­čö┤Smoked Turkey Leg Cheesy Casserole Mukbang

everybody welcome welcome welcome to taste taste McBaine tasting my brain ain’t feeling good I didn’t eat anything yesterday and I just need to put some food in my body today so I just made something that’s quick and easy this is leftover turkey leg smoked turkey legs with panini noodles some cheese and then some Parmesan cheese in there I got two types of cheese regular cheese blocks like the Velveeta cheese block and then the feta cheese and some Creole seasoning some parsley some salt and pepper and some rolls in here to stop up the juice with some orange for decoration yeah I’m kind of so I’ve been sick for a few days I thought I was getting better and then last night thumbs up the lab hey Juanita and Andrew here and with Sean how y’all doing let me say that grace thought I could get to eat me out cuz I’m hungry father God we thank you for this food we’re about to receive your blessings your kindness your mercy and your grace all the provisions that you have made on my life dear lord I thank you for protecting their hands all hurt harm in danger I ask you to allow your angels to continue to be encamped about me and father God I ask you to please let whatever this is that is early my body to pass and to allow me to feel better in Jesus name and wasting half of water and this is distilled water my body is aching my head is kind of aging I just do it my straw I don’t get sick often I mean let me see so how are y’all doing today mm-hmm this is cheesy oh I forgot I have a can of green beans in here and I just aided the breeder for you to stop it up I’m not a great either yo if y’all want to see how to cook this go subscribe to my other channel but next time I like my journey I do behind the scenes over there you guys usually before I come live over here I’ll cook something over there and then you come live over here to eat it I’m also doing my fan life videos over there working on my van trying to get my family for fame life uncle live over there too when I do that I’m supposed to be working on my van all this week so I just been going live in the house showing y’all what’s going on

sorry if my energy level is low Yahoo Jaco well you’re not feeling do it hey DMV hey miss Miller hey was Sean Andrew go and really I can’t really hear you let me see about raising okay I hope you can hear me better now okay Yahoo a CD a marble either you know here this was just a quick meal yeah I know a lot of people steal that family for Thanksgiving this is like a four-day weekend for some people some people off Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday some people took a vacation some people not gonna be able to get Christmas on so they take Thanksgiving out the turkey leaves are all chapter in the eyeball the turkey legs – they fall off the bone the turkey meat it’s topped up inside this casserole okay y’all hear me turkey legs I can’t French green beans putting noodles cheese and then some Parmesan cheese salt pepper Creole seasoning parsley don’t have to go watch me cook it on a stick on Vanessa my journey I just got the cooking nobody yep if y’all want to see step by step a

little spice to cuz there’s Creole season too try out yes that does make the best meals well I think the volume is normal but I’m not doing good so I think I’m talking door I think that’s what the problem needs I came talking about it in these hey jazz okay Andrea Missy me I think y’all so used to me raise the volume on y’all fine I think y’all so used to being so energetic and bubbly I just can’t right now DMV I’m tired of written that’s all I’ve been doing for the last few days is resting I’m tired of being in the bed I’m tired I’m tired arrested missing out I’m trying arresting this tastes this with some orange on it yeah y’all know a little of their own zone their seafood tomorrow we could turn this into a seafood pasta add some shrimps up in here mmm I like that down mmm just gonna be and yeah this was six handfuls of noodles I didn’t think it was gonna be enough but there’s enough I’m gonna be eating off of these for a couple of days juice I had a tea today I have tea I’ll just squeeze but I don’t have anyone I’m tight you guys I just wanted to come live

I forgot what kind of tea was you’ve worked on the channel earlier today when I had the tea I was liable when that’s in my life my journey when I made the team y’all asking me to use my brain Oh miss Gloria I can’t help the volume it’s partly cuz I’m talking low because I don’t feel good turn your volume all the way up Oh ginger citrus tea okay thank you yeah I just ended the life I need I need to go add some ads to it I don’t know the show it’s on both of them sound right to me make sure you own if you’re not getting notifications unsubscribe subscribe back get the notification bill and being here always doctor here always I’ll be going live over there every day yeah I’ve been lying over there since I’ve been sick I’ve been lying over there every day pretty much all day that’s supposed to go live over there when I finish this video hey Terrance yeah go Terry ciao maybe he could make out like cuz I can’t do it I can’t do it they’re gonna they’re gonna cry on can somebody tell Terris what I’m eating I’m tired of repeating it never say who o’clock oh nevermind zeroes yeah ain’t nothing wrong with Tamara’s volume see he here he heard me he hurt me so then let me know ain’t nothing wrong with body go down yeah I’m gonna miss you I was gonna put in the title

