STUCK SUPPLY DROP GLITCH! **won't open** (Fortnite: Battle Royale EPIC Fails and Funny Moments)

right here in front shot one shot keep building up got freakin damn it didn’t play in that potion actually no uh okay I mean I’m drinking this I’m drinking this oh just made my shot look so high oh I should uh hold on this menu push the backward anything I’ll building right down here Oh God oh wait that was you wait how is that you did you sports too Oh your name okay I don’t have a good visual on him got one stall in the roof Merry Christmas oh shoot uh we go to the safe son you still at the dust Depot that’s good stuff no he’s so there does it Depot I think not one done another gonna 30hp hey everyone my AR always got a scar little booboo boom he’s only taking one over close yep we got time to go to the back and loot I have 15 vintages you need bandages okay we got ya these guys is Luke I’m gonna run down to get this guide you wanna get guys behind you that’s you guys that you killed yeah okay you go over there and get those given to the mech hitter now okay where they say something to go here I got too big this is tight man this is tight I was really worried I thought the guy was gonna get me dude she’s scarred you started to melt me and that was the problem what’s up savage hey doing today man there’s just not a lot of people in the youtubes and the twittering brother hey be good if you don’t make it just crawl no way no way oh my god okay I’m good I’m good no keep game good I’m gonna get you up and I mean literally gotta go we got 17 seconds yeah I know we’re close we’re close we’re close didn’t even edges or no okay give me mutes yeah oh yeah I’m gonna need some you have nine oh god frickin bless you dude I think you had that many that’s dope okay we can outrun this one too I’m pretty sure all right I’m gonna leave my I’m not only gonna have one bandage your left toes instead what I can’t I can’t take those no I can’t cuz I got a I got a our shotguns sniper watcher and uh you can take those last two oh there’s a chest in your chest injured Piper I’ll just take it accurate guy oh it’s good Luke 18 – amen hey Hanna say what’s up steps hey you

today bud all right I’m gonna save some this area sucks push for a final safe zone I got 3:15 hey yeah come to me we talked you have let me know if you let me know if you need me tonight for two I got 75 right here are you good how are you good bro I don’t think he’s too good dude bro with a guy running he got at the last second what kind of idiot does that dude he’s right down here South East he’s sort of in the little ditty probably to be coming up on this I’m gonna push love push love me actually if you want to stay there you seem stampin he’s getting shot he’s getting shut up all right about to have a nasty flank on him so if you just want to stay right there you’re gonna be good just trying stay alive what knock one down got him 60 beloved I’m good for now I’m good I got a medkit okay I’m kind of a loan right now I think there might be people on this base here too I got a gold scar I’ll go launch or two holy crap this guy had the goods all right take that take that dude I hate that I think it’s so freaking annoying loot system in this game is so broken okay you can’t open it it’s happened to me sometimes is anything blocking it I’ll try get it now I can’t get it it’s glitch just leave it now worth it what’s your passenger probably some people in that base right there right to your right nothing so hey let me do one let’s go okay see you later all right TV – yeah I’m guessing maybe behind us maybe in wailing woods here it’s possible these guys have his stuff oh yeah watch sorry give any launcher okay yeah I got ten – all right guys may have another win here we can only pray don’t big bait right here all right I’m hurt but I’m going alright what’s that Matt Grossman I can’t believe MSS Shah bro like literally he jumped up and I thought I’d tied it perfectly so when he fell I was gonna head shot him that’s sucked how many kills 12 let’s get it what’s up Pepsi almost a 20 kill man so close so close GG’s in the chat what’s good Luke hey you in today my man what’s good random vlogs welcome to the stream buddy excuse me pretty successful day why do you say so myself what does jug do you on Sambas I have no idea ask 8 and he knows a lot about zombies look 72 and would be damned son I feel something hey yo let’s get Bill Foster welcome back to the stream buddy do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do

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