तुला राशि 2020 राशिफल | Tula Rashi 2020 Rashifal in Hindi | Libra Horoscope 2020 | Suresh Shriamli

Namaskar friends, I am Suresh Shrimali I welcome all you Libra natives to my episode In this special program series of Grahon Ka Khel will will tell you how will 2020 be for Libra natives Take care of health, there will be an increase in immovable property, respect and the New year will be spent with love The countdown for the New Year ie 2020 has already begun There is a new enthusiasm in the mind, there is new excitement, new expectations and among all this there is curiosity and eagerness to know what tomorrow will be like, but we all know that tomorrow is unknown, it is hidden in the womb of the future This science of astrology can read the future but cannot change it But the way even if we cannot change our destiny, we could at least improve it Through this, we get to know how the coming time will be, your planetary equation and what effect it will have on our life Through this, we get to know how the coming time will be, your planetary equation and what effect it will have on our life because the change in the position of the planets or the changes based on the planets decides what will happen in our lives Now the curiosity remains whether the changes will be auspicious or inauspicious, there will be gain or loss, victory or defeat How will it be like for job-business, marriage, married life, personal life, professional life and together with our travel, education, our expenses, our debts and our income? I present you the complete analysis for Libra 2020, take care of one thing that at the very beginning, on 24 January 2020, you are going to be affected by Saturn’s 2 ½ year sojourn therefore you have to be careful but first of all, let’s talk about the personality of Libra natives These natives, along with being decent, attractive, clever and diplomatic and have so many qualities and like a weighing scale they are able to balance their lives Like you have had a fight with someone, But you know that you have made a mistake. But you handle it well You know that you have taken a loan from your wife, husband, from friends or relatives, and now if they ask for it and if there are differences or are unable to pay, so during such time you are capable to handle the situation well Therefore their behavior in every area of their life is always true and balanced with others. You express your unbiased opinion about any subject They remain alert in every situation They do not create too much hysteria about things and like to have rest and comfort , they are also fond of spending but do not spend irrationally They are always great in earning income and have a good dressing sense They try to do things attractive, beautiful and any kind of work that can come in the public eye They also spend time in pomp and show, but they are able to balance their lives overall Now I will calm the queries those who are doing business or want to start one. And at the same time we will talk about job From the business point of view business will be favorable That is, you will start seeing changes in the beginning The sign aspect of Saturn on the 10th house – the place of karma, will create a slight problem in your field of work Remember, Saturn’s sojourn will be beginning, it gives bad results of your wrong actions and good results or the good ones Therefore, you should try you best to get your work in the best possible way, so that whatever difficulties you experience could be solved in the best possible way From 30 March to June, due to the combined sign aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, on the 10th house, people working whether men or women, young or elderly, their promotion, relocation, new department, new challenges and responsibility will be seen Remember that you should not run away from the challenges and responsibility because if you run then you will be troubled further rather I would wish that you take part in it and remember, God gives challenge and responsibility to those who have the ability to complete it After 29 June, time will again move towards normality Whether it is a job or a business, there will be changes and it will be auspicious Yes, if you are doing business of manufacturing then you will definitely face some problems whether it is selling goods, machines, worker or any other type. Do not make haste at all, and work calmly

Try to increase your work output only if it is very necessary, rather I would like to suggest that you are doing job or business, try to do it with perfection With the available resources we have, how could we improve on our quality, efficiency, and ideas, to make make profit? You need to decide weather spending more on machinery and recruitment could lead to benefit or not Yes, it is certain, whether you are doing job or business you will have professional travels in 2020 If you want to change your business then you should try after July but if you want to change the job, then you should try it from 01 April to 30 July and after 19 September you will get this opportunity Try to improve and better what ever you have at present It is certain that due to Saturn’s sojourn you will be disturbed in your professional relationships You will not get along with many subordinates Others may not like your way of working But remember if you sacrifice, compromise and adjust then you will benefit Now let’s talk about our next topic is finance Most of the work is not possible without money, but most of the work can be completed if there is money from the financial point of view the beginning and middle of the year will be fruitful and remember that the transits of the planets are working for you, especially Jupiter which has its sign aspect on the 11th house due to which there will be a constant flow of money I can definitely assure you that your work could be delayed and disturbed due to money, but will definitely get completed, whether the money is from income or by taking loans but you should remember that many others search for a working loan but are unable to get one Therefore, you should try to make money from the amount of money you have and try to get rid of debt A lot of expenses are going to be spent on auspicious work in the family, new vehicles, construction of houses, amenities and facilities To make more profit from these expenses, you should spend time to investigate if these expenses would be profitable From 30 March to June, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and its effect on the 4th house there are chances of purchase of buying land and vehicle Yes, definitely you are going to make your deal but a bit expensive. If you adopt a waiting attitude then you can get the same thing a cheaper rate It is certain that your old item can be sold if you wish to sell, whether it is a house or a car and there are chances of new things coming The income from different sources, whether it is traveling abroad, foreign trade or income from other other sources, is very high, but you must remember that everything is delayed during Saturn’s 2 ½ year sojourn therefore you will have to work harder and more effort is needed Now let’s talk about the family Now let’s talk about the family. No matter how much a person travels or works, when he returns home in the evening and gets a cup of tea from hands of his wife Now let’s talk about the family. No matter how much a person travels or works, when he returns home in the evening and gets a cup of tea from hands of his wife his daughter, mother comes in his hand, then while sitting down all the day’s tiredness just vanishes When the children sit in your lap, it feels so good when they sit with their parents and have a little laugh and joke it is wonderful You get such an environment only in a family, so in the coming year you will get to see some ups and downs in the family and your intention should be that how should you increase your family bonding An elderly family or a particular person of our family may fall ill or may get some sad news I am not saying the same will happen, but then there are chances of it happening, so you have to take special care of them This year there may be ideological differences with your family members. Your better half, your wife, husband or other member of the family could lie to you and try to cheat you and whoever will do it will definitely be exposed as Saturn’s sojourn will help reveal the truth Therefore, at your end, try to control your words and avoid lying From 30 March to June the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 4th house will re-establish the family atmosphere and you will find out who is on your own and you might find a non family member to be your own or a family member behaving as an outsider You should maintain good relationships and wait for time, as time will automatically teach a lesson to those who have hurt you

