An Inspector Calls (2017)

I’m treating Gerald as one of the family I’m sure he won’t object going geologist you have just become quite and separate from last summer of course when he only came to me oh hang on I had work to do business is business my darling you pressure him far too much it’s just something he’s going to have to get used good luck oh boy well what are we having father ah yes it’s quite a nice port tonight I believe it’s from the same place your father gets them from Gerald and well then I don’t question your judgment on the matter although I’m not very well acquainted with the subject I should hope not don’t want you turning into all those purple face on oh yeah I’m not a purple faced old man no no yes but then you don’t know all about pork do you come on Sybil I think just a little tonight after all it is a special occasion yes go on mama you must drink our health oh very well then just a little all right Edna I’ll ring from the drawing room when we go through yes ma’am now Sheila don’t tease him you’ll realize once you’re married that men can’t be distracted from their business it’s something usual have to get used to I don’t believe I will so you be careful I most certainly will no what’s the joke good I don’t know suddenly I feel like I just had to laugh you’re squiffy not know really Sheila the things you girls pick up these days yeah I said pick up the farside more than that don’t be an ass Eric stop it you two ah what about this famous toast of yours oh yes I believe having a little party such as this on such a special occasion makes it all the more important however it makes giving a speech all the more difficult well don’t make one then let’s drink to the health and be done with the whole business no we want tonight is one of the happiest nights of my life and one day Eric maybe you’ll understand that now Gerald this engagement to our darling daughter Sheila means a tremendous amount to me she’ll make you happy and I’m sure you’ll do the same for her your father and I have been friendly business competitors for a number of years I know crafts limited is a older and bigger firm than Burling & co but you’ve brought us together and I look forward to the day when not as competitors but as allies we work together well serve really not the best time for a business talk don’t you think yes I quite agree with muammar on this one and I quite agree with you sir and I dare say my father might agree as well Thank You gerald I just wanted to mention it in passing what I do want to say was Sheila you’re a very lucky girl and you’ve been very fortunate as well I should say so at least this once anyhow so here’s to wishing you both all the best in life to Gerald and Sheila yes gerald yes Sheila darling congratulations and very best wishes thank you Eric oh the best she’s got a bit of a temper under at times and give me quite a handful of it she’s not too bad really good Oh Sheila how charming I can’t drink to this can I when do I drink you can drink to me alright then I drink to you can I drink to you and I promise you that I will do all I can to make you as happy as you deserve because everything well then I can’t imagine this doing much good is that the reason yes this is the one oh it’s wonderful

like mama beautiful steady the Buffs so you should die that was very clever of you Gerald now offer if you’ve no more to say I think Sheila and I should withdraw to the other room and leave you I just wanted to say this are you listening Sheila this concerns you too I’m sorry but I actually was listening I couldn’t be happier about this engagement and I will be very happy to walk my daughter down the aisle I just want to reassure you that with all this talk and concerns from us business owners with the miners strike the labor troubles I can safely say you’ve nothing to worry about and you couldn’t be marrying at a better time I believe you’re right sir what about war yes Eric I was just coming to that with all this nonsense being talked about the Kaiser and war I think we should just ignore it what matters is technology and transport with Titanic set to sail in just five days to New York that’s progress take it from me in a few years from now this nonsense of war will be forgotten about come now Arthur that’s quite enough of that kind of talk for one night yes dear I know I’m talking too much but you just remember what I said right dear well don’t keep Gerald in here too long cigar no thanks can’t quite enjoy them you don’t know what you’re missing I like a good cigar help yourself I don’t mind if I do would you care for one yes thank you yes Cheers now Eric I don’t want you drinking too much tonight and the others going to get this talk as well I don’t want you getting all squiffy and spoiling your sisters celebration it means a lot to her and to your father and nothing is going to ruin it for them don’t suppose you’re going to be doing this the rest of my life if only I could by the way there’s something I’d like to mention while the women wrapped up today I have an idea that your mother might have certain doubts for with my daughter from a social standing horrible I can’t imagine no jelled I don’t blame her she’s completely justified she comes from an old country family and so forth it’s just that I’m rather hopeful of being included on the next on his list a knighthood of course I say well that’s very good news well you know it’s early days but I am hopeful you remember when I was Lord Mayer that royal visit I think I made quite an impression I daresay you must have and I can’t see those chances slipping away no as long as we behave ourselves and don’t get into any trouble we don’t want a scandal [Laughter] ah Eric what did your mother want there nothing too important left them to have my clothes kind of sad that subject yeah I think we’re all with you there close to women is like gold to Dragons they just can’t get enough of it well that’s enough lecturing for one night let’s have one more drink and move through to join the ladies sounds like a plan please sir

