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Arsenal Military Academy Episode 38 Awesome! You still don’t recognize me? However, I know who you are Xiang Xiang! Xiang Xiang! Miss, see you! Xiang Xiang Did you know about this a long time ago? Did you two plan this together? Second Young Master Shen said he wanted to invite
Xie Liangchen’s sister and me to a masquerade ball I thought you had never been to a masquerade ball before either, so I invited you You really put me in huge trouble this time, Tan Xiaojun! Xiang Xiang Xie Liangchen What are you doing there? I am waiting for you I brought you something tasty. Hurry up Xie Liangchen. What are you doing there? I am waiting for you. I brought you something tasty. Hurry up. You still don’t recognize me? However, I know who you are. Do I look scary? Why won’t you look at me? No. Unless, you’re feeling guilty about something. Has he doubted me since then? Liangchen, does she have a boyfriend? I don’t think so.

That’s good. I intend to pursue her. W-W-What did you say? I said I intend to pursue her. You only met her once. How can you have that thought already? I don’t know why, but she feels very familiar to me. Something came up. I need to go out. Please ask for a leave of absence for me. Okay. Where are you going? To find Xie Xiang. To find w-who? Xie Xiang. It’s rare for us to be free. I want to see her. Have you repaired the pipe in your room? If it is broken again, come and find me You’re done eating? You came so late that all the meat is gone What’s wrong? Nothing Xie Liangchen, button up your clothes Be mindful of your appearance Don’t button it Liangchen! What’s wrong with you two? What do you mean? About Xie Liangchen and you It feels strange between you two Really? I don’t think so Xie Liangchen, you’re back from getting water? I’m going to see your sister Do you want to come? What do you need her for? I can’t tell you Are you coming? No I still have a lot of clothes to wash in the dorm Then I’m leaving Xie Xiang! Why are you here? I came to see you There’s something I want to ask you What is it? Do you not like me or do you— No I… I’m still too young to think about things like this Aren’t you twins with Liangchen? You two should be the same age I don’t want to talk about this right now I think it’s better for us to just be friends I have to go to school every day, and there are a lot of other things I need to do every day Does your brother disagree with us being together? That’s fine Don’t worry I’ll go ask him Second Young Master Shen An Wen, it’s time to pay the rent for this month Please wait Mr. Landlord Ji Jin

Liangchen Where is Junshan? He went back to his dorm Why is he in such a hurry? I’m here Go on, tell me About what? Didn’t you need me for something? No Who told you that? Is there anything else? No No Then I’m going to sleep now Sir, do you want to buy some flowers? What kind of flowers do you want to buy? I don’t really know, either Is it a gift? Yes, for a friend It must be… for a girl How about roses? All girls love roses or lilies Girls really like lilies as well Well then, how about a bunch of each? Okay Sir, wait a moment All right Come in Liangchen, I’m going to visit Xie Xiang Do you— Why are you looking for her again? For something Do you want to come with me? No Okay Then I’m going Liangchen, take a look Does Xie Xiang like roses or lilies? Take a look Roses or lilies? Roses? Lilies? She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like anything! Liangchen, what’s wrong with you? Junshan Junshan! Junshan! Junshan! Junshan! What’s up? What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly invite me for coffee today? There’s trouble What do you mean? Who’s in trouble? Miss, what would you like to drink? Americano, please Okay One moment please Tell me clearly What happened? Shen Junshan

