EnH iSecure: Sailpoint Service Now Integration

Hello and Welcome to the Presentation my name is Sandilya Krovvidi and In This Video I will be Speaking about The Sale Point and Servicenow Ticketing Integration As Part of This We will be Speaking about an? Overview of Ticketing Systems in Idea Operations Value Provided by sale Point and Service Marketing Integration The Various Types of Integration That Are Supported by the Sale Point Servicenow Integration Module and Towards The End We will be Speaking about A few Best Practices that have to be Followed in The Integration and Lastly A small use case Which Is an Extension to the current uses Let Us start With an Understanding of How Ticketing Systems Are Used in Idea Operations and How sell Point Integration Is going to bring Value With The technical Education It Operations is a pretty Hectic task it Involves A lot of Manpower and Enterprises Usually Suffer With Poor Visibility in The State of Their it Operations Because of Those Maximum Enterprises Use a ticketing System that helps them Manage Their it Operations with Eve Service Now This One Amounts of Global leaders in This Field and They have moved our Complete so Into the Blood Service Now Has a Widely Adopted Itsm and Idea One Solution Within that Load Offering some of the aspects of Servicenow Which Could Be Leveraged for the IDentity Management include Service Based Approach in Managing the Digital Identities in The it Infrastructure Integrating the Initial Procurement Management Systems It is always Possible that? We sometimes? Have restricted Access To A few Parts of the Idf Infrastructure This Can be Because Their Legacy Systems Which do not support efficient Communication or Even Because of The ait Policy of the Organization Automated Frozen-in by sale Point Does not come Handy in Such Cases Most of the Enterprises Have well Different Processors at Servicenow Level Or Idea Operations Level to Handle These Tasks Manually Where sale Point Can’t Automate the Process and in This case it Can Raise Relevant Tickets Or Request for Specific services That Could Help in The Process Name This Adds A Lot of Value as it Streamlines The Entire Frozen Into A well-established I do Processor go Ahead and Try to understand The Sale Point and The Solve Is not Integration Firstly, We will be Speaking about? The Modifications that Are to be done Or performed on Service Noggin As part of this The first Thing that We need to understand Is that There are Two types of Integration that Are Supported by Sale Point The First and traditional Pipe Is an Idle Integration Based on The Instants are Change requests The Second and A bit more Flexible type of Integration Is an Integration

Based on The Service Catalog Or The Catalog items an Instant Here as, We understand Is an Unexpected Problem That is Occurring in The it Infrastructure? That Would need Some Kind of Service to be Performed in Order to be rectified A Change Request The Standardized Pre-Approved and Planned Request at Infrastructure Level in The it Environment The Processor That Needs to be Followed for the sale Point Integration Based on The incident or change requests Is almost the Same While it is Quite Different for The Service Catalog Based Integration Service Catalog Based Integration is a shopping Cart Type of Approach where catalog items represent The Application requests go Forward and Try to Understand The Various Things to be done at the Servicenow site Regarding its Integration for This Integration The first Thing That We need to, do? Is to Deploy a servicenow Application The Servicenow Application That has to be Deployed Is Sale Point Servicenow Integration Module This Application on the Servicenow Side Creates The Basic Framework That is Required for This Integration? Just like The wire File in J2ee Application Model We have Files Called? Update Sets in Servicenow Updates Heads Represent Portable and Easily Deployable Applications in The Form of xml Files The Updates That Have to be Deployed for the instant or change Request based Integration and Service Catalog Based Integration Different I’d a little For an instant or Change Based Integration, We have to Deploy and Commit A? Single Update Set Called Identity i Cube Servicenow Service Integration Module for Instant and Change dot xml Similarly for The Service Catalog Based Integration We need to Reply to Update Sets They Are Identity I Q– Service no service Integration Module dot XML and Sale Point Service Request Generator dot xml These Files Could be Customized by the Customer To suit Their requirements and Are to be Provided the Service for Teens Well in Advance to ensure a smoother Integration We might also want to Communicate to the Servicenow Teams that? There will be A few Service Know Tables on Top of Which Crude Operations Are Performed With The Help of Observers These Web Services Affect A few Tables Like IC underscore Request Se underscore request item Incident Table and Service Request Change Request Table This Concludes The Major Deployments That Are Related to the service Norm Next Let’s Move on to the Creation of The service Account that is Required for The Sale Point Integration The Service Account Must be Having a specific role in Order to perform the Required Web Service requests For Service Catalog Based Integration the role Is x Underscore Chapeau Underscore Iaq Underscore Simple Admin and For The incident or change Based Integration The Role Required Is X underscore S ap underscore filter Admin It has to be noted that