an inspectors called an inspector what kind of inspector a police inspector he says his name’s Inspector Poole I don’t know him did you want to see me yes sir he says it’s important Thank You Edna will you show him in here please yes I’m still on the bench I think it’s probably a warrant they want signing yeah nothing too serious I hope no I shouldn’t think so I’m not at this hour Specter gue mr. bell yes would you like a seat inspector I’d rather stand if you don’t mind mr Burley some sort of drink a port or a whiskey No thank you mr. Burley how am i GD you’re new aren’t you yes sir recently transferred I didn’t think that I recognized you I’ve been an alderman for a number of years and the Lord Mayor two years ago I know most of the bromley policemen pretty well quite so well what can I do for you is there a problem with the warrant no I’m afraid not mr. Burley what is it then I’d like some information if you don’t mind mr Birling two hours ago young girl died in the infirmary she was taken there this afternoon seems she drank quite a lot of strong disinfectant burned her insides out of course my god yes she was in some agony for some time they did all they could for her but unfortunately she died horrible business but I don’t see why you would come here I’ve been around to the place that she had sushi left a fault owners sort of diary like a lot of young women who gets into various kinds of trouble do you use different names the first name her original name was Eva Smith Eva Smith do you remember her mr Burley no I can’t say that I do Eva Smith sounds familiar but I still don’t see what I have to do with his business she’s employed at your work sometime ah that’s the connection hmm well we employ a lot of people at that site a lot of young women I can’t be expected to remember all of their names inspector well there’s particularly a woman was out of the ordinary I found a photograph of her in her lodgings perhaps it may have to jog your memory do you remember her now mr. Burley I do she used to be an employee until I dismissed her any particular reason why we shouldn’t see this photograph inspector all in good time I like to take things slowly my line of work I find it helps to avoid any kind of model mr. Berlin when exactly did you discharge mr. Eva Smith from your works anything was in the early autumn of 1910 yes the end of September 1910 look here sir wouldn’t you rather than me and Eric were out of this you’re ok gerald I’m sure the inspector won’t object either I should say that this is Gerald Croft his father is Sir George Croft you know of Crofts limited mr. gerald crafter I’m afraid you’ve caught us at rather an inconvenient time we’re having a minor celebration for Gerald’s engagement to my daughter Sheila well I’m afraid your celebrations are going to have to wait mr. Croft if you don’t mind like to stay on for the time being oh well yes all right then look there’s nothing mysterious or suspicious about any of this business well not at least as far as I’m concerned this happened 18 months ago and I don’t see how it affects these wretched girls suicide inspector I’m afraid I can’t agree with you there mr. Birling well why not because what happened to her then may have determined what happened to her afterwards what happened to her afterwards may have driven her to her suicide yes well putting it like that I can see where you’re coming from but I can’t accept any responsibility if we were all responsible for everything that happened to everybody we never had anything to do with that would be an awkward thing wouldn’t it very awkward indeed now to

this tiresome business Eva Smith our machine lively girl worked in our machine shop for about a year she was a hard worker I remember our Foreman was thinking of promoting her but we went on holiday they went on holiday in that August and when they came back they were all rather Restless they wanted a pay rise they’ve been earning 20:26 a week which is more or less what we pay in this industry and they wanted to put up to about 25 shillings a week I said no of course why why did you say why yes why did you refuse well inspector I don’t see that it’s any concern of yours how I choose to run my business do you or mr. Birling at this stage I think most things are my concern it’s my duty to ask questions after all well it’s my duty to keep our labor costs down and if I’d agree to this rate demand that would have added about 12 percent well cos if I said yes to this one then there would have been a whole cure of them outside my door asking for all sorts does that satisfy you so I refused we were playing the usual rates and if they didn’t like those rates they could go somewhere else it’s a free country I told them still no you couldn’t spare the money does that sir look just you keep out of this you hadn’t even started work when this happened so they went on strike it didn’t last long not if it was just after the holidays it’ll be broke if I know them right Gerald they mostly were and so was the strike after a week or two pitiful affair I let them come back to work on their original rights except for the ringleaders four or five of them Eva Smith being one of them she had too much to say so we let it go well that seems very unfair to me you could have kept the one instead of throwing them out I call it a tough luck rubbish Eric you’ve still got a lot to learn about this business if you don’t come down on these people sharply they’ll soon be asking for the earth is there isn’t it better to ask for the earth than to take it what do you mean by that meaning it wouldn’t hurt to be on the giving end of things for a change now would it father I think you’ve had quite enough to drink yes come on old boy no need for all that very much like to move on what did you say your name was inspector cool G double O le well I must say you’re being very officious about this matter do you know the Chief Constable Colonel Roberts yes then I feel I ought to warn you I known fairly well we play golf together at the West Bromley I don’t play golf that’s a damn shame I mean about this girl Eva Smith why shouldn’t she try for the high wages after all we tried with the high prices I just don’t see why she should have been sacked just because she had a bit more spirit than the rest of them after all did he said that she was a good worker I would have kept her on unless you brighten up your ideas you’re never going to be in a position to let anybody stay or tell them to go well I don’t see the need to you’ve inspector waiting with this I don’t think we need to keep the inspector waiting at all I’ve told him all that I know I told the girl to leave and she went I couldn’t have her disrupting my staff any more and do you agree with your father there Eric girls like that on the work force do much more harm than good you can’t blame the girl trying draw so now we’re all fighting for chance of a better life oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize we had company mother and I were just wondering when you were coming through we’ll be along in a few minutes we’re just finishing I’m afraid not there’s nothing else I told you that what’s going on nothing you need to worry about darling just a bit of unfortunate business between one of your father’s old employees what’s happened I’m a police inspector mr. link this afternoon a young girl joined quite a lot of disinfectant after several hours of agony she died tonight in the infirmary horrible was this an accident no she wanted to take her own life she felt she could go on no longer I don’t see any reason why my daughter should be involved in this ghastly business and I think there’s every reasoning mr Birling the sooner I finished my inquiry the faster we can move on thoughts inquiries someone please tell me what’s going on inspector here believes that the reason for this girl committing suicide was because father discharge from the workhouse thank you Eric

