– Alright, so today is a big day I think I’m pretty much close to the final parts of my build Again, for those just joining us, here we are with my tribute build to the BBC Toyota / ToyBota / car boat challenge on Top Gear from back in the day I figured for our one billion views celebration total video views on YouTube we should do some sort of epic project, and it seems that the ToyBota has definitely turned into just that Now in the last video, I left you with the cable driven steering for the back boat motor here all hooked up, but what you guys didn’t know is that I still wanted to put in a helm Now I kind of hinted at that with the captain’s wheel words that came up in the last video, but here is one of the pieces that I needed to fabricate off camera I could’ve done it on camera, as well, but I’ve been dying to do this build, but I wanted to show you guys as much as possible But for those that are saying the build is getting too long for them, well, I tried to do my best for all you guys So here we go, one piece that’s already built This is a pass through If you actually have a real close look, you can see that there’s a hole drilled right in the middle How I did that was to drill a larger hole, put a large nut in there, and then on either side silicone another nut. (laughs) Pretty nutty. (laughs) The reason I’ve done this is that I wanted to have something for this cable driven steering to actually have the wires come together before it went into the aluminum tube I have here in the seat going out to the overpowered, oversized, outboard motor we have on the back Plus, I also wanted something for my driver, because I want to have a servo driven steering wheel right here I wish I could find a captain’s wheel, but I don’t have one So here is a steering wheel for a 1/10 scale trail truck With a servo mounted up on the back, I should be able to harness it into the servo that’s driving the steering for this on the back, the outboard motor And if they have it working together, awesome, because then I can have, da da da da da da Everyone has been saying here I needed to find a mini Jeremy Clarkson, but everybody may forget, some folks may forget Capel actually did a one off DJ Medic RCSparks right there So I figured since it’s our tribute to BBC and I built the truck, I might as well pilot it, as well, right? So, why not? So here we go with the seat on the back This is where and why I wanted to have him back here, because you have to have a driver for a ToyBota This, the way it is shaped is gonna be drilled into the back tray or into the back bed Then, these cables right here are gonna slide right through the middle, right through the seat, and into the back horn, or into the back steering horn for the outboard What I need to figure out is proper height, because my little guy’s arms move here, right? They’re gonna be able to move with that steering wheel And so if I had the steering wheel roughly here, right, that would work (drill whirring) Alright, the servo I’m gonna use for my steering wheel is just gonna be a tiny one, but I’m gonna make sure it’s waterproof I got this down at my local hobby store, Action Hobby I try to go down and support my local hobby stores as much as I can, especially living in an online world Anything that they don’t have or they can’t order in like within a week or two and I can get it online I’ll get it there, but if I can get down to a local hobby shop, I do Since the driver is sitting farther away, where is his final resting position gonna be? Now just off to the side I’ve got this little piece of plastic here It’s just scrap that I use off of the tray and off of the chassis, but it’s almost the perfect height to slide into where I can have a screw mount here Bought a new grinder the other day The other one was getting pretty old and toasted (grinder whirring) (grinder grinding) (drill whirring) Straight through Yeah, right about there (drill whirring) Thread the screw all the way through,

which looks fine in my opinion. (laughs) And then I’m slowly being very, very careful with these Traxxas servos Just going to thread the screw into the actual servo horn mount Now the reason I said I’m being careful with it is because these are plastic gears on the inside, and I’ve seen under stress they can snap pretty easily So I never try to force those gears back and forth But there you go That is exactly how I would do a servo mounted steering wheel Now I could get in here and paint it black, and I’m sure in the end I will, but really I don’t want this to look like super clean cut The ToyBota original and the Nissan, both of them were kind of rugged trucks and this one is turning out to be pretty nice, which is fine as a tribute truck But a little roughness around the edges I think is what I’m after And oop, all of us just checked our phones to see who got a text. (laughs) Now, I will be using a nut on the other side just to make sure that all of this stays attached Don’t want to be running through the water and all of a sudden have it just kind of disappear And just cinch down the other side Now a lot of these parts that I’m using are spare parts I’ve just collected over the years, you know, the parts tray, the nuts, the screws, everything If you save your stuff, if you’re in the hobby long enough and you save the stuff that’s necessary and get rid of the stuff that you don’t really think you’re gonna need in the future, well, then you’re always kind of prepared So, not too tight, because I don’t want to crack the actual truck bed itself, but I am gonna want to seal this up with some shoe goo or some sort of silicone just so I don’t have any leaks coming through the holes Okay, here’s that silicone Just making sure that it’s all sealed up I don’t want any water being forced through the tray while it’s floating on the water I’d rather if it’s gonna get water in the back I’d rather it was from splashing instead of leaking Just get all these wires out of the way for a moment so we can run these cables through the part I just made Then I have to run it through the seat tube again, and then into the proper sheathing here for wire control I think that’s exactly where I’m gonna run into the problem is getting this wire restrung into the proper tubing on the other side Threading it through, there we go Very nice I’ll get the water cooling out of the way Putting the cable through