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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is December the 30th 2017 strong hand buy and hold delayed gratification alright sex the last day of the year so they say thanks to everyone who has sent cryptocurrency donations throughout this year we got a Bitcoin one recently all of my cryptocurrency links are below thank you for all the support whether it be retweeting sharing over all sorts of social media sending cryptocurrency to me anything going to steam it it’s been a great year hasn’t it we’ve had a lot of fun here in the world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and it was totally unpredictable next year is gonna even be crazier no doubt about it yesterday was this week in Bitcoin check out that link below we had Tizen Russell Spears and Paul Kappa standing on it was a great combination and then the guys we talked for at least like a half an hour off the air those guys can cock it up baby and it was just a great it was a great show um a lot of you had different opinions about it Thank You Marcelo D’Mello in the super chat he just sent two euros thank you thanks for the support hey you guys in this super chat watching this live do you want to do a super chat I’ll answer her question sure let’s do it yet tomorrow I’m going to San Diego I’ll be there for over a week and then I might be in San Francisco Portland Los Angeles area who knows after that I’m gonna update all of you guys on that shortly so let us jump into oh yeah also check out Andy Hoffman show I link to it below world crypto network both of us are on that and I was on his show there this early this morning and we were talking about crypto dividends and I started link to it below check it out it was an exciting show you’ll love uh you’ll love it if you want to hear about dividends and some tips so ripples been in the news apparently oh that’s the latest eighty percent pump out there and you know I I can say a lot about ripple but the greatest ripple resource out there on the internet was created by tone base and I link to it below it is a YouTube video i retweeted it today follow me at tech ball people that my twitter is going wild i mean i’m getting notifications all the time it’s growing twitter is awesome you are part of the twenty percent if you’re on twitter and you like learn from it at least and you know if you don’t if you play blind full of silly games on there then oh yeah i don’t know what you are but if you use it as an educational tool or my tool oh my god so i’ve retweeted tones old tweet about it or simon’s old tweet about it you’d have to check out tones ripple crypto scam video from the wintertime i think it was i link to it below and again it is everything you need to know about ripple and if you’re new to my channel if you’re some commentator some news person from the mainstream media if you’re someone who’s just a mainstream person who has connections share that video seriously share if you want to tell people because people who are getting in the ripple have to know about what’s what ripple really is i mean it’s not even a cryptocurrency it is ridiculous pound that like button if you like the second to last night of the year alright so also i a twit a tweet from tone days from today people seem to have a problem with using total supply for market cap y1 ripple is a centralized token created by three guys there is nothing preventing them from selling all six from selling all to exit scam yeah um there’s a bunch of ripple not circulating now and they could dump it at any time they could put it onto that and we worked with there are billions of ripple out there I mean it’s insane was it a hundred bill I’d even know so these these guys could just all their ripple that’s not on the market that’s not accounted for under circulating supply they can make it circulating whenever they feel like it and they could change the rules steam I mean steam changed its rules well I can triple change this rules so I mean

whatever people are getting into it because they see it’s going up they think it’s cheap they just want to pump and dump it you know take your wrist take your short-term thinkers your impulsive great do that fine that’s I mean that’s you I’m here to tell you about long-term 2020 Bitcoin having a man strong hand strong hand with the Bitcoin apparently on April the 25th of 2018 I’m going to be at a Bitcoin event in Boulder Colorado with andy hoffman and who knows who else is it’s going to be a very interesting event Boulder Colorado April 25th I think that’s the boulder Bitcoin group apparently there’s a lot of Bitcoin stuff out in Colorado I have never I’ve only been in the Denver Airport that was my experience in Colorado and so I I look forward I to seeing a boulder maybe I’ll be in Denver too but uh April 25th Adam Meister at the boulder if all goes well if all goes well that’s far away let’s not rush life that’s not rushed life but I had to tell you and he often said it on his show today say hey I got a I got a I got spread the word on my show to email me at Adam at Tresor help calm if you need a consultation help setting up your trays or whatever you’ve got important information for me that’s my email address only saying it once Adam eight trays or help common ok twice so also on Andy Hall French show today when we were talking about crypto dividends friendly Forks when these coins when these crypto dividends for COFF in this unique way to form altcoins if you control your private key it’s good for ever you can claim these coins forever okay so don’t rush into it wait until tresor can split it for you or your ledger nano remember you can get a treasure ledger nano a crypto agent are you all calm below also cool t-shirts from cryptography tea and I’m gonna mention another guy’s t-shirt a little later on but yeah there’s no rush because you can wait till 2024 and they’ll be