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Welcome subscriptions ♫ Lonely, lively, or in an ordinary city. ♫ ♫ A gust of wind, a surge of rain, a familiar melody. ♫ ♫ Helpless, proud, or in an insignificant corner. ♫ ♫ How many details, how many scenes, how many clear memories? ♫ ♫ Traveling free, no restraints, or devoting myself to missing you. ♫ ♫ When I meet you again, when we reunite again, when I can see your pretty self again. ♫ ♫ Eternal or ephemeral; the two sides to life. ♫ ♫ I want you to hear and see it all. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want your company in all the exciting moments. ♫ ♫ Brilliant or ordinary; it’s always a lingering question. ♫ ♫ Together, I want to try changing myself for you. ♫ ♫ I want to be with the pretty you, and be together prettily. ♫ ♫ I want to get used to the occasional sadness together with you. ♫ ♫ I want to fulfill my crazy wishes together with you. ♫ Pretty Li Hui Zhen – Episode 16 – What a coincidence? You’re here to eat? When did you change your name to Huizhen? Isn’t that the name of your apartment mate? That Li Huizhen with a rice straw-like hair? When have you fallen into such a state? Needing to impersonate someone just to go on a date Does that Li Huizhen know? What do you want? What? Are you asking about my air-cushioned foundation? Xiao Qiao, you doing this, does your father know? Does that man no? Does Li Huizhen know? Can you just pretend that you don’t know me? What are you saying? I didn’t hear it clearly Please pretend that you don’t know me Why must I do that? Because that man is very important for me I beg you to keep it a secret. Pretend that you don’t know me How come I was so careless?! I just want you to know that your father for me is also a very important person I hope that one day, you can also do the things that I asked of you As for this matter, I will help you keep it a secret If your father knows about this, he would surely be very sad Hurry and eat Why were you gone for so long?

I don’t want to eat anymore What’s wrong? Let’s go now Huizhen, what is really going on? Huizhen! – Huizhen! – Stop calling me that already! If I don’t call you Li Huizhen, what would I call you?! I am not Li Huizhen! You are not Li Huizhen? Then who are you? I already changed I already changed into someone different from what I used to be I am already not that person that you know A lot of things have changed Actually, I’ve already did my best– In my heart, you will forever be Li Huizhen I admit that a lot of times, I indeed feel that you are different from how you used to be A lot of times, I also felt suspicious; was it only I who remembered our memories Even at the moment today before we met, I had already decided to let go of the past and hold on to the future But right now, all my suspicions have been erased I said before that I’m going to be your umbrella Let me protect you for a change How could I go back on my words? So it seems that I just wanted us to return to how we used to be But right now, I don’t want to anymore I won’t have any suspicions anymore Huizhen I will stay by your side Why do you want to go back to how we used to be before we met again? In my office, there is a lady that’s very similar to you More accurately, she looks like how you were when you were little There are a lot of things about her that caused me to be confused Sometimes… I even suspect… that she might be the real Li Huizhen I actually needed to rely on Huizhen’s name, Huizhen’s memory, Huizhen’s puzzle, so I can forcefully pull you away from Huizhen Today, all my suspicions have disappeared You are Li Huizhen You have our evidence as your proof This time, I won’t get it wrong anymore Sorry, I was wrong I caused you pain No You didn’t do anything wrong The one who did something wrong was me Don’t say it anymore With you by my side is already enough Welcome to L’Oréal This is our newest foundation. Do you want to take a look at it? Oh, that… actually, I just want to buy a lipstick Recently, they said there was this new one that is called some gold… sparkling gold type of lipstick It’s this one. It has gold dust added in it If you put it on your lips, it fits you perfectly. And then, you get to look very charming Can I try it on? You can. There’s a mirror here It’s okay. It seems like it is indeed this one – How much is this? – ¥125 That’s okay. Help me wrap this Okay. Please wait for a while then Help me wrap it prettily. I’m giving it to my friend Okay. Okay