the control horn like that Now I think Now you can see all the cables for the cable driven steering are out of the way the way it should be done Yeah, I hope this works. (laughs) Either way, it’s pretty cool to look at I’ve never actually built a boat before, let alone a truck boat, but I’ve operated a lot of boats I’ve got zero engineering and design skills from school of course This is all just This could be a spectacular fail or a spectacular win I think it’s a spectacular win either way, just because this is so much fun Let’s see, so I’ll put the cable stops on next, right? That would be the secret Let’s do it this way Now, before I tighten up anything too much, I still have to do the radio conversion, which isn’t gonna take very long But, it’s still important because I have to set my servos where they’re gonna be So, these cable stops will have to be adjusted as I adjust the pulley on the front steering servo right here, right? So I have to once it’s hooked up I’ll have to center it Alright, so there we go, the truck is I just placed the body on top of the chassis so we could get a good reward for all the work we just did Have a look inside to see how everything is hooked up Now for those that have noticed, yes, I have installed a nice bright that’ll actually be a white LED low current light bar on the top, because I think some nighttime driving will be cool if this works out, as well as just being lit up on a truck like this would look pretty darn neat So in the back you can see now I’ve got three plugs left over, one for the ESC that’ll be running the motor back here,

one for the steering wheel, and one for the steering, for the cables, right? So it’s going back and pulling on either side there Even though I have three cables here, one of them is going to be put into, or pardon me, two of them are gonna be put into one wide juncture, which will come out as just one channel that I’ll need on the radio The other one is for the ESC Now the inside here I also have three channels that I need to run, one for the ESC, one for the steering, and of course one for the transmission shifting because it’s got a two stage transmission, high and low So next I got to get into swapping out the radio, but I just wanted to get a nice up close look, kind of a good reward for you guys to see what was just done, right? That was quite a bit of work to get done there The cable system is clearing the three cell battery I have in there, going through the helm, going through the seat, and of course into the back steering horn right here, which will move back and forth, is the plan Alright here Let’s remove the body, which is actually quite heavy Been wondering about that, too I’m gonna have to do another float test just to see if we can actually float it Okay, so with the body off you can see here I’m actually running just your run of the mill everyday spectrum 2.4 gigahertz receiver This is the SR410 four channel receiver really built for trail trucks When I built this truck as a truck, I used this It’s very, very easy Waterproof, it has ReliaCoat on it, which is a waterproofing coat basically like your conformal coating, I think It might be something else, but you can get it wet and there’s no problem Unfortunately, not enough channels for me to run everything I want So, I’m gonna be switching over to a dual stick I have an older DX18, in fact it’s just on the other table there, but I will be running a flight receiver if possible We’ll see how the reception is I think it should be okay, as long as I’m running this part up and out of the water This is also covered in ReliaCoat and gives me six channels for me to fiddle around with, and I think that’s gonna be just enough for what I need, so Alright, so what you’re seeing here now, I figured I’d kind of tune you guys in, is I’m taking the receiver from back here and relocating it to a part of the vehicle that won’t be or supposed to be not underwater all the time The back of the vehicle will always be underwater, so for better reception to the radio I think I already have a section cut out here that I can actually just stuff the receiver into the foam and run the antenna up out of the water properly And I’m just putting some split loom over the wires here to give it a more finished, cleaner look Alright, now I have to make a hole (drill whirring) in the body to actually have these wires come down through to connect to the receiver (drill whirring) There is the hole What a crazy video and what a maniac wiring system this is It’s really not too bad if you understand how it goes, but it’s quite confusing even if I explain it to you, but I’ll do my very best You see this battery right here? This is a complete separate connection without anything to do with the radio This is for the light bar So for on and off I just plug it in and out and it’s very small, very light, and fits right here on the chassis itself Now to get into the radio functions, okay, let’s remember, I have two sticks, one on this side and one on this side I’m basically controlling the truck on this side, I believe, I haven’t turned it on and tested anything, but the truck bottom on this side and then the boat section on this side So technically if I push forward this should actually make the prop on the back of the engine spin and the whole truck should move forward in the water If I moved left and right technically the motor should move left and right Now this stick here will independently control the wheels This will be forwards and of course backwards and left and right when I’m turning up front Now, I still have to set up the switch for my shifting transmission right here There we go, so hopefully that was easy to understand This is the battery that actually runs this part of the truck, and the battery that will be running the motor section for the boat actually goes right here