better better options to gain to get your crypto dividend and sure some of you are saying well they’ll be worth nothing by then you never know the point is that it’s it doesn’t expire how about that that’s what I shoulda just said it like that alright so ss SS m59 is a guy who comments in my comment section often and I’m gonna read you an awesome comment comment of the day baby pound that like button okay well everyone is making good points about the issues with scaling and daily transactional use something very important was being overlooked that is the desires of the customer that is currently considering getting into Bitcoin just like all innovation the first the most important uses are dictated by the requirements of the customer and not by the dreams of the designers the vast majority of us have no interest in finding a new way to buy coffee the fact that be cash chain with its 8 MB block size has at best only kilobytes of data into each block underscores this very few have an interest in using crypto as daily transactional cash we can do that with many different vehicles quite easily of primary interest to noobs is the place some of their hard-earned you into a vehicle that is somewhat immune to the ministrations administration’s of garment and that has the potential of getting a return greater than 0.01 percent that is the landscape in which new users consider the advantages the Patek the potential of getting a return break again that is the landscape in which new users consider the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies ultimately it will be nice to be able to utilize Bitcoin it’s Forks or other Kryptos for a daily transactional cash that is not the demand of the consumer today consequentially the scaling issues are starting to sound like angels on pinheads it is very comforting to know that Bitcoin core has been hard at work bringing solutions to the fore that will address the slow confirmation times and high fees for most of us these really don’t have a big impact at this time

thank you very much for that all right Bitcoin dominance is at an all-time low yawn alright let’s see here if you here’s a quick from Alastair Milne if you think the Bitcoin show is over wait until the OTC markets are back again in the new year and that got me thinking you know these over-the-counter people these people who buy huge amounts of Bitcoin from these OTC traders they’re on vacation now they’re not in bail skiing Boulder and the guys who sell it there they’re out you know living it up in some exotic island those people aren’t buying large amounts of big crime ring they’re on vacation they’re doing nothing I don’t know what they’re doing drinking by the pool so let’s see that might be part of what’s going on here when those dudes come back they’re going to come back with a vengeance possibly it’s theory it made me think so let’s see what this New Year’s brings new year brings on Monday actually no people are people off on Monday yeah I don’t know yeah yeah Tuesday whatever I don’t know I don’t even know the days anymore I’m staying up all night probably am I even packed yet and I’m gonna be gone until Passover okay so where I’ve lost my place here on the yes so Thank You Alastair Melanie for making us think about that and we’ll see again it’s all about long-term thinking so I know Bitcoin was down like $2,000 today yeah man that’s the things that happened that’s predictable it could be up mm tomorrow it could be 10,000 tomorrow 2020s what we’re thinking here at the very least the Bitcoin having of 2020 keep that goal in mind have a long-term outlook don’t be impulsive don’t think short-term are you’re gonna get burnt you’re gonna have big-time regrets if you’ve dumped your Bitcoin because there is a lot of exciting stuff going on with these crypto dividends again people keep asking me about be private which is the fork of of Z classic and Bitcoin you get be private if you hold Z classic and Bitcoin and it’s gonna be an awesome privacy crypto dividend anyway they don’t know the fork date yet okay so you know you can ask me but I don’t know either because they don’t know but follow them on Twitter at Bitcoin private there’s your answer seriously I link to it below all the links that are mentioned here are linked up below please check out including all the tweets that I read from a mention so check out check them out below Beatrix has a press release out that I think is a very good sign if you are a person who’s wondering if Beatrix is going to cut is gonna is going to credit people who keep their Z classic on big tracks with with be private and here it is it’s uh the the statement on the Ignace air drop to NXT holders so if you have NXT there they’re gonna give you Ignace now what’s that have to do would be private well I don’t like you know what NXT and ignis is a lot that’s pretty minor compared to a Bitcoin for okay I mean so if they’re crediting NXT people with Ignace I just let’s say you ignant man then that’s a good sign that they’ll probably consider crediting up Zee classic and Bitcoin people with their be private so hey read into it whatever you want to read into it I link to it below alright and you might remember the crypto dividend b-plus they were around like really early on in this crypto dividend thing and they’ve been totally lacked but like be Dimond and I mean be private could even lap them anyway the b-plus people I mean and clearly those other ones be diamond and be private all if they get put onto the treads or it’ll be before this b-plus thing but anyway b-plus has an update our launch date has been changed we will launch the test that on January 7th and main net on January 14th we wish you a Happy New Year okay and I also mention it because a lot of people think b-plus is a because it is full