seems to know my real identity He has gone to the girls’ school to look for Xie Xiang twice He even said he wanted to pursue her Hurry up and help me figure out what to do I run into him regularly everyday at the academy I don’t even know how to face him Tan Xiaojun, are you laughing at my misery? If you keep doing this, I’m going to stop being friends with you How are you in trouble? You’ve obviously landed yourself in a predicament – Miss, your coffee. – You always say the worst things Please enjoy All right, all right Let’s be serious When did you find out that Shen Junshan knew? Besides, even if he found out, the one he wants to pursue is the Xie Xiang from Xinhua Girls’ School Not you, Xie Liangchen Don’t mention it Recently, there were a few times when I was alone with him at the academy, he said some stuff to me that I didn’t take seriously I thought it was just a chat between
classmates, between good friends Besides, I’ve never shown any flaws before How would I know that he would suddenly
go to the girls’ school to see me that day? He forced me to run back and forth
between the girls’ school and the academy I thought about it these past few days I realized that his words had a double meaning Continue. Continue Also, on the night of the masquerade ball, he took off my mask and said, “You still don’t recognize me?” “However, I know who you are.” Why didn’t you tell me about such an important matter? What do I tell you? I want to yell at you instead! If only you didn’t want to go to some stupid ball You’re to blame You’re… with him all day and night Maybe you had a slip of tongue accidentally He wanted me to invite Xie Xiang, not Xie Liangchen Fine. You’re right. You’re right So what should I do now? Are you absolutely sure that he knows? Almost certain If so, since he knows your real identity, he will definitely pay more attention and protect you more than before Xie Liangchen, button up your clothes. Pay attention to your appearance. Therefore, you have to be careful not to get too close to the male classmates around you What do you mean? Gu Yanzhen! Hasn’t he always been pursuing you? Look, one is the son of a business tycoon and the other is the young master of a political family Now it’s perfect You have someone who can protect you
and take care of you at the academy How about it? Which one do you like more? Tan Xiaojun, I’m asking you for help So much nonsense. Is it fun messing with me? Seize the moment of happiness Love and be loved I— Tolstoy said it Xiang Xiang, I know that even though you’re always fighting with Gu Yanzhen, and sometimes it can get really awful, but I know that you have feelings for him Otherwise, why would the fact that
Shen Junshan suddenly wants to pursue you, cause you to be in such a panic? It’s not what you think Fine, fine I know you’re confused right now I think what you should do right now is to listen to the inner voice of
your heart and make a decision Gu Yanzhen was the first to know your real identity What he has done for you, and what position he holds in your heart, you are the only one who knows it well As for Shen Junshan, we all know what kind of man he is You’ve been with each other for so many days and nights, and have experienced so much together Your relationship with Gu Yanzhen and Shen Junshan is like the coffee in this cup Whether it’s bitter or sweet, only you know Mr. Landlord, Why are you here again? Why do you always come for money? I’m here for the rent What’s wrong? Do you collect rent every day? I passed by here yesterday and saw that you gave him the rent Why are you giving it to him again today? I— An Wen, don’t listen to this youngster He must have heard about you from somewhere and is deliberately trying to get close to you Well, don’t listen to him! I-I suddenly have something that came up I… I I will come again tomorrow Thank you Come in and have a seat Okay

Would you like something to drink? No, thanks Well, take a look around as you please If there’s anything you like, I can pack them up for you Okay So you’re saying, you really don’t remember that person asked you for money yesterday? I don’t remember How could that be? When I was a child, I hurt my head My memory became poor since then Especially bad people and bad incidents, I forget them in a blink of an eye Is this an illness? Is it not curable? No, it is not curable But it doesn’t matter Every day, I will write down all the important
people and occurrences in this book I read it every morning. That way I can remember My name is Xie Liangchen Xie Liangchen Please wait a moment Look over here Later, I’ll glue your photo onto this book That way I can remember you You can’t just remember your friends You should also remember those who are bad and those who have bullied you before I already have a bad brain I can’t even remember my friends If I have to remember bad people as well, it’ll be too tiring That’s true Junshan Liangchen Instructor Li is looking for you Okay Instructor Li, are you looking for me? Go pack your things up and move to room 103 W-Why? I heard some rumors about you and Gu Yanzhen Instructor, it’s not what you think No explanation is needed I know it’s not your fault I’m doing this for you in case of any more trouble Instructor Why? Do you not want to move? Do you really No I understand Liangchen, did you fight with Gu Yanzhen again? No Then why do you have to change your room? I think you should wait until Gu Yanzhen comes back before moving No, let’s not All right It’s up to you Let’s go Mr. Gu, this is your take-out dessert Xie Liangchen, why did you change your room? Do you need any help? No, thanks Fine. Then we are leaving for dinner now Liangchen, everything’s been packed up Let’s go have dinner as well I’m not really hungry You go first Okay Then I’m going Close the door for me Okay Come in

