i tried Aerie's "OFFLINE" collection so you don't have to

– I feel like because over the years I’ve done so many American Eagle and Aerie videos that anytime like a new size launch happens or a new collection happens, I get so many requests to review it And I love being your guinea pig, we’ve talked about that many times So recently, I would say within the last few months or so Aerie released a workout brand called, Offline I will say I love American Eagle I think they have amazing quality They’re one of my favorite brands, but I do wish that they would continue to extend their sizing, especially on the Aerie side That is kind of my biggest bone to pick with them is extending beyond a double XL They don’t sell double XLs in stores and also they don’t offer anything beyond that And if your brand is so centered and focused on real bodies and making sure to be inclusive, then you really need to be more inclusive and not just have your cutoff at like a size 16, 18 So that’s just something to keep in mind But I know a lot of these, especially these workout clothes can be really stretchy so they can kind of like stretch beyond the typical size that they’re meant for So I don’t know, it was just something that I had to mention before moving on with this video But I did purchase about like four new outfits That’s the other thing is whatever American Eagle and Aerie release a new collection, it goes like that I was adding some of these items to my cart and they were disappearing within my cart Like it was like, sorry, this is no longer available Like they were just going like this And this is after it’s been out for a few months So it’s definitely like harder to get your hands on And also I’ve noticed with Aerie and American Eagle, the sizes extra large and extra, extra-large are typically, always sold out Like a lot of times, they’re sold out, which tells me either they A, don’t make enough in those sizes Or B the majority of their clientele is wearing those sizes So they need to stock more So anyway, that’s a lot of constructive feedback I’ve worked with American Eagle in the past And like I said, I genuinely loved the brand, but I just feel like they have a lot of room to grow And I’m never gonna stop talking about things like this on my channel You know, I want to use my platform to make sure that marginalized voices are heard Plus-sized people shouldn’t have to beg to be able to have clothing made in their size You know, girlfriend collective makes up to a size six XL, I believe, and that’s inclusive, you know So I’m hoping that American Eagle and Aerie are planning to extend their sizes But in the meantime, I did go ahead and test this out because a lot of you who watch my videos are in like the mid-size, size range So anywhere from like size 10, 12, 14, and 16, and this is definitely, I feel like geared towards that body type So I thought I would try it nonetheless I’ve got some shorts, I’ve got some leggings, I’ve got a ton of different things to try I’m really actually excited I haven’t tried any of it on, we’re gonna go all through it together I’ll go over the price point, the fit, everything like that And I’ll make sure to be as comprehensive as possible So I can be like the Guinea pig tester for you before you spend your hard-earned money We have a lot to cover, and a lot to try on So let’s jump in Okay, cool so I just filmed like half of this video and I wasn’t recording So we love that Okay, starting off, this is a sports bra It is called the OFFLINE OG Ribbed Sports Bra and the color Relic I actually picked this up in a size large because as I mentioned before these items, we’re going so quickly, like I’ve never had an experience like that before They were having a sale when I purchased this haul So I’m wondering if that was just part of it, but I was just trying to get my hands on whatever I could get So anything I got that was relatively matching or in the same category, I was going for it So this is in a size large because it’s all they had available I would say five times out of 10 when I am on the American Eagle or the area website And I see an item that I like a lot of times sold out It’s like a 50, 50 chance that it’s going to be sold out in my size So this was the only size they had available So I picked it up I do really love this kind of like mineral wash Brown Tobish grayish color I think this is gonna be really pretty I think it would look very cute with the shorts on I have now It doesn’t have any kind of inserts or anything like that, but it does have a little shelf bra here on the inside It reminds me of like the little camis that I used to wear when I was like 10 It’s kind of funny when these little shelf bras exist in tops these days because you know, getting older, gaining weight, my body fluctuating and changing, like the girls sometimes hang a little low, let’s be honest, nothing wrong with that And so it’s just not enough to get up under there So it’s kind of funny to me, but this sports bra is 19.95 It has adjustable straps It’s also very, very stretchy So I’m hoping that it’ll be okay I also do like how this bra while it’s not like a long line bra, which we know I love and appreciate if you’ve watched any of my activewear hauls or try on Then you know, I love just like a long sports bra, basically like a crop top, but a sports bra This isn’t quite that long, but I do appreciate that it has this sort of like panel along the bottom It’s maybe like an inch to an inch and a half long So it’s like a little bit of extra, which I love

