+pfsense8 : Captive Portal , Hotspot authentication and Radius -*Arabic* english subtitle

Salam Alaikom we will talk about some important service that used in most of networks that share internet what’t the mean of hotspot … i will show you this page contain username and password you will have ip and connection to network but this page appear to you ( may be with some adv and telephone no click in services and then captive portal ( hostspot service in other vendors ) enable it the choices is select interface you want to apply to it ( mostly LAN ) the authentication methods as you see … you will choose local users in pfsense as capitive portal the default page of captive portal now you don’t have and authentication method try admin user pfsense use local user to access to network remember that user we are defined in user manager here you can add any user you want ahmad account and password setting set pass 123 check user login add captive widgets to homepage of pfsense try login successfully here in pfsense detect user with mac and ip of computer that log from it this is basic configuration to captive settings here are advance config to control users one setting is Max concurrent connections what is mean ??? mean is how many http connection opened at the same time . you can limit it min is 4 max is 100 , 0 means not limit when you enter you username you can’t open more than 4 connection in the same time this limit user to make huge connections like IDM do

here are more setting is called timeout we notice that when i close browser , it ask me to add user and pass again idel timeout says that if user don’t do anything for specific time , disconnect connection and ask him to insert user and pass Hard timeout is to set specific time to end connection from time of access regardless you are active or inactive Timeout simply like screen saver