name is like B cash plus is a fork of B cash but it’s not it is a friendly fork of Bitcoin encrypted dividend a bitcoin don’t get confused I probably just confused all of you check out the links below alright so yeah today was a day we can’t get these last few days were week we can weed out days baby strong hand when it’s going down two thousand dollars I mean I don’t even it’s just so funny at the beginning of the year I mean time last year is like Oh are we gonna hit a thousand on December 31st or on New Year’s and now it goes like up and down a thousand in an hour and we don’t even care I don’t even care it’s just what a world of difference I mean a year just a year so what are we going to be talking about like at this time next year like what kind of crazy crypto dividends are gonna be out there or they’re gonna be like I don’t know I can’t even imagine it I mean crypt of dividends made into refrigerators I guess I don’t know pal that like but if you like atom say fees that make completely no sense but again like some things that appear to make completely no sense now in a year maybe they will make sense innovation is running wild in the in the cryptocurrency space just like Hulkamania was running wild thirty years ago in nineteen eighty eight count that like button all Kogan all right anyway what the other I hear some other craziness you know there’s that segue to X crypto dividend then there’s another one called two x that I was talking about that it’s like two M also their Twitter is Bitcoin to em they keep on giving updates either also why you so many people want to jump on well i’d I know why because of the futures market the the segment to X futures market that was like mildly kept alive these other coins want to jump onto that bandwagon and just use that horrible 2 X name that’s got so many bad feelings surrounding it banham just there’s a bad vibes around the end but yet people these guys want to jump on it anyway that other 2x crypto dividend is alive I linked to their latest below and that dude said he wants to pay people to market it he needs a english-speaking marketer seriously there’s opportunity for you guys check out that dudes link below contact him he’s he’s talking if he contacts me I know that he’s in Japan I think all right there’s a photo of the day or a picture of the day on Twitter this is by strong hand Meyer you got a good name mr. Meyer strong hand Meyer anyway it’s Abbi cash is an empty truck claiming to be faster than Bitcoin photo picture that he drew it’s funny it’s interesting be rhodium they’ve got they have made their site easier you can look up if your if your Bitcoin address has been registered there yet they’re trying to make this easy they’re trying to reach out and the and I talked a little bit again it’s an airdrop crypto dividend so this this might be done by the middle you might have your be rhodium by the middle of January just put pressure on exchanges to Selby rhodium so you can send your be rhodium to the exchange immediately to sell it or you could create your own be rhodium address and store it whatever you want to do I don’t care but the be rhodium guys are they’re trying their best and they have english-speaking representatives now or are native or guys who speak English a little bit better than the original guys so that’s good that I mean because let’s face it cryptocurrency land is dominated by English speakers whether you want to admit it or not at least the media side the social media side is and again I know I was in Korea I saw a different side of it but the business language of this world is English and you know when I you know when I’m in Portugal I go to a Bitcoin event the entire things in English okay that’s happening I mean even when I was in Korea the the Bitcoin event with the expats from all over the world was in English awesome okay there’s also a link to a strong hand t-shirt by crypto Verge it’s a cool shirt he’s gonna send it to me I guess I’ll be wearing it in the springtime Dora you know when I come back for Passover holiday of the matzah and leaving Egypt I’ll be wearing this guy’s shirt he but anyway you can see that tweet he he mentioned me in it he I guess I inspired the shirt it’s a strong hands

shirt and the in any way you can buy it at the link below I you know hook him up people are already asking about it it’s a cool shirt the strong hand t-shirt all right turn and have a strong hand to chew out the crypto noise there’s been a lot of it I can’t believe people religion Lee thinkin about a ripple what was it what’s it called flipping I mean guys if you’re concerned about ripple I’m you know I don’t want to say tort or to Meester he has an interesting statistic for the first time ever the micro-cap cryptocurrencies non top ten breached the 15% of the overall market cap so that means these third tier second tier four fifth tier crypto currencies they even gaining a lot in terms people have a bi and speculating getting into these wild things he and he ass is this adjunct rally heck yes a junk rally that stuff is jump down there man you don’t know when it’s gonna go bust you I mean people even know what the heck they’re getting into a lot of is fueled by people in Korea who want to buy things for cheap okay you know again learn how to speak Korean go over there get on their social media pump up your coin you’re gonna make a lot of money you’re gonna do well I mean it’s not it’s insanity what’s going on over there and what’s going on over in this on this entire planet when it comes to cryptocurrency which is just it in the long run it’s off as elf flow back in the Bitcoin and in the long run it’s getting people acquainted with crypto currencies there’s always going to be guys um just that want to gamble that they want to make them want to flip and I back in 2016 I I made video at least one video that said you know in 2018 I predict wo influx of young dies who will just be super into altcoin trading well um well I was sort of right but it happened in 2017 and it was like a