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welcome to tad let me ask you a question how would you like to build your marketing lists by thousands of buyers and earn several thousands of dollars in profits from those lists simply by using a little known but very powerful marketing tool that’s actually hiding directly inside of your Facebook fan pages and here are a few screenshots of real income we’ve made by promoting other people’s products to our own marketing lists you know $3,000 five hundred dollars nineteen hundred dollars twenty-five hundred dollars and all of these numbers you see here are in a single day so these are just one day sales so you can see the power of having your own marketing list in fact I’ve just logged into my jvzoo account you could see on this particular day I made three thousand three hundred and fifteen dollars just from marketing someone else’s product and inside of my Zach’s account another affiliate network he could see here in just about two weeks I made just over thirty two thousand three hundred and seventy-eight dollars by again promoting someone else’s product to our list and these are the exact list that I actually marketed to so you can see all of the numbers we have here on the right hand side these are all lists that we’ve used this type of technology to build these lists from facebook and here’s another account showing some of our lists we have over you know a hundred and thirty thousand subscribers and several lists in this account and we actually estimate that over ninety percent of marketers don’t even realize that this hidden marketing opportunity is sitting there and the main reason is simply because it’s just too difficult to set up so what is this hidden but very powerful virtual real estate it’s called fan page tabs now basically fan page tabs are additional pages that are inside of your fan page and you can think of it like a website with sub pages or like a wordpress blog with blog page and in this video I’m going to reveal 10 ways to make money with facebook fan page tabs using tab foo as well as a very powerful method for how to find the perfect target audience for your Facebook ad campaigns that you could be doing right now from the comfort of your living room couch with just a laptop in a few helpful tools that I’ll be revealing in this video but first who are we my name is Dave Glendon along with Bobby Walker and Sam Finley we are the team behind the tab foo system I’ve been marketing online for the better part of 12 years and the same with Bobby Walker the two of us we’ve actually sell millions of dollars of online software over the past decade and we have a tremendous amount of experience with marketing on Facebook and Sam Finley our new partner is extremely knowledgeable about how the facebook marketing really works so we have built an incredible team and you can rest assured that you’re learning from the best in the business now together and individually we’ve actually helped thousands of people just like you get up and running and making money online and we want you to be our next success story and we’re actually going to show you how to do it by using one of the most popular and fun websites on the internet and of course I’m talking about Facebook so what exactly are fan page tabs and more importantly how can using tabs make you more money in your business and that takes me to my 10 ways to make money with fan page tabs using tab foo number one build a marketing list to promote your products or services or affiliate products where you earn commissions and here we are inside of tab foo interface and all you’re going to do is go on over to select tabs on the left hand side and create new tab we’ve made it extremely simple for you to create a landing page to get leads into your marketing list by simply selecting one of our pre-built templates as you can see here there’s a featured opt-in so you can collect leads using this template you could also collect leads using the video share bribe an additional template we’ve included is the video bribe in addition you have another download bribe template and a second download bribe template let me go and show you an example that I’ve already created all you have to do is within the tab that you’ve created inside here simply click this little Facebook button and you will preview the

actual tab inside of your Facebook fan page now I have a sample fan page here that I called camping and survival and as you can see I quickly created this beautiful landing page that is actually located directly inside of this fan page if I go to the timeline you will actually see that my fan page tabs are located right here and this is that newsletter tab that I was just showing you and to create this tab is extremely simple all you have to do is select the template and change the text and upload a few images let me show you simply click create new facebook tab go ahead and select the template that you want to use and click Edit and within the editor all you have to do is just change the text so free software for example and just like that uploads the images you have on your computer it’s extremely simple to create a beautiful looking opt-in page that’s actually located right on Facebook inside of your fan page after you’re done editing your template you add your autoresponder you can select between a whatever get response eye contact or MailChimp and once you’ve done that and connected that to your account click the next button you can also choose an icon for your tab which will be displayed within your actual fan page and then you can schedule it for later for a different time if you’d like or you can publish now and once you’re done it will be automatically publish to your page or you can alternatively preview it on Facebook using the preview button number two you can use tab food to launch a brand new digital product or physical product to your fans on your fan page now going back into the tab food interface simply create a new facebook tab and here you can see a product feature all you have to do is click on edit and inside of here you can feature a product and so you can add all the information about your product here if it’s going to be a downloadable say a video course of some sort of informational product you’re selling let me just show you a quick example using that same fan page for camping and survival this particular page I whipped