Love Myself Or You? | 喜歡·一個人 – Episode 06 [VOSTFR]

Come! Try to believe in me, and give me your hands. I will be by your side, so you don’t always have to be on your own. Lin Bao Zhu! You’re sticking up for Du Kai Qi, right? You’re taking revenge because during her competition with Le Xuan, I added salt to her steak, so you’re following suit, right? I’ve decided to return justice to Du Kai Qi. I am also going to participate in the Taiwan Rising Star French Cuisine Competition. Du Kai Qi… is on a date with a guy. Bao Zhu, he is the intern. If someone is nice to me, it doesn’t make me feel good. It only makes me feel burdened. If I lose to Du Kai Qi during this competition, I will resign as sous chef and leave this restaurant. Kai Qi. It’s okay, I’m here. – Hey! – So you guys are really together? With him? This sissy intern fears the dark, talks too much, and pretends to be a nice guy. Is he worth giving up my independent lifestyle? I sleep alone, because I like to be by myself. (A Nobody and the Princess, by Ian Chen) ♫ Long eyelashes ♫ When you’re single, the sofa is a bed ♫ Tender curls of hair ♫ ♫ The upturned corners of your mouth seem to look kindly on me ♫ When you’re single, you can go anywhere you want ♫ The enchanting scent of your hair is sweet ♫ ♫ I surprisingly want to protect you till I’m old ♫ ♫ I love seeing you deliberately stirring up trouble ♫ ♫ I like your silly, innocent smile ♫ ♫ I like the way you burst into tears when you listen to me sing ♫ ♫ It’s slightly stupid and foolish, ♫ ♫ yet adds a little happiness ♫ ♫ In your beautiful country, there lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince all their steps before the last day ♫ ♫ I’m just a little nobody, silently giving you my blessings, ♫ When you’re single, you decide your happiness ♫ standing in the dark, protecting… ♫ ♫…your happiness ♫ Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki Love Myself Or You I like to keep my distance from other people Where am I at fault? Then where am I at fault for not wanting to be strangers? It made you go so far as to say I’m afraid of the dark, a sissy, overly talkative and pretending to be nice Apologize to me Why do I have to? Just apologize to me What are you doing? Let go! I’m giving you one last chance Apologize to me Let go Alright, since you insist on being so stubborn, I will respect your decision and leave you alone in the future That’s great! Auntie, both of you are so childish Do you want to come to the kindergarten with me tomorrow? Kindergarten? We ate together, talked together, and went to the beach together. Would you say that this makes us strangers? Also, I’ve been putting in a lot of effort and I hope you can believe in me. I also tried believing in people before in the past. Sometimes one person may still need the companionship of another. Try to believe in me, and give me your hands. I will always be by your side, so you don’t always have to be on your own. You believe everything that he says? He’s like a con artist.

Don’t you know? Wanting to rely on others so easily. What’s wrong with me? Don’t look at me with that expression on your face! Auntie, who is looking at you? A fly, it’s a fly Eat your pudding It’s not like I never warned him. I told him to not get close to me without any reason. There should be a safe distance between people I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. Romance in the Dream I like to do things on a reciprocation basis, I will treat others by the way they treat me Morning Good morning! If you stare at the girl once again, you’re dead They’re the ones staring, it’s not me They’re staring? Yes Hey! What are you guys looking at? We’re looking at Ah Jie and Kai Qi Are they playing ping-pong ball? Of course not! It’s called flirting You guys don’t know how exciting it was in the changing room just now What happened? Ah Jie said, “I like to do things on a reciprocation basis,” “I will treat others by the way they treat me.” – He didn’t even look at Kai Qi – Seriously? Ah Jie said that? How could he treat Kai Qi this way? Please! Didn’t you hear what Kai Qi said to him yesterday? She can even provoke such a mild-tempered and bright sun like Ah Jie Du Kai Qi is really something What bright sun? What’s warm on the inside and cold on the outside? He’s totally like a refrigerator! I’m not at all surprised to hear him saying that Don’t mind her Where’s the preparation list? Attention, everyone! I have something to announce before we start to work During lunch break today, everyone needs to head out and distribute flyers Why? What are the flyers for? The flyers are to attract more young customers Bao Zhu, please distribute them for me