If you’re like this, how can I be at ease to let you go home alone? I’m fine – But you– – I already told you I’m fine I… I’ll be fine after going home and resting Huizhen, aren’t you still willing to tell me what really happened? It’s just that the stress at work is quite huge lately and I just lost control of my emotions Don’t look at me like that I am already quite embarrassed Okay then. Drive carefully. Call me when you get home I’ll go now What’s wrong, Huizhen? Hello. Did you pick up any bracelet earlier? It is gold and there is lettering on it Bracelet? – Not sure – It was I was sitting here earlier This position – Is there? – Here We didn’t pick up any That can’t be. I clearly sat here Where else did I go? Bathroom. Bathroom. Bathroom Stop searching already. It’s just a bracelet It’s fine I must find it. That is not just a bracelet Stop looking for it already. I’ll just buy you a new one Let’s go home first. Okay? I’m home You still haven’t changed to your slippers What’s wrong? Nothing. It’s just that work was too tiring Immediately, you will already feel energized – What is this? – I got my salary already That’s why… open it and take a look Is your salary that much? Why must you buy me a gift? I just knew that you’d say that. Just take a look at it first Lipstick? I have lots of lipstick. Just keep it to yourself I also guessed that you would say that This is a different kind. It is L’Oréal’s newly launched product, the Sparkling Gold Lipstick There is even gold dusts in this. When you rub it on, it will be shimmering and sparkling When I got my salary, I already wanted to buy you one. The people in our office and the one from the beauty section, they will always talk about this topic everyday They say that with this lipstick, no matter what the base lip color is, when you put it on, it will become bright, shimmering and shining What? Are you touched? It indeed sounds unique Right. Right. Right. Come. Let’s try it on Really so beautiful

You bought one for me. How about you then? I don’t need it. Moreover, I don’t know how to do make-up I also don’t have any events to attend that need me to wear lipstick Our Qiao’er really is so pretty. Your figure is also good Totally one in a hundred Here Where’s your bracelet? Still let you found out Find out what? I initially wanted to hide it from you Yet, in the end, you still discovered it What are you trying to hide from me that I discovered? Zhen’er… actually, I I carelessly lost it Maybe… during that day when I went to the gym, I carelessly threw it off I didn’t tell it to you because I was afraid that you’d get anxious when you learned about it Sorry, Zhen’er, I didn’t mean to You really scared me. I thought you were going to tell me some big thing Talking so seriously, you really scared me to death If you lose it then it’s fine. I’ll go buy you a new one Anyway, I promised you before that I’m going to buy a more expensive one And this is the first step When I get my salary next time, it will keep increasing I’ll then buy you a more expensive one I’ll go cook now. We seem to have not many ingredients left Let me see Let’s eat some porridge, something a little light What are you doing?! – What? – I want to sleep with you I want to sleep in this room Say, you chose to leave your big room and decided to sleep in this small room of mine Aren’t you being difficult? I don’t care. Why don’t you I’ll sleep here in your room and why don’t you sleep in my room. You decide What’s wrong, Qiao’er? Did something happen? Nothing Really nothing? Looking at you, I seem to feel that something is wrong There is indeed, but it is still not the time to tell you about it. Can you wait for me? Wait for me to organize my thoughts When I already thought about it clearly, I will then surely tell you Safe!

Assistant Editor! Assistant Editor! Good morning. Oh, my god Assistant Editor, good morning – Morning – Morning Hey, you’re not looking at an iPad today That’s a great improvement. Let me tell you. Looking at your iPad while crossing the street is so unsafe – Last time, you– – There’s no more battery You’re going on a business trip, Assistant Editor? Whether I’ll go out on a business trip or not has nothing to do with you Just do your job well and that’s enough – What I mean is– – You have coffee froth here Here Right How come this person is becoming difficult again. So strange How are you, Explosion-Head? Being so energetic this early morning Can you not just randomly give people code names? Don’t you like this code name I created for you? What type do you like? What ‘what type do you like’? – Call me Pretty Woman – How about Teddy? Pretty Woman! Call me Pretty Woman and I’ll accept it Those who are going out for a business trip today, make sure to bring all the things that you need and finish handing over your work Okay? And also, it’s quite cold outside. Make sure to properly dress for it Those employees that are assigned to go out today, let’s meet up at the office main door by 10 a.m Yes, sir, Assistant Editor Bai – Good morning. Good morning, everyone! – Good morning, everyone! Morning! – Good morning, Sister Zhuying – Good morning Han Xue, hand over your work to Meili. Okay? All the matters that you have to relay, including this picture that we chose, you have to relay it well to her Anna, all stuff related to our brand customers, will be followed-up by you. Okay? While we are not here, call us anytime Morning Good morning, Editor Editor, are you okay? I’m not good Because days without love, even if there is sunlight, is still dark But this does not mean anything Because every month, there will be such days Every year, there will be a few of those times Editor is… Did she just came back from a funeral? Yes. She just buried her love earlier with her own hands I really felt down these past few days When you feel down, your complexion becomes bad When your complexion is not good, then your condition is not right When one’s condition is not right, then the whole person will not be okay When the whole perosn is not okay, you really can’t get yourself to be fashionable Oh, my god During this time, I should try to relax and watch some videos or something At the same time, do some skin care Let me cheer myself up Fashion week Editor Editor, that Sister Zhuying told me told me to bring this document here and to let you sign it Let me see No. No. No I’m talking about you. Turn around and let me see How come you didn’t have any improvement? Say, miss, can you please give it some attention? When one person can’t even take care of her outside appearance, how can you still let others believe your other work abilities? But… this kind of made me remember the Zhuying that has just arrived at Immortal That time, she was That was really… such a mess, a group of her own

