was proposed the December first for teachers returning. All of that is off the table now I just want to confirm that >> And the like and whether or not that timeline is still on >> And that’s what the judge I believe the 14 days that the governor to create would be along the 26 but the Dodgers giving everybody in show. November 30th but then December first was when. Employees are supposed to report back so I’m a little confused and actually confirm that does that mean that they would still is that still a possibility >> So either >> matter present moment that the board so as a as a superintendent and as we’ve gone through a lot of training with dark are all spinning out to management decision in starting our schools and staffing all our department. Again in all the tournaments on the number which has been flexible I I believe I mentioned the timeline was flexible. So if I deem necessary as your superintendent to bring staff back. That’s obviously something that I will bring before the board but I as doctor Ellsberg has mentioned it is a management decision on an operational >> Thank you doctor, Joe just wanted confirm that because I wasn’t sure they got an a Right my next question is again on the timeline again a trustee right brought up a lot of the same things there as far as what I was concerned about so could we look at could staff to the superintendent and his team Also look at the number of districts that are considering the possible holiday surged at most health experts are warning us about And that would be Thanksgiving Christmas and if we were going to look at a possible

hybrid, the chair. In January for us that would only be 3 days after New Year’s And could we look at the possibility. Of what other districts are doing as far as pushing back. Richard like to January 15th, January 21st because the last thing we want to do as I believe test here I had said is we do not want to return. And it’s January force and January China we have all these people are in quarantine we have children going to more trauma parents going through trauma, employs going to trauma service at a possibility >> Our news or are you asking them if they could just look at other hammer and then transition during the holidays >> Or consider trying to figure out how you’re trying to tie this into that plan that was presented by staff and asking if staff could consider >> What other districts are doing so that’s correct. What you said, but also to consider as we are looking at not wanting to have this flip-flopping. If it would be wise and again, I know that this is something that would come before the board. But it would be wise so that when we do go back that the kids are able to stay there with them the bottle that we’re looking at. So that we set ourselves up for you can shorten that any way you wish >> It sounds like you’re asking them to look at it they’re said to be. Some person in the transition in January to comply that would work >> Yes, some consideration that my time is up so just going to ask one other thing >> Could we get could we not staff and I know that they did mention this I read the >> I read the plan twice There’s a lot still a lot of confusion around specialists and you know there was only one the couple of things and they’re about like the teachers and other specialists and had what their role is going to be and it was not real clarify to wonder if we could just get a little bit of a lab or a shun. The role of the specialist with that the possible >> Current asking a are you asking a question related to how employees are going to interact and the school are >> Know specifically about the [laughter] they because the the way it was explained in the plan. I counted 48 separate emails from different kind the specialists asking different kinds of questions I’m not a specialist so I’m not qualified You know, sorry religious. I’m not qualified to answer that question. So I’m wondering if we could get some clarification on that When they President us with more details >> Her Some clarification on how special they are >> Next would be the down and dirty version Yes trustee Brooks. And I my time is up so I will stop right there and you have more questions that I’m good for now thank you >> Thank interesting e Steamboats and trust and a number of which are specific the distance education piece >> going up because of the within a question. So I’m different >> Thank testing rates >> Okay first I want to say that I have. I want to recognize food service and literally the gold star standard that they have provided over this pandemic and the food service workers that have continued to show every day to not only prepare meals but to I mean have the food delivered get them delivered out to school and then hand them out and. I just I think that we would be remiss if we did not specifically call him out for that. Of course there’s other school police that have been working the whole time and some The un’s that have really been working hard to get our buildings in her order but I mean food service they just it’s just been gold star so. A couple of things I think they’ve already been mentioned, but I’m just going to run down real quick. I think 13

in the staffing up to rooms. I know these some of these are operational but I think there are concerns because we have situations now where you know. Keeping your eye on 1012 13, little ones is difficult enough and then when you’re trying to split between 2 rooms. That and so just a little bit more cleaning after the evenings in the classrooms. I know, I’ve asked several times about. We say we’re going to provide ppe but what does that mean does that mean that every day every teacher’s going to have any master that mean that we’re providing one mask for every teacher once a month does that mean that we’re providing no mask and that one mask in the day I a we still haven’t gotten a lot of detail about us providing ppe and what that looks like. And. The specialist thing I think. I hear from parents that that out of all the things they they like having the specialist but everything that that’s what they would like give up to. Some distance and or whatever situations because the would rather have the instruction map and those kind of things in person. And my other suggestion would be I know superintendents are mentioned that last time is that we’re what we’re really behind on talking to our families about how distant that is working for them what are their challenges what can we do to provide them as parents. Or their students with more supports. You know I I understand that’s we’re not survey writers and so when I read some of these it just it feels very. School leaves cop it also is sometimes I think a little hard to understand that so maybe some normal common. Every day questions. How are you doing on a scale of one to 10. You know how is your kid doing You know, here’s something we can provide check a couple boxes. And you know. I I really would like to see us Inventor and more time. Trying to get this right. A little more because I think no matter what we do we’re going to have kids and this and that And so. That is what I would want to we need to get that distance and Working better. I want to get >> Thank you trustee right. As you got me All right, thank you and I I think se for the next all right. For today is the same Making kids being super weird I thought that you said it was after >> I’m I’m glad. Well another trustee, they’re seeing the need for another self-paced its distance learning option Her family is that cannot participate in real time virtual instruction. I have been looking into options for this since July. When a group of community members that I consulted with determined that itself its program of the necessary. In August I requested an agenda item specifically for but I didn’t have the 4 votes. I feel like at this point Building something like that from the ground up. For this year would not be but I would like it if we intend to launch of this year I don’t see it happening for 2020, if the Fed. I would I would like to request that staff looks what I feel like would be the easiest type of program to merge into our district and it’s a company that a lot of other states utilize the districts can join And supports Sty homeschool style curriculum while allowing the student to remain enrolled in his own school and it’s called my Tech high. Dot com. Pretty cool program is other ones, but I think that would be a really good one to at least look at first seems I also

