A Lesson in Unweighting – A New Take on Olympic Lifting

hey this is crystal champions club I’m here with two of our athletes we got variety and we’re gonna go over some different ways that we teach clean to some other movements that hopefully will simplify things a lot and also eliminate a lot of the variables that we see go wrong so I’m just going to get right into it and see how it goes from there so the basis of our whole this whole progression I guess is understanding what our body lead is and being aware of where it is exactly so body weight isn’t just like step on a scale and looking at the numbers like that’s one expression of it but in reality body weight is a pressure and is perceived as pressure that’s how we feel what our body weight is so like right now how I’m standing I have two supports and my body weight like my mast is supported by both of these supports when I move on support that all my body was placed on this foot there’s more pressure on the bottom of that foot and safety on the other side okay and now we actually move which all the cross the exercise are their movements it’s just changing support so like if I’m running I’m changing support for my right foot to my left foot and so on and if I’m doing like leans which wouldn’t go over today is it changing my support from here to look at wider base in a different body position and this is the principle our talk about today is really important is that you can’t change the support unless you take off body weight so every time you move your unweighting you call I’m waiting your unweighting every time is just can do it efficiently or can you not alright so we’re gonna kind of start with that right now so check this out right almost all basic pose knees are slightly bent but I want you guys to do now this workout so shift the body weight forward to the balls over feet good and now back to your heels back for basel feet and back to the heels very good that’s in the neutral cool so that’s just a basic drill figuring out where our body is and be able to control control so now what I do is tell Emily so your whole focus today and everything else we do is going to be on your feet so you guys right now basic post yes the pressure on your feet so literally there’s the only thing that there’s thinking about this whole time is that pressure that we feel the body weight that they feel on their feet they want to take that pressure off so now we can start to move okay a couple coaching points and it can do a couple good so if you notice your shoulders are naturally coming up one more time and it shouldn’t be an active shrugs a lot of times kind of candy so a lot of times I’ll see this we’re like they come down early shrug up like that forcefully that’s one it’s a clerk extremity violation and number two it’s actually more effort than we need so what Abby’s doing is using her hips to kind of take all the body see that and also there’s like a natural dip one more time so we don’t really think about where the dip should be you think that that stuff’s going to correct itself as we move along but all we’re thinking about this whole time does take that pressure go very cool so what I’m doing right now I was actually move away from the clean which are no veo today’s gonna be about the clean there’s hang power clean but I wanna talk about running because it actually is a little easier to teach because there’s only one pose all right you guys are they may lose just from going let’s go up in our runner suppose I can get too much of this today but basically burners oh this is just a speaker for position heel under the blanket angkong and the hips I mean carsalot right so from that position on the go go go okay very good now we’re gonna do after we unweight that’s important after a fun week you’re gonna change support to your go-go-go good a little bit of force stronger and

remember just to focus on with you let’s do one Paso too much just so yes if you can understand then if you can understand the concept of unweighting and then unweighting and then changing your support and that’s gonna transfer to molly’s other movies and we’re gonna use that right now transfer to the clean alright so the only thing different it is the change of pose so pose one isn’t going to be here one is gonna be just so you guys all right now cool so i’m going to scroll a little bit so oh wait I’m waiting so now when I change support so instead of our support being liquid is now when I actually little bit wider to make like a squat stance good so that’s our or close one or two right now okay we’re changing our support from here to reset very good and it’s not gonna add this so we’re gonna do now is actually alter the second post to make it a link more to a clean alright so yeah one shot of the think press your hands on your knees push your knees outside of this full second pose so I’m looking for is in this position you take the body weight off your feet and then we change pose down there okay let’s try it out right go stay and reset ready go so I want to pick out riding for a little bit so kind of zoom that in I don’t know if you can zoom right should be able to Spencer now watch you watching Duke – all right ready go stand one more time kind of go alright yeah so there’s only got about Ryan is doing a very good job by waiting but once he gets to hear anyone’s got a head yeah in a way we’re we want to think not the most efficient way possible to get from pose one to pose too so let’s think about this if I if I’m running and I wait it’s still gonna come to this position but it’s not as efficient as if I pulled right in this position so Ryan’s doing if you can get out of me is that he’s unweighting very good here and now he’s bringing his hands up so that’s a little bit more active than me it’s actually gives this pose over to so instead of thinking bring your hands up think of bringing a body to where your hands are all right little easier so let’s try it out ready and go better reset a little more casual okay so right now I’m looking for kind of casual movement because we’re not moving much body like we’re just moving however much they like so that makes sense so let’s try it one more time ready go better reset watch this a little bit more here and then you want to think bring the body and go there we go to our talk so I think it’s a very subtle difference but you’re looking for a quick pull of yards as opposed to just casually dropping into that second pose remember our whole focus is what you take that pressure the perception getting their feet right now we want to only get that pressure off then move to our second pose okay right go much better staying in the center so we’re back Peter’s just went on for like the first time in months so can’t hear me but I mean what we’re gonna do now is talk about any body weight and we convention looking at adding weight but the reality just didn’t behave to our own bodies so I’m gonna get into that in a second all right to the first we answer so basically pushing