so what y’all gonna do this weekend when do y’all go back to work I don’t feel like eating I’ve been resting for three days with Sean I’m tired I don’t like sitting around not doing anything but I tried to get up and clean up today and I have to do it I need an IV in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by a handsome gentleman please with some biceps and some tricep so when I’m acting like I’m taking my last breath I could be holding on to his muscle oh you can make that happen Oh Tara saying I’m a need to come to Houston come down to Houston and really nurse you back skill I’m finally going into making you sick Terrence I don’t even know how I got sick y’all I wasn’t around nobody sick the job tell Terrance what I’m eating I need a terrorist um by beating us sick person what kind of human being is he I’m gonna send a posse at possums after you kidding me the Union Terrace talking

about Whoopie me you always taken up a chance but I think he needs a woman right now miss kitty can you get Terrance for me please you talking about jumping up OSI person I have an apple okay I did eat an apple earlier today cleaning up Bernie what kind of resting today terms that I might work yeah work now you’ve been at work for 30 hours what you’ve been working for 30 hours straight how many thing wrong right Thomas I got up and cleaned up a little bit today I can’t do much I have to do a little bit of time and go lay back down if you lose on my life earlier today on Vanessa mama my journey I’ve been live since this morning over there so you would have seen me working and laying down there’s no Christmas shopping who are we gonna shopping with yo who won’t give me that whopping cuz of we got nobody why don’t we stay right here where we it cuz we gonna bite me your mouth is watering with the rock oh no the rock don’t do nothing for me you don’t really do me DMDC let us pray what are we praying about DMV participation with some biceps and triceps oh I don’t be sick Terrence if you watch that video when I was in my dream house he was telling me to put on run Jackie and I was like I don’t I don’t know I just been sick for the last couple of days Oh careful Keith I just don’t feel good at my body aching I’m sneezing tear say praise Jesus sickness away me I don’t have energy to fight you babe you say we shoot oh miss kitty woman with me too I won’t have the block all the y’all miss me look can you tell me who I need the block first tear it on this kid I’m not gonna ask Laurie because I know who should I bought first Terrence I miss Keith I don’t know I have to find somebody in real life with the rock I’d be somebody chocolate I need somebody chocolate chocolate chocolate big chocolate baby just let it be chocolate Oh

DMV say she should see you should put on I did he not putting on the jacket but I was just like I don’t get sick I don’t miss it I know carefully we all have Oh DMV say sounds like the flu you are fighting if feel like my body is aching I’m like having hot flashes and my body is just like aching in different spots and the more I lay down my body hurts more because in there I don’t feel like you not today miss Miller you say don’t block me the warning them they talking about whooping me while I’m sick what the heck y’all stick together no matter what never see me neither they probably wanna seek you out of this child abuse yep you know they see until you do hey Sheila DMV say how’s the weather there is kind of dreary looking it’s kind of dreary looking then flash the hot flashes cause you didn’t Oh Tara’s uh I think the hot flashes is for my body aching I don’t get hot flashes I’m not getting old Terrance I’m not going through menopause yet terraces yeah I think I have a troll in my life this time it’s not gonna be no Andy I think we need to block the troll yo look Shawn say Terrance you asking for it where’s Nikki I need Nikki up the hill cuz Nikki could handle Terrance I need Nikki he’s always cruisin for a bruisin Andy he trying to make other people think that he innocent and I’m just big bad wolf that’s what you try to do all the time y’all hey Sheila mm-hmm real young at heart I just got one I just got one more patience for Terry just one more patience for you oh I’m gonna have to see you to time out for real I don’t take medicine miss kitty miss Miller over here laughter miss Miller you’re not supposed to be laughing at that Jesse no sir careful Keith I had a lot going on I’m going to snap Terrace is napping oh do the song say C’s Terrace can bring out I don’t want to laugh I’m feeling sick that’s an awesome skill no Terrace but the marine Terrace is about to bring out though the black hey Brittany Oh Jess

