DEFEATING DONKEY KONG ZOMBIES! (Black Ops 3: Custom Zombies Mod)

know what’s going on guys tennis here today I am bringing you another black ops 3 custom zombies map this is a remake of Donkey Kong you guys remember the classic arcade style game Donkey Kong we’re gonna be given an attempt here except in a zombie setting so I really hope you guys enjoy if you guys do please make sure you drop a like on the stream slash video subscribe to the channel if you’re new I bring you guys custom zombies content all the time I’ll be here on my channel and make sure you have on notifications as well tap the bell icon below the video player screenshot it tweeted at me on twitter at pro Hennis because I do follow every notification squad member back on Twitter so this is our very first barrier that cost 4 grand no way Jonathan Tito also came in with a 1 New Zealand dollar super chat thank you for that fearless gamer with the sponsor as well you were now officially a menace to society man I appreciate your support and Damon with the $1 super chat thank you guys for all the donations already all of you guys who were sponsors all 90 of you guys which is crazy to think about you guys go ahead and get a the pro donut emote spam in the chat and it shot me out in your video silly success up yo fearless gamer you’ve been a supporter of the channel for a long time man that look at that sponsor – looks so good man crystal games thank you very much for the host I appreciate it is this going on YouTube yeah waterish I’m actually live over on YouTube right now men love the streams thank you very much Damon yo I love that you guys love this shoes man means a lot ok so I think we got we got 2 zombies left I love that this isn’t imagine if these were timed rounds like imagine if the zombies just kept spawning and spawning and spawning this would be so much worse go ahead and get that oh no come on what the hell was that ok I don’t know I couldn’t better get him there alright look at this it actually doesn’t even allow you to walk off the map like I’m running like I’m running to the edge here and it’s not letting me follow up I’m gonna go grab that instant kill them I’m gonna try to use that all for this next round just to get a ton of points now what’s up Benjamin what’s up you know Aaron hitman how you didn’t how do you sponsor if you guys do want a sponsor it’s always optional but very much appreciated there is a link in the description down below pipe is real the hype is real man oh we got a double points – alright that’s really nice because I’m gonna need I mean like I mean if it’s 4 grand for that very first or I can only imagine what’s gonna be as we get closer and closer to the top and there is a Bible ending to this map as well guys so we will officially get to say that we we did conquer this map oh shoot no all no are you kidding me did the instakill run out oh no it didn’t run out okay we still got it hey what’s up Ranger how you doing today I’m guessing that’s Ranger Chris you just changed your name alright there we go so one full clip into you one knife and then another knife perfect Joe’s Moe’s bro yeehaw partner yeehaw welcome to the stream what’s up haptic Gino Pro but yeah I think Probot just taking a little bit to come online here guys should be a beat a little sluggish right now I’ve already got quick revive I’m gonna buy the rk5 just to have it at the end of this next round I’ll go ahead and make sure that pro bots actually in here I think all I gotta do is just maybe restart him I think he’s might be a little stressed out a little tired you know we just said we did it like a three-hour fortnight stream earlier today so I think he’s he’s just a little tired right now what’s up Cerberus what’s up Jacob nice eyes too too full clips alright this is to get a little bit stressful here one full clip there there’s always that one zombie guys always that one that moves just a little bit too quickly I’m gonna have to use this rk5 here too but I just want to go ahead and use up all the Emma on this first hey what’s up Logan how you doing today buddy what’s up King wit nice hi one more shot here and use it on a head shot for you all right you’re a little bit more bold oh that’s such a waste of points what’s up Brenda welcome to the stream and now we get a max ammo and the else around here alright I’m gonna go ahead and open up that next level there are the very first level to get to the next floor here right after this next round cuz I’m gonna want to go ahead and use this death machine your sponsor ends tomorrow you’ll paid your gaming rip in the Chatman what’s up wintering gamer how you doing today welcome to the stream play them my little pony map that’s definitely not a thing of course this is a dog round what a waste of a death machine daddy there’s no zombie counter in the upper left-hand corner which kind of sucks I got so used to those on a lot of these maps hey what’s up peanut man can I get a shout out Adam what’s up brother what’s up Elias Galvin are you sue me Gavin play the Bo one map is it was therapy oh well no Bo one I know didn’t have custom zombies but I know rolled out warded what’s up panty hello just join the stream what’s up Annie welcome to the stream Hunter Ramsay says hey can I check this week and i will donate and sponsored love your channel thank you dude I appreciate that all right I’m a little worried guys that fusspot might be entirely down which would really suck cuz then I think that would literally mean that you guys aren’t earning any coins yeah fusspot has reached its maximum YouTube API for the day and cannot be used oh my god you’ve got to be kidding me we’re doing too many streams guys we’re actually streaming so much the bot just shuts down which really sucks so you know what I’m gonna do I can’t even I was trying to see if there’s a way I could like keep track of everybody