want to make sure that we’re not speaking in generalities about distance learning. When I definitely believe that many students are struggling with just concerning I think we know that the importance of having social connection. But I also know that many students are thriving in distance learning so in some teachers, so while what we what we shouldn’t be doing is just trying to get everybody back into school likely know it already we should be doing is determining which students. We need to be back in school which we shouldn’t this model doesn’t work for. And which students it does work for specifically students who travel the transportation they now have access to the classroom every single day Students who our bullied students with anxiety disorders are often like much more comfortable in the distance learning environment And I would love to see something innovative coming out of this. One idea I had was why can’t we future create some distance learning hubs but office spaces that teachers can work You don’t need an entire classroom to do a distance learning. That was really supporting with WI fi and. And then open up their classrooms and make our classroom smaller and throw all the portable in the trash can and get all the teachers in the buildings that we have our face to face instruction while supporting teachers who thrive on mine connecting with students who might remain at home. So this is a really good opportunity to reinvent how we do learn ing and to create more options for all parents and families that will work for their unique kids and again I’m not saying that this works for everybody but I guarantee you that there are many people who once we reopen schools will be telling us that they want to continue distance learning and we need to start thinking about that right now That’s all thank you. Thank you trustee for. Seeing Garvey. Thank you. Aaron. There may be people that think that they want to continue with that. Luckily we already have about a learning Center. And so we have a model that we can replicate. So I think that that’s a good thing. And provided an opportunity One of the other things that I want to let the superintendent now is that I have had parent feedback with the frustration of. The financial impact. All of this is happening. And the fact that the governor just put out >> notes saying that we will be looking at another Decrease in budget cuts and that Many of the items within here talk about Facility or technology or manipulatives that have to be purchased all of those costs money. So if we can an update on the financial impacts another area and this is this is one that. Incredibly painful for me And one of the reasons that I felt it really needed to be part of the risk Risk in value conversation that. Apparently is not going to be. Entertained by this board is we have been paying. Many many employees. You cannot do distance work. Jobs. We you know I want to thank staff so much for being flexible where they can to try and find work for those employees. The public that pays that salary is now starting to get a little concerned about it. So that needs to be a conversation about where are we with that and I think this board. Kick that can down the road. A lot And does it actually talk about it. When you think about it or want to take responsibility for it. It it is it’s something that we were given charge of to be fiscally responsible and so unfortunately that conversation now appears that it will have to be had. And it it breaks my heart because when you talk about impact to families and their health You are talking about income and health insurance. So. Another factor Is part of this whole ugly. The question so if if the

superintendent and staff can have an update and and some information on that >> where we are as far as it is evaluations for the L l we got those kind of thing so that we have some idea of the impact of that educational loss. And risk. We have an update on the mental health peace. But we haven’t really seen the impact. And although I think >> There may be some that are thriving I think we’re going to be shocked at how many aren’t >> Thank Minister >> That’s kind of resigned just like some clarification trustee Garvey up because I know staff has done some analysis on. Jobs but then that came to distance education if we stay My understanding of what it out plus how many jobs may. We need to be making some of those tough decisions to bring that to the board >> Testify. Yes >> Thank you >> Trustee and I’m just going to ask everybody to because we did it why add new things that we don’t want to get into a cycle where we’re just repeating ourselves so I try to not and we don’t have to be here till 10:00PM. Has the honor >> I [laughter] >> think that and I received try to debate a okay first of and this is and I agree with trustee Garvey does this really heart wrenching I’m getting >> Some comments from parents and I want to be very the brief here that they feel somewhat betrayed that. They feel that the school has to open right away and it needs to be taking care of thing Students are suffering. But there’s suffering all around please. I just want you know there’s it every step of the way certainly students certainly parents. Certainly staff Certainly bus drivers custodians please everybody. It’s just traumatized. And so what we knew we what we are at a point. We just have to get to the point. The B word. The B word is ballots as much as we can. And I do need to clarify something because there’s some confusion out there in this discipline tendon and trustee Brooks president the books about that December first date. Because that information went out that said. You report December 1st and yet we’ve got the 2 weeks quarantine shut down that will be finished until November, the 30th. And of course that’s got people all hyped up with the numbers all over the place And even on TV. There’s a lot of scientist that you hear often they’re calling this And I’m just quoting please don’t get upset with me they called the pandemic from Hale that’s what they’re saying that’s what they said on TV. This and the numbers are all over the place and the by the administration may be looking at a way the shut everything down to 4 to 6 week to try to corral this which makes sense to me which makes it if we can do something like that. But if it, there are people out there that are going oh no do I have to get ready to get there to rev up And in the next 2, 3, weeks to get to report December the first so that’s a concern is over didn’t I do understand where you’re coming from and you say, that’s that’s a management decision of course it is but The trauma that some of the people that I see as I walk on the pup Park early in the morning of what you know. This is from everyone is that they are traumatized people are just very they don’t know which way to go in parents please please please please They love the students, they love your show today so that their children But they got to feel that look they go into that environment They can take care of them and they can take care of themselves. So that’s kind of where we are so if you can respond to that superintendent that whole December first issue is kind of coming up a little bit And do you want me to finish my other things you want to respond to that matter brother >> Different guys are >> By should I just be very clear I and I hope that the boy was unclear, I’m never going to let staff as students in harm’s way If the data doesn’t reflect and this was in the plan this was you know it doesn’t reflect the time I was always look for what has been

flexible from they want. So if the data doesn’t reflect that. It’s healthy for staff and students there in the midst of decision that has your executive officer will make >> And do you have a criteria so that people can monitor that as well as that as you What what data are you in quite hear you would you be using >> And you I’m sorry, I’m sorry just yeah So I said every Monday with the regional policy group where where the Southern Nevada health district. And all my The municipalities our every Monday at 3.34 conference call and then we go through cases of hospitalizations we’re going to use that as we go through covid cases every afternoon member we look to make decisions. So I said great area make its move things that are monitoring. You know, but I do know that you know there’s other municipalities all County government that I work. It’s been serviced hasn’t stopped for a lot of us >> Okay because you know you’re dealing with educators and you’re dealing with parents who are concerning you’re dealing with everybody trying to get some planning and they want to know what they have to be looking at because they’re monitoring very closely as well And when we had our Ridge know I’m monitoring data which was the 5% for 100,000 people with us has staying power up 14 days that flipped up on this side upside down like it, you know like the bugs with their feet up in the air trying to get oxygen. It that kind of threw everybody off. So. Just be aware that people are trying to calm down their anxiety level because of any of them have to get up and go out the summer the one they’ve got a whole range of things and parents and children themselves and the parents who have kids so that that’s just a concern and and the CDC and the Southern Nevada health district They came up with the numbers and then through through it though those all those numbers out because we were monitoring that and the people’s work with a following that to the tea and now it seems like it’s kind of being a creative number or number that It’s whatever somebody feel that should fit, but I agree with you superintendent that it is about first the health and safety of students and staff number one And these numbers are shocking. I see going I’m not only around the Clark County But across to cost the nation and I agree with the governor and the governor and his team in all of those people are working very hard to [laughter] try to. T the ballot. The B in terms of the economy and that’s why he the OK my time is up and trying to keep things moving in a very progressive way. Without causing disruption to the overall system because it all works together economy education and working with staff and students and our parents and our parents out are concerned that they really want their kids in school. I’m with them on that but I’m with the of everyone first Parents. And all of us because quite frankly right now look or down I’m not going in in But the next. The bill I think numbers that are comfortable for me I won’t be at your school. Well that personal I love you all, but I don’t know >> Thank you for and the interest of time if we could it’s have one final summarization on what you would like to see Hannah Graham and try to do it and one of our around and you have anything to add that we can close this agenda item not. I trust the process >> Thank trust effects of it. I think somebody already cover about the nurses is that correct and I want to repeat it. I as learning to read. I wanted to ask a that any office personnel have written in about having to do with that they were going to be in charge of the sick around the well-groomed how they were going to handle that and that we had I saw the plan that we get specific New systems, you know with the filtration systems for those rounds and the nurses offices and then also with the new filters to. Are we going to get a definitive as far as how many classrooms are actually going to