ain’t no way I just know this time blue you would you tell my witness Oh miss cutie says welcome Jess and ten were saying I’m sorry tasty I’m sick and on the top of antenna meat take your taste thank you thank you Tara’s down on blue ranch so they left you know it’s not that serious if I gave you one I will make you blue and take Tara’s blue bag tell jazz say off with their heads if they come in here with some is oh no not another lose again oh she won’t go to five do you say tasty me to spank him I know don’t take don’t tear what’s me to spank you I’m glad somebody agree to say I don’t need no spanking diva Oh what Britney how you broke your leg oh no chapel key say I missed that last Oh Britney what happened do you need me to overuse some medicine go where I will meet the medicine from I don’t take medicine Terrace with yourself first DMVs they whip yourself first Terrence we can send you some me it’s via drone job what kind of a man y’all talking about mm-hmm Terrence a tasty how dare you old you you are trying to say I demoted the whole sorry to say I know my blue dress it is serious Tamara Sadie but I did and it hurts jazz is relaxing Hey wyldstyle miss Miller said keep it going Terrence it’s good to have her leg y’all gonna be hurt too late it hurts my stomach it hurts my eyes it hurts my heat it hurts my body Oh Jer say well that should let you know a little love is all I need right now Oh Jess yeah so sweet yes I’ll be God is love over here if you’re part of the regular crew you know no matter how crazy we talk to each other we love each other tarah so he is sorry to hear that oh can you say hold on DMV I do not play about

my boobs DMV don’t worry about Miss cutie I got something for Miss Kitty antarans it’s a finger he’s all you gotta knees you to streets miss kitty what what about me Miss Kitty I’d like to sing you and tears both to never Neverland wild Britney I’m sorry about that Oh miss Mable say prayers to you Britney Britney said she fell down the stairs Oh Lord you’re gonna be careful Britney are they gonna let you at the hospital anytime soon capsules keep saying I need you to get better I called you out on a video that will drop sometimes next mother child that’s a long time are you done challenges careful I kind of retired from challenges it’s a long story but I don’t know if I’m coming back I don’t know if I’m coming back I don’t know if I want to be a part of the macmaine community I don’t know if I just want to be over here in my own little world to business with my own little subscribers oh no I don’t know what keep talking okay you see he say don’t Mandy I know I need to stop making me laugh Tara say oh my goodness Brittney she’d say stop reading comments not even coming they not gonna like the fine stuff we can come in I will keep silent no don’t keep silent that’s what makes the live interactive sake you kidding you got oh you’ll be fine miss kitty she’s overprotective with that boy with their big mouth he got a whole lip mouth and she always taken up for him for what if he’s not forgetting this trouble he should write no chick then his book can change go ahead you just be free Oh Brittany say I love you my friend we love you – Brittany DMD saying we in these youtube streets with you kitty Sam say well I know we’re serious don’t having to do yall already know them yeah they’re so funny we all know Terry’s not crying Rodman starts tomorrow are you doing applause if I do a vote or last year y’all I did babe I started the live vlogmas and that’s to go live everyday for 30 minutes to an hour and they helped a lot of people reach they watch time last year key for Catholic you say oh no really yikes mean in your own world is this cute is laughing at Eric’s miss cuteness on somebody I don’t know why oh she gonna be at the hospital Tuesday oh they’re gonna keep you in the hospital

