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Subtitles provided to you by the Love, Now Team @ Viki Episode 11 I already know his acting skills are excellent but you have to act all the way * (acting) Boracay Island so far? I happened to see her in Boracay Island It was all a coincidence.? Why do you treat me so well.? If I said it was love at first sight and fell in love with you you believe me? If you want to chat I’ll listen Let’s get married Give me a chance I’ll give you the most beautiful wedding ceremony, accompany you to fulfill every one of your dreams In order to get the lawsuit repealed, you could even let yourself be used That wasn’t a lie To me, that was a sincere and beautiful dream Can I please ask you to stop using work as an excuse to handle a woman That’s not a man Yi Ru did it because of me can you stop giving her a hard time? If it wasn’t because of your lawsuit,

I wouldn’t need to lie Can you drop the lawsuit against my boss? My doctor is abroad for a meeting I planned on telling you immediately after the lawsuit matter was over I didn’t purposely mean to lie to you Yang Yi Ru went to Boracay Island because of me she lied to you also because of me You can attack me directly Hello Grandma, What is it? It’s nothing I just wanted to ask, are you and Cai Rong still at dinner? I’m leaving right now Let’s go, time to knock off Boss, we’re leaving Bye bye You guys are knocking off? Yes Ok, be careful going home Ok, bye bye Let’s go Ru, help me take a look to see if this plan is written okay Here too Let’s go look Plan? What happened to him? My boss is most handsome when he’s at work Everything else is just average That’s right Help me buy two meals Ru and I will be work overtime until late Overtime? He wants to work overtime! Come here Did you suffer from something? Or is the company going to close? Tell me honestly Wait a minute Ok, say it. I can handle it You guys are too dramatic It wasn’t easy for me to decide to work seriously Do you have to be like this? Work seriously I never saw you like this You can tell us whatever happened, you can tell us! Right You, buy two meals you two, go home to your family Don’t bother me at work Go go go Tell us if anything happens Ok ok Be careful, hurry home Don’t disturb me. Go Are you finished? Hurry home Why are you smiling? What kind of boss are you, that not one employee believes you? I’m helping you A trustworthy person like me being the boss, what’s wrong with that? Why are you so serious this time? It’s because I can tell that you’re scolding me Hello baby I want to too but I can’t make it tonight let’s plan another time Ok, bye bye That means you agree How can you bear to give up on the women It’s not just today How can I let you confront Lan Shi De, Whatever request you have, I’ll follow Whatever request? Are you for real? Then let’s plan for tomorrow afternoon Your people? So I decided to finish the Hao Sheng case together Although Lan Shi De is a bigshot I want him to know our strength Nonsense Let’s go Please Let go especially this part This way Why are you spacing out? I’ll take you to a good place Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki

It’s alright, I’m sure you must be busy at work with long meetings so it’s hard to find time That’s not it, it’s my fault I’m very sorry It’s ok, stop apologizing Seeing you like this, you probably ran here Sit down and rest first Have some water Don’t worry, I didn’t drink yet Thank you Take your time I have some things, I’ll leave first Miss He Don’t be angry I’m not angry I just don’t have enough time I have to return to the hospital for a meeting I’ll take you there No need, I drove here I bet you didn’t eat yet I recommend their red wine noodles Take your time I’ll leave first, bye bye Oh right, this time our date wasn’t successful, we have to reschedule another time Another time? Otherwise, how will you confront your Grandma? thank you so you promised then? Next time we meet, I’ll definitely repay my Any request, I’ll Any request? For real? Then lets meet up tomorrow afternoon No problem This time I’ll only allow you to be 1 minute late I won’t be late Bye bye Help me take a look I changed some things, Let go I can walk by myself, don’t drag me Don’t be like that, Help me take a look, hurry If you don’t let go, I’ll yell Yell then, you can yell your throat out and no one will care Don’t be like that It’s for your own good If it’s for my own good, then let me go home to rest early After being busy all day I realized many things It’s very tiring Alright Believe me will let you relax What’s the new nightclub in Taipei? What can I do if I go to a nightclub with you? Don’t be like that I can’t guarantee many things so for this you have to believe me I’ll take you to the hot springs The open air one Forget it Don’t be like that If you leave now, I’ll disclose your secret! Say it Since there’s no one on the streets If you want to say it, go ahead You Those who live here Down here there’s a girl named Yang Yi Ru Forget her tall body, In reality… Sun Qi Ming! Hit me You said it That’s enough! Why are you like that Regardless, I’m still the object of your “love at first sight.” Who said it was love at first sight? If obviously was The first time you saw me, you kept staring nonstop It made me nervous That time, it was because of my good friend I didn’t want her to be eaten by a wolf That’s why I kept staring at you It won’t kill you to admit it You obviously did Who? You? It’s the person who responded At that time, didn’t you run to my company and broke the elevator causing the employees to take the many flights of stairs after work And you went with Samantha to see the male stripper show How do you know that?! I know many more things I also know At that time, you took the opportunity to pounce on a hunk That time, Samantha wanted to give him a tip, so I accidentally Stop giving excuses It was obviously you taking the opportunity to pounce on him Beggars can’t be choosers and must be quick, like a ferocious tiger pounces on a sheep Then you pounced

