When A Desi Visits California USA (San Francisco & Los Angeles)

A bunch of sweaters I’m ready to go to north pole ” Mom there is no space for these many sweaters” “Then cancel the trip” Music (Not the oooo one) No mom there is a lot of space. If you want I can take your sweaters too. (mere muh se nikal gai) a new gautami who is this????? Do i know you? Told you not to go to cheap places. Spend some money I went to the parlour. (Was it footpath parlour?) She said you will look like katrina and forced me do this and this happened You’ll look like whom? Katrina (you sure she was talking about the slice katrina??) Moral of the story is Never believe in parlour aunty. Or else…..(Well You know it) We are not going back here to lower our self confidence(see the first vlog if you dont understand.) If you had problem with my “malinga’s sister” dialogue you could have told it directly First of all I’m not liking my hair and Hello, women’s helpline? Abhyudaya’s joker (by the way he is better than joaquin) Well you can understand this We’ve reached dubai and the time is 12:20 We have nine hours layover We thought we will roam around in dubai But parents told no loafing at night “please mom, let us go out we’ll come back early.” Mom said there is a relative living here you can go there So what to do at the airport for nine hours? These masks are very important but aren’t all masks made in china? Are nine hours over? Are nine hours over? Are nine hours over? 4.5 Hours left Succesfully triggered Say bye to boredom, Say hi to ludo Where are the pieces (or we shall play AirLudo) I’ll bring ’em A 9 hours layover can drive you mad, very mad Illegal smuggling of ludo games Its not allowed in US borders How will they even identify me We are going mad.(9 Hrs layover succesful) How long is the flight? It will be about 16 Hrs (a reference to previous vlog) Everyone wants to go to US but they don’t realise how far is that I think this is among top ten longest flights in the world We will just eat sleep repeat We are frightened whenever we cough because everyone stares at us. We have to control it sometimes Take out the mask So Donald Trump is in India And Slayy point is in America so things should be perfectly balanced(Thanos) A bathroom as big as bedroom but no jet spray(last vlog again) It will work someday(last vlog again) He was one of the richest YouTube star who was born in India (reference to QnA) When will you buy YouTube Deal Done! (A namaste would be better) And then we started working hard in our company My head is spinning due to heavy work load See this fake personality. Never wore this in India and here….(Gautami EXPOSED!!!!!) There are many creators but we are the only Indians Then we arrived at the not so golden Golden gate bridge Bappi Lahiri’s favorite bridge. He wanted to wear this We are mad so we again came to bridge (lastvlog) But the view is beautiful We can’t walk through the whole bridge so we returned even before the midway There is a prison tour We are not mad enough to spend money to go to jail People steal money to go to jail but they don’t spend We directly came to pier 39. We don’t know the other piers are Where people come to see these(they could see that in Google) If you want to see fat lazy animals sleeping,then see Gautami

Now a days keys are used for a different purpose “she calls, but you shouldn’t go” We won’t buy caps 75 % off!!!!!!!! All relatives are going to get this and not costly iPhones This is the source of light in my parties Talk all this useless things and then drink BournVita Insta influencer!! How many followers? I make short films about “Poverty” The bird bathes more than me. HOW CLEAN!! Kolkata also has many trams but there i’ll sayy “how old, dirty” But I’ll click pics with THESE trams Too good! I wish this was in India Here, we are walking because we love it, we are not saving the money for cab Here the roads are like this (roller coaster). Entire city is made up on mountain women in old age have these problems See the excitement level US is the only place where one milkshake can be shared by 6 people Take as much time as you want, but finish it. It’s ₹800 milkshake each man Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in stomach Milkshake will come from my viens if you cut them These costly things can not be digested by me Now we are going to an artpiece tourist destination which is popular and the waves create some kind of sound there Basically, this creates a sound of water Put your ear deeper inside it It’s great! feels like the waves are spitting in ears Let them hear it If I wanted to hear this wouldn’t I put my head into a commode?(logicc) That’s it we came here by spending ₹2000 on the cab Meet two donkeys who thought sound of water is a tourist spot we don’t want to take cool shots anymore >.< ! Made up of bread!!!! The cheap bread from our house is OK for me I can't even pronounce it Try to pronounce this kretchenweggey Speak the word in american accent if don't know the pronounciation. They'll think it's right They've typed naan as nan We're not hungry we're eating it 'coz it's free You know you've done inadequate research when you are at bread museum A Bread that can be used to beat kids. (but what about the one who eats it? will his teeth be fine?) We're enjoying the bread museum! So these people were facing problems such due to too much development, lack of time wasters, no traffic To solve it, they made this (why are you wasting time go fast) (Is it your dad's road?) (Should we drive the cars or fly the cars?) Problems are made where they do not exist We are in union square which is famous for shopping So we also did the same thing with..........................................water And by spending a little more money.......................watermelon water Indian food!!!!! This is Lakweer This is Gary The've given us a complimentary gulab jamun(did your mouth water??) which is really tasty "North India" They're keeping it clean They were very sweet people In fact they were telling us to have all their meals here and think that it is ur home They had seen our channel. It feels good when you see subscribers And directly we reached hollywood walk of fame Where name of all stars is written in footpath Stars on FOOTPATH!!!! Where is salman khan???????? Michael Jackson, OK Bruce Lee OK Jackie chan, OK But what are Mickey mouse ,Shrek- that green hippo!?? what're they doing here? We want doraemon and shin chan too! chhota bheem!!chhota bheem!! His name is almost outside the star which means my name is never gonna fit here Bro, your spelling itself will be wrong What is this? No subtitles required! Slayy point is no more family friendly Harry Langdon How will you shoo gobar (cow dung) Ja ja gobar(Zsa Zsa Gabor) The special theatre whose ticket is unaffordable because oscars are held here