war even some of the support professionals roads that are much smaller We’re going to get the definitive number on that on on what how many for spaces have actually been worked on with the new ventilation >> So it might be more specific information in the next presentation about the number of ventilation systems that haven’t service >> more specific data on that there was there was quite a bit that Mister Wagner. Provided that I’m getting a lot of questions about that parents and teachers who are concerned kara’s parents who do want to send their kids back to school. But they have questions about the classrooms that their children are going to be a That’s one >> The other thing has to do >> having to do with the teachers are still not seeing how this is going to work out The lunch breaks is that a change is going to be standing in the hallway and they’re going to be it’s going to be a range so that it’s side by side classrooms >> Are we going to be under liability or the teachers going to be a liability anybody If something happens while they’re in the hallway, a doorway trying to keep an eye on to classrooms. And on time >> about staff concerns could you please ask you now the superintendent so we can have those addressed >> Okay, but this wasn’t the plan so it does have to do with a hybrid plan >> And so your question it is about they go out in a hurry >> it’s my question is about the actual logistics. Some of which were already present in the plan. I’m asking a question about the feasibility of those logistics for the teachers that are being designated to do a 30 minute lunch and then switch and then go to another 30 minute lunch. So it’s actually about the logistics presented in the plan could they get a little bit more. The lab ration on that and not understanding how that’s going to work >> Okay so you’re paying back the superintendent is that your understanding how that transition is going to work in the room >> You’re in I seem to have to connect on a brave step. That I do this but it down and back into. Whatever we do go back into the schools can we get a little bit more bit more hools can we get a le teachers a lot of support professionals They spent their own money and parents spent parents spentt their own money d the whole project and we’re to get funds to help. Families get desks and chairs because help the the floor. So areo help the the floor. So aro Internet capability. If we have teachers come back whether they come back on December first when they come back in January 15 >> We assessing now we’re going to have an absolute assessment. Or are we going to end up going back to school and everything crashed. I let you down >> And 8 I’m not going if there’s something that you feel staff has been saying it needs to act >> What I feel that they are Hearing from teachers is a other personnel at schools that the information in the plan is not accurate and these are for people who are on site I don’t want to give their names. But they’re saying that the information is inaccurate I don’t know because I don’t work there So I ask and we can have some kind of a a reassessment because they are stating that they do not have that capability >> Prove to pass that information along to the superintendent said he can make sure that those concerns are addressed or the Internet technology is are good >> Yes, but I would like as feedback to come back in our next presentation

>> The guy has or is they just set it for you then what you just said, but I would like it included are what I could do basically Give a lift to the superintendent so you can pass on to a team. As far as the names of the schools. If that would be more specific or helpful >> I would be helpful for me to do I in writing send the >> OK thank you one last thing I just want to say that again I don’t want it to sound like I don’t appreciate the hard work that our staff did because I know >> It has been very hard for them to tip. I just want to end by saying that it is wonderful to have a living document and something that we can’t we can’t we can improve on. But I am very much more interested in having living students living employees, looking grandparents, living community members and there thank you >> Because think >> thank you all be I like to how we’ve been incorporating the bargaining units, I know there’s been like that we’ve been like >> District is working but with the breaking news we’ve been really nice to see how To see that reflected in the Presentation at because again just a few. In terms of systems obviously should be. It’s not to their bargaining unit, sinking ministers of the sea. All that come together the presentation >> Thank make sure to prevent internets. We’re working really hard and >> I know that they were not to get this just in the presentation >> His death is made in the future as a nation. All right >> I think the clarification. I don’t I don’t understand when the employee might be setbacks to work is I know we’re looking at numbers I get that. We’ve also gotten directive, sometimes didn’t match the numbers so that is a really explain much to me what is the earliest date that employees might return to work Super >> I don’t have an answer to that I’m sorry just before I don’t have a crystal ball I don’t have an answer honestly I I’m working I haven’t missed a day and I know that my staff has been made. But I can answer as to the because of the numbers stand at this So I don’t have a crystal ball to know to get that information >> We sit well with [laughter] well maybe that was pretty but I like it on the record that is I believe that is within the Ford’s preview to determine Whether for staff to return back to schools or not Maybe I’m wrong. We are definitely working on a governance and I’m happy to have that conversation about it. we don’t get to pick and choose which parts of balance that remnants we start following an only choose the ones that. Support what the superintendent Lance. So. We this entire time. It has been up to the board to determine who those back and when maybe not how exactly but I would like to keep my right as a trustee and retain my right to vote on That’s for all of our employees that we are educate our kids. We need teachers to be safe and not stick so. Yeah, that’s a big problem for me and I also want to say that I do not think any of our staff to be retrained until at least January. After we have more information about how. The numbers might change based on family gatherings over the holidays >> Thank you trustee for I do want to clarify that we did have a training with doctor all very about what role is there a school that all these trainings and now Yes, and yes, the specific receptor the superintendent has the authority to direct his staff and the only staff member at we >> Is the superintendent and sour >> I understand I think it’s a little different during a deadly pandemic happens every 100 years in education has an even existed for a 100 years barely so we are in unprecedented times and I would like to retain the right to stay on the record, but I don’t want anyone sitting step back without the board’s approval >> Whether or not Mayer on let’s talk about that later that’s what I want