who’s in here and then just give everybody in here like automatically like a ton of coins later like manually but there’s no good way for me to write down every single person that’s in here or account for everybody who is gonna come in here over the course of the stream so rip in the chat rip in the Shaffer Probot feels bad alright let’s go ahead buy this actually this was a really really bad idea so now we don’t have any ammo for any weapons that door costs money can I go ahead and fall off oh we gotta turn on power first okay this is really bad please oh I can’t jump off here oh this is really really bad I should’ve just honestly I should have just kept running out because you might we might have enough points I fall down here No no way how clutches that yo get an instance ma’am in the chat guys there is no way we just got that lucky there is no way alright so I guess we just got to know that once we come up here there’s like no other alternative holy crab dude that is insanely lucky look at how glitchy this is wait a minute once you come up here you can’t go back down I just realize that oh my god so you can’t go back down once you’re up here we probably should have thought about that alright so it’s a thousand open up this store this is gonna end up being a lot harder than I thought I don’t know wait you can’t go back you have to be I was gonna say you have to be able to go back down I would imagine nice alright so I just have to get at the right angle to run back down okay dude that’s so annoying holy crap I was like literally my heart was pounding there I was like uh how we gonna survive this just started over my late night goggles you’re fine man we just literally just started a little bit ago I gotta go ahead a post about this room of my snapchat story here too all right last not be right here I’m gonna go ahead and run up we already got stamina but let’s go ahead and see how much the points are for the next next barrier to move up to the next level how much we got up here I so this is speed Cola and double tap and we got a box here – is there a bias is there a Bible ending yes there is a Bible ending ladies and gentleman I want to go ahead and see if I get enough points in this guy let’s go ahead and get double tap only need 18 or 180 more points 100 more points 100 no he died we’d really needed 50 more are you kidding me what’s up Andrew alright so I probably don’t want to be up here how many go ahead into the box here real quick see if we can get a better weapon than this and they are k5 alright nice well take a peacekeeper let’s hit a chill up here for a little bit this is my very first stream a Dodge well welcome to stream brother rip to my friend robot on youtube sure true what’s up beastly boy what’s up trevor roberts for your prime welcome to the stream how you doing today Daniel I thank God we had the PC for now this gives me a little bit more peace of mind ha ha ha I actually didn’t even I thought of that phrase in my head before it was actually a pun and I didn’t really necessarily did it on purpose all right definitely pick this up lovin it probably should honestly use this just cuz we’re gonna get so many points from it we don’t really need that new gun I don’t think we gonna be able to pick it up before the round ends what’s up panda I love how bear just puts that straight-faced emoji in the chat just not impressed at all by the joke I think you had lost sabi right here you last one you look a little mad I think I think he’s a little mad he’s a little pissed all his friends are dead now let’s pick you up the root beer oh and a max ammo not too bad we just green out a mo with this so this is two grand now what we got up here on the next level Juggernog hell yeah I’ll take that imagine if there was only a four perk limited we just found out about it right there we got a mule kick right here how much is this three grand and that’s four grand alright guys at the end of this next round what I’m gonna do I’m gonna go ahead and post about my stream on my snapchat story and what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna take a video of the chat and post it on my story so if you guys want to be included in my snapchat story where I announced that I’m live make sure you guys go ahead and start spamming in the chat like as soon as the round starts to end all right we’ll leave one last Sambi I’ll tell you guys all to start spamming all right that’s what you guys will do you guys start spamming in the chat like crazy if you want to be in the snapchat story hey what’s up chrome haenam theme in and if you guys want to add me on snapchat so you’re ready for when it comes up my snapchat is real pro hennas it’s in the description down below how do we actually I could use this to go use this to go don’t start spamming yet guys will start spamming right at the end of this round what’s this round ends I’ll tell you guys I’ll tell you guys when we’ll leave one zombie how many zombies we got coming up here I think a couple nice there’s like one or two more oh no okay it’s gonna have to be at the end of next round that’s gonna have to be a bit actually no I’ll do it right now everybody start spamming right now everybody start spamming everybody