So everything should fit together I did put a lot of servo extension leads on this so if I needed to remove the whole lid I can do that and just unplug everything And then I’m gonna stick this up into there The problem is is I have a lot of moving parts and gears So, I’m gonna have to figure out either I wrap this altogether in electrical tape, which is probably what I’ll do, or find some sort of bigger sheathing But, I don’t think I have any right now Alright, let’s get you in there close so you can see Basically I’ve got all the wires nice, tied together, and just simple electrical tape Now it will be a pain of course if I need to change anything out, but like I mentioned, I did put in a lot of servo extension wires so I can just unplug them down here Regardless, now I can tuck it up and away, have the antenna come up through the hood Also, all the wires are very tidy and clean Don’t have anything really hanging out except for a few battery wires Nothing is touching the driveshafts or any kind of moving part There we go (laughs) Alright, so (electrical beeping) we’ve all been waiting for this moment Let’s see how many things I have to change (electrical beeping) Cross your fingers Sounds good Okay, so I’m gonna have another battery to plug in up here So put this up where it’s supposed to be Shift, whoa, shift I’m glad to see that move Shift the center of gravity here See how the camera is for you Good, you can still see everything Now, I do not have anything mounted, but we can see it’s individualized Let’s get another battery here This is gonna be for the top I’m just gonna put it off to the side This is gonna be to actually run the motor itself on the back (electrical beeping) Separate ESC firing up Okay, so that should be it Now let’s see on the radio like I said, I have the truck set up on this side and the boat set up on this side Number one, here we go, throttle forward (RC truck whirring) Okay So, throttle is this one If I wanted to go in reverse (RC truck whirring) And my transmission shifting is here (RC truck whirring) Okay, on the back, I’m very, this is nerveracking So left and right Oh! My steering to my front isn’t working So my steering here needs to, I need to check that out Back cable driven steering back here should be left and right Awesome And I notice that this steering wheel is turning the wrong way The boat motor is turning the right way, but the steering wheel is the wrong way I’m gonna have to get a servo, darn it! I’m gonna need a servo reversing cable on this one right here, because I cannot reverse this one individually I did fix the motor and the steering As you can see, all I had to do was switch around these cables So, I just had to cross the streams if you will, cross the cables in this sheathing right here and it totally made it the right way. (laughs) But there we go, guys, we did it Thumbs up, we got things moving Takes a long time to get something like this together I know we’re all excited for me to get this outside and actually out on the water to see if it’s just gonna sink like a stone anyway. (laughs) But if I’m gonna do it I want to make sure to do it right Okay, so out of the way, I’ve got to check what’s wrong with the actual steering servo I must’ve accidentally pulled it apart when I was doing the electrical tape (RC truck whirring) (RC truck whirring) (RC truck whirring) (RC truck whirring) I got the propeller off Let’s have a look inside here

make sure that we’ve got enough grease down the prop shaft itself Let’s get some more grease in there Even for a small boat like this, I want to make sure to have enough grease on the prop shaft itself or I’m gonna have an issue, right? It’s not like I’m gonna be running full bore, (laughs) but the whole goal is to be able to putter across a pond that I have nearby here and just have a good time, but even with that I still have to worry about friction and heat issues here So that’s what I’m trying to negate I’m using CowRC’s Udder Butter, which is super waterproof grease I’ve used it for years So it’s a product that I trust, so there you go (electrical beeping) Okay (electrical beep) (electrical beeping) In Everything should work (electrical beeping) (propeller whirring) (laughs) Beautiful (propeller whirring) Now, I don’t know if that’s the right pitch for the prop I’m gonna have to check, but feels good (propeller whirring) Oh. (laughs) (RC truck whirring) Now here’s the part I’m struggling with, and I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time Here is a clamp I actually have, which was one of the extra clamps for a mirror on my Polaris razor As you can see, I’ve got the pontoon ready here sealed on both sides I even have foam on the inside just in case we get a crack or a broken seal like that somewhere out on a journey we won’t actually start taking on too much water Now the thing is is I’d actually like it to be adjustable, right, because I can be deflecting water off of the front or I can be giving it lift off of the front depending, but also I need to do a test I know you guys are so eager for me to get out and start running this thing, but I need to do a proper flotation test to find out exactly what angle this needs to be at Now ideally what I’m gonna do is build an extra plate on the back if we have enough flotation so I can actually do an adjustable float depending on what the weather is like, how the water is, is it wavy, and where does the rear end of this truck right now sit as is So I think what I’m gonna do is temporarily put these on and head out to do a flotation test, and that’s about all we can do for today But, at least we have our build basically completed For position drilling Ah, here it is the end of the day I’ve been working all day It’s about 5:30, and I thought I would do a flotation test, but I have one thing that’s holding me back and it’s these screw holes right here, right? Because I had to mount up these stabilizers here and I had to create the holes And I’d like to seal those up on the back, and I know you guys are so eager for me just to even get this in the water and fire it up, but I’ve got to tell you I want to make sure everything is good first But what do you think, my friends? Are you still with me on this project? Pretty darn crazy, eh? Here’s the antenna from the receiver, which is right underneath The body is now attached I have everything basically in the spot that I want them to be in I am able to adjust these either up or down a little bit for the moment, plus I can also turn these and have them deflecting or lifting At the moment it’s providing lift So we’ll have to make sure that the holes are right here There’s no way for me to know other than to go down there and to stick it in the water And you know what, instead of complaining about, because now you guys understand why I can’t run it yet, let’s go down and actually float it and see how it does Hey Jem!

