iPhone 5s Charge Port repair – Speaker – Mic – Headphone jack

hey everybody we’re back to do a charge poor replacement on this iPhone 5s it’s actually a combination of the headphone jack the charging port and I will actually remove the speaker as well that’s not part of the cable replacement we’re using this suction cup to help get us off since I’m using this anodized iPhone here we’ll use a this pentalobe screwdriver a couple of pry tools guitar pick style will also need a Philips screwdriver and a nylon spudger to help pry out the cables on the interior of the phone and we’ll need our replacement cable you can see your right here that it has it’s the mic the charge port and the three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack when I go ahead and start unscrewing the pentalobe screws on the bottom of the phone now I just did a housing change on this phone which is why it is green um but the housing the charge port area of it’s actually white and I haven’t done a video on changing this so I wanted to match the rest of the phone and we’ll make it black which is the replacement color that I have we’re going to use our suction cup we’re going to be very careful when we pry the LCD off we don’t want to damage the home button ribbon cable which connects right underneath so we’re going to use this guitar pick once we’ve got a slightly open to help pry the case open we’re just going to put it in and twist it left and right and that’ll go ahead and get the clips on the sides of the phone to go ahead and detach for us perfect just like so we’re going to use our hands and head and pull it up we’re going to get a slide the LCD down and up just a little bit that’ll give us the option to slide the device to one side and actually give us the option for the home button ribbon cable here when we pry off this little cover and that actually unclip the cable for us as well so we’re not go ahead and open this we don’t do not want to open this past right basically level with the phone itself we don’t want to damage the cables and then I’m going to go ahead and do is take off the battery terminal so we’re going to undo the housing portion that covers the battery cable to the logic board two screws we’ll take that out for us we’ll go ahead and take the little metal shield off and we can go ahead and pry up the connector you can see just right underneath there going use our nylon spudger to do so pop that right up and then I’ll go ahead and make sure that the battery is turned off we don’t damage or for any circuits now you can actually remove this bottom portion without actually taking the LCD off it’s kind of a pain in the butt what you can do is just use a tool open it’s pretty easy to take the LCD off sort of do that in this situation or take out the four screws holding down the EMI cover just right here at the top right hand corner of the phone and that will give us access to the ribbon cables of the phone itself alright go ahead and remove that shield set that aside you’re gonna go ahead and take um got a screw stuck in there so we can’t get it out one day our nylon spudger here and pop the ribbon cables off so we’re going to use the side one over here first then the second one and then there’s of one further back just underneath both those two cables but it’ll be the three of them I’ll make it up changing it just a little bit easier you got a screw still stuck in there and I can’t get it out for some reason use my spudger to pry it out here real fast there we go and go ahead and set that screw aside alright so the cable we’re working with actually attaches right here so we’re gonna go ahead and detach this cable from the logic board and go ahead and pry it up a little bit now we need to take all of these screws out that are down here I believe there are seven of them this one I’m picking out right here connects to the speaker we’ll go and take that out you do need to make sure that you take them out and keep them in the order in which you took them out and put them in the exact same way they must come out exactly the same way all right me put back in exactly the same way so I’m gonna go ahead and just remove all these screws here a lot of them just don’t want to come out my screwdriver is not very magnetized anymore I have to get a magnetizer for it use just a pair of pliers or some tweezers to pull out the screws here it’s got a little metal clip that it

