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Hey catch him! Thief! Thief! Dude, a thief! Dude, my gravy! Catch! Stop! Give me the bag! Look the thief is beating up Kaduhu! Hold him Don’t leave him Let go of me! Get it Urulai, come on! Let go of me! Urulai, come on! Hey! That is my bag My passport Now, how about that? We just knocked him and rocked it! Thank you Please – Please, take it – Stop showing off and take it – Dude, take it – Take it Here, Rs. 10,000 Count it Dude, whoa! Three foreign currencies earned us thirty local ones! That’s foreign currencies for you! Rs. 10,000. Let’s use this and fly abroad! This is waste Look, there he goes again This won’t work out Damn! Nothing’s working out Too much make up That’s fine We can adjust Listen, I’m looking for a bride! Damn it! What’s the hurry for my marriage? Now look at him! Still a minor and talks about marriage Pity me! I earn a handful and yet I’m not finding a bride Relax! Calm down Check out the next photo Whoa! Looks pretty scary! It’s because of her lipstick To hell with their make up She’ll turn old soon Rejected I’d be ok if she had a beautiful sister Shut up Now, we’re talking! She has beautiful eyes I better send her an interest I love you, baby Wow! Superb! Make sure you get the payment from Narayanan – Ok chief – And those All liquors sent to Madurai has returned But how? The label has been pasted upside down Who was in charge of it? Dinesh Can’t you get a label pasted correctly? Sorry, boss We are the best sellers in Madurai Never failed till date! All liquors have been sent back! Happy? Can’t even paste a label properly, then what are you good for? Promise it won’t happen again Boss, call for you – Tell me, Muruga – Chinna? Liquor is exhausted I was expecting a call last week So the stock just got over? People here are demanding for original liquor It’s a daunting task to adulterate and sell ’em Look here I don’t care what you do Your customers should buy only my liquor! Okay Chinna – Listen – Yes, boss We got to deliver liquor at Murugan’s bar today – I’ll send – Make sure it’s done Sir, AC [Assistant Commissioner] Rajaram is coming here Why in the hell is he coming here? Tell me, Sekar Chinna, is any of your liquor truck on the way to Chennai today? Yes Halt it where ever it is AC Rajaram is coming here now Send it after I tell you You want me to halt it? Then why are we bribing you? Didn’t you show off that you rule the check post? Listen, the AC, Rajaram is very strict police officer Sekar, can you help us out or no? Wasn’t I helping you all these days? Try to understand, Chinna My truck must pass the check post safely It will! Nobody can stop it You just shut up and be quiet We will do whatever is necessary Arrogant fellow! Move, keep going Get me my cap Sekar, whats happening? Usual checking, sir Stop. Stop

What is in vehicle? Nothing, sir I did warn you guys! Check inside Hey! Watch out! What’s with the rash driving? Go! Drive! Sorry sir We lost the control out of fear Do you think highway is the place to teach driving? You drive the vehicle Sorry, sir Greeting sir – When did you reach Chinna? – Just now Greetings sir Chinna, has all the money arrived here Yes boss Tally it and load it into the container Ok sir – Ask everyone else to leave – Ok sir What’s up, Chinna? Why the long face? Well, you asked us to bring in all the money Any issue? Come on, Chinna! When you are here do you think I’ll have any issue? This is to solve an upcoming issue Tell me boss, is Dhandapani creating any issues? – How much is there in it? – 20 billion Sir White bank general manager on call – Ask him to come – Ok sir Load them inside This is the manufacturing company in Germany I have done all the arrangements Since it’s a big deal, they want to meet you in person A small doubt is enough and we’ll all be doomed! I have a different arrangement This is Michael He works in that German company Contact him and he’ll get the work done Trustworthy? You bet. He is trustworthy It’s his duty to ensure that our stuff reaches India without any issues This should remain a secret between the two of us Sir, no one will even know that we both met Here are the details of that company We have got only two weeks We must get it done before that You must go to Germany at once Thank you, sir Chinna, move the container in to a ship Don’t bring it to land until I give an order Ok sir – Book me a ticket to Germany for tomorrow – Ok sir No one must find out about this until I’m back – Ok sir – Ok sir Finally some company Thank God! Open the shutter! – Excuse me – Open it! I’m waiting since morning 8. You think they’ll open for you? – Follow queue – Get lost! Move! Open the shutter! Open! Who’s that? Don’t they know the shop opens at noon? – How long should we wait? – Open up! – Where is Pandian? – Pandian Please come Pandian, a girl is here looking for you A girl? Looking for me? Get me that tee shirt and pants! Who among you is looking for Pandian? I’m the one Yes! Where is Pandian? Why the rude tone? Damn it! I wanna confront that doofus Where is he? Stop abusing I’m Pandian You’re Pandian? Then who is