Aug 4, 2020 -8:35 AM Mass

good morning and a special welcome to all of you

celebrating with us online today we celebrate the memorial of saint

john vianney a celebrant today is father hank i’m jeannie and i will be serving as lecter this mass is being offered for the repose of the souls of james paterno daris arico and al wand for those who are participating at home please silence your cell phones remember to speak the responses as if you were physically at mass and remember you’re still very connected to your parish home please join in now for three rounds of the jesus prayer lord jesus christ living son of the living god help me to trust more than ever that you are loving us right now lord jesus christ living son of the living god help me to trust more than ever that you are loving us right now lord jesus christ living son of the living god help me to trust more than ever that you are loving us right now oh god come to our assistance lord make haste to help us you are our rescuer our help o lord do not delay in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit the lord be with you we celebrate the feast of john vianney and it’s the perfect theme it’s the perfect guy for what we’re doing this week and for today’s readings in particular by the way there are no special readings for john vianney i have the option but only for a first reading anyhow the readings couldn’t be better for the feast of john vianney because guess what it all points to that one simple truth it is never ever ever too late it’s never too late to move toward a deeper experience of christ’s peace ever it’s always a possibility no matter what’s going on and so in the first reading today the first half of their first reading today is sort of a horror story about all the lousy stuff that’s going on and descriptive awful ugly things and then jesus i’m sorry god the father reminds them it’s not too late despite all that it’s not too late you can get to deeper peace and in the gospel notice saint peter our hero and it’s never too late for him either which means it’s never too late for us we can always choose to accept god’s invitation and to use the resources god has given us to get to that deeper peace and for the ways in which we refuse god for the ways in which we let our resources go idle for the ways in which we sin we acknowledge our sin we entrust ourselves to god’s mercy as we pray you were sent to heal the contrite of heart lord have mercy you came to call sinners christ have mercy you are seated at the right hand of the father to intercede for us lord have mercy may almighty god have mercy on us forgive us our sin and bring us to the everlasting life let us pray almighty god you made the priest saint john vianney wonderful in his pastoral zeal grant that through his intercession and example we may in charity win brothers and sisters for christ and attain with them eternal glory through our lord jesus christ your son who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the holy spirit one god forever and ever a reading from the book of the prophet jeremiah the following message came to jeremiah from the lord for thus says the lord the god of israel write all the words i have spoken to you in a book for thus says the lord incurable is your wound grievous your bruise there is none to plead your cause no remedy for your running sore no healing for you all your lovers have forgotten you they do not seek you i struck you as an enemy with strike punished you

cruelly why cry over your wound your pain is with with without relief because of your great guilt your number numerous sins i have done this to you thus says the lord see i will restore the tents of jacob his dwellings i will pity cities shall be rebuilt upon hell and palace restored as it was from them will resound the sounds of songs of praise the laughter of happy men i will make them not few but many they will not be tiny for i will glorify them his son shall be as of old his assembly before me shall stand firm i will punish all his oppressors his leaders shall be one of his own and his rulers shall come from his kin when i summon him he shall approach me how else should one take the deadly risk of approaching me says the lord you shall be my people and i will be your god the word of the lord thanks be to god the responsorial psalm the lord will build up zion again and appear in all his glory the nations shall revere your name o lord and all the kings of the earth your glory when the lord has rebuilt zion and appeared in his glory when he has regarded the prayer of the destitute and not despised their prayer the lord will build up zion again and appear in all his glory let this be written for the generation to come and let his future creatures praise the lord the lord looked down from his holy height from heaven he beheld the earth to hear the groanings of the prisoners to release those doomed to die the lord will build up zion again and appear in all his glory the children of your servants shall abide and their prosperity shall continue in your presence that the name of the lord may be declared on zion and his praise in jerusalem when the peoples gather together and the kingdoms to serve the lord the lord will build up zion again and appear in all his glory alleluia alleluia alleluia alleluia rabbi you are the son of god you are the king of israel hallelujah hallelujah genie that bill’s for you you know he made it sound much kinder and gentle when he rang it for you than he does for me he hits it with a sledgehammer when i forget just count yourself lucky thank you the lord be with you a reading from the holy gospel according to matthew jesus made the disciples get into a boat and precede him to the other side of the sea while he dismissed the crowds after doing so he went up on the mountain by himself to pray when it was evening he was there alone meanwhile the boat already a few miles offshore was being tossed about by the waves for the wind was against it during the fourth watch of the night he came toward them walking on the sea when the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were terrified it is a ghost they said and they cried out in fear at once jesus spoke to them take courage it is i do not be afraid