really quickly really quickly shoot just say hello I’ll pause the game real quick just give you guys some time to spam because I don’t want to do it when the next round starting I’m gonna be I don’t want that to have it I am ladies and gentlemen we are live on YouTube and twitch right now playing some black ops 3 custom zombies come through it’s lit we’re having a good time swipe up to watch I’ll go ahead and get that at the end of this round right here are they all spawning but beneath me Ian or SEO thank you for the spams guys that was good that was good and like I said if you guys want to check and see if you can see yourselves in the story my snapchat is real pro Hennis and make sure you add me hi perfect I swipe up for stream I gotta make sure I can post this on my story here I logged in of course I’m not logged in bro are you serious uh oh wait a minute what’s that party how you into a gun flavored soda welcome to the stream man yo Lightning squad 3 thank you very much for that donut man I appreciate it all right I’ve gotta go in and post my stream on the story here guys here we go attach to snap all right there you go guys it is now officially on my story go ahead and take a look at it like I said snapchats Rio paranĂ¡ so you guys want to add me all right I’m done with that now let’s get this alright got enough air mule kick I’ll get this in a second what’s up Gavin what’s up Nate Hayden Thames I’m in I keep calling you I keep calling you Galvin for whatever reason Gavin I think your name is Gavin but I see like yo hold on sure that’s the twitch spams guys holy crap I gotta get some spam filters in there for real what’s that masked how you in today what’s up Cali love you head of oh shoot wait hold on I miss that love you Hannah I’ll donate if you beat this map yo Trenton Nord you said like the other day man that you’re all done with dough knows bro you’re crazy all right I missed the donate no lightning spotted three I got your donation oh then you came in with another one literally right as I look over I gotta be Cara I’m not used to these zombies money behind me but I got to be wary of that I think are you the last one yeah you might be nothing better than nothing better than a good spam in Norris thank you very much for the $2 donation I really did appreciate that I bought mule-kick three grand for this next one you got to still got a good amount of points right now – which is really nice there’s pack-a-punch all right here’s Deadshot let’s get this what’s up light eye you didn’t ‘day yo this is like an acid trip yes this map this map is pretty pretty crazy if you guys haven’t dropped it like in the stream yet either make sure you do that almost at 500 likes already which is absolutely ridiculous actually I’m gonna run back down to more levels because now that we’ve got mule kick we can go ahead hit the box I got to worry about zombies coming up from above now cuz I’ve opened up these barriers though so that’s gonna suck oh and I can’t slide there at all okay that’s fine oh I don’t even have enough hit the box I need enough points to want to kind of be more zombie spawning here right there you go here comes one we got enough now what’s up K Nana what’s up Christian what’s up Ram what’s up blood mulatto or a very interesting interesting name for a youtube user name what are you what are you to call your channel son just blood a man I can’t judge my name is Pro Hennis you know so my name it kind of looks like penis I can’t really can’t really make fun of other people for their name you now can’t I I’m not really in that position hey get in today Big Mac please show with the spammed over on the set oh man o’war a hell yeah I do the man or man or a peacekeeper rk5 combo my new favorite combo look how much the new barrier is gonna be you could probably honestly get through like an entire game with this pro heinous XD pro penis XD do I have a ps4 yes masks I do have a ps4 man but usually when I’m playing custom zombies I usually just stick to two PC just cuz that’s what they’re available on you know it’s not available on console unfortunately where’s [ __ ] Bob you mean blow job Joe there’s a difference man sheesh what’s up Corey hey pop ahead us what’s up Colin doo doo doo doo doo doo doo what’s up Savage all right let’s push up here okay a little weary of that honestly headshots gonna be our best friend right now – were only on around 12 and we’ve already managed to get all the way up here so that’s a really good sign oh yes show that actually scared me for