sticks on every once in a while few more screws to remove this is our third one we have four more to go now the next crew that I’m taking out on this charge port and the one after they’re actually holding down a little metal housing before the home button ribbon cable which you’re just detached so you might see it move around a little bit and that’s fine I have to switch my little pliers here for some tweezers get a little bit better angle on it here there we go on our last screw here go ahead and set that aside so got our speaker here we’re gonna pry up from the coming towards the bottom area and that will go ahead and pull out for so you can see that there’s a clip right here I’m going to go ahead just move that forward the housing clip and then there’s an actual metal portion that’s attached to the ribbon cable we’re just going to pry that for just a little bit prior speaker up and out you can see this little hinge portion here on the top portion actually fit slightly underneath the logic board so you want to pry from the bottom of it and then pull it out I’m go ahead pull start pulling on our ribbon cable you may have to use your spud you’re underneath it to go ahead and pry it up there’s some adhesive that’s is underneath this it sticks it down some of them are harder than others there’s also a little ribbon cable or a wire cable here we need to detach we’re going to go ahead and pull that off and just kind of let it dangle aside note you’ve done that we can wiggle it and free comes our cable we’re go ahead and set that aside you can see there’s a little washer here you want to line this up the two screw holes that are right underneath it and there’s a one additional washer right here for this hole if you see it pop off mine’s still attached you want to make sure you put that back in place so there’s a couple things we need from this we need this metal housing here for the home button cable connector we also need a little grounding clip it’s on the three-and-a-half millimeter Jack and going just pull that off we’ll need that for the new cable we’re going to take a look and see if there’s anything else that we need so I have my new and our old so you can see the new ones black muted one’s white there’s this little plastic grommet that goes on top of the microphone we will need that so go ahead and pull that off remember the way that I came off all right other than that it looks like we are set you can see that I have some coverings over the new taped portions we’re gonna go ahead and put these things back on so this grounding clip goes underneath the screw hole when it wraps around to the other screw hole in the three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack if you have to apply a little bit more adhesive you can go ahead and do so I’m going to try to make it work without it which is the preferred method to use my spudger to try to work the adhesive that’s on there still see that it’s stuck on just gonna Bend back the home button ribbon cable just a little tiny bit see we have our little plastic grommet here for the microphone now know the new cable will come with this little blue covering on it this basically is just covering two adhesive we’re gonna take our little grommet here and you want to put the portion the larger portion that will actually stick back on to the part of the phone facing down the gold portion or the metal portion of the microphone will be facing the rounded top portion the goal is we’re going to bend this cable back a little bit and we’ll go ahead and stick it on to the port you can go ahead and remove the other little coverings for the adhesive here I want to make sure all the adhesive is exposed all right now that that’s done we can go ahead and put our microphone onto the little plastic grommet that’s on the actual mid frame you want to make sure you stick it on to the place there’s a little spot where you sit we’ll have a round portion the two flat side portions you want to make sure you push the grommet on to that and it will

stick on if not your people will not be able to hear you very well it’s going to use my spudger to kind of push the cable down by push the ground on to a spot perfect we have done that now we’re gonna go ahead and just push the three and a half million jack first the entry point down towards the frame and then we’ll push the back into the bottom here my battery is a little bit larger on this device the top portion is so we’re going to need to probably use my spudger to kind of push it in here in a second see it’s not what I’m gonna sit flat and flush it’s gonna use a spudger pry it out just a little bit on the top of the battery and then I can push my headphone jack into place first I’m going to do is go ahead and put a screw in that will hold everything in that I just did all that work for I’ll put the screw in on the last minute okay just in the corner here to hold the three-and-a-half millimeter headphone jack in its spot make sure that it’s able to see through everything looks good everything is lined up correctly next you’re going to go ahead and do is push the cable down onto the logic board it’s got a little bit of a crease area in it you can see right here it’s going to fold down we can go ahead and push the clip in I actually find it easier to attach the cable and then put the adhesive portion down of the cable onto the logic board if you put the adhesive side down first and this would be a little too short and it doesn’t want to fit correctly for you so we’re just gonna put the clip on and then we’ll push down the adhesive on the cable here all right the next step is to go ahead and put the speaker back in see we have it right here there’s two things you want to be careful for and you need to put the little clip at the top of the speaker back underneath the logic board I’m going to push down in on the bottom portion here there’s a place where it fits in it’s like a little rubber grommet down at the bottom you want to make sure that you give it enough leverage that this Grum that fits snugly around it and not in front of it if not your speaker will be distorted just a little bit we’ll take a screw when you go ahead and put it into the speaker slot to hold it in place now as well all right now comes what I consider to be the hardest part of the entire thing which is a connecting this little tiny wire connector back onto its slot just below the battery it is a pain in the butt sometimes I do the first time in sometimes it takes me a few seconds to go ahead and get this done you want to be careful that you don’t damage this connector so you want to line it up just perfect and then give it a little bit of press with the fingernail or a sponge or see if you can’t get the clip on it’s kind of like a button on button-fly jeans I just snap into place really having a difficult time here now there’s a little wire guy that’s on top of the speaker it’s not necessarily put that in before you clip this down but it can be helpful to give it to the right spot the difference is is that the old cable is bent in the correct direction and this is a fresh wire cable so it’s not bent correctly something that can help is if you bend it a little bit how to follow your old cable portion before you put it back in and just kind of try to bend it in the same manner that way when you input everything it’ll be exactly the same fit right back on perfect for you you have to bear with me for just a few seconds why I put this in now the benefit of watching me do this instead of me – skipping past and saying oh look I clipped it on that was super easy is that you can see that it’s really actually a fairly difficult thing to do you have to have a little bit of patience so if you’re looking to change this this is something to be aware of it can be done I mean it’s not extremely difficult it can just be a little bit frustrating so just don’t let your frustration let you push a little too much force on it and break it and then you’re out an entire phone rather than just a charge port try these