peter said to him in reply lord if it is you command me to come to you on the water he said come peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward jesus but when he saw how strong the wind was he became frightened and beginning to sink he cried out lord save me immediately jesus stretched out his hand and caught him and said to him oh you of little faith why did you doubt after they got into the boat the wind died down those who were in the boat did him homage saying truly you are the son of god after making the crossing they came to land at ganesharet when the men of that place recognized him they sent word to all the surrounding country people brought to him all those who were sick they begged him that they might touch only the tassel of his cloak and as many touched it were healed the gospel of the lord so as a professor it takes a lot for me to give up on a student right it takes a whole lot and ordinarily it’s not even a temptation but once in a while it is and that’s part of the reason i seat them in alphabetical order by first name right we’ve had that joke before but it works because then you don’t have to take attendance but you know exactly who’s coming and who’s not coming and the weekly quizzes give you a record of who’s there and who’s not there and once in a while sometimes in summer school but usually in the fall semester you get the student who shows up first day for the first test the second tests and wants to come to the final and you see the kid and say have you do i know you oh yeah yeah i’ve been here all the time oh really where do you sit oh i move around flag on the plate no you don’t move around right they get themselves busted with that stuff and you always want to help them to knuckle down get serious pass the course do whatever but once in a while when a kid’s coming into the you know the second exam and has an average of 12 you have to say i think you got to find another way to serve the lord right oh no i can pull it out i’m great at final exams well mathematically the highest you can get is for an average is the 30. oh no no i can figure this out what are you going to do you want to say it’s too late so withdraw and get a w and there’s no shame in that don’t get an f no no no okay okay okay good give it a try why not because maybe you’ll learn something along the way so there are circumstances where you want to say it’s too late it’s too late stop pursuing that goal those circumstances are rare right and when it comes to our relationship with jesus christ and getting further into the peace that he wants us to experience it is never too late you could have a four average and it’s never too late to get to that deeper peace and the story in the first reading today reminds us that even our old testament god who we sometimes think of as a little bit feisty right a little bit retaliatory and all that kind of stuff it’s never too late with with jehovah either it’s not it’s never too late and so jeremiah rehearses all the things the hideous things that the people have done in symbolic terms you hooked up with some really unfortunate people and you gave yourself to them in really unfortunate ways you worshiped false gods you’ve abused the poor you’ve done all sorts of stuff why because you were looking for peace in all the wrong places you thought you’d be able to find peace by the gods of the work of your hands and it’s never going to work it never has worked it never will work and you kept doing it right and so now you find yourself in exile and you’re in misery and you brought it all on yourself but the last word is and you will be my people and i will be your god so even in those terrifying days of the lightning bolt tossing god it’s never too late it’s never too late god is always calling us to deeper peace and god always gives us the ability to take that inspired next step i’d ask you to think through peter’s experience of peace in the gospel today but maybe he felt a little bit you know how peter gets when the lord sent them away he’s going to stay here and said okay you guys why don’t you why don’t you go maybe you’ll be more comfortable in the boat without me why don’t you all go have a nice time in the boat and i’ll meet you on the other side well maybe there’s a little bit of rejection in that maybe when the storm blows up peter feels an even bigger decrease in peace maybe when they see the ghost walk along peter’s thinking oh my gosh this is the end of the world maybe when jesus says come on peter get out of the boat peter feels a little bit more peace but then he gets to notice the storm and he loses whatever peace he has and then he’s going down in the water amazing that a fisherman didn’t know how to swim but then he’s going down in the water and it’s still not too late jesus takes him by the hand pulls him up and says why did you doubt and even then they get to the other