why is that so loud oh my Colosseo tretinoin I appreciate the donation man you know I don’t go to college anymore right bro you know I’m a full-time youtuber right now am i dude so your donations generation is still help but they just don’t help towards my I think you meant to say college but you said collage so that’s why just want to make sure we’re on the same page there you know that everybody anybody else coming up wanna say hello oh there’s couple of you hello greetings from the underworld or in this case donkey kong world how you doin today Zach okay you’re a little vicious and a little mean aren’t you all rights get chances that new chills up here and we’re not gonna go to get it sorry 6,000 points how much is this 4 grand let’s get it this has got to be the top right boy this is the top ladies and gentlemen this gotta be the Bible ending right here to end the game 40,000 points alright that’s not too bad at all we got that we got this we got this I want to get widows wine No – I want to try to get I want to see what kind of high rounds we can get sooo though like not when I gotta go obviously insanely high rounds I don’t want to bore the hell out of you guys but since the Bible ending is so easy can I not get back down for some reason okay why can’t I walk back down here what is this Anarchy oh then we can here we go haha what’s up you see I’ll have a Gucci gang Gucci getting your awesome and how do I get coins you guys earn coins simply by watching the stream unfortunately right now I mean if you’re new to this stream this is not a great a great way to introduce the Bob because the bots actually down I don’t know I don’t know why the bot is always offline but the bot is currently it’s currently offline but it’ll be out back online tomorrow unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to turn it back on it’s a YouTube it’s a it’s an issue with the bots communication with YouTube so there’s nothing I can do it’s something with the technicals like coding API something about the bot I don’t know they say they’re working on it so but it’s an issue that’s happened the last couple of times and I think that’s why I have been trying to fix it because I think it’s me I think it’s because you guys use the bots so much I think that’s literally what it is huh like literally I that says since my chats have become so much more active recently and so many more people are coming to like my afternoon streams and even sometimes my morning streams the vas getting used so much throughout the day that it literally it by the time we do like a night stream it maxes out in its 24 hour period which sucks so that’s why you guys got to have notifications on for the stream so you can always be in my streams whenever I’m live to try and earn some coins it’s a double points down there if so I want to grab it oh it is a double points but I’ll pick up the nuke – I’ll take that what’s up Colin you wanted to get out of my way there man thank you do I look like logic the rapper I will take that as a compliment logic is a very attractive man what’s up Mason I’ll donate $1 for every kill if you shot me out $1 for every kill Trenton Griffin says he will donate $1 for every kill all right all right well Bab after this oh don’t worry bro I got a lit map lined up for after this I actually have a really cool one lined up not even gonna lie let’s see if we can hold Tretton to his promise here Dios is 283 bucks 284 bucks damn this man the chances of him actually doing it pretty slim but let’s make a game out of it see how much I want to at least get to a thousand let’s get to a thousand bucks I feel like making a thousand bucks in a donation that is never happened to me before ever a thousand dollars way to way more money than I deserve that’s for sure where’s the next stream I like zoom every single day so I usually do like afternoon streams than that I do night streams as well so these these are my night streams and then the morning streams are the afternoon streams are usually around like usually start sometime around 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time he said I’ll double it Trenton says he’ll double it he’ll double it Trenton we’re gonna need a down payment of at least $100 to make sure that you are legit how about how about just 5 bucks all right a dollar how much mess with you man y’all good in all seriousness nobody should ever feel pressure to donate in the stream guys I’m just messin never want you guys to feel pressure to donate I think that’s that’s just not a good thing to do why do I keep getting nooks dude I need double points I’d be fine with instant kills too I guess just cuz those are fun ya know tretinoin we’re not talking about you man there’s another guy named Trenton Griffin not Trenton or guys not to be confused with Trenton or the sponsor this Trenton Griffin Idzik is a completely different dude do not confuse the two of them you can tell the difference between Trenton Nord and Trenton Griffin because Trenton Nord the one who’s not gonna be donating all that money is a sponsor of the channel so he his name appears in green you pressure me to donate monka s okay tennis that’s why you got to be

careful my guy dam is you get a little bit a little bit risky up here we’ll go ahead and purchase this what’s up Cindy how you doing today did I miss any uh anything in the stream no no good talk about me Trent Melton’s no Trent there’s somebody it’s a Trenton Griffin that’s his name what’s up Sparky hey man when I finished my Glatt when I finished my glass snap will you play it if not that’s okay love the ships keep it up Oh your glass snap oh yeah yeah no Gunny if you’re making a mad man i 100% play it I’ll 100% play on that guy oh definitely that for you they don’t spawn behind me do that okay as long as they don’t spawn behind me I’m gonna be happy what’s up cool car what’s up Rosa wait it’s a five hundred thousand by the lighting no juni it’s not a five hundred five if it was a five hundred thousand by the lighting we’d be here for a while Hennis what’s your steam username just pro Hennis you can I think it might be I think it might be famous heh is there’s a there’s a link to my donation