this guy? “I googled all over the world, yet I couldn’t find someone like her!” “Get lost, you’ll find some shy village girl named Thenmozhi, Kanimozhi…” “Go fall for her. I just won’t suit you!” “You won’t like guys like me at first sight but you’ll like after you get used to us” “Brother…” “I already have a boy friend” “I have no idea how to make you fall in love with me” “You tell me. How do I get you to fall for me?” When did he do all this using my phone? Kaaka Kaaka? He and his friends have gone to the hospital Mental hospital? I knew it! No, for medical test to submit for his verification for going abroad Kaaka! – Kaaka? – Yes bro – Look it’s Dub-sis! Dub-sis! – Shut up! Are you stupid? How dare you upload your video against mine? Do you know who am I? Do you know how many fans I have? – Did you just read out chinese hotel menu? – Shut up! That’s a dialogue from some English movie But then Kaaka doesn’t understand English Language doesn’t matter Love is the same in all languages Who do you think you are? How dare you post videos as my pair? And how dare you upload them? Everyone wants to know if you are my boy friend Look! Remove all those video before today evening! – Or else, you’ll be done for! – Anjana – Enough – Come, let’s go! Move! Chinna, go to Pondicherry at once Go to Sea Shore bar around 7 PM

A foreigner will come there I have sent your photo to him He will give you an electronic chip in the size of sim card Collect it from him and keep it very safe Got it? This is a very important matter Sir, as ordered I went to collect the chip At the same time one of Dhandapani’s men came there with police What happened to chip? Chip is safe Careful, Dhandapani might cause us trouble We must not spare him Sir, I will finish him once and for all We cannot take risk in this matter If anything leaks out my whole life will be uprooted Keep the chip safe Call up Sekar I will call you back with a plan in hand – Sir – Sit down Stop it with your formalities Dhandapani will be boozing with his friends in his Koovathur warehouse A lot of vehicles will carry liquor and food for that party Okay One among that vehicles should be sent by us Chinna, send fake currencies along with liquors in that Sekar, now your part The moment that vehicle enters the warehouse go inside with press people and arrest Dhandapani Sir, Sir one question sir, Sir Sir…sir Sekar…! Looks like you are hesitant? Well, sir Rs.5 billion is the target fixed for liquor sale Hence to avoid smuggling of illicit liquors they have formed a team under AC Rajaram to monitor – So – So what? So smuggling liquor along with fake currencies, at this hour is quite a risk The whole police department is in our palms! You don’t know about Rajaram He is different Can’t you find out when he’ll come for rounds? I will get that information Then what? There is something more important So just do what we say Ok sir This must be the headlines tomorrow New boys are coming today to collect the liquor They are orphans Wait! Where to? Veerampatnam? Get in. Get in Come on No one will question if anything happens to them Just now Murugan told me over phone Your passports are here That’s awesome! Our passports have arrived That’s great Go, load the truck Start quickly Done with loading? Yes. Done Give me all your phone For what? For security purposes Once you unload the stuff in Chennai you will get back your phone Now, give it I will ask them unload some liquor in Koovathur Unload six boxes from the back at Koovathur – Koovathur? – Yes Our owner didn’t mention anything about this I spoke to your owner He has agreed to pay you Rs.2000 more One of my men will follow them You will keep getting information about their whereabouts Once the truck enters the warehouse thrash the boys before even they could speak Then arrest them along with Dhandapani What are you are thinking? Well no one has ever come out after getting in to Koovathur But then What if the boys reveal our name us once they get caught? The boys will never open their mouth Even if they do Keep this visting card Tell you work for Dhandapani if asked at the gates Ok, chief Now, leave Knock down the boys and arrest Dhandapani Sir, truck has started from here Boys should reach here on time Ok? Keep me posted Ok? Keep me posted Finally we landed a job that we were looking for Complete this trip without any issues and we will be on our way abroad Did he seriously promise Rs.300,000 for this single trip? Like they are gonna pay so much The deal is for just Rs. 10,000 Holy guacamole Only 10,000? It’s too less 10,000 per trip means how many trips before we earn 300,000? Three trips? Thirty trips! Oh my God! Why didn’t boss, Murugan inform us before about Koovathur? No idea Dude! Dude! Stop here Look, there is a restaurant Yes. Slow down. Stop Come on Why did you guys stop midway? – Who are you? – Answer me first! We took a break to eat Who are you? This is why chief Dhandapani asked me to follow you Can’t we even buy food? Buy your food and start quickly I said, start! Stop staring! Keep moving Next stop, Koovathur! Got it! Don’t these guys ever feel hungry?