shore and jesus puts them to use it’s never too late for peter and we know that story goes on when jesus predicts his passion and peter upgrades him and jesus says you know get behind me satan but then it’s it’s not too late peter you said a stupid thing and then peter denies christ but it’s not too late jesus has great plans for peter it’s never too late to get to that deeper peace some folks want to be so much closer to christ they they are close to christ he’s close to them but sometimes they don’t feel like they’re as close to him that there is love because they can’t get over their own stuff just like it was in isaiah last week the people thought ah god doesn’t really want us to go back we’ve made such stupid choices our whole life why would god care about us well that’s the tool of the dark side god does care and regardless of how many times we mess up god is still always calling us to deeper peace god might not calm the storm but god can give us deeper peace in the middle of the storm god might not take away all the sadness and the loss but god can give us deeper peace in the thick of the sadness and the loss god might not give us the cure that we would love to have but god can always give us deeper peace in the face of the illness the injury or the addiction until we can find our way forward friends we’ve been living in a couple of jumbles now one big jumble one one jumble that’s well we’ve been living in some jumbles and we’ve had jumbles inside of us and when they get to be too familiar we can think it’s too late that’s the voice of the dark side so i’d ask it again to name two jumbles where you think it’s really taking away my peace and i’m not sure that i can recover it some angle of the larger jumbles where you think i can’t stand this anymore i can’t do it yeah you can knock it off don’t get dramatic you can do this pipe down you can do this you can get to deeper peace and then some interior jumble where the stuff that’s going on inside of you makes you think it’s just peace is a is a memory peace is a is a distant promise and that’s not true he loves you that much he loves you that much he wouldn’t do that if he weren’t calling you to deeper peace and giving you the ability to do it what do you need to remember it’s never ever too late the prayers of the faithful for our beloved prisoners who are and our virtual congregation mates who are feeling a little bit of despair uh who think they’ll never get back to peace regain peace or get to bigger peace for them and their their optimism and their christian hope we pray to the lord lord hear our prayer for each of us one to the other that we can really continue to be instruments of peace and help people to look in the right places we pray to the lord lord hear our prayer on the feast of john vianney who brought such great peace didn’t he didn’t bring it god gave peace to people through john’s graces especially the grace of the sacraments and especially the grace of confession he had big long lines all the time i want to pray for people who are encouraging their friends as it were that’s how word spread with john vianney i want to pray for the people who are doing the amazing work the amazing missionary work of encouraging their friends to seek deeper peace in christ regardless of what’s going on in their lives we pray to the lord lord hear our prayer and as i was hanging with it this morning i just i got kind of overwhelmed don’t worry i’m not going to be a big baby but the number of people in this parish who serve in ministries that enable people to find peace that had eluded them or to find deeper peace it’s amazing and that our parish will always be a welcoming place where people who’ve lost a sense of peace or people who are looking for deeper peace regardless of where they’re coming from that they will always feel a great sense of welcome here and that the ministries that do such an amazing job will continue to do so we pray to the lord lord hear our prayer i want to pray for the repose of the soul of three real giants in our parish jim paterno who died um was it just two years ago it couldn’t have been last year anyhow we’re praying for jim paterno uh this mass is offered for him we’re praying for uh doris erico tina’s mom pon ventura uh we’re praying for her and her eternal rest uh tina that was two years ago was it two years yeah that your mom died and we’re praying for al one who just died in uh march another all three of these people have had amazing influence on this parish and its