did you Father yes I did she was causing trouble at the works I was completely justified yes I’d say you were too we would have done the same thing oh come on Sheila don’t look like that sorry it’s just I don’t think about this girl destroying herself so horribly I have been so happy tonight I wish you hadn’t told me what’s she like quite young yes 24 pretty which wasn’t this afternoon but she had been yes very pretty that’s enough yes quite right I don’t know where this line of inquiry gets you inspector but it’s what happened to her after she left mr. burling’s works that’s important of which we can’t help you because we don’t know are you sure you don’t know are you suggesting that there’s something to do with this girl yes so it’s more than just my following your head see yes well of course if I’d known this earlier I wouldn’t have said you were officious or that I was going to report you you do understand that don’t you insulator this makes the difference are you sure of your facts some of them yes then what more is there to ask us as far as I’m aware I’ve never known an EVA Smith either why was that her name Eva Smith yes it was no so where does that leave you inspector the same places before mr Kraft as I told you like many young women these days some of them changed their name look after mr. Birling sacked her she stopped being Eva Smith I think she felt she’d had enough of it can’t blame her I think it was a mean thing to do perhaps that spoiled everything for her that’s what I said rubbish what happened to this girl after she left my works well she was out of work for another two months with both parents dead she had no home to go back to she doesn’t exactly saved much money working at Burling & Company with what they were paying her and so being out of work no money coming in still living in lodgings I think she was feeling a little desperate I should think so poor girl I’m afraid that poor girl is one of many there are too many women live that sort of life in every city and town in the country if there weren’t then where would the factories and warehouses get their cheap labor from just ask your father these girls aren’t cheap labor of people what happened to her then well as luck would have it she found a job in a shop rather good shop mill words no words we go there in fact I was there this afternoon feel well yes she was taken on at the beginning of December that year 1910 it seems Mill woods were short-handed and so decided to give her her chance she seems to like working there I think he made a change from working in a factory and she must have enjoyed working amongst the pretty clothes no doubt and she felt that she was making a good fresh start and then she got herself into trouble there I suppose she’d been working there a couple of months after having settled into her new job she was told that she would have to leave that’s terrible do you know why there was nothing wrong with the way she was working they have admitted that there must have been something wrong all she knew was the customer complained about her so she had to go when was this it was the end of January last year did this girl look like glad to come with me miss Berlin pakkun charlie I said what’s the matter with her sure cognise the photograph didn’t show yes why did you have to go upsetting the child like that well I didn’t do it she’s upsetting herself well what on earth for that I don’t know yet I intend to find out no I’ll find out for myself why do you want me to go after that no leave this to me I must also have a word with my wife if it’s all right with the inspector here [Applause] this was supposed to be such a lovely

evening I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time couldn’t have wait until the morning inspector I hope you don’t mind me saying and I think you made rather nasty mess in this light well that’s more or less what I was thinking while I was down at the infirmary this evening looking down at the remains of a dismiss such a pretty little life there a nasty mess somebody’s made of it I think I’d like to see that photograph now inspector all in good time I can’t see why as I said before I like to take it one line of inquiry at a time everybody’s talking at once we won’t know where we are you have something to say there’s plenty of time to say it later I can’t imagine that I would have very much to say but during our little celebrations I’ve had quite a lots drink including quite a bit of champagne so I’ve got quite a headache I say how I’m only in the way here I think I’ll turn in I’d rather you stay and how about you come get me when it’s my turn it as long as you don’t my turning out again getting a bit heavy-handed are we inspector possibly but you’ll find if you’re easy with me I’m easy with you after all we are civilized people and not criminals sometimes I find it difficult to distinguish between the two often if you left me I think I might need help on where to draw the line well it’s a good thing that it isn’t left up to you then isn’t it well miss Pearlie you knew it was me all along didn’t you I had a good idea that you might be there the girl herself I told fall over he didn’t seem to think it amounted to much I felt rotten my retirement didn’t make much fun I’m afraid it did was the last real study job she had when she lost it so no reason she could discover she decided to try a different kind of life response now Sheila let’s not jump to conclusions no not entirely a great deal happened to her after that you’re partly to blame just like your father now steady on inspector what does she do once with a manager at moments nice if they didn’t get where did that girl I’ve never go near the place again not dissuade mothers cleaver kappa whata brought on this disliking to water I was in a bath is that the girl’s fault no Sheila don’t be so hard on yourself I’m sure it’s not entirely your fault Trump mate don’t like that Gerald you know what you’re thinking I’m trying to tell the truth I’m sure you have plenty that you were ashamed of too well I never said that I hadn’t but I can’t see what that is mind about that can settle that amongst yourselves afterwards then what happened I went to the store to try on something I had in mind it’s my idea I’m excited about it mother had advised me against it so no I wish I had anyway when the girl brought the dress up the assistant asks for something to show us what she meant she held it in front of her as if she was wearing just suit to go I knew then that was a bad idea because I’m dressed for a pretty girl it’s clearly not right for me you might say that you were jealous of this girl the way she looked yes I suppose I tried the thing on her lips on myself I’m here I knew it was all wrong I caught smiling at these sisters it says she look awful I was a very root both of them I went to the monitor and said that they God be

