Today on Two January 21st

you service and it’s broken Arthur he bill heatherly age 76 of color passed away on saturday funeral services will be at 11am tomorrow at Moss service funeral home chapel tournament in cullman memory gardens this station will be 6 to 8 p.m. tonight at the funeral home intimal services for Annette Smith Bates age 75 japa will be at two p.m tomorrow a RAB heritage memorial chapel burial and new home cemetery they have here at heritage will be in chart she passed away sunday at her residence visitation will be new to 2 p.m wednesday at the funeral home funeral services for gerald wayne bailey age 50 of cullman will be at 1pm today at coleman heritage funeral home chapel Tommy graves officiating burial in BO mark cemetery chapel cullman heritage is directing mr. Baley passed away on sunday this station will be 11am to 1pm memorial services for paul are wood small age 62 of cullman were at two p.m on sunday at the wrecking my primitive cemetery cullman heritage directed he passed away on saturday at the Veterans Administration in Birmingham and those are our obituaries for today brought to you by my service in hanceville funeral home premier bank presents today on to broadcasting live channel to Coleman calm and archiving our programs on the same website channel to cullman calm a lot of interesting things on that website while you ready for winter again I think so the Northeast is supposed to really be getting a severe blast oh yeah yeah what it what did they call it a couple of weeks ago the polar vector oh yes they had some name for I think this is part two yeah just won’t go away now let’s get into the weather it’s windy this morning the temperatures are mild so far but that’s going to change or whether brought to you by Mitch Mitch chevrolet o cherokee avenue here’s the weather almanac for the twenty first of January the average high temperature is 51 the average low is 32 the record high on the state 73 in 1937 and the record low 11 below yes look at that teen 85 wasn’t that long ago was it no no that’s for sure sunset at 531 sunrise tomorrow morning at 626 there’s the satellite picture and Jacqueline said boy there’s snow and blizzard conditions north and northeast of us and very cold temperatures just about everywhere there’s our part of the country we have one more satellite picture to show you and here’s the forecast sunny today a slight chance of snow flurries this morning temperatures falling to around 28 by late this afternoon high wind advisory in effect until four o’clock probably not a good day to cook hot dogs outside it no and not to go out and make sales calls oh yeah that’s what I’m afternoon bundle up clear and windy tonight with a low around 16 by this time tomorrow Wow tomorrow it’ll be sunny but cold a high of 34 more the same on Thursday high around 29 with a low Thursday night around 12 by Friday morning sunny on Friday down to 29 again for a high and then warming up on the weekend 39 on Saturday 45 on Sunday and 47 on Monday usually I’ll say enjoy it while you can but I don’t know if we can’t anymore but you know what at least we’re not minus 11 that’s true minus 11 here in Cullman Alabama I can’t believe that that’s wild yeah that’s a pretty severe as to that is pretty frigid well that’s before I moved here

