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namaskar i am Prakash astrologer presenting you weekly horoscope weekly forecast for this coming week recommendations predictions precautions task of the week for each and every side let us start today it is the beginning of this week you will see some improvement in your business circumstances and also some of your pending work will be accomplished you’ll get many opportunities for financial gain for prosperity for your horizon if you are a salesperson of media gentle Commission again that this particular week will be very productive quite fruitful there will be a family related occasion some sort of a party gathering a auspicious function can be done and dusted you too retro great effect of Mars Marcie’s in the 6000 it will be very angry sometimes very frustrated sometimes very annoyed you might have a few problems or complications in the business partnership or in your marriage relationship and sometime have an issue with your health areas you must be very careful if you’re dealing with any legal official matter code cases custom and excise dat matters Inland Revenue matters or any official matter or any investigation of any kind of a satchel research no matter whatever the situation is please don’t become out of control regarding your temper or your behavior please whatever you do please do not wind up yourself or get carried away in any situation there will also be a fear of injury please take care of your drive step especially your head when you’re driving or walking around eyes and your load of prominent feet air is it will be beneficial for you to do she read Durga couch part and even four times a day with our glass doors aaron King come after this prayer you should organize can oppose in today jungles green dresses money in the temple and but two lot of Durga bosna that will be a pure blessing task of the week for a nice time to time organize a Lunger in the temple and feed people keys rice pudding precaution of the week for Aries refrain from buying any electrical electronic goods refrain from buying any kind of it navy blue color garments this coming week can be very very challenging especially if you end up in a coat Oh have a some sort of investigation is going on and you have to make your presentation you have to be very careful regarding if you deal with any official matter official presentation you have to do the homework make sure all the documents all the dialogues or the presentation must be in a proper order you have to watch your word of speech this is not the right time to go mad Oh become very angry or present yourself as a behavior problem this is the time to cool down yourself face the reality and prepare yourself according to the hard facts Aries have to be on guard and be alert till 18 tough me good luck now we’re talking about God’s thoughts due to Lord of your horoscope penis chakra which is at the moment transiting in you most beneficial house 11,000 so you will be blasphemous financial gain some banding work will be accomplished and you can be had hunted lot of professional opportunities will be there lot of financial opportunities will be there will also be able to convince lot of people with your hard work with your ability but perfection people will recognize appreciate you somebody might offer you a job you’ll be able to establish contact with well-known people professional people in your field you’ll be enjoying lots of socializing getting together lot of professional meetings

you must beware of a news for national expenditure some sort of a penalty it can be due to car or property of family health wise you must look after your feet legs eyes especially you load up down there will be a fruitless running around you’ll also be very regarding the career of two children or well-being of your children or health of your children if you are a parent must look after your children’s well-being if you’re making any important decision linked with your profession you got to watch your decision and choices have to consider a long-term future especially if you want to move away oh you want to change the place of your profession task of the v4 Thoris time to time donate rise to temple you must fear a copper coil a silver chain around your neck and to ask you to solid silver balls in your pocket precaution of the week for this particle week please make sure all the legal official matters have to be handled very properly second precaution make sure all the electrical electronic rules must be should be the running order try not to possess any kind of electrical electronic clutter if you have get rid of that particular clutter as soon as possible Taurus this coming week will offer you a professional opportunity financial opportunity some sort of a contract but you have to watch your presentation you have to watch what sure if you are especially if you’re signing any deal you have to read the documents one by one before you make any huge commitment you have to know in and out of the particular contract all the official matters have to be handled very properly now we’re talking about gemini Java in this coming week you’ll see considerable improvement in the work related area in your professional area but due to nerve a joke you’ll be able to secure some professional DS professional contact new source of income can be developed new opportunities will be there or very unique professional opportunity is just waiting for you jovanna you must be aware of any family arguments or family conflicts this is not the right time to initiate any argument when you call fit if you are not happy about any particular person or situation or scenario Ling get past this is not the right time to initiate the argument due to that particular situation if you do you can spoil the whole family atmosphere so try to refrain from that particular situation with the help of a friend you’ll be able to successfully complete a very important project but you’ve been waiting from a long time there will be a sebaceous task maybe part you’re gathering in your house you’ll be able to fulfill your hopes and desires you would do well in your achievements but at the same time will be a lot of fruitless expenditure the end of this week could have certain expenditure Oh sudden running around have to prepare for unexpected travel health wise beware of any sharp pain in your chest Oh lower abdominal task of the week for Gemini durrett whole wheel utter whole moved on to Temple if she can take 500 round black salt buddy in the ground especially on Saturday morning between four and seven a.m precaution of the week for Gemini refrain from losing temper you have to watch your world of speech try not to hurt anyone’s feeling with your words and try to make a peace and harmony at home if you can avoid try not to buy and his steel appliances or navy blue garber especially in this week Gemini this coming week will offer the opportunity time to time you busted blessing of your parents their blessing not be less than a blessing from the God at the same time make it bees harmony at home professional will offer you a dignified opportunity a unique opportunity now the time in what else can the beginning of the week there will be a lots of running around lot of hustle and bustle they’ll be arising your worries or some sort of attentions at the same time horizon a fruitless