ability to welcome the stranger and to encourage the downcast each of them so for god’s blessings on them in eternal life and for consolation for those who miss them the most we pray to the lord lord hear our prayer genie i think i messed up here no no there’s salvation uh yeah today it was just last year jim paterno died and so again we recognize on the anniversary of his death we recognize his life and ask for god’s blessings for him we pray for peace every place on the planet we pray for peace in the hearts especially of everyone joining us in mass today who feels peace is elusive we pray for peace between nations and within nations and of course we pray our five pandemic intentions we pray for the equipment that’s needed and we continue to slam heaven’s door for that fast acting reliable test a super abundance of those things that can work in five minutes and give accurate results we pray for all the rest of the equipment we pray for all the people on the front lines every place in every way and we don’t forget the gravediggers too all around the world we pray for people who are working on a cure and a treatment for the illness we pray for people working on a vaccine we pray for people who are trying to reduce the incidence of the virus not just policy makers but the everyday people on the street we pray for people who are really suffering because of the economic hardship of this thing and we pray for people working for a more productive positive and true peace and we pray all these things as we engage our lady in our team praying remember almost gracious virgin mary that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection implored thy help or sought thy intercession was left unaided inspired by this same confidence we fly unto thee o virgin of virgins our mother to you do we cry before you we stand sinful and sorrowful o mother of the word incarnate despise not our petitions but in thy clemency hear and answer us amen and we make these prayers through christ our lord you feel better now you electrocuted uh blessed are you lord god of all creation for through your goodness we have received the bread we offer you fruit of the earth work of human hands it will become for us the bread of life blessed are you lord god of all creation for through your goodness we have received the wine we offer you fruit of the vine work of human hands it will become our spiritual drinks pray friends that our sacrifice may be acceptable to god the almighty father lord graciously sanctify these gifts and accepting the offering of this spiritual sacrifice make us an eternal offering to you we ask this through christ our lord the lord be with you lift up your hearts let us give thanks to the lord our god it is truly right and just our duty and our salvation always and everywhere to thank you lord holy father almighty and eternal god for you so loved us that in your mercy you sent us the redeemer to live like us in all things but sin so that you might see and love in us what you see and love in your son

by whose obedience we have been restored to those gifts of yours that by sinning we lost in disobedience and so lord with all the angels and the saints we thank you as an exultation we acclaim holy holy holy lord god of hosts heaven and earth are full of your glory hosanna in the highest blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord hosanna in the highest lord you are holy indeed the fount of all holiness make holy therefore these gifts we pray by sending down your spirit upon them like the dewfall so that they may become for us the body and the blood of our lord jesus christ at the time he was betrayed and entered willingly into his passion he took bread and giving thanks he broke it he gave it to his disciples and he said take this all of you and eat of it for this is my body it will be given up for you in a similar way when supper was ended he took the chalice and once more giving thanks he gave it to his disciples and he said take this all of you and drink from it for this is the chalice of my blood it is the blood of the new and the eternal covenant it will be poured out for you and for the many for the forgiveness of sins do this in memory of me the mystery of faith we proclaim your death o lord and profess your resurrection until you come again therefore as we celebrate the memorial of his death and resurrection we offer you lord the bread of life and the chalice of salvation we thank you because you have held us worthy to be in your presence and to minister to you humbly we pray that partaking of the body and the blood of christ we may be gathered into one by the holy spirit lord remember your church spread throughout the world bring her to the fullness of charity together with francis our pope james our bishop and all the clergy remember your servants jim doris and al whom you have called from this world to yourself grant that they who have been united with your son in death may be one with him in the resurrection remember all of our brothers and sisters who have fallen asleep in the hope of the resurrection and all who have died in your mercy please welcome them into the light of your face have mercy on us we pray that with the blessed virgin mary mother of god with saint joseph with saint john vianney with saint bonaventure with say now with saint james the lesser with saint isaac saint aloysius and saint margaret mary saint peter claver saint martin de porres st therese saint teresa and mother teresa with saint lucy saint dymphnus and polycarp st apollonia saint john the land saint renegou peel and with all the saints who have pleased you throughout the ages we may merit to be coheirs to eternal life and we may praise and glorify you through your son jesus christ for it is through him and with him and in him oh god almighty father in the unity of the holy spirit all glory all honor is yours forever and ever amen at the savior’s command and formed by divine teaching we dare to pray our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil deliver us lord we pray from every evil graciously grant peace in our days that by the help of your mercy we may be always free from sin and safe from all distress as we await