up in literally 10 minutes by just changing the text and adding some images and this could be for a camping and survival training guide or maybe a camping a survival training course like a video course of some sorts we’ve also included templates for an opt-in countdown page so for example let’s say you’re going to launch a new product and you wanted to build some buzz around your on your fan page so let’s go ahead and just edit this one here and what we have here is a beautiful page with a built-in timer that will count down to whatever date you specify and you can add your own video in here adding a video is really simple all you have to do is just paste the link to your video it could be a YouTube video or a Vimeo video just go ahead and paste it in there it will automatically just show up right inside the template then you can have your subscribe button and then once you’re done you just simply click Next and you can directly publish it to your page just add a click of a button let’s take quick look at what it looks like on facebook absolutely beautiful of course I didn’t add anything to the page or the template but you can see just how quick it is to get this tap up and running on your fan page with literally tiny bit of work and as you can see with this particular template when someone clicks the subscribe button you actually have that famous two-step opt-in process that has already been proven time and time again to dramatically increase your opt-in rate so this is a highly successful tab page that you can use to build your business when you’re launching a brand new product number three you can offer a free software download and promote offers inside of your software as well as you can also just promote these offers to your list so when people download your software you’ll be collecting their email address so you’re building a list that you can also promote to again creating a new facebook tab you will see this absolutely amazing product opt-in template if you just click on the edit here will just show you how amazing this really looks this is perfect for offering your free software for exchange people’s email so you can see here you can have a screenshot of your software box you can add any content you want your subscribe button is here and you can see here this little thing you see a little lock well that gives you the ability to actually

create an email gate where this basically forces the user to input their email in order to gain access to your offer and this is extremely powerful for getting higher conversion rates and in this template you can change out all the images at any text you want for different features of your particular software and you can see here that goes all the way down the bottom and you can actually have an order button if you prefer to actually sell the software yourself so there’s a couple of different options you can do here but that’s a very powerful option by offering free software for example I’ve just logged into my a weber account I have a software program that I give away for free it’s a keywords related software program and you can see I sent two emails here on the twenty-eighth I sent to this list which has 15,000 people that have installed the software and I’ve had it online for several years and I sent another email to the people that did not open the first one so only had two emails I sent here it exceeds about seven hundred klicks plus another 250 clicks which is roughly around nine hundred and forty klicks let’s go and take a look at how much money I made from sending those two emails to the product this is a Philly product that was in JV zoo so that was last month which will be August the 28th in August the 29th and let’s take a look at the amount of money that I made from that particular offer I made just over twelve hundred dollars twelve hundred and ninety three dollars from that particular product know their sales from a few other ones here but the majority of it is probably about twelve hundred dollars are coming from that exact product so it’s a really good idea to offer free software and then promote related software products to the people that have your software to earn a lot of money just through affiliate marketing in fact I’ve made well over fifty to sixty thousand dollars in profits just by promoting to that single list over and over again year after year number four give away a free report or you can even sell the report if you’d like and then you can promote your products services or affiliate products inside that report you know for example let’s say you sell services to do with SEO for Google or maybe even Facebook well you can talk about the different types of benefits of having great SEO for your page of course to get more traffic to your website for example and put that into a report and then what you do is you just simply put links to your products or other people’s products within that report and we have templates in tab food that you can use that can do exactly that by using the built-in ebook bribe template let’s just go ahead and click the preview here and you can quickly see just how nice it really is and all you have to do is just add a little text to your actual book here in some headline your company name some topics and then you can have a download button for this particular report as with all the other templates in addition to just changing the actual text on the page you can change the color of the background so you can see this green background for this particular template you just click on that background you can change it to whatever color you wish for example let’s say an orange kind of color it is really simple to change every single aspect of your page with just a couple clicks of your mouse number 5 you can host a free webinar showing the benefits of your product or maybe someone else’s product and then offer a special time limited discount at the end of the webinar this is actually a very common method used in the internet marketing community and I’ve actually used it several times myself and we’ve earned well over a hundred thousand dollars from a single webinar it is that powerful an inside tab foo we’ve created this really nice webinar opt-in page let’s go ahead and just take a quick preview of what it looks like it’s absolutely beautiful so you can quickly come in here and edit this to the time that you want you could even put in a little video that can be like a teaser for the actual webinar so this is a very powerful method let me show you an example here I quickly whipped up a little example again within the camping and survival niche would be a survival webinar stay prepared for any disaster so you can put a little video in here talking about the actual content of the webinar and then you can go ahead and add the time then they can go ahead and opt in to get on to your list in order to gain access to the webinar so this is another very powerful method for making money with fan page tabs number six you can write your own kindle