How can that be? Was Sister Zhuying then like me? You can’t believe it? Look at her now. Totally perfect Very perfect. Just like my goddess That’s why, everything is possible. Understand? Letting you change is not telling you to become just like other fashionable girls You totally can still maintain your current style It’s just that you have to become a bit more fashionable, have more sense, be more elegant Got it? When doing anything, everything, you must be fashionable Understand fashion, elegance, everything has… look. Come. Signature. I’ll let you see what is being fashionable Fashion is in everything now See that? Everything Look at me. Fashion Try to learn, young girl. Take this Thank you, Editor Okay Go now. I’ll look forward to your change. Okay? Okay. Thank you, Editor – Go now – Okay Don’t wear those shoes to work anymore tomorrow, okay? Okay – Thank you, Editor. I’ll go down now – Fighting! Go now. Go now I just came here to have a contract signed My god Water therapy time Oh, my… what really should I do to become fashionable? I ask but no one replies. If they do reply, I can’t understand it If I do understand it, I don’t really know how to do it. If I try to do it, I can’t do it right Oh, really strange What? Okay then. For today, I’ll use one first Use what? I’m willing. Whatever you say, I’m willing At most, I’ll treat you to a whole day’s meal or something You even kept this recording until now You really are extreme Of course. You keep refusing to acknowledge our agreements. I, of course, have to keep it How scared are you to not be able to eat those three meals? Who said that the three things must be three meals? Fine. I’ll treat you. I’ll treat you, is that okay now? I’ll treat you to a meal. I’ll be the one paying for it I’ll withdraw my salary from the ATM machine and treat you to a meal, okay? Then let’s eat hot pot today. How about it? Aren’t you accompanying Assistant Editor on a business trip today? Please. It’s just some ancient town I’ll be back very soon – It’s a deal then. We’re going to eat hot pot together today – Sure Wait for me here. I’ll be back very soon – Okay – Okay Even being so meticulous when it comes to eating What did you say? I said how come this new product still isn’t out yet Extreme It’s already time Sister Zhuying – Sister Zhuying – Okay. I know already Aren’t we supposed to go now? Wait a minute Okay Okay… I know. Just relax and recuperate for now. Bye-bye Something bad has happened. Lin Hao has injured his leg – Really? – What?! And James DC also called asking us to directly follow-up and inspect the manufacturer based on their first design draft Asking me to be always online for them to contact me Huizhen, how about you go on my behalf instead? Me? Right now, Lin Hao can’t come so we can’t be one man less anymore Yimu, you replace Lin Hao’s position Hey, Sister Zhu Ying, let me and Husheng go together Give me a chance to perform well You two? Technically, it should be a main editor paired with an assistant, but Brother Lin Hao is not around Lin Yimu… he after all has been a reporter for so many years, having vast experiences and a strong body A sloppy old man like him going alone will be of no danger Han Xue, a few days ago, you even kept calling me Brother Yimu, Brother Yimu How come now, I’ve become a sloppy old man?! Sister Zhuying, let Husheng assist me If anything happens, we can still help take care of each other Look at Li Huizhen. She doesn’t know anything You letting them go together… not suitable Huizhen is with me. She is with me