the blessed hope and the coming of our savior jesus christ for the kingdom the power and the glory are yours now and forever lord jesus christ you said to your apostles peace i leave you my peace i give you please don’t look on our sins look instead on the faith of your church and graciously grant her peace and unity in accordance with your will who live and reign forever and ever the peace of the lord be with you always we offer each other a sign of christ peace peace peace lamb of god you take away the sins of the world have mercy on us lamb of god you take away the sins of the world have mercy on us lamb of god you take away the sins of the world grant us to peace behold the lamb of god behold him who takes away the sin of the world blessed are those who are called to the supper of the lamb lord i am not worthy that you should enter under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed may the body of christ bring us to the everlasting life may the blood of christ bring us to the everlasting life one body one of us throughout the earth for those of you participating at home please join in an act of spiritual communion my jesus i believe that you are present in the most blessed sacrament i love you above all things and i desire to receive you into my soul since i cannot receive you sacramentally come at least spiritually into my heart i embrace you as if you were already here and unite myself holy to you never permit me to be separated from you amen is

those i am the bread of life says the lord whoever comes to me will not hunger and whoever believes in me will not thirst so how about it for you what’s that place where you really need to remember it’s never too late it’s not too late now it never was too late and i want to throw a special um invitation out there for the folks uh who are thinking about going to confession this new setup where you get your guaranteed 20 minutes is quite a thing i love the way god works in every confession and i’m in particular awe when the confession starts off with bless me father for i have sinned it’s been 60 years since my last confession here are my sins it’s never too late to get that peace that the sacraments offer is john vianney knew it’s never too late to find peace in the jungle even if the jumble doesn’t go away right now that’s not the point so what about a larger jumble in which you find yourself immersed and what about a personal jumble maybe you’re thinking this is miserable and it’s going to stay that way well you can get to deeper peace we all can you know that on a good day what’s the one place where you really need to remember it’s never too late for greater peace let us pray lord a company with constant protection those you renew with these heavenly gifts and in your never failing care for them make them worthy of eternal redemption we ask this through christ our lord the lord be with you may almighty god bless you the father and the son and the holy spirit the mass has ended we go in peace to know to love and to serve the lord let us pray for our parishioners and the loved ones of our parishioners who are battling the coronavirus harold blake nan bergerac sandra arugio sister joan marie richard fenima jessica couric bernadette and erin margarita and erin cecilia and rich campbell colby douglas roseanne ozalek dr chris balarti monica brinson bob rasaya luis chavez gail heyrich jeff poya let us also pray for those on the front lines alexandra wood brian frank nicholas mancos dr karen cevansky dr alexandra sigvansky dr violetta-savansky angie bernardo father peter sakara robin ronsky betsy bodwin jesse chandler dr dr jean-marie francois ellen style dawn thompson tina maislin dr karen onofer amy dahl jason cried wise ryan quite wise

anne-marie cried wise roger bermudez melissa orango roberto rivera dr sarah flynn jillian longo kate vidro jacqueline baker mallory tarkowski dr christopher del maestro dr emily flynn lauren koch monique st roman daniel marshall meredith wagner bridget pepe katherine martino dr maggie conley jacqueline sullivan caitlyn galley daniel o’rourke brendan lawyer dr michael moreno taryn fink sarah koenig caitlyn tierney dr ricky rosella gavin lopez dr kathleen mulligan ruby lopez bodine meisner lord you’re our prayer dr christian percaro anna benzel amanda mueller amy campbell peter delcipio stephen delcipio tara klingel ashley bryce caitlin molna diane watson dr john goldstone june radona marielle and tobia dr peter crich katie morales jamie hatala ryan brennaman jennifer sweeney kayla russell kevin becker lorraine barrett marcus jones michelle walter mildren luistro ron mueller nancy sullivan kline and for your own intentions we pray lord hear our prayers through christ our lord amen