expenditure there could be unexpected trip that you never thought about in the past but be prepared for that there might be a bad blood with close relative oh you your own person there might be a black there might be a bad blood with a close one is closed early or loved one after 13th of May there will be improvement in some of your work there had been stuck and lots of your complications will be solved you’ll spend some money toward some nice work and will get an opportunity for advancement you definitely come across an opportunity for promotion there we increase in your family happiness rise in your family comfort this particular week also offers you a gathering a party please handle all of professional and family matters the lots of care and consideration and try to create a balance between your family and profession if you’re dealing with an illegal official matter then handle the situation very carefully try to seek for a proper advice health wise beware of any sharp pain in your body especially you just or tummy task of the week Syrians great food and money 20 blind school time to time do that particular task and do donate chana dal to Temple feel phone to drum Polly to birds whenever you can do that precaution of the week for can seriously refrain from aggressive and stubborn attitude if somebody initiate an argument with you try to resolve the argument with peace and harmony a wired rewiring the house it’s not the right time considering this coming week will offer you many many challenges at the same time this coming week will test your patience and tolerance if you’re dealing with any family matters any old family matter so try not to lose your temper if you want to make a point try to present your point in a most honorable way as a best way good luck I will talk to Molly Riehl in this coming week it will be beneficial for you to establish a contact but the professional people highly professional people a people who have a professional jobs or professional knowledge is killing that will help you regarding advancement of your professional goal whatever you want to achieve your income and expenditure will be quite high but be prepared for a trip of foreign trip you got to be very determined and very done to achieve your rising always try to be focused be on the track try not to detract yourself try not to be too much involved in lot of distractions please don’t get carried away in any tricky situation you have to organize your time when energy be careful of excessive expenditure but thats can build up so you must you should change your lifestyle little bit more economical and the moment you got to watch your board a speech you must look after your partner’s health and well-being at the same time we have to look after the relationship health-wise you must look after you back Laura Dobbin Annie shooting with urine or blood is at the same time I site if you are diabetic you have to be very careful about your diet about your exercise about your routine task of the week for Leo do donate rise to Temple take 8 blue flowers but in the ground every Friday evening do donate two kilogram lenders to Tampa precaution of the week folio a wired consuming bananas levels in this particular time time can be tricky Leo at the same time you have to be very careful regarding your world of speech make sure you’re not going to hurt anyone’s honor of right with your words same time look after you health especially energy our talking bhava in this coming week with lots of effort and running around you will be able to complete you unfinished projects which were lingering beyond with you from the past but it will excessive expenditure and he should link with flow of income you have a considerable stress and tensions your ability will be recognized and

