Divinely Delicious Shrimp & Grits

hi I’m Shannon and nothing thrills me more than people in food I’m a preacher’s wife a mom of three and I own my own specialty kitchen store I’ve kept an open door and a well stocked fridge which means I have fed a lot of mouths over the years so welcome to my kitchen this is cooking today hey I’m so glad that you’re here with me today in the kitchen I’m making shrimp and grits which is one of my absolute very favorite dishes in the world I first had it in Savannah several years ago and you can’t beat them in savannah but I’m going to show you how to make a really easy family version of them don’t be scared of grits I know a lot of you have never had them and you might be a little bit scared but these are the best ones to start with you have to trust me on that we’re making shrimp and grits today and so let’s get started the best part about this probably is the bacon and we’ve already made the bacon and so what we’ve done is we’ve cut our bacon up and sauteed it and we’ve kept the grease from the bacon because that’s the good stuff and we’re just letting this cool and these are going to go on at the very end but we’re going to get this bacon grease going and getting it a little bit warm and we are going to add a couple of peppers and a yellow onion and a little bit of garlic and let that saute down really really well to start our sauce so we are going to cut a couple of red peppers you could also use green if you would rather my family is not a fan of the green we feel like they’re just a tiny bit bitter and these are a little sweeter and so we choose the yellow and the red you’re just going to want to cut these down a little bit and you don’t have to use these caps if you don’t want to you can save them for a salad later if you’d like so we’re just going to cut these peppers into little pieces and we’re going to saute these in bacon grease with a little bit of chicken stock to give us some good flavor you can also add an optional is some white wine if that’s your thing of course it cooks out just a little bit and it also gives it some really good flavor but for my family we just prefer to go with the bacon grease in the chicken stock so here’s how I’m going to show you how to cut a pepper I just do these two ends right off of here and that one’s going to give me trouble of course okay we’re going to cut those caps and then you’ve got this kind of flower like this you can trim around that middle I just go right around the sides and then just pop these right off and make these little sheets it’s kind of always been a little hard to figure out how to get around all this stuff in the middle so you can just take your knife and kind of separate that middle from the good stuff around the outside and then you’ve got these sheets and it makes it really easy just to cut them into strips like I did the red one and then we’ll just chop them shrimp and grits is one of those meals that I have made for family friends company fancy company and not fancy company it can kind of go either way it depends on how you serve it like what bowl or what did she put it in kind of how you garnish it on the side is so good we’ve eaten them in big fat stoneware bowls around the camp fire in the backyard when we had company come in for a razorback game one of my favorite nights ever ok so just see how we cut that made our little pieces and you want to try to cut your peppers and onions and anything like these vegetables that you’re putting in any recipe really you want to try to make them about the same size so they cook more evenly if you have large pieces and tiny pieces then they’re not going to cook the same and so you want to be sure to try to get a nice kind of an equal size I’ve already cut an onion in advance because onions make me cry and so we thought you’ll probably didn’t want to see that and so here you go here’s a whole entire yellow chopped onion and we’re just going to put these peppers in here and we’re going to add all of this to our bacon grease that is in the background that smells so good always say if we never cooked anything more than just bacon it would be enough right ok so we’ve got our good vegetables that we’ve chopped up and we’re going to put these in our skillet and let these saute down just a little bit and while they’re cooking we’re going to cut up a garlic and I am using my leg Chris a brazier