Although our restaurant has a fixed customer base, the proportion of young customers is slightly lower Soon, it will be summer vacation We can use this opportunity to extend to young customers Chief and I will be staying in the restaurant As for the rest of you, I’ll have to trouble you guys to work hard Help me distribute flyers outside during lunch break Yes Alright, you guys can continue working Yes What the hell is she doing? Tomorrow is the competition She’s obviously not letting Kai Qi and Ah Jie practice during lunch break You’re such an annoying intern You don’t understand love! You implicate everyone and we all can’t rest during lunch break because of you Annoying! Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki Excuse me. Thank you Excuse me Try to believe in me and give me your hand. I will always be by your side, so you don’t always have to be on your own. Enough already! What do you want me to do if you keep appearing? I used to feel fine being alone – Sorry, sorry! Are you okay? – I’m fine Let me help you up It’s okay, I’m fine – It’s okay, I’ll help you up – You don’t need to, thank you I’m really sorry ♫ Just because love has no guarantee ♫ Here ♫ Tightly-held hands can break apart at anytime ♫ ♫ Just because time is crueler than memories ♫ ♫ Even the most hurt heart can be in equilibrium ♫ ♫ Just because of the restless process ♫ ♫ You say that the road to love is more fascinating ♫ ♫ Just because of too many gatherings and partings ♫ ♫ I am afraid of being serious ♫ ♫ There is not a single person on the raining streets ♫ ♫ The romantic path to home ♫ ♫ Pretending that friends are lovers ♫ Get in the car Figaro Cuisine Wait for me Where are you going? That’s okay! I’ll do it myself

I will return this to you for sure Du Kai Qi! Do you really have to calculate everything so clearly? You’re really I heard that giving shoes means you want the person to leave So are you asking me to leave? I’m sorry Your feet It’s fine Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki Lighter please Who told you to act cool? It’s you who didn’t wear durable shoes My shoes are durable, it’s only because I wore them too long Lighter! Le Xuan’s brother was my college senior at the anime club Boyfriend? No, it wasn’t to that extent He was like you, who was very kind to me When I ate instant noodles, he would go to the convenience store to buy boiled eggs for me Whenever I felt upset, he would take me star-gazing I am someone who has trouble trusting others I believe in that Because I feel that in this world, there is no such thing as being nice to others for no reason Love is 6 months of passion, 2 years of coldness, and a lifetime of hurting each other That’s why I feel like I don’t need a partner But he almost made me believe that he was different So handsome! Hot guy! I also want a love bento! The only mistake I made was treating you as a friend. Someone like you who only takes advantages of others and doesn’t have a heart, I never want to see you again. That time because of my father’s debts, I stopped going to school for half a year to work at a full-time job However when I returned to school, he and all the club members excluded me Just like my elementary classmates For no reason? I don’t know for what reasons But the only reason I could think of was that they knew how my father was, so they were afraid I’d borrow money from them

No wonder you care so much about the problems about money Because of this, it made me more certain Once you have expectations for someone, the feelings of failed expectations will be even worse than when you don’t have any at all Therefore, when you told me to trust you and that you’d be by my side, to me, these words represent an unbelievable promise Even if I really want to believe in it Believe in me It’s boring to laugh by yourself, and even more painful to cry alone Therefore, the best way would be to find someone to share them Even though that person won’t be like god who will redeem you, but, at the least, you will feel more relaxed, more courageous to face everything Believe me. I will give you my hand at the most critical times As long as you need it, I will always be by your side Thanks Actually, this is really like the story of ‘Ten Pairs of Chopsticks Don’t Break’ Once upon a time, there was ten brothers Do you take me for a three-year-old? Oh right, you said to be reciprocal So I want to ask you a question What question? Why are you afraid of the dark? ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince ♫ ♫ Every step taken before the last day ♫ ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince ♫ ♫ Every step taken before the last day ♫ Oh right, you said to be reciprocal So I want to ask you a question What question? Why are you afraid of the dark? Because because of my brother He would lock me up in the closet whenever he got angry What’s wrong with him? That’s because I did something bad to him, too But he doesn’t have to be like that Don’t worry, now he won’t What’s the point of it now? You’re already half-wasted (traumatized) May I ask you a very important question? What? Just Is being afraid of the dark really embarrassing? A little Why do I feel like your “a little” is a bit big? I’m fine like this. You’re always helping me every time. Last time, you said

