Todd White – Don't Compromise The Truth

i have good news for you Santa is not real, sorry it’s good to tell your kids now so you do not have to break the lie later that felt good it’s amazing you know, my little sorry, kind of but not really because so my mom and dad told me, i was mad, i defended them at school i did, i said “don’t you try to tell me, my mom wouldn’t lie to me” then she told me and i was heartbroken my little girl Zoe, you guys know my babies Destiny is going to be 18 in a couple of days Zoe is 8, but at school, they have this little elf thing and all this Christmas magic it’s not magic at all this is good i’m just a truth guy man “you are spoiling the Christmas spirit” sorry, it’s about the Holy Spirit not the Christmas spirit oh man, some people came and are like, o my gosh, i can’t believe i came for this you just have to tell your kids the truth, it will be alright it’s awesome so Zoe is at school and these kids are talking my little 8 year old, she is like, listen you guys have got to understand something Santa is not real What do you mean he is not real, everybody believes in Santa! i don’t she said What are you saying? Zoe is trying to reason with them Zoe is pretty dominant so she is growing in her reasoning skills she said, “look Jesus is real” “No, Santa is real, Jesus is not real” Zoe goes, “i wouldn’t be alive today if Jesus wasn’t real” “because my daddy was a drug addict for 22 years, and he was an angry, angry man my momma and my daddy, they hated each other and then Jesus came and rescued my daddy in a drug deal” You’re telling an 8 year old kid this “and he got shot at” “what? your daddy is a criminal!” “no, my daddy is free” the teacher was trying to find out what’s going on over there Zoe is talking to her “listen, if you don’t believe in Jesus, you know that one day, if you don’t believe in Him before you die, you could go to hell?” we don’t like to talk about hell, but Jesus talked about it a lot and I don’t preach hell, I preach heaven because if you see what heaven is, the goodness of God leads someone to repentance it’s His goodness but His goodness is so good that His grace isn’t an entitlement to sin grace is the ability to live like Jesus that’s really powerful it’s so good he has enabled me to live free from sin people are like “whoa, what are you trying to say? That is blasphemy!” no it’s not He said to be an imitator of God, and God doesn’t blaspheme listen, i preach the whole Gospel Jesus is outrageous you know Jesus never tried to sin and get away with it and He told me to follow him, that’s what grace is grace is the ability to live like Jesus Grace and truth was upon Him the law came through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Jesus brought grace and truth grace empowers me to walk out whatever truth calls me to “yes but that is hard truth!” i understand, but that is why it takes real grace to empower us to live out hard truth hard truth is not really hard if you see who He is because if you see who He is, you see people say, “that is too good to be true” no, He is so godd, He IS true and if you see that, your whole life will reflect that you can be a vessel to carry the goodness of God everywhere you go So Zoe is trying to explain to this child well the child went “she swore, she said ‘hell'” so the teacher called a parent teacher conference so my wife lets me handle those because i like that , i do because you can’t stop me from preaching the Gospel in schools never, ever you can’t

a teacher has to be quiet until a student initiates it then they can bring it but once they initiate it, and you can probe a student to make them initiate it so the teacher called me in but first she talked to Zoe “zoe listen, I am a Christian, i believe everything you are saying right now I believe it too, i am a believer I am going to have to call your dad, i am going to have to talk to him” She wasn’t getting reprimanded by the teacher, she’s just not knowing how to deal with this, because she’s a teacher, she is thinking she is limited so i went and explained the rules to her about what she is allowed to do and what she is allowed to bring now we know teachers that lay hands on kids without even praying out loud so you can be so prayed up in your heart that whe you lay hands on a student, there is a transference of His goodness that touches the student that’s really awesome so she said “i really appreciate what you’ve done here today” i said “this is amazing, but we are just getting started” so we just kept going, the teacher got healed she got overwhelmed the teachers aide got healed, the teachers aide was an atheist you can’t stop Jesus you can’t stop Him if you are an atheist, from coming through a believer towards you you can’t Gods love never ever fails Never gives up and never runs out, it never does you can seperate yourself from receiving it but you will never seperate from His ability to give it because He is love, He doesn’t have to try to He doesn’t have to learn how to He doesn’t have to tolerate you see we teach people that God loves you but He doesn’t like you that is the devil i will say it again, God loves you but He doesn’t like you that is the devil in your mouth if God loves me but doesn’t like me, that means He tolerates me if He tolerates me, He doesn’t really love me He just puts up with me and if He puts up with me, how can I be loved by that? I can’t What if i mess up? He doesn’t like me but He has to love me – we teach people that stuff you teach people, not you individually, but we, as the body of Christ, we teach people, we give them reasons to not love I don’t get it! God so loved the world that He gave He just gave God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever belived in Him wouldn’t perish that doesn’t mean just go to hell that means live like hell here when someone comes to Jesus, hell has to be removed from here it gets removed here someone gets born again, it’s essential, but it’s to unlock your potential when you come to Jesus – boom – He gives you a brand new heart now your mind needs to be fixed because you are still thinking like hell it has to be transformed so you can think like heaven or you can be headed to heaven, thinking like hell until you get there be limited in what you can do, what you can say, how you can live and you are limited by your own affections and it’s imperative that we understand that our affection is supposed to be laid upon Him because His affection has beeen poured out upon us we need to understand who we are so that in every situation, we carry Jesus that’s really good you know, i get to travel all over the world and I’m so excited about that i get to go to Africa, do crusades it’s crazy, never seen anything like it i’ve never seen 750,000 people in one spot it’s unreal, it’s just beyond but my heart is possessed by the thought that i am standing before Him every day all day, before my Father so whether i am on a plane, or whether i am in front of a million people it the same God the numbers aren’t the deal Him I want to leave heaven full and hell empty i really do you guys ok? you happy? i can’t see you because I’m in the light as He is in the light so walk in the light, as He is in the light i fellowship with Him i fellowship with you do you know if i walk in the light, if i walk like Jesus walked, i have fellowship with you if i don’t, i don’t have any fellowship, i have secrets this is good, watch if we walk in the light, as He is in the light we have “koinonia” we have fellowship with one another but if i don’t walk in the light, i can’t fellowship with you i have an agenda, i have boundries and i have hidden things issues, things that i can’t let you find out, if you do then i am exposed Jesus said “the righteous are as bold as the lion and the wicked flee when noone persues them”