till Tuesday are you gonna be on crutches DMV do not tell the tenants to stop quiet if y’all been hanging around us long enough y’all know Tara’s do not have no feelings Tara’s do not cry he did not have tear ducts and he just planned on your emotions right now that’s why I’ll and don’t let that hurt Tamra’s feelings yeah careful can say at this point I don’t know where I fit in the more well keep join a club I’m not trying to fit in I’m not trying to fit in I’m just gonna do my own thing and you know people have their peaks in this community even though they say we’re one big family bullcrap they one big family to who they want to be a big family to they don’t want to be a big family – they ostracize so like I’m the type of person I don’t I could get along with people or I had to be by myself either way I’m good and that’s just where I’m it I’m just gonna keep doing my say oh my goodness Britney she said she fell down some stairs boy can you beam in chicks he’s already got about a bullet and I got a lot of bookings Folio and your some of your chicks then bounced off of your foot like the turkey hook angry she said happy holidays that bliss let me say I love everybody can mistake you to breathe Britney said I am bored in the hospital for real but girl I hope all these crazy people in your making you laugh Oh careful he said love this is making me wanna freaking choir I am so over anything don’t edit your blog miss no idiot challenge ciao that’s why I just say go live that’s why you ain’t got to eat it what does that mean keep yes ma’am oh damn they say we’re too fitting in Terrence they careful keep a little of this please don’t be discouraged Oh Taylor said I know you feel down the stairs but in the hospital till Tuesday my lord mercy sounds like surgery is involved let’s hope not Oh careful you say I’m just me that’s where I feel I post what I want I feel I can feel that about you not 1 2 feet and do your own thing miss Miller say everyone please thumbs up to live if you haven’t subscribe to the channel already please subscribe if you haven’t subscribe to my other channel Vanessa my life my journey please go subscribe to the channel that’s what I’m about to do V in life and I go live over there almost every day before I come live over here for behind the scenes where I cook the meals and show y’all what I’m doing oh damn V say tasty Tammy’s chick have wheels them

chicks bouncing yes Tara’s chick then bounce off his bullet tell me he got a lot of wood put them check them bounced off of it it must be jam cause jelly don’t shake like that really sound happy to meet you on YouTube Vanessa you are a great friend and God bless you and look Thank You Brittany Oh Terry says I’m excited for the content Keith and he say I am going to press through just keep pressing through that’s all oh that’s what I’m doing I’m just keep twisting through Terrence say you know better nobody did would know keep saying the first video tomorrow is without it it’s Oh Lord time I wouldn’t be in another video sorry so what kind of um like what you’re gonna be doing your vlogmas teryn said lol diva no they don’t they be bouncing yep where is Miss wick did with DMV and Nikki y’all we could double team Terrence real quick and Miss Kitty ain’t up in here to jump fences on his behalf where it’s Nikki Oh DMV say Terrance I won’t tell you I’m gonna tell Terrence chicks denounced daven bounced cuz he always talkin noise and can I keep a handle Eve he can never handle it Terrence take him to me Tara’s talking louder noise hey Chyna Tim stop a lot of doors well when I started talking back he had the whole back his two ducks let’s get him where is Nicky Oh Nicky was giving him good night y’all hey Friday it’s Friday night just keep down uh shoot um I got my eyes on it’s Friday night and I’m feeling like except for it’s not Friday night insanity oh what a day oh I can’t say oh it’s fine big night oh yeah daddy I mean DMV Terrence to be talking about he no cry he not sensitivity no hello to your dukes I’ll believe he time I Oh sometimes when I say stuff to make his two dogs calm he’ll say oh oh I heard him I hope you could sing you better than I can yeah I need I need to get mix flicks in my life or something we’re not getting me in like I’m gonna use something to watch I don’t know maybe when I get into the in life I’ll be sold into my adventures I still won’t have time to watch TV I just want that my measuring tape at the car and I was measuring the shelf for honey I’m gonna try to incorporate this shelf we don’t see

how’d it go with that I’ll be there when I put them walls up so like uh I’ll be glamming up with the walls up so I can start putting my furniture in the van and then I think once I get the walls in though like maybe we’ll fly clips in the million down like two weeks in a row I’ll go to the flea market and try to start getting some of these stuff in my apartment like my freezer my tables and all that stuff we’ll see y’all we’ll see miss Laurey say excuse me you’re excused miss Gloria over there sneezing okay careful keep nice and we’ll be in the background this man but I’m not leaving Oh Keith where are you trying to fit in Oh he talked about the mukbang community fitting into YouTube and the month bang community I’m going to move into the VA and eventually it’s uh it was supposed to rain today but it didn’t it’s cloudy yes it’s a little cloudy but other than that it’s okay it didn’t rain today Yanis a lot of food I’m gonna put me a plastic bag over it like there that’s at least three more needles right there which I don’t think that’s at least three more meals breakfast lunch and dinner I don’t feel like put missile and right now I got hit I never gave her a job in all my 50 years of the living I think I might ahead I think I might have here to hit eat two times in the whole life well do anybody got anything else to say before I slide we all want me to go live