What? Nothing Were you a good boy in school today? Yes. Teacher told us the story about “Kong Rong Shares The Pears” It’s a good thing that I don’t have an older brother so I don’t need to give up my pears to him Because of my brother, he would lock me up in the closet whenever he got angry. Why do I feel that the story Ah Jie told me today… I’ve heard it or seen it somewhere before? Young master, what are you doing inside? Brother will get mad if I go out. Auntie, I want to rinse my mouth Rinse your mouth Ah – Hmm? – Ah Hmm? Ah Alright, it’s clean. Let’s go Thank you. Today is the day. Don’t worry, I will never let you get kicked out of the restaurant So you have to cooperate well with me and don’t make any mistakes. Okay? Yes Give me five! Aren’t we good buddies? Who is your good buddy? It seems like you guys are in high spirits After today, it won’t be far from the final prize Hopefully, we can all reach the finals I really look forward to see your work, to see how amazing it will be I’ll try my best not to be a burden to Kai Qi We won’t lose! We’re the ones who will definitely win Aren’t we partners? Why are we walking separately? Taiwan Rising Star French Cuisine Competition Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki Welcome everyone to the preliminary round of the northern district in Taiwan Rising Star French Cuisine Competition

For the competition this time, there are two stages in total, one is the preliminary round and the other is the final round The preliminary round is categorized into southern and northern district, today is the competition for the northern district The two teams with the highest scores will enter the final round with the two teams with the highest scores from southern district There are three judges for the preliminary round First, let’s welcome the principal of the Asian Food Academy, Mr. He Da Ming, and also the chairman of our Taiwan French Cuisine Promotion Association, Mrs. Wu Mei Nu Of course, in accordance with the practice of previous years, the champion from last year will be the judge But I’ll have to report a very unfortunate news to everyone, the champion from last year, Enzo, participated in the campaign against shark finning in India, as he got into a conflict with the local fishermen, he’s unable to return for now So, I, (Judge: Bu Da Wei) the youngest champion, David, will be the judge on his behalf In commemoration of Enzo No. To commend on Enzo’s beliefs, we won’t use shark fins for cooking today Enzo… Is he the Enzo that lent us caviar sauce the other time? Isn’t he your friend? I also don’t know The content of the preliminary contest is very easy, it’s to complete the assigned dish in 60 minutes Sole Meunière Second, the appearance of the plating. Third, the performance of the taste We’ll use these 3 criterias to grade the dishes The 4 teams with the highest score will be able to proceed to the next stage of the final competition Everyone, please make good use of these 60 minutes Because the next rising star, the next David, may be anyone that’s present here! Kai Qi, we can start preparing the fish steak now Then, I’ll leave the sauce to you, the level of sweetness is still a little bit lacking Because you asked me to accompany you to join the competition, I brought my secret weapon Don’t look at me with so much admiration Who is looking at you? I’m looking at the sauce Try it How is it? It’s good enough One more minute left. Contestants, please make good use of the time Present the most delicious Sole Meunière Countdown to the last 10 seconds! Time is up!

Contestants, please move forward with your Sole Meunière She’s a flower vase with abilities (“Decorative vase” refers to people only with looks but no ability) Seven different colors of sauce… it must be a lot of work You made the dish look like a painting pallet Where did the idea come from? French cuisine values the importance of the original taste in the ingredients So we emphasized the sauce Using the natural colors of the fruits, it allows the taste buds to be stimulated by visual sense Very nice. Just like rainbows in the summer, it‘s very artistic This sauce… should be dragon fruit with malt sugar, right? This flavor must be… strawberry with maple syrup? You’re right This dish not only tastes good and looks good, but is also very fun Also can be given to students as a test question Beautiful It’s a refreshing dish Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki I saw earlier that you guys molded a rice ball in the shape of a heart. Very cute Pairing caviar with gold leaf… feels very luxurious The flavor is not bad By the taste of the sauce, it is not red wine or white wine It is yellow wine (Huangjiu) I want to break the norm of using the common combination of red and white wine, choosing to use fermented yellow wine instead After being concentrated, then mix it with cream Then brush it on to the fish fillet, using its gentle fragrance to bring out the sweet flavor in the John Dory fish filet, right? Perfect! Score sheet Taiwan Rising Star French Cuisine Competition Announcing the results of the competition now