tsunami something I could not even imagine or predict I I didn’t know we’d go this crazy this early I thought you had 2018 it’ll be pretty crazy but it’s gone way beyond my wildest predictions for 2018 already in 2017 so I mean like in 2018 maybe I’ll just be like walking on the street and every single person will be talking about cryptocurrency how they’re flipping it and we’ll see I’m sure in 2018 I’ll hear about it more just walking around as I again I said when I was at BWI Airport I heard you know a guy started talking to me about it and then I heard two guys talking about it so yeah it’s starting you’re starting to hear it on the street but probably 28 maybe I should make that a prediction I’m not even doing a prediction show this year this is my prediction show lots of people will be talking about it on the streets in 2018 there you go Adam bison everybody wants me to make a numerical prediction it’ll be worth more in 2020 that’s all I say that’s what I’ve always said that’s all you have to care about but I don’t want to make predictions for 2018 because the people are gonna sell in 2018 they’re gonna feel bad they sold in 2018 when it’s 2020 can’t believe it’s 2018 uh man all right it’s not yet but you know that we’re on the verge of this pound that like button all right yeah Bitcoin this is where the big boys play exactly man exactly if you can’t handle the heat get out get out of the kitchen baby and what I’ve been meaning to say is we need a site that puts like a marketing PR site that puts pressure on all the big players out there to make splitting and set and selling and just getting a hold of your crypto dividends safe and just make the entire process easy people will pay people you know let’s say you have a hundred Bitcoin and then you would get your a hundred B gold and it’s worth one it’s worth one Bitcoin people would be very much willing to give a percentage of that of that one Bitcoin in value to some trusted third party that can make this easy that can split it safely that can get it back to you and just make it go by like like so there’s your entrepreneurial tip of the day somebody figure that out for God’s sakes I’m partying questions about business because every creep ability the good it’s out there people like how do I split it rather than this all I’m getting scammed by this person was UART because if you do if you see signal Twitter it says hey give me your private key you are being scammed you never give up your private key all right final thoughts this is a Vinny lingham quote I got and it just shows he is he’s a smart

guy you know say what you will you can’t tune out smart guys like this because they they say some things you don’t like here’s his quote remember that in the world of investing diversification is inversely proportional to conviction and that’s thought-provoking really thought-provoking because I talk about conviction all the time how the Bitcoin people have all the conviction and how stefan molyneux said conviction wins that’s what wins in the end of the day the people with the most conviction win so Vinny says you know the less conviction you have the more diversified you you are in terms of investment and that is true if you’re not convinced that bitcoin is gonna be the real deal you probably own a lot of other cryptocurrencies Bitcoin people who lean toward Bitcoin maximalism they probably had the least diversified portfolios of any type of maximalist out there like a big a be cash maximalist they probably have quite a few other cryptocurrencies in fact the king of the trolls I mean there are all sorts of rumors about thee other cryptocurrencies she’s heavily invested in and he probably stole on some big coin and stuff and that’s I mean he’s the biggest be cash maximalist isn’t he he’s the biggest bit so there’s a special kind of conviction when it comes to Bitcoin people the and again hey if you want to diversify that that’s your thing you I agree with any I agree with Vinnie wholeheartedly that that in the world of investing diversification is inversely proportional to conviction hey but also conviction wins when people are darn convicted have a lot of conviction Pam a flag button also what I’m saying pay attention the smart people again I’m getting I’m getting these comments Rhett Rhett the guy behind uh be private in Z classic they’re like red is such a big cast show dude I don’t care what his opinions are about being cap I mean if we’re talking about big cash versus Bitcoin then yeah if I’m getting in the discussion about that then yeah okay Rhett is a big hash guy but this discussion of the of this completely innovative crypto dividend that is going to a freakin rock the the way that people that establish altcoins operate I mean we’re about to see something really special here something totally new if it’s successful at least and so don’t tune the guy out and don’t tune out this this interesting crypto dividend that you’re gonna get if you’re holding Bitcoin I mean pay attention and just just because the guy has something to do with be cash just don’t turn it out the guy went to MIT again is it he’s a smart guy let’s see how it works listening to smart people you gotta take in some of their information even though they might say who’s Vinnie again he says things I disagree with all the time especially lately but you got you got to give a person credit when they deserve some credit and you got it you got to look trying to learn just try to learn from these smart people um because it because if they’re not evil and these dudes are not evil you can learn a lot from smart people and I don’t even bring up the word evil when talking about those guys is two totally ludicrous two anyway pound that like button I’m Anna meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video do check out the notes action below I’ll see your New Year’s Eve hopefully I’ll join you in the chat right now bye