again but my life my journey all y’all gonna be doing over there is watching the Jazz say it’s pretty in Houston today I am just sitting out on the patio cheering I don’t know what’s the temperature here – Oh miss Gloria say it rained over here this morning see I know it was posted like each day what points oh I’m hot about understand this this could fit in the van somewhere let me see ho where you at DMV talking about you didn’t buy nothing all the way from another state miss Lori says 78┬░ jazz to 80 degrees this kiddie 666 degrees and raining miss Miller say a while okay thank you oh wow okay thank you would miss kitty side Keith you’re welcome here anytime Roadtrip come to my house first tasty DMV when you hit I don’t know who I’m going visit first but I know that I’m gonna like start exploring Texas first I need to go to miss Gloria first cuz she’s here in Houston I need to hook up with jazz because she’s here in Houston so I feel like I have to do my hometown right first yes we would say it’s cold it’s very nice and cold Oh bless your heart and bless your heart miss kitty I don’t envy that so do you be what you went oh yeah I got the I got the see miss Gloria first I gotta go see miss Gloria Sonia she don’t want to be on camera velvet I’m gonna go see her soon one day soon hey amber Marilyn and then yeah I asked y’all when being alive what states border Texas because whatever States border Texas that’s probably where I’m gonna go first I think somebody see you Tennessee Florida and I can’t remember yo when the time comes I’ll know yeah that’s all I’ve been doing yesterday that’s all I did was when I first got sick all I did was call it was a dry cough Dean yesterday all I did was sneezed I sneeze so Pinterest tonight Jesse no 39 we will pastor I don’t expect I’m passing number 66 miss kitty it I don’t know 160 see that’s kind of cold to me 66 no thank you 66 and rainy you could keep that is key Oh whatever is win yes it will Houston inter yeah

well I’m happy to go see mr. laurio miss Gloria birthday is on the 13th of December so I might go see her for her birthday I don’t have no gifts for you miss Gloria Gloria said she did not want no empty cars but she just gonna have to get used to empty cars like you can’t got nothing to give would you know happy birthday you would love to have a girl – houston we have good news – I don’t think I don’t know as far as weather is concerned I think we are we have we might be cold enough to wear a jacket for a month after you may be and we’re not a month is usually a week a week after year we wear jacket about the block somebody by accident what happened to Terrance terrorism is Kitty M is at the same time oh I don’t really like that place I probably would never go there DMV that don’t do nothing for me my father would never go there I actually like Tony Evans who was in the same city as TD jakes they both in Dallas I’ll go see Tony Evans but I wouldn’t I probably wouldn’t go to the other place it’s just not my cup of tea it’s too commercialized and not enough Spiritualized for me miss QD say I am here DMV say takes the Iron Man okay no I’m not into that propaganda that’s what I feel like it is I feel like it’s propaganda but to each home to each other own if you do something for you more poverty but it don’t do none for me oh no what I feel like sneezing oh don’t you hate when you feel a sneeze coming Hey Hey mmm-hmm I just can’t get into it Oh miss diva I don’t know okay I can’t explain it and I don’t know if in the lobby so I’m just gonna leave it right there but if you if you ever have heard Tony Evans and Tony Evans daughter is the one that played in war room a prayer room a war room but if you’ve ever heard Tony