one of my very very very favorite pieces of cookware from my kitchen store it I actually wash it and I set it right back on the counter because I’ve never even and ever even put it in the shelves because I use it that often that it becomes a staple that sits on my stove at all times so we are going to saute these veggies in this bacon grease because that’s how we do it in the south and we’re going to let those get a little bit of color and we’re just doing this over about medium heat we don’t want them to get color right away we want them to kind of soften and take their time and get really really good they’ll get a little more color closer to the end and then we’ll add some more liquid in there so while those are cooking we are going to take two cloves of garlic and you just have to give that a little pound and it just comes apart in like a million little pieces and they’re papery and kind of sticky and so you can just peel out a clove so for people who are afraid to cook with real garlic it’s so easy in the flavor you really just cannot beat it if you’re in a rush you can buy the chopped and in the liquid that’s at the grocery if you need to but don’t be afraid to try real garlic this is a close one of these pieces that’s inside is the clove the whole thing is not a clove that’s ahead so if it says a clove of garlic don’t use that whole entire thing because nobody will want to sleep in your bedroom with you and we’re just going to take one of these cloves and give it a really quick little chop and you can pound it right out of this paper that it’s in and we’re just going to chop these and Adam in to our vegetables you don’t want to add them at the beginning because garlic will burn up on you in 10 seconds and you’ll have to throw every bit of that out and that would just be tragic and so we’re going to cut these stick them in with our vegetables and let those continue to cook down we’re going to add our liquid so we’re going to add this garlic in with our sautéed vegetables and when we come back we’re going to start our trip and we’re going to start mixing up our grapes and you’re going to love them this is cooking today okay our vegetables are sauteing we’ve done two peppers and some onions we’ve added a little bit of garlic at the end and there’s sauteed they’ve gotten really nice and tender a little bit of color on them and this is the point where we’re going to add our Creole seasoning I love tony chachere’s there are all kinds of other seasonings out there you could probably even make your own but I just think it is so good don’t inhale like I have done earlier today and breathe this in because you’ll have to stop and cough a little bit but it’s so good in sneeze maybe okay so we’re going to add a little bit of this to our vegetables right now while there’s salt n because we really want to get that on there this is just a teaspoon of Creole seasoning and you can do as much or as little of this as you want my family likes it a lot spicier than I do so I usually just do about 1 teaspoon or about one-and-a-half teaspoons on it you can always shake it on and add it at the end if you want it a little hotter but you can’t take it out so be careful with it as you go so I’m going to do about one-and-a-half teaspoons of the Creole seasoning in here and we’re going to stir that up on our vegetables and they smell so good and we’re going to add this liquid to our veggies what we’re going to add is about a cup of chicken stock you could also do an extra cup of chicken stock if you wanted remember that part I said earlier about how I wasn’t going to put one in it while I change my mind we’re going to do a little bit of wine and a little bit of chicken stock so here’s about a cup oh it’s just so good it just it’s so good and we just spoon it over these grits it is Devon and then we’re going to turn our heat up a little bit squash that a little bit of wine this is just a Pinot Grigio it is a light not very sweet wine and it will cook out but the flavor that it gives is so good and we’re going to let that just simmer a little bit so the wine and we’ve added the chicken stock in the seasoning and as that continues to cook it’s just going to develop all kinds of good flavor so we’re going to pull that heat up a little higher and we’re gonna make our grits so you just need a really good-sized pot for this nothing crazy big like a Dutch oven but just a good heavy bottomed pot these are going to spit when you cook them as they boil they kind of make these little bubbles and they start to spit and so you want to have plenty of room for these to you know kind of pop up and bubble up a little bit without it going up and over that’s just a kitchen tip to keep your place clean because it is it can be a mess so what we’re going to add to our

big pot is two cups of whole milk and then we’re also going to use two cups of chicken stock now a lot of people make grits with water and we all know that water doesn’t have very much flavor so I rarely begin any savory dish with just water I boil potatoes and chicken stock I cook grits and chicken stock because you want flavor and chicken stock has flavor so we are going to pour in our chicken stock with our milk so we’ve got four cups of liquid all together and then we’re going to bring it to a boil and before I set it on the stove we’re going to add a little bit of butter and this is just a quarter of a cup which is a half a stick and the reason I have the other one is on here is because it’s not rare that I throw in a little extra at the end just because that’s not in the recipe but that’s just good cooking okay so we’re going to put this on the stove we’re going to bring this to a boil we don’t want the milk to scald because milk can get Phil me and yucky on the bottom so we’re going to stick that on the stove over about medium heat and let that get going weren’t checking our vegetables real quick and they sound delicious and they look delicious nice oh they smell so good and then I’m standing over this bacon that’s already cooked it’s so hard not to snack on but we got to have plenty to make all of our dishes so this is going to start to boil and then we’re going to take our favorite block of cheese velveeta it’s Mexican belvita you can make grits with shredded cheddar you can make it with griot if your fancy like that you can do it with parm I have all kinds of recipes for grits but for this particular recipe we’re going to use Mexican Velveeta it is smooth it melts really really well and this Mexican one is so good it’s got like seasonings and jalapenos and all kinds of good things and we want this to be a little you know spicy and have a little kick so we’re just going to take this one pound block and just qubit the smaller you make these pieces that quicker that they’re going to melt if you live in a bunch of big pieces but it’s going to take years for that stuff to melt and so we are going to cut these smaller pieces and then get them in our boiling water after we put in our grips this is cooking today if you’re just joining us we’re making shrimp and grits today and we’ve got our vegetables in our sauce and our Cajun seasoning simmering on the stove we’re about to make our grits we have our chicken stock and milk and butter boiling and it is time to add the grits and some salt and what I use is just a regular store-bought and quick cook grit it’s the 5-minute grits do not use instant and this to me is the very very very best starter great recipe for your family stone ground grits are fancy and you’ll seem in a lot of restaurants but in my opinion they’re kind of chewy and it’s just not something that your kids are going to love and this one is just so good across the board it is smooth there’s just enough to and I think you’ll really really like him trust me on the grits you’ve got to try these they’re so good I actually hosted a shower one time and made these for a shower when I did kind of a southern spread and I turned the corner and there was a really nice lady in a really nice dress and she was in that thing and she was like renting her finger around the inside of the dish and licking her finger to get the very last bit of these garlic cheese grit off that dish so that’s not testimony enough I don’t know what is we’re going to put in our grits in our liquid that is boiling and as soon as those grits hit the water you want to start whisking because they will clump and so we’re going to whisk and whisk and whisk just for a few minutes until we’re sure that they did not ball up inside of there and then I’m going to be sure that we still have our little boil yep and here they go and they’re going to start to spit remember I said that at the beginning this is a great time to add the salt the grits are getting soft because they’re absorbing the the liquid all around them and so if the liquid has salt then the grits are going to have salt so we’re just going to add a little bit in here and they are bubbling up and you don’t want to go salt crazy because we’re going to add Velveeta to it and the cheese has a lot of salt in it and so just be a little bit cautious with the salt but you want to definitely get it in there so here we go these are boiling up and I don’t know if you can say I’ll be still here but see how they’re boiling and spinning this is why we wanted to have it in a pot that was a little bit deeper because if you had filled a smaller pot it would be all over your stove and listen grits turn