Brother Yimu, stop adding trouble already How can no one go with Assistant Director? Of course, it’s more suitable for Huizhen to go with him From the looks of it, Huizhen going with Assistant Editor indeed looks more suitable But I never had any experience with choosing a venue You don’t need any experience in choosing a venue I have experience in choosing a venue. I’ll just teach you about it It’s fine, Huizhen Just send me the pictures you take anytime. I can give you comments Moreover, don’t forget. You have an expert by your side As long as you do it as ordered by Assistant Editor, I believe that it will go very well – But… I really– Stop saying “but” already Didn’t I already tell you earlier, just follow me. I’ll teach you We initially paired Assistant Editor with Yimu because Yimu is always laughing the whole day Insensitive. If you go with them now, I’m more at ease Sister Zhuying, who is insensitive? Aren’t you saying it like that too hurtful? Oh, you are not insensitive. You are insane And also, you didn’t bring any bathroom stuff, right? Right, I didn’t bring any urgent stuff Here. I always have a prepared bathroom stuff bag in the office Inside it are all the usual bathroom needs. 2 or 3 days won’t be a problem Moreover, you are going to an ancient town. If everything goes well, you will be back by today – Okay? – Okay Then okay, it’s settled then Huizhen, you go to the ancient town with Assistant Editor Okay? Han Xue and Husheng, you go to Nansha Beach Island Okay? Yimu, you go to Songlan Mountain alone Let’s set it as such. Okay? I’ll be standing by here in our main base. I will be your main backup at anytime If you have problems, you can call me anytime – Okay? – Okay Pay attention to safety. Move out! Husheng, hurry and come over Let’s go – What are you doing? – Helping you wear your seat belt Okay now You weren’t thinking of some other thing, right? No Hateful That… Brother Lin Hao got injured and Sister Zhuying has something urgent and can’t come anymore Only I can replace her Lin Yimu has to take the place of Brother Lin Hao so he went to Songlan Mountain already. And then Han Xue and Husheng, the two of them went to Nansha Beach already. Everyone has something to do That’s why, only I was free I then brought my bag and came here What is he doing? I don’t even want to go on a trip with you ♫ Follow me. Left hand, right hand, in slow motion ♫ ♫ Right hand, left hand, in slow motion, repeat ♫ How come he has this murderous appearance all the way? So scary Wow! Your car has so many functions Don’t just randomly touch things The emergency bag that Sister Zhuying gave us. Let’s see what’s inside it Really so considerate. She prepared for everything There’s even shampoo There’s also a cosmetics bag Sister Zhuying really is Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Fig Wait a minute When I was little, whenever I went on a trip, my mother would prepare figs for me Have you eaten one? Have you asked for her permission first? Just going through someone else’s bag just like that This bag was given to us by Sister Zhuying for emergency use She said that we can use anything inside it You seem to never forget to eat anytime Of course. You can only be happy when you are able to eat A person who is able to eat is blessed I feel that you are unhappy because you don’t eat much Everything was fine so why is he being so difficult? Really How about you stop the car for a while and let me drive? I don’t plan to stop That’s right, too. That can save us time