watch, noone persues you because you are walking on eggshells waiting for you to be found out see it’s a problem because you can do ministry in that place and that’s a dangerous place right there there are no secrets in the Kingdom matter of fact, if there are, Jesus gave us the ability to understand the myseries concerning the Kingdom because it’s Gods good pleasure to give us the Kingdom but when you see that, you don’t have hidden stuff your sin will find you out, it’s not a healthy place to be this isn’t about just trying to get a pulpit to preach it’s about living your life completely transparent, 100% clean conscience unviolated the wholw way, unviolatable it’s still the same message, it’s just got way more intense to he who has been given much, much is required people are like “come on man, i am not called to do what you do” are you? what if the reason that sometimes people say that is they don’t understand the life that they have so they envy someone elses life, wish they had theirs because they are not satisfied or thankful for the one they have if that’s the problem, you’ll never be satisfied because even when you get up here, more is expected it’s amazing, it is if you would see who God has created you to be, you’d be so overwhelmed with joy and so totally thankful for where you are and who you are that you’d never envy someone elses life and wish that you had theirs because you’d be so thankful for the one that God gave you it’s called identity it’s the number one attack point of the enemy he wants to attack your identity, he wants to crush this in here so you can never see who you are created to be see, he can’t come up into heaven and dethrone God he can’t, he already tried that didn’t happen he got put here and God gets good pleasure out of watching His kids stomp him for a living He does, God enjoys the ones that He created in His image, filled with Him, not just knowing about Him, but knowing him on a daily basis and being known by Him on a daily basis there’s a difference – you can know about God and you can be known by God that’s where i want to be, i am known by my Father that means there are no secrets and i am very aware that He sees everything in my life His eyes are completely on me, they never look away and He’s always got great thoughts for me and He sees me and He likes it i look in the mirror and i can see Him in there that’s awesome i am worse than what i was last time i came i know him more it’s ridiculous i know Him more today than i did yesterday and that’s crazy every day i get to increase in my knowing Him and Him knowing me i am in love it’s a good thing so i had a great time in the teachers office it was good can i tell you what happened last night? this was great you know yesterday was daddy daughter date night, me and Destiny, good to hang my wife had a bible study, it was really cool and like people were at my house till 1:30 in the morning it started at like 7:00, crazy so Destiny and I went out to Chipotle one of Americas best restaurants ever created so we just hung out, had a good time and then we went to the movies i was going to go see Exodus with my daughter until, i thought about Noah and i said “not a good idea” because Noah was not a goood idea no, and i didn’t see Exodus but boy, an i allowed to say that on stage? we just didn’t go to see that one so we went to see Big Hero 6 which was pretty cool so Destiny and me are hanging you know, it’s pretty awsesome we had another hour to go and we’re waiting, and we get in there, just daddy daughter time just hanging out loving my kid because she’s amazing she really is all my kids are amazing, my wife is amazing it’s outrageous life is short man so we’re coming home, it’s about 25 after 12 when we get out of there, it’s a late movie we’re driving home, we’re coming down and I’m talking to Destiny about, because she’s still, she got her licence later so she’s om that licence that you can’t drive after 12 and i told her that after 12 a lot of times you know there’s a lot of people drinking, they are out there driving and she’s like “dad, it can’t be that bad” well, we are coming down the raod and there’s

this truck on the side of the road like this off the road over here, in a ditch against a tree wheels spinning and i stop, because that’s what i do and Destiny is in the car with me it’s about 20 to 1 now and i said “hey buddy” he goes “What!” and i said “man, are you ok?” “yeah” he gets out of the car, walks across the road like this “who are you?”, screams i am like “I’m the man you need to see right now” i am, i am i really am i said to him “man, i have no way to get your truck out, you are buried but if you don’t get into my car with your keys, and i don’t take you home, the police are going to take you somewhere else” you say, well why did you do that? because that’s what grace does and i looked at him and i said “man you’re in trouble right now” he said “i’m not in trouble, who do you think you are?” i said “i am a Christian that loves Jesus man, but i was a drug addict for 22 years and i was an atheist my whole life” he goes “i am nothing like you” i said “well, that doesn’t matter You want a ride? I am here for you man” he says “who do you think you are?” i said “i am your friend” because, that’s who God is to us my daughter is a little concerned, because he is a pretty angry fella he is a scrapper, you can tell he is i used to be a srapper then Jesus set me free from me, and everything changed but i am looking at him and telling him how much God loves him he says “i don’t want to hear that stuff, why are you here?” i said “because you’re off the road dude, you need a ride, your wheels off the ground, you’re not going anywhere man” i said “look, it’s only a matter of time bafore the police come down this road and pick you up do you want to go to jail? Or do you want me to take you home?” he said “i’ve already been to jail I don’t care” i said “alright I am just going to sit here for a minute, you decide” “can i take my dog?” he said i said “sure dude” his dog is in the car he is totally out of it man he doesn’t even know what’s going on right now i said to him “man, can i help you?” i get out of the car, turn around get in front of his truck, get in front of his vehicle he looks at me and he goes “why are you doing this?” i said “because i love you” he goes “What?!” i sadi “i do man” he goes “what are you talking about? You’re crazy!” i said “i am You want to go home now?” my daughter is like, oh my goodness because i am about to put him in my car and he’s upset he doesn’t want to talk about God but he’s in my vehicle i don’t have nothing else to talk about this is not just for this occasion it’s every day, everywhere i go i am a full time Christian i am a full time Christian you guys, you know you do not have to be an Evangelist all you have to do is be a believer, that believes like one that really believes do you believe? what would do? i kept thinking, what would the Good Samaritan, what would he do? because cars passed him by, passed him by off the road they know why he is off the road, it’s right up the hill from a bar man, i wish somebody had been therre for me like that wish somebody wouldn’t have been so scared it’s time we fear God i am not mad at anybody but I’m in love with Jesus, man and He’s in love with me He likes to live here, He chose it that way He saw my junk and said, I am going to go make my home in that well the world didn’t say anything the world walked away from me i was the worst, man yet Jesus, He said, Yep he could have chose the mansion in the hill but He chose to come down into the muck and He said, come on let’s go let’s get out of here that’s really what He did people say “well you know what, I grew up in the church i didn’t go through all that stuff, I didn’t have a life like you had” can someone come and play keys for me, forever because if I get on there, it’s not anointed where is Chaser? so what happens is, when we grow up in the

church we grew up, let’s say, I was raised a Christian, I grew up in a Christian home then you see a life like my life and how twisted and how whacked 22 years of atheism and anger and hatred and all that stuff and you guys know my junk, where i came out of but you see that life and all off a sudden you look at my life, and look at your life and say “well, you grew up that way the reason why you do what you do, the reason why you love like you love is because of how much you’ve been forgiven” and I know I’ve been here before and I’ve talked about it before but the reality of it is, we measure ourselves amongst ourselves instead of measuring ourselves to Gods holiness and it’s different see Gods holy standards are perfect and in his law, 613 laws and 10 commandments if you miss one, in His law, you’ve missed them all so whether i’ve transgressed 613 and 10 whether i was a murderer, whether i killed people whether i used drugs my whole life ripped off the world or you just lied both of us are equally as twisted the problem is that we don’t see things that way because we measure ourselves amongst men and we compare ourselves one to another and it’s a dangerous thing you need to compare your life to holiness and to see where you fell short you fell 100% short because since God is holy and perfect He said you have to obey everything even in the New Testament in James 2:10 it says if you transgress one, you’ve missed them all so our whole life is a wash, man so people say “Todd, you love much, because you’ve been forgiven much” but the truth is, you just don’t realise how much you’ve been forgiven or you would just love too see, we say, the reason why you love so much, is because you have such a great testimony we are like, I wish I was a drug addict that’s twisted why would you wish that you were a drug addict? you see, if you would see the truth about this thing all of us have been equally forgiven we just don’t all believe that and if you don’t believe that, you can’t love because you’ve still got regret, you’ve still got weird stuff regret produce death, but godly sorrow leads to repentance the goodnes of God you’re looking into the mirror and seeing the God likes to live in you He likes it, He does so everywhere i go, and every time i am infront of somebody i have that belief system inside of me i am not intimidated by the person infront of me i told my daughter last night, after he got out of the car (and I’ll go through the testimony and share it) she was really rattled because he was very angry it doesn’t matter, he is in my truck you can’t kill me because i am never going to die see, we fear death because we don’t see the cross Paul said “I dare not boast in anything but this, Christ and Him crucified” see, we talk about the cross, we celebrate the cross but really do we get it? because if you do, you’re not headed towards it, you’re supposed to carry it everywhere you go, you carry it it’s the love of God i could burst into tears because i feel like this thing is so easy and we’ve complicated it we’ve made it hard we’ve this and this, but really it’s just that simplicity I’m still on that same scripture I shared, I think last time I was here 2 Corinthians 11:3 where it says that I fear just as satan deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds might be corrupted, taken away from the simplicity that’s in the Christ the easy, the simple like a little kid, get it like a little kid but if you don’t get that simple the simple cross, the simple Christ message then all of a sudden we’ve got to jump through hoops in order to get it or we compare ourselves one to another and say “well he loves better than i do” don’t do that God gave us all the equal opportunity to not just learn how to love not just try to love, not just “I’m working on it” but to become love it’s not about learning how to, it’s about becoming it it’s about seeing what you’ve become it says that Jesus who knew no sin, became sin, so that you might become the righteousness of God that’s in Christ Jesus so that you might become become is different Old Testament is trying to attain it through works the New Testament is who you’ve become because of Him Jesus, Jesus gave us this life so that I could enter into Him, by grace through faith having peace with God being justified being justified by faith, I have peace with God andsince i have peace with God,