book and sell it from a fan page tab of course if you don’t want to write it yourself you could outsource a ghostwriter and then you could sell it within whatever niche you’re involved with using that same ebook bribe template I just mentioned you can actually do something like this now this is just an example but let’s say you owned a kindle book on the kindle network for example hawks Special Forces survival handbook you can quickly just put a little screenshot of the image here on top of the book and add a few bullet points about the benefits of getting this survival handbook and of course have a download button with a testimonial at the bottom so again I whip this up really quickly probably took me less than about six minutes to do it so very simple to use and this is another way you can make money using tabs number seven showcase your mobile app to get user downloads then you can charge per download or you can offer it for free and have integrated ads within your mobile app as you can see here we have a template called app feature which allows you to basically show a new app that you launched and you can launch this to your fan base of your fan page for that particular mobile app so let’s go ahead and just edit this and you can quickly see what it looks like it’s really really nice just like all the other templates let’s just go ahead and quickly post this to a page so i’ll post it to a tap food software fan page and go ahead and just create or sorry select one of these so click the app and go ahead and just publish now look we’ve got to provide a title so i’m going to say launch app published now now we can take a look on facebook just how beautiful it looks it’s it’s amazing it shocked me every time I see just how nice these templates look and it’s really easy to edit now here’s something I actually haven’t mentioned yet in the video now this is something that’s going to really really shocked you it really shocks me but it turns out that these these tabs on your fan pages they’re not mobile friendly believe it or not Facebook does not provide tabs on mobile devices now that’s kind of shocking given the fact that Facebook has been moving towards mobile and that’s okay we’ve solved the problem for you we actually have a special link inside of tab foo let me show you here for this particular example we just created you will see a link right here this is the mobile link so you can provide this link to anybody and they will see it on a mobile device and the actual page will look perfect here let me just pause the video and get a screenshot of this exact page that we just created on my samsung s4 okay so I just went to the actual web address there using that link on my samsung and took a screenshot and I just emailed it to myself so you can see this is what it’s going to look like of course I can’t scroll it because it didn’t do a full screen shot the entire page but it looks absolutely beautiful on a mobile device and on our website you could also see an example of a little bit of animated image here showing how beautiful it does look on a iphone device as well and in addition to just you know I phones and smartphones sort of thing it also looks absolutely beautiful on any mobile device so it could be a tablet as well an Android tablet or maybe an ipad tablet as well or even a windows tablet these pages will automatically detect what device you’re on and accommodate for the screen size that that you’re viewing this actual page on so we’ve integrated some really cool technology in the background so you don’t have to deal with the fact that Facebook does not provide these tabs as a mobile friendly page on people’s mobile phones but don’t worry about it we took care of that for you number eight you can create a contact page so you can personally connect with your fans that are really desperate for more information about your product or business then what you can do is you can offer them a private discount we have included a contact form right in here as well as we do have a social contact form here so you can get people to connect to your Facebook LinkedIn you know YouTube all that sort of stuff so we just look in here so you got linkedin pinterest google+ so that’s really easy to integrate here into your business it’s always a good idea to have that and all of your fan pages so you can have you know your fans can go ahead and connect with you so let’s go ahead and just take a look at the contact form and here you can add an image about your company subscribe and this is where you can great you can actually just build a new

list right here and again what you want to do is you want to be following up with these customers because they’re really interested in your product or service won’t learn more information give them what they want to know and then offer them a private discount on the back end this is a really powerful technique that I’ve personally used in my business over and over again and he wouldn’t believe just how amazing this works plus the customers will always come back and buy more stuff from you simply because you took care of them you know you personally spoke with them and you personally gave them a private discount number nine offer a free service quote and then you can close deals on the back end using the service quote template you could easily do exactly that so you know let’s say you have a business to do with offering insurance quotes or maybe bad credit quotes or something like that you have this template that you can utilize so you can easily just enter in all your information into this beautiful-looking template and then you can go ahead and get email addresses and build a list of people that want to get free quotes you give them a free quote and then you can go ahead and follow up with whatever service you are doing and this