there’s a link to my Steam in the description down below yo Street gamer what are you talking about man Ghost Recon gamer he donated 2 bucks super chat and says I always donate but you never read it off did I read this one I’m sorry bro 5 if I’ve missed some of your donations in the past I really am I I honestly never meant I never mean to miss any I’ll pack a punch oh yo good good call good call Jack good call good call pack a punch right down here in this level hopefully was yeah it was yeah it was my pack watch the rk5 just for the hell of it I’ll pack a punch like I did in Man O’War back up oh yeah he’s just gonna get destroyed by that and I guess we’ll put the Man O’War in there too come on up here buddy what computer do I have it’s a custom build from ibuypower my minimal look at a camera on this is super ugly oh you’ve grown so much yeah Eddie it’s been a ridiculous dude through the growth and the channel is insane you’re better looking than PewDiePie well thank you PewDiePie is a a rather fine specimen of a human being bang bang you are the worst zombie gamer just kidding damn man eh Oh what’s up Justin how you did today buddy can i play with you one day yo brown bear 100% well actually i like i do it i hadn’t liked in the years that I’ve been doing YouTube like obviously I played with viewers in the past I haven’t done it a lot recently no and it sucks I kind of want to I just asked out my crush I hope she says yes yo and best of luck to you man best of luck to you PewDiePie a sexy dude PewDiePie is just an amazing human being really he’s just I think he’s a fantastic content creator I really do I really really do will I ever do giveaways yes I do actually do giveaways at the end of every single month I’m in henesys Khan splash gang gang oh no I mean I mean I’m in the sprodgkin gang I mean I’m a I’m a subscriber of ocean but I mean I but I might in the court on quote splash gang gang I mean uh I don’t know I’m worthy I don’t I don’t think if I don’t know if my credentials are updated this death machines too much fun man especially on a map like this where like all the zombies are gonna come funneling in Webster City spot asked out someone over text listen dude this is this is 20 this is 27 20 I did not just almost say 20 18 or 20 17 I mean this is 20 18 Hennis zombies taking heart house what’s up Owen Pixley do I answer snapchats no I can’t answer snapchats man because it’s like I get snapchats from literally hundreds of people like thousands I have thousands of snapchats just sitting on my phone like I can’t answer there’s no one imagined still being in 2017 LOLOL throw up the splash gang gang sign ocean does not have a splash gang gang sign I don’t believe it I’ll tell you insta-kill all this okay oh my my widows wine I’ll just take care of it that’s also a possibility what’s up Logan how you doin today min oh god here we go oh look at their ball funneling towards me alright whenever this is the co runs out I’m gonna be slightly screwed unless hopefully we’re close to the end of the round by then and oh they’re still spawning their minds so oh God oh god oh god

it’d be fine all right we’re gonna be good what’s up Bryant how you doin today min hey what’s up J Co I was in your stream last seven well obviously you notice me you knew that all right this actually might be a bit of a harder challenge than I thought right we got to make sure that we get the points that we need guys thank you for almost 600 likes in the stream we haven’t even been alive we barely been live for 30 minutes we really just hit the 30 minute mark now then live for exactly 30 minutes that’s crazy guys and you have 600 likes in the shoot essentially that’s crazy dudes thank you very much of that support amazing to see what’s up Liam hate it today buddy and keep in mind guys right after we complete this map I got another map to look at how much is the Bible ending its cost 40,000 it’s literally it’s right there we got to get 40,000 points I kind of want to get to round 32 if we can like round 30 as well not round 32 as in the number 32 trend Norris’s you made at 600 hey I have to see that bro I appreciate it now but just earlier today guys literally just earlier today while we were streaming we hit two hundred thirty seven thousand subscribers now we’re almost at two hundred thirty seven thousand three hundred already what’s up Logan no ice all the man or it’s too juicy I know his first video called welcome to the channel dreams and ideas yeah that was a while ago that was a while ago he’s spent a long time Hennis up in here since 80 k subs thank you for your list yet fearless you’ve been here for a long time then I had my question that day to hope she says yes you know Tevin best of luck to you man how do i sponsor if you guys do want to sponsor the channel it’s always optional but very much appreciated you get access to all of the nine custom emails that I have in my chat they’re all listed in the description if you guys want to go check those out you’ll your name will appear in green in the chat so it’ll stand out really nicely I know almost all my sponsor names by heart so I’ll be able to know you better you’ll have this punch of badge up here next to your name so everybody knows that you’re a supporter of the channel and then you have a big thing is that you earn double as many coins as regular viewers but the coolest part is definitely the emojis for sure for sure for sure it’s the emojis