Want an autograph? I’m going to the dolby theatre Today we’re going to eat something very unique Bread with oil That’s what we came here for and that’s done We will go there again to click pics ‘coz however bad you look in YT you should be cool on Insta Photos have been clicked and we liked 2 out of 100 Today photos were not so good Why, What did you not like? MY FACE!!! We can’t do anything about that, can we? Why are u dressed like a honey bee there is no beehive around She doesn’t know the TIKTOK style Waste This was a video (waah abhyudaya waah, waise, is the spelling correct?) Music ( this time its ooooooo) We are done w the studio tour, we have also peed U don’t have to announce everything in the vlog There is a special ride for you I don’t like this dicrimination We’re being looted. a water bottle worth ₹600 We are at Hogwarts with Harry potter’s butter beer Mixture of coke and ice cream. Could have made it at home Please don’t judge me! You drink well We are trying to take camera in kid’s rides for vlog content because other rides they won’t allow us This became slow when was it fast?? Now I’m going to teach you camouflage I’m invisible now He has low IQ guys, we must be kind to him xD He’s hugging too tightly Gone Mad!!!! We’re trekking to a place which is visible from everywhere ‘coz who knows there’s something else when we go near it!!!! But the moment we reached there Those were fake signs put up by locals to avoid crowding by tourists But we did research Spelling of constructiom shows that these are fake Take your hand down, down, down (put it underground) now pose , and HOLLYWOOD is in your hand But this is not enough. We have to go HIGHER Why are you shying away Its too hot but never give up. Moral:-I am a good YouTuber, no give up Snakes slither here But still don’t give up You can see the HOLLYWOOD sign And direction of the road The roller coaster roads are cool only in Zindagi Na Milege Dobara Not in reality Whose idea was this? YOURS!!! SHADE!!! Enjoy your picnic We followed the road and we reached so high that we could only see the back side of the sign We wanted to go TO the sign not behind to see its ass! Why did we do this?? Don’t talk to me We can see the whole LA but not the sign Now we also have to descend Guys please don’t repeat this mistake. Not even for content, views, money or Insta Waiting for Ashiqui2 moment Its for sunlight The moment when you realise a better view of the sign is available in your bathroom HOW DID THEY GO SO NEAR!!!!(triggered again) Welcome to my HOLLYWOOD sign view room From where the sign is not visible because of this building This video shows our ten days of suffering Empty bottles and paper

Accident happens here every morning Unread safety warnings Many pillows but we use only one (Towel)x10 How to be safe from shampoo thieves. Put shampoo in bottles and lock them in jail Empty drawers that will remain so AC on the ground. (SHOCKING INNOVATION!) Thanks for watching the Room Tour. Now we will be never allowed to visit this hotel GTA5 nostalgia This is where girls often are seen laying down and then? Then I drive my car over them! Why are you sitting like this? So that nobody steals our camera but I am the only one sitting like this on the beach! I am doing this to save the camera and people think that I am doing this to check out girls I will sit like this only Everybody misunderstands me 🙁 Now we are at our next GTA location where there are such $$ shops, we don’t even have the money to enter them From where to shop? From Saint Laurent, Piaget, Dolce & Gabbana My fav. movie is Naam Shabana, I eat banana, I like to bathe Rich people’s weird taste in sculptures GTA nostalgia again, so many th*fts so many m*rders! Rappers’ rap lyrics are sourced from here. They just rap brand names! The only useful thing for us here is The bench Click my pic sitting here! Come! Yes we did some shopping guys! we did, trust me! We’re not here only for photos Don’t fool people (choo) It would be beautiful if we could buy something from here Today is the last day and We finished our money already!! So what is the most inexpensive place to visit? Beach Did you just call me a B? Everyone misunderstands me No I don’t have the confidence to take the shirt off. It is only doable around hairy fat Indian uncles And now we are riding cycles Blooper!!! C’mon let’s see what others are doing, and do the same thing Blooper#2 lets stick to riding cycles normally Only people with muscles are allowed here This is my territory get out! You’re not allowed Somebody created a toilet and used it on Juhu beach, they don’t need to construct these things, ppl poop directly (JK) Enjoy for 5 mins on beach and do this for 30 mins Singing patriotic song and further debate O Ma’am this is not railway platform! To sleep or not to sleep that is the question I’m not gonna sleep False promises You were not gonna sleep right? wifi on the plane?? *watches weird indian life hacks* About to reach home Happy to take a long break and feel relieved, not having to worry about work and exams We usually break for exams that adds to the stress so having a stress free break was awesome! we were given a form to fill Do you have the blahblah symptoms? Then u have to let authorities know Fill mine too, tell me when you’re done Don’t forget to this video Also tell in the comment section how were the captions 😛