How is it? Your new room is pretty good, right? Were you the one… who told Instructor Li? Yes Why did you do that? There are a lot of rumors about you and Gu Yanzhen lately Do you… not care about them? We are classmates and friends I have a good relationship with your sister, too It’s not a big deal to help you with such a small issue Unless, you and Gu Yanzhen are really— Of course not Are you satisfied with your new room? Yes That’s good then Have you seen Xie Liangchen? No Have you seen Xie Liangchen? No Have you seen Xie Liangchen? – No.
– No.
Have you seen Xie Liangchen? I haven’t seen him Are you crazy? What are you doing? Where is Xie Liangchen? How would I know where he is? What did you do again? His things have been taken away You lodged an accusation against her! Did you not? Take your hands off of me Do you really think I’m scared of you? I’ll finish you today! Wait! Stop! Li Wenzhong! Li Wenzhong! Stop it! Stop it! Stop fighting! Stop fighting! What’s wrong with you two? He was bitten by a dog! You still won’t say where Xie Liangchen is? I Xie Liangchen has changed to another room He changed to another room? To Room 103 I just helped him move – Gu Yanzhen!
– Gu Yanzhen! Is that it? Why did you stop me? If you didn’t stop me, I would’ve killed him today! I originally wanted to wait for you to come back and tell you before moving Did Shen Junshan make you move? Did Shen Junshan make you move! No, I wanted to move myself! Right now, there are a lot of rumors about us everywhere I don’t like to hear them Gu Yanzhen! Gu Yanzhen! Stop! I think we need to have a talk Gu Yanzhen! Let go of me! Gu Yanzhen! Gu Yanzhen,

why don’t you go to the class? What’s wrong with him? Who provoked him again? Let’s go, Liangchen All the grass has withered Pull it all out Get rid of all of it. Get rid of all of it Get rid of all of it What are you all doing? All the grass here has withered The academy wants us to pull it all out
and replace it with new grass Doing it right now? No We’ll come again early tomorrow morning We didn’t bring all the tools we need Hurry up. Pull it all out Get rid of all of it So, are you falling in love with him? I don’t know, either Now that you have moved out on your own and live in a room by yourself, are you used to it? I can’t describe how I feel, just that the room feels empty to me I think you have fallen for Young Master Gu Let’s not talk about this anymore What about you? How are you doing lately? I’m still the same Do you know that the tavern is closing? Closing? What time is It now? Why already closing? It’s about winding up the business It’s about closing down permanently Why? Let me tell you secretly Madam Yu seems to be up to something big Recently, many people I don’t know have been getting in and out of here every day I think she wants to avenge Xiao Liu Avenge? Madam Yu is not an ordinary person You should know that Then what about you? Starting tomorrow, I won’t be coming here to work anymore I’ve worked here for so long It’s hard to let go Where is my birthday gift? The apple is your gift. Who gives others an apple as a birthday gift? It’s already very late. Where can I go to get a birthday present for you? Why don’t I give you that button? No. You lost your button? Where is it? Look for it. Look for it. ♫ The first glance of your eyes ♫ ♫ Takes root deeply in my heart ♫ ♫ As clear as the bright, round moon ♫ ♫ Recurring dreams lead my soul
(I am deeply enchanted by you) ♫
♫ In this lifetime, I am fortunate ♫ ♫ To be able to get to know you ♫ I love you. No one can stop me. My father can’t. Shen Junshan can’t. You can’t, either. Don’t even think about getting rid of me for the rest of your life. ♫ To be able to get to know you ♫ ♫ Will be together and will
get to know each other intimately ♫
I know I was wrong. I was just joking around with you. Don’t be angry anymore. Burn it! Burn it! Burn it!