is really good for offline businesses and finally number ten you can create facebook ads that will send traffic to your motion posts using the power editor now at this point you’re probably thinking well what what our motion posts I’ve never heard of that before this takes me to the next part and another feature that’s in tap foo that’s just absolutely incredible and a total new technology this is cutting-edge stuff and it’s really exciting I actually getting so excited to show you this right now now throughout this video I’ve just been showing you one feature of tab foo and that is creating tabs we also have another feature in here called motion posts as you can see here on the left hand side you select motion posts and you can create a new motion post what is a motion post well the best way to show you is just to show you a real example as you could see there are things moving inside of these images well let’s go and take a look at what emotion post looks like on facebook so this is how it works you can create a motion post and you can post it to your fan page and that’s the fan page that will contain your fan page tab this gives you the ability to connect a post to a tab let’s take a look so if we go ahead and click this you can see right away that the actual image is animated is not cool that’s where the motion is coming from these are cutting-edge motion tabs and this is a prebuilt motion image within our system so you just select the template and click the button add some text in boom here you are and guess what when people click on this they go directly to the actual tab you’re promoting and this is incredibly powerful now do you remember when I told you that Facebook doesn’t like to make these pages like mobile friendly well don’t worry about that because you know what when you have fans on your fan page and you send out a post that you do a post on your fan page well that people are fans and they have their mobile phone they’re going to get that post on their phone well if they go ahead and tap that post or guess what they’re going to go to the mobile version of this page on their phone not to facebook so they will still see this page beautifully formatted within their mobile device that is the true power of motion posts let’s take a look at a few other examples here here’s one but I did for that survival camping and survival so you could see I just created that image really quickly in Photoshop and click that and you’ll go right over to the tab again these are mobile friendly links so when people click on that link our system will automatically detect what the Vice Iran it will show the page accordingly if they’re on desktop they’ll see this page if their own mobile devices they will see the mobile version of that page let’s take a look at another example here let’s say for example you run a teespring business I am a very successful T Springer I love t spring and I’ve sold several hundred thousand dollars with the shirts on facebook and here’s an idea you can do with tab foo so you can create a post similar like this where you just want to get people on a list to you know you can promote your shirts to and then you click this and you can go over to a sample this is just a sample trending T spurt I’m sorry trending teespring shirts community page and i created a tab which i called what’s trending and then in here people can join this actual list and stay up to date with all of the trending shirts on teespring and you can get you know get free swag it’s special discount new trending designs the testimonial here so this is a really powerful method if you’re into using

teespring to make money on facebook and here are a few other examples so you got another one here this is just a still image so this is not a motion actual image but same idea goes to that webinar page i was showing before for the camping and survival let’s go ahead and create a new motion post just to show you how simple it really is so the very first thing you got to do of course is you have to select the actual fan page tab that you want to promote so let’s go ahead and just select the free soft for one here to select that and we can also view this on Facebook we forget what the actual tab is so this is a tab we’re going to be promoting some free software giveaway sort of thing click Next and then we have a library of a whole bunch of different still images that you can use in the post or you could upload your own like I did here or you can use the animated posts and this is these are the motion posts that we’ve include you can see all the different templates you can select from here in addition you can also just post a video and these are just video thumbnails but you can put your own video link here and it will be posted on your fan page as well and it will go directly to your fan page tab let’s just go ahead and click one of the animated posters just select this one here click next next you simply enter your message download our new free free software download here ending soon get your free software download here before it ends just something like that click next and then we can go ahead and post that to our page so i’ll post it right now and we’ll take a look at what it looks like let’s view this on facebook so now we’re in the timeline and people will see this either on their computer or in the mobile device and then go ahead and click that and they’re going to see the motion post and if they go ahead and click download here boom they go directly over to your page and again like I just said these are mobile optimized pages so they will work on mobile devices and what’s really exciting is the fact that when you put a post on your fan page just like this you can use the power editor which is a free tool that Facebook provides you in the facebook ads manager you can use that tool within your Google Chrome web browser and you could advertise to this exact post that you put directly on your fan page isn’t that awesome think about that for a second you can buy really cheap traffic from facebook and target perfect send traffic to this actual post and you’re sending them to a page on facebook and it could be an opt-in page you’re going to quickly build up your list really fast if you don’t want to spend the time to manually get your fans by using some other advertising method if you want to do it immediately all you have to do is utilize the facebook ad platform