so if you guys are interested in learning more about how to become a sponsor there’s a link in the description sponsored pro Hennis comm when you click that link it’ll bring you to my YouTube gaming livestream where you’ll just click the pre spawn green sponsor button once you eat a hundred sponsors guys I’ll be able to add some brand new emails to the Shen currently right now we have 90 out of 100 sponsors we got ten sponsors to go double pack a punch I will I guess once we get enough I mean at the same time you want to get the buyable ending but I kind of do want a double pack and I kind of want it the Box a little bit more it sucks I know I’m actually fairly certain there’s some more like really cool custom weapons on this map I donno if I want to pick that up or not Who am I kidding course I do constantly go for headshots remember you yeah pager I know you men yeah fearless gamer there go he’s using all the sponsor compotes in the gym this is sick jaren you’re sick dude dude you’re you’re ill dude I’m tripping on acid how are you I mean I’m doing pretty great man I don’t know if that’s a good thing that you’re tripping on acid you know but why do I have three guns isn’t it – I have mule kick mule kick allows you to it’s a perk that allows you to carry an extra gun definitely respond suring a Trent card I appreciate man I appreciate it do you make all of your money from donations no some of my money comes from like a lot well I think the majority of my money comes from like the ad revenue that I make simply when you guys watch my videos so every time you guys watch my you know source I should say sometimes when you guys watch my videos you’ll see an ad next to it and then I get paid a certain amount of money based on the amount of views that a video gets because there’s ads shown next to that video that’s pretty much how that’s how all youtubers make money and then there’s behind the scenes stuff like you said there’s the you knows donations if you’re a live stream or that is a big part of it if you have a lot of brand deals if you do sponsors sponsorships like like for instance I’m sponsored with G feel right so every time somebody goes to G feel calm and uses code Hennis to get 10% off their own order to buy some g fuel that also helps support me so the money that you guys save is what I get paid so if you bought a hundred dollars worth of G fuel you use my code you save 10% you save ten bucks I get paid that ten bucks so I get paid the difference of what you guys save essentially so there’s a lot of really cool ways that youtubers make money but yeah I’m actually I’m really yeah those of you guys who didn’t know I am really pleased to say that YouTube is now officially my my full-time job which is pretty sick in my opinion what’s a pro drifter do you get money from streams without donations yeah yeah so the students do make money just like the regular videos do you know they get ad placement six of them not as much as videos do but sort of stuff similar stuff I don’t know if any of you guys

are actually curious about this stuff but I saw somebody ask about it with Shasta figured out answer yeah it’s a pretty interesting field I I sort of I like a lot of the business see stuff on YouTube too like obviously I love playing video games and I love interacting with you guys but I’m really big on the business side of it to pull out the dope map what do you mean Oh Matthew yeah we’re gonna be playing a nice nap after this man how do you donate if you want to donate guys there’s a link in the description down below again it’s always optional complete the map by around 25 and I’ll double it I trend complete the map by around 25 oh well we’re on round 25 right now men are your BOTS down yeah unfortunately phase about they are down yo Jase welcome in you are now officially a sponsor of the channel I appreciate it brother yo let’s get a J spam of the chat let’s get some sponsor hide you’re now officially a menace to society I’m pro Hennis you are now a menace to society we’re slightly it won’t least slightly better than Logan Paul’s Mavericks and savages how much kidding we’re a lot better thank you very much for the support man I really do appreciate that let’s get adjacent name in the chat please don’t hate on me for hitting on Logan Paul I’m actually not a hater what he did what he did wasn’t cool and I think the internet agrees with that about you know hi so how so this guy says he’s gonna double it if I get if I beat the mat by around 25 hmm oh no man I can’t want to go to around 30 personally but yo J seriously do appreciate the support man you’re an absolute legend I’m all out of ammo – actually I need to leave a zombie the end of this round I need to leave at least one there’s still quite a few is obviously coming up me the last one I think he is alright we got our very last I’ll be right here guys hopefully he doesn’t get hit and killed by the widow’s one you gotta go all the way dude back down to the box so I am literally all out of ammo what’s up a car e whoa is that a glitch that has to be out that you’re suppose to be able to get up there put two sweets make sure you like and turn on notifications true true 90 sponsors I think it’s 91 now we just gotta wait for it to update but yeah that that that text up there in the upper left will automatically update what’s it Logan do he filmed he filmed the dead dude and a suicide Horace did you miss that we don’t really need to talk