♫ Dreams linger ceaselessly… ♫ Put me down! Gu Yanzhen! You b*stard! What? B*stard! This b*stard is taking you home. ♫ To be able to get to know you ♫ ♫ If the wind wafts up your longing for me ♫ Xie Liangchen, Happy Birthday! You know what I mean! ♫ Will be together and will
get to know each other intimately ♫
♫ Until the end of time ♫ ♫ Let us not waste the years away ♫ Coming Junshan, what’s the matter? I made an appointment to have a meal with your sister Do you want to join us? You made an appointment with my sister? Why did I not know about it? Does she tell you everything? No Then… When would it be? Sunday at noon I’m going to pick her up from her school Can you make it? I’m busy that day, so I won’t go Okay Then… next time I’m leaving now Okay Sir, welcome Do you want to buy some flowers? Pick one bunch for me Is it a gift for someone? Yes Then how about lilies? They arrived this morning After buying them and bringing them home,
their blooms can last for more than 10 days They will be some of the most fragrant blooms I think they’re good All right Would you like to add some carnations? The color is very beautiful That’s fine as well Okay Then let me pack them up for you Well, don’t you remember me? No, I don’t Fine, then pack them up for me Okay Why are you here? Me? Can’t I buy flowers? This boss Do you know her? Why do I feel like something is wrong with her? Something is wrong? She is kind of That She doesn’t recognize you? You must have bullied her I-I just scared her a bit that day Now, she can’t remember anything Her name is An Wen She had an accident when she was young and was injured Since then, she’s been ill She often can’t remember well, especially people and situations that were bad to her She will forget them in the blink of an eye Is there such an illness? I’m not quite sure Why should I tell you this? I’m telling you, don’t bully her anymore Xiaojun, I decided to tell him everything tomorrow I want to tell him my real identity Are you sure? I thought that if I could hide, I would hide until I graduate But now it seems that I can’t hide it from Shen Junshan anymore I’m afraid that the later I tell him, the more I’ll hurt him Hurt?

For so long, he has always been taking care of me, protecting me, and even saved my life He has been treating Xie Liangchen as his classmate and comrade However, no one expected the situation to reach this stage where
the truth cannot be hidden anymore I don’t want to deceive him anymore Xie Xiang, what do you want to do? Do you not think that enough people know about this? Xiaojun, as you’ve said to me, Between Gu Yanzhen and Shen Junshan, I have to make a decision Now, I finally understand my feelings and know what choice I should make Although Gu Yanzhen always fights and argues with me, and very often, he would even do stuff that make me angry However, I found out later that he was a childish person At first, I didn’t understand what was going on between us Later, having experienced so much together, even with situations of life or death, I finally figured it out Unknowingly, no one can replace his position in my heart Then what about Shen Junshan? To me, Shen Junshan treats me like how my brother used to He always appears when I need help The longer it went on, the stronger this feeling became Maybe, it’s because I have been
separated from my brother for too long I thought if I could tell him what I really feel earlier, I could end this entanglement and evasion earlier Did you make a reservation at the Jinhua Restaurant tomorrow? Don’t go to the Jinhua Restaurant Let me make a reservation for you
at the Lide Restaurant tomorrow Why? The Japanese will be holding a meeting there at noon tomorrow Hiroshi Miyazawa and Haruka Takeda of the Japanese Military, and Hai Kikugawa, the representative of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, will all be attending the meeting They will be discussing the situation concerning
the west of Liaoning with the Commander’s people I’ve received news that Zhitian (Oda) Xianrong of the Japanese
Chamber of Commerce will also attend Subtitles and Timing brought to you by
The All Guns Blazing Team @ Viki
Ending OST 2 – Poison (毒药) by Wang Yizhe (王一哲)Loving you is destined to be a mistake,
in what way might it possibly end?
♫ ♫ I love you to a point of no return, walking into a fog ♫ ♫ Everything becomes too cloudy and confusing ♫ ♫ Unable to restrain myself, I keep on chasing ♫ ♫ We try to avoid each other, but there is
no returning to how things were initially
♫ ♫ Reality has too many constraints,
perhaps we should breakup
♫ ♫ Between you and me, we are unable
to break free from these constraints
♫ ♫ Love is the most beautiful poison ♫ ♫ It comes into contact when you are completely unguarded ♫ ♫ First, you will taste its sweetness,
and next, you will feel the pain
♫ ♫ You have never understood my heart,
nevertheless, it is all silently coming to an end
♫ ♫ Perhaps it is destined to be a tragic play ♫ ♫ I can only blame myself for being too invested,
unconsciously, I begin to lose my way
♫ ♫ I do not care if I fall deeper and deeper ♫ ♫ Take this poison of love ♫ ♫ You have never understood my heart,
nevertheless, it is all silently coming to an end
♫ ♫ Perhaps it is destined to be a tragic play ♫ ♫ I can only blame myself for being too invested,
unconsciously, I begin to lose my way
♫ ♫ I do not care if I fall deeper and deeper ♫ ♫ Take this poison of love