in the power editor send traffic directly to your motion posts and then simply start building your leads immediately now of course we didn’t stop there we also included analytics I don’t know if you’ve noticed throughout the video you’ve seen these little numbers here on each part so what we’re looking at here is the motion post well we can see the number of clicks the number of likes comments and shares for each and every motion post as well as your tab stats let’s go take a look at the tabs one more time you can see here the same idea you get the clicks the likes the shares and also the number of emails you’ve collected so if you have an opt-in form for a particular tab you can also export all of those emails to a CSV file CSV file sorry and then you can upload that to your favorite autoresponder service it’s really simple to delete any tab within here you simply click the delete click yes and as you can see you can go ahead and edit a tab at any time you want so say you want to update a picture or update some sort of content or add content to a particular page just click Edit do the edits and then click Save all the changes are applied to the tab on facebook and you can simply refresh the stats by just clicking a little refresh here and I will give you a quick update of the latest stats now we didn’t actually stop there we did include another tool here which is the analytics section and this will show you all you analytics for your fan page tabs and your motion posts so in this section you simply select the fan page you want to look at and then you come in here and you can see all your tabs and all your motion posts in all your stats sitting right here in front of you so you can quickly see what’s working and what’s not working so this is a very beautiful interface to

quickly see what’s going on in your your facebook marketing now while we were developing this software we realize that people have difficulty trying to create facebook image ads so we decided to integrate an additional tool into the members area where you can create your own facebook ads so along the left-hand side here you select right here and you can create your own Facebook ad and again you can select from several different pre-built templates for example if you’d like to use this one you simply click Edit it will come with this pre-built template and all you got to do is just change the name here to whatever you’d like your company name and here we could put click here now something like that and then you can upload another your own image inside here now I did make a sample Emmitt and that image is right here let’s take a look and here’s a sample image awesome software click here now and it has a screenshot of the software in the background there within that computer laptop and all you have to do is simply click export and you can export this image to your computer and here’s the image that you would use in your Facebook ad so we made it very easy for you to create your own facebook ads where you can send traffic to your fan pages so what you’ve seen so far is just a few examples of how you can start earning more money with using the power of fan page tabs and I didn’t actually show all of the templates there’s still many other ways you can make money with tabs using tab foo but next I do want to show you that powerful method for finding the perfect target audience for your Facebook ad campaigns so when you log into your Facebook account all you got to do is at the very top you can type in ad manager or usually you just see it right here ads manager I’m going to go ahead and type it your ads manager and they’ll show up as an app so you click that that will take you to the facebook ads manager section and I’m just going to go ahead and create a new ad here I just click that little green button and let’s just go ahead and stick in a sample webs for example tab food calm and when you’re creating a new ad inside the ads manager you have to specify the audience so this is the same if you using the power editor as well you still have to specify the audience now the biggest obstacle a lot of people who have to overcome when they first see this or the have lot of experience with it they still struggle in finding the best targets and in particular what are the best interest so if you’re like targeting say for example you’re selling a t-shirt on teespring that’s targeting nurses you know what should you put in here just type in the word nurse from my experience that doesn’t work very well you know let’s go ahead and try that you type in the word nurse and you get nursing you know what do you have there 500,000 people that like nursing that might not be a nurse you know that would actually wear the clothing that I’m promoting now that’s just one example of course it can apply to any possible niche that you can dream of you know software or if you’re promoting physical products in survival and camping niche or something like that or dog training all sorts of stuff it doesn’t matter what you’re doing you can always find a lot better interest for your target audience and that’s what i want to show you here i want to show you a little trick that will help you increase the basically the quality of your targeting and what i’m going to do is just continue with that little nurse example so instead of targeting nurse why don’t you target stuff like nurse association or nurse federation the nurse union that kind of thing so what you can do actually you just utilize google so go on over to google and just type in nurse association and then you can find all of these different possible words that could be an interest within facebook now interest these interests that you see in here these are actually provided by you know people that do activity on Facebook sharing liking posting talking tagging all that kind of stuff well all those will formulate or basically create a an interest database so I don’t I get too technical on you but basically Facebook has some magical algorithm in the background that can spot all of these interests people are talking about and then they provide it here as an interest from their interest database the problem is trying to figure out what what are these interests you know you can come here and type in here all day long they’re only going to show you like ten interest down here that’s about it you know you put nurse that’s all the show is just that nurse jackie nurse midwife well you know what there are probably millions of interests in there to do with nurse and they don’t show you all of them the problem is finding them and one way to do that is