If you keep talking I’ll punch you Go ahead, I’ll tell Dad Go ahead! How many times do I have to tell you, he’s my dad, not your dad If you can catch me, then I’ll change my habit Immature Come on, chase me If you can catch me, I’ll listen to you Come on Wifey, hurry and come! Master doesn’t know You! Ok .. Come on Ok Let’s cross the street and continue playing Let’s go What are you doing? I’m afraid crossing the street will be dangerous It won’t hurt to hold your hand Let’s go Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Grandma is Ok, I’ll take care of it People, the most important thing is faith If you really don’t want to show up Then you can just tell me directly I won’t force you to go Ok, Now that you have created the situation You speak How long did you make her wait? 1 hour and 20 minutes Ha?!?! You 1 hour and 20 minutes This You made her wait that long! You made her wait that long for a date, of course she would be mad! I don’t care you have to call her and apologize to her and make an appointment for the next date I already did Ah? eh So, Grandma Forgive me Do not be mad at me, I already appointed the next date If… is true I was never mad ah I was only worried about you you made her wait so long She didn’t make it difficult for you, did she? No She didn’t get angry, either Oh! So considerate? Right Not only did she not get upset with me, she even recommended me a dish before leaving She’s very dedicated to her work Also she has good manners and great attitude Those are hard to come by Ah…You’ve a good feeling towards her Hmm It’s more of an admiration Oh Admiring her, a good feeling toward her, then you will like her Fine Date her and take it seriously, ok? Remember, don’t be late No problem

That’s my good grandson Not upset with me anymore? Upset! Yes, upset Mom, you don’t look good (doing that.) Drink your tea You heard it all Goo sound insulation, I didn’t hear anything It’s fine now, Grandma isn’t angry anymore That’s good Shi Yun, let me tell you, Come. come. come Why are you all standing here? You know I was coming, so you’re welcoming me? No need, come here Why are you looking for me? Shi Yun I found the perfect man That fast? Aunt Is it that easy to find the perfect man? Don’t joke around. It’s my doing, you don’t have to worry… need to worry If it’s so easy to find, I would already have found him The problem lies with the network of friends As the saying goes, network of friends is hard to buy As long as you can make use and expand You can change your luck and be successful Then how come it’s been so long and you still haven’t found your perfect man? That’s right Who says? I already have a goal I am chasing after it I’m learning how to cook from him You guys don’t know When he was cooking today, he So… it’s really the perfect man? If this time it’s not again, I will leave immediately I guarantee he’ll be so perfect you won’t even want to leave Sis To really like someone, isn’t looking at his qualifications, it’s… I don’t ask for much Someone like you is fine And that’s not a lot? Yi Ping You said that perfect man Don’t worry Compared to our Shi De, he’s lacking by only one point You’ll wait and see You won’t be disappointed Dress yourself up prettier that day The outfit I bought you last week would fit really well Is that one ok? OK If not bring out several more outfits and choose I’ll help you choose Do I need a haircut or anything? Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Qi Ming must have done something again No mater how mad she is, she can’t cut a cucumber that way It’s all stuff you can eat You can’t cut out the middle with a knife You need to use a spoon to scoop it out I’ll do it What did you do, really In a bad mood? Who upset you?

