Minecraft Part 1

Gaming week say it with me gaming we Gary we starting up with the ultimate game of all time minecraft that’s right I have not played Minecraft properly in ever I play the game when he was in alpha that’s right hipster notch supporter I think a lot of us has changed I’m not sure okay let’s just jump into it why do I not have sound okay so create a new world or should we name it bro land good one here we go guys historical moment my first video ever was a Minecraft video does it always take this long here it is oh my god after all these years I’m back in Minecraft I have this near is that a [ __ ] horse that’s a freaking horse oh my god there’s horses in Minecraft kawaii me who modest can I write it look it’s tiny horse hello tiny horse this is amazing I love mine why are they sliding okay bye bye horse so I have I got my outfit there it is yeah Bob server God hey whatever will it be I don’t really remember how you play I think the first thing you do is chop down wood that’s right yeah yeah you definitely shut down wood shop shop shop there we go new recipe on my amazing you know I’m sort of a veteran I don’t need you kids to tell me how to play Minecraft I know how to play Minecraft oh god what was that sound oh yeah you have to build it ah you have to build a shelter before night that means we got to get fire that means we got to build a door we got a lot of things to build Oh God help is there anyone out there oh that’s not what I wanted to do all right I got a lot of stuff so how do I build a twig there it is I got it still got it baby look at this dude what else can I build oh my god the crafting table I’m learning so much about science and stuff I’m already minecraft pro and I’ve only play like – ah Jesus okay what is that why is it so spooky hi Mike I’ll go back to the horses all right so where should we build our first house here’s nice is by the beach it’s pretty epic yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah here we’ll build it here this is perfect what is that Nani Cody what is that ha there’s Octopussy is cats all right before we advance any further I must protect myself now I remember some things there it is still got it so how was the sewer then so recite where’s its recipe okay sword oh it does it for you let’s get an axe as well oh my god this is so easy kitty cat hey don’t you dare hurt kitty whatever you are kitty come here what the hell are you can i murder them wait let me see alright nihilus murder to them he would rather dry and himself than be with me he just disappeared I’m a murderer what have I done can I kill you ah no ah I’ve already failed alright now played seriously Felix goddammit speedrun happening oh god the summer moments the feelings are all coming back to me late at night after party you had a good time but in reality you just wanted to go home and play Minecraft and I stayed up all night digging deep down just to see what was happening finally a game that gave me a picture that made me feel goddamnit my god why this game is so anime how I need a shovel of course why is minecraft so anime alright I think we’re ready to just dig down so I want to have like the mine a little bit away from the home right so here’s ok this is perfect

we’ll just cut here Stone Age that means you know what kids I can make a stone goddamn pickaxe boy so now we can dig a lot faster epic got to have I need coal don’t eh I need to find coal oh god the Sun is setting boys Oh God I need something to light up god damn it this is real bad Pig please do something I can’t even ride the pig are you kidding me all right Cole let’s find coal a perfect way out here there should oh whoa whoa there we find coal let’s just be careful with the lava there it is there’s coal yes we’re gonna live what is this green bar I’m getting the cold right god dammit how deep does this go okay we have coal which of course means we can make a all right let’s be careful here with a lot can we build the bridge over the lava I need to cross here hey we’re going and get Diamond boys that’s the goal of this series is it hard to get diamond I don’t even remember okay we’re going deeper I hear something do I have a sword I do I have a sword and I’m not afraid to use a goddamn it why do it huh what was that why can I hear them ah what what is down there oh my god what what is happening down there there’s a chest down there yeah there’s a chest down there I gotta get the chest we just gotta have a plan B all right what’s the plan B then let’s go bro ah oh look how cozy they have it over there looking good God well I’ll get my stuff back I’ll get revenge those skeletons are gonna freakin pay for what they did to me and my father pushed and flab and what is that oh god damn it you’re disgusting now the skeletons everywhere why is the Sun that’s helping oh look there’s so much stuff ah all right all right I’ve had enough I’ve had enough I didn’t horses do something oh dude I’m thinking a hole I’m digging a hole I’m done with this you can’t hurt me in my hole you can’t hurt me in my hole you can’t hurt me and so the journey begins for Felix Kajal bug after returning years from Minecraft to reclaim what was once he is there’s a freaking waterfall all right I’ll find that there’s a freaking chicken what up chicken cool it’s awesome so much has changed so much yes changed here it is here it is I’ll find them and I’ll kill them those bastards were pay for what they did to me the humiliated me but this time I come back and I come back strong stronger than I ever was stronger than my body ever thought I could be I killed all of them the sword god damn it give it to me how do I build armor maybe I should build an armor first yeah I’ll get armor I’m not strong enough yet but I’m strong enough to know my limits then I got an egg from the chicken a Nico lied to me now we build a furnace that’s right did I build it or what we can make Iren we should we make from iron ore and charcoal what is this then that’s just cold well how do you make charcoal from lava bucket what jungle wood now what this is so complicated or you can use different things okay okay okay I got it I got it I got it I got it I got it I’m a genius I know how to play games for kids mine I’m gonna be so goddamn strong all right that’s all I got that’s right and it’s making it it’s making it it’s smelting it’s smelting it’s smelting it’s working Yatta Yatta Yatta Iren I did an iron it’s no big deal let’s put some more on there oh heck yeah oh heck yeah we can do trapdoors Cheers what is that I want to make armor oh god we need so much dude do I look like I’m rich or something oh dude we need way more all right can make the helmet dude I got a frickin helmet I got a frickin helmet guys this is epic can