tweezers here so that will help all right I didn’t break anything that’s a plus next step is to go ahead and put the remaining screws back into the device so we’re gonna go ahead and start with this top charge board screw here it’s a little bit longer than all the rest we’ll go ahead and put that one in we have a shorter screw to go into the bottom portion just right below that one it’s going to push this little cable portion of the speaker try to get the holes to line up before ice try to put this little tiny screw in there normal if you just push it and hold it for a second it’ll stay in place for a few seconds give you time enough to put your screw back in go ahead and put the next small screw in to the bottom port of the charge port now the next step is we have this little piece of the housing here I would need to go ahead and put back into place so the black portion of it goes to the bottom left-hand side line up both screw ports you need to take the home button cable and fold it over or do you go ahead and just put some screws in here first and we can worry about that in a second go ahead and put our second screw in here go back and title the first one this a little bit all right now you do need to you don’t have to do this for you I’d like to add he’s the little back side of the home button cable back to the metal frame it’s a tiny tiny bit of this brushable super glue to get it to fit sometimes they don’t want to stay sometimes they do there’s usually a little foam double sided piece of tape here that works if you don’t have any super glue you can just use some double-sided tape as well but sometimes super glue doesn’t work very good for you know bonding metal on metal which is what’s happening here since the foam is gone I didn’t want to stick some try just a little tiny bit more I’m just brushing this on the backside of the cable just where the connector is at no more I’m not using very much you don’t want to get super glue inside your phone if it were to drip or anything you well no luck there still doesn’t want to stick for so it looks like I’m gonna have to use some double-sided tape you can see have some just right here just cut a little tiny piece off we’re just going to put it on the backside of the cable here just right where I put the superglue lat just going to go ahead and use this razor blade to go and pull us back or maybe a dental picture than something a little bit stickier go ahead and use our spudger to go ahead and put this back into place you want the charge port to be kind of in between the two prongs where the clip will sit alright we’ve successfully changed out that entire cable system down below when you go ahead just reattach our digitizer in the LCD just be careful as you press these last couple components back onto the logic board something’s gonna be a little bit tricky just use a firm pressure but don’t be forceful with them put down our second cable snick cables are last

perfect let’s make sure about all three of them are nice and snug put our shield back on I’m going to be careful method bending these cables too much that are attached to the LCD so be nice and gentle as you do this it’s going to prop this open for a second let’s go ahead and push our cable down a little bit and then insert the screw in go into our next screw two more to go now it may seem like it’s a bad idea to prop the sofa but it’s so much easier than having to open and close and open and close it even though it comes out every time I put a screw and it does save a little bit of hassle as well as wear and tear on the cables that are attaching to the logic board as well all right when I wit reattached our battery cable the next step is to go ahead and put the shield back on top and then put in our final two screws into the logic board here all right here’s our last screw into the battery shield I’m going to pull this little sticker here it’s kind of protruding I didn’t want to come out underneath the LCD screen when we go ahead and put it back down all right we’re going to go ahead and set down the LCD and pull out the ribbon cable just a little bit find it here all right now we have you I just kind of push it back on to the connector here you can use a spudger or your finger it again to get it in place all right the next step is to take the clip that we removed to go ahead and put a back on you’ll see that one set has two notches on it and the other sentiment has an extending out piece or to extrude string piece you want to make sure that you put the two notches towards the battery side and the notch that’s kind of sticking out down towards the charge port oh just go ahead and press it in place oh my cable came up fortunately let’s go ahead and push this back down that tape is just not functioning for me once you get the clip in that’ll hold it in place for so I’m not too concerned about it all right there we go now they have that in place go ahead and take and put the top portion of the LCD in first just making sure that everything fits back into place go ahead and sandwich it down from the top to the bottom all right there’s only one would have tested that is to go ahead and put in the charging cable these if it turns on well I was slightly concerned for a second but then I realized that I forgot to plug in the other side of it so let’s go ahead and plug that in there we go

but definitely getting some action through the charge port here let the device go ahead and power back on all right so one thing you want to do next is go ahead and put the pentalobe screws back into the bottom of your device so I left that out of this video but not a big deal so I’m glad just toss those two screws back in the bottom there we’re going to double check and make sure that the screens working which it definitely does hey if you guys like this video if end it helpful going hit the like button go ahead and subscribe to me if you find these videos useful if you have any comments or questions go and throw them in the comments and as always I appreciate you guys watching Thanks you