Evans speech and you’ve ever heard TD jakes ministry the difference is night and day so guess where I’m in on that I don’t I think sometimes we are used to things that please the flesh and sometimes when it come to church we like to hear things that sound good and we remain the same and I’m not gonna reach today y’all so list look up at the light the sneeze will release okay but have you ever been there oh damn me have you ever been there to TD jakes have you ever attended his church before well do y’all want me to go live on cuz I’m not to eat in this life yeah you gotta want me to go live on Vanessa my life my journey so we can finish talking otherwise I could take you out to the beat it would be over that’s my life my journey I don’t want to take out to the beat with me over here don’t take my brain eats okay yeah I’m just I mean if I went to Dallas today or tomorrow I will go to Tony Evans’s Church I love him his word is profound he is a him and his wife been married for years they do a lot lot lot lot in the community he’s also on the radio and I just I just love his word I feel more to yeah you could just type in and tell me it was he have a channel here on YouTube Tony Evans he have a channel on YouTube and like I said his daughter the lady that was a war room that was married to the black guy that’s his daughter that’s his daughter okay yeah I didn’t to me I guess out in this life and I’ll see how on the flip side if y’all haven’t subscribe to my other channel let me go get the link for you guys if you haven’t subscribe to my other no please go subscribe I do a lot of behind the scenes over there if you want to see how I cook this meal that’s how we do it oh man I’d say dear me what is you talking about come over

to Maryland how many miles is Marilyn from Texas DMV you know all right you know you got no fever do you are you all right being the I just be want to know if y’all wanna come over there yeah I don’t be saying that dambisa say come over to Maryland after the live TV you okay how many how many miles is Marilyn from Texas damn big didn’t you say you and Marilyn dearly I can’t remember was Miss Miller in mouth oh you and Marilyn what are you on in man but you think I’ll come over there now and I’m see nope ain’t gonna happen ABC 108 how many miles I think DMV said she was in Maryland yeah Marilyn I was gonna go live but nobody told me that they wanted me to go live so I’ve been asking y’all do y’all want me to go live on the other channel I’m not going to be over there by myself but anyway yeah I’m on in the slide I might go live later I’m in this live I’m back the reverse minders hopefully I can get it if it’s cleaned up later I might go live later today and just finish Christine miners in the world yeah I already know even if I don’t feel like it I’m just gonna lay in the bed and watch some videos and let y’all watch me so anyway didn’t we say who won’t taste me to go live raise your hands she say raise your hands let’s see what they say they ain’t gonna say nothin me boy Tara’s darlin is glory down Jess a year so rest and come back you lady if you feel like Terra say oh stop being such a queen tasting Mudvayne eat where did he come from where tears come from yep anyone else I’m not thinking of my Terence he’s just nobody trying to miss my soft body to make people think he’s somebody trying to miss me somebody let me see we don’t say we are we know you got something something something to see let’s see what Tim’s gonna say here wait like two minutes later he’s made nothing oh well he’s on the delay

how long we take him to think how long we’re gonna take him to think of a comeback my comeback could be like this see how long I’m just taking him to think I’m back the in his life ain’t nobody asked you Miss Kitty who asked you this cutie I always got something to say she can’t let tempers fight his own battles I’m so sick and tired of both in him she always taken up for him like he got two lanes big as his mouth filled he came to his own miss kitty he’ll meet you god I guess I just told her now she’s gonna jump a fence to come over here and jump on top of me he in the ground like Papa say to me hey chasidy see he’s even he over there thinking Basset meow he don’t need you all that noise tears be talking Miss Kitty all that noise Terrace me talking he don’t need you to take up for him like my free say love many trust a few always paddle your own canoe we’re about your own self okay oh we’re about your own self Oh see I let noisy talk Miss Kitty you better let me hear you take up for Terrance for the rest of the day he called him me Oh see no kid give me you better tell me you know that time is handed his own let Terrence I’m running you better be running from me and not toward me cuz I’m tired of you taking up for Terrence I’ll let no is he’d be talking let me give him he can handle his own and if I get him did I just give him cuz he needed he deserved it y’all always sticking up for that trombone trouble a hole be on my side huh stop taking up for the truck not true okay miss Millicent Oh a trial mouth true you could talk about all the noise let bitch talk mouth troll get it he told me he got a lot of book and live chicks let’s see Hyman checks his book cash cuz I’m bout the – yes whatever you say Oh tasty he’s speechless yeah whenever he