you guys be quiet I’m just gonna farm around them god damn it it looks like I’m getting hungry I have to I’m actually playing Minecraft guys it’s happening vegetarians please look away for what I must do [Applause] I’m sorry I’m so sorry I need food I need okay from now on from now on i’m benjy okay I’m veggie Bros don’t worry I’m vegan I’m lost fight me that fight minute this guy’s soft okay kill one I killed one what did I get bone and arrow are you snake I heard you you can’t hang with us you can’t hang with us go away god damn it they suck I can make a smithing table what it’s all this what are we doing this nothing apparently great ok I can make an iron sword that should be good right then I’ll make an iron pickaxe I got my pickaxe iron baby big moment he just thought I couldn’t do it hey oh I’m sorry do I have Iren boots that’s goddamn right I had look I’m freaking pimpin dude yes some more iron you killed father go away oh god there’s so many dude look at that now who’s a widow B I’m gonna get that kinsella tons from before I don’t care how long it takes to me I’m gonna have my goddamn revenge I have so much iron dude I have so much iron you guys don’t understand oh no no no no no no no it’s bad alright god I gotta I gotta I gotta eat oh god not like this eat it eat it okay okay okay okay I’m ready yeah you want some you want some come get some yeah I know how to play my grave what blade man crack before dude we went so far down like bottom of the earth dude and it’s still bright out nuts dude okay I may have gone a little sidetrack for like an hour or two I’m gonna find my way back do I know which direction to go no no I don’t oh I definitely been here come on right here’s where I was running from the skeletons if there’s water here then we’re golden oh my god yes I think I found a half there oh my god this is where I started I think this was it this is literally it it was down there oh all right let’s build a looking house dude we’re gonna build a house [Applause] we gotta hurry up boys this is getting dark boys how do I build a door door perfect just need you guys in tiny zombie dude it’s need one more Lam know what I say just need it for the bed I just need it for the bed what the hell is that what the hell are you doing ah leave me alone I can crazy people in this game that’s right you can’t enter my house leave me alone

yeah that’s right my house now I’m gonna make a bed and you can’t sleep with it yeah that’s right my house is awesome dude you mean there are my god damnit can you get away ah you’re gonna die you’re gonna die you want some potions I’m gonna sell your ass okay now what are you drawing nothing of value all right let’s go to bed sweet dreams Oh God okay this is it we’re heading out to reclaim what was ours I think it was here somewhere don’t worry I’ll find it what does that mean I don’t I didn’t remember it because I took away the lava right so you got old dark and I’m like I don’t remember it being so dark they’d better be down there or they’d better be ready I see them whoa yes got him who’s next who’s next oh god there’s so many got one oh my god this is the most intense gameplay yeah I’m the king what’s in your chair oh look who’s richer you got a collections you got bread my brain you say no gunpowder it’s my god pumpkin seeds dude I’m gonna slay those pumpkin seeds up my butt where do you come from it’s this spawns them it sad evil huh oh it’s over Oh Bobcat enchanted puck strings I can make an arrow golden golden apple apple okay okay okay let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s not be greedy oh god there’s more yeah don’t even scratch me dude they don’t even scratch me brah alright what happens if you dig deeper than this we gotta find diamond there we gotta find diamond bro Oh Oh goddamn dude that’s gold not diamond come on Oh we hit rock bottom god damn it Jesus that’s Sunday mom it was in the water no come back come back Oh what do I drop I have too many precious items I guess I’ll have to drop the sugar dude I got [ __ ] diamond eat my ass are we in done diamond oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah diamond all right how do I get out of here I’m just gonna have to dig out the way my forefathers used to do it dude I can make it dynamic as right away oh just I got diamond big ghetto so fast oh oh oh oh I’m gonna be out in no time baby oh yes yeah it’s fine back home dude I dug you like I can shut up cows it’s a horse out there every time there’s our beautiful home my god never been so happy to see you we should be able to make an air oh can we get Bo TNT we can make TNT what is that gun I have gunpowder I cannot stop playing I have a problem how you doing there buddy how’s it going no now how do I make it

boom how do I make it boom how do i boy ha ha ha damn it want to blow up the house ok I think I’m gonna hand that I preserve there smashing like if you want more and I see you guys next time ah Brooklyn what you never played super simulator you know it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not not convinced yet ok I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price