by using something I like to call power words association is a power word like Federation Union journal website ebook all those sort of things are power words that you can append to your seed keyword where your seed keyword is going to be your niche so in this particular case I’m going to sell a t-shirt to do with nurses sort of thing so that’s what you want to do and let’s say if we can find this Canadian Nurses Association in there so this start typing it in Canadian nurses there it is 120,000 people hundred ten thousand people obviously I’d be targeting just Canada not us for this particular case but it may not matter if you’re just targeting nurses in general wouldn’t matter but I can tell you right now the Canadian Nurses Association are going to be a lot more profitable than just putting nursing in there so that is a really powerful tip and I’ve used it over and over again for all sorts of different marketing so next what I want to do is talk about the bonus software which is actually to do with that method I just showed you you can probably imagine it’s a bit tedious going the Google and typing in a whole bunch of words and trying to find those targets like that’s a really good tip but what if I can make it easier for you you see what we’re going to do is offer a bonus software program that I called target generator and here’s a quick look at the software I’ve got to do is connect with facebook once you enter in your details for facebook you only have to enter it once you know what to worry about it afterwards what you do is you just stick your seed keyword in here nurse and click the button and what this software is doing its going to the Facebook API program which basically means software can interact with Facebook’s big massive database and it’s looking for fan pages fan pages that have the name nurse in it okay now that’s just one part of it now when you’re in here in the interests these interests are not fan page names so I’ve got to clarify that but it turns out that if a particular fan page becomes very popular and a lot of people are talking about the subject of that fan page it turns out that that fan page name will eventually show up in the interests and that’s really what you want you want fan page names that show up any interest because you know that there’s going to be massive following an engagement within that fan page and that’s what the software will do for you it’ll go through and get all these fan pages and then you can take these fan page names and you can add them in as interest now you can see this one’s still plugging away here going through over 448 pages it’s downloading a whole bunch of really cool stuff like the category what it’s about how many likes how many people are talking about that page also an affinity the affinity is basically how many people are talking about it but it’s comparing it to the number of likes so for example if I just sort by affinity here you can see there’s 19,000 people talking about this page but there’s only four thousand likes so obviously this has a massive affinity people are very interested in this particular you know fan page well this could possibly be a very good target let’s go ahead and just pause this and what you do is you simply look at the targets that you want to investigate you want to possibly use as interests and let’s say for example we’re going to sort by affinity I want to take let’s say only the ones that have more than I don’t know 2,000 likes and I’m just going to select these ones here and you go right click and you add the targets over to here and you can see the total amount of total number of likes for all these pages and the amount of people talking about it then you simply click the file copy targets the clipboard and then you go back to your interest tool here and you right click and you paste and then all those interests will show up in here and I can tell you right now that some of these interests will be so targeted and will be very very profitable and so basically what target generator is doing for you it’s making the process a lot easier and it’s helping you find targets you would have never dreamed of or do you want to go to google and sit there and type in a million keywords all day long to try to find those you know hidden interest in there like that’s a really good tip I gave you but this software is going to increase that that method ten times and I didn’t even stop there you can actually integrate your own text filters so if I click text filters here and I’ve integrated something called power words those words I was talking about if you click this button boom all those words will go in here and you can filter all of the data by these actual words and these words will filter within the page name and the About section so now we

have 50 targets that contain the words Association Federation Foundation society club all the stuff you see here and you can change your power words any time you want by clicking this button at the top and you can enter any one additional words if you want or you can save them and open other words it’s just a plain text file let me show you another incredibly powerful feature using this button here you can enter multiple keywords multiple search terms in the beginning so say you want to type in nurse and you want to add all your power words I made that really simple one click boom you’ll add all of the power words to your main seed keyword and now you can search for all of these from the from the beginning on your search so on your seed keyword so let’s say for example we just want to search these two let’s go with nurse association in Federation click OK adds them there by comma delimited there and just go ahead and click go and now we’re getting 430 pages that contain the word association and the word nurse and then it’s only working on the first word so the next word it will be the nurse foundation now I’ve already done this I’m going to go ahead and just pause this and bring up the software here you can have multiple versions of the software running at the exact same time well take a look here we found 429 additional targets we can right click add all the targets over here file copy targets that clipboard if we go