very important could I have known what would happen afterwards mother was no use at all put me down making me feel bad about myself that’s a surprise she’s been some playing gnome creature don’t suppose my press for the manager and I insisted that she should be like so you use your power the daughter of a good customer there’s a well-known respected man around the town to punish the girl simply because she made you feel jealous if I hadn’t known what she had been through if I hadn’t known what would happen afterwards yes but you want to know where you there’s nothing you can do about that now my god it’s a bit thicker when you think about after all that she’d been through I want to turn to no job she was scared I mean very few options she decided to try something neither she decided to change her name or she changed too she changed her name to Daisy Renta what I said she changed your name – Daisy rent would you excuse me for a minute do you know this girl child no you have to tell me something say it no all right fine fine I knew the girl but it’s all over and done with last summer haven’t laid eyes on her for months this is hotter she hath Nords yes she let the tights but we can talk about all this later but for now let’s not tell this to the inspector about you in the girl yes we can keep it from him why should I do that for you I probably already knows and how did you become to know this girl mr. Croft you see how it’s all just good evening inspector ah good evening madam I’m mrs. Birling and my husband has just been explaining to me the situation if there’s anything at all that I can turn mother please what was the matter I know it’s not silly I’ve been trying to persuade Derrick to go to bed but he was apparently you told him to stay up is that right yes I did why ghusl wish to speak to him mr Birling well I can’t see that you should need to but if you must then I suggest you go into it now no I’m afraid I can’t do that sorry but you’ll have to wait his turn I said he will have to wait his turn you see no I don’t Sheila please be quiet no mother I won’t you’re looking at this all wrong I’m afraid you might say or do something which will feel sorrowful afterwards did you seem to have made a great impression on this child inspector don’t you think it’s time you went to bed dear yes I agree Sheila this is bound to be unpleasant and disturbing you think that you women ought to be protected from disturbing and unpleasant things if possible yes well we know one young woman who wasn’t don’t we I suppose I asked for that be careful you don’t ask for more Gerald I only meant to say to you why stay when you’ll hate it because they can’t be any worse than it’s really been for me it might be better I see what do you see you’ve been through it and now you want to see someone else go through that’s what you think of me I’m glad I realized it in time Joel no no that’s not what I mean yes it is you’d actually love me you wouldn’t have said that you had a nice story about me I got that girl sacked from mill once now you’ve made up your mind I’m obviously a selfish dick you know that’s not what I meant you going anywhere until I understand why this girl killed herself I don’t suppose we can understand why the girl committed suicide girls of that class really please stop you must not try and build a wall between us in this girl inspector will only break it down and it’ll be all the worse when he does I don’t understand you do you yes and she’s

right and besides inspector hasn’t finished asking questions happy no you see then I’m staying I just can’t see what you’re getting out of this Sheila allow me mr. link I can tell you why she would want to stay on my should feel much better if she did young girl died this evening miss Burling has been made to understand what she did to this young girl and now she feels responsible if she were to leave now not here anything else she would feel entirely to blame not only for this evening but for tomorrow evening and the night after that yes that’s it I know I’m so high I’m desperately sorry I will not I will not believe that it’s simply my fault that she committed suicide nobody to horrible you see we all have something to share if there is nothing else it may as well be our guilt I still don’t understand what blame there is to take on our part all in good time mrs Birling and where’s this young man Eric he’s upstairs refusing to go to bed well what’s wrong with him Eric I believe he had rather too much to drink tonight is he not used to drinking no of course not he’s only a boy oh he’s a young man and young men these days drink far too much Sheila I don’t want to put poor Eric into trouble but we’ve really must stop with these silly pretenses I was not the time to pretend that Eric isn’t used to drink he’s been steadily drinking too much for the last two years it simply isn’t true gerald you know him and you’re a man you must know that it isn’t true well mr. Kraft although I haven’t seen much of Eric outside the house I am aware that he enjoys the occasional drink and this is the time you choose to tell me yes of course yes this is what I meant by not building up a wall it’s bound to be not a flat but it’s you and not the inspector here that’s doing it but can’t you see he hasn’t started with you yet I shall be glad to answer any questions the inspector may wish to ask though naturally I don’t know anything about this girl we’ll see inspector I’ve told you before I don’t like your tone and I don’t like the way you’re handling this investigation I’m not gonna give you much more rope can’t you see he’s the one presenting us with the rope so we may hang ourselves what’s the matter with you child she’s overexcited and refuses to go well come along inspector what is it you wish to know well at the end of January last year this girl Eva Smith had to leave me what because young miss Berlin here compelled them to discharge he was then that she stopped being Eva Smith looking for a job and became Daisy Renton with her ideas I saw mr. Croft how was it that you first came to know her what gave you the impression that I did miss Marri use Charles you’re wasting time as soon as I mentioned the name Daisy Venson it was obvious that you knew her gave yourself away immediately of course he did so when away did you first meet her mr Croft all right all right then fine if you must have it met in March of last year at the stools bar at the palace the palace Music Hall here in Bromley I didn’t think you meant Buckingham Palace yes thanks I can see you’re gonna be a great help now you’ve said your part and you’re obviously gonna hate this so why on earth don’t you just leave us to it nothing would induce me I want to know exactly what happens when a man says he’s so busy at the works that he hardly has time to see the girl he’s supposed to be in love with I wouldn’t miss it for the world yes mr. Croft in the stores bar the palace variety theater I only looked in after a long dull day at the office I I went in to see the show and it wasn’t very bright so I went downstairs to the bar it’s a favorite haunt of women of the town women Oh the Tao yes yes but I see no point in mentioning this subject especially as it’s highly inappropriate for Sheila to be listening to this story at all you’re forgetting I’m supposed to be engaged to the hero of it let’s go on Gerald you went down into the bar which is a favorite haunt of women I’m glad I amuse you well mr. Croft what happened I didn’t intend to stay long but then I saw this girl there was quite

