Jen Heasley's Cooking With The Pros with Baltimore Raven Adrian Hamilton

I’ve been playing sports and cooking food my entire life now I want to take you on an incredible journey to meet some outstanding athlete try some awesome recipes with the side of tantalizing conversation I’m Jen Heasley this is jen Jesus cooking with the pros so who do you want in your kitchen on gameday welcome again to jenny’s is cooking with the pros and today I have an amazing menu and an amazing guest we have become very very good friends quite quickly it’s adrian hamilton from the Baltimore Ravens so he’ll be on set in a few minutes with me but we have this great menu the menu is because he likes catfish so we talked about that so we’re doing catfishing hoecakes the whole cake is like a combination of like a pancake and cornbread and they would have a honey habanero sauce delicious we’re going to do a hash brown casserole which is going to be spicy because it says just pull a sour cream mixed in and then we’re going to have some fruit dip which is delicious my kids love it this is probably the favorite thing ever and to round it out we’re going to have a drink called an orange crush who does not know what my orange crushes so lovely it’s a brunch menu obviously so my tailgating tip for the day whenever you have your friends over the house you should have a bunch of i call them koozies people call them can coolers but whatever you want to call them it cools the drink cools the drink down or keeps the drink warm mine as you can see has my logo my logo is awesome so with my logo I have put this on Mike hand cooler you could get though what I’ve learned is your kids maybe soccer team or football team put on here or just get a bunch to have your favorite NFL team favorite baseball team favorite basketball team it really doesn’t matter so get yourself a bunch of can coolers because we’re going to be working with fish today and we’ll actually find some chicken as well you should always be able to make sure you have a clean sanitary environment so I always have my apron you never see me with an apron but today you have an apron on and I always have hand towels to the side and I usually often use hand sanitizer or just wash my hands in the sink but you always want to make sure that you do not cross contaminate when using cooking fish or cooking chicken let me turn my hoe cake I have a hoe cake going on here I’m gonna burn it so that’s one of my tips also whenever I do my fruit dip anytime I do fruit salad I don’t do fruit stouts actually spheres so I secure all my fruit and this is another tip because I like my pics you know I like my little boats that I use so this is something that you want to use whenever you serve fruit as opposed to making a fruit salad this is so much easier it can you dip it into the dip much better easier okay so let’s move on to the hoe cakes the hoe cake as I said is a combination between a pancake and a corn bread so you basically take one cup of self-rising cornmeal not ready to warm up with self-rising cornmeal a cup of flour you’re going to take about three quarters cup of buttermilk some sugar I usually go about a half cup sugar because i like my sweeter so you kind of want to gauge it based on the sweetness as you want and you put a little bit of butter and a little bit of water and you mix it up so I always put my batters into a measuring cup like this so I’ve already started my little round of hoe cakes taking that one off and then it’s easy to dis portion out like you can do many ones like little dollar ones tend I’m dollar whether the cold my daughters like the small ones so you go small and then you can go big either way so I talked with Adrienne earlier this week and what you’re going to find out when Adrienne comes on set is he likes to hunt and which was actually very entertaining conversation because I grew up in a household of hunters now he doesn’t actually eat the game that he he seeks out but he enjoys doing it so when he comes on we’re going to talk about that he also likes to fish another thing we discussed and he’s going to talk about his injury and how he’s going to kind of rehab himself I guess there’s a long rehab process which I’m unfamiliar with rehab I’ve never been injured like that but he’s going to talk about that so in a few seconds adrian is going to join me on set and we’re going to show you how to prepare this entire menu so I amgen Heasley this is Jenny Jesus cooking the pros and in a few seconds Adrian will be right back on set with me so welcome back I’m here with Adrian he’s actually sampling our drink football we have later on well show them later right yeah later later in the show so this is Adrian Hamilton and he plays for the Baltimore Ravens everyone adrian is currently on injured reserve because this real quick tell them what happened so we can move forward I a surgeon my risk was currently as meal is reserved enough said sweet started a we cut to the point okay what adrian is going to sample real quick is the hash brown casserole that we prepared for our brunch menu go ahead and sample and i will talk about what’s in here so you’re going to it takes some store-bought shredded hash browns and I actually saw taste some onion and pepper and then I throw in the hash brown pretty good pretty good Shaka’s good which makes me really feel even better but so what are you throwing bit of spicy though right yeah there’s a kick so the kick is you throw on sour cream with some chipotle so chipotle peppers in the adobo sauce it oh stop listening to you this way that’s a Southwest decisis a spicy menu it has a backside of the sour cream so you take