Sis How about I catch Sun Qi Ming and let you hit him several times? This time it’s not him it’s Hao Sheng’s General Manager He’s the fiance that once that once gave me a romantic wedding Hao Sheng’s General Manager Lan Shi De? How did he upset you? He said I’m a very calculating woman that I approached him with an ulterior motive, and insulted my dignity that severe I’ll tell him clearly How will you do that? Go directly to the company and make a fuss? Be more mature, ok? How about this? His aunt is in my cooking class , I’ll ask her to clear things up Forget it, time makes all wounds disappear Moreover, As long as I know I’m not that kind of woman, that’s enough Eh, you’ve been losing to me for several days in a row What is this? Has your physical strength declined or were you thinking about Yi-Qing? I admit defeat. I admit defeat Okay? Ah the past two days, I’ve not heard you mention Lan Shi-Yun I was wondering if you’ve thought it through and realized that revenge is not a good thing Not mentioning her does not mean that I’m giving up on her I just want to give her a few days off because her nightmares are about to begin Yu-Xiang, I know you want to prove Lan Shi-Yun’s love theory is wrong – But don’t you think – I’ll bet you lately, she’s wondering why that crazy fan disappeared Maybe, she is missing me now Then I’ll suddenly appear Eh! Your cellphone is ringing Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Drink one on my behalf I’m on a marriage date with a headstrong woman

Sir Please. I’m so good looking Would any woman reject me? Temperament 90 points Exterior appearance 90 points Dressing it’s also 90 points Aunt’s taste is right on the dot Hello My apologies. I already threw away my flowers Would you be willing to change to another place for a talk? Okay Sorry about this It’s because there was a paparazzi at the cafe Even though I am a public figure but I would still like some privacy I think that blind date is a very common activity but you should know that the paparazzi would still write tabloid articles Flowers? Blind date? So, she was on a blind date with that man I know people in general find it hard to grasp but the life of a public figure doesn’t need to be under a magnifying glass I was thinking that if you want to continue dating, I hope that you would get used to it Sorry I’m not the man you were looking for What do you mean? Are you saying that you can’t accept me being a public figure? It’s not that I’m saying that I’m not your blind date You Aren’t you Wang Li Min? I’m Yan Kai Why were you holding a corsage then? If I would to say that the corsage accidentally dropped onto my table, would you believe me? Oh my god! How embarrassing! Aren’t you Wang Li Min?

I’m Yan Kai Why were you holding a corsage then? If I would to say that the corsage accidentally dropped onto my table, would you believe me? How embarrassing! I said so many personal stuff Get yourself together! Don’t panic What a coincidence! Although the chances of this happening is slim That’s right Aber this is okay After this happening, I regard us as friends What do you think? I’m home! Have you eaten already? I will heat up your food No need to Just give me some vegetables I heard your aunt saying, that she arranged a blind date for you today? But you didn’t show up Is it because you were not satisfied, got angry and left? How dis you know that I didn’t go on the blind date with Wang Li Min? Eh, well you didn’t show up, so he called here Your aunt needed to calm him down for quite a long time It was my fault I will call him tomorrow You are going to apologize? That’s right I didn’t bother to call and even made him wait I was the one who was rude Shi Yun Tell mom Did anything happen? Was it very serious? Mom I’m fine If I were to really say what has happened, it’s that I met my ideal perfect man Shi Yun Mom knows that because you attended Pei Shan’s wedding, you felt very anxious But you should be a little bit more careful There are many scammers out there Mom Don’t worry I’m not a child anymore However, I’ve built this sort of firewall very rigorously, just like 007 Penetrating bit by bit and slowly get to know him Shi Yun Looking at how happy you are, I’m really happy too I really hope that you will find a man who dotes on and love you Mom Even though Grandma and I seem to focus only on Shi De and his marriage We don’t seem to be concerned about you I know Grandma and you place Shi De in front because you feel sorry for him since he sacrificed so much for our family Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Ever since your dad left, this family depended on Shi De At that time, he hasn’t even graduated from college yet He was just like a man and took responsibility for this family and protected us women It was hard on him those few years Your grandma and I know but we couldn’t even help him in any way Because of this family, gave up too much and changed a lot too Mom The most difficult times have already passed Don’t be sad anymore Okay I won’t talk about it anymore What mom really want to say is that we are really concerned about you I know You don’t even need to talk about this Aren’t we family? Then, can you tell me what’s the name of that perfect man? His name is Yan Kai Invite him home on another day and let me take a look at him That fast? No It’s better to do it after a period of time Furthermore, it’s better to know more about him before I bring him home I don’t want to be like aunt She likes love to happen fast Mom will cook some vegetables for you Okay Are you sure you want to meet here?