Within French culinary industry, these spoons represent unlimited honor and it will be awarded to the four winning teams Please come up when competitor’s number is called ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince ♫ ♫ Every step taken before the last day ♫ ♫ I’m just a little nobody, silently giving you my blessings ♫ Very happy, right? Happy for what? First round is a silver spoon. Final round is a golden spoon Isn’t it too out of style? You don’t like it? If you don’t like it, then give it to me Why do I have to give it to you? It’s rare for me to advance in competitions If I have a girlfriend in the future, I can gift it to her as a token of love Gift this as a token of love? Aren’t you a little too stingy? Obtaining this spoon is just as easy as breaking a tree branch Du Kai Qi What? It’s not like we don’t have this spoon Congratulation to you guys on getting into the finals If you are going to congratulate us, then please be sincere Give us back our lunch breaks Okay I’ll give it back Let’s go You made things so difficult for Du Kai Qi before and now you just agree to her request? I didn’t make things difficult for her I was getting revenge for my brother. You don’t understand What does your brother have to do with the competition between you two? You wouldn’t understand! How cute Hey, didn’t we come together? What do you mean by driving off now?! We have to start thinking up the menu for the finals competition Don’t you know what it means to take a rest? Working and reading comics are resting. The finals are a turning point for success Let’s rest for a while Then you can slowly rest Hey! Du Kai Qi! You’ve been stood up, Intern! You’re not getting on? What are you staring at? Hurry up! You’re being so slow and wasting time! You can’t even put on your helmet! Hurry up! Hey, you’ve been stood up, Chief! Bye bye! Bye bye! Go! You guys can go! That’s fine! Next time, I have to drive. Then I’ll be the first one to leave! CLOSE This time, the theme for the final contest is “creative set meal” The meal set will have salad, soup, appetizer and the main course The most important thing is that each dish must use ingredients produced in Taiwan So we have to figure out how to use ingredients produced in Taiwan to create the richness in French cuisine This is the key to us winning Have you been listening to me? You’ve just been on your phone the entire time Don’t think that just because we passed the preliminaries, you can act like that How about we start with the salad? Sure, let’s take a look What about oranges?

It’s sweet and sour. No matter how you combine it, it tastes good. Then what about the main course? Chicken, fish, pork, beef… or lamb? What? This one. What’s wrong? This intern… he keeps pushing his luck Please, they look like they’re discussing more passionately than loving couples – What are you saying?! – Okay, I misspoke, I misspoke Alright, I’ll treat you to some shaved ice. Let’s go Okay, let’s go This won’t do, we’re just strategizing on paper Oh god, I start using idioms when I get anxious Then why don’t we take a look at the market The food there will be the freshest Okay, then let’s go Let’s go Then go – Go – Yeah, go Aren’t you going to stand up? Let’s go The condition of the ducks here is really good In the past, when I went to Cherry Valley in England, the ducks were not that beautiful compared to these That’s right Hey, beautiful chef Uncle Shun Young man, you are not bad You are an expert. You know that my ducks are an improved breed of Peking duck from the Cherry Valley Uncle Shun’s Cherry Valley ducks are the enhanced version Yi Lan has great hills and waters and Uncle Shun’s feeds are also specially formulated Hence, his ducks are excellent. The ducks in our restaurant are ordered from him Don’t keep saying this You have been taking care of our duck farm for so many years Even now, when you take part in competitions, you come here to look for my ducks It’s making me proud Face? (A play in word, giving face means proud) Where is your face? Face? So silly! Sorry What are you laughing at? Young man, if you look at a woman this way, you’ll look like a pervert If you like her, just tell her What are you talking about? Such strong reactions? You both We are not. Uncle Shun! Okay, let’s do this. Take your time and choose carefully If you see a good one which you like, just tell me It’s free, I’ll gift it to you guys That You can’t reject it. I have work to do there. I’m going back to work first It takes about 75 days to breed a Cherry Valley duck The weight must be between 3.8 to 4.3 kg Look! Those with thick breast hair and fleshy breast meat are the best kind of Cherry Valley ducks Du Kai Qi, be careful. The pebbles here are slippery Be careful. Hold my hand Be careful Okay, it’s not slippery here Don’t treat me as that girl whom you want to take care of but you can’t, okay?