What’s with raising hands on us? They are not even letting us eat I suspected when he grabbed the phone from us Look, I lifted the phone Awesome! Call Pandin first Tell me, have you got the liquor? Yes. We collected it But one guy is following us Following you? Who is he? He claims to work for some Dhandapani Fools! He is our owner’s enemy They are just waiting for an opportunity to get us caught Don’t listen to him Escape from him and come to the bar Understood? Going abroad is more important I have boasted a lot about you to the owner – Don’t mess it up – Ok bro We will come to our bar at once Drive faster! Let’s go! Don’t be scared We got this Dude, what are you doing? I need the gravy! – Please don’t waste it – Hit him right on the face! Get him! Let’s do as Pandian said and not go to Koovathur Yes. Let’s take the Thindivanam route Left! Left! Turn left! – Stop! Stop the truck! – Dude, it’s him again! Drive fast! I said, turn! Turn around Drive faster Kaaka Keep going! Faster! – Faster! He is getting closer! – Don’t worry! Can’t you hear me? Turn around! I said, turn around! Game over! Take the motor cycle and go ahead Come back if you face sense problem Come on Sir, the boys escaped Truck is going through Dhindivanam city route You! they knocked me down and took my bike Do you show up to put me in a mess? Can’t you handle three boys? – Sir, I – Hang up! – Hello – Sir? Three boys will cross your check post soon – Ok sir – One is in bike Followed by two in a 207 model truck That bike and 207 should not pass your check post Go, check if a bike and a 207 truck is coming – Sir, any issue? – Diver, let’s go Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Can’t you hear me? Stop! – Sir, what happened? – Uh-oh! We’re caught Park aside! Now! Do it! Kneel down! – Where are you friends? – Can’t you hear him? Answer us and we’ll leave you Understand? Get in! Get in! Samy, come here! Come here! What is it, chief? Who came in last here? Arumugam was cleaning this room You! Come here! Where is the bottle which was in my room? I didn’t take it Sir Don’t you lie. I have everything recorded in CCTV – I swear. I didn’t – Don’t lie Go, get the laptop! Hey! Stop! Hey, stop! – I said, stop! – Careful dude! I said, stop! Guy, stop the truck! – He is nearing us! There he is – Let go of me! He got me! Pull me back! Pull me in! How dare you? Drive faster! Fast! – Hey! Hey stop! – Faster! Drive faster! – I said, stop! – Let go of me! Leave me! He fell off! Keep going! Drive! Now, who is he?

One of Murugan’s boy I got their mobile but he followed me Stupid mongrels! Pick up the call, Sekar! Sekar pick up the phone! Something is fishy, dude We took another route because someone was following us but in that route the cops are waiting for us Something smells fishy to me! Let us go Tell him Let’s quit this and leave Shut up! You should have thought before Now we have got in to this whatever happens we must reach Chennai with the liquor in tact Police again! – Get down you guys! – Quick. He is coming – Drive! Drive! Come on! – Quick, start and follow them! Drive faster! Come on! – Drive! Faster! – Come on, faster Faster! Faster! Keep going straight… straight! Don’t stop! Keep moving! Go! Go! Straight! Don’t stop Keep going Going dude Block them Take reverse! Reverse! Reverse! How long will you make us chase you? Can’t you hear us? Come out! Come out, I said! How dare you play smart with me? Make sure everything is in tact in the vehicle Sir, all the liquors bottles are safe inside Who’s bothered about that? Move! Everything is in tact Get the phone from boys Get inside the vehicle Kesavan, get in along with boys Go to Koovathur through ECR Hope you know Dhandapani’s warehouse You get down a km ahead I will follow you Kesavan, switch off that walkie talkie The boys are getting a phone call ! This is Chinna’s number Why is he calling the boys? Boys, where are you? Listen to me! Return back! The police will catch you Hello Sekar, change in the plan Do not arrest the boys Do not call the media Stop everything at once Are you kidding me? First you’ll ask me to arrest the boys then you’ll say don’t arrest ’em and you’ll directly call the boys and asked them to escape Chinna, this is wrong What do you take me for? Sekar stop blabbering…listen to me! I know very well about you! Only you want a good place in minister’s book Listen to me Sekar, there is a serious matter in those boys’ hands As per plan I will go to Koovathur ware house! Stop me if you can – Listen to me! Listen! – Hang up now! Sir…Sir Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Blame me for sending a dummy like you! They are planning to arrest us along with liquors at Koovathur We cannot go back in the same route because of the police That is why I’m telling Forget abroad job also Let’s leave the truck here and escape Liquor must be safe and we must also escape The only way to escape is to unhook that policeman behind Get down and remove the blanker in the back Blanket? Remove I say! Fast! I will hide the vehicle and come Meanwhile you guys check how the police vehicle goes – Go now – Ok Isn’t that the blanket from boys’ truck? Stop. Take a reverse Are they gone? They went that way Thanks God! Sir! Sir! Please don’t beat us