it’s sometimes a problem to the world but if I’ve got peace with God see Jesus said “I didn’t come to bring you peace” yet He says “peace I give you peace that surpasses understanding” peace that surpasses your brain your reality of knowledge anything you can think of yet the peace that you have is a violation to the world because He said “you know what, I didn’t come to bring peace, I came to bring the sword I came to divide” that’s crazy because He’s all about unity the peace of God enables me to be strong in any situation and enables me to not be rattled by the surroundings i have around me whether it’s my wife, whether it’s my family whether it’s some guy that’s screaming at me in my face the peace with God that i have, enables me to not look at him in a different way the peace with God that i have enables me to look in the mirror and like what i see too yeh, but what about all the stuff I did? God doesn’t remember it what if the blood of Jesus doesn’t just forgive it, but He removes it and He forgets it what if He throws it into a sea called ‘forgetfulness’? and it’s not there any more if you see that, the goodness of God comes and enters into your life makes it’s home inside of you you become one that is trained and trained up in righteousness trained in righteousness that’s what training is, that’s what Christian training is and when i see and i’ve been trained in righteousness, all of a sudden i’m able to discern between both good and evil, because i have my senses trained to understand what is good and what is evil but it’s not because i can smell it it’s because the Holy Spirit lives in me and my heart trembles when it’s around me but it’s not a heart trembling because i partake in it my heart’s trembling because it’s around me Holy Spirit is letting me know “not ok to step into that” these are all things that have helped me to guard my heart to protect me from ever stepping outside of what real grace is is this making any sense? because i am not trying to come up with this it just is, it is listen, you have a short time period here on this earth every opportunity that we have, don’t miss it dont’ miss it don’t miss the opportunity that you have right now don’t miss it, don’t miss it stop failing to see who you are, who God sees you are God sees you, He knows you, He loves you He wants you to know how good He is this Christmas can be outrageous and amazing you need to unwrap this gift of righteousness you’re supposed to reign as a king in this world you are supposed to reign as a king through the free gift of righteousness and the abundance of grace you are royalty, a royal preisthood a holy generation, set apart to do the works of the King you are royalty heaven, look, i love this Jesus fasted heeaven for 33 and a half years to get you back it’s amazing heaven went bankrupt because you were worth the price and if you see it, your life will be completely different i love going to speak and going places and sharing but my heart is to put a defibrilator on the body of Christ so she can see who she is so we could just be normal, man my life is just normal, not up here i love Jesus, i am so in love with God i get on planes, i’m in love with God i get in elevators, I’m in love with God i go into hospitals, i’m in love with God i go into the dentists office, i’m in love with God i go in the grocery store, i’m in love with God i go to the pharamcy, i’m in love with God i go to the school, i’m in love with God i’m on a bus, i’m in love with God i’m in my car, I’m in love with God there is no difference every place that i go there is no seperation between the sacred and the secular in my life, there is no God then family then ministry

then this then that there is none of that it’s God, then God, then God, then God, then God, then God there is no seperation God didn’t come up with that list why would i want to compartmentalise God when He’s amazing? when He is omnipresent, He’s amazing, He’s everything He wants you to know that he is with you He’ll never leave you He wants you to carry Him into every situation no matter how bad, no matter how ugly it is He wants you to know who you are in every trial so that when the devil touches you, he takes a risk every time boom, let’s see how he reacts to that then, boom, Jesus is there i say it all the time, squeeze an orange – orange juice squeeze an apple – apple juice squeeze an orange into a cup and it’s apple juice, you think it’s wierd it should be equally as strange that when a Christian gets squeezed everything but Jesus comes out the devil should get Jesus all over him every time he touches us he should be freaked out when he touches a Christian i am so thankful that i get to comes upon accidents, and i get to come upon that stuff i want to be there, because i know what I’m going to bring when I get there because i am seeking Him in the secreat place before i got there i live in a place, a secret place worship with my Father He loves me, every day a daisy – He loves me, He loves me, He loves me, He loves me, He loves me, He loves me, He loves me it’s never been up for sale it’s never been a question i’ve only been a Christian, this is ten years October was ten years and i’m so excited, man i feel like i am still a little kid i don’t want to grow up if growing up makes me bored with God, that’s not growing up that’s growing away that’s not growing up we’re supposed to grow up into Him in all things Christian maturity is not desensitizing yourself i am not even talking about living by feelings it’s not about that it’s about living with a sanitised conscience at all times in love with God, with a pure heart and clean hands on a constant basis where i ahve relationship with my Father i’m not walking on eggshells i’m walking on the rock that i’ve been founded on there’s no eggshells invloved here listen guys, if the shoe fits, the stuff i’m talking about if the shoe fits, just kick it off it’s not your shoe it’s not what you’re supposed to wear you’re supposed to be clothed with Christ you put on Christ you’re never supposed to take Him off not supposed to take a break not supposed to take a vacation from Jesus sometimes, people set up retreats because peole burning out will need a retreat we can’t just shut Jesus down when i go on vacation with my family, i don’t shut Him down when do we bring it? every day, everywhere my kids, man, if you shut Him down when you’re with your family, your family will never know what it’s like to manifest Him so what if you manifest Him all the time, and all your kids saw was that? your kids would grow up in that and they would manifest everywhere they go they glorify God because all creation is groaning for the sons of God to be made manifest it’s time, it’s time guess when the day of salvation is it’s not even today it’s now, right now yeah, but what about then? No, now then too, but now yeah, but it might not be their time – NOW is the time! yeah, but their time might be . . . no no no, now yeah, but it might be off here, no no, now so this fellow comes over to my truck he gave me his dog and his car because i got out of my truck i walk back there i said “dude, it’s time to go We’ve got to get out of here right now man It’s only a matter of time, listen” he said “why are you doing this?” i said “grace, man” “what?” i sadi “grace” he gave me his dog, i went over to my car i put it in the truck i went back to his truck i said “come on man, let’s get out of here” “what are we doing?” i said “i am taking you home man” he’s just out, he’s out there, totally drunk out of his mind, drunk out of his mind it’s a great lesson for my daughter, it was, it was awesome so he gets into my truck, slams the door he goes “who are you?” i said “i am your friend” “why?” “because Jesus loves you” he goes “don’t you tell me god loves me . . . Jesus this . . . blankety blank he is cussing and swearing and freaking out i looked at Destiny before he got in the truck and said “listen to me, i love you with all my heart do you hear me?” because i got out of the truck, because you never know