your kin or your can you take your bag of hash browns one bag you mix it with 2 cups of the sour cream there you go with the chipotle you saute one pepper 1 ton you mix it all together throw in some cheese I have some cheddar cheese in there about a cup cup and a half and you bake it at 350 for about 30 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes kind of wherever the tenderness to one of your potatoes yeah Deborah took them and I did a good job okay so we’re going to move on to the rest of our meal um Adrian because he likes catfish dibbley that’s one of things we talked about this actually something he makes at home but he doesn’t do it to the weight we’re gonna do it today I knew where you stand the new style cuz he uses a box version to fry his catfish but we will talk about that is looking so he’s gonna some chopped up top he’s going to slice a catfish into like basically fingers right gotcha gotcha and I’m going to talk about how we’re going to make our batter and then you’re gonna tell us about how you hunt and do what you do right he hunts Pierce alright so for our batter real quick Adrian we take me take a cup and a half of all-purpose flour about three-quarters cup of cornmeal and then you put in to know I’m sorry I can and a half a beer now I use a light beer because anyone knows me I drink a light beer but you could use like a log or if you wanted to and I throw in some old day and some cayenne and that’s the batter that’s it oh that is super simple alright so let’s talk let’s go back to your growing up you’re coming from Dallas and out of Dallas when do you start hunting cuz we talked about this part I thing start huntin every so I got to college it takes is tick at Texas Tech friends Texas kept the Raiders but no tell us something you said you want to like what a church group of who talking who teach us a church grew a man’s groups man yeah went out into West Texas it was hunting deer so my first experience shooting and sitting in a tree for hours whoa the best part is was in the Northeast that I love his accent and name is it all right so when you were sitting in the tree stand am I correct correct I’m tryin quick see him so I’m so knowledgeable so anything in the tree stand like what was what was use it was peaceful that’s why you liked it prolific quiet she’s putting that corn everywhere wait hours for deer to smell it a try I see so that was what do you enjoy doing so outside of hunting what are some of the other things you enjoy doing we just we were entertained we realized that we both knew and understood hunting so that was entertaining for us but what are some of the other things that you do outside of hunting when your spare time oh well football till out of my time so I try to just get away from the game fishing guy and basketballs just something to stay busy right busy work busy work I don’t know what busy work aviso or do you enjoy reading you don’t go in the movies definitely just having family time spent on my family’s very hey every time you did talk about xbox Xbox the fact feel like every person you’re a like okay I even never played xbox in my life i play wii though does that matter is that count no it doesn’t count how is it not going alright so we’re going to continue here with this on our money but when we return in a few minutes we’re going to talk about your foundation but what we want you to know well what I want everyone to know is the sauce that we’re going to put on our catfish mmm I’m really have a nervous wreck it’s a honey habaneros oh the honey habanero is very simple you’re going to take about three or four habaneros and you want to steep it in honey you’re going to take a hole about 20 ounces of honey and you’re going to steep your habaneros in there for about an hour actually and you throw in with some orange zest and a little bit of orange juice is that sound delicious it does sound really and it’s going to work really well with the catfish and our hoecakes because the hoe cakes or the foundation okay those the okay that’s the foundation for our catfish so really quick look at the batter see the texture we have here I know it’s nice and water that’s what I’m going to add a little more cornmeal so but when you dip it in you want it to be thick you wanted to pull off with a drop so that it’s not running this it just way it is and you always have to work with a texture of any batter that you make is that what you do when you make her better no he doesn’t because he gets it from a box all right so who taught you to cook Oh mom mommy she started early like when I was like 12 okay she got you in the kitchen unfortunately she made me click thanksgiving room are you seriously definitely what was the first thing you cook for our thanksgiving meal Oh like the greens oh really college well not would you cover all right what you use did you use I’m a ham hock or a smart and bacon Oh am bacon ham hock lamb bacon there was no sa so when you moote you inform collars don’t what’s your next step up cuz that’s not a short that’s not short stuff to start with that’s a quick that’s like a horror learn so what was the next thing you moved on to after that macaroni oh my gosh now what kind of cheese is to use in your macaron bill bila but Jesus velvia so he is Velveeta I use but I use