Where is the bottle? Where is the bottle? Tell me! Please! No! Here! All bottles are here, sir Are you kidding me? I’m talking about the bottle you stole Show me! Get me that! What bottle was that? It looked good and so I stole it Sir What’s the status, Chinna? Sir, there was a small issue A small issue? You are messing with 20 billion here! Sir, well – I must get that bottle safely – Don’t worry, sir. It’s with me I will be there in two hours – There, he is coming again – Get in the jeep! Get in to the truck! Go! Not one or two, 20 billion is in stake here – Sekar, come quickly to Koovathur – 20 billion? I have locked these boys The fake currencies are in tact As planned, arrest the boys at Koovathur They should never step out of prison for life Just do as I say Come on, guys! Hey! Stop! Stop! Come on, guys! Leave me Let’s go Sir, fake currencies are here This is not my vehicle sir I see I have nothing to do with it Look there is one man Where’s Pandia? – Who are you? – Where’s Pandia? Where’s Pandia? Where is Pandia? Can’t you answer? Who are you? First, answer me! Answer me! Can’t you hear me? What’s the truth? I knew your friendship with those kids will lead to here All you do is bride hunting along with them You better tell where those boys are I swear, I don’t know No use requesting him Damn it! Hold on. Dear, call up the boys and ask them to come here Sir they don’t have their phones We can talk to them only if they call me Is it? Then keep your phone on the table Do it! Must be the boys, right? Ask them where they are and when they’ll come here Instead if you alert them Go ahead – Talk! – You heard him! – Talk! – Hello Hello, it’s me dear son-in-law My daughter is adamant that she will marry only you Working at a government bar isn’t so bad! My daughter and myself are coming down to meet you I hope you’ll be at the bar – Sir – Dear, son-in-law Come on, I just gave you a happy news Why are you silent like a rat stuck on a trap? Wondering how my daughter looks? She looks like the deity Mahalakshmi in Yellow Saree Do you really need this? Bride hunting, his highness? If the boys don’t turn up it’ll be lying down in a single piece Can only be fed to crows! Thiru, get the phone from others – Guys, give your phones! – You heard it. Give it! He’ll finish you off Look guys everyone mind your own business Shut up and work. Go! – Move! Move! – Leave! – Vijay – Sir? – I want two guys in the street corner – Ok sir – Message me at once you see them – Ok sir Thiru, park all the bikes inside Ok chief Those boys are quite clever They will escape the moment the smell anything fishy – Ok – Careful – Guys, park your bikes inside – Come on! Come Mr. Groom Why are you standing here? Go there and act strange I said, go! Go Listen take a step outside the bar and Go! Now, go! Next. Your name? Pandi, sir Go, sit over there Sir!

Tell me What? Man! Chinna who arrested last night for carrying duplicate liquor and fake currencies was found dead under mysterious condition in Puzhal prison This incident took place when AC Rajaram was there to take Chinna in his custody Rajaram has passes an order to investigate the prisoners and cops in that prison This incident has complicated the case It is said that Chinna was a very close ally of ruling party minister, Rajamanickam They finished off Chinna? So the boys are doomed! Look. It’s those guys The boys are here! Come on! – Come on! – Muruga, be where you are – Come on – Pandia The boys are coming Try to help them and Now, go Some of you go back Get them! Run! Run! Run! In the pursuit of new 2000 currencies, Industrial minister R. Rajamanickam was caught red handed by the police At a time where these new currencies will be made available in banks from tomorrow this incident has raised eyebrows More on this from our reporter on spot, Mr. Prakash So, boys? Knowingly or by luck, you ended up doing something really good Nothing wrong with the idea of making money What matters is how you do it Or else you’ll find yourselves in such mess Sir, I need a help I asked around. Can you help me to get change for 500 rupees? It is invalid hereafter The bank printed these notes. How can they refuse to accept it? It’s the government’s order to not to raise any question for fifty days Why fifty days, sir? What did I just say? No questions!