about it on streem but understand it was just a little decision and not how do I want to say a little distance back whether it’s disrespectful I’m gonna wait where’s the next box in ago actually I don’t think there is another box location on this map I think that’s the I think it’s just gonna go away from right there and I think it’s gonna come back right there I’m pretty sure I don’t know where else if we go you’re a legend at this game yo Thank You Taylor oh you should’ve swim in I also went back oh we’re gonna go back down there oh there’s another box location what’s at the top how ironic log JK I know Pro box it’s been crapping out in the latest dreams and there’s some confusion but are we actually gaining points when it’s down get on the trapeze yo first of all first of all it’s pro Hennis not pro penis and are you mess with me obviously but um look at this you can walk right into the bus but yo yes Daniel God fern Daniel I will go ahead let me get it let me acknowledge that here after this donation I just wanna make sure I’m heard don’t die don’t you dare die on me don’t do it don’t do it don’t die you’re my favorite youtuber yo Thank You drummer appreciate a minute we should dare die on me you buffoon come back for me i yo let me go ahead and answer your question Daniel cuz it is a good question man alright so you might ahead yo what’s up G trauma sup patters alright and soccer boy he said I went out and bought more beer for your stream and now I’m donating beer money how ironic lul JK I know Probot it’s been crapping out in the later streams and there’s some confusion but are we actually getting points when it’s down I did figure out that and unfortunately you’re not gaining points when it’s down unfortunately cuz the bot does keep like the bot is responsible for actively keeping track of everybody’s points so when the bots down unfortunately nobody is gaining points which sucks and I wish there was a good way I could like reimburse you guys I just don’t know a good way to do that though I guess I could just say that in tomorrow’s stream if it’s working I’m pretty sure I can give everybody in the stream when the bot is up and it’s live I’m pretty sure what I can do is I can give everybody watching like a hundred coins or something like that or 200 coins and that’s what I might do tomorrow that’s gonna be my plan so tomorrow like when I do another late-night stream I’m just gonna go ahead oh yeah hold on one second man hold on

one second absolutely so I think that’s how it’s gonna work so I think what I can do is I can just tell the bots all right give all active viewers right now give everybody in the chat 200 coins so 150 coins so I think I’m gonna do that tomorrow so nation that you guys have notifications on up for the channel tap that Bell icon so you’re here for tomorrow’s stream night stream we’ll do it around the same time so that I can give those coins to you guys because you guys definitely do deserve that because unfortunately it’s down right now there’s no good way I mean I could do it tomorrow here an afternoon stream but not everybody who watches my nitrogens can also watch the afternoon stream so it’s difficult but I’ll try to make sure I do that tomorrow thank you very much for your donation and I’m glad you’re enjoying the stream then Affinity croak um or pity the cow comes in with a $2 says hey daddy been watching for about a year now this is my very first don’t know thank you very much infinity cow I appreciate it that’s very nice of you thank you very much for the donation let’s get a cow spam actually if there’s a cow emoji can you guys spam the cow emoji in the chat I’d appreciate it I’m pretty sure there is a cow emoji so what’s up Johnny then Trenton Nord with the latest donation that says I could do more but I can do way more with this donating amount I could do more but I’m doing way more with this with donating this amount is that what you meant to say a little confused thank you very much for you doll 11 and can I do a request for a map I’m gonna be I already know the map that I’m doing after this map after I complete this one but I guess after that bro yeah I mean if I don’t play for tonight after this then yeah it’s definitely you look at look at the cow spams it’s looking it’s looking Moo ish in the chat he hardly he alright yeah so we’re gonna tell you we’re gonna go to around 30 guys once we’re on round 30 we’ll get the Bible ending 16 subscribers away guys from hitting two hundred thirty seven thousand three hundred subs make sure you guys subscribe if you’re new you can see the live sub count in the upper left hand corner does it cost money to sponsor yes it is a $5 per month payment but you can actually cancel it at any time if you’re you know not pleased it’s pretty much it’s pretty much the equivalent of donating five bucks once a month to my channel so five bucks once every 30 days which isn’t a whole lot and you actually get something in return you know you get the emotes you get the sponsor badge you get you know double the coins so you have great a chance of winning giveaways all that good stuff hence love the stream so far yo Thank You King I appreciate him in happy Saturday a Tom you happy Saturday you zoom in what our coke wins it’s just a currency in my stream that people used to enter into giveaways that i do in to buy stuff from my loyalty shop so every single viewer is awarded ten coins every ten minutes they watch the