How To Build A PC by John Gage

hello once again and we’re going to be doing a video on how to build a computer and so what we’re looking at is the probably the most important thing about computer is the motherboard this is where everything attaches to so this is what we’re going to be using it’s a gigabyte 78 LMT us be free this is what it is it’s a cheap motherboard costing in the 40 pounds mark this is going to be a cheap pc build by the way it’s not going to be anything special most of the parts i’ll be using will be used parts so let’s have a look at the motherboard itself so right here is where the central processing unit goes this is an AMD processor processor motherboard am3+ socket and so that’s where that goes so here we are for long well where the RAM goes to ddr3 RAM and selects have a look around so this is your main power where the main power goes ide feel if you got ID I Drive six SATA ports and after you connect your hard drive on your DVD CD ROMs pinouts for USB and one for your USB free this is got us be free on it so this is this is your front panel and this I don’t know this is for your front audio and right here if you’ve is optional if you want to put in a graphics card that’s known as a PCI Express Paul pci-e for smaller cards if you want to put in and this is an old pci slot if you got older year for older cards may be old sound cards or whatever so let’s have a look that this will be the rear of the motherboard when you put it in so we get a mouse and joy mouse and keyboard pull USB to vga deep off in this dear DPI pull in they never ready get use hdmi and USB free two more USB tues internet land whatever you want and free additional audio audio in audio l and microphone where else can you see around there obviously there’s lot of things to know but obviously you got pumps like this where you put your cpu fan and i don’t see any other additional friends usually they do have fan and watching fan pool so you can plug your fans in but after you can’t see nann it does come Emmanuel so always consult companion before you start building and also with a motherboard it comes with the rear plate that goes on to your case whole ide ribbon and a couple to SATA connections pull er leads obviously connect to your hard drive and DVD ROM so we’ve had a look at the motherboard now so what attaches to the motherboard it’s the CPU this has been used of course this is an AMD I think it’s a athlon or something like that I don’t know was it a sempron I honestly can’t remember that it’s am3+ so it will fit so that pose there we’ll be showing you and obviously to call it you need your heatsink and fan and what we got from them Ram is four gigabytes of memory as it goes in there and right so that’s the motherboard cleared so whilst we need is see you need a DVD um drive to install your brain system whatever you want to install for hard drive or solid-state

drive we’ve got a 16 gigabyte Kings fast solid-state drive also you need a power supply unit I’ve done a review on this one this is something it’s a 700 watt power supply unit it’s a cheap one so don’t put too much load in it and obviously we need a case which we’ve got here obviously used like all the other bits besides the motherboard which is brand new yeah so I think that’s all the parts if I have forgotten any parts i will put them in later but I think these are all the key components at the moment we need obviously we need a screwdriver which I’ve got and the first thing I’m going to show you is how to put the processor in right so we’re going to install the cpu and what you got to remember what we’ve AMD’s anyway see that see their little gold arrow it’s got to be facing the top there going into lawn to the right as you can see little numbers there’s I make sure it like that and you just open this little bar here so that moves make sure it’s improperly then you put the glass down make sure it’s fully down so it’s tucked under there so that shift CPU installed now once your CPU is installed we now put a caller in this we can see up here and down here this is your run just your web reader clips so here we are it sounds a little bit different this caller this Susie has a latch but there’s no Lashon this sir we’ve got though make sure it’s in that clip there and also push it down it goes down oh it’s difficult Oh here you go so that’s there now let us flee so see their spin it around if we came and it’s in the latch that side in the clip both sides so it’s pretty secure I’m fall out and we do with this will put it in here with a cpu Fannie’s or line it up it’s two notches there so they get lined up with the plug so you can’t put it in the wrong way or do something stupid like that so that’s in so there now the next thing to do so we’re going to install the ram here’s your RAM there’s a little notch there and it’s not is here make sure enough not is me we just also put it in the first one not any of these you got more around n you put in a second third fourth fly that so there we go you should be doing this when you insert the motherboard into the case first but I’m just showing you this way so it’s easier to show so there you go there’s your main comfort you mayne motherboard with the processor and ram installed so the next thing is is to install it into the case so next week I’m gonna do now install the power supply unit here we go so there’s two ways or depending on the case you mount it on the bottom if it’s a newer case but we’ll see we can’t mount on the bottom so we’ve got not it this is an older case what you do make sure that the fan is facing down always with a label called you whether it’s up