>> You have a right to state on the record government says it very clear on what the board for all is that the superintendent has the authority or crawl and breezy except for himself. I covered and written a word like at times aunts >> Already we’re on the same page bounce governance as well >> So I’m going to close Comments on this item >> School bus. Matters are on site to interrupt I very very This is not >> The question is just a confirmation I meant to ask this before I wanted to confirm was this plan. Also provided in Spanish >> It’s a very good question and trust the process and and if not can we make that happen >> We’re we’re in the middle of translating the planet we asked 200 pages we are in the process of translating >> I appreciate that I forgot I was very sorry, I did forget. I did I did receive a lot of increase about the lot of parents said. Were upset that that was not provided in Spanish, so thank you I’m glad that that’s being worked on >> Thank you very much and we could just get a notification when that happens it is Jose and social media. Thank you that’s kind of person I’m out I’m not >> Well we also posted come back with this summary I didn’t get my now have then you were. Do you have something that you mark to express to >> You put into this >> yes and I do want to bring up a quick point yeah I do have something I thought a part of the plan was the timeline and a part of the plan that the board is to vote on would include when teachers and staff resume and so I think that’s what the superintendent is trying to say is he is going to look at all the data and then look at what the numbers say because safety is a big part of this plan. So I think trustee of hoard was trying to say as we apart of balance government is we do only supervise the superintendent but we also Trickles down to the staff and that’s all we’re saying Because. On that hole part of the plan include when teachers and staff post back and I want to kind of give a shout out to the school nurses and the related service staff to I’m talking about your psychologist and your counselors and your social workers because sometimes it seems like we forget them and they are huge part of this process and then not to begin of course the support staff. And all the teachers are everyone but I didn’t want to make sure and I didn’t say this. I want to make sure I agree with I think it was just that association like the S P and the police services Castle and all of them are included in a whole lot of this plan so that they are knowledge to because they do a big big make a big big part of that and then my final comment. I said this before, but on this day the game. At the end of the day. We do need to allow The schools to Taylor, what works for them the school principal and there’s saw team and their team of teachers support staff and relayed to service and all of that to come together and do some customization of the plan because one size does not fit all. our principles really need to have a little bit more say along with their team and I want to make sure support staff is included in the world about the support staff or any of the team and particularly a custodial staff and all Bus drivers that they come together and have the basic plan but let the customized some of that that will fit the needs of their school because what works for one school miss a beat week for another and so this brought blanket that is wonderful plan we have needs to include the the team that school team and I I don’t see much of that in the plan that you all know I was a principal out there you needed to do was tell me, here’s the plan here’s a guide like with in that frame These arguments half check off you’ve got to do this within the frame of the football bill you’ve got to stay within the football field and you’ve got 60% of the bill that you could do some things with but the other 3040% you can customize to your school to your teen to

your issues to your challenges so I would love to see something like that happened to some degree we want to just make sure that more people understand they go away and some of them can calm down a little bit calm down take a deep breath when which we’re trying to make sure everybody’s safe, nobody gets sick, nobody dies. That’s our whole I hope here and we want to make sure all of us always know you know my my final African proverb you know that if you want to go fast go low. If you want to go far go together. So that’s why >> Thank you trustee for her trusty not I’m we look alike all right. Going to close this out and we’re going to move on from this I’m not a 100% sure that the superintendent has clear >> Directions on what we’re working for and plan but he will try its best to prevent the eye that or change from this plan based on the back of this for our future a I know it’s going to close out this I’m we are going to move on to agenda item 5 points or 3 memorandum of agreement COVID-19 staff testing program. And I’m going to turn it over to mess around >> I don’t if I may before just a general rule, I know Monica has involved it’s well after 4 tests I as I mentioned in my opening comments to make sure that we didn’t miss this is part of the whole safety plan to bring our staff back to school Not just our teachers. And I just wanted to remind the board and the community going and I know that our other >> Exclusive farm bargaining units you in and. Constant communication with our chief negotiator we’re very in in final finalizing a safety plan for our that should be coming before this board shortly still very proud of the work that our legal team has been doing around Mister are health services but also our chief negotiator working with CCA our exclusive bargaining unit >> Paul Ryan. madam president members of the board superintendent jorah Wiesel about general careful for the record this memorandum of agreement has been created through negotiations with. A number of people at CCA. Excuse me I’m sorry ccsd Mister Biller Gettysburg has been in meetings I would primarily is with tht the teachers health trust. As the ensure of teachers At ccsd. The agreement contemplates voluntary testing this was done understand before the negotiations at took place with CCA before they even began so this is this whole testing program has been discussed for quite some time before that, although. CCA has been involved in those communications those conversations. The idea of this is that Tht through this tie program Will administer the. Funding that’s going to be coming through Department of Education to the cares act. So that all employees have the opportunity to participate in this program All of the employees will be able to get tested through this program and participate in this local plan which I miss Doctor great as his explained In the earlier presentation. The idea of the benefit to our employees is that they will have information within 24 hours as opposed to for 5 days. About the results of their testing The benefit to seize that ccsd is that we will know immediately which employees have to participate in this plan have tested positive. And can take immediate steps to deal with that situation. So it information much faster and more comprehensive Lee 2 ccsd and 2 teachers and administrators school administrators. So that’s really the benefit the other benefit is that. The money is coming from another source, rather than ccsd paying premiums to tht which it typically would do this provides an

additional source of funding for this testing testing will be conducted by UMC. So we’re not involved in that we’re not involved in administering the program we just make it available. The plan requires that she says the pain nothing employees pay nothing We anticipate that the money to be used for this plan it’s going to come to the cares act. But as I’ve said this is one of those things where if you build it they will come Although the cares act money is scheduled to expire at the end of December We are hoping that it will be extended or that potentially Funding will come from some other source to pay for this, but if it doesn’t We are we’re not obligated to do you know, he’s obligated to continue. The plan right now is voluntary because we didn’t have an agreement in place with CCA to make it mandatory should that occur and if this is the plan is used It can be. Tweet so it can be a mandatory plant >> Thank you I appreciate it Jessica >> Thank you madam I thought I miss that does say right now that >> This could be made. And the joy. Mandatory by the district mandatory, teachers health trust it was I thought it was completely voluntary >> It is what this this agreement is voluntary. Yeah a little. So is voluntary If we decided. With CCA to have something different or in right now it has to be voluntary. There’s no statute there is no agreement with teachers there’s no agreement in place that’s been approved that would make. This the district. Capable of mandatory requirements for testing. So this agreement as it sits right now is a voluntary agreement for people to participate it. It can be amended if if we decide that that’s the appropriate thing to do But right now it is voluntary >> Okay so you’re saying that somewhere down the line we the district could have ended or we could to make it to make it mandatory If you chose to. OK thank all right, thank you clarifying that so this man is from the state to state cares money a lot of people thought that this was money you know for for the district their March and its state money I think the tax is what 13.2 million. I don’t have the back of doctor Phil to be something like that >> Yes, but that’s to go to the entire state some portion of used yes, thank you you help me out so and this is the testing to be done by UNC the counties coming the state >> Why do we need to be a vote why do we need them away. And the reason for this The only reason this in a way what the ccsd is involvement is to provide >> Information just be public information about employees. Who will who will then be contacted local program that’s running the testing. And the health monitoring what you’re providing this public information When employees are tested. Ccsd will get information back that’s the piece of it that involves ccsd. Things will get information back. OK thank you and if I may add it’s also part of a mitigating strategies in that part of the implementation plan >> Okay so if teachers or bus drivers food service record did not want to use his program. They could go to Walgreens or they could go to one of the testing sites or you know whatever they would not have to go through this correct correct. So unless somebody down the line decide to make it And a try. this this program. I looked it up a little bit of research. I think you got back thank you with some information. This is not currently being used in any school districts correct, but I thought it was being used a lot of hospitals >> It’s used in hospitals I I think understanding is that it’s being used elsewhere in the vat >> Yes that I hope. Yes that ice program is being used This other 16 districts and the