different from all of the others it’s just very pretty she had soft brown hair and and big dark eyes she was very young and charming and she was obviously not happy about being there there was an elder chap who with half-drunken goggle-eyed and he’d wedged her into a corner with that obscene fat carcass I think we are quite past the point of disgusting please go on mr Grovner she was obviously in need of rescue so I did what any other half decent chap would do I went over to the man and I told him that there was a call for him at the front desk that got him out of the way she then let on that she hadn’t eaten in some time so I insisted on her joining me for dinner where did you go so the country hotel down the road it was there she started to come into herself a little more started to relax they should have much to drink over dinner no she only had a a port and lemonade or some such concoction what did you two talk about you tell me who she was where she came from she mentioned what had happened in the works that she had had a job in though she didn’t mention where she mentioned the shop to though she didn’t talk much about that I quickly became aware that she was just in desperate need of someone to talk to someone to look after her where did he go from there she told me that she hadn’t a penny left and she was about to be thrown out of her lodgings a miserable backroom that she had cheers to us man yes it just so happened that a friend of mine had gone abroad for six months and he had left me the set of keys to some rooms that he had so I insisted on her moving into those rooms and I gave her some money to keep her going there she was so overwhelmed by the gesture I just I felt sorry for her during this time of her staying there she became your mistress no mrs. Birling I must protest it was anything but disgusting it was quite the opposite and I wanted nothing more than to help her were you in love I was it’s difficult to say I didn’t feel the same way that she felt about me was not you were the wonderful fairy Prince well I bet you adored yes all right I did any man would have done it’s not last thing you said tonight Lisa honest did you see her every night no not every night I wasn’t lying when I said I was busy the words everything when did the affair in mr. Croft the first week of September I was said to go away then on business and by that time Daisy knew it was coming to an end so I broke it off definitely before I went and how did you take it better than I’d hoped she was very gallant about it no it was nice view that wasn’t she mentioned that she had been the happiest she’s ever been but she knew it couldn’t last she had to move out of those rooms yes we’d agreed on that she’d save some money over the summer and I insisted on a parting gift of some money though it wasn’t enough to keep her going to the end of the year did she say what she intended to do after she had gone no she didn’t talk much about that I get the feeling she intended to leave Bromley I just can’t believe that she’s actually dead well I can tell you that she went away

for about two months someplace by the sea and how do you know that and as I mentioned before she left the kind of rough diary and in that she said that she needs to go away to be quiet just to remember keep it going just that little bit longer I think she realized that there would never be anything as good for her again I see well inspector if there’s nothing more than you need from me no I think that’s all I need from you now well then if you don’t mind I feel I need to be alone of course I understand Gerald and I’m just like each other in fact since the laundry Arashi respect you mom I have before I believe jr. I wanted to help her faster it was my fault she was in that mess in the first place this changes things you and I are not seeing people that sat down today that’s why we have to start all over again came to know each other and now she I’m not defending him Gerald knows about me yes I do excuse me no no but she sure don’t know I didn’t think it was necessary you have a photograph of this girl yes I think I’d like you to see it do you recognize her mrs. Birling no why should I well of course she may have changed lately but I can’t imagine she’s changed

too much I don’t understand you inspector I think you’re choosing not to my sister I meant what I said you’re not telling me the truth now look inspector I’m not gonna have this you’ll apologize at once apologize for what doing my GT know for being so offensive I’m a public man a weak man mr. Birling have responsibilities as well as privilege that may be so but you didn’t come here to ask me about my responsibilities how do you think responsibilities has anything to do with it does that mean anything Sheila I mean mother you can’t just hide behind a wall of ignorance simply because you’re too afraid to face the facts I think it’s high time you got off your high horse and stop pretending that you don’t come into this business why can’t you just admit that you recognize the girl in the photograph he’s getting it out of you anyway there’s no point dragging this out now inspector I don’t see what my wife has got to do with any of this business just because she recognized some girl in a photograph mrs. Berlin you’re a prominent member of Bromley women’s charity organisation aren’t you yes she is why what does this organization do exactly it’s a charitable organisation to which women in distress can appeal for help in various forms we have done a great of useful work and deserving cases my right to think you used to tell the chair of the committee of this organization yes I do then you’ll remember the meeting of the interviewing committee two weeks ago is there a point to any of these questions inspector yes and a good one mr. Croft told us quite truthfully and I believe they had neither seen nor heard from either Smith since last September whereas miss Burrell Inc not only saw or but spoke to her two weeks ago see what yes quite true she appeal to your organization for help yes neither as either Smith nor this Daisy Renton has what them first she caught herself mrs. Birling mrs. Berg yes it was simply a piece of gross impertinence quite deliberate and naturally that was one of the things that prejudiced me against a case I should think so damned impudent so you admit to being prejudiced to the case yes this girl has just died my mother don’t forget I am well aware of that Sheila but I still don’t see what this has to do with me was he going to your position as the prominent member of the committee that helped us refuse this girl possibly well was it or was it not your influence yes I found the girl to be quite impertinent it did not take long for us to find out the truth about the improper use of our name she had no claim to it was not married and that the story she had come up with about her husband deserting her was a lie and why does she need your help you know very well why she wanted help yes I know what she needed help mrs. Birling father wasn’t there I have no idea what she was asking of the committee I don’t think we need to scuzz it you have no hope of not discussing it mrs. Birling if you think you can bring pressure to bear upon me inspector you’re quite mistaken this girl came to us with a claim with which I was not satisfied and so I had it refused and despite what has happened to the girls since I consider that I did my duty I have nothing to be ashamed of and do not wish to discuss it further and you have no power to make me change my mind oh yes I have no you haven’t I have done nothing wrong as well you know would you still consider yourself to have done nothing wrong if I told you that the girl was expecting a child did you know the smaller it was because the girl was expecting a child that she sought assistance from your mother’s committee but she was asking for help at a time when no woman could have needed it more not only did you refuse that help mrs. Birling you saw to it that others refused it too she wasn’t just asking for money she was asking for advice sympathy friendliness you slammed the door in her face mother I think it was violence I have to say sin when this comes out at the inquest it’s not gonna look good for us the press are bound to pick it up stop it the pair of you and before you both start accusing me again let me remind you that it was not I who

