Virgo July 2013 Horoscope Zyac Message (TM) Part 1

this is the Virgo for july siick message for virgo to buy 2013 and my name is Ross purviance i’m the inventor of the zaya came siick method there’s more than just the game and the first thing we do is mix these buttons around we have our pendulum to have our five stones and we have our buttons and our board so I’m going to use the paper here to mix them around I’m here on a park bench the park the the park table picnic tables so fricking hi I can’t even do a camera on it so i’m using the bench here works just fine I’m seeing right now so anyway the first thing we do is mix up the buttons and then we turn them over and mix them up again and then we mix them on the board so we got a whole big mixture going on and that’s the process so by the way zero is zero point energy there’s ziac and there’s odds okay dyax the wizard but he’s not of oz oz is here it’s fantasy land here anyway so he’s a good wizard don’t worry about that well if you want to call him wizard he’s beyond that really ok so we mix them up and see when you talk about it mixes them up pretty well if you don’t know where the hell they are if you’re talking right so that works too but there’s a pendulum gonna use this little guy it’s not too windy today even if it is Wendy you can use a light pendulum if you’re proficient at it but take it might take a few years before you feel like you’re proficient enough you may even be proficient as a beginner using you know with a windy day it’s going to move around a lot and do all this stuff and so you might want to go with something a little heavier that’s what i did on the last one I think but so anyway I’m wasting a lot of time so I got to put these on the board so you put the button up here just randomly just put them everywhere you put them here and there and everywhere one at a time two at a time I don’t four at a time if you can handle it see we can do that and it that way but I’ll do one at a time dude so there we go and you want to kind of make sure you don’t tip you kind of do it meditatively cuz you don’t want them to tip over then you have to kind of do it over again part of it anyway yeah it doesn’t no big deal i guess but anyway uh got some really great messages they’re always good these are particularly amazing and I’m evolving to in my interpretations of these so I really appreciate it and there’s the last one now we ask the question ok this is four virgo we know that virgo July I got to get my pencil off the dust a pen okay first pen this is the one you can see I use this pen because you can see with it so our go and the first question we asked let’s get going here because we want to make it work and not run out of time on my battery so first question is which which which is it odd or even okay it’s gonna be odd and like I like to tell people in a joking way this is it’s very odd okay it’s very odd and so in two three five or seven you want to go three okay 57 oh my goodness ok it’s five there’s gonna be a lot of double numbers because it was going over here there’s going to be a lot of so anyway we find the character sets so there’s five character sets there couldn’t be can be 12 or four characters in a character set so we have pot so we’re going with z5 z4z at five and circle it

so that way we know it’s zach’s talking to us and it’s five characters virgo message for july and now it’s a first question for the first character set right or left it’s going which way a lot of times it’ll do that it will fake you out and then say no no I’m just swinging over there to fake yeah you get ok it’s ok let’s say you paying attention okay yeah i’m paying attention okay it’s left then okay it’s left we couldn’t could put an al but let’s try to remember it ok so left side I usually go it start between these two when it’s left side is that way I know it’s it just helps me it’s a balanced kind of thing ok these two so left side three and four threes first correct okay that’s my yes back and forth like that is yes to me okay so 3 / 4 so we put down a 3 / 4 I don’t know if you can see it here but this might be just the right height we want we’ll find out so 3 / 4 and this is going to have at least two characters in this character set now find the row it’s for go for and it is that order so 3 / 4 4 so you see here it’s going to be 34 and 44 so those two columns the three and four and the fourth row this share the same room okay let’s get moving so we can get this message five characters right or left the second set character set excuse me five character sets we already have two characters so right or left it’s gonna go left wanna go there okay so now it’s four so we write down to 44 excuse me that’s ok that was just a good meal last night that was a good meal this morning right now 17 so anyway now he asked 17th of June ok uh which which row that’s what we’re finding out three yep okay 43 for the next one move along get third character set right or left okay right side right side this time so we start here that’s how I do it and ok over here is there another one okay which ones first that one right side so that’s 7 & 8 7 / 87 / 8 so now the row great I’m gonna ask a pentium how are we doing so far let’s see what it says how’s it going how we doing so far have we got right yeah that’s a yes that’s a head nodding that’s my yes you have to find out what your yes is if you’ve never used the pendulum the best way to do that is do not pick up a book that tells you clockwise is yes and counterclockwise is no I wasted ten years and did not do the pendulum because of that dang book so yes the first thing you asked your pendulum has show me yes and this and it might take three days before you really get a get a good answer or a good feel on what your