appreciated by professional people or highly professional people you can be offered a very good job your business will undergo a lot of fluctuation some time flow of income can be an issue midweek can be quite challenging but you got to make sure you’re not hurting anyone’s pride honour health-wise you must look after you I site stress level at the same time Laura Brown initialing with lower abdomen bludger in specially if you are a pregnant lady you have to take care of yourself there will be a new romantic relationship or new romantic opportunity will be coming on your way but you’ve got to watch you burn a speech and tampa tampa all the choices all the decisions have to be made with lots of care and consideration there are not shortcuts in the life all the shortcuts are longer sexually try not to cheat anybody and try not to do something which you can’t justify please this is the best advice I can offer you don’t do anything which you can’t justify task of the week for virgo donate eight kilogram bananas to temple precaution of the week for virgo refrain from buying electrical goods electronic goods or secondhand goods and refrain from a very stubborn attitude you have to be a good listener try not to be good speaker you have to be a good listener instead of a speaker listen to every good advice and watch your temper temper I will talk to one little the beginning of the week we’ll see no Venus you Shukra place in a very important position there will be lots of new opportunities at your work or if you’re unemployed you will find a very good job will be able to recover your dead money that had been stuck in the past you receive some sort of important news from the family you will achieve victory over your enemies you will be able to sort a lot of your past complications your social standing your social status in society will be revising your name and fame will be spreading like anything you will achieve a success in a foreign related project you’ll have a close companionship with friends relatives there will be environment of happiness at your house there will be a rise in you prosperity and financial backing you might come across a unique or dignified for national or professional opportunity health-wise behavior of any sphere headaches migraines when issue linked with lower abdominal and 0 unit some of your time will be spent in social activities when we rise in comfort to rise and lifestyle rising your image name fame establishment but be prepared for a change of place task of the week for libera to donate whole move and pure ghee to Temple minimum 2 kilogram each precaution of the week Philip Roth please do not lend anybody any money whatsoever try not to if you do you might not be able to recover your money so this is not the right time to lend anybody any money at the same time look after your marriage look after your relationship and if there are any issue got to sort it out you have to be a part of the solution not the part of the problem make sure no third party can interfere in your personal relationship if they can if they are interfering they were only making situation worse so try not to allow any third party to interfere in your personal matters are we talking about good Scorpio this coming week you’ll see a great improvement in your circumstances you’ll get many opportunity for financial backing for professional vacuum for Prosperity your ability recognized and appreciated by a reputable organization due to some personal reasons and commitments opportunities will be there but you’ll not be able to utilize those opportunities you’re not be able to utilize those kind of scopes which were given to you you might not be able to use any opportunity due to personal reasons you might be distracted on gave something but this particular week is a week is a very special peak if you take your time and concentrate your mind but

you what are you priorities what you do the best this coming week be especially careful while conducting buying or selling any kind of financial transaction you can’t blind faith or anybody be a risk of injury from a car or running around refrain from any kind of alcoholic thing or any intoxicating substance you will suffer from her ill health or some sort of a secret tensions will be troubling you you will enjoy romantic universe one and friendship may be a very romantic dinner is coming along your way health-wise you must take care of your lower abdomen your legs you feat blood circulation oh I side issues this is not the right time to take any low on West any money on any risky business task of the V for Scorpio please do donate chana dal only arthur temple try to be presentable and we’re body sprays you can precaution of the week for scorpio refrain from wearing navy blue garments on refrain from consuming any type of free of cost food krannert scorpio this coming week can be very productive this coming week can be unique this coming we can offer you a dignified professional opportunity but not depend how you handle the situation this coming week if you come across any matter in with customer excise VNT tax or code you have to be very very careful handle the matter with the help of an expert advice not without that you have to take a proper experts advice if you’re going to code or if you handling any meddling with customer excise tax ova t you have to be in god but a female will be there to help you out to solve lot of your problems so good luck now we talk for 30 days due to Jupiter’s affect your for national situation and you status will improve there will be rise in status interested there will be a few challenging and complicated situation in your work but most of your efforts will be handsomely divided you will involve with a new project new venture new ideas new plans in your partnership matter you will earn name and respect after 14th of May you will get the help from the foreign people if you’re working in a multinational company you might get a contract you’ll get some US officials of very fine news in the beginning of this week along with unexpected rise or unexpected financial gain despite a pleasant environment at home you will have a sort of secret engines some time you like to share with somebody sometime you won’t share with anybody at the same time you got to talk to your best buddy Oh somebody who’s close to you be prepared for a huge expenditure if you really with any legal matter official matter then take a proper advice don’t make a decision only with your heart you have to use your head and then expert health wise you must look after your lower abdomen energy level your diet your exercise if you are a single Sagittarius then be prepared for you d good romantic opportunity Sagittarius for God see if you’re a single person before 19th of two with for 21st of you please please make a decision regarding your relationship regarding your romantic life if you have somebody why don’t you propose it don’t feel shy let’s do it task of the week for sagittarius do tonight wholemeal otta whole moong dal and rice to lunga in the temple red bananas brown color jumper to a priest precaution of the week for sagittarius avoid buying any electrical goods electronic goods is you know the right time to upgrade yourself regarding you catch it I know the gadgets are very attractive you can upgrade yourself later on coming V can be very productive I can only I’m looking forward for you a very romantic opportunity at the same time a dignified professional opportunity this coming week can be very productive very fruitful very rewarding