You are really a fool What? ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince every step… ♫ ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince ♫ ♫ Every step taken before the last day ♫ ♫ I’m just a little nobody… ♫ Hold my hand Hey Be careful Okay, it’s not slippery here Don’t treat me as that girl whom you want to take care of but you can’t, okay? What’s wrong? Didn’t you say this previously? You can’t forget her but you don’t look for her I was already unlucky enough to be an experiment Don’t let me be a replacement, too You are not a replacement Actually, she What’s wrong with her? It’s nothing. There’s nothing much to talk about her Okay, then continue to put it in your heart You are really a fool What? I’m going to catch the duck Hey, run. If you don’t run, how are you going to catch it? Right! Stupid, it’s on your left side – Left side? – It’s on your left side Which one? It’s that one with the fluffy breast hair. Can’t you see it? The one on the left. Just walk straight ahead! Why are you asking so many questions? Are you a pig? Hurry up, catch it. How are you going to catch it if you are so slow? Aiyoh, you only know how to run but don’t know how to catch it. You must reach out your hands Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki Uncle Shun, thank you What is there to thank me for? By the way, this is the duck liver I just fermented yesterday It’s the kind of french cuisine you taught me last time, remember? Here, take this I can’t. I already took duck meat from you. I can’t take this again Aiyoh, silly! It’s not like we only know each other for the first day, right? Why don’t we do this? Take this back and create new dishes This way, when I sell the duck meat, I can also promote the duck liver What do you think? Take it Thanks, Uncle Shun. Next time, let’s… (drink alcohol together) Okay, I will wait for you You got a good friend through the shared love of cooking. Du Kai Qi, you are quite something Intern, learn from this. Work hard and you can do this in the future, too Here Kai Qi, how did you find that duck farm? When I was just promoted to sous chef, the ex-Head Chef posed a difficult question to me He wanted me to create a new dish Thus, I desperately tried my best to look for ingredients out there It’s because I believe that good tastes are hidden in small places in this big world Searching for new ingredients is my interest

Because good ingredients can bring out creative inspirations I think so, too. Without experiencing it personally, we can’t be good chefs It smells so good Xiao Yi, sit properly. You are just in time to try this Here, Xiao Yi. Try this So how is it? It’s very delicious Seems like we should use this as the main dish Pan fried Cherry Valley Duck with golden pineapple sauce Here For soup, if we use Taiwanese ox to make beef soup As for the appetizer and salad Let’s go to the market tomorrow and check if there are any fresh ingredients Okay Xiao Yi, so how does it taste? Is it good? It’s very delicious – It’s very delicious? – It’s delicious Delicious in what kind of way? Is it a feeling of heart-filling warmth? Or do you feel warmth moist around your eyes and feel like crying? Or does this taste makes you think of sweet cotton candy? Du Kai Qi, isn’t cotton candy too much of an exaggeration? When you talked about “feeling like crying” just now, that was exaggeration Hey, it’s you who first said warmth and heart-filling Why are you following everything I said? You’re so strange! Strange, why can’t I say when you can? Are you a parrot? You are strange You are strange You are strange Are Auntie and Uncle a couple? ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince ♫ ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince ♫ ♫ Every step taken before the last day ♫ ♫ I’m just a little nobody silently giving… ♫ Strange, why can’t I say when you can? Are you a parrot? You are strange You are strange You are strange Are Auntie and Uncle a couple? Xiao Yi, don’t talk nonsense Xiao Yi, come and have some duck meat, Duck meat… it’s sweet Here. Ah If you like her, just tell her. Xiao Yi, eat quickly. Don’t keep on smiling Uncle and I are just the most ordinary kind of friends Understand? Do I really only see Kai Qi as a friend? Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki It’s pretty We just bought squid, scallop, seaweed, and ground pork. Now Are you planning to cook fried seafood dumplings? That’s right. It’s fried seafood dumplings Aren’t fried seafood dumplings a little…? – Boss! – Hello Did my order arrive? Flying fish roe Flying fish roe is crisp and al dente Wrapped in the seafood dumpling, the outside will be crisp and the inside, al dente Isn’t it? Am I right? At first, I was worried that it wouldn’t be unique enough, but now that we have flying fish roe