state charter authority There’s also utilizing his polling >> Nobody else in the United States. I couldn’t find any >> I don’t believe that there’s any other district and doctor court it’s because I will be there. Okay. That’s a lesson from a shooting at Johns Hopkins is using it Other large company and she’s using it but I Monica you got more updated information about that >> Madam president members of the board superintendent Jack just become boss well to put Baltimore school district has used this as well as there’s been a few private schools. That have used it and we’ve reached out to them for references Okay. Thank you and and I assume that when we reached out for references to be also get some data as far as how well it worked >> That’s correct. They both air. I believe it was 3 I would have to refer back to our spreadsheet. But all of them had positive of the one suggestion that they provided is it was informative for the districts because they have that immediate information as well they would prefer it to have been mandatory. For all their staff >> Oh boy. Okay, thank you doctor Cortes appreciate it. I think my time is up or close to it. So if. If this doesn’t go through do we have other options for for testing what happens to that money. They’ve air market for the program I think specifically or can they use that 13.2 million for something else as long as it’s bill with within the parameters of the of the cares act >> So I’m madam president. Under President members of the I can speak for the state of what they would do the same. But I can tell you that it would have to be. Other mitigating stranded. We don’t use it then that means employees would you know go through the government. Where they really have the best thing centers and if there’s any and I’m I’m I’m just I’m reminded by our chief finance officer that anyone that gets tested elsewhere through insurance, we’ll have a potential increase on our claims and our rates might go up in the future. Our insurance something that. This is no cost to the district no cost to the employee. And I think it took part of a mitigating strategy to open and Rick Scott backed for safety and well so be it for us >> Thank you and I did understand I just wondered if this is something you know like where if we had other options and I understand that was the state money. But Well, I’m understanding also Correctly I can second a special about this have they received the whole 13.2 million because I know they have received about half of that and then they were going to come back and give the interim finance Committee, an update. And so I don’t know I haven’t been able to attend all the meetings So have they receive the entire amount now and then we need to let them use this [laughter] money and I’m just wondering if this has anything to do is why we need to get people back into schools before December 31st service just part of the mitigating you know, I’m just you know, I’m just >> I’m not Somebody else might know that I don’t know if the money has already been dispersed or if it’s being just capable of being drawn down I I don’t have the answer that but you you do like okay, go ahead >> And president members of the board superintendent Jenna to seek a boss as my understanding my communication with Mister Skolnick is that they covered the cost of the testing and then they re and they are first with the to send the state so they have to provide proof of payment and then the state reimburses them with that allocation there’s no direct payment >> What we don’t know if that money has already been dispersed to the state yes I think that was that the question didn’t understand it correctly >> Okay thank you for playing on and I just ask you do you find that testing on our employees and our many things are starting to ads. Do you feel that this is something that we just heard. I kind of direct you in said there’s a lot of questions are about the

We’re racing said between right CIA and that that conspiracies online but. If this is a part of our mitigating strategies you feel that this is a path that we should take so that our staff has access to testing >> Actually I think and I was like questions right now, so I don’t have cancer or any other questions I thought it was my turn to ask questions and to get to the answers so I think I’m just going to go ahead and is right there and let my fellow colleagues I think that doctor Cortes start future is that there have answered my questions to the best of their ability. So I thank them going in great there. Thank you >> Thank you traffic on her testifying [laughter] >> Thank you madam >> I think >> That this is something that I will support I see it as one of those things that is an innovation. For some of that if you know discrepancies that we as a state have I what a match and right now that if you actually asked the Southern Nevada health district. What is their capacity to contact trace. It is not very high. As a state we were caught with very few people who were able to do this kind of work and trying to scramble to find money for them and and training people on how to contact trace Being one of the largest employers of this state. Half our employees now could participate in this and actually give us a pathway to not you know not only who gets the virus. But who recovers. That’s not in any of the documentation that sent to us every day on who has tested positive. And I think that’s very important to for the public to understand. Because we just hear the numbers of who gets it. It’s frightening. I think we need and deserve to have the entire story I think we have 2 different things that we’re talking about here. We have you that is basically a blessing of being able to share information in order for us as a state to have that contact tracing become more of a reality and have that information that will help us as we move forward in finding ways safeguard or community against the virus. And then the other half is a possible collective bargaining discussion which I think will have its own different nuances and things but with this I support it and I would be willing to make a motion when others have had a chance to chime in support of this. Thank you trust a jury >> Yeah, OK well thank you and here’s my concern with in this him away First of why didn’t the school district did this why are we using our school nurse Why are we not using our help department [laughter] and each school has a kind of a school nurse as well person within the Nursing area of the school to help talk about what’s going on with health and even doing presentations in the classroom and there’s a ton of things that we did we have done over the years So I have a concern when you move away from the school district and you go into an association. Okay why not cast a wide in the hospital it up and that casts a have some of the money how about having psta have some of the money >> I just buy this to drag been good and I find it a little bit disconcerting as to why this Association is moving and when we had our briefing we were told if the teachers did not take this test, then they would not be able to go forward. It wasn’t that it was voluntary it was that it had some issues with it had to be taken and it had to be taken by point so what about your administrators what about your assistance. What about your with a disservice just like colleges don’t think it just speaks there. It is as they make a big difference in the schools as well. And you’re kills there is in your social workers So it just seemed too fragmented for me at this point I find that there are too many questions I have that I don’t feel well allow me or are for me to explain to others