now with with extra with extra finally now let’s make sure that we’re in a good position so I want you to do this amuse your butt tight squeeze your belly tight it’s not this is important I still need this tight and this is still so this is separate this is your shoulders are relaxed separate it from your tight torso okay so I mean tight as you can right now squeeze tight very good now come on tension about 50% it’s also time to see your belly tighten your butt now keep that tightness relax your shoulders a little bit and go go go very good now keep that type this on wait to close number two the full pose or do I ready and go good for tendency pull your arms let’s go one more time right hey Gump but cool all right so now this important moment we’re gonna just have a really good drill we’ve been doing to work on the body perception we need to start adding some weight so check this out Ronny Ryan is going to first of all so just go no man in this hands in the shoulder so you’ll push down a little bit and a little bit – right now right you feeling more pressure on the steep his body and you saw Ryan didn’t really did it really get the show us rise up so with more body weight that means that we’ve actually had more effort into unwitting make sense let’s try it correctly go better so you see how the show is kind of rolls up like that one more time go now Amy’s gonna add a little more body ready and go one more time and go good job right go go go hi pretty good so again the after is gonna increase with how much more body won’t you Anna makes sense so now Brian Serena hon wait one time with avid Conner and then he’s gonna unweight and go to pose / – ready go now I’m weightless they’re gonna see that I’m waiting and then we go to pose to go stand reset just make sure the only thing I’ve seen is the arms that’s just like good I know you think you’re stronger but let yourself come down ready and go good watch you see we still saw the shoulders come up and back down go and partner to make sure you’re not pulling them back if you can try to get them straight out if you’ve got a really short person on the tall person we see a lot of problems but just kind of go stand reset run and keep that pressure on a little bit more this time good alright so once we understand that concept we start moving to an external auditor okay I think so typically when you think of people teach Olympic lifting lures they talk about three balls pulling the bar to either above the knees or the mid thigh whichever they prefer give you triple extension and then pulling yourself underneath the bar you know for the snatch and push jerk is the same thing you talked about definitely driving a bar up and then drop them but we think that more is just moving your body through different poses and unweighting as we go along okay it’s good picture good so I’m gonna give it to her power since I’ve seen the dress a bar now this important and your focus right now Simon beyond everything here is is defeat okay so you feel that

pressure body weight on their feet now get a good organized correctly I saying the only thing wants to pick the bar so what she just did is she ended sixty five pounds to her body so there’s sixty five pounds more pressure on the bottom of the feet back down now she’s just an imam abu bakr own body weight bring it back up and now that bars become part of her body and makes a little bit more difficult to move from pose one to pose to so just on the wait at the bar now more powers we’ve got more time go nicely on the weight move to pose to go in stand down perfect so actually she did a really good job with that she tightened up here here and she even turned out kept all that tense but still kept her soul relax that’s really important that we don’t if we tensed up here we don’t want to see the shoulders start to get tight make sense that time we saw a little bit of active struck so just to think on weeks so Ryan is like I mean even though he’s here just forgot I said this but I mean he’s prior best athlete so before even our practice the movement so now as far as like conventional thinking goes I want you to watch for what like full hip extension watch for that watch for a shrug of the shoulders watch for a solid dip watch for a solid or seating position the thing is you’re gonna actually catch all that if you just unweighted properly so let’s try it right here so you can see that so now just watch like I said what this does so this kind of definitely says it’s gonna eliminate a lot of variables that you see going wrong like rifles have a lot of trouble with his landing he used to land forward or back and these sometimes miss are like pulling with their arms so this if we just simplify everything down to just unweight that’s what’s gonna help out this movement we’ve seen I saw Ryan’s land and get a lot better over time Abby doesn’t really pull with her arms anymore you don’t pull with your receipt positions a lot better yeah so that’s what this is all about really and now what we’re gonna do is actually show how we can add to this movement okay so check this out all right let me see so now we got our 15 pounds on the