so me too but it hasn’t been that long ago you know it’s not like it was in the 1930s or 40s you know so Wow I don’t have up that long ago well let’s see who’s our facebook friend of the day for today let’s see if I can pronounce her name it’s Becky Flack and Becky likes alabama football ok Becky and the Dallas Cowboys ok Becky and she is going to be getting a large BBQ sandwich from Mad Dog Mike’s famous barbecue just come by here and pick up that certificate and then she can go on and enjoy her her lunch we have a busy programme so regard to get the things right away today who’s our guest for today miss Angie veal is here and of course she is with grand point pharmacy she’s the owner and pharmacists there and she’s going to be talking about heart month which is right around the corner so I guess things to do to protect your heart or whatever I guess ready heart healthy heart healthy yet okay George is here with news and commentary right after this there’s stuff around your house but we don’t make stuff we make ovens dual-fuel double ovens and they bake so evenly that now delicious is something you can depend on we only make things for one room the best room your kitchen we’re devoted to it and you can feel it and everything we make nobody knows the kitchen like kitchenaid overwhelmed by home refinancing offers from telephone solicitors and direct mail advertising and then finds you’re not qualified for a specific plan the mortgage cetera hometown lender compares the rates from all home loan lenders and the qualifications of the various government programs to find a plan best suited to you the more consider helps cullman county people purchase and refinance their homes this is pat me call us today and let us Taylor a loan program to your specific needs and requirements at premier bank we take pride in serving our community we respect our customers and we’ve won awards for our ethical conduct we’re motivated to do all we can for you and we’re interested in your banking needs we’re efficient safe and sound and our relationships with our customers are second to none at premier bank we put the customer first you tomp renews in a little bit of commentary on the Saturday morning licking it the news apparently had an accident in near Cold Springs High School in fact it was near highway 69 yesterday afternoon a truck carrying four people that would be two women and small child and a man turned over in the ditch on that main highway leading to the school not sure what caused it because of it is only a one-vehicle accident and we went transported to the hospital according to the report no names released don’t know what happened our school was out yesterday so there wasn’t an issue although the report said they were this traffic was backed up some of those little curvy roads out near Cold Springs it wouldn’t take much to cause a backup and because of all those hills and off also during a board meeting of the Cullman County School members the as a group of middle school counselors you’re looking for equal pay when it comes to their pay as opposed to high school counselors they say neither even this pay scale they want their year contract year to be about 10 months that would apparently total approximately four thousand eight hundred dollars increase in pay for each of the systems six middle school counselors so everyone’s looking for a bigger piece of the pie it seems like it’s getting harder and harder you know to make a living nowadays and it’s costing heck of a lot more you know when you go to McDonald’s or someplace try to find a combo less than five dollars you know I mean by the time you add tax and everything is going to be above five dollars I saw an advertisement the other day where was it maybe KFC ad saying for under five daughters but you get what two drumsticks maybe and that’s about it don’t know also it’s a bad time of year in a bed time to be burning outside even if you are smoking a chicken apparently if a common resident kenny griffin says he was decided to smoke some chicken and have it for lunch well he was in and out he was outside smoking you wouldn’t do it inside of course but at any rate some of the ashes started coming out of the bottom this was near madison avenue in coleman right inside the town limit as a result fire got out and parent lee blazedd across five different yards only offense was affected or destroyed or damaged but it doesn’t take much to cause havoc in

high winds and we certainly have had those and we’re going to have them worse today well doggone it seems like wind and smoke and fire is just something that it doesn’t have to be an accident sometimes you can do it on purpose that’s the folks who live in Dora Alabama man comes home sees toilet paper all over his trees don’t want to climb those limbs do you well let’s just burn the toilet paper out of the trees so the last word was there trying to put his house fire out you don’t burn toilet paper in a tree I guess that’s the basic lesson from that one also and this is sort of surprised me because of the attitudes towards marijuana but legal marijuana for medicinal purposes I grandma on her home brew right little toddy helps the medicine go down well no in some cases apparently according to doctors it’s legit and it was something that will cut back on on suffering for human beings today in the legislature i see so republican representative mike ball has crafted a law and so did senator paul sanford who sponsored it they want medical marijuana to be something that is possible but they’re saying actually that the administration is probably going to go for it the rest of the other legislators and that was always I thought was kind of interesting but they say that you know it helps ease the suffering if someone has and that certainly would be good the question is at what point do you stop it right and who all get six stay tuned more today or two after this we’re a bit old-fashioned we actually answer the telephone when you call however old-fashioned doesn’t mean we aren’t up to date with the latest technology premier bank meets the various needs of our customers mobile smartphone banking internet bank ATMs convenient offices at premier bank we have the right products right now with good old-fashioned customer service at premier bank we put the customer first life lived in black and white is not a life lived today I choose color to see it to feel it to be in it to be upon it and to live a life surrounded by it today I put on a fresh coat we’re going to continue our program with a visit with pharmacists and reveal who is the I guess co-owner suppose it right away brandpoint pharmacy which is a new relatively new pharmacy right there on highway 31 just past 157 yes meant on the Left can’t miss it’s a beautiful new building and I’ve been in there it’s really nice and you’ve got all kinds of gift items as well as of course you’re a pharmacy or full pharmacy yes ma’am and we are celebrating our one-year anniversary Eddie already it’s hard to believe that we’ve been there a year is amazing is an exciting much for us well good and of course heart month is always februari but we’re kind of trying to prepare for it right when are people here it up so what kind of information you have to share today well I know of februari is Valentine’s Day and so it’s easy for us to remember the heart month associated with that right and coronary heart disease is something that’s probably close to all of our families so we designate februari for Heart Month it’s just to raise the awareness for folks to you know eat healthier and be aware of things that can help protect their health there’s over 700,000 individuals that have a heart attack every year 600,000 them are associated with death and so they said that a heart attack is the number one cause of death for men and women and one out of every four deaths are associated with coronary heart disease and we actually had I think most people think that it’s cancer everybody thinks that cancer is the major killer that’s just heart disease and stories don’t know that yeah and um this year is actually this month is the month that the Heart Association I’ve always had this emblem on foods and products in the grocery store but this is the new certified emblem that you’ll find on products in the grocery store to let you know that these companies have lowered the sugar in their products they’ve lowered the salt content and they’ve increased the fiber in foods so it is healthy to choose these items at your grocery store and look for this certified emblem because if the companies haven’t made those other