Let me tell you. This is a technique that must be learned, it will come in handy in the future Yes – Boss, how much is it? – NT$300 Okay I’m happy because Kai Qi is willing to open her heart and she is becoming more like her old self, right? It can’t be the kind of attraction between men and women, right? I’m leaving in two weeks. What? Nothing Let’s go – I want watermelon – I want honey peaches Watermelons should be used for the summertime! Adding watermelon to the dish makes it more unique, and it tastes better with the smoked salmon Ask anyone if it’s watermelons or honey peaches that make them think of Taiwan If that’s how you’re going to look at it, sugarcane is also reminiscent of Taiwan Would you put sugarcane and smoked salmon together? Honey peaches are prettier, and the taste it creates with smoked salmon is a better match – If it were me, I’d go with sugarcane – Me too Copycat I already listened to you about adding water bamboo into the beef soup. Use honey peaches! I also listened to you about the red cherry shrimp and papaya for the appetizer Watermelon. It’s nonnegotiable Then let’s play Morra (a finger-guessing game) Morra? The game of Morra doesn’t suit your image, don’t you think? What kind of image do I have? The kind where you want to be with a wealthy guy; buying pretty clothing, brand-name purses, and high heels that are expensive as hell The kind of woman who squeals, “Buy it for me!” Are you saying that I’m a flower vase who only has money and looks again? – Did I make it that explicit? – You She obviously is Okay, then let’s compare. Everything I’m wearing right now is definitely cheaper than what you’re wearing Brand-name items for women are definitely more expensive than that of men This low-key, brand-name jacket is NT$5,900 This is a domestic brand. NT$700. What about your pants? Is it also a low-key brand? – NT$7000? NT$8000? – NT$9(000) Mine are NT$490. The shoes are NT$650 I’m not wearing a watch. I use my phone to check the time What about you? It’s a little-crown watch (Rolex), huh? So you’re the one who wants to be with rich girls Okay! Honey peaches You guys You guys are too despicable! You’re eavesdropping on our menu? Who wants to eavesdrop on your menu? We didn’t hear anything but the fact that you really like low-key, brand-name clothing and high-key, little-crown watches You intern, what do you know about a mature man’s taste? – Chief! – Stop following us I was going to tell you to be careful – Why didn’t you say that earlier? – I’m sorry Why’d you bring a durian over for no reason? I was thinking that the durian could replace the papaya, so I came to ask for your opinion You don’t need to ask. Durians aren’t even a Taiwanese fruit It appears that your team has mixed opinions It appears that your team is also trying desperately for the finals Don’t turn this competition into a battle between two women Mind your own business! The low-key, little-crown chief, just don’t bother with them Who wants to bother with them? What I care about is, why don’t women ever pay any attention to me? My mom must’ve been lying to me She said that I have a striking appearance, I’m love at first sight, and I’m a culinary expert What woman wouldn’t like me? But ever since I earned my chef’s certification, I never had another girlfriend I don’t care. I have to get the watermelon. I have to get the watermelon Boss, I don’t want the honey peaches anymore. Bag the watermelon for me! Right, the watermelon! It has to be the watermelon! How did it become a watermelon? Wasn’t it supposed to be honey peaches? Little brother! ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince ♫ ♫ Every step taken before the last day ♫ ♫ In your beautiful country ♫ ♫ There lives a beautiful princess ♫ ♫ She counts down with the prince ♫ ♫ Every step taken before the last day ♫ ♫ I’m just a little nobody silently… ♫ Little brother! You, the one I just looked at! Little brother! Chairman! Madam!