What’s wrong? Don’t you think this is a warm place? It’s my fault for being late the last time If you still mind, we can change the venue You’ve misunderstood Actually, it’s because the refrigerator in my house has malfunctioned However, I don’t want to go strolling alone at the hypermarket Hence, it just happens that I have to meet up with you today Then I’ll just leave it all up to you to help me choose a good refrigerator This is called, ‘killing two birds with a stone’ Simply time-saving Good You really know how to make good use of time Of course To a doctor, time is indeed really precious Don’t you entrepreneurs also frequently say that time is money? Let’s go Why do you keep looking at toilet bowls? Is the toilet bowl at your home out of order? I’m comparing Hao Sheng’s with those of other brandnames to see where the differences lie Why are you looking at me like this? This stuff is more yummy when Dad makes it Do you have fever? Or has my sister’s scoldings damaged your brain? You’re unable, to this extent, to get over it and move on Right now, I purely wish to hurry up and get this project with Hao Sheng over and done with Keeping Lan Shi De away, the further, the better Like this, he won’t the the chance to fix your sister Fix my sister? Is he so daring as to fix my sister? She was almost hit by a vehicle Don’t tell Dad about this matter Dad will get worried What nonsense! Of course I know that Lan Shi De I thought my sister even said that he’s a good person The good man was just short of a hair’s breadth from being completely humiliated by him. Good Surely you too, have a part in the complete humiliation of the man For an honest and reliable Mr. Right like me, being gentlemanly is something basic Being kind to the fairer sex was something I just knew about when I was at the same height as a desk A man must just let his woman know that being able to be together with him is the happiest thing in the world You get it? You really have the nerve to say that But the kind of man like Lan Shi De, for each day you have deal with him, by that number of days will you be unlucky, do you know that? I still can’t say that Tai Pei is really small, right, General Manager Lan? Don’t go so near to him He’s offended the Yearly God*. [*with whom Shi De’s birth year clashed. So he was unlucky that year.] It’s you all who were at fault first You still dare to criticize behind the back Is this right? You know clearly that Yi Ru didn’t feign illness on purpose Okay. Even if we were the first to be at fault, who’s never committed any wrongdoings, is that not so? That’s right To err is human, no one is perfect Don’t know how to write these eight words? I’ll teach you He’s glaring at me We’ve already apologized We’re also doing our best to make up for it Yi Ru even more so She clearly knew that you’re fixing her She still let you trifle with giving her a hard time Something untoward nearly happened to her but she didn’t mind She was not only not angry, but she also kept on defending you She said she could forgive you your frame of mind She’s already tried to this extent, but you’re still not willing to forgive her What do you mean by this? Don’t you go too far Go too far? Surely you’re the one who’ve gone too far Taking advantage of this project, you held it against her and kept giving her a tough time Let’s forget that What you said to her that day at the office, do you know how nasty that was? Just because you were justified, you could speak in such a manner Lan Shi De This sort of style of yours, from the latter half of the nine philosophical schools of thought, I’m still really keen on learning and picking it up Let’s leave first Wait a minute You can’t gainsay me, so you’re just leaving? I give you an inch and you take a mile Okay. Go! I’ve just said that you’ve offended the Yearly God Be a bit careful There are some words I really I didn’t want to say them at first However, being together with this type of man who doesn’t know how to be kind to the fairer sex,

be careful of getting hurt I’m a doctor If I get hurt, I will give medical treatment to myself Take care See this type of man? Can’t win an argument. He just pretended to be cool and walk away It’s just a pity Stick a stalk of fresh flower in an ice sculpture This is really very pitiful He’s so good-looking, why is he so bad at heart? Brother-in-law who is not fated to be Wait a minute What did you just say? Nothing. I’ve just thought that with the way you’ve provoked him, would he be even angrier and more nasty to my sister? Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team @Viki Preview You fix her like this, causing her to feel unwell What exactly are you up to? When you’ve committed an offense, can you merely hide behind someone else? Don’t touch me I’ve told you to stay away from her You didn’t get it Get lost! Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team@Viki Song: Temporary Boyfriend Singer: Yen-J ♪ In this round, happiness didn’t stop for too long ? ♪ In the next round, you still can start over ? ♪ You won’t necessarily, won’t necessarily choose me ? ♪ But I’ll be even more persistent than you ? ♪ If you’ve still not given up on your ex-boyfriend ? ♪ I’ll wait while you keep hanging on to him ? ♪ I’m willing to be your rebound ? ♪ I’m willing to be your rebound ? ♪ To be your temporary boyfriend ? ♪ So long as you need me to be with you ? ♪ I’m not afraid of what others may think or say of me ? ♪ I’m willing to be your rebound ? ♪ To be your temporary boyfriend ? ♪ I won’t let you be lonely even for one moment ? ♪ I want to fill your present, not ruling out ? ♪ your future. ? ♪ I’m willing to be your rebound ? ♪ To be your temporary boyfriend ? ♪ You don’t need to be lonely any more ? ♪ I want to fill your present, even more so till ? ♪ the end. ?