– Hey Dad! – [Aaron] Maurice, can you come help me do a float and see if this thing even floats or if it just sinks to the bottom? – Dad, look at this I’m doing a (hot wheels) jump right now – [Aaron] Oh, what are we doing? – A (mumbles) jump – [Aaron] Oh, how awesome! Hot Wheels – I can come with you, but when we’re done– – [Aaron] When we’re done, okay – [Jem] He just has to press the eject button and then we’re good – [Aaron] Then I’ll wait, yeah, no problem – [Jem] I’ve got it all positioned waiting – How about I, (mumbles) goes out to a pond – [Aaron] Yeah, I don’t want to jump your little car into the pond We’ll lose it for sure, bro – [Jem] And that means you’ll only have 1,700 cars left (Aaron laughs) Ready? – Good luck Whoa! Down it went Good job, man Do another one, for sure Hard to see, let me back up – Ready? – Yeah – [Aaron] Woo-hoo! (laughs) – Cows maybe Moo – Oh, I forgot to put in one screw I have to go all the way back for one screw – [Jem] We’ll just wait here for you It’ll be like a Monty Python skit – Yep (Aaron mumbles) – [Jem] Can I ask you a couple questions? – Yes – [Jem] Okay, are you excited to see this ToyBota? – Yeah – [Jem] Can you say, “Thanks YouTube audience “for tuning for a billion views?” – For a billion views? – [Jem] Billion is a tough word I gotcha We’re pretty excited He’s been working nonstop on this truck for what, like a long time now Well not that long, but I guess in the Internet world it’s a pretty long time – I’m running like someone who has a back injury – [Jem] Pretty good form (Maurice mumbling) – [Jem] Okay, putting in the final screw – Yeah So the purpose of this test is to put all of I lost the screw, you’re kidding me (Jem laughs) I lost the screw On the way back it fell out – [Jem] Screw! – Aah! (Jem laughs) Oh, there it is (Jem laughs) – [Jem] Sometimes that’s actually worked in an entire walk back, a saunter – [Aaron] I would’ve had to have gone all the way back for nothing – [Jem] A search party saunter – [Aaron] That’s okay – [Maurice] (mumbles) Dad – Right – [Maurice] (mumbles) not get wet – [Jem] Oh right, he’s gonna put his hoodie hood on, right – Wow, look how much, look how much debris is in there – [Jem] Yeah, harvest time – Yeah, that’s a good point Lots of stuff in the canal (mumbles) – [Jem] It’s been windy, man – That’s why I’m gonna want to do the maiden voyage in the pond – [Jem] Right – Come on down Wanna make sure you’re safe – I can hold the hood on – You’re gonna put the hood on – [Jem] Well, you don’t want to get wet – Oh, good idea Thank you very much – [Jem] He’s a very considerate lad – Okay – There, now let’s go – Okay – So good luck – [Jem] Good luck – This is where we find out if it’s gonna float and I need to change these stabilizers or not Woo, the big moment – [Jem] Oh my gosh I love buoyancy! – Okay, I already have water coming in through just where I haven’t sealed up for the wires of the steering servo, but I think we’re possibly there – [J3m] We’re a step closer – [Aaron] Oh yeah, no, like that is– – [Jem] Floatable – [Aaron] I’m very excited about this – [Jem] Is floatable a word? – We did it! We’re gonna do it! Okay, so I got to seal up the holes, everything there Obviously the flotation works High five, low fives Yeah, yeah, awesome Good job, knuckles, fives – [Jem] Fives, sorry, sorry, knuckles – I’m excited, I’m excited Okay, let’s go get her dried off Next video we get to do maiden voyage of the ToyBota – [Jem] Nice Take his hood down now He’s okay now – Yeah (mumbles) – [Maurice] Let’s try (Jem laughs) – Okay guys, see you in the next episode, join us We want to see if it’s gonna win or fail spectacularly either way – [Jem] ToyBota! Nice