you never know i mean, if someone puts a bullet in my head, i’m really not going to die i’m just going to put off this tent and go be with Him to live is Christ and to die is gain that’s real watch this, that means that every second that i am living is Christ, period there’s no time off it’s every day, all day long to live as Christ to die is gain – why? because I’m going to gain being in the presence of my Father forever but right now, i get to bring His presence here everywhere i go because to live IS Christ so while i am here whether it’s better to be here or there man, obviously, it’s eternally better to be there but eternity started the second i said “yes” to God here, now, the kingdom is now it’s now the Kingdom is at hand Jesus said Repent for the Kingdom is at hand repent, change the way you think i brought my world with me it’s in the kingdom but if you don’t change the way that you see things you’ll think that what you see in the natural is superior to the world that i brought with me in the supernatural it’s the kingdom and it’s within your reach but you’ve got to change the way that you think you’ve got to change the way that you see things its, now and it’s Gods good pleasure don’t fear little flock, it is the Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom well then why am i going through what i am going through? my question is this – when you’re going through what you’re going through, are you manifesting Him or are you manifesting you? if you think that what you’re going through right now is your wilderness which one is it? are you complaining, are you murmering, are you gossipping? are you criticising God and wondering where He is? because that’s the one that the Israelites were in and we’re not supposed to be in that one Jesus went into a different wilderness, yet they were the same they went in selfish, He went in selfless He came out with Holy Ghost and power they died there don’t live there don’t live there he paid a price for you to be free from that other wilderness complaint and calling it prayer gossip and calling it prayer that’s not healthy, it is deadly you cause people to stumble and you cause people to look at people through the wrong lens you be careful about how you say things about people be very careful you talk about someone behind their back all of a sudden you give that person a differnt lens i say it all the time because your words are powerful i love you we need to rise up and be the church, man stop playing church you guys are my family dude i come here, this is my family something so powerful, and so significant happened here in this church in my life that i changed me forever now i was born again, i was saved and loving Jesus but i came into a situation that i had no idea what to do no idea and my first meeting with Pastor Chuck was a crazy meeting it was it wasn’t a bad meeting i just came here for a totally different purpose and i got drafted in to something God wanted to do and that’s the way that God likes it he likes us to understand that in our weakness, he is strong he wants us to see His strength because your weakness is a magnet for the strength of God it’s a magnet for his strength well, i’m not worth it no, you better get over that one because heaven paid a high price to get you back your value is determined by the price that’spaid for you if you see how much he paid for you if you see the cross, the finished work Christ and him crucified the reality of heavens price that they paid for you i mean, imagine never being seperated from God for ever and then saying, you know what, i’m going to be seperated from you are you going to want to fast heaven? dude once you get there, you are not going to be like “yeah, i’m going to go back and get them” oh my gosh, what a high price God thought you were worth it, he said “yeah, I want that one” my heart is trembling right now he loves us my whole life is geared towards just, everywhere i go, training up the body of Christ just to be who God says she is God loves us, Jesus is the head we are the fullness, we are the fullness of him the body of Christ is the fullness of him that fills all in all he is the head, we are the body we are supposed to grow up into him in all things we are all supposed to come to the unity of faith but we better start with the strength of the foundation of not being unworthy the devil is unworthy, he is worthless

he is hopeless, he wants your hope to be deferred he wants you to think “maybe another day, maybe another season” that you need someone to pray for you so that you can finally be free that’s wrong what if Jesus paid the price for you to be free, but we don’t believe that what he did was enough and we think there’s something else what if he is the answer? what if Jesus is heavens answer? what if God saw the problem and said, “i’m going to send my Son, this will be enough” to the point where Jesus said “it is finished” what was finished? the price that heaven paid Jesus came and walked it all out the cross, Christ and him crucified fixed it so i could be right with God i just open my bible and say “yes Lord” i read the word, “oh my gosh, yes” “yes” “Todd, i love you” i don’t say “yeah, but God why?” don’t say that “yeah but God, why?” because we measure our life here, and what we’ve done here to deserve it it’s grace, it’s not something that’s deserved so, i kept telling this guy last night in the truck “it’s grace, man” he’s screaming at me! my daughter is looking at the GPS, we’re trying to get him home you know he is like freaking out i said, “listen man, God loves you” “i don’t want to hear it” “it’s tough, you’re in my truck sir” you think, that’s crazy, that’s dangerous it could be, if you feared for your own life if you’re afraid i’m just not afraid man, if we could just get to a place of not being afraid if we would just be free from ourself i’ve got my girl in the car she’s seen so many people get touched by Jesus this is different we are in a closed space now, if i was by myself, i’d pick him up and sit him in the front seat but my daughter’s sitting there, he is sitting in the back he is freaking out “i don’t want to hear no more of this stuff” “well, sorry sir I was a drug addict for a long time I didn’t want anybody tell me about Jesus Matter of fact, I’d just as soon punch them in the mouth” you’d say “oh my gosh, you’re baiting him” “now you’re giving him ideas” no i’m not, that’s who i was it’s a testimony that’s about to bear fruit in his life this is just last night, at 1 o’clock in the morning before i come here so we get down the road, we’re driving he goes “man, you got wings?” “you got wings, girl?” he thinks it’s my girlfriend, because Destiny is 18, very beautiful i say “this is my daughter, man” “oh, man you’ll have to excuse me for my blankety blank foul language” i said “man you’re okay i love you” “man ,stop saying that, man” “i can’t help it man, it’s true” see, and i shared my testimony with him on the way home “wow. did you get shot at? I’d have hit you” because the guy was ten feet away he’s not hearing me, so you think that it’s useless, it’s pointless why share all that stuff with him, he’s not even hearing you people even come up with scriptures like “well don’t throw your pearls to swine” we take that scripture right there and say “well don’t sow into people, don’t talk to people they just don’t want to hear it, they are just going to trample on it” man, come on! where’s the one that believes that the word that we share can become both Spirit and life where’s the one that believes the word is going to reproduce after it’s own kind and God reproduced Himself in me so if i’m going to share that word with him, it’s going to reproduce in him and he’s like “i don’t know what wrong with you, man” “i’m possessed” “by what?” “by Jesus” “stop saying that” “i can’t help it man God loves you and i love you” “cut it out!” “i can’t man, i can’t i am eternally done i’m lost for all that other junk, man i’ve been found by my Father I was a pearl of great price i was the coin i was the sheep. and God came and rescued me and He didn’t break my leg and take me home, (people have shared that too)” so we are in the truck, we pull up to his house he goes “man, i need to know why you did this i need to pay you back” i said “that’s enough i’ve heard enough now “what?” he thinks i’m challenging him we get out of the truck “what?” i said “you don’t owe me nothing, man come on all i did was take you to your house, so that you didn’t go to jail maybe you’ve just never had a break before” he said “if God loved me then why would i live here? why this? why that? why that?” i said “man, what if none of this has anything to do with God loving you?

but everything to do with you not loving Him?” “who do you think you are?” “I am your friend noone else has talked to you like this, i will, because you can’t kill me. because i am never going to die” “what’s wrong with you?” i said “by the way man, can i give you a hug?” he’s holding his dog, he goes “okay” he hugs me and he holds me i said “the Lord’s telling me right now that you have two disks in your back that are messed up, and a third one that’s going too” he pulled away from me he goes “what’s wrong with you?” i said “Jesus lives in me” “how do you know this stuff?” i said, “because he lives in me man” i said “you’re going to let me pray for you” “no i ain’t” “well you told me that you owe me, right?” this just happened last night whom shall i fear? if God be for me, who cares who’s against me? where’s the Christians that would say, “that’s the truth” in their life lived, not just with their “amen”? i’m not being mean i’m just challenging you, church to just be the church to just be who God called you to be stop being so concerned about what other people think about you and realise this now is the time now right now now is the time i love the privilege of being able to go share my heart everywhere but i love when stuff like this last night happens happenend on the plane today can’t avoid it i’m around people happened in the hospital here in your city, just a couple of hours ago why? because i was there listen this man looks at me and i go “come on, let me pray for you” “no” “come on, what are you afraid of?” he’s up for the challenge i said “come on, give me another hug” he goes “alright” gives me a big hug “Father, i thank you in the name of Jesus” God touched him made him whole he looks at me and goes “can you come back here tomorrow?” i said “i can’t i fly on an aeroplane tomorrow” “where are you going?” “to preach the Gospel, man, again just like now” he goes “i ain’t never met noone like you” i said “that’s a shame because the world is full of Christians” i’m not being mean i’m not special guys i’m a son i am a son conviction is in this conviction we should be convicted all the time and we should obey our convictions so that it doesn’t turn to condemnation there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit there is no condemnation the flesh is the way that seems right to a man the flesh is what makes me feel good the flesh is being afraid of what i know i should step into you never going to know if God’s going to be there for you if you don’t step, he is it’s amazing, what an opportunity but every one of us has the same opportunity the sphere of influence that you’re in, should be overwhelmed with the Christ that’s in you overwhelmed with the Christ that’s in you they should never be able to get away from the truth that’s inside of you they should never be able to gang up on you and think that you’re just ‘little this’ and i’m not saying because of your big meaness towards them because they gang up on you i’m talking about the truth that’s in you, that is causes you to get down on your knees and cry in front of grown men and worship Jesus doesn’t matter who is looking where you wouldn’t be afraid, and they get convicted by the truth that’s in you they burn Christians and kill Christians and crucify them and they wouldn’t deny Jesus and they would love Jesus to the death and they’d be so convicted about their life lived and maybe 100 Christians they would kill but man, how many? how many? i know stories of two girls from China that got taken in by 128 soldiers repeatedly raped for two weeks straight