And I’m just really digging this color and just this whole vibe overall I do like that it’s very stretchy like I mentioned And then to go with it, I picked up these bike shorts These are called the OFFLINE OG Bike Short, and these are in the color Relic as well I got these on sale, they were originally $59 (indistinct) Oh my God, 59.90 is what these are originally bike shorts They were on sale for 44.92 So these are like girlfriend collective prices, which is kind of blowing my mind right now I was able to pick these up in an extra-large and I accidentally put two in my cart because you guys, as I mentioned, the cart situation was utter chaos I was panicking, I was like, I’m not gonna have enough stuff for this video Everything was slipping through my fingers And I was just like, “ah,” and so in the heat of the moment, I must’ve added these to my cart twice So I actually have two of them I think I’m gonna put them on Poshmark, let me know if you’d want them But they are like, I mentioned in the name, they already ribbed bike shorts So this is like the side panel here This is the front And they do have pockets, which, Oh yes, we love, I love being able to just slap my phone in there if I’m, why did I just say slap? Like that was weird I love being able to just stick my phone in there If I’m like walking the dog or if I’m just like hanging around the house or whatever, throw a little chapstick in the other side, you’ve got a great time The other thing that I will say that made me want to order these is that I first started purchasing Aerie bike shorts back in like 2019, early 2019, maybe late 2018 And I fell in love with them because of this just like stretchy easy material I prefer bike shorts to lounge in I know a lot of other people prefer them to work out in I wear them under dresses and skirts for anti-chafing protection, you know, all different reasons And I became a little bit heartbroken because Aerie started only carrying like athletic bike shorts And I just prefer the ones that you can lounge around in So I was really excited to open this package and feel these because these are like the bike shorts I fell in love with They’re that kind of like slightly stretchy Feels like leggings material but in shorts And so I’m very happy that they’ve brought some of that back for this collection I feel like this is gonna be a really fun combo I want to start off on a good note, so let’s hope that the top fits and see what these two look like together All right, so here we have it It is okay I have thoughts as always Starting with the top here it’s not bad Like it definitely works fine I do wish that I had had the opportunity to buy an XL because I feel like possibly I might have a little more boob room I feel like I’m busting out a little bit, but that could just be me But overall, the fit is great Like it’s not too tight at all As you can see, I do like this longer bit of fabric at the end, because if this wasn’t here, I would absolutely return this I have such strong feelings about bras that go up to here because I just have this little area that I’m insecure about and I like it to be covered So I think that’s okay You don’t always have to be love with every single part of your body You can accept your body for what it is, but you don’t have to be in love with it And there can be ways that you dress that make you feel more comfortable that are totally fine So that’s just a little thing I wanted to throw in there, but here’s what it looks like from the side Love the shorts The shorts are amazing Love the little pockets I’ll test my phone in it See how it goes Boom, perfect little slided, we love that Here’s what they look like from the back Cute, cute, I mean you’re seeing it before I do like, does my butt look cute? Let me know. I like the shorts a lot I’m still a little like (indistinct) about the bra I wish it was just a tiny bit longer and a tiny bit more boob room, but it’s really not bad So 8.5 out of 10, that’s still like a B plus, right? I think that, I think we’re starting off well Next up we have possibly my favorite combo, which if you know me, this will come as no surprise to you, but I first started scrolling and I found yet another item of clothing in one of my favorite colors And it is this, who is surprised? Honestly, no one And this is called the OFFLINE Twist Cropped Tank Top It’s originally 24.95 I got it on sale for 17.46, very random I did get this in a double XL because it was the only size they had available Also, I don’t mind the little oversized moment I could definitely tell that this was going to shrink up in the wash At least I think I know a lot of people who have worked for Aerie have commented on my videos and said that their clothes are pre-shrunk So I don’t know either way it’s gonna be totally fine, I’m excited about it I think I could just totally wear it like on its own as well And it’s very, very, very, very soft The slightest bit stretchy It does have the little twist back here, which I think is adorable I think that’s just like a fun little accent You could wear a sports bra under it, a bralette And then to go with it, this was like sort of my first thing that drew me to it So this is a pair of leopard print leggings in a very similar color And I just feel like lately, I see a lot of activewear brands, really branching out recently with like colors and textures and styles and things like that

So I was happy to see these, these are called the OFFLINE Goals High Waisted Legging I got these in the color heirloom These were a size, extra-large, originally 54.95 I got them for 38.48 So pretty good deal with the sale I loved this color, I thought this was gonna be so much fun They do feel quite like compressive They’re obviously very high rise, I would literally don’t think ever wear a pant or a short or anything on my bottom half if it wasn’t high rise anymore So this is fun I’m excited to see how this looks and how this works So let’s try these on together Here we have the second outfit I’m absolutely in love I’m really, really impressed with the leggings They’re very much like an athletic legging, but they do have that compression on the top That’s really good So I would say that they’re comparable to other brands, compressive leggings that I’ve tried before, but they’re not so compressive that they’re gonna give me a stomach ache, but they do make me feel nice and secure in the midsection And they’re very, very much an athletic material So maybe not so much for lounging, maybe more like going to workout class, spin class I