Of how this came about I would love for the school district have taken this on. And bring it to our Health Department and balance it out from there. So that’s kind of where I am with everything. I don’t. You know I don’t particularly support this at at the way it’s been presented. So I don’t know why we have to do and and then if something comes up for some problems. We got a lot of and answered questions about how this whole thing can flow out. at this point I’m not I’m not comfortable. We’ll be for in Turkey >> I’m not I’m not a president members of the board superintendent Jara a chance to see that went straight for the record chief the testing capacity for the school district to the number of employees we have over 40,000 The nurses are helping with contact tracing but the school nurses serve our that’s where the focus needs to be so we have all of our 300,000 students back there would be It would be extremely difficult if not impossible to then put the testing of employees on our school nurses >> And may I respond to that I wasn’t saying to have the school nurses do it But have the school nurses, maybe department to help oversee it. But some direction or at least some balance from the school district move that school nurses, not doing all of it But maybe being involved in some some some factor some part of this maybe you or I just a guessing >> Yes, and we are involved in in terms of the contract racing assistance we provide as much as possible, but the resources for the testing kits. The personnel to actually do the testing for over 40,000 employees would not would not be feasible with our current staffing >> Well and and that would be going to the southern Nevada health. MR. Guy is under that and understand that it wasn’t going to go through. I don’t think it’s going through tht either or ties I think it’s going There is other doing it. I believe that’s my understanding >> I mean it’s time for us the answer right right. I mean it’s school nurses wouldn’t do that I would think I don’t think they have book >> Maybe that’s a very specialized area right now that the Kobe the 19 I think it is I yeah I think we are >> After reading it is saying is that school nurses don’t have the capacity you know, I wasn’t even inferring that school nurses would even be involved with credit given everybody shot are taking the testing or doing a the swab I wasn’t there during that I >> all right all right. I think yes be Department ought to have a little bit more visibility might be my word Then what then an association. Just a thought >> Thank you are. Thank I’m definitely more agreements with trustee young comments and I do appreciate that we are trying to offer testing to our employees >> Everybody every time hearing that sits being talked about like this like amazing opportunity for our staff and it’s literally having this squad showed up your nose, not to Taylor swift concert And it was mentioned that teachers will use this app daily him. Is that app already created right now >> Yes Kristie forward at members of the board of trustees super ginger It is this is a technology that has been developed by the company readings moga and that’s. How this is going to be tested so ccsd does not have anything like is available. This is coming from a 3rd party provider has done the app already >> Okay I was wondering because implementation cost of $89,000 and so I was like knowing how much an app costs to get made. And how long it wondering When the nap one snap has created an app that takes you know, downloading on your phone So I kind of wondering what that cost is 4 If it already exists unless it’s like a licensing costs that exists. We don’t pay for it >> We paying nothing for this is already in place. The contract is I understand that there’s a contract that tht they’ll provider which is unsure with the app company and also has made agreements with UNC so that has teachers choose to participate [laughter]

Have access to this app at no cost to anybody. At the district or the teachers said they would tax payers from the state as well It’s already in federal money. I that’s all smiles committed regardless >> Sure In the proposed. Ties budget it it references a program executive to program managers 6 miscellaneous staff members and coordinated support to the tune of $961,000 Do we know who’s going to fill those positions are they are ready build how is that going to work >> At some time before I appreciate you wanting to do your due diligence but I think you how you make a decision on whether or not you think testing our staff is a priority and you want to enter into this agreement. That’s not what he said >> That’s not what if anything we’re talking about I want to know if we’re going to be Committing to this program thinking that That money is already there yet it’s easy decision who who’s getting paid critics who is whose doing the job. Are they already hired. Do we have to find someone to do is you I’m speaking up. Find someone who’s going to do these jobs that’s almost a million dollars worth of. Carol >> The program is already and Packers are the other district doing that there are any other schools. We’re actually just trying to partner with a program that’s already up and running at this point I understand that so it’s going to this 13 million dollars requires stay >> $52,800 for a program Executive I’m assuming to rent it for Clark County. I get it that somewhere. Now that are you going to do something about it in general >> The big the staff that already hired it’s already working for or the program to manage all this to charter already all the other districts that are going to be across the state of Nevada so it’s not specifically for part-time Clark high politics >> How does it affect that if we if we don’t I mean if we don’t do this we don’t give them 40,000 employees didn’t have time How are they going to stay in a job >> I don’t know that’s not that’s not part of my concern that this is a mitigation strategy for us for schools to open for staff as a service for employees decide I can answer that I mean that would be a match of the money goes back to the state and then it goes back to the federal or >> I can understand I just other districts we want us to join it with them and I don’t know how it makes to approve this tonight. If we don’t know yet if their employees are going to be returning >> So >> It’s a kind of to even be talking about this when we just said we don’t have a crystal ball. We definitely don’t know we’re going to need this. No one has a crystal ball. What’s the point. I don’t support it I think that we should table it and bring it back at the same exact time that we bring back the issue of looking at the reopening plan again >> Thank you >> so my first question is will folks who get to that so. Just passing this increased testing. First up. This money Is what happens when this money and because it doesn’t expire at the end of the year >> Just yes, it does expire at the end of the year it be if it’s renewed. It will continue if it’s not renewed. Sales at that point >> I’m assuming even if we don’t open like folks could still get tested regardless People teachers are stable existing like And we could still get tested regardless right. Correct correct. And this comes at no cost and from cares dollars or correct it yes. Teachers get tested. And they charge insurance either the premium gets paid by ccsd >> Or there’s an infusion of additional dollars to the cares act that’s all this is >> Those are those are questions. Thank you >> Thank Trustees who are already had to turn I just want to disclose that front are greedy. Our high and that my school is that I work for it’s part of us and I actually I signed up for this act because they’re not as risk of birth, so it’s very user friendly