in the house, repeatedly raped! in the compound they were in and they kept praying over their aggressors, every one every one that was raping them and the whole platoon bowed their knee to Jesus, at the end of two weeks where is the Christian that will be sold out? i’m not saying you have to go through that but we’re afraid of upsetting somebody so we don’t share our faith listen, i told my daughter last night “pray for that man” he went, i gave him a note to tell him exactly where his car was because he didn’t even know where he came from and i said “I’ll be back” when i get back from this trip, I’m going to go to his house he has a wife and three kids i told my daughter, i said “honey, everybody that you’re in front of, they are either going to heaven or hell period every one of them there is no in between” i don’t care what you think every Hare Krishna, every Muslim, every Buddhist, every Wiccan no matter what every one of them, every Christian, every person every non-believer, everyone in this world no matter who you look at, if it’s a person they are either going to heaven, or hell there is no in between there is no other name under heaven, except the name of Jesus and which people can be saved there is none this isn’t a coexist it can be coexist here, but there will be no entry here it’s a coexist here, and we can exist we can all be in, we can all, we can all be nice to each other but when it comes to the truth, why would i compromise the truth to satisfy your unbelief? i won’t compromise it, ever i will not walk in a lack of belief to satisfy your unbelief unbelief has to do everything it can to get you out of the room to feel good about itself and i refuse to compromise my faith, because someones life, someones eternity is on the line we have a privilege right now of representing Him of liveing our lives for Jesus, full bore every day, all day long and never compromising that one day we’ll just stand before the Father there’s going to be two lines a goat line and a sheep line one day and i’d hate to have 150, this is sober i’d hate to have one person, that i lived my life not for Jesus in front of compromise my faith for the sake of feeling important here, and looking good here and see them in the line going “what? why didn’t you tell me?” it’s not going to happen, man i told my daughter, i said “it will never happen” i’ll never stand before my Father and answer for anybodies life i’m going to live my life, full-bore, out loud in front of the world it doesn’t matter i’m not going to compromise my faith for anybody, anywhere at any time i don’t care how dark it is the darker it is, the brighter we shine i’m not afraid of the darkness light is not afraid of darkness just turn it on, man flip the switch take the basket off your head be a ‘Christ-‘ian a little Christ-like one so i’m driving home with Destiny i said “honey” she goes “Dad, i don’t like it, we could have just been killed” i said “honey, the fear of death in my life is gone” she goes “yeah but, Dad you don’t understand I don’t want to lose you as a Dad” i said “honey You’ve gained God as a Father” she just didn’t understand because it was a hostile environment in my little truck but Jesus is with me but for my girl, i have to explain i said “that man had seeds sown” “he’s not going to remember anything listen to how you’re saying Dad” because in the natural, it looked like he couldn’t remember anything and it was a pretty intense, you had to be there people say “wow, good job” but if you’d have been in the car, it was a very uncomfortable place how many of you would have done that? don’t show your hands listen, here’s what i am saying it was a very uncomfortable environment because we are used to not relying on the Comforter the Comforter was there he was there, making it real to him and that man will come to jesus, i promise you he will, because i know his address i’m going to go to his house and pour into him and talk to his wife and talk to his kids

he will come to Jesus, regardless, he will he will, because grace was there, mercy was there his last words to me were this because he walked away, his back is healed he walked away and he goes “dude, i just want to thank you man” i said “i love you man” he goes “thanks” and he walks into his house i get in the truck and Destiny was like “that was intense” and i’m talking to her the whole way home we got to the house, everything was cool it was only like a four minute ride home from there she goes “Daddy? that was awesome” i said “it was” what would it be like to be able to represent God everywhere you go? everywhere you go what would it be like? to live your life completely sold out completely in love with the King no holds barred, man what would it be like for you to push all your chips to the centre of the table? and just go like this “i surrender all, i surrender all” i’ll read a scripture, and we can start (just kidding) oh my gosh, the book is full of them this is so good let me just read this well it’s a therefore so i’ve got to read the whole chapter before but theres’s another therefore, i’ve got to read two take it up with him okay, let’s go to Ephesians 4 i love the word, i love it so much for those of you that know i couldn’t read before i got born again i couldn’t read a book, i never read a book before i couldn’t remember anything so why would i read? it was just confusing, i’d just forget everything anyway so what’s the point? that’s the way i went through my life and then, when i was in Teen Challenge the scripture “for those of you who lack wisdom, ask God” hit me and i said “oh my God That’s it I am wisdomless Thank you” and it opened, started to open to me since then, i dove in, every day, love it i work out, listen to it on my ipod it’s just awesome, every second of every day i listen to the hard stuff too it’s so good i listen to the beattitudes a whole lot because it’s my attitude of being it’s who i be okay, Ephesians 4:29 it says ‘let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth but only that word which is good for edification, according to the need of the moment so that it will give grace to those that hear you’ i’m just going to read through here gosh, there is so much in there i think i have shared it here before but a couple of years ago, God gave me this truth of the words that we speak they are life and death you can speak life because you are partnering with God, you can produce life in peoples lives you can speak death and partner with the wrong god there is power in the words that we say you are a steward of grace, of Gods grace, of His goodness and being a steward of grace means that you can actually have the grace that’s upon your life and you cansteward it and put it upon someone elses life and God will allow you to write the cheque in His name and he will know because of the words you speak towards somebody words of edification and encouragement mark a person for gain saying “God i have favour with you, i have grace from you I am asking you to steward this grace this favour to this person right here, and you will know because of the encouraging words that i speak over their life and i mark them for gain” it’s powerful