into concrete in about two minutes as soon as they hit air and so you don’t want that on your stove and as soon as you’re done with these in the pot you’re going to want to rinse those out because they will glue and it’ll take your days to scrape them off so get water on them quick so these are going to get soft for just a few minutes and it is time to add the shrimp now what I have here are just some frozen jumbo shrimp I think they’re sixteen to twenty a pound or so which means if I’m cooking for about four or five they’ll get you know just a couple each and so I’ve left the tails on I think it’s pretty and I like the tactile of it sometimes will pick them up and kind of eat them with our fingers as work and you know using bread to kind of eat up our grits and all that so these are just jumbo shrimp they’re thawed with the tails on and we’ve got this sought a vegetable with the good Cajun seasoning this is so easy you’re going to be really surprised we’re going to dump these in and cover it and shrimp cook in no time so I’m just going to tuck those in the sauce and then cover it with a lid and they’re going to cook and probably maybe three or four minutes just from the heat and raw shrimp go in gray but when they’re cooked they come out pink and plump they’re delicious you know what real shrimp looks like when it’s done so just be watching for that so we’re going to cover that and let that saute and cook those shrimp and then we’re going to stir these grits again and we’ve had a few minutes on those to let them get nice and soft so I’m going to take my whisk out and we’re going to transfer to a wooden spoon and we’re going to add to our grits the Mexican Velveeta now that they’ve cooked in there a little bit tinder we’re just going to put in this one pound that like I said that we cut into small pieces and we’re just going to drop these in there and let them melt and grits you do have to stir them quite a bit but it doesn’t take long you just have to kind of be on it got to be on it then we’re gonna have a little cheese dip down inside that stove because I just dropped a block down in there and okay so then I’m going to have my wooden spoon we’re going to get that cheese down inside and let that continue to cook and this is the time when we’re going to add a little garlic if you want to use real garlic you can I prefer just to use the powder it’s just much much easier and again I feel like it’s a tiny bit more kid friendly and so we’re going to take our t spoon add a teaspoon of garlic to these grits oh my goodness they’re so good I can’t wait for you to try and you’re going to lick the bowl so we’re going to stir these up let that cheese melts and when we come back we’ll put it all together in a really pretty bold this is cooking today well we’re wrapping up shrimp and grits today one of my very favorite recipes I really hope you’ll try it we’re going to taste a little bit of both of them just to be sure that we’re right on track with our flavors and our seasonings and before we taste I’m going to go ahead and add a couple of tablespoons of just the juice out of these jalapenos that I buy at the grocery just for a little bit more heat and you can get a few jalapenos in there that would make my husband so happy because he’s going to put them on top either way and then we’re going to stir those in and taste them these are my little fun wouldn’t tastings things aren’t they cute I use them all the time I have these in my store I’m just going to stir those in and then I’m going to have a little taste of these grits make sure that we are all set if you feel like you need to add a little bit more liquid than you certainly can we’re going to taste these mmm they’re so good they’re creamy and cheesy you can’t go wrong with that and we’re going to check the condition of our shrimp they look beautiful see how pink that they’ve gotten so pretty let’s taste this liquid as well just to be sure that we’re all set on our seasonings mmm-hmm oh my goodness please y’all are going to have to make this trust me trust me trust me let’s serve this up that’s how easy it was so we’re going to set our grits right here in our shrimp right here and we’re going to ladle these up I love these in really pretty deep bowls with a rim this is one of my favorites of course I played everything according to my dish so we’re just going to ladle some grits in the bottom of the bowl and the grits is the main so you can really just keep it in there

and then we’re going to spoon a little bit of the sauce and some of the shrimp right on top oh it’s so good so so pretty look at that one that’s so nice right on the top that is the prettiest Bowl people are going to love this and then at the very last second we’re going to top it with the crumble bacon that we started with at the very beginning that we cooked everything with and then we’re going to do just a few chives on top just for pretty a little bit of green little bit of garnish a little more flavor right there and then I’m also going to do one little tiny squeeze of lemon right on top you can put this in the sauce if you would like but sometimes I feel like it cooks out and I really love a little bit of lemon right on the top oh my goodness is it time to eat I cannot wait shrimp and grits is one of my very very favorite things I really hope that you will try it I’m going to try it right now I’ve already got my fork in my spoon ready to go it’s it’s really good job hmm not baking right away it’s so good and delicious and warm thanks for being with me today in my kitchen it was such a treat having you here I hope you’ll make these shrimp and grits and enjoy every single bite this is cooking today groceries provided by harb’s hometown fresh iced tea brought to you by lift in kitchenware is provided by yoon amazed you