motivated to okay i use Velveeta in a bunch of other cheeses so when Adrian I actually really return we’re going to continue to fry or will start to fry I’m sorry our catfish and we’re going to show you how we make this amazing fruit dip which my kids love they take to every single event i taked every single event i go to we’re going to have our eggs with our sausage and then we will move on to our drinks so this is Jenny Easley’s cooking with the pros i’m here with adrian hamilton of the baltimore ravens give a shot go Raven he loves to hunt and we’ll be right back it’s up Adrian I are back welcome what I’m preparing adrian is our what we called it part of the first part of our dish it’s the hoe cake and stop it is the hoe cake and we’re going to put on our catfish delicious delicious delicious delicious i’ll give you a second piece okay all right what’s the best part of this whole dish do you think slow the sauce is the habanero honey you know me okay and what you’ve done and this is something that you can go online and get Jen heasley cooking with the pros that that you will see it we’re going to drizzle on okay like then it was fancy it was very fancy so he’s going to start with the catfish the habanero honey and his hoe cake and the next part of our brunch menu as I told you will be some scrambled eggs but it’s going to be scrambled eggs with sausage with cheese okay yes its a bright as a brunch but this is amazing because you can make this in a huge batch and you can actually just be transported if you were going to a game day at tailgate you can actually take this to a tailgate okay you can transfer it you can’t all right so real quick so we’ve talked you’re right to eat sample it is nice and spicy so you’re sampling why you are sampling we talked a little bit before about so i have about 18 eggs here blended up with some milk and i’m going to season it with some pepper and salt and i just have some milk milk some butter that was browning right we’re going to scramble up the eggs and then we’re going to throw in the sausage but good so we’re going to talk real quick about your foundation back in dallas if it’s called the agent helps an outreach foundation and we basically focus on getting high school students awareness about college so we do SI t thrill who you know dual credit classes anything everything they can help empower the high school students and getting ready for cops okay so what I guess what would be the reason when you think about why that was your foundation that you wanted to start was there some driving factor that took you to that that idea that concept um basically just me and my past interested in a fail going from transfer from school to school not really annoying I mean together alone but not really knowing the steps in the process it really takes to transfer in the school or myself getting ready to go to college having opportunity to go different schools so just basically no give him back to the youth of the knowledge that I have obtained in these last six seven years ago okay so I mean I know because obviously we’ve talked book I’ve been on the public schools 20 years teaching and a lot of the kids don’t understand the value of securing the loan was securing the grants even possibly securing a scholarship like what that really means long term after they’ve graduated like that’s really they’re investing in themselves that they’re able to do that groundwork beforehand yeah i mean its mission of great feeling to not leave Alex without a long story holy obviously a lot of money after the back to you there’d be a lot of years paying that money back okay people to go if you were able to do that ahead of time like having that foresight right yeah I mean okay after you graduate your money you make is your money you don’t have to pay back the other Sam and have to take different another loan to pay your own laws previous loan okay yeah all right all right so we’re going to we’re going to talk about this in a second so what I’m doing again is a scrambled eggs and what I’ve already done is I’ve taken some sausage some what I call breakfast sausage with a whole conversation of a balanced breakfast sausage and I Brown it up so you brown the sausage in advance okay and so once the eggs start really kind of scrambling then I throw the sausage in and I throw cheddar cheese in as well I know we amazing it all right so adrian is going to show you now how we make the Orange Crush because we worked we try to offset now we’re on set you take some go ahead therefore you take orange juice what’s the measurement to your liking I like this I’m splash you could actually do any what you really if you really want to be authentic with the orange crush you would actually take an orange you would juice and not a regular warrenton but we’re not at that authentic so we’re just going with the orange juice and now this orange flavor vodka everybody put a nice little bit in there o mine would be a splash but his won’t be that’s a lot you take triple sick another orange

flavor that’s another one we’re doing and he’s mother living this is the longest streak many process I’ve ever seen you might know you gotta know make sure it’s perfect oh you would actually be equal parts just so you know oh they should be equal no then they should be equal parts equal parts pocket edition of the ocean the asian virgin and now some sprite a lemon line high school did smells like oh sorry yeah alright well he’s topping off his drink which he will share with us so as you move forward and we talked a little bit you know once your NFL career possibly won’t pop I mean host it will end but what are your career aspirations beyond the NFL just basically going back you know doing different football camps coaching some of the so it just always been a part of the game and helping people at my second okay so but you told me that your only trucking company or something all right I mean but he is a trucking company as well I own a trucking company where basically I have drivers no go from walmart or over and she’s moving different items and special he’s really not a hundred percent sure of the ins and outs of it but he has a company so he will be you’ll learn more once you’re retired right yeah there we go that’s how it works so um when we finalize this we’re going to finish up our eggs we want to throw the sausage and the cheese and when we come back we’re gonna have a special guest Mike yeah Mike yeah and he’s going to talk about a very important foundation for him he’s working between baltimore and pittsburgh which we’ll