turned her out of her employment which probably began at all don’t try to turn this on us neither of us would have refused a pregnant girl the help she so clearly desperately needed in the circumstances I was justified the girl had begun by telling us a pack of lies if she had told us the truth things might have been different what was the truth mrs. Birling I discovered that she knew who the father was she was quite certain about that and so I told her it was her business to make him responsible and if he refused to marry her which in my view he ought to be compelled to he should at the very least supporter she say who the father was she said he was a youngster silly and wild and drinking too much he gave her money and she did not wish to take any more why does she not want any more money from him yeah what a lot of nonsense I didn’t believe a word of it didn’t ask if you believed her mrs. Birling I wanted to know what it is she said now why did she not want to take any more money some fancy reason as if a girl in her position would ever refuse money for the position she’s in now as she’s lying with an inside burnt out on a slab now it’s don’t stammer and yell at me man I’m losing all patience with you people now tell me what you didn’t want to take any more money she discovered he had stolen the money and so refused to take any more so she came to you for help to protect this youngster from any more trouble isn’t that so possibly but it sounded ridiculous to me so I was perfectly justified in advising my committee against her claim you’re not even sorry now even though you know what happened to the girl I’m sorry she should have come to such a horrible end but I accept no blame for it at all so who is to blame I blamed the young man who got her into this mess in the first place if he had done a noble thing of marrying her then she would have flopped no need to come to us so he’s the chief culprit anyhow certainly and should be made an example of and if you’d spent more time trying to find him instead of asking all these unnecessary questions da not I will not be held responsible for the actions of some vile creature don’t you see see what she what are you talking about I don’t see what we have to do with this young man who is the father of the child if as she said he didn’t belong to her class but with some drunken young idler then that’s all the more reason why he shouldn’t escape if the girl’s death is due to anybody then it’s due to him so you think he should be made an example quite right and I don’t see why got up to this sooner morning a time mr. Lee well what are you waiting for I’d like to speak to Eric now you could possibly meet mother I begged you to stop you all know don’t you yes you know Oh hurry can’t believe it mistake don’t know what I’m saying it’s a good job he doesn’t know everything isn’t it why because another here has been blaming everything on the young man I’ve got that Sheila don’t you haven’t made it any easier for me haven’t whoa I didn’t know it was you Trent besides you’re not the type drunk of course he does I told you he did told her I could have told her months of course I didn’t I only told it so much because I knew everything was coming out I had a sense of loyalty now mr. Birling I just still have to

hear what eric has to sit have a drink first thank you yes I’m sorry mr. bear thing I know he’s your son this is your house I think he needs a drink now just to see him through all right go on Eric when did you first meet either Smith one night last November where the palace bar I’d been there an hour survived two or three friends was bit squiffy what happened then yeah we were gonna talking to this girl stood her a few drinks was a bit far gone by the time we had to go what she drunk – she told me afterwards that she was a bit chiefly because she said that she hadn’t much to eat that night Mike she’s gone there she wasn’t the source but she told me that some some women that haven’t have got there I couldn’t go understand why do you went to her lodgings in the evening yes transistor disease she said that she didn’t want me to go in I said that’s what states are chuckling easily turn nasty so I threatened to make around social ed you mean yes that’s when it happened but I don’t even remember it that’s the hellish thing Sheila take your mother along to the drawing room you heard what I said gone civil when did you next meet her about a fortnight afterwards it’s not by appointment No I couldn’t remember her name or where she lived to feel very vague I haven’t run into her at the past bar but more drinking yes although this time I wasn’t so bad but you took her home anyway yes but this time so he talks we spoke she showed me a bit about herself and told some something about myself and thought of my name what I did and you made love again yes I wasn’t in love of her but liked her she was pretty and a good sport so you had to go to bed with her I’m old enough to be married aren’t I besides I hate seeing these fat old tart you see around town saw that you see some of your respectable friends with I don’t need that from you and I don’t want it either I think you were raised to see her again after that yes so this time this time she told me that she thought she was going to be having a baby what did you suggest you do she didn’t want me to marry her I said I didn’t love her but that’s in a