back to our advertising let’s just remove all these keywords right click paste and boom look at all of these highly targeted interests that we can start promoting our you know nurse t-shirt too of course like i said this just one niche going to do this pretty much with any niche you can dream of you know for example here’s one for camping ID in found six hundred and sorry 467 possible targets there here’s another one I did for cat and I did all the keywords you know cat Association foundation Federation and it’s still pumping away but we found 927 possible targets on that one right now and I have another one here for dog I just stuck in dog as well and we got a whole bunch of these different possible targets go ahead and add all these targets and let’s see how many we can find with this one there you go a whole bunch look at all of those just tons and tons and tons of possible targets you would have never dreamed of there’s actually more features and more cool stuff in the software I just don’t want to take up more of your time in this video so as you can see there’s really no mystery to it and literally anybody can do this even if you have zero design skills so let’s cut to the chase what’s the real world value of this type of software system and the included bonus software well let’s take a look at what other companies are charging to provide similar money making tools online here’s one company called tab foundry tab foundry allows you to have a maximum of ten accounts here in the premium version but it’s a hundred and nine dollars per month and they don’t even have the power of using motion posts another company that offers I think the VIP is twelve hundred and seventy nine dollars per month another one 479 dollars per month you see our top foo system allows you to add unlimited Facebook accounts so there’s no limits on that at all you get unlimited tabs and unlimited motion posts also unlimited facebook add images now for the bonus software the target generator here’s an another one that is similar called interest hero they charge one hundred and twenty seven dollars and this is actually a private offer you can’t get this publicly another one called targeting inspector cost ninety seven dollars one-time payment they were charging 200 bucks a year for it I believe I thought at one point it was actually ninety seven dollars a month so these types of tools are not inexpensive and those prices are completely fair and here’s why is because you can make a full time living online with using these tools alright let’s add it all up so what you’re going to get with the tab foo system is the tab page creator along with all those really beautiful templates as you see it came with a really nice template editor it’s very simple to change colors add text upload images use the image stock it’s absolutely beautiful you also get the motion post creator tool with as well with those templates which include the still images the motion images and

you can also put your videos in there with those video thumbnails and also if you remember you get those little image icons that you can post right directly inside of your news your newsfeed basically inside of your fan page news feed you’ll have that nice little section to show those really nice little icon so it’s really nice piece of real estate right there that you can utilize and we have the stock images for that built right in so be getting that as well and of course we have tutorial training videos on every aspect on how to use tab foo to make sure you make a lot of money from Facebook and of course the bonus target generator software now I do want to mention something really important I kind of forgot was that tab foo works on both mac and pc computers in fact it actually works on any device that has a web browser like a tablet your smartphone anything is pretty cool now the target generator software is is a desktop software that will work on Macintosh as well as on PC okay but it won’t work on tablets and this is a real-world value of seven hundred and fifty dollars we could easily charge six hundred dollars lifetime access to tab foo it has a lot of incredibly powerful tools that just aren’t available anywhere else on the Internet but don’t worry you won’t have to pay anything close to that for this software and training because right now we’re offering a special time limited product launch discount so as you can see on the page right now you got to take advantage of this time limited special right now or else you’re going to miss out plus you’ll be getting a full 30 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied in any way shape or form you know what let us know and we’ll give you back your money no questions asked basically if you didn’t like it then we don’t deserve to get paid period so why are we practically giving away the farm this special deal it’s actually quite simple first we’re offering you this steep discount because we want you to take action we want you to have this software and enjoy the massive success you deserve and then come back and purchase more of our high quality products just like this one so you see it’s actually a win-win situation for both of us so if that sounds fair to you then all you have to do here is take action and remember this is a time sensitive offer that will disappear forever which means you must act now to lock in this money making software and training plus the added bonuses at this unbelievably low price this could be the breakthrough that you deserve building your business on Facebook using tabs will never get saturated and will always be a very powerful tool think about it there are a billion users on Facebook waiting to buy your products services or by the affiliate products you’re promoting and now you can generate income just like this whenever you want working from the comfort of your own home this is your chance you must take action now because once this special offer is gone it’ll be gone for good and remember you’re covered by our 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee which means you absolutely have nothing to lose and everything to gain so go ahead and click the add to cart button below this video for instant access to this valuable software and training while you still can on behalf of myself Dave Guindon Bobby Walker and Sam Finley I want to thank you for watching this video and hopefully we’ll see you on the inside you