love doing dance workouts at home Very flexible, I really, really love this material for workouts And obviously, hello, I forgot to talk about the print This is the cutest printed pair of leggings I think I own I’m absolutely obsessed with it Whoever came up with this color is a genius, very fall appropriate I love the way they look, this is just so cute I went and like kind of walked over to the mirror at first and was looking at them and being perfectly honest, I have been going through, I’m gonna try not to cry I’ve been going through a really hard time with my body lately with my body image And I think it’s perfectly okay to have moments in your body confidence, self-love journey, where you just aren’t feeling the best there’s peaks and valleys And I’m definitely a little bit of a valley right now, but filming this video has made me feel a lot better And knowing that I can connect with you and make you feel more empowered and accepting about your body is amazing and I will cry if Hold on, but when I walked over and looked in the mirror and I looked at this little side profile is usually when I start beating myself up and start using my brain as a mental punching bag Instead, I felt really amazing and I felt really confident and I just feel really happy about that So yeah, these are a favorite for sure Moving on from that emotional illness Wow, that was weird This top I’m sort of indifferent about like when it’s kind of hanging down like this, I feel like it’s too long So I sort of tucked in the front of it It’s definitely like more of a lounge-y kind of like go out, run errands tank top I don’t really feel like it’s much of a workout tank top for me I don’t know I might change my mind, and then here’s what the back looks like, like the crisscross back very cute Love this outfit overall I just, I’m not sure how I feel about the top You all will have to let me know what you think in the comments below Would you wear this? What do you give this out of 10? Of course, as always links to everything I’ve purchased in this video will be in the description box below in case you want to shop it Give me a little bit of kickback, a tiny, tiny little percentage of commission, but I think it’s cute It’s cute overall, but I am really, really excited about the next look So let’s see what it looks like Next we have a really cute little set and this is the one that I’m the most curious about to see how it looks on me and the top little sports bra Is this all if green amazing like halter, I don’t think I’ve seen a halter sports bra recently It’s got like the halter in the front and then the racer back in the back, and this is called the Offline Ribbed Lace-up Sports Bra This was 34.95 It’s in the color called olive days And I got a double XL in this again, because it’s what they had available But also when I was looking at it online, it just looked like it would be a little tight, especially with things that go kind of up towards the neck I like having more room I’m like a really weird person when it comes to things like on my neck, around my neck, like when I used to have hoodies, I would cut like the front part right here so that it would hang down Like I can’t have anything that’s like super tight to my neck I don’t like full turtlenecks I only do the mock neck So it’s just like a weird thing I have So I felt like I just didn’t want to have like a tight sports bar around my neck right here So I did size up excited to see how it works It feels like there’s going to be enough room in the boobies, which I love And then also with the lace-up detailing right here in the front, there is like an extra little protective part in the back So it’s not going to be just like lace with your boobies underneath Honestly, I’m not opposed to, I don’t see any tie or anything to worry about So that’s good because it’s just going to stay laced up But I’m, I’m excited to see how this works out I feel like I’ve gotten so far, like a pretty good sizing variety as well, which I actually did want for this video because you know, I am a size, extra-large, but I feel like in any given brand I can be a large, it can be a double XL So I thought, you know, we’ll just cover all the bases So that’s the sports bra It is a little longer as well too, which I appreciate It’s got that same kind of panel on the bottom These are called the Offline Ribbed High-Waisted Lace-up Legging These were originally 59.95

I got them for 41.96 This set is in the color all of days And I just think that these are going to be so cute I think these might be my favorite That’s my, that’s my guess That’s my prediction so far I really prefer this kind of ribbed material when I’m looking for workout stuff I don’t know why it just feels so much more comfy, so much more soft It’s not that like bathing suit material to work out in So I’m really feeling these so far just based off of first impressions without having tried it on It’s really cute I love, love, love, love that so many different brands are now doing like lace-up in the front of the leggings Like I just think it adds something so cute and different These are pretty pricey, but I was happy to get them on sale And I feel like the price of activewear just keeps going up So keep that in mind But luckily you have me I’m going to try them on and tell you if I recommend it or not So let’s do it Yeah, I was pretty sure I was going to love this And I absolutely do This is my favorite by far, I loved the feel of this material I love the way that this bra fits actually So if you’re like me and you don’t like cite things around your neck, I would highly recommend sizing up But there is like a little less support because it’s more loose on the bottom So keep that in mind But I feel like there’s my tits aren’t gonna pop out It’s just like, not as tight right here Like if you want something tight, that’s all I was trying to say Okay, I just want to give a little bit of a reminder that there is absolutely no one way that a body should look in workout clothes Everybody deserves to look cute