way in a way she treated me as if I was a child although I’m almost as old as she was what did you propose well she hadn’t any money left nor chopper so I intended to give her some money insisted on its keep her going until she refused to take any more how much did you give her altogether about 50 pounds over told 50 pounds after going around the town drinking and going out where on earth did you get 50 pounds that’s my question also I’ve got it I got it from the office well my office yes you mean you stole but really what do you mean not really I tend to pay it back how how are you going to pay it back I would have managed I just needed to have somebody you’re right how would you get it out of the office without anybody noticing I went around to some of the small cats the ones that still need to collect it they asked me been cashing my firm’s receipt put the money in your pocket I yes you damned fool you’re going to give me a list of all those accounts if anybody was to find out about this why didn’t you just come to me because you’re not the type of father a chap to go to when he’s in trouble that’s why isn’t my fault well I’m sorry other I simply couldn’t stay in there I have to know what’s happening well let me tell you what’s happening our spoilt little son here has just admitted for being responsible for the girl’s condition and that he stole money from my office to facilitate her Eric you stole money I’m afraid I don’t have time to go through that again Gil discovered that the money he was giving her storage yes she said she didn’t wanna see me again I said who is she after that she went to your mother’s committee for help what Eric I didn’t understand no that was my child my child you don’t don’t have time for this now you’ll have time for that after I’m gone for now you will listen to me remember what you did mrs. Birling refusing her even the pitiable little piece of organized charity you had in your power to grant her Eric using her at the end of a drunken stupid evening as though she was an animal who helped too but you didn’t start it mr. Birling was the one who started it all she wanted was 25 shillings a week instead of 22 and sixpence made a pay a heavy price for that you’ll pay a heavier price too inspector I’ll give you thousands afraid it’s too late thousands we’re offering the money at the wrong time thank you Mycroft though he showed us some affection made a happy for a while remember what you did know you won’t forget she’s gone now and there’s nothing anybody can do about it you can’t even say I’m sorry Eva Smith but just remember this one Eva Smith has gone there are millions and millions of Eva Smith’s and John Smith still with us with their lives their hopes and fears their chances of happiness and suffering all intertwine with our lives with what we say what we think what we do we do not live alone we are responsible for each other and I will tell you that the day will soon come where if man has not learned that lesson

then he will be taught it in blood and fire and in anguish night there’s bound to be a public scandal I’m gonna lose my chance at a knighthood for God’s sake what does it matter whether you lose your knighthood or not matter matter does anything matter to you you’re gonna have to repay every single penny you stole from the company every single penny you think I wasn’t going to I may have taken that money without permission but at least I gave it to someone who was in need of it besides it wasn’t just me people don’t that mess that was it well this is all bound to come out there’ll be a public scandal but you don’t seem to care and there’ll be no more of this going around town picking up women and hanging out at the palace bar I should think not Eric I’m absolutely ashamed of you oh what a surprise I suppose you’ve already forgotten what you’ve done to her now haven’t you don’t start that what your mother and I did was totally acceptable unfortunate but that’s all that’s all well what do you have to say oh there’s quite a lot got to say well don’t nobody wants to hear I behave badly too I know I did but you’re just pretending all over again like nothing much has happened nothing much has happened haven’t already said there’ll be a public scandal but I’m not talking about that I don’t care about that the point is you don’t seem to have learned anything I’ve learned quite enough from tonight I’m sure you have do you remember how you’d always tell us every man has to look after themselves and that we should mind our own business and how we shouldn’t listen to these cracks who would tell us that everybody has to look after everybody else and then one of these cranks walked in after dinner I don’t remember you telling him it was every man for himself is that when the inspector came just last for dinner yes what of it it’s it’s queer very queer she look what exactly do you mean well I mean I was just thinking was he was he really a police inspector well if he wasn’t it makes all the difference no it doesn’t don’t talk rubbish of course it does well it doesn’t matter to me and it oughtn’t to you either don’t you see it doesn’t matter who it was who made us confess we all confessed us something that led to a girl’s death that’s what’s important not whether a man is a police inspector or not he inspected us all right well exactly that’s what I mean Eric but there was something curious for him he didn’t seem like an ordinary police inspector you’re right I noticed you too well I must say his banner really was quite extraordinary for a police inspector so rude and assertive yes they don’t talk like that and I’ve had dealings with dozens of them alright doesn’t make any real difference you know of course it does no she’s right it doesn’t that is comic coming from you you’re the only one it makes the difference – you’re the only one that’s done something criminal he could ruin you you know I don’t care and after knowing what happened to her did you notice how he hardly ever said anything that he didn’t already know that’s nothing the family remains if we hadn’t said so much he’d have nothing to go on why you all had to let it come out like that beats me you confessed to father well he certainly didn’t make me confess I made it quite plain that I felt I had done no more than my duty Oh mother now who’s this Edna will go might be Gerald coming