‘let no unwholesome words come out of your mouth but that which is good for edification according to the need of the moment that it will give grace to those that hear it and do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God by which you were sealed for the day of redemption let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour and slander be put away from you along with malice and be kind to one another, tenderhearted forgiving each other just as God in Christ also forgave you Therefore’ this is so powerful ‘ be imitators of God, as beloved children and walk in love just as Christ also loved you and gave himself for us an offering and sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma’ what does it mean to be an imitator of God? that is some serious sandals God said “be an imitator” be an imitator of God and it says ‘and walk in love just as Christ loved you, and gave himself for us an offering and sacrifice as a fragrant aroma but imorality, and any impurity or greed must not even be named among you as is proper aming saints’ it’s awesome, God takes us from sinner to saint when you have been born again get translated from darkness to light it’s amazing i was a sinner, i got saved by grace but the grace that saved me, enables me to set into another place called ‘saint’ and when God sees me he sees a saint, he sees a son it’s powerful gosh, have so many testimonies rolling through i have just got a Christmas tree the other day and some young man, they bring this Christmas tree we got an eleven-footer that thing is thirty-five foot at the base, man in my house, that’s a big tree and they came to help me get it in the house boy comes in, another guy comes in and I’m talking to them about Jesus and I’m helping them carrying the tree setting it up there’s a reason why, the saint triggered this thing sorry because this kid is catholic and he starts talking to me about this guy at his church that knows another fellow that he is doing all these good deeds and when he dies, he is going to be a saint and i am like “man, i’ve just got to help here” and i know he doesn’t understand but i need to make it easy for him to understand so i figured “alright” God speaks to me about the other young man says that he has got a bad back, his back is totally whacked he goes “yes it’s whacked” i said “for three and a half years or so” he goes “yeah, what’s the deal?” i said “Jesus lives inside of me, man” he goes “I’m a Christian, that’s awesome” the other kid goes “i’m a catholic” i said “i understand that’s awesome, man i am so glad you know Mary didn’t save you, Jesus did” he goes “well” i said “no,no Here is what i mean Mary gave birth to the saviour but Jesus is the only one that died for your sins Mary didn’t, she can’t save you” he is like “alright” he is kind of thinking i said “wait, here, before we talk about this let’s fix your back, man” so we prayed the kid’s leg was an inch and a half short he goes “yeah, yeah, yeah. they can’t fix it” i go “no way dude” “I was born that way” “O, I’ve got good news for you” but his back has been totally whacked out for three and a half years i brought the catholic kid over to look at his leg i said “do you see it?” he goes “that’s messed up, man i can’t believe it’s like that, man” i said “well it’s about to change, man because Jesus lives inside of me” “how?” “through the Holy Spirit That which is born of flesh is flesh but that which is born of Spirit is Spirit” he looks at me and he goes “okay” it’s awesome, it’s like the lights came on, in my house so i said to him “come on man, you want to help me pray?” “i don’t know how to do that” “well just hang out with me Ready, it’s real easy, in the name of Jesus, leg grow NOW, in Jesus name” he goes “huh” the other kid goes “i felt that” these are people that just came to my house the other day and delivered a tree happens that way when mormons try to come to my house happens that way when Jehovah witnesses come to my house the mormons don’t come any more, they won’t come i am not being mean, i just speak the truth you better know exactly what you believe when you come to my house i love you, but i don’t compromise the truth for nobody i’ve watched Jehovah witnesses run away from my house not that i am chasing them or being mean to them but they don’t like words of knowledge and all that stuff so the kid is looking at me i said “man, you want to be a police officer?

there is something about you, that there is police on your life you carry an authority with you, man” he goes “well actually, i was doing this” and it had to do with authority and enforcement i said “you are going to be a great one buddy” he goes “wow” i said “can i pray for you?” he goes “yeah i feel light-headed right now, man” this cathholic kid i said “that’s His presence He loves you” “what’s that?” “let me tell you Mary gave birth to Jesus If anybody knew that Jesus was the Christ, was the Messiah, wouldn’t it be the one that got pregnant by God?” he goes “yeah that would be wierd” i said “sure would Imagine, the only children that come into this world, are only coming into this world because a man and a woman come together has to happen that way” he goes “yeah” i said “well Mary wasn’t with a man” “yeah” i said “Jesus was placed into her belly, because God is holy he wanted to get his kids back the only way he could get his kids back is the first covenant that he established would have to be fulfilled did you ever hear the old testament? the old covenant?” “yeah” “well here’s what it is” and i broke it down for him i explained how Mary gave birth to Jesus, but Jesus grew up as a man and fulfilled the law as a man, not as God God had his end and Jeus fulfilled mans end so when Jesus fulfilled his end, righteousness was given to Jesus the cross enabled us to come into right-standing with God i shared that and he goes “that makes sense, man” i said “you must be born again, that which is born of flesh is flesh” “my mum gave me that” “that’s right but that which is born of Spirit is Spirit you need Jesus” “okay, what do i do?” that’s pretty easy It’s not complicated, it’s the kingdom so the kid geets born again, overwhelmed by God these two boys are in my house “this is the most amazing house we’ve been in!” “it’s amazing” i said “Jesus loves you guys” so then we bless them, we tipped them, just blessed them “god loves you” he goes “sir, i hope i get to talk to you again someday” thay walk out my house, totally freaked out, saved, healed, delivered, set free, made whole it’s not because i am somebody special unless ‘sonship’ is somebody special because i am a son who knows who my Father is okay, sorry ‘but immorality, or impurity or greed, let it not be named among you as is fitting, is proper for saints there must be no filthiness, no silly talk, no course jesting, which are not fitting but rather the giving of thanks for this you know with certainty no immoral or impure person or covetous man, who is an idolater has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God’ that’s pretty intense i’m going to read that agian it says ‘impurity, immorlaity, greed, filthiness, silly talk course jesting, but rather give thanks for this you know with certainty no immoral, impure, covetous man, who is an idolater has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience therefore, do not be partakers with them’ check this out, this is amazing so it’s telling yo this list it’s not a heavy, it’s an amazing it’s not an “oh my gosh, what am i going to do? all that stuff is in my life” just give up! just repent! it’s easy “God, i can’t believe this oh, that’s right thank you” it’s really that easy it’s crazy “oh my gosh, this is crazy, this is ridiculous” is it that simple? ‘let no one decive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience therefore don’t be partakers with them for you were’ listen to this ‘you were formally darkness’ didn’t even say you were kind of dark didn’t even say you were in darkness didn’t say it was a little dark it says, you were darkness, you were darkness you were darkness it says ‘ the eye is the lamp of the body’ Matthew 6:22 ‘the eye is the lamp of the body if your eye is single, your whole body is full of light but if the light that is in you is darkness how great is that darkness’

it says that your darkness, when you are not saved but when you get saved, you get translated from darkness and you get put into light but it’s very important that you understand that you are children of light, you are sons of light you are sons and daughters of your Father who is in heaven and He likes to live in you and when you see the reality of this all of a sudden the tendancy to step into darkness gets less and less and less because you walk in the light as he is in the light you have fellowship with one another and it’s amazing to have koinonia it’s amazing to have fellowship with people, it’s amazing i live my life, and all of a sudden, i am walking pure and i am living pure am i allowed to be down here? you alright? you cool? alright, cool because i’m feeling like i am really excited right now i am, because he is in love with me so i have fellowship so if i am walking in the light, and this man is walking in the light all of a sudden, we have fellowship with one another we can walk and we can be in union with one another but if i’ve got secrets and junk in my closet then all of a sudden, i can only allow him to get so close to me because i might be exposed he might find out my secret sin but if you see how much your Father loves you you understand that you were in darknes and God translated you out of darkness and puts you into light all of a sudden, the tendancy to want to even go back into darkness is just far away it’s totally lost why would i want that now that i have this? why would i want to have that? because i need this i need fellowship, i need communion, i need koinonia i need the body of Christ we need each other we’re supposed to grow up into him the fullness of Him that fills all in all we are the body of Christ guys and it’s imperative that we see what we’ve been called to all of us have been called to the same thing we’ve all been called, we’ve all been justified we’ve all been justified we’ve all been glorified God had called all of you “no, i am not called to do what you do” i get it but if you said yes to God, you were called God had to come after you before you went into Him no one comes to God unless God first comes to them no one comes to Christ unless the Father draws them so God called you He called you out of darkness and into light out of darkness and into light and if your eye sees this and you are single your whole life will change your Christmas will change you won’t be ashamed to share Jesus on your job you won’t be ashamed to share Jesus everywhere you go you won’t compromise the Gospel for the sake of looking cool it’s not okay one day we are going to stand before God and find out you’re going to have all kinds of reasons here in this world, that make sense to the carnal mind because it’s at war against God the carnal mind is at war against God the Spirit of God oh my gosh the Spirit of God is wooing your spirit the deep of God calls out to the deep of you and nobody knows the deep of God except from the Spirit of God but He wants to reveal all things to you it’s God’s good pleasure to reveal all things and all he is asking you to do is just believe but it all starts with the finished work it all starts with you being forgiven you knowing you are forgiven you knowing that Jesus paid the price to set you free but the price he paid was to set you free from YOU! man, if we get free from us, we are free from everybody then you’ll never have some drunk guy in the back of your car, screaming at you or you might not even put him in the car, because if you are afraid, you’ll go by someone like that and you’ll lock the doors man man i am glad God didn’t lock the door on me come on you are an ambassador of hope the grace of God is on your life to be an ambassador of hope stop using your life as a circumstance for not being able to live for God well maybe if this happens, well maybe if this happens well if my wife would finally believe if my kids would be this they are not your problem – you are Man, you don’t understand you stand before God “God, if my wife was this and my kids were that” you are going stand before him one day and realise that it was just you that you were the issue i’m not mad at you i won’t change this Gospel people come and hear me it don’t even know why they still come it’s the same, it just gets more intense why would i water it down to draw a big crowd? forget that, man i am going to stand before my Father He is the biggest crowd ever every day i am going to live my life worthy of the call worthy of the call to this you were called to this you were called to live your life worthy of the call worthy of the call everywhere we walk we represent the King and his Kingdom