and workout clothes And so that’s why I’m hoping that area will extend their sizing even more I’m just here as kind of a mid to plus size reminder that you don’t have to look any type of way to work out You were allowed to look cute in your workout clothes You’re allowed to wear crop tops, your lab work tight leggings You can wear whatever the hell you want and whatever makes you feel confident And I do, I feel very confident in this This is what the back of the sports bra looks like By the way, here she is Nice little racerback Here’s my butt Again, there she is in all her glory Also, it’s not so compressive that it feels like I’m suffocating So we love that next step I have another loose tank top, and this is the same tank top as before it is the Offline Twist Cropped Tank Top This is in the color white I got it in a double XL as well It’s 17.46 on sale It was originally 24.95 This might look cute if I was just like running into, I mean, this is hypothetical Like if I was leaving a workout and running into the grocery store or whatever, but I’m at home right now So that doesn’t happen to go underneath it I decided to try out one of their sports bras and this one is called the Offline Real Me Strappy Back Sports Bra This one was not on sale It was 34.95 I got it in an extra-large And it is this just kind of like standard, like long line ish sports bra And then you flip it over to the back and it has these crisscrosses and like this cool kind of like detailing here in the back, which I think is nice The quality feels great It’s very soft and actually, this is the first bra that I’ve shown that has some inserts in it So if you were looking for a little bit of padding, I know sometimes I really appreciate like the nipple coverage Sometimes my nipples just be out there Like they are so aggressive, they just want to be seen So this will go great with like literally anything I picked out also underneath this white tank top, and it’s just a basic white sports bra, but I don’t have any that are like strappy like this So I’m excited to see what that looks like And then the very last thing that I will put on with it that I got this last item is called the Offline Goals Four-inch Bike Short It was originally 29.95 I got it for 22.46 It’s in the color, true black And I got them an extra-large These are that very like swim sooty material that I was talking about Completely like for athletics, you can hear that it is definitely like that moisture-wicking material So if you’re looking for something that you’re gonna work out and sweat a ton in, I feel like this might be the best option These look really compressive They do feel like really high quality I would say that these are comparable to like, it feels similar to the material that girlfriend collective uses But it’s just not made out of recycled water bottles as far as I know, but it does look really similar And I like that. These are a bit shorter I feel like lately, I’ve been trying to find shorter bike shorts because sometimes I don’t want them to go to my knees And I’m hoping to be very surprised by these So let’s try on this last outfit and see how we end this All right, everybody, so we have our first fail of the bunch and it is these bras So I have a lot to say about this bra I don’t understand when brands make strappy bras that aren’t adjustable This is absolutely digging into my shoulder I don’t know if you can see like how tight this is and there’s no way to adjust it As you can see, it’s just incredibly tight, and I definitely know I have like a longer torso, so I don’t know if that has to do with it, but it just doesn’t fit at all I would need to size up It actually hurts It’s literally like digging into my shoulder I don’t know if you can see that there’s like marks everywhere from me trying to get it on Like, this is just an absolute fail

I love the length of it Like I love how it fits from like here down Like this is all great, but I was trying to make it work the best I could, but I literally need to return this It’s not good Or maybe I’ll put it on Poshmark or something I was so excited about this one because I wanted just like a good classic white sports brought a half, but I’m really curious as to what they were trying to go for with this strap you thing It’s so, so, so, so tight And this is my normal size Like, I’m very confused I’m going to keep this quick because I’m in pain So anyways, these shorts are great I actually really like these when I first put them on, I was like, “Whoa, baby,” like these are compressive So these are going to be like for your cycling workouts or like activity that you’re doing that you really want to supported But I do like the fact that they’re a bit shorter However, now I’m kind of worrying that they’re not long enough to protect the chafing So I’ll probably just wear them for more at-home workout scenarios where like, I’m not just like constantly rubbing my eyes together and like high friction workouts, if that makes sense Overall, it’s a really cute look Here’s what it looks like from the side I’ll show you the tank top as well This is the same exact tank top as before So nothing special I just don’t know if it’s ness I think it’s more of a play and less of like a workout type of thing It’s very see-through if you can see by my bra underneath, but it’s cute Like it looks adorable Like that looks cute, it’s just suffocating me The bra has to go, the tank top can stay It’s just nice and loose and casual and the shorts can stay too The bra, absolute fail, would not recommend, but everything else really good So I hope you all enjoyed this video If you did be sure to give it a thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel If you haven’t already, you can also turn on my post notifications If you want to be notified every time I post a new video if you have any other brands that you want to see me do trials of definitely let me know, leave it in the comments below Thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you in the next one, bye (upbeat music)