Wow, I’ve worked here at the restaurant for so long. This is the first time you’ve addressed me in such an intimate manner I’m really sorry. I didn’t react right away at first That’s right! Besides, you’ve worked at our restaurant for such a long time We’re all like a family! Thank you, Chairman. Thank you, Madam The restaurant hasn’t opened yet today. May I ask why you two are here? I heard that both of our restaurant’s teams made it to the Rising Star finals As the restaurant owner, I’m extremely happy That’s why I’d like to invite everyone for a meal at our house during the lunch break That’s right. You all have to come! Not a single person can be absent! Let’s call it a deal! – Bye, little brother! – Bye! Thank you, Chairman. Thank you, Madam In the future, you can call me whatever you want. You can call me little brother, young fellow, or even little cutie if you want! – Goodbye! – Okay, goodbye! Remember, everyone has to come! Goodbye! Thank you, Chairman! Thank you for the invitation, Madam! This is bad. I was under Kai Qi’s watch all afternoon, so I forgot to remind Mom not to blow my cover. Welcome! Welcome! Hello, Madam! The Chairman is busy working in the kitchen in order to welcome you guys How can we possibly let the Chairman personally cook for us? He’s glad that he has the chance to cook Come, come in. Make yourself at home. Come Come. Come in! We’re sorry to disturb you There are slippers here that you can wear as you please – Okay, thank you – Thank you There used to be a wind chime here. What are you looking at? – The Chairman – Nothing The Chairman should be working with the food inside the kitchen right now. Don’t worry about him Just make yourselves at home. Besides, coming here – Young (Shào)— – Shaolin Soccer! I suddenly really want to watch Shaolin Soccer. Madam, do you have a television here? I suddenly really want to watch Shaolin Soccer. The movie channel is airing Shaolin Soccer today! Intern, I don’t mean to criticize you, but how can you be so impolite coming to the Chairman’s house? Madam, I’m really sorry It’s fine! Chairman! – Young— – Please don’t call me Young Master – Also, please put away all the photos of me in this house – Okay – I’ll leave it in your hands – Okay – Let us help you out – Go ahead and take a seat. I can handle it here on my own Oh, okay Then, I’ll help set the table Young— – There’s a photo of you in the kitchen, too – There’s one in the kitchen? Chief! Just leave the tableware to me You learn quick Okay, work quickly Come help – Leave it to me – Okay, thanks Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today? No I’m going inside to see what else I can help with So that’s where the wind chime was. The thyme smells wonderful

This is a roasted chicken with thyme and black pepper, right out of the oven I’m using the chicken fat to stir-fry onion and make gravy It’ll be good after adding two spoons of all-purpose flour Bravo! Here How did you know where the flour was? Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki – We have guests? – Hello, I’m Ah Jie, an intern. You wouldn’t have had a chance at winning if Ah Jie hadn’t helped you. – This is the last practice before the competition – If we don’t succeed… We won’t give up. Because of you, this hand can never enter the kitchen. You still want to participate in a competition in front of my face? It’s because I heard someone say that Ah Jie doesn’t like to enter competitions. I don’t care what your reason is. Withdraw from today’s competition. You can only hope that he doesn’t desert you at the critical juncture. The competition begins. Could it be that the intern was too afraid to come? You’re alone. Where’s your partner? Brother, I’m begging you. I really can’t back out. It’s different this time. (I’ll Always Be Here, by Victor Wong) Sometimes, being by yourself doesn’t mean that you are alone. ♫ The lies I have to tell, let this story keep going ♫ ♫ No matter how lost you are, the warmth will guide you ♫ ♫ Tied up by loneliness, ‘perfect’ was just an illusion ♫ ♫ I hope that you can let go of the strength you’re feigning ♫ ♫ It always feels a little less safe ♫ ♫ All the words I want to say end up held back ♫ ♫ But I’ve known the answer for a long time ♫ ♫ My love, day by day, again and again, overflows ♫ ♫ When you cry, when you smile, when you’re hurt, ♫ ♫ I’ll always be here, with my shoulder for you to lean on ♫ ♫ Day by day, again and again, you remain irreplaceable ♫ ♫ When all that’s left of the world is a blank, ♫ ♫ you’ll always find… that I’m still here ♫ Subtitles brought to you by the Figaro Cuisine Squad @Viki