and we are not compromising this to make people feel good “well they don’t want to hear it” well, they are going to stand before God sheep line or goat line? one of those two lines everybody’s going to be in one everyboby because one day every knee, every knee will bow it will be forced to bow later or it will willingly bow now and you have the reality of God living in you and your God-reality is challenging to the world it’s challenging, it’s not appealing it’s not apealling to a group of people but when you get one on one with people they are very intimidated they won’t really share their heart with you like they did with everybody else in other words, if you are in your workplace people will make fun of you when they are in group, trying to impress one another when it’s one on one, oh boy it changes i promise because you are not really that tough and God is real and if you dare to surrender,completely to the King He gives you everything you need for everything you are at hand with everything and He is well able to overwhelm you with his goodness and overwhelm everyone around you with his goodness and shake hell everywhere you go He will have hell tremble everywhere you walk do you think the devils were afraid of Jesus? i guarantee you they cried out “what have we to do with you? have you come to torment us before our time?” why would we be afaid of devils? why would i be afraid of witches? why would i be afraid of that stuff? why would i be afraid of ISIS? why? because i fear death because i don’t know the cross because i don’t understand the finished work that’s the only reason i would be afraid of anything if he crushed hell, death and the grave if he crushed that, then why am i afraid of it? if he crushed it then why am i afraid of it? whom shall i fear, if God is for you? Jesus said “behold, i will never leave you I will be with you to the ends of the age” what did you give yourself to? are you an imitator of God? or are you an imitator of society? Jesus said “you can’t love God and love the world” if you want to look good in front of people, you can’t love God because the cross is offensive i would rather live my life offensive here not deffensive i would rather i lived my life here and be persecuted that’s my question to people 2 Timothy 3:12 says this ‘For all those who desire to live Godly will suffer persecution’ so here’s my question church when’s the last time you were persecuted for your faith? I’m not being mean “well it doesn’t make me feel good I don’t like to ruffle peoples feathers” well they are not chickens i’m calling you up church you are God’s girl what are you afraid of? God is for you He is for you Jesus, Jesus you are for us Lord God you are, you are Holy Lord you live in me Jesus, Jesus, Jesus you like to live you like to live in me Jesus, you’re the great I AM you’re the great I AM Jesus, Jesus, Jesus you’re the great I AM God, you’re the great I AM you’re the great I AM

one more, oh God, Jesus sorry, it just came in my heart 2 Corinthians chapter 2 verse 14 ‘thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph, in Christ’ thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph no matter where we are, no matter what we are going through actually, some translations say ‘he leads us in a triumphant victory parade’ always, always leads us in triumph, in Christ and He manifests through us listen to this He manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place ‘for we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing to one, it’s the aroma death to death the other it’s the aroma of life to life and who is adequate for these things? for we are not like many, peddling the Word of God but as from sincerity, but as from God, we speak, in Christ in the sight of God’ I am going to read this again He always leads us in triumph, in Christ and manifests through us the aroma of the knowledge of Him you know what that means to me? that means that you and I, depending on what we know, you are an air freshner so when situations are stinky and you show up, with the right knowledge, you diffuse the fragrance of your Father everywhere you go and you are an air freshner for the world if something stinks, that’s because we don’t know who we are when we are there and i’m not being mean because all of us have equal opportunity to diffuse the knowledge of Him the fragrance of him the knowledge of Him and the fragrance of him Jesus was a sweet-smelling aroma because He diffused the knowledge of the Father everywhere He went and we as Christians, He leads us in a triumphant victory parade everywhere we go diffusing the knowledge of Him, the fragrance of Him, in every situation if we just dare to believe, that we are who God says we are and when you go into a room and it stinky, it smells better once you get there that means, at Christmas time when a bunch of relatives are hanging out i LOVE Christmas time where there is unbelieving relatives there’s hardly any unbelieving relatives in my household anymore not my personal house, but extended family my wife’s family too hardly any they can’t get away oh, i promise, I have so many situations intense stuff, intense stuff Jesus is Lord and I’ll never allow people’s sin against me to produce sin in me because the fragrance of God is in me He chose to give Himself for me so that everywhere I go I can diffuse the knowledge of Him everywhere i go please don’t compare your situation to what I am saying right here because that’s what happens people go “well you don’t know what I’ve been through You don’t know what I’m going through You don’t know what my family is like” it’s not them, it’s you “well you don’t know what they did to me” it’s you “no, you don’t know how they treated me” it’s you if you have a problem with three people, it’s you “but you don’t understand” i do, Jesus wants to give you peace that surpasses understanding so that you stop holding grudges, and holding attitudes toward people that hurt you and you start to see the one that died for them just the same as He died for you so you can hurt for them and not be hurt by them and you can diffuse the fragrance of your Father everywhere you go come on man it is good it’s amazing God is good people are like “I used to think!

I thought I don’t know what I think right now!” what if all of us have the same privilege i’ve a million testimonies rolling through my head and my heart right now i’m going to land here here’s why i know there’s people here that haven’t yet given up to God i need, whoever you are, to get up here come on, don’t be a chicken do it seems like an unorthodox way to do it, but it’s time just come hang out, come on proud of you man come on all of you come on yes proud of you man love you too come on, who else? it’s time, let’s do it let’s get this thing on with Jesus champion man, oh, champion man there isn’t any guilt in this place right here this is a place of complete, it’s on it’s on it’s time it’s time to stop letting life speak louder to us than the Gospel if you are out there and you need to be up here, it’s time don’t miss out it’s time to unwrap this gift it’s amazing come up here right now if you are in this i need you to come up gosh, don’t be a chicken you’ve been bold for the devil now come on, let’s do it let’s be done let’s crush hell for a living together let’s stop being stomped by it, and let’s be free from it proud of you there’s nothing to fear nothing to be afraid of man come on it’s awesome so proud of you guys yeah, Jesus come on yeah come on I’m looking at God’s best yeah who else? come on, let’s do it stop being tough just get up here, come on it’s time to give the devil a bad day look at this! Father I ask you, in the name of Jesus, God for the hearts of people who aren’t up here that they would come they would stop being afraid listen, i fell like there’s husbands out there that you just came to satisfy your wife you need to get up here man that’s silly pride will keep you in your seat i’m not mad, i’m just being honest here’s my next belief i believe that selfishness, because of what i shared tonight i believe that hearts were convicted of where selfishness was and if you want to be free from that thing, i want you up here too come on it would be silly to hang on to you anymore right now this is great your Christmas will be the best Christmas ever ever this is the free gift of righteousness this thing is amazing man God loves you so much let’s get rid of selfishness let’s get rid of that pride thing, man let’s be done let’s just get this thing on with God i fell like there’s people even that have walked out you can still hear my voice there is still time right now people are like “I don’t want to hear this” well, may God shake you in your car, in Jesus’ name so sick and tired of the devil getting away with what he gets away with it’s time we just make him understand that he really messed up big time it’s time that we, as the body of Christ stand together listen, there’s people here that have back slid they’ve gone away from God they’ve just wandered off you’ve even came and wondered, if just God’s for real Holy Spirit’s for real and He convicted your heart don’t ignore it obey your conviction let God change your life your wife is not the issue i keep saying that, i mean it your wife is not your issue wife, if you are here, with your husband, you should come up here with him, both of you i feel like there’s people here whose marriages, they are just trying to hold on for the sake of something else instead of for the reason why they got married