These Roles Lead to several other Roles of Service Know Which Help in Accessing Basic Web Services Exposed By Service From Instances Groots The Basic Integrations That Are Required at Servicenow end Service Catalog Based Approach Provides A greater Flexibility by Allowing us to Customize The Catalog items that will be used by the sale Points Identity Iq We Can define our Own Catalog items that are Going to represent Various Applications that We need also We Can add our Own Custom vegetables to the catalog items that are defined by Else That Could Logically represent The Applications Or Various Related Attributes The Web Service Request is Submitted by Iaq is Flexibly Passed by that fee Request Generator Which is part of the second Update set that, We have used for the service Catalog waste Integration Now that Waitis catalog items are defined and Could Be Requested By Identity Iq We can also Attach? Our Own Custom Workflows to Handle this catalog items Please Provide as A Great Flexibility in Defining How Various requests how, do we Handle All We need to do Is Attaching The Creator and Published Workflow to the Catalog item that, We intend to Next Let’s start With an Understanding on how to Configure Sale Points Identity IQ for this Integration All the Integrations in Ihq will be Handled by Sale Point Objects Called Integration Conflicts When A frozen has to happen The First Thing Diet you does is to understand If There IS an Integration Conflict That is Configured for the target Application in case it Is defined an Integration Based Approach Is Opted Rather Than Trying for direct Rosalie Or Create A manual Work item The First Thing on the sale point and that has to be Performed for Considering Diet you use importing the relevant Integration config and Also all the relevant Parameters Related to the Integration Conflicts have to be Considered The Integration Conflict for instant or change based Approach and The Service Catalog Based Approach Differ a little for the instant Or Change Request Based Integration The Integration Conflict is Servicenow Soon for instant or change to A decimal and for The Service Request Based Integration The Integration Config Is Service no service Integration Module dot xml The Primary Things That Are to be Considered in Any Kind of Integration Conflict Is How we connect uber Target System in this case Various Pistol Endpoints That Are Used To communicate With The Service Now Have to be Configured at Various Operations The Operations will be Discussed Shortly Apart from This The Credentials of The Service Account that is used for the Servicenow Integration Have to be Configured at the Parameters Username and Password It is also to be noted that? The Service Security Protocol and

Ssh is also Supported by this Integration The Next Part of the Configuration Would be Considering the Applications for Which Penta Grace it has to happen The Various Applications for Which the Integration has to be Used Could Be Configured By using to Manage Resources Manage Resources Tag Could be Used for Conversion tools Required Applications to be Integrated The Initial Or the default Integration Console That is Supplied by the Same Point Includes Two Sample Applications Which Have to be removed or? Renamed To suit our Requirements In Case They are not removed Dummy Obligations are Created in your sale Point system Which are Representing This Sample Applications The Next Part of This Integration Config Is going to speak About Various Operations for Which The President has to be Considered for the Integration Based Approach This Could Be Configured Using a, comma Separated List of values In the Operations Argument of the Integration Conflict There Are Many Operations Related to the Posting Over here They are Create Modify Delete and able set Password and Lock They’ll Point Users Three Kinds of Operations to Communicate to the Surface Now A ProS an Operation A get Request Status Operation Frozen Egg retrieval Operation in the case of Proceeding Operation, we are Trying to create the relevant Tickets on the Target Application Which is Service Now Get Request Status Operation Is Used to retrieve the Status of the Ticket That was Raised during The frozen Operation Using the ticket Id that was retrieved during The frozen Operation The Retrieval Operation Is a mechanism Which Is used as A filter in This case, We specify A few strings In A list and if The Error Because of Which The Pros an Operation has Failed Matches With Any of the strings the Pros in Operation will Be reattempt Based on Each of These Operations Various Web Service Requests Templates are also to be Configured for each and Every Operation These Web Service Request templates Are Passed to the Velocity Engine in Order that They are Filled With the actual Details of the request Plan and Conflict Objects Are Passed to the velocity Engine Along with this, Web Service Request template so that The Relevant Details Are Filled for the Flexibility to Modify The Plan Or the Integration Conflict While Creating the request We have a servicenow Integration rule? Plan and Integration config our Inputs to the rule Any Modification to the Plan or Integration Conflict Could Be moved Or here Web Service Request Template Used for The Various Operations will be passed Through, velocity Engine so that We have all the required Details? Plan and config are the Variables Passed to the Velocity Engine Along With Web Service Request Relevant Details Are to be Found from These Variables and Final, Web Service requests Shall be Form This Completes All the Configuration on the Sail Point Try to Understand A few Best Practices When We perform the service Cointegration? First of Such Is that it is Recommended that, We have a service no Obligation?

Configured and All the Application Accounts and entitlements Such as Groups are Aggregated By doing This, We are ensuring that Do not Pass Any irrelevant References to the Actual Service no Accounts in case we pass Wrong Details Or Inconsistent Details for the Fields like Opened By S iny Or Assigning Group at the Service no end A New Group Or user Shall be Created in That Particular Aspect Which is A clear Violation of Identity Management So it’s A best Practice to consider the Application and They try The Link Related Information From The Service Northings of the IDentities Yet Another Best Practice is tokenizing the enrollments Basic Variables so that The Deployment Is Accelerated across Various Environments like dell Fraud uat and Dusting The Complete the Best Practices that Are to be Followed during The Service from Integration Service Catalog Based Integration Could, also be used to Raise Assets Related Tickets for the Assets Like Laptops RfIds and other Things during the Work Read Frozen This Could be Performed by Configured My Application in The Sale Point Which Could Help you raise this Tickets Custom Workflows Could Be Used to redirect This Tickets to actual Catalog items Thank You very Much for Watching this Video