With this, you have some auspicious work done at home, the birth of a child, arrival of a new guest or a daughter-in-law The chances of the growth of a child or the growth of a particular person in the family is possible At this time, family members will get support from each other Around the end of the year, between September and December there is a lot of happiness If you want a second child, then you could have one Try to have auspicious ceremonies regularly at home Try to have auspicious ceremonies regularly at home. For 2 or 3 occasions every month all the members of the family should get together, whether it is a yagna, satsang, prayer-worship or whatever it could be From the point of view of children this year will be normal Your children will progress forward on the strength of their hard work and this will bring tears of happiness in your eyes and you will get a lot of happiness Apart from studies, children will be succeed by participating in many other curricular activities and make their family proud At the fifth place, this is the house of happiness of children, education, your entertainment and love to some extent will be affected due to the sign aspect of Rahu which is not good for the health of children, so injuries, accidents like situations could arise You should try to take care of your children in every way possible Now let’s talk about health By the way, health should be talked about in the beginning because it is said that the greatest happiness is the happiness of a disease free healthy body From the health point of view this year will give you mixed results Your immune system will be weak. There are chances of bone discomfort, injury, any bone related problems like bone fracture, accident Now if you are afraid that think that I have scared you, then you are misunderstanding it Because this is how Saturns sojourn works, breakage of your vehicle, buying new things which are faulty, having some kind of injury, which could give discomfort in bones, therefore you should take care of yourself I am not saying anything strange, people do break their bones, and they are bad accidents. We too can come in it wraps, me as well as you therefore you should take care Due to the combined sign aspect of Saturn and Rahu on the ascendant therefore if you smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol then there are chances of liver or kidney failure, shortness of breath, snoring or issues like a silent hard attack So whatever wrong things you are putting in your body and mind, whether it is an idea or nicotine – you should get rid of it At least reduce it Joint pain, head ache, gas, acidity, air, disorders will disturb you The best way is not to be careless. Give time to your body for 2 or 2 ½ hours daily Massages each other, try stretching, do some yoga and pranayam every day, it solves a lot of problems We do talk about better food for yoga, pranayam but do not find them and become negligent Whenever there is an adverse effect, check your health in advance as it will be beneficial Moving on to our next topic and the topic is that for your makeup your beauty, your physical fitness, your mental freshness, we should adopt some sort of entertainment like music, dance, acting, humming, fashion Note whatever things you like and make you happy the most and practice it as much as possible Let’s talk about education This year is going to be better than usual for our beloved students In January, you will be filled with plenty of laziness Because of which you are going to work in pressure That is, they will be sitting comfortably without worries and as soon as the exam comes, they will run around and get irritated therefore you need to study everyday, even if it for 15 to 20 minutes do pranayam and meditate By doing so you will get wonderful results and thing which took 30 minutes to understand will take 5 minutes By doing so you will get wonderful results and thing which took 30 minutes to understand will take 5 minutes But between February and May whoever is studying in this time period, whether it is a general exam, your board exam, college exam, further education exam or preparing for some competitive exam will get success But remember, Saturn’s sojourn will be going on, due to which there with be disturbance or such issues created by others If there is a hostile atmosphere in your house, then you should go and study in the park But smoking cigarettes, going to the tea stall and spending time aimlessly is not right but if you have to go to the tea stall then go with friends and discuss your studies Whenever you get time, study, whenever you are free, then go play some sports and study again

