【ENG SUB】《彗星来的那一夜》第1集 The Night Of The Comet EP1【芒果TV独播剧场】

[THE NIGHT OF COMET COMING] [Episode One] Babe Time to show In a moment, just show your swag side I have a good feeling of us getting a big prize OK. Let’s change first Next we are announcing the last award 2019 Chinese Music Most Popular Male Singer goes to Cheng Hao Cheng Hao, Cheng Hao, Cheng Hao It’s an honor to be awarded Thank you all, thank you Cheng Hao Cheng Hao, I love you Thank you for your night, Hao Driver Xu, make sure to send Hao safely OK Ling Go Let’s go, Mr.Hao According to NASA news the unknown energy zone formed around Earth 2 years ago causes Comet YuanWei being away from its operation track which means later at the sky of your southern side you will be able to see this comet This will be the moment in history where a comet is being the closest to us There has been a car accident

This patient is stable so far But we still need to observe closely How are you? Here Doctor, how is the girl hit by me? Did you see any woman? No Right in BinJiang Tunnel that female driver was hit by me Driver There was no female driver What are you doing? You cannot get up yet Test report, please Zou Ling Finally I found you I hit someone in BinJing Tunnel -I can’t find her now -Well I don’t know you. Who are you? How did you know my name? I’m Cheng Hao, Ling I am Cheng Hao So handsome Let’s go Hurry My face My good-looking face I want to report a case There was a car accident last night in BinJiang Tunnel I am the responsible one OK, hang on please Hello There was no car accident happened last night in BinJiang Tunnel Are you sure it was in BinJiang Tunnel? Did you memory go wrong? No car accident How could it be? Please wait for a second Year of 2017 It is year of 2017 Did the time…go back? Sorry about before You are a good-looking boy Are you interested in being celebrity? [Year of 2017]

5 6 7 go You two better work it Hold on and rest for a moment Where did you dig up this boy? He knew some moves before I showed him Seems like he has learnt them once Horrifying Such talent I plan on using him well He is my money-maker I thought time went back and I went back Everything would happen as they used to But my body began to have some weird changes [2 years later] Sir, watch it You are bleeding What did you do? Don’t you feel anything? Nothing My body stopped feeling painful Here Sir Fans are too many. Park over there I didn’t know why until I saw him Cheng Hao, what are you doing? Open the door What are you doing? Wait for me here Look,Cheng Hao Cheng Hao Cheng Hao, can you sign for me? That man looks exactly like me But he, is not the old me at all What’s the matter? In that instant I realized that I didn’t go back to the past but went to another parallel space Hello HaiMi, whatcha doin’? Home? Alone? I’m also alone Such a coincidence. I’ll come to you I have no money. Lend me some I spent my whole night on you Don’t I treat you well normally? You are all being so unlikable Cheng Hao. Cheng Hao Look at him Cheng Hao, look. So handsome. Can we take a picture together? Not him Sure. 500 bucks Let’s go 300. 200. 100 Free Keep it to myself. No need to take pictures It’s over now. I can’t even go back home He has so many fans Cheng Hao is that popular now Who’d know/ Mr.Wu Lin XiaoXiao, where are you? I’m in front of the hospital. Aren’t we interviewing Cheng Hao? Stupid. What are you get there? Come to the back door Back door Ling Ling, reporters are all over the gate Cheng Hao, you take the back door You two, come with me to distract the reporters Mr.Wu, will Cheng Hao come from the back door? Absolutely Do you think they call me No.1 in JingNews for nothing? Look close at this door See? Over there Hurry

Boss Camera Boss Camera, lady, hurry Take pictures Leaving Boss, he is really Boss Tong, I need you to look into someone for me someone looking like me XiaoXiao, go see what’s wrong Hurry, hand me the camera Boss Boss Mr.Cheng Hao, are you alright? Are you hurt? Do you reporters care about safety at all? Here we go It’s not like that What are you doing? I…I… What’s wrong? Why am I feeling so sick? Boss Boss, are you alright? Did you just get hurt? Boss Boss, I, I know your body is too precious to be invaded Please forgive me Wake up. Wake up. Wake up Artificial respiration Sorry Boss I really don’t mean it. I Boss Are you alright? Boss I really am a fan of yours I am host of your WeiBo super hash-tags I also upload tons of your clips to Bilibili And I know that you like colors of white and blue that you like to eat lollipop in bad weather Though you don’t receive gifts from fans you try your best to reply every fan letter So, I am really not a Sasaeng Fan (stalking fan) I am a true-love fan (legitimate follower) Are you really my fan? OK then promise me that you will keep a secret of this thing Of course Remember our rules? Be close to Boss’s stage Be far from Boss’s life Hand me your pass Lin XiaoXiao, I remember you now Don’t make me public you I won’t So handsome Bro, found your man Looking exactly like you. So alike Scientists believe that there is huge possibility of the existence of parallel space There is the other you in this world Operation track of parallel space is slower than the original one People from different spaces may share the same looking, blood type and footprint But because of personal difference and choices they may have different destinies People might also have quantum entanglement with the other “me” causing symmetric effect

It’s like having a dream of doing things in different situations might actually be having a sensual entanglement with the other “me” from the other space I’ve come to Space B for almost 2 years now And finally found the other me here However when the day of 14th, Feb, 2019 of this space comes what will happen to me? [This world does not belong to you. You will disappear for good.]