here and if it’s what we use in with figures in fun screws for this lineup yawns there can be a bit of painting once you climb one up you’ll have no problem loading all the rest up don’t cotton in the way yet or four screws in can use the screwdriver because you’re supposed to you to screw see always Chris Cruz Barney’s in palmistry it still works there you go so that the power supply then see with it at the back where the screws that are so next stage I’ll be showing you to put a motherboard in right before you install your motherboard you have to put in standoff so see these gold pins here these are known as stand ups and you’ve got a line them up look at your motherboard and obviously line them up and off stick and your know how many standoffs you’ll need this Nick this is got eight I’ve just done that and what when you put the motherboard in peace should line up flush and we’ll see we’re going to have to put our plate in first so we’re going to do that now now the next task is to screw put screws in your motherboard to the furthest and through their for the others into the standoffs push it so you do that little bass screws on the pause the video case you can’t probably see it brought me right so we’ve inserted the motherboard and power supply unit so right next thing is now used to basically put in the drive so what we got here is the front and what we’re going to do now is put in the hard drive and DVD wrong so the DVD roms free easy all you do sometimes you have to take the front panel case but this occasion we don’t have to make sure it’s lined up with the front and it’s also when you look at the side because you have to line it the screws up like that let’s open up to yeah can you see that yet you see there yep so when you go back just put back a bit so you can line the screws up I just certainly put a screw that screw down to the other side so we’re going to do that I need to wash it right so see we’ve got the screws in there and so we got that on the side spin the case around it says even and two screws the other sides and now we don’t it’s time to install the solid state drive hard drive where we want to call it but this is a two-and-a-half-inch so free and off each will be to standard size but if you’re buying a solid today dryer they are in to an R Finch so we’ve got something for it so we got this so I’ve done a review on this so you can put a friend off inch floppy disk drive whatever this is a card reader so what we’re going to do it’s basically just install just put that in like that I don’t know if I put it in the right way or walk supposed to get that way I can’t remember I think it’s not feel good right first on

varsity just put that in if it’s wrong or corrected so that just clicks in like that so that’s we’ll just go in right thing that’s the right word yeah sure it’s a lot like so back scene like that and once again line four screws up and to repeat the process right so we’ve got all the main components in the computer now right so the next step is to connect everything up and this is where you will have to consult your manual just leave some obvious lot of big things that come plugs into their into the motherboard and cpu bugs into over here fan connectors I don’t know yet I have got a fan controller in this so I don’t have to worry about if I’m surprised there ain’t no and it just on the motherboard itself I need to see you um yes we got connect the sega pulse down the other I’ll see that but it looks aceite pool so that goes into your hard drive and your cd-rom DVD 1 whatever you want to call it so that’ll be next step and as I or your will have to consult the manual so so next thing I will connect it all up I won’t show you a video with that because knowing much point good society if you ain’t done it before you will have to consult your manual but but the obvious things is the setup all plugged into your hard drive so I will leave it to it and leave it and worry free up right it’s all wired up and ready to go so we can see up there satyr goes into and all these wires it site up on your motherboard which you can’t bloody see there you go so sake of one goes there and that go this into them the solid state drive there and all the power sake a power they’re plugged in um notice that uh I don’t know if that’s going to work actually I put a speaker there but trouble with these speakers you speak you don’t tell you if it’s plus or minus so I don’t know I forgot it the right way but the thing you will have to definitely consult the manual about is the front panel that is really hard to do if you don’t know what you’re doing so like it explains you in manuals we’re certain wires go because this always battles me that’s doubts about this when our first built pc but it’s pretty easy once you go by the instructions but best of everything miss self-explanatory really you know your front audio goes into its pull over there um USB headers and seeing ya somewhere there you go can you see that I don’t know they’re trouble with all these wise is really hard to know there you go is that right I some done right there sure is though and now that one’s wrong oh dear so I’ve already made a mistake you have to line i mean the olds and i haven’t done that all right get in there there it goes so make sure they’re in the holes properly line them up yeah there you go but everything’s all plugged in now oh I put an additional USB free in there and the case itself is how old so it doesn’t have us be free early USB toes um of the haven’t plugged it in because it only accommodates to USB things this needs a accommodate a third one we’re done math has already got a card reader there which got lots more anyway plus additional USB these two USB to work right up that’s wired up into the front

audio and but now it’s the moment of truth will it fire up it has got our windows operating system already installed on it Ryan so let’s switch it on mmm is it going to fire up Oh Oh what’s happened oh that’s bit dodgy I just spun stopped and span against understood that keeps spinning because they is the most important fan on the computer after cpu fan if that’s not working the cpu will hover eat and blow up now i’ll probably blow the computer up with it it’s going always booting up its yes it’s booted up um stalling the devices right okay that’s awesome first time I’ve did a video and it works I’m very happy about that yep that’s just installed in the devices because it’s got recommendation to motherboard because it dear solid-state troubles its installed with another motherboard um so I’ve offices taking them files out and putting all the new ones in being Windows 10 and it installs all the updates on its own yes so there you go that’s how you build a computer pretty easy in it well you know what you’re doing worse easy snore the only thing I’ll got work on is cable management but there you go it works so what to do now Swire a couple of additional fans in which I’ve got anyways on the side panel dare but one that’s all ready to go and very happy yeah so there you go a cheap pc yeah if you want to build one i would recommend building one it’s not as hard as you think and candy a bit daunting at first but once you get used to it it’s easy I mean I built must build about 10 confuse now and yeah it’s not really a big deal just few issues here in there but well we’re building this there was no issues it’s the only time I’ve built computer with no issues whatsoever um worked first go anyway thank you so much for watching this video till next time and goodbye