Do not get involved in things which can disturb your studies At the same time, people who are taking vocational education, whether Ph.D. Management studies, if you are studying along with a job, or the other way round then the time is good for such people but remember that a friend who is studying along with you could entice you into wrong company. So you must take care of yourself You will change your ways in August or between August and September. You could get great results and move forward in life But from 19 September in the transit of Rahu, the chances of children studying in school, college students could get stuck in elections or in unethical activities are high so take care Remember parents work hard to educate their children and have great expectation from them and we as children should give them return gifts in return by becoming a good child and studying Therefore you should reduce your internet, your social media a little Write down your aim at 3 to 4 places in your house Whenever you are in the drawing room, bathroom, the goal should be visible in front of you you will be able to progress very well Let’s talk about our next topic and that is love relationship It is said that if there is love in life, then a human being never suffers If you are involved in an accident, and immediately you get out and greet the other person and say that I might have made a mistake but let’s us see who has made the mistake; by saying so the anger of the other person will be reduced immediately Everything can be won in life with love, nothing with hate, this year will be better than normal for you in terms of love relations Due to busy schedule your career, something special is going to happen in your love life But you have to do something very special for yourself This year will promote love but if you are cheating someone or someone is cheating you then it will it will be exposed as Saturn’s sojourn will get it done However, in partnership, whoever wants to name their relationship and want to convert it into a relationship like marriage, then you will not be able to do so due to your busy schedule and other things To please your partner, to take them to dinners, long drives like something special, use surprise gifts or a smile on your face and words to make your partner happy Use of surprise gifts or a smile on your face and words should always be used to make your partner happy Do these two things, and give surprise gifts occasionally so that sweetness remains I do not say that gift is necessary. It is like if you have a nice rose flower in your hand, no one will smell it nor place it the hair to look beautiful It just creates a pleasant atmosphere, just like when we dress well – such activities should be done more often At the same time, love is going to increase among those who are married But due to Saturn’s sojourn, there could be extra marital affairs and also things unethical and resort to two timing I have seen many people who become absolutely like Lord Ram when they are with their wife and then go out to some other women and behave in the same manner They are like big actors and manage three-four relationship in such a good way but then they also have great problems later. Therefore, you should take care not to cheat anyone The husband or the wife may get ingnored by their in-laws and there might be differences which might lead to a quarrel or conflict between you So take care of yourself Therefore, it is important to have a relationship based on love and trust Let’s talk of travel No matter how much business we do we work hard for five-six days, and when we get a Sunday off, we travel and make trips and doing so gives us great pleasure Your travels are going to be quite a lot this year. But during the journey, your health could get disturbed, extra money spent, benefits will be less, things could be stolen or there might be a loss. I feel so due to the Saturn’s 2 ½ year sojourn will will begin Between mid of March to July, you could go on a pilgrimage with your parents or travel abroad after March 30 You should try and make the journey for your parents. Even if you cannot be like Shravan Kumar, at least try to be one percent of him In our Indian culture service of parents was considered to be Pramodharma. But now people are forgetting everything, and hence the Lok Sabha had to pass a law where it says that both the son and daughter-in-law will have to serve the parents. When you know what your rights are then you should also remember your duties Therefore, you should treat the parents very well. If you can travel four times you’re your wife and children then at least do it once or twice with your parents Now those people who are working or doing business, could get a transfer to their desired place, enjoy business with pleasure

so if you plan your trips in advance then it becomes cheaper, easy and also safe So enjoy it, there will be many trips between March to June and September to December Let’s talk about the next topic and that is the rituals and remedies This year will be favorable for religious work but not very much Rahu of the 9th house interferes with religious work like I have seen many times, if there is a prayer ceremony in the house today and a yagna is about to take place there, husband and wife will fight. Husband has been forbidden not drink alcohol today, and he you will drink it today itself If you think of beginning a fasting then there might be some hindrance in it To increase the concentration of the mind, listen to the Durga Saptasati Mantra daily with closed eyes Wake up before sunrise and offer water to the Sun and if you cannot do this, then whenever you wake up, definitely offer water Donate black items Do chant the Mantra Om Praam Preem Prom Sah Shanaicharay Namah Recite Durga Kavach and also the Tilak Mantra and for further remedies, pray Durga Saptasati should be worshiped and try to worship Mother Durga in Navratra, where havan could be preformed and fasting for nine days could be done Recite the Durga Saptasati 108 times and donate white articles on Friday. This will reduce many of your sufferings and improve your luck You will try to read Dasharat Karat Shani Stotra on Saturday Prepare Kedi Nagra by mixing – sugar, sesame, oil, flour, copra, and in the evenings while going on a walk with your husband and wife or with the children, sprinkle this mixture where ever you see ants. Doing so is auspicious and gives a lot of benefit Make small balls of flour and feed it to the fishes Chant the mantra “Om Shan Shanishrai Namah” Take a oath that for 13 Saturday’s you will donate iron or some metal which does not contain gold, silver and copper as by doing so you will get some relief from Saturn’s sojourn and get relief from your problems I pray to God to take good care of all our dear audiences You can meet me personally You can talk to me through telephonic appointment or by video conferencing For this, you will have to go through the appointment process You can get complete information by contacting the numbers given on the screen You can take advantage of many services by visiting our website Grahonkakhel.co.in This is all for today, I would like to say to all the dear viewers who believe in the English calendar, a Happy New Year Namaskar and Blessings