look after your mom’s health good luck we are talking about capital Caprican in this coming week your expenditure will be quiet I but for the right reasons all the expenditure you can justify why how what despite a lot of struggle and difficulties you’ll keep managing to secure some professional contractor your mind can be varied as some time no peace no harmoni quite stressed out sometime lack of sleep lack of energy but you have to cover yourself will be a lot of useless of fruitless running around fruitless commitment you are wasting your time you have to create a balance between your personal life and professional right take every stacy’s and take every step with lots of care and attention you’ll face few political situation at home as well as at your profession but you have to manage both try to be a good listener listen to everybody’s point of view then you have to go away oh just be with yourself when in one hour then think very seriously what are your priorities and present the best answer at home or at work you got to take every step with lots of care if you’re thinking to create a change of place regarding profession but these are the finest hours you can do it you can make a very unique decision before 26 of my you can find a job whatever you do try not to try not to live in any form of a conflict try not to be part of anything of course we have to be very active part of a solution not a part of a conflict or part of the problem try not to be Catholic on task of the week for you to donate janatha basin howdy Basin mean ground flour aldim turmeric powder kannada to temple in the longer great money to any blind school whenever you can precaution of the v4 caprica refrain from buying an electric electronic goods refrain from buying any navy blue garments refrain from buying any steel appliances this is not the right time and get it off any form of clutter clutter electronic clutter electrical clutter unused books or magazines unused colored glass and use old glasses shipped crockery the street things rusty tools unused wooden objects try to get rid of this try to get rid of all the clutter talking about Aquarius this week you will see improvement great improvement angel circumstances situation the whole equation Aquarius is going to change which were lingering with you friends past this coming week will change the whole equation this coming week will offer you a boost you’ll get an opportunity for financial gain or prosperity for your rising for your name for your fame but it a certain personal commitments opportunities will be there you have to organize your time your finance your energy then you can take advantage of that opportunity then you can get the fright than if it of that particular the situation wait be careful while conducting cielo purchase one in kind of a heavy transaction will be a risk of injury we have to watch your drive and stop at the same time you have to watch your world of speech your health will suffer don’t mind can be restless lot of secret tensions are there you won’t get any support from anybody sometime you are on your own in this big world but you’re very powerful you can do it you have the strength you have the inner strength to do anything you can deal with the situation I know you can do that you can deal with it you can overcome you got to watch your temper this time not temper positive energy synergy not aggressive argument not aggressive temper not out-of-control behavior this is not the right time to scream in shock this is the right time for right action

please don’t behave in such a way which you can’t explain you take care of your relationship to take care of your relationship at profession as well as in your personal life if there are any issues or misunderstanding you’ve got to sort it out health-wise you must take care of your back any problem with blood any issue its bladders Laura Brown task of the week for Aquarius please do donate crawfish are they to Tampa can do it you can organize it do donate six kilogram rise to priest not to the temple but to the priest precaution of the week refrain from consuming any form of a non-veg refrain from consuming any form of intoxicating substance or any form of alcohol try not to please time is very productive the flow of income will be rising your ability your word of speech will be at recognized and appreciated you ability will be recognized by reputable organization somebody will come along and offer you a contract good luck at the same time be we are offering any kind of a tempura mental attitude beware of any kind of aggressive argument a conflict this is not the right time ward of speech have to be honored water speech have to be well presented your words are your power so be careful about your words good luck are we talking about prices despite a lot of struggle difficult circumstances most of your efforts will be handsomely rewarded you’ll be Val appreciate recognized but due to effect of Mars Saturn Leia these two planets are winding you up I can understand one in the seventh hours Saturn is in a thousand but make sure they must not be any bad blood in the house make sure they should not be any personal conflict at home you have to be very careful about your bird words of speech people learn about your views your ideas through your words so try not to give any kind of out of control words an evil of control conduct you have to be very much in control regarding your temper that white creative problem you have to be careful you got to be in control with the support of your friends and family you’ll be able to solve a lot of your complications lot of new contracts will be developed a lot of support and courage but will be there to build you up by whatever you want to do if you’re an artist creative person working in the media vices that this week will offer you a very unique opportunity which will give you name fame and money don’t be romantic Union coming in your way sooner or later so have a lots of fun vices you got to make sure technically you must be on the correct part technically please don’t do anything that you can’t justify task of the week for biases you must keep a solid silver square piece solid silver ball in your pocket in your bag so 3 kilogram ol move in the water on Tuesday and feed the birds on Wednesday precaution of the week for Pisces refrain from using out of control language you out of control temperamento words ah stubborn of aggressive attitude refrain from this kind of behavior romantic union is coming along sooner or later and you’ll enjoy thoroughly every moment technical matters have to be hunter very properly thanks for watching my horoscopes if you are new to my channel then please do subscribe for more daily contents including monthly yearly weekly horoscopes if you have enjoyed this video then please do give it in like and also if you have any comments or suggestions regarding forecasts please leave me a comment

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