bar so let’s see I know like lock you’ll probably have seen what he looked like before but his it was just atrocious this is like a thousand times better it’s a more time and who knows landing solid he had hip extension he shrugged it was just all a byproduct of just unweighting okay so now we’re gonna do is actually add to this movement so I need to add a pose so what I’m gonna do instead of post number one be do this now I’ll show you think about that stand up Howry and this is actually so the next the next pose is gonna be dependent on how people like to teach this if you teach like you know Jared teaches past the knees I like teaching inside it all depends on what she likes to you so what you’re gonna do right now is you from here we got to get to pose number two which is correct how do we what’s important about getting to this pose number two say the same you want to let the knees clear back Celeste is very slowly move to post number two go ahead back down notice if you notice there’s no one waiting because we don’t change our support our support is still the two feet exactly where they are back down and so we still we’re still working on that loud that’s why we keep a lot of stuff with thee from the hand but if you notice we still had a double knee ban or scoop whatever they call it we still had flight extension a shrug and land it was good and in addition to that I see if we can start adding some body weight so Ryan let’s try one self on the ground we’re gonna hit let yourself go to pose – so do you see how they so that one pull – here so Ryan trying to get to pose number two by pulling around to his knees and that’s where we saw a little bit of a false on a post three so we got to make sure I want you to go slow try one more time if you can’t get it then we’re kind of okay but I want you to think back so what that see let your hands come back to mid thigh and so we make that one motion still still off on that one but that’s how we would teach from the ground and the cool thing about this is if you can understand it you guys can understand this concept of just unweighting taking our body weight off and that applies to running that’s our smash that’s our push jerk as there soon we’re done this high pole all these our movements are the same basic concept we just have different pose so first match instead of pose one being here it’s gonna be out here and then same with pose number two for a push jerk this is pose on the one and wait guys I’ll put you guys on the spot so let’s go in let’s go close on one squeeze your butt and belly tight come on touch about 50% and now I watch this I’m just gonna run away still liking in watch the bad guys let’s try it out ready and go go go now wait I just changed parts gonna be able to widen and I’m opposed number two don’t you guys why hundred feet little bit hips back okay as far as you can go okay talk about your arms back so let’s see if we can yeah

so as soon as we feel the body we leave our feet that’s when we change our support like I said you’re always like you can’t it’s actually not possible to do these movers without literally it’s just can do it efficiently or can you vacuum efficiently so one more thing I wanted to kind of show you what transfers to convert yes that’s why it’s really kind of spotty over here so good job why not talk about kind of how or at least to know what Kelly says right talks about or Cal as you like to call just me not you can you not in my name okay so Kelly pick on Kelly is that okay sure I guess Kelly talks about the tunnel concept where you have a position over one a tunnel versus actual movement and position over two and what’s really convenient is that we just mobilized position one position to make sure these are correct so that we can make it all in a good position go on the mobility wide if you don’t want to talk about so this is actually exactly how we teach these movements is that there’s a pose one you can oppose to okay and any time that there that there’s a change of support involve meaning that my feet are are not where they’re going to be or for like a handstand or if I’m on my hands my support be my hands I need to take body weight away this tunnel it becomes waiting okay and we just think mobilize our position one mobilize to then unwavering this unweighting is the same for I said push jerk which is pose one pose to clean and for smash and all these things okay so hopefully that makes some sense if I’m missing anything I’ll talk to the gurus over here and see if at the end bar than that that’s what I wanted to cover because I was gonna talk to actually I’m sorry Ryan and Abby about how they kind of picked it up so I like Abby he’s kind of talked off for a second how I just talk for a second you know saying cuz yeah that’s a good idea she actually had a good quote on the board and we use now but talk for a second mother how you start to understand this the first time it really clicked was when Chris mentioned that just because John building a bar doesn’t mean wait isn’t moving so when you pick up the bar you’re not holding a bar that’s just becoming a part of the mass and that’s when it started to click and you can feel the difference of when you are so fine like you’re still you got it like actually when the weights heavier but you know we’re slide away you’re still kind of you know the bad habits that I used to coach you with which isn’t my fault at all but so talk for a second about how can you tell if you’re doing it right how can you tell if you’re if you’re off what I do it right it’s not when I go up it’s when I come down I can feel my shoulders jerk up when I’m on my way back down and then you can feel when they drop it’s like you don’t have any control in your arms when you do it so you just go up and it comes back down so you basically just have to lose all control on your arm and yeah are you even thinking about anything with your arms there no I’m focusing and pushing the ground away from my feet Ellie is a very interesting story cuz it had been checked off camera here she has been with us for two years with like completely refusing to get that on and clean night yeah the scene were just refused to give better ionic peace that I feel about she refused to get better but we kind of introduced this and all her problems just wanna wait so let me talk like hot what yeah what got you does think it’s less by putting into it almost because when you’ve had to hit the hip extension and the dipping and everything is a lot to think about but with unweighting you can just move the weight off your feet and it all falls into place yeah sometimes you talk about with the dip is that you can notice like when when you’re pricing if you check – video out again with a 115 but when he was doing 65 pounds of the just that were you doing 115 it becomes a little bit more because again the more time fortunate on weight the more momentum gonna have to get from the bottom so I said that’s just some stuff that we’ve been working on the queues are still a little bit off because I mean my queue is pretty much it’s like no just unweight you know saying or or you’re not in the waiting

so we still gotta figure out what kind of queues we need yeah absolutely but that’s how I’ve been teaching running we’ve got to teach around like that for a little bit but that’s how I teach running s I would teach cleans snatches push jerks tomorrow stuff I can’t think of right now but we’ve really seen a lot of good skill transfer from a move seller I’m others but who’s behind the camera right now actually getting a lot better i running from practicing cleans like this first time gonna clean right in three years kind of nice okay by ninety percent right all right better than usual