♫ All the way forward, happily setting out ♫ Do you feel like we are going on a field trip? No Since we are going there to work, can you let me drive quietly? Okay This flavor is so delicious! I also want one. I also want one. Give me some So delicious Happiness overload Husheng, is there bottled water at your side? Get me one Okay Slowly Stop calling already I can’t take it anymore, Assistant Editor! I can’t anymore, I… I really need to eat something now I’m starving to death. Are you eating or not? Not eating I’m really dying. I’m really dying soon No way. I’ll eat some more When a person is hungry and she eats fig which is an appetizer, won’t you get more and more hungrier the more you eat that? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I had almost finished two packs and you just tell that to me now?! Will I be able to stop you? If you have the time to complain, why don’t you try looking for any nearby place where we can eat Why didn’t you say so earlier? You need one which we can be reimbursed, right, Assistant Editor? Little cutie Just sleep I will definitely not let anyone disturb us Found it. Found it. It’s here There. That road in front Just turn right on the small road and we will arrive – Are you sure? – Right. Right. Right. I’m sure That is also what is written here. Right Assistant Editor, this small restaurant might not allow reimbursements. Do you want me to look for another shop which will allow reimbursements? Don’t worry. It’s my treat. Just eat what you want Thank you Are you sure? Really. That seems to be… wait a minute Right… There… Turn right… Turn right here Turn right. Turn right. Turn right Can there be a restaurant here? There really is. It is written here that there is It’s here We’ve arrived. It’s this place – Are you sure that it is this place? – I’m sure that this is the place. Look The one written here is this place. Can’t be wrong There’s food to eat now I’m so hungry – Assistant Editor – Jeez, come The succeeding dishes were surely done by you You are able to eat his cooking? Come So clean and fresh It’s done Do you want your picture taken, Assistant Editor? – What are you doing? You’re not allowed to cheat – Right. Right. Right – Hurry. Hurry – What?! – I’m not cheating. How am I cheating? – You are cheating! Hurry up. Hurry up. Really – Didn’t you see I already had so many papers stuck on me? – Don’t avoid it – What avoiding? Hurry – Hurry and make your move I’ll make my move then. No, that one – Owner, hello. We are here to eat – How am I cheating? – You cheated – Jeez, hurry. This can’t be like this – Owner, hello We are here to eat Don’t know if you still are making dishes here It’s right that you’re here to eat. We here are a restaurant Did you see them, these ones outside? Those fresh fruits and vegetables Just pick anything that you like I’ll cook it immediately after you pick it There are also ducks, chickens, cows, and goats at the back

Whatever you like, just pull it over and I’ll kill it for you If you want to eat something from the river, I’ll immediately ask someone to go into the river and scoop it out What are you doing? We still haven’t finished playing There are customers Come… Fall in line Welcome. Welcome. Welcome Please sit down. Please sit down Please sit down Let’s welcome our guests! Welcome. Welcome Let me introduce myself I am the store’s owner plus main chef, plus manager, plus… that’s all Hello, I’m Li Huizhen Oh, Ms. Li Ms Li is an educated… an educated person Young and promising. Young and promising This is our Assistant Editor Master Editor Hello, Master Editor. Hello, Master Editor – Welcome. Welcome – Uncle No. Enough. I know This is… This is my niece She is our shop’s image endorser Ms. Nizi Look Come Really! Really! – Similar, right? – Right Totally the same Look at this figure. Just looking at his figure and you’ll know that our shop’s dishes surely are very delicious And also, this is our shop’s little handsome lad – Hello – Waiter What are you doing? Keep that away So sorry. So sorry Enough already. Okay. Fall in line! Our shop’s aim Momo, give it some energy. Let’s do it again Our shop’s aim Nizi’s farm dishes, beautiful flavors are always present Each one is purely organic, reputation is well-known Thank you. Thank you. Okay already. What are you doing? Come… Get the menu The two of you must have felt hot walking. Okay. Come Drink some water This is a newly infused tea I just tasted it earlier It’s really good So sorry. It’s a little messy Just order what you want to eat I guarantee that you both will be satisfied. You two just look at it I’ll just go to the back to make preparations Drink some tea. I drank this tea earlier. Not bad Really very good Better to just drink water instead I feel that this shop’s dishes must be very delicious I feel like I’ve discovered some new thing right now Wait a minute, let me look Are you really sure that we’re eating here? Really sure But I feel that it’s a little expensive. Can I order? I already told you, it’s my treat. Just order as you like Thank you, Assistant Editor. I’ll order then Subtitles and Timing brought to you by the Gone With The Shirt Team @Viki ♫ I want to wander around in your heart. ♫ ♫ It’s better than secretly thinking alone. ♫ ♫ I want to accompany somebody and have crazy fantasies. ♫ ♫ It’s better than my empty dreams. ♫ ♫ I want to brave the wind together with you. ♫ ♫ It’s better than quietly looking out a window. ♫ ♫ I want to lend my shoulders to somebody. ♫ ♫ That way, I won’t waste this beautiful scenery. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫ ♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ for the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫ ♫ In your heart, loneliness is crying out. ♫ ♫ The panic is very obvious. If you’re not pretty, so what? ♫ ♫ In your dreams, love is only afraid of pain. ♫ ♫ Facing the lonely corridor, you are flustered. ♫ ♫ In the city, who is bravely wandering around? ♫ ♫ The light that shines onto your face is dazzling. ♫

♫ In your palms, there is courage and hope ♫ ♫ for the persistence hiding in your heart, Cinderella. ♫