talk about that later he’s working around foundation so he will be back and when we come back we’re going to work on our future fruits gear okay fruit skewers innocence fruit dip and I’m agents going to work on his for part of it which will be threading the fruit yes and I will prepare the tip itself so I’ll be right back I’m with Adrian Hamilton this is Jenna he’s the cooking with the pros and welcome back Jen he does cook on the pros I’m yours Adrian hello and Adrian I have prepared some fruit dip well I didn’t buy penis so it’s basically a package cool whip right we have got two cartons of that and then a block of cream cheese softened some confectioner’s sugar milk and vanilla and you blend it up simple it’s that simple I’m all about easy easy easy now HR has started to prepare our fruit skiers this is his handiwork that’s amazing and he’s going to continue to develop these oh yeah creative but we actually have a special guest today by Mike and my name is going to talk about a very important foundation near and dear to him take a lot of her very much hello I’m Mike and they surround me today it’s a welcome to convenient um today I’m here to talk about the Holy nada Family Foundation the man behind this you all know him as number 92 00 in the field number one in your hearts the guy that destroys you know every off his the line that comes you know in his way so his foundation even when he started his foundation he really didn’t want to focus on just one group of anyone they help you actually wanted you know the spread his wings out and trying to help everybody on them because that’s the kind of person in a year manuel very giving very loving and he just wants everybody to do better so i’ll see here this is our point on our third year now our first year we had a little while here in Baltimore you know I wasn’t invited but now that I know I’m coming next year well guys because you know you don’t have to work Hawaii or gotta stick like we got two mighty I’m gay I’m here so you know the first year we did a luau for a Wounded Warrior Foundation so when you all be raised a lot of money especially for the world in the fallen soldier um an offseason when he comes home to Utah he has a football camp and four cameras basically focused on offensive line in defense of mine just because every single football camp hey Odie they have that focus then focus on quarterbacks glamorize it’s alright how I say Diana could be one is free please welcome so everybody gets to go into that free part that’s awesome yeah and then this last three weeks ago we had another here in Baltimore another one sorry okay and again I wasn’t invited but now that i know i will be yes we did we raise money for the Johns Hopkins our diverse research okay yeah you know so it that is a very touchy subject for him nasty wanted to do something special for them and now this year we’ll have another food drive right now and that’s what we’re working on there now so so you just kick once its ongoing project is what the agents might as well keep giving so this yeah so mean to get more information about foundation all you have to do is log on and go to www not a witch’s ng 88 92 calm sea he’s gonna so yeah let’s look at the amazing fruit

fruit skewers adrian is working good he’s done a great job okay so we’ve had a great menu do you agree oh great menu Oh many do you agree are you okay so at the end of all of my shows when I round it out okay after we’ve sampled our food had our deserves Howard running I always like to ask my guests one thing would you think about it well I like the paper so typically I say so who do you want in your kitchen on game day why are you sorry he picked up a copy I don’t know if you’re having those pancakes I’m you going with me yeah Jen okay so say goodbye thank you for joining us and we’ll see you very soon take care of Jenny’s let’s cook when the pros look at that for you scared hey baby see you soon so hey I am on my stat and I’m here with my friend palma de mayra oj hello dolly and Paul works for the a block foundation and I’ve been to the event two years in a row it’s amazing so Paul’s gonna give me an update on what i should expect this year also thanks Jen first of all we’re gathering all the information of course all the athletic trainers are getting together the information one recipient from each NFL team comes to Baltimore March and the players are in the process right now of selecting their recipients and i can tell you we’ve got about a letter set so far we have some big names already so stay tuned for our press conference coming up January seventh to announce all our recipients before the foundation I didn’t talk about one thing we’re doing al anymore who I know is near and dear to your heart penn state penn state graduate he will be 80 years old on November’s length it and what we’re doing is we’re partnering with some city councilman in Baltimore we’re trying to create a fundraiser to have Lenny more wax statue and also a statue of Lenny in Baltimore much like Johnny Unitas so we have a big press conference to announce that hopefully we can get some funds going to help Lenny be immortalized in Baltimore he’s done so much not just on the field but off the field in the bottom communities been a staple in the community his entire life and that we want to get this done for Lenny more you can for information on how to donate you can actually check out Lenny Moore statue at or you can email us at the foundation just hit me up haul em at ed block org that will be awesome and this is a great event I love it every single year and what they’re doing as far as acknowledging the players that have come back from an injury is amazing so I’m Paul I will be there together again this year and so look for the sites see how you can donate and make it happen so thank you so much budget you