guess is you get you know it’s training wheels okay so there there’s another now we okay next character set right or left right is that right right side yeah that’s right okay so I’ll go to six so it’s six is there any other you want to do that one too okay I was just thinking six I don’t know if it wants to do it okay it does which ones first ok the six is first which one second you can ask that 27 okay six sacks are seven there we go they’re gonna get me okay so I’m just sprinkler it’s getting me man it’s getting me okay so six / 7 there we go don’t worry okay don’t worry that’s a good one safe no worry okay now we got it’s early in the morning it’s probably about 6 40 and their Park crews out here doing their thing and now we’re finding the row oh no it’s gonna do too is there another one oh no I always dread this I say hi sorry account can you do through it for what it say yeah I can do it okay so all right four and three which ones first is there one that’s first so which one’s second ok so I’m wrong it’s three four so it’s 3 / 4 okay this is a long one virgo 3 / 4 that’s going to be 63 then 7364 then 74 those locations you got four characters in that character set it’s kind of like well as i hack you’re blowing me away are you sure you want to do pork but yeah I can handle it that’s like saying that ok last one right side or left okay then stop pulling me on saying right that’s right okay right right it is so now we’re going to find out so it’s right side so let’s start over here ok ok okay which ones first which one second okay 7 / 6 okay so now we’re going the other way that makes me wonder 7 / 6 okay so was that was that off was it six first and seven or what on the I’m asking about the fourth character set six is first is watch the second 17 ok so again which ones first six okay so now we’re going 7 / 6 alright and let’s find out what row you’re another one come on now i’m gonna try over here cuz i’m just not trust to myself it’s not use I a kid’s me don’t worry about I’m just okay so what are you doing are you saying that way this is just this one you’re another one okay it’s kind of a consoling me and saying okay we’ll just do one all right okay that’s good i’m gonna ask is there a second one okay so we’re gonna go for fourth fourth row okay that’s it now we

find the locations okay 34 and 44 m hmm ok 3 m3 ok maybe you got three guides em 343 that’s eight or infinity i use infinity on that one 7380 373 HW okay now we got the big 163 7363 is blank okay so there’s a blank 73 h 74 6 wait wait i forgot 64 464 ok and then 74 64 74 6r okay 74 664 czar 6r oops are ok now we write down word with the numbers ours 3444 34 is blank no 34 zam dam three 44 is three infinity 73 h 83 w okay 63 7363 blank put that there 73 h 64 is our 74 664 74 is six are okay so there’s the brief view of the message right now from ziac m3 infinity HW HR 66 are so I’m gonna go over this and where we’ll see what if what we got on I just want to make sure real quick here 34 m 44 3 infinity or 8hw 73 83 w zip blank age four no 7 of his age 64 is our 74 six sony more 664 czar okay good so the there’s all this talk about being

one with your higher self but there’s no real reference to that and ziac is giving a reference to with this message for the virgos this is the Virgo sign I looked online and this is the these of the this is the first two characters of the first character set of the siick message for virgo july 2013 3 is Sir selfless service this is 8 the infinity sign now I checked also at 88 is the month of Virgo 8 & 9 we have three and six is 93 and six is nine so eight and nine are prevalent in this July message for virgo from ziac so M self a service to infinity have wind have have win have the win then there’s a break there’s a blank spot happy hour meditative mind six is meditative mind meditative mind are we’re getting a lot of this meditative mind messages for july there’s another that if you’re into softball or baseball and i do recommend softball play it with your local community young and old men and women boys and girls and just have a good time it’s it’s it’s a great activity to get the community at the local community together and it you know it’s it’s not a real stiff competition just a fun thing so M service to infinity have wind happy hour meditative mind meditative mind are but let’s look at this m3 a little bit closer your higher self okay there’s no connection there’s just a lot of words right well let’s see what dyak has to say for her go the three backwards II this is Emmy Emmy message from ziac me infinity have win the soft ball is hit will home run 66 runs but me infinity have when happy hour meditative mind meditative mind are me meditated mind our first in the last meditative mind are me so have a great month everybody this is virgo July 2013