God is knocking at your door don’t you walk away Jesus, I thank you for complete freedom in this place Jesus, it’s awesome, man love it, you the man God’s going to overwhelm your heart man satan is going to wish he never touched you you hear me? i promise dude you’re going to give the devil a run yeah, oh, oh my gosh Holy Spirit, do what you do You are so awesome Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus, Jesus you are the one Jesus, Jesus, Jesus you are the one Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Father I thank you I thank you for your kids God Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus you reign in me, you reign, you reign oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus, Jesus freedom, freedom, freedom freedom, freedom, freedom freedom, freedom, freedom freedom reigns in Him freedom, freedom, freedom Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I’m so proud of all you God’s going to change it all restore family bro like you never thought possible your whole family’s going to get wiped out with the Gospel, man you think that it’s over it’s not over it’s just beginning man i promise, man, i promise God loves you satan hates losing you guys he’s done hey, give me a hug, come on man it’s just beginning you are going to raise up people you’ll destroy hell for a living it’s going to be awesome oh, Jesus you are awesome He is so good at this Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus, God in Jesus name He’s going to wipe out your past as if you’d never had one that’s what He does Jesus Father I thank you in the name of Jesus, God

He’s going to wipe it out Jesus thank you freedom God freedom God Jesus, freedom love you man champion, yeah you are champion man gosh are you ready to pray with me? going to pray with me come on, this is easy it’s just saying “you know what? Jesus you did it all I can’t add to it all i can do is give my life to it i can’t add to it i can’t take away from it you did it all you did it all” Jesus hung on that tree, a guilty man yet was innocent everything, all the handwriting of requirement everything you wish you’d never done was nailed to Him on that tree Bang! nailed to Him on that tree if the powers and principalities would have know what they were doing thet would have never did it but they did, but they did see, satan can’t come up and dethrone God but he wants to dethrone God from the soul of man he wants you to go through life and never realise that Jesus paid such a high price and that you are that valuable today, the game is up and Jesus is going to set you free your mind is going to be clear you’ll look in the mirror and like what you see come on, like what you see just say this with me guys “Lord God” listen, i feel like i need to say this there are some of you that have prayed this before but nothing happened this is different this is different see, His mercy is new every day every day every day see, i have a revelation of righteousness i have a revelation of what forgiveness means i have a revelation of true forgiveness tha whole way through and i have never lived with one day of guilt, shame or condemnation my whole life, 10 years free from guilt, shame and condemnation and right now, God is going to do the same thing and knock that thing out of the park so you can look in the mirror and like what you see amen? say this “Jesus, i believe that you died for me you hung on that tree guilty, yet you were innocent you who knew no sin became sin, so i might become the righteousness of God that’s in Christ Jesus i was a sinner today, you set me free from sin and you made me alive unto righteousness i am forgiven i am forgiven i am free Holy Spirit, set up residence right here in me, your child i am yours and you are mine and i’m not looking back i am in your army you’re my commander you’re the captain of my salvation today, today, today now, now, now is the time now is the time today i have entered in now is the time salvation has come to me today, in Jesus’ mighty name Amen” feel that? you can feel that something’s left, for real your eyes just changed, man for real, they just changed completely when i hugged you, you eyes just changed right now they are completely different that’s freedom, that’s freedom man that’s not just a momentary freedom that’s a life I’m not just talking specifics it’s the same dude it’s all over the place it’s awesome, awesome okay are you ready? sickness is from hell disease is from hell none of that stuff is allowed in the Kingdom all of it has to leave okay hepatitis C, got to go livers, must be healed, must be made while right now bloodstreams, must be healed right now first word i heard, blood, in Jesus name right now oh dude it’s awesome you know why? because redemption is so amazing, so amazing redemption means that, since I’ve been forgiven since my sin has been forgiven then the stain that came from the sin, that i’ve been forgiven of has to be removed see it’s having believed unto righteousness – by His stripes I am healed we believe, we get right with God

then the stain that’s in the body because of a life you wish you’d never lived has to be removed, it has to go because sin was borne in the body of Jesus Christ so that the effect of this thing could be crushed, in Jesus name we are watching more people being healed of Hepatitis C and HIV and Aids and all kinds listen, sexually transmitted diseases people have in a lifestyle they wish they never did God removes the stain of sin, because it’s something you wish you’d never done so God in His mercy, He removes it God doesn’t want you to keep it, to keep you humble that’s just wierd which is more humbling? God removing something? or letting it stay there? this is awesome this is why we baptised them girls in that tub and their scars disappeared! Why? because that’s redemption, man redemption see God sees you as if you had never sinned He sees you as if you had never missed it that means that when you did miss it, God forgave He forgot, He wants to remove it so right now, blood disorders, in the name of Jesus Hepatits C, in Jesus name sexually transmitted diseases I command them to go now, in Jesus mighty name right now, in Jesus name i want you to put your hand on somebody, to the left and to the right we are going to pray the body of Christ is going to pray you don’t even need to come to me this is about Christ in us, the hope of Glory understand, Christ in us we are the body of Christ, the fullness of Him that fills all in all it’s about you praying it’s about you thanking God for who you are in everything, give thanks to the Lord so in the name of Jesus listen, body of Christ, I want you to say this “in Jesus name every disorder be healed now, in Jesus name every sickness in Jesus name be healed now in Jesus name” say this with me “every neck every shoulder every disc backs hips knees wrists ankles joints hearts lungs brains ears eyes right now be healed, in Jesus name Jesus name i want everybody in this place to check wherever you were hurting anywhere, it does’nt matter your shoulder, your back, your neck just check right now just check, if there’s anything physical that you had at all that you can check right now if it’s gone, wave your hands over your head wave both hands over your head if it’s gone right now put your hands on the person to your left and right again come on, this is really simple we, as the body of Christ, pray Jesus said to pray for the sick, and the sick shall recover in the name of Jesus, when we pray in Jesus name, we command this to go, in Jesus name it’s simple this is what we pray you ready? “in Jesus name, bodies be healed right now, 100% wholeness, healing in Jesus name” i want everybody to check once again if it was your knees, if it was your ankles it seems like it would be harder than this it’s really not everybody check whatever part of you you can check right now if it was your knee, if it was your ankle if it was your back, if it was your neck whatever if you can feel something change right now all over the place i want everybody if something changes from the beginning of starting to pray to now everybody, if there is breakthrough in your body i want you to wave your hands both of them over your head everywhere that’s what I’m talking about look around wave your hands, both of them again look around everybody one more time, are you ready? come on this is exciting this is like, you guys have this thing what if you realised that you had it everywhere you went? where would people go? how would they hide? they couldn’t you’ve got the Kingdom and you’ve got to give

it Hey guys thanks for watching the video we came up with a website it’s called Lifestyle Christianity we have our newsletter that’s going to go out you can sign up for our email list we also have testimonies on there events schedule all that stuff it’ll be amazing we want to empower a generation to walk Christianity as a lifestyle so we can all walk with the power of God on a constant basis it’s going to be awesome so come on over bless you, thanks for watching