Pretty Simon Hernandez will test you during the one I have my husband bill 49 hours And then you go on every day and you just check whether or not you have some things and putting their temperature. And the ad has that worked for me to see how many people power. Have actually done her that check in and how many have been tested and they also get notifications for when people are You know where their or maybe need to the Army. I know we talk a lot about how you are committed to some sort of transitions and percent I just don’t see how that’s possible if we are not ready to enter at least a voluntary testing for staff at no cost I feel like it’s a very very minimal ask personally. And I I would hate to see It I think this is not take advantage of this because maybe we have some negative feelings towards organizations are something that are somehow related to this. I think it’s in the best interest of staff to have is available to them and I think it’s in the best interest of the district to provide an opportunity >> Okay thank you so much for your and my my I I’m always leery when people say there’s no cost I’ve been on this board 12 years and we were told that there were no cost and thing with played sometimes a very glorious and a very beautiful picture Everything is this is where we’re going to go. This is no cost and here’s all we have to do and I can’t tell you how many times and I’m not saying with this organization. I don’t know how many times I’ve been taken in by that my concern of course we that have the testing of course we want to have >> An option to be able to go forward but I’m always concerned about the budget who gets what amount of money >> Okay, you got 13.2 million Okay and so you’re wanting you want you want us to sign off. No cost to [laughter] you all is a great thing you can pull your app in and then down the road all of a sudden the you know the appeal comes off the bin and then we find out that the man inside >> Is is is not as right. I mean that is it’s as appropriate as we thought it was or it’s not edible at this time. I just think we just >> If we have to do an M I want to know >> A little bit more about it because I I want is I want to say if this Association can do and everybody else has to follow up and in the line of this organization To get their testing. What do they get out of it, I mean are they getting all information from everybody that they test did they get their phone number their email do they get information as it relates to number one their school they have him in there or non-member what is the balance here that’s all I’m saying and I just always like a neutral Party to be involved. So that it doesn’t seem like there are other factors >> That are are caught up with this. Hall [laughter] >> I don’t know why do we need to be why do we need to sign off on this in the way they can do it they can do it what’s our role Why are we signing off of and what is it that we. Are giving. to them. We But not my final thing is. You know and I have to be honest with you. A lot of what goes on is a trust factor. You know and and I have mail started asking. And probably always will more questions that I used to and I used to kind of go oh look you get this wonderful app Gray and no cost to you or by the way and this is voluntary oh yeah. Why wouldn’t we do that. You know there’s a statement that says if it sounds too good to be true. You know the story. Then maybe it isn’t And maybe it I just want to kind of step back a bit Take a deep threat and kind of do a little bit more evaluation and if it proves to be where it is and I will be okay with it But I’m just not I just don’t want to jump on the first a process that this and if we don’t

know where we are with the when school’s going to be open and some other things as it relates to teachers. When they come back I would just they give us a little time and let us review it a little bit more and then If it’s all good. Then we step back a little bit. We gave it a little breathing room and then we can go to court. I don’t know if is necessary to go court so fast You know they say they go fast. So then you go too fast you go wrong. I’m just saying let’s give it a thought that’s just where I am you’ll need to vote on it that’s kind of where you up I hope other in my older age or back a little bit more and kind of review of being just another step more that’s all That’s why >> Thank you my friends is what they get from it is to get to get their place of peace of and those of plays that they represent as there are coming here. Well we get from him is maybe one day we might actually be able to get kids in schools because we can get our how data at the appropriate levels to make that happen. This is a mutually beneficial relationship and I don’t think I understand your concerns but I guess I can ask miss one hour if there is a financial factor that we are down to it by signing this in my >> Trustee Brooks members of the board of trustees to bring a juror that’s part of the reason for having is that it clearly specifies that there is no cost to us If anybody were to charge. Yes It is a condition that we would terminate the agreement for its it specified in the contract that there is no cost and that’s part of the reason why it’s in my so, but we are not charged, good employees are not charged >> Thank you miss out. That’s not us >> My questions were answered Thank you >> Thank you trustee Garvey >> Thank I know comments trustee Brooks >> I think it is a mutually benefit you know beneficial relationship for both of us >> And I really I want to say for for those employees out there that would take advantage of this. It actually is knowledge that helps them manage some of the fears and some of the uncertainty of this disease and helps them understand how they can actually be a little bit in charge. Of this whole situation and that’s a way that I’m going to make a motion to accept for us to enter into with. C for the testing. So hopefully I get a second we can actually do something positive for our employees and our state and help us move that that goal you know getting closer to the goal of getting people back in school. Thank you because it has the right. Also get that, but I just have a couple comments I I have to say that I do very strongly. A police logo will back me up on this was having issues with this as well. I’m going to share with my fellow trustees, the things that. Change my mind. I guess so to speak or made me feel like I can support this. One of the things was the fact that we’re the testing turnaround so fast. And that that could potentially save days and days of somebody who could test positive having been around other people and I don’t mean just in a school but just other people in general they could you know go to the grocery store they could be in line at the pharmacy at Costco whatever it is and so if we in any way can facilitate faster testing And getting results. I think that’s a positive thing the other thing that I learned from asking questions was the Southern Nevada health district has said that they need help testing that they are reached capacity They’re in Having the backlog of contract tracing And basically that they need help. That’s part of this is that UNC is stepping in to do the testing and then the contract tracing will be done with MOCA and with help with the school district. I guess then the 3rd thing you know this we’re at November Tense and

this only goes through December 31st. So the longer we wait the more we are. I’m not having our employees have access to. Testing through the cares dollars that’s come through the state. So those are those are the things that changed my mind and I’m happy to provide the second >> It has TV Another but you guys have a brief comment member that C 4 >> Just I guess a quick question that it’s going to get a little bit more information what employees need to drive to UMC to do this or would cover somehow like a reimbursement of medical clinic or is there in the mobile testing. It’s a month not close to UNC they have to drive there that even a rural areas and everything better. And protests. That’s just what I have no information about that so I couldn’t speak that issue >> Does anyone know that answer because I mean like I don’t know how many people will take advantage of that and we’re really far away. Workers does Jesse >> president members of the board superintendents are it’s for its and there are 9 locations at this time that have been identified and if there’s a Mister Skolnick is willing to work with us to see about adding additional if the need is there >> OK, thank the district and about a guy that looks the most like us is they opt into this program >> The last I heard just before I hadn’t heard the Washoe had. I love my cousin or that court has as it were up to the information I know that there are some dust Elko I believe has as of a couple weeks ago. And one other district in that City Hall that. So much so that only large urban only other large urban districts. I don’t I don’t know what if washer was involved yet or I understood why her information >> Superintendent here just before my understanding is that Washoe has their own partnership with it look cool >> Health provider >> I would be interested in maybe like. You know like about this, but I’d be interested in finding out. Why they decided that and how he came about being that partnership. Because again sun has not given more than one option. And we’ve only seen one option for us into the testing program but. Yeah my mission to break >> Okay, I’m sorry just put my understanding is not started since they opened school face to face enormous. They started with doing program Leon since their schools have been face to face >> Okay, I would like that information may be regardless because what’s going to happen with this even if we approve it It’s going to run out and employees are going to be used to getting testing even in the your budget, you know it accounts for multiple times of testing. So what’s going to happen is I don’t know we’ll have that cares You know next year we don’t know I don’t want to have to be telling our employees like sorry now it’s going up rocket or whatever. When they’ve gotten used to a certain thing so I think it’ll be good to have. At least another option. And I would like to request to see what Washington is doing and why they decided that for the future if we have to do something when schools open even if we don’t approve this quote need testing at some point. Even if we do approve it We will still need different testing at some point So I’d like multiple options and I would definitely like it to include what Russia is doing. Thank you >> So you would like to request information if you could actually are going to start writing our information request or in enough you can e-mail us your Joe and the superintendent that you would like that information. John McDonald. Joel remind me Thank you. Thank you, that would be at with a major step is answering the question that we’re actually asking and there’s now. There’s not a reason. I >> thank you madam president, I was going to ask the same thing about and also to look at the backup information and also having to do with the for the employees benefit if that was going to be enough money, let’s say that everybody does want to take advantage of this and they are able to you know to get you a chance to e location is there going to be