additional qualifications they’re going to have the emblem removed from their products so it’s a big thing that the Heart Association is doing for us and we need to be looking for this when we go to the grocery store so that we choose those items that are healthy for us and you mentioned those are three sugar less your burger less salt horse we need less fat right that is correct and more fiber and more fiber yeah so we’re talking about you know fresh fruits and vegetables nuts high grain by grain yeah hi grains and so all of that can help us protect our heart and live healthier we need to eat those whole week whole grain breads rather than the the white bread that we’ve all grown up with right that is true that is true and and that’s something you know we just have to be disciplined to do so you know I think it’s just something that we need to educate ourselves on watch our weight you know exercise you know I’ve got some customers that are participating in the program out at the hospital where they go and they they do the exercise programs and understand they open very very early for folks to be able to participate in it and just start the year off right well I keep saying back as you know for home this year’s exercise and of course eating right are so important and of course don’t smoke and limit your alcohol consumption those are the four basic things that as individuals we need to take responsibility for this you know it’s true we can’t keep thinking that a pill is going to fix everything that’s wrong you wouldn’t need that pill if you had done what you were supposed to do in the first place right right so find a hey right so we’ve just gotta take some responsibility this is a new year it’s January to start out right right that is true that is correct and I’m a brothel I bikini after she says look for the certificates on the back don’t you know everything in moderation guys guys you had to share it is that right so if we can get this and share it among all of us and just eat a couple of pieces and not a robot that’s wrong just what I would do if I so I can’t bear open it but anyway but everything in moderation we could still have a little sugar and we can still have a little fat and so forth just do it in moderation that’s right that’s good okay what else have you brought for well I’ve got a blood pressure monitor because that also goes along with healthy heart month to make sure that you’re keeping a watch on your blood pressure and I actually want to leave this one because I know you have a call in where callers can win item okay and I let you have that item to give to an individual that may be fantastic when that okay you know use it for monitoring their blood pressure and okay it’s a very simple item that you can buy the pharmacy today and you put batteries in it put slave up on your arm push your button it does your blood pressure and it does your pulse okay oh very good it’s very easy it’s not as complicated as what the old manual car today and taking your blood pressure how often should you do that if you want to do it at home if you’re going to do it at home and if if you are on medication I think it’s very important to do it enough times during the week so that you can get an average of what you’re reading is some folks like to test it every day now if you could do it at least three or four times a week so you can collectively see how it is running and get an average it’s the best way to do it and I know some folks we’re the ones that are on the wrist there they fluctuate a little bit more so if you are using one put on your rest i highly recommend that you do it in the same way if you’re sitting down and testing your blood pressure always do it in a sitting down position but just you know make sure that you’ve got those guidelines and you know you’re not testing it in different ways because they do fluctuate more than the kind that you put up on your arm okay very good and if they want to purchase any of these products they could go right over 2 grand for Connie’s right that is true we appreciate it Thank you Thank You Angie all right we’ll be back with more right after this we got a safe driver headed toward the freeway he is due at 44 and 45 now in the nation safe just got a little more exciting adventure ductable from nationwide insurance and get a hundred dollars off for every year of safe driving just another way we put members first because we don’t have shareholders no that’s perf much that was just that was wallet nationwide is on your side we continue with more of today on to

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gmail com you could fax it to 256 734 7680 or you can be a friend on facebook channel to coleman the weather forecast brought to you by mitch myth chevrolet make the switch to Mitch sunny this morning maybe some snow flurries but temperatures falling today a very windy day today wind advisory in effect temperature down to 28 by late afternoon by tomorrow morning down to 16 degrees not warming up very much tomorrow it’ll be sunny by the high around 34 degrees who’s our guest for tomorrow as Deb lastly is going to be here from debs bookstore bringing on her favorite books books that will warm your heart oh that yes thank you for watching today on two brought to you by premier bank how do you have a great day