stream regardless sponsors if you’re a sponsor of the channel then you earn an additional ten coins every ten minutes so you get 20 in total every ten minutes yeah and then you can use those coins to enter into giveaways that I do at the end of every month massive giveaways when we give away gift cards Cod points GP you’ll merch kind of awesome stuff yeah how do you donate like in the discription man always optional almost out of points we’re almost out of ammo already with the weevil holy God kind of want that oh here we go eat a max ammo here wow we’re already out of ammo with the weevil that’s insane I love your channel Thank You Lin Martinez preciate it what’s up big Matt what’s up soccer boy you said my name wrong when you shouted me out Patterson M Patterson I’m sorry man what’s that fast what’s a ball master what’s up and 1778 oh god this weapon is not very powerful that concerns me a little bit I’d be careful here Oh God he’s literally spawning right on this I don’t like how weak this weapon is what about to run to the mo anybody else notice that we’re literally about to run out of ammo we need a max ammo you ever – go ahead and say I’m max ammo in the chat right now Lisa max ammo hype set a nuke I just dropped I think it is oh let’s get it max ammo hype in the chat baby oh that is clutch as hell that’s what I like to see oh my god literally right after all I gotta do is ask for that was happening last room – all I got to do is just say get a max ammo name in the shed and then before you guys can even react and start spending it we already got it it happens every time it’s like the zombie – gods know what I need was it Anthony we’re almost out of ammo on this thing again are you the last obby no way damn you are we’re on right now wait 30 though here guys let’s get it we got the Archaea 5-2 we’ll see we’ll stay right here by the Bible ending just in case we don’t have like enough ammo to get to the next round we’re to get all the way through round 30 here we’ll get the Bible ending and then we’re gonna move on to map number 2 of the

night what’s up lonely dragon heads can you please tell me what all the perks do yeah so quick revive revives you if you get down to by the zombies how many coins do you get it for a sponsor 220 yes you get 20 coins every every ten minutes as opposed to the regular viewers everybody else that just gets ten coins every ten minutes it was threatenin also chill with the spam a little bit asking that question over and over again I saw you I see your message man cuz you stand out in the chat nicely yeah bears gonna time your honor I kind of saw that one coming along just make sure you don’t rely Corp eat yourself that frequently yeah you weren’t twenty coins man oh God contacts drying out or something oh I want to I think I want to get gotta get to that death machine that’s kind of a necessity actually why couldn’t they move towards me I don’t wanna pick up that nuke though that’s gonna kind of defeat the purpose there we go damn now we’re feeling powerful how do you check your coins I need help unfortunately you can’t check your coins right now because the bots actually offline there’s nothing I can do to fix that but the bots will be online in tomorrow’s stream absolutely you didn’t say whether perks before I know I’m sorry so quick revive revives you when you’re down stamina up so I’m working from left to right here stamina up allows you to run faster speedy Cola allows you to reload faster double tap allows you to shoot what is it you just shoot double use just your bullet split in two I think so your bullets splitting that’s you so you’re doing you’re basically hitting the zombies twice per shot Juggernog gives you increased health so your heart of the takedown mule-kick allows you to carry more weapons Deadshot daiquiri I actually have no idea what that shot Thackery does isn’t that a little bit embarrassing I’ve been playing zombies for this long I don’t know what that shot daiquiri does what is the increase headshot points dead shut deck crease the headshot power not headshot point that’s what I meant to say headshot power headshot power not points headshot power she did your mind just need to be reminded I Ness trust me that’s a little embarrassing but I definitely I know my zombies yes I’m youtuber by the way I don’t aim for the head there’s an auto aim I don’t yeah but that doesn’t work on PC coz there’s no there’s no auto aim so round over end it yep I got you guys alright yo we’re 17 legs away from 800 likes everybody drop a like right now let’s get to 800 likes and I’ll get the Bible ending around 31 we got it do we still earn coins at the bot is offline unfortunately nah but you guys will put your Indian coin in tomorrow’s team the bots just got overloaded from mushrooms earlier today what do they get my PC from and what kind is it it’s a custom built from ibuypower so I bought it I purchased it from I buy powers website and then they assemble it and ship it to me damn house I know pursue zombie that’s pretty bad not remembering what Deadshot daiquiri is also being a zombies youtuber whoa ready for this lost don’t obey you suck last oh no bear you suck ah 800 likes in the stream I would assume that we did ladies and gentlemen we have just conquered Donkey Kong zombies let’s get a gg spam in the chat round 32 no downs 1200 kills so where’s that trenton guy that said he was gonna double he was gonna double the amount of kills that we got