enough money as we well know for my health experts, not knowing whether we’re going to we’re going to have employees going back to the building’s December first January 4th January 15 January 26, I don’t know >> How long are those positive or negative tests good for it we would have to follow the protocol our plan so I mean I think there’s a lot of good points about this and I’m going to kind of pick it back even though doctor Sperry told us not to do that and I do it anyway. On just the right. Where she was pointing out something very valid as far as like the peace of mind. Where not only would they be around school people. Or students, but they be you know around other people But I also want to point out that having said that and so we changed it from no vote tonight. We’re going to be here voting on a plan. Well we have gone over 14% positivity rate. So I mean we have to take all these things into account here. A couple of things to still make me a little bit nervous is not the what it sounds like a good program The mobile app sounds like it’s a effective I would have liked to have more information about all districts I did get a little bit So it’s not really though what it’s the how and whether it’s really going to work out with this amount of money I don’t want this to be about the money aspect. I wanted to be about the people and the students so that part of that I do like Lola you trustee Brooks you said the app was very user fan for as they hear a data analyst OK so anything could be easy for you just can’t say that right now in remote easy. It is It’s the most even and the EPA is saying Think it’s easy that’s a grammatically incorrect It’s >> Easiest okay. So this point that out but I think I do have a little bit of concerns here and the other thing that was put out said that down the line possibly >> That could be made mandatory that that fills me with so trepidation so I just have to have some concerns I think there are some good things here that. I just don’t know some companies and said I just don’t know >> We want to clarify that this is a voluntary contract. The only way it will become mandatory is it. They were amended And the board approved an amendment that’s the only way it’s not it’s not built in by any means at all you would have to decide to make it more every week and the main reason to wear gloves again so we can get the results we need to give them the public information >> Which is readily available But of course would be much more in the fission affected of Perseus state too provide that so that they can get people going on that I so. I don’t know maybe maybe some of the things that have happened I’m worried things having to do with I employ I feel very confident right now I see a lot of good things about this suspect There’s just issues here the happy little bit on edge And now finding out that did not go with that and this is a state program. It isn’t with the 13 point 2 million it’s not just for clay County obviously so I don’t stuff. They’re just rambling now tired repeating myself by boat >> And you trusted my purchase an. I’m just going to make my other comment and just put it on the record. So the Clark County enrollment in testing of ccsd employees in COVID-19 >> Program under one 0.1 >> Ccsd to provide to tht midst of the names of all ccsd employees ccsd emails addresses e-mail addresses and schools on location At which said employees or sign all of which are publicly available information. Well Publicly available information Why does the Clark County school district need to provide them. The list of the names of of ccsd Paul ii’s and e-mails in school it is it’s all why does it need to be in here Okay that we provide that >> And >> it’s supposedly a voluntary participation >> But I haven’t heard back in some of our briefing that it was going to be mandatory for teachers and if they did not take this >> And >> would not be able to go into their schools. and the the MOCA for monitoring use

as an Internet platform. That sounds pretty good. But the testing and monitoring program Described herein shall be heard as the ties testing program which I agree like a lot of things about it I just think there are some things for me. Because of my past experiences with this Association. As always not always but sometimes to not to be. What it says it’s going to be that’s my concern And that’s kind of where I’m leaving it I probably would feel a little better after maybe a couple weeks or so and I understand we’re on a time crunch. I get that but it’s kind of like somebody that’s going to sell you on a used car. You’ve got to buy it now if not the price is going to go up or somebody else will get it, you know and I kind of start pulling back of those kind of thing so that’s just my concern because of my history >> Thank you for that clarification interest to honor. The motion on the floor we have a motion by trustee Garvey a second by trusty right. All those in favor please say aye also raise your hand census is piling night. A house. Say great. And Yeah >> But I think there is 43 noting that trustee or trustees promise as an interesting on our thoughts >> I have not is going to cause damage and I’m not really appreciate doctor Wintemute therefore not. We’re going to move onto agenda item 6 point a lot of superintendents >> I know can you your guy >> And then we’re going to monitor it and I explained how to trust your passwords and items or >> just Brooks I know I spoke with you a little bit the for perfect IV libraries >> just hoping that that would be on the next agenda. I know that there’s been a lot of work done >> As we heard it on the next agenda >> Thank you so much. As the U.S >> Actually that’s what I was going to ask that was the library’s think credits its tested. Garvey says she’s taking care of it thank you >> I I that’s going to carve out that agenda item we’re going to move on to some point or one public comment on non agenda items The comment was cemented by you know by 02:00PM and that’s kind of summarize friend comments received on non agenda items, MR >> Madam president members of the board superintendent Jara >> A student wrote that ccsd does not take pride in their students grades state in grades are being miscalculated and students are under mental and emotional stress >> Writer said they recommend against contracting of external psychologist or a favor of allocating resources toward internal retention and development of the current school psychologist a writer provided information regarding depression anxiety and suicidal ideation. And comments were expressed With the concern with a limited number of African American males appointed leadership, a limited number of African American teachers and support staff. And also. That over inclusion of young african-american and Latino males and suspension referrals and our pcs and that’s all we have for non agenda items >> Thank you I appreciate it. I was going to close at 10, I’m are going to move on to agenda item 8 tournaments >> I will make a motion for the president and yes. I have a motion by trustee for a second by a trustee or for a journey and all those in favor please passer by saying aye >> A post >> Hearing on that motion carries 7 to see how this meeting is now adjourned the time his eights. 30 not. Hi and then I packing