saying Oh tasty he’s speechless he’s speechless he went red for it let’s get ECC we’re gonna black you taste y’all gonna black me whoa I like to see that day first of all you gonna you you gotta keep up tasty tears whoo-hoo yo but so B you can’t even run fast and you talk but you got a lot of booty baby yo butt and jump in your truck and we all know you always got junk in your trunk junk in your trunk you can’t get away from me anyway miss OH kitty how was Harriet I was Harriet yes he’s bothering me can somebody get him please I was uh Harriet I want to go see that movie I seen some preview John and I seen I listened to the song get the lady hair out what is her name the lady play Harriet she saw the song for the movie in me death not the scene I know she could sing like that look here you mean Olli you better leave me alone what you gonna make me miss it off this platform am I gonna be on the back of a milk carton kind of missing YouTube whatever dancing all you say you cried the last 20 minutes of the movie is amazing do what anybody know how she died in real life like did they show how she died in real life or was it I want to know how she died in real life your trunk is locked and loaded we already know what you got in your trunk you got stuck with bit of hints in your truck that ain’t good for nothing so I ain’t scared or nothing that’s in your truck homie you couldn’t even help the old ladies out when she tased she pulled out her weapon and you didn’t even have no weapons to help them so what you gonna do to me before that’s all he got this all he got he always called me old boy to see you teasing I play doesn’t know but I know you know somebody that’s just as old as me

seeley seeley she plays dearly in the color purple she look play Celie now shitty place nearly searly was over Siri in the color purple was silly all Whoopi Goldberg sister Harry was 91 years old how does she die shut up boy ain’t nobody asked you probably I want to know facts how did she die I will make a mistake and delete your challenge oh I forgot to tell y’all YouTube is cracking down on all all people who report channels and videos wrongfully big you won’t be touching on clothes now if you report other people channels wrongfully in the fourth day videos you go get your stuff closed down he was robbed Cynthia eat yo whoopee oh I never seen the play I thought y’all was saying she played in the movie in the real in the in the color purple’ movie so she never played in the movie color purple she played in the play okay I never seen the plate okay charity you asking about leftovers and I’m trying to find out something about the movie right now let’s not change the subject please Miss Kitty is it I’m confused right now is she you saying she played silly in the play color purple but she did play in the real color I was looking for her in the real color purple I was like her face don’t look familiar so she played in a play me see anything yeah my nose is itching who who created the plane Oprah Winfrey put on their plane Oh is she know what because who was Fantasia supposed to be in plane Chah Terrace is now no geek that’s a Overson seneschal sensationalize job

that’s a nice way of saying they pay me to do nothing I’m so bad I’m with myself like Dean Vito tears did you want a balloon with myself imma go look okay I see it all oh I see it on YouTube Miss Kitty that’s might be what I watched tonight no DMV say behaved tasty yeah Terra’s brings out the worst in me and I know you don’t see Oh tasty oh I think I’m gonna watch that yeah let me see here is five years ago it’s an hour and 23 minutes long you see okay yeah I’m watching it now I guess I’ll go watch this and go live in the channel watch me cry okay okay yeah let me see what I’m saying in this life Terra say Oh time aside Thank You D will she tonight you know say no you can say I

love your choice Terrence you know I love you boy stop it how are you died of pneumonia in 1913 okay y’all for everybody who do not know if you do not know and you’re watching this live and you’re not saying anything and you’re just watching it cuz we got 13 17 people looking here if you watch it alive and you’re not saying that to me you say tasty mean tasty crazy she disrespected her audience yo this is how we roll everybody in here is family we understand the way that we communicate with each other in Tanner it is unfortunately one of my friends he would kind of free when you stand behind you you got to keep looking over your shoulder cuz you don’t know if he coming to get you or coming to help you so yeah and I’m gonna go live on Vanessa my life my journey and I’m gonna go watch the play I just found the color purple plate on YouTube I’m gonna watch that play so let’s go watch the play and I will talk to you guys later thanks watching I love you guys don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up don’t forget to leave lads comments down below don’t forget the prescribing patient bill and come back for another video and if you want to come and continue the check with us come over to the nest of my life my journey we’re gonna go over there and be there in a few minutes and we’ll probably be there all night long so I’ll talk to you guys later bye now thanks for watching come on over Terrence