back he’d be brave to do so it’s mr Croft I hope you don’t mind my coming back no of course not my boy when did the inspector go only a few minutes ago I saw that she look Gerald might as well know where did you get off to Gerald I actually went to see a police sergeant that I know down the road I told him about this inspector ghoul and gave a description of the chap but he could have sworn there’s no inspector ghoul or anybody like him on the force here you didn’t tell him oh no no no no I passed it off as someone having an argument with me but the point is is that this police sergeant was dead so that there wasn’t anybody like the inspector here by jingo faith didn’t I tell you didn’t I say I couldn’t imagine a real police inspector talking to us like that well you were right there was no such inspector we’ve been had I’m going to make certain of this what are you going to do I’m gonna call the Chief Constable Colonel Roberts be careful what you say dear of course get me Bromley eight seven five two please Colonel Roberts it’s Arthur Burling calling now Roberts Burling here I’m very sorry to disturb your evening I won’t even tell me if you’re gonna inspect a ghoul on the force ghoul g WL e tall fellow clean-shaven no well that settles it no just a little argument we’re having here thank you very much good evening there is no in spectacle that definitely wasn’t an inspector Gerald was completely correct we’ve been had I knew he wasn’t a real inspector it didn’t look the part at all this makes all the difference well done gerald well I had my doubt before I left but I had to make sure so I suppose were all nice people now if you haven’t anything sensible to say Sheila I suggest you keep quiet she’s right though and you need to keep quiet if that a bit of real inspector and you’ll confess yes yes Sybil I know but we’re feeling so pleased with ourselves and it had gone so well it just took me by surprise all right I just can’t believe it don’t know this adds up didn’t make any sense I need some air Eric where are you off to I need to keep my head about this business don’t pretend you’re out of the woods just because he wasn’t a real inspector remember you still stole from the firm I told you I was gonna pay you back that’s missing time by myself right now if you’re still feeling on edge then the least you can do is keep quiet it’s our turn now I’ll turn to do what to behave sensibly Sheila which is more than you’re doing oh what’s the use of talking about behaving sensibly you’re beginning to behave like nothing very happens and I can’t say it like that for I know this girl’s still dead and nobody’s brought her back to life have they whoever that chap was the fact is that I still did what I did mother still did what she did and the rest of you still did what you did as well it’s still the same bottom story whether we told it to a police inspector or not and I would feel better about that I took some money jailed you might as well know don’t you dare I don’t care the money’s not the important thing so what we did to the girl that matters I said the other say the birthdays so excuse me if I don’t feel like sitting around to have a nice cozy talk Erichs absolutely right and it’s the best thing any one of us is said tonight

it’s makes a little bit less ashamed of us you’re just beginning to pretend all over again look for God I’m sorry my dear but these two need to understand the difference between something coming out in private and there being a damn right public scandal a public scandal a girl has died tonight that’s what we did that matters and I say stop shouting or get out some fathers wouldn’t tolerate this behavior good thinking I got a father David Merrick please does we make anything better with it he’s just come to sit down do we know for certain if a pills actually died well we’ve already found out he wasn’t a real inspector well he was our inspector all right let’s not start dodging and pretending now between us we drove a girl to commit suicide did we who sister because I say there is no real evidence that we did then that that chap was a real police inspector of course there is well think about it man comes to the house pretends he’s a police officer it’s a hoax of some kind what does he do he artfully plays on the little bits of information that he has on us and Bluffs his way to get us to confess that we’d all had some sort of involvement with this girl one way or another sir we have we all confess that we had an involvement with a girl but who’s to say that it was the same girl Joe what are you getting at photographs do we know that it was the same photograph did you see the photo he showed your father no I did did your father see the photograph he showed you no he did I see what you mean no there’s no proof it was the same photo and therefore no proof that it was the same girl he caught me out by suddenly announcing that she changed her name to Daisy Renton which of course gave me away immediately because I had known that Daisy Renton but Daisy Renton isn’t necessarily Eva Smith we only have his word for that thinking about it now I well the evidence he had against us to do with this girl it did fit rather loosely together exactly he never showed the photograph to more than one person at any time for all we know he could have shown each of us a different picture it makes no difference to me Michaels dead what is she do we know that there’s actually a dead girl we can settle this at once how by calling the infirmary either there’s a dead girl there or there isn’t well that seemed a little queer at this time of night I don’t mind doing it hello could you pass me through to Bromley infirmary please good evening this is mr. Gerald Croft of Crofts Limited yes we’ve got a bit of concern about one of our employees could you tell me has a girl been submitted this afternoon committed suicide by drinking a large amount of disinfectant or anything like suicide yes I’ll wait yes and you’re quite sure about that right well thank you very much yes good night no girls miss Alyssa to the infirmary no one’s died by drinking disinfectant they haven’t had suicide there for months there you are proof positive would you like a drink I think I could go for one right about now so come on Oh Gerald you really have argued this very cleverly and were most grateful well once I got out of the house and cleared my head I was able to think it through a little better yes he didn’t keep you on the run like he did the rest of us I have to say he had me scared for a time but then I have special reasons for not wanting to get a scandal right now come along don’t look like that it’s all over now I just can’t remember what we all said that we had done you might not have ended badly but very well could have done but the whole thing’s different now surely you can see that can’t you go to bed young lady I want out of this frightens me

that way you will talk I agree it is frightening well why don’t you just go off to bed instead of staying here being hysterical they’re overtired in the morning they’ll be as amused as we are yes come on Sheila it’s all right now and and what about this it’s too soon any time to think now look at them the famous younger generation they know it all and they can’t even take a joke yes mr. Birling speaking what now that was the police a girl has just died on